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Iran’s Islamic Republic ‘News’ and Domestic Gun-Grabbers Sabotaging Gun Safety for Iowa Children


Curious, that the mouthpiece “press” for the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has a history of training and sending armed children into battle, should concern itself with gun-grabber objections to U.S. parents teaching kids about guns.

“‘We do not need a militia of toddlers’: If Iowa law passes, children can use handguns,” The Washington Post “reports” in a manner sure to stir up bleats of hysteria and indignation. “One of Iowa’s legislative bodies has passed a bill to allow children to handle handguns.”

The bill, the story admits after ginning up fears among the headline surfers, “would permit children under age 14 to use ‘a pistol, revolver or the ammunition’ while under direct parental supervision.”

That’s very different direction than the headline and lede paragraph would steer the casual reader. For some of us, it’s hard to conceive anyone would be such an overbearing, presumptuous busybody to think they had any say in the matter, let alone legitimate authority to outlaw parents teaching their children. That’s how many of us learned about guns, and how we made sure our children would not be victims of ignorance.

But that’s WaPo for you. Despite employing award-winning plagiarists, whitewashing Fast and Furious gunwalking, mischaracterizing Oath Keepers, and generally being a cheerleader for citizen disarmament and other “progressive” agenda priorities, it’s still regarded as a political journalism leader by the establishment. Perhaps I should have written “because of” instead of “despite.”

The Post links to a story from Des Moines’ CBS affiliate KCCI 8, which lets us know that the perversely-named Iowans for Gun Safety, in true Opposite day “progressive” fashion, is against the bill, and instead demands parents keep their children ignorant about guns except for messages against them crafted by their teachers, school administrators and other propagandists.

The Iowa group is a 501c3 affiliated with States United to Prevent Gun Violence, a group further affiliated with CeaseFire USA. They’re the ones I wrote about last year, that set up a fake gun shop in New York City to do a supposedly hidden camera “social experiment” to show how easy it is to persuade prospective gun buyers to reconsider and turn against them. What they didn’t tell viewers, and that I only found out by filing a FOIL request with the Mayor’s Office of Media, is that the permits specified the people being “interviewed” and converted are “actors.”

And of course, deception on the part of gun-grabbers permeates everything they do, everywhere they do it. Iowa also happens to be where the aide to State Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad faked a racist letter from a non-existent violent and foul-mouthed “gun rights advocate” that he made up, and arranged for his boss to open the envelope, also containing white powder, on the floor of the State Legislature, requiring evacuation of the Capitol.

So naturally, we shouldn’t be surprised when we see the Orwellian-named Iowans for Gun Safety try to kill a true gun safety bill by linking to a petition on their Facebook page and asking “Do you want to prevent kids under 14 from being involuntarily drafted into a ‘Family militia’?” (The petition they link to has been up for over four weeks, has only received about 2/3 of the 1,000 “signatures” being asked for, and accepts name submissions from anywhere, not just Iowa. So much for grassroots demand.)

And naturally we should expect editorials from professional subversives like the Fourth Estate Fifth Columnists at The Des Moines Register, to pen hysterical editorials with ludicrous claims like “House File 2281 would allow children under the age of 14 — including, theoretically, infants and toddlers — to use a handgun with parental supervision.”

They’re feeding off an equally ridiculous claim by political opportunist and Democrat (naturally) Rep. Kirsten Running-Marquardt, who saw a chance to get her name out there with the “We do not need a militia of toddlers” lie that WaPo thought would make for a great headline starter.

Taking the cake for media manipulation may be PressTV, a state-owned affiliate of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. They borrowed a photo of a cute little girl reaching for an unattended handgun to illustrate their take on the story, as if that’s what anyone is talking about, but with a headline like “Iowa approves bill to let children aged 14 and under have guns,” their job is done. And they got that picture from another petition, this one from the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility stumping for a mandatory “lock up your safety law.” Those were the guys I recently showed share management personnel with Mike Bloomberg’s Everytown group. And it looks like they both jacked the photo from an NRA home safety course.

On the surface all these “diverse” groups seem like pretty strange bedfellows for citizen disarmament, especially considering Iran’s use of children in their Basij militia, and that they’re training boys in Iraq to fight ISIS and turning them loose with AKs.

“Enemies, foreign and domestic” … They sound like just the people to exploit useful idiots – the ones who actually believe the best way to keep children safe is to keep them as ignorant and childish as they are.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. Had never imagined wife and I were so awful. Nerf at 4, Airsoft at 6, BB at 8, Paintball at 10, rifle and handgun long before 18. Wouldn’t change a thing other than more marksmanship training.

  2. Used to live in a place that had 8 or 9 recreational matches (mostly pistol, but also 3 gun and cowboy shooting) that frequently saw young participants. Honestly, they were safer gun handlers than most of the police officers I saw as assistant range master for 15 years at the local PD. These youngsters had time, focus and dedication to pursue excellence in action shooting scenarios. As many readers here have no doubt seen — just about the time the kids are shooting the pants off the adults, the kids discover cars or motorcycles or boys/girls and we seldom saw them at the range for the next few years.

  3. Its time that more Conservative Americans Home-school your children.
    It does not matter what your religious views are, make the sacrifice and take your children out of the public schools that are only an indoctrination camp of the Democratic party.

  4. Children are curious by nature. My children would see me break a few guns out and clean them or go shooting. They were naturally always curious and wanted to help and hold, so I have always taken them out back on our land and gave them very specific instructions to sit down with ear protection and safety glasses and watch me shoot. After they were a little comfortable, I would allow them to help me clean the guns and give them instruction on how to assume a gun is always loaded EVEN when you know its not..Never point a gun, Loaded or Not in any direction where you wouldn’t want to shoot. I finally took them out with a .22 rifle and set up targets and allowed them to demonstrate their safety steps and finally shoot.

    I have always allowed them to participate in everything I do when I break out different weapons from Cleaning, changing out trigger groups, oiling down and of course shooting and never losing an opportunity to train them in safety. Kids are wired to do what we tell them not too, so you teach them and take the curiosity out of it and participate. My kids have NEVER attempted to touch a gun as they know, all they need to do is ask and I will take them shooting….

  5. If we had real, constitutional Militia in the States, then all children would receive training in the schools with respect to firearms which would prepare them for entry into the Militia at 16. Once again, we see a contrived “gun-rights” vs. “gun-control” controversy which is simply an artifact of the absence of the Militia.

  6. These ingrates in the anti gun movement will keep pushing until they have a real good reason like gun owners all over the states already know, to hold and bear arms themselves, but by then it will most likely be too late for these poor collectivist nearer do wells because they will have been rounded up by their inglorious masters for that big ditch or fun camp that has been build near by right under their zombie brain dead noses.

  7. what is just crazy is how much has changed in the last 20 to 30 years, i had a pelt gun at six my parents got it for me for Christmas and my dad learned me gun safety and how to respect a gun and threw the years of child hood bought shotguns and small cal rifles and learned marksmanship with scouts and hunting when later on at high school darn near every pickup had a gun rack and at least one gun in it and no one was ever shot or had a gun pulled on them man how times change but now you can say im old school but i take much pride in passing down the same trudishion to my grand kids on how to shoot and care for guns with safety and respect of fire arms but they are much better shot at a younger age than myself

  8. Both of my sons were able to handle a 38, and 45 handgun by the time they were nine. It was their mother that astutely reasoned that if there were guns in the house, the boys needed to know about them, and how to use them.
    Of course it was common sense that if you teach someone at an early age to respect something it becomes part of your character. NYC schools had shooting teams up until the point that some realized that in order to break down society you have to remove education in all aspects of life, and make the majority ignorant, fearful, and subsequently dependent upon the state.

  9. My son took top gun and distinguished graduate in Chuck Taylor’s advance defensive handgun level 1 in a tie score shoot-off against a 53 year old gentleman, he had just turned 10 the week before.
    He was the only one in his level three class to DG and top gun and set the record for the youngest to ever pass the test, at 13, using a Glock 19.

  10. Those bastiges want us disarmed real bad, so they can invade with impunity like they are doing in Western Europe today. If you don’t know what I mean, watch the YouTube video named “Europe Calls It An Invasion”. And make sure you watch to the end so you know who is behind it.

  11. Thank you for connecting the organizations behind the scenes. I try to educate people that I meet that are interested in learning the truth. Articles like this help by giving us facts to use rather than relying only on emotional appeal as the liberals and progressives do.

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