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Harney County Protest Draws Hundreds on Both Sides

Editor’s Note: This Article was written by Sheri Duval who has has traveled to
Burn Oregon twice now to bring us reporting and live streaming from the boots on
the ground perspective. More of her work can be found at her website

Several hundred people attended a protest rally at the Harney County Courthouse in Burns, Oregon on Monday. There was a definite division between groups. Supporters of Judge Grasty, Sheriff David Ward, and the local government stood on the grounds and sidewalks, with their backs to the courthouse. Citizens upset with LaVoy Finicum’s Death, overwhelmed with the BLM land grab issues, and others responding to a ‘Call-to-Action’ by the Pacific Patriot Network <> of militias, stood facing them in the street and surrounding areas. Overall, it was a mostly peaceful rally, even if it was rather loud. Judge Grasty and Sheriff Ward stayed in the courthouse looking down at the citizens through the windows on the second floor. There were USA Flags being waved by protesters in the street, as well as a few yellow ‘Gadsden’ flags <>. There was tension between the groups, however, they all attempted to keep it verbal and not allow it to escalate. There was one notable exception. A young lady attempted to drive through the crowd. She was driving at a rate that was not safe for the situation, if not greater than the normal speed limit. When she stopped due to a protester being in the street, as were dozens of others, she opted to try to move the man with her car, rather than honk or ask him to step away. The State Troopers walked over after they heard shouts of “She hit him! She hit him!” Their response was to talk to her and escort her out of the area. The protester was not seriously hurt. Additionally, there were a few loud disruptions while the protesters attempted to hold a memorial moment, including a moment of silence, for rancher LaVoy Finicum, who died on January 26, 2016. The crowd on the courthouse steps began to thin after a short time, and I heard comments that they “had to get back to work”. The rally was begun during the normal government lunch hour, beginning at noon. However, the crowd in the street seemed to get larger as time went on. The protest lasted between three and four hours overall. During the protest, there was a heated verbal exchange between Brandon Curtiss, founder of the Idaho 3% militia, and an unidentified older man. Curtiss was heard to say, “You [belong] in prison. And I have the documents!” The exchange of words did require the intervention of law enforcement officers. If this is the case, one wonders why these documents have not been made public, as per the transparency demands continually being made by the protesters. Several media outlets were represented during the rally, but it was very disappointing to watch how they set up their ‘spin’ on the day. When the crowd was smaller and the day was winding down, I observed a reporter, and her cameraman, setting up in front of the courthouse. That was where they positioned the last of the ‘pro-government’ supporters.


Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. The confrontation is a good thing. The left has used alinsky tactics for years to shut down dissent. Get in their face and let them know you are not going away. My bet is most of the counter protest were county employees.

  2. Sometimes inappropriate humor gets people’s attention. I would like to suggest that someone strategically sets up a mobile kitchen with a large, clear, and well lit sign saying “Vicki’s kitchen: free blueberry pancakes for all FBI agents”….. Of course, that may compromise moral high ground.

  3. Let this protest continue through summer, and everyone in America needs to go! Don’t let this go! What has happened is way bigger then Ammon, and LaVoy, and that was huge! We are hearing everyday more and more, and it is an outrage!

    Do not let them set precedence here! Do not let them shoot people like dogs, and get away with it! Do not let the immoral liberal left conquer this country! The liberal left media already has, and look where we are now!

    This truly is far bigger than any realize! This may be a few hundred in Burns Oregon, but that’s just a tick on an elephant! Let them see the elephant!

    1. We should meet regionally on a regular basis. Perhaps National Oath Keepers could organize this on a coordinated schedule.

    2. Geez you guys, leave this community alone. How would you like a bunch of out of staters coming into your community and trying to replace your locally elected government? If you want to see tyranny, look in the mirror.

  4. In my opinion, one of the strategic mistakes made by Ammon is that he did not garner the support of local residents before initiating operations at Mulheur. A couple months of briefings and orientation in association with local Patriots – educating the Sheeple – might have produced a different outcome.

    Also, he did not seize control of the narrative from the beginning, so the local and national Marxist State Media (MSM) spewed its disinformation and propaganda.


    1. Exactly Hog.
      There’s even a few more mistakes. Probably not the Popular Observation, but a very correct assessment….

      This stuff has a steep learning curve!

  5. Well it looks to me that this is playing out exactly how they set it up. I would warn everyone here to keep their eyes open for a false flag event to be blamed on “Patriots” who were looking to avenge Lavoy’s death. They also have a flashpoint for local violence as well.

    Eyes open people.

  6. Ya know I don’t think this is really a conservative/liberal thing. I think this has everything to do with AGENDA 21/divide and conquer. blacks against whites, bringing Islam into Europe and the U.S. to pull the trigger. I wish there were someway patriots could pool their money and put up bill boards,take out full page news paper adds (where you can get in) and I am sure you all can think of many ways to get this out there to the sleepy sheeple.Like the article below with Soros picture. The author made the statement that they (the globalists) are not really trying to cover it up, but for some reason people seem to be blind to what is happening. Just my two cents.

  7. I left Burns. Oregon just 12 hrs. ago. In the two days I was present in Burns I sensed a palpable paranoia. Some of you may understand what I mean immediately.
    The Harney County Court House is no longer a place of public resort. It appears more a fortification. Chain ink fencing surrounds the Court House properties and both armed personnel, barricades, and patrolling of the area in marked and unmarked cars is constant.
    At night the premises are lighted extensively by floodlighting.
    I stood in front of the armed entry location approximately seven minutes speaking on my phone with my wife. She had asked me to go to Burns to see exactly what was playing out; what was truth and what was fiction.
    I do know that LEA’s are represented at every level from surrounding jurisdictions, including State and Federal levels.
    It was reported to me that vacancies at area hotels and motels were being misrepresented regarding bookings to prevent parties from outside the community from finding lodging.
    When I went in to Burns, I was turned away from several as “full up” and finally found one that at first had no room, then progressing to having a “smoking room only,” with the outcome being I was offered a non-smoking room after much pleading and stating the hardship of my being there.
    I know that persons have traveled farther, but at my age (I am in my eighth decade), covering over 500 miles in a single days driving I was beat. The temperatures were freezing, I knew no one, and had no place to go.
    The lodging I finally secured had heavy law enforcement presence in almost all units.
    It is not necessary to go into details, but the visual examination by these LEO’s in itself is what I contribute the paranoia the community feels to.
    Most of us from our most tender ages have been thoroughly encouraged to be compliant and “do the right things.” We stop at red lights, do not run yellow lights without a degree of apprehension, cross at intersections in approved crosswalks, and comply with instructions when requested to do so. Few of us are comfortable to “break the rules; the rules are our friends !”
    Many of Harney counties citizens do not realize precisely what has taken place here, and I shall attempt to sum it up in few words.
    We all just want to get along without difficulty or inconvenience. What the residents do not understand is the presence of Ammon Bundy and supporters, with Robert LaVoy Finicum being a strong central figure, are heralds.
    The character assassination of these men is reprehensible.
    Too many dismiss these folks as lawbreakers, terrorists, and malcontents. This could not be farther from the truth. Bundy and his associates without realizing it, are forewarners of more evil things to come, and the thought of rights to lands more correctly under jurisdiction of the states shall recede into obscurity.
    I am not syaing his objections are not justified, I am only saying they are precursor to greater evils to come.
    I believe Bundy does not understand the full implication of what is occurring here while recognizing he is correctly motivated.
    One thing is certain, the government of the United States has become corrupt! We are to be ruined for our capriciousness and indifference .
    Most citizens are alarmed by supposed injury that never could have materialized given the character and nature of the men involved in the effort to petition the government for redress of grievances. Burns residents in large measure are uninformed regarding the opportunity for the oppressive nature of government to be exhibited in stifling any protest, regardless the legitimacy of the complaint.

    I went to LaVoy’s death place and was deeply grieved. My heart goes out to his family. I know persons who shook LaVoy’s hand, hugged his wife and know each of them to be sweet and loving persons. The vile accusations that have been directed toward the petitioners (I choose to call them petitioners) are either uninformed or willfully corrupting. No justification exists for the bile that has been heaped upon Ammon Bundy.
    What law enforcement does not understand is that by the murder of Robert LaVoy Finicum, they have unleashed a righteous storm of indignation that shall exceed anything they may anticipate. Already this has gone beyond being nationwide, to worldwide interest.
    The eyes of the world are upon us !
    In closing:
    “Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”
    To Law Enforcement I say, you cannot kill them all ! With this one death you have produced the seed that that shall unleash what you may not fully contemplate by your evil deeds.
    Robert LaVoy Finicum should never have died in the merciless manner he did, on a deserted and remote highway far from any opportunity of witnesses in his defense !
    I hope that all evidence has been secured and protected and that a “bureaucratic error does not occur that any destruction of evidence take place. I am speaking of the vehicle that Lavoy and his companions were in, and the video evidence that is so present in LEA engagements.
    My personal belief is the drone video is a chestnut to satisfy the easily distracted and uninformed.
    I am not Mormon. I do not approve of the false narrative of the Mormon religion. I am not besmirching LaVoy by that comment. I do believe Robert LaVoy Finicum to have been a patriot with a deep love for his country, and more importantly a love for his neighbor, in this case being the Hammond’s and the other injured parties of the Refuge.
    I believe Ammon Bundy to be a patriot, and the measured speech and intellect of Mr. Bundy should reinforce in us a confidence we have a bound duty not only to respect our Constitution, but to defend it and in doing so defend all our rights as Americans.
    I lost my father in WWII ! I never knew him, and not once did he ever have opportunity to look upon me. He was fighting an evil and an injustice no less than we may anticipate facing today, and gave his life for his country.
    Just as Robert LaVoy Finicum had his so unrighteously taken away !

    1. As a Patriot and a “Mormon”, I feel insulted by the line you used in your otherwise well written and wisely thought out article. ” I do not approve of the false narrative of the Mormon religion. I am not besmirching LaVoy by that comment.” That attack on LaVoy’s beliefs is insulting and unnecessary! I believe an apology to your readers is in order. You will not find a people that are more supportive of the Patriot Movement than the people of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints.

      1. Robert. LaVoy Finicum has my respect for his measured, disciplined, quality of character that would be respected in any man., should they be Mormon or not. His presenting himself before the world was as a man who loves his country and as a Patriot.
        His death came as result of an overbearing and out of control machine that has taken on the characteristics of a militaristic standing army called law enforcement, and this is only the beginning of greater abuses of the American people to come.
        LaVoy did what any American should do, standing in the face of tyranny.
        My father did that very thing over 70 years ago.
        Unfortunately, the forces arrayed against us then, are the same forces to be arrayed here upon our own soil.
        My remarks stand ! I am not Mormon and believe the Mormon Church to be a false narrative of the Savior and His person and indeed His eternal character.
        I make no apology for that.

  8. I have to say this-and I hope that somebody with more tact at writing will pick up my comment and make an article spelling it out. I noticed that there were native american tribes-recently-who were condemning the patriots in Oregon. WHY? If anything they should have said “Hey-our ancestors got screwed by this government the same way you guys are getting screwed. FINALLY!!! somebody who understands our plight-we are on your side and would be glad to stand with you”. Any thoughts???

    1. The short and sweet example is that the USFWS works with the Paiutes, preserving important archeological sites. Their archeologist works closely with the tribe cataloging and preserving their artifacts.
      The occupiers buldozed a road through an important native american archeological site, and went pawing through their stored artifacts.
      See the difference?
      Out of everything these guys have done, they will regret messing with the tribe most of all.

  9. Seriously? Has it entered anyone’s mind that someone bulldozed Paiute land the Refuge exists on which the occupiers have now possession of. This is made to sound like a major highway building project which it was not. All that is being done by continually whining about bulldoze, bulldoze, bulldoze, is to inflame passions.
    Also, which is more important, an arrowhead, a piece of pottery, or two lives unjustly imprisoned for whom the occupiers have endangered their own lives and in one case was unrighteously murdered.
    If you want to contribute, ensure that all the evidence from the slaughter on 395 be protected from being corrupted. Ensure Shawna Cox’s cell phone and camera are returned without erasure or corruption of files.
    These things perhaps are dubious requests because those now controlling the information have them in their possession.
    At the same time, other refuges are going into elevated security modes in not less than 4 western states, yet it s being kept as quiet as may be managed.
    The Ammon group were and continue to be peaceful. Ammon Bundy is confined to solitary 23 hrs a day, and all continue to my knowledge to be deprived of physical appearances in court.
    You now have a standing army, at the ready in every community, and those forces shall be marshaled against an unsuspecting citizenry when it is deemed appropriate .
    That day is coming, and an adoring and unsuspecting populace will be the most egregiously harmed. They just do not understand what is coming down the pike.
    The same amendment currently being used to stifle and strangle confidence in the eternal God of the Christian, has been turned to elevate to extraordinary prominence, a vile profession of faith and practice that is deadly, dangerous, and destructive beyond measure.
    To drive the point home further, the time is coming Americans will be required to either say the Shahada (the Islamic profession of faith), pay an Islamic poll tax and know themselves to be humiliated, or barring either of those, be put to death.
    I am not Mormon yet deem it important enough to inform Mormons they shall not be able to pay the poll tax because they have writings integral to their profession of faith that originated after the Quran came into prominence. This shall be a death sentence in all cases for them as they are in violation of 1John 2:22. Essentially, what I am saying is Mormons along with many of the world deny the Triune Jehovah, the Supreme Judge of the world, and the only God, there being no other neither shall be.
    The pains of Malheur Refuge are to recede into the past and a new horror is to come. Our corrupt government as it presently exists shall play a major role in bringing all this to pass.
    The Word of God informs us, “Where no fuel is, the fire goes out !” Let these agencies that have marshaled themselves against quiet and peaceful protesters stand down. Let the appeals in behalf of the Hammonds be heard and those in behalf of other injured ranchers and families.
    You are looking at the workings of an oppressive and cruel government folks and it would be best to hearken to the warnings.
    It is the spirit of the age that is energizing all that is occurring, and a marked departure of us as a nation from the Living God that is allowing this to play out.
    “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all nations that forget God!”

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