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First Time ‘Progressive’ Gun Owner Confirms Views Shaped By Ignorance and Fear

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Ignorance leads to prejudice, fear, hatred and hysteria.

“I bought a GUN Now, do I feel safe?” Michael Sullivan* asks in a Ventura County Reporter exercise in sniveling and handwringing. “From gun hater to gun owner, a firsthand experience of the right to bear arms,” the sub-head reads.

That she’s preoccupied with “feeling” safe, as opposed to being safe, tells us much. The conduct she describes about buying her first gun shows she’s bound and determined to proceed in total ignorance of actual “common sense gun safety” practices. And the whiny asides she peppers her screed with show she’s still a gun-hater.

She starts out, naturally, by telling us about her “first real encounter with gun carnage,” a neighbor trying to kill himself. Perhaps it’s fortunate the neighbor chose something Sullivan has managed to avoid for most of her life, as we wouldn’t want such as sensitive soul reminded of “rope carnage” or “pill carnage” or “bridge carnage” every time she encounters one of those everyday objects.

“I’ve been sick for weeks over the recent mass murders in Paris, Mali, Planned Parenthood and, well, yesterday, San Bernardino,” she confesses. “It makes me ill but it doesn’t seem to faze gun-rights advocates.”

That’s because it’s not a normal reaction for a fully-formed adult to have. If bad news from around the world gives her PTSD convulsions, she needs professional help. Then again, her dad’s reaction to her buying a gun gives us a strong clue that defective upbringing played its part.  What kind of father would guilt-trip his daughter by saying she “could have blood on [her] hands if the gun fell into the wrong hands”?

At least Sullivan got the part about “online gun sales” right: you need to go through a dealer and have “a clean background check.” But that didn’t seem to satisfy her. That California tops the Brady Campaign list for “gun control” edicts doesn’t satisfy her either. This is another state-worshipper who believes rights need to be licensed.

After taking her written test, she decided against fulfilling her main mission of buying a semiautomatic rifle, because, apparently, only the military needs to deploy with scary rifles capable of handling the mighty .22 LR. Instead she chose a 9mm handgun.

She’d be able to pick it up after a criminal history/mental health check and California’s mandatory 10-day waiting period, which she deems too “short if one has years of hostility and rage built up.”

“I think a more suitable waiting period should be more like 10 years, she proclaims, and you can tell she’s serious, and would actually prefer it to be “forever.”

This is someone who describes the reactions of her “nearest and dearest” as “an emotional roller coaster,” making it fair to wonder if “progressives” with bipolar disorders attract each other with their sick co-dependencies.

What’s clear throughout is Sullivan never says she sought out anyone who actually knows what he’s doing to guide her through the process, probably because she doesn’t know anyone who can. Her utter incompetence at loading magazines, her extreme discomfort at using silhouette targets and her general hoplophobia are testament that Sullivan remains a danger to herself and others with a gun. It’s evident that feeds into the outcome she wanted to reach.

Range noise had her “grimacing in pain” (“The Princess and the Pea” comes to mind). She thinks she should have first been required to learn how to use the gun, as if an adult needs some bureaucrat to tell him to do that.

“All of that rapid fire made me just want to duck and hide, not fight,” Sullivan whimpered. “I let out a little cry each time I fired. It was all so startling.”

It must have been, because she put the gun down but had no idea if the chamber was empty or not.  It’s probably a good thing her friend is going to keep the ammunition over at his place – although if California gun-grabbers get their way, that will soon be illegal, too.

All of us have had experiences taking new people to the range and teaching them to shoot for the first time. I’ve done it with the gamut, from my future wife on one of our early dates, to our young sons, to a Santa Monica “liberal,” to a Japanese executive. The universal reaction: They all ended up grinning like kids in a candy store, and eager to return for more.

That Sullivan here had such a different reaction tells me she wanted to be miserable, just to confirm her prejudices.  And those prejudices, born in ignorance turned to fear and then hatred, lead to demands to disarm those of us not so afflicted. Such people feel compelled to bring us all down to their helpless state, one Machiavelli properly deemed “contemptible” and “disgraceful.”

The paradox is, in order to do that, they need others to do the job for them — rough men willing to break us under force of arms that would make the Michael Sullivans of the world wet themselves.


* This article has been rewritten in parts. It was originally posted under the assumption that author Michael Sullivan is a male. It was not clear to me that the “20 Feet from Deafness” section by T Christian Gapen was a continuation of Sullivan’s VCReporter piece. When the subject turned to deer season around Detroit suburbs in the 1960s and the narrator voice changed, I viewed it as a different article on the same page and did not continue reading to discover Gapen was her rather ill-equipped “mentor” at her first range shoot.

Thank you to reader “Zeleny” for pointing out my screw-up.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. This child reminds me of a toddler who refuses to eat her okra because she has already made up her mind that she doesn’t like it even though she’s never seen okra before.

  2. “She’d be able to pick it up after a criminal history / mental health check…”

    So, I’m to assume she passed the mental health check!!!

  3. It amazes me every time I see evidence that morons like this woman actual exist. Then I realize that they’re actually fairly common, and not exclusive to the left. Humanity is in its decline.

  4. So it was determined that the person in the missive is a female and not the metrosexual, Obozonoid, red flannel nightie-wearing, so-called contemporary MALE who spends its day sipping herbal tea with other Cryptorchids….Sheesh!…Where did I put that Dirty Hairy Special?…I need to suck on my pacifier and calm down.

    LoneStarHog (Hog)

  5. It’s “women” like these who continually demonstrate to me just how bitchin my wife is, and how lucky I am. Someone as clearly mental as this female should probably be locked away in a rubber room somewhere for the safety of herself and others.

  6. I deal with these over-educated types with no common sense every week. The fact that she couldn’t even figure out how to use the squishy ear plugs says she should never own a gun. I’m a RSO on the Public Range and a CRO on the CQB ranges. When I’m working the Public Range it’s really scary at times just how stupid some of these liberals, who are frightened now and want to own a handgun for self defense, are. They do not realize that it’s not part of my job to teach them how to load and safely shoot the new gun but we do it in the interest of safety.
    The 55 plus neighborhood where I live has many Obama lovers and most avoided my wife and I because I’m a semi-professional shooter ( I win money and prizes which makes me a professional but not enough to defray the costs of shooting LOL). Since there have been a rash of burglaries lately they held their collective noses and wanted me to help organize the neighborhood watch. Pretty funny stuff.
    All I can say is that these new shooters who once lived in fear of professionals like myself are probably the most likely to get involved in a shooting. The people like myself who are at high levels in any martial art, like gun fighting, are the least likely to have to use it. Situational awareness (common sense) escapes most of them.

    1. Shame on you for helping them.
      Sink or swim but dont get dragged down by an educated fool who avoids adult responsibilities.

    2. Shame on you for helping those who deserve only your contempt.
      You full well know they would see you disarmed and look down upon you.
      You are not the better man for helping scum.

  7. I like when they say about mass murders and all that and about how that doesn’t seem to faze gun right advocates. Why should we be fazed by that? It is irrelevant, it has nothing to do with us. Legal ownership and usage of firearms is not the reason evil people are committing mass murders.

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