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Finding Keepers – Why Armed Men Vowing To Defend The Constitution Keep Cropping Up

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The Economist, that bastion of Globalism has written an article about Oath Keepers. It is not ostensibly a hatchett job, but I would suggest to you that it is written, insidiously, to promote the meme that Oath Keepers is a ‘fringe group’ of ‘anti-government nut-jobs, which clearly defines The Economist itself. They are anti-Constitution, anti-free enterprise, preferring Crony Capitalism to Free Enterprise, and hell bent on creating a One World Government. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

This article comes The Economist

WHEN anti-federal activists occupied a nature reserve in Burns, Oregon last month, members of the Oath Keepers, an association of current and former soldiers, police officers and other all-action types, grabbed their weapons and flocked to the high-desert town. The group’s leader, an Ivy League-educated lawyer and ex-serviceman called Elmer Stewart Rhodes, opposed the occupation but felt his men could end the stand-off. When one of the occupiers was killed on January 26th, Oath Keepers rushed to evacuate women and children from the scene, fearing an attack by the Feds.

Beyond the group’s main objective of defending the constitution, Mr Rhodes believes Oath Keepers have a duty to protect those unwilling or unable to protect themselves. “When we hear gunfire, we run towards it,” says Mr Rhodes on the phone from his home in Kalispell, a logging town in Montana. In November 2014, when protests erupted in Ferguson, Missouri after a grand-jury decision not to indict a white policeman for shooting an unarmed black teenager, Oath Keepers hurried there, climbed onto its rooftops and patrolled back and forth, cradling rifles. “If we hadn’t guarded the buildings, they would have burned to the ground. Fact,” says Mr Rhodes. After an attack on a military recruiting centre in Tennessee last July, armed Oath Keepers stood guard outside similar offices across America.

The Oath Keepers’ size (there are thought to be around 30,000 members) is unusual, but its existence is not. According to Ryan Lenz of the Southern Poverty Law Centre, an advocacy group, the number of what it calls “patriot groups” has grown from 149 in 2008 to 998 in 2015. As well as having a deep mistrust of government, most also subscribe to outlandish conspiracy theories. The Oath Keepers’ website suggests that George Soros, a financier and philanthropist, and the Council on Foreign Relations are exploiting the refugee crisis for their own gain. Other groups believe a shadowy elite is plotting to rule the world through one tyrannical government.

Mr Lenz attributes the rise in patriot groups to the election of Barack Obama, which spurred those with extreme anxieties about likely government expansion and extra gun controls to band together. After waning for a few years, the number of groups then jumped by 14% from 2014 to 2015—an increase Mr Lenz chalks up to a confrontation in 2014, when the father of two ranchers involved in the Oregon stand-off faced down government officials on public land in Nevada.

Brian Levin of California State University at San Bernardino thinks deeper forces are at work. Scepticism of centralised government is baked into America, he argues. Now, with the country’s future as a hegemon uncertain and confidence in its institutions eroded, that doubt has intensified. A recent poll by the Pew Research Centre found that only 19% of Americans trust the government in Washington most or all of the time, compared with 73% when they began asking the question in 1958. This inspires more people to support maverick politicians, and motivates others to opt out of the system entirely.

Beyond the fringe

It was such disenchantment that prompted Mr Rhodes to start the Oath Keepers. An eloquent if gruff Renaissance man, he has worked as a professional sculptor, once crafting a Minuteman for a Las Vegas hotel, and was a paratrooper before enrolling at Yale Law School. There he is remembered for taking his Bill of Rights class to a shooting range and winning an award for his paper on that document.

Mr Rhodes’s studies overlapped with the September 11th attacks, and he observed the government’s response with horror. He still gets angry when he talks about the Patriot Act and the Supreme Court’s ruling in Hamdi v Rumsfeld (2004), which held that the constitution does not prevent the government from treating its own citizens as unlawful combatants. “It’s called the treason clause, and it’s right there in front of your face!” he bellows. He is also troubled by many things that worry progressive civil-libertarians: the government’s surveillance of its own citizens, warrantless searches, belligerent police. “I definitely think we’ve crossed the Rubicon. We’re going down the same road as Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia.”

Mr Rhodes worked on Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign for the Republican nomination. When Mr Paul ended his bid, he abandoned mainstream politics and started the Oath Keepers. He hoped that by reminding its members to obey the constitution above all else, he and they would help “put the brakes on” creeping authoritarianism.

When police officers and military servicemen enroll in their respective forces, they pledge to “defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Mr Rhodes believes that oath should be kept under all circumstances, even if it means flouting the demands of a higher-up. He uses William Calley, a lieutenant in the Vietnam war who claimed he was merely following orders when he killed 22 unarmed civilians at My Lai, to illustrate what can go wrong when individuals stray from that creed. He praises Hugh Thompson, who intervened before more civilians were massacred, as an exemplar.

Mr Rhodes may be typical only of a fairly small fringe. But even there, concern about political polarisation seems widespread. “When Bush was in power I could get liberals to listen to me,” he explains. “It has a flipside. I can talk to Republicans now because they hate and fear Obama because he’s a nasty Democrat. But once Trump’s elected—God forbid—I think they’ll all go back to sleep. And then you’ll see liberals going ‘Oh my God! He’s violating the Bill of Rights’.”


Shorty Dawkins



  1. “anti-federal activists”<– I like this. If it's OK I would like to borrow from it and use "Anti-Statist activists."

    "Progressive Civil Libertarian?" Is this truly possible in a Constitutional Republic?

  2. It’s funny how the media paints us as anti-government. 90% of us have or currently do work for the government. We are anti-corruption, and believe in this little little experiment that started in 1776 where for the first time in history a free people chose their own form of self governance and ensured freedom was protected with four sheets of paper called the U.S. Constitution. It’s written plainly and anyone can understand the intent, yet we are vilified by the press and even fellow oath takers, for defending the document we swore an oath to defend. It’s a strange world.

  3. Quite right. As Authoritarianism never sleeps while straddling, padding pockets and spurring (in one form or another) those on either side of the tracks responsible for overseeing, fleecing or feeding and watering off/of their crops, poultry, flocks and herds. Corporate pulp milling (in it’s various forms), farming, ranching and shepherding takes on a whole new meaning when it comes their various collectives in their desire of printing (quantitative easing), publishing (BS), information sharing and fusion centers. So, what hasn’t/isn’t been logged, mined, milled, counterfeited, laundered, farmed, fleeced, bred nor raised and created these days is beyond me.One should also never leave out the corporate/political fishing industry. As, their always in need of bait, net menders, pullers and processors..I won’t even start to mention the corporate vineyards, orchards and the pickers, canners, processors. Yep. food harvesting and preserving in various forms/terms best for transport fits quite well as to the preservation of one’s mind in modern times.

  4. Hmmm., an ‘almost truthful’ msm report about OKrs. Only a handful of complete inaccuracies…could this indicate some progress being made at truthful reporting? Regarding another comment here, about if Trump becomes Prez…will everyone simply go back to sleep is a good question. I hope they are not that type of Trump supporter and I don’t think most of them are Trump supporters, anyway, are they? Less than 150 patriot groups in ’08 and almost 1,000 today…I hope the trend continues. America needs all the good guys we can get.

    1. No one is sleeping at this end; not since November 22, 1963. As for patriot numbers, I’d venture there are hundreds of thousands of patriot oath keepers (non vets etc) that do not subscribe to any particular group as we do here. Consider just the number of guns purchased that can be counted, plus those that are private sales.Then there is all the ammo that the government did not purchase.

      Being pro constitution is not and never has been a crime against our federation. To threaten the man who stands up to the tyranny is the crime. To speak and act against our constitution is the crime.

  5. “According to Ryan Lenz of the Southern Poverty Law Centre…”

    Might have been a Brit writing the article due to the British spelling of “Centre” instead of the USA manner of “center.”

    Whenever I read an essay, news story, etc. where the Southern Poverty Law Center is used as a source for information I know that a lazy writer is as work and one who is not knowledgeable enough about militias in general to know that the SPLC is a self-serving money-hungry scam that uses emotion-laden claptrap to make itself appear to be a viable organization worthy of being noticed… and, most importantly to the SPLC… to have monetary donations made to their heinous organization.

  6. “But once Trump’s elected—God forbid—I think they’ll all go back to sleep.”

    You can count on it.

    Besides, it’s not like Trump is offering the people a strict interpretation of the constitution, or, heaven forbid, a bejeweled golden platter topped with liberty.

    The status quo, will stay the same, other than another layer of icing on the status quo cake.

    Think Trump will restore “fed lands” to the States? Think Trump will eliminate the BLM? ATF? Any of these A to Z Dept’s and Agencies?

    Yep, he may put some candy in the status quo, but the staus quo isn’t going anywhere. And the bureaucrats will keep on bureaucrating.

    And do you think our founding fathers ever witnessed this:


  7. Fascinating, absolutely fascinating! We, the Oath Keepers have caught the attention in the highest ranks of the structure of the globalist cabal. And make no mistake: the Economist is the official voice of the very globalist movement with the Rothschild Dynasty at the top of the famous pyramid of their sick Orwellian ambitions!
    The Economist claims that it “is not a chronicle of economics. “Rather, it aims “to take part in a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress.”
    Meyer Amschel Bauer changed his name into Rothschild, meaning Red Shield or Red Sign after the sign that he installed over the door of his trade and currency exchange office in Frankfurt. The logo of the economist is a red rectangle, referring to Rothschild. I have pointed out multiple times the importance to understand the role of the Rothschild Dynasty in everything that’s taking place on our planet since 250 years:

    Read the title of that article as it says it all:
    “Fringe Movements”
    “Finding Keepers”
    “Why armed men are vowing to defend the constitution keep cropping up”
    Hey, the Constitution should be capitalized, shouldn’t it? Someone must really hate it here! Cropping up means “to happen occasionally, to appear by chance”. – Really?
    This article is a clear statement of concern, maybe fear of an almost almighty enemy whose numerous think tanks failed to properly evaluate the power factor of an armed American Citizenship. So here we are the last stronghold in the world against their almost perfect plan towards genocide and total enslavement and they know about the failure of their US State Department sponsored Neo Nazi troops on Donbas. They know that men fighting for freedom have nothing to lose.
    It will be important to study that article in detail. Mr. Illuminati loves to write his messages and instructions between the lines!

    … everything running as planned

    Tom, Oath Keeper

  8. ‘They’ have NO idea what ‘They’ are up against. We the People are UNSCRIPTED!!! We follow our hearts, our souls, our Spirit! NONE of THEM can stop the awareness, the awakening that is unfolding. For every one of us who gives his or her life, ten thousand others appear!!!!
    All will get worse in appearance! But that is ONLY appearance!!! Oath Keepers, the CSPOA crowd and many many others, WE CANNOT BE STOPPED or silenced!!!
    Think good thoughts. WE ARE ON THE RIGHTEOUS PATH!!!!
    With warm regards for all, and ESPECIALLY Stewart.
    Goodness ALWAYS prevails!!!
    Robert D. Gubisch

  9. It is folly to believe that OK’ers will ever be seen as anything but “extremist” by the status quo. They have to denounce and vilify any arguments against the status qu. Realize how Isis , CIA creation, was lauded in the early stages as “freedom fighters” by Obama yet the Syrian Christians and kurds are “terrorists. We should expect no such compassion or sincerity or honesty for that matter. Worrying about what they think is fruitless. Press on with expanding and controlling the message of what OK’ers are really about= anti corruption and following the supreme law of the land Constitution/Bill of Rights. If we want to build a colorless revolution- start taking the freedom education efforts into the black and Hispanic neighborhoods. The real teaching of freedom might just catch on and help galvanize the NWO’s efforts of dividing the races so they can’t work together. It’s the 99% against the 1%. The victory is achieved by stopping the class warfare and distractions.

  10. “We are going to protect and we are going to cherish our 2nd Amendment.”
    — Donald J. Trump, at rally in Oklahoma City on Feb. 26, 2016

    “We love the 2nd Amendment, folks. Nobody loves it more than us.”
    — Donald J. Trump, with his 2 sons beside him (NRA members who enjoy shooting), in Nevada victory speech on Feb. 23, 2016

    “We are going to protect our 2nd Amendment.”
    — Donald J. Trump, in South Carolina victory speech on Feb. 20, 2016

    Sounds like support for one of our most important rights in the Bill of Rights.

    1. Oh, he’ll support the 2A all right. Until it’s convenient for him not to. Trump has more positions (on any topic you care to name) than the Kama Sutra.

  11. Patriot bloggers and writers need to ramp up the message of the damage done by Left-Wing Extremists. You can’t have one extreme without the other. Patriots and Libertarians allow the Left-Wing Extremists to get away with demonizing them by calling them Right-Wing Extremists while lying and exaggerating. A concerted effort using the term “Left-Wing Extremists”, along with the truth about what a Left-Wing Extremist is, will go along way to dispel the myths about Right-Wing Extremism. Until the world is just as familiar with the opposing terminology, they will see it one way, and that way is the narrative that we are losing from lack of an offense. A war of hearts and minds, or any other type, cannot be won with defense alone. Use the terms “Left-Wing Extremists” with examples whenever you are conversing, blogging, writing, responding, etc. It’s a simple way to make others realize there is an opposing viewpoint. Naturally, the balance will shift from a one sided argument, to a two sided debate. From there, more people will wake up or start making the connections that there are two extremes, and they can decide which one better fits their own ideology. Some will still gravitate toward a Nanny State, but most will not.

  12. Oath Keepers (OK)…. Like the Southern P, Bilderbergs, Counsel for Foreign Relations and their cronies, OK should be doing more Dinners and Speeches to raise funds like these cronies… OK should be giving seminars to Police Departments on how to recognize these Cronies and issue warnings against them… Get with the National Sheriffs Associations and the like and give classes to the deputies on how to recognize and deal with Liberals and their Hate speeches… How to recognize Liberal Professors at colleges and sign up for classes and undermine the Liberal teachers at every turn… WE NEED TO START FIGHTING BACK USING THE SAME TECHNIQUES THEY ARE USING AGAINST US… Follow right behind the SPLC lectures and debunk each of their points… Have Fund Raising dinners…. all across the country… OK have local folks developing “Teams”….is Public Relations a function or position within those Teams? Put together Talking point Lectures that undermine these Libtards… Raise enough money to get Hollywood actors to speak at these Lectures in favor of the OK movement, the Liberty movement… Pro 2nd Amendment …etc… Just sayin…the Libtards tactics are pretty effective…

    1. All good ideas. Challenging these libtard groups to public debates at every turn would go a long ways. Every time they grandstand, challenge them. Every time they try to pull a move under the radar, challenge them. Every time they chicken out of a challenge, find a way to rebut their insane logic. Ride them like a rented mule.

  13. We ALL r on their radar. If u don’t believe this, u r a fool. Check out OK def on Govopedia…(Wikipedia). Any dissidents to the current NWO are fair game. Whether it b today. Tomorrow. Next week/month/year/decade? We ALL are earmarked; like a page in a novel you can’t put down. We will be rounded eventually., if just by association…. I realized the repercussions the day I renewed my membership after Finicums death. I have small children. I have conflicting thoughts…But at the end of the day, I KNOW I’m doing what’s in the best interest of my children. I want them to know that when tyranny came, I fought, and died if needed, for their freedom. They may not realize it at first…ppl will tell them their dad was “crazy”. It is my prayer they realize the truth. “Teach ur children brothers, therein lies victory”

  14. Lavoy…such a brave man. Gave to save all, none the less his friends. Makes me feel small. Do you all realize what he stood for? He suffered a painful death for himself. He did it for you. Your kids. Grandkids. Etc..,..imagine urself facing death. U KNOW ur gonna die. U r scared. Alone. Is a cause worth it? OMG. It was to him. I hope I’m that brave when my time comes. I’m not sure?….

  15. obama is allowing blm to run wild and deny us freedom of speech. he is setting this country up for lock down. i smell a trap bro’s. we must be calm and control our rage and or fear. wait till he is out of office. obama is the wedge and the cancer of north africa and the middle east. thanks for bringing the holy war to the U.S. the next step is for isil to organize blm, ftp, and then it is mob rules.

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