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Cliven Bundy Charged with Conspiracy, Extortion

This story by  was originally posted on the Willamette Week website.

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy was charged Thursday with six federal felonies: conspiracy, use of deadly weapon, obstruction of justice and extortion.

Bundy, whose sons Ammon and Ryan Bundy led the armed occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, was not charged for his involvement in the Eastern Oregon takeover—but for leading a 2014 armed standoff with federal authorities in Nevada over $1 million in grazing fees.

The rancher was charged with “leading a massive armed assault” against federal agents who were planning to seize his cattle. The federal officials backed away from a confrontation at the time.

Bundy was arrested Wednesday night when he arrived at the Portland airport to visit his sons, Ammon and Ryan, Bundy, who have been locked up in Multnomah County jail since their arrest. He’s joined his sons in lockup.

Here is the full criminal complaint, released this morning.

It’s unclear how the case against Cliven Bundy will overlap with the federal trial of Ammon Bundy and his followers, who seized federal buildings in Eastern Oregon last month.

But the intersection has already drawn at least one anti-government protester to downtown Portland, as Leah Sottile reports on Twitter.


Here is the indictment on Cliven Bundy:  cliven-bundy-complaint1


Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. Is there something non-tyrannical about this arrest of Cliven? Is there a part of it that does not simply reek of “revenge” and “because we can”?

      1. Yes, they could very well be on the “round up list” but how far will the Feds go? Will they round up material and financial supporters as well? I believe the Feds are going to make a example of all involved to send a message.

  2. These ongoing arrests of American patriots must be totally unacceptable to the patriot family. There must at least be organized protests against these injustices, litigation initiated and legal funding prepared to respond to the illegality of the actions of the Federal Government, boycotts of the State of Oregon, and recalls of both the Sheriff of Harney County and the Governor of the State of Oregon.

    1. Most people in Burns don’t agree with you. The majority of working adults work for the Government, and those that don’t are related to those that do. It would be politically impractical to recall the Sheriff, as he is not elected. He was appointed by the last Sheriff that retired. I think you would have a hard time finding someone willing to run against him, even if they did have a chance to beat him at the polls. The Governor is in a similar position. She was not elected, and also is well supported and in a great position to win her election. Oregon has been ran by liberals for a very long time, and those of us on the free side of the state realize our votes don’t count. We can’t compete with the population center around Portland/Salem. Litigation may be worth pursuing, if we could find a willing rancher and enough financial backing; however the truth is the Supreme Court has upheld the feds stealing land is legal. There is a sliver of hope in that. I don’t know what the right answer is. Lobby Congress to limit the powers of our land management agencies? Cut their budgets? Require local control over Federal agencies through a duly elected Sheriff? I don’t know. There is no how to manual on restoring a Constitutional Republic.

      1. Do we “agree”,… that we must at the very least,… strive to do what is jointly achievable?
        Can a wildly splintered and dis-unified (read Politically WEAK), PATRIOT membership at the very retarded least,…. agree on this or anything??

        I hear constitutional Sheriff this and constitutional Sheriff that.
        Very very good, that must be one of our goals,… if in any way we have any influence on any Sheriff’s anywhere, that’s a start.
        But we don’t have any real “direct political influence” to this end. Kind of like the Life-Lock TV commercial of the bank robbery where the bank guard is merely there to observe and to notify those being robbed that they were being robbed, but not to do ANYTHING about it! Yeah that’s us kinda.

        We can Bitch, whine, complain, speculate, blather. BUT, we must agree on facts when those facts are obvious and those facts are in front of our faces. There is only one “PROVEN Constitutionally Conservative” Presidential candidate that talks the talk but also walks the walk. Likely only one that may do something about an out of control Leviathan, absolutely drunk on power and on other peoples money.
        I believe it to be Ted Cruz. Its a distinct possibility.

        Only a “soulful core personal belief and adherence to the lawful values represented by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights”, will guide a future President to attempt to restore the rule of law and a national adherence to the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights..
        All of this matters if you actually gauge true success by some actual victories over lawless usurping elements within Leviathan.

        The BLM is incorporated (INC.) in Puerto Rico, and is owned by a Banking Cartel, registered as “the CROWN Corporation” out of London City England.
        Only a core principled proven constitutionalist is ever going to do anything about this.
        They have stolen over 63% of the United States land mass!!!

        CAN YOU even begin in your wildest dreams even begin to estimate the MONETARY VALUE of that mass of crude oil, aluminum ore, iron ore, gold, silver, platinum, timber, water rights, etc., etc., etc.

        It is in the countless Trillions and Trillions of dollars.
        It is perhaps the most valuable piece of any one thing on planet earth. And in defense of it , the Progressive TOOLS of the far left-wing,.. are more than willing to shoot Lavoy Finicum “”and anyone else that dare stand in their way”, in the back and in the face……..

        We must work to minimize the threats of violence and murder and of being shot in the back with hands held high, against citizens that stand up against the tyranny of Leviathan. Ted Cruz could be a first step.

        Any threats against Leviathan’s perpetually insatiable appetite for uncountable trillions of dollars of “other peoples money and land”, will be eagerly met with deadly force wherever necessary, and you can take that to the bank.

        Leviathan is past the point “of tolerating dissent” against the un-American political lefts relentless progressive erosion of the US Constitution and of the Bill of Rights.

        Leviathan has become “drunk”, on the spending and confiscation, “of OTHER PEOPLES WEALTH”.

        The “Progressive erosion of the US Constitution and of the Bill of Rights, “”will NEVER, not ever, be countered or reversed by any politician that once on the inside,… is suckling on Leviathans cash teat”.
        We have created a political system that makes “Billionaires out of paupers”,, once they “buy-in” to the Washington Cartels constitutionally erosive Progressivism..

        We can whine, bitch, disagree, blather…, But “WHAT USE IS OUR ASSOCIATION”, of like-minded constitutional conservatives, if we can’t ever agree, or if we jointly are not wise enough to agree, that our consolidation of OUR UNITED POLITICAL POWER, is by far the very most powerful WEAPON that any one of us or that any Patriots organization will ever possess????


        Like the Tea Party Citizens Fund PAC just accomplished in 2016, we all “signed a pact” to vote as a BLOCK VOTE, come hell or high water, after three rounds of balloting.

        That brilliant decision, de-fractured our splintered political capital value and importantly it united by “signed pact”, to vastly INCREASE our political muscle and our political capital value.
        Smart, very very smart.

        That BLOCK VOTE is now an unsplintered political tool, a political hammer, a useful and more valuable political WEAPON!!!

        God, please let all of us Constitutional Patriots, some day, become WISE-enough to UNIFY and do the very same thing the Tea Party Citizens Fund PAC has done,… and not self-deny ourselves the political clout and the political muscle within us that has so far completely eluded us.

        I contend that that a similar “pact signing” and a 100% unified PATRIOT BLOCK VOTE for Ted Cruz or someone of our choosing would at least be a first step to help deliver us a “proven” constitutional conservative President, not only now, but also into the future.

        I have offered up to you, exactly where the “”MAXIMUM POLITICAL POWER”” of Oath Keepers and a UNIFIED Patriots Network “COULD BE” constructed from if each one of us soulfully unified and committed the individual personal intellect to get this job done. Employing a WEB developer to get this task moving would be a start.

        This “COULD BE” THE INCEPTION of that more valuable BLOCK VOTE, that unsplintered, undivided, political tool, that political hammer, that more valuable political WEAPON that we all proclaim to strive for.

        So whats stopping us? Ourselves?

        “YOUR Silence in the face of tyranny, IS your consent to that tyranny”

      2. The problem is this.

        It is no longer musket against musket. It is musket against drones, bombs, airplanes, National Guard, Police, Military.

        This is the exact reason our Founding Fathers LEFT ENGLAND—-the odds were against them there with the British military.

        It is unfortunate for all the ranchers, and I hate what has happened to them. I am positive most of the residents of Burns, Oregon also sympathize with these ranchers and are totally aware what has happened to them personally. But, what do we do when we have the FBI HITMEN and other operatives and military pointing machine guns in our faces & walking around Burns without even insignia on their bodies.

        What is the answer? To get out of their way as best as we can, just like all the other oppressed people around the world have had to do. OR move out of the country. Other than that, why would you want to risk your lives, when you KNOW they have the odds against you OVERWHELMINGLY.

        I’m not saying to stop protesting, because I do think it helps, but HOW MUCH did it help the RANCHERS when they needed our help. Well, the Oathkeepers helped the Bundy’s because they were on their own property. But, occupying a Federal structure did not help them, did it, and I suspect they did this because they erroneously thought it would bring national attention, but they should have known that the BANKING ELITE who own the Media would not allow a favorable outcome per the Media.

        It’s all crappy. It’s all crappy, but people are SELFISH today and only care about their next golf game or trip. That is the reality. I don’t like it. But, what do you do besides protest and stay out of their aggressive, mean ways.

      3. Could this be a viable answer? maritime law vs common law? Please look at the website. It seems correct and doable but it would be essential to have an informed, constitutional sheriff that had deputized enough back up while confronting the feds. Actually kicking them off and out. ???? It shouldn’t be that hard for all 3100 counties to do the same.

      4. First of all how can Ted Cruz validate our constitution when he is Constitutionally ineligible to run for president. You think he will back a document he is trying to subvert for his own personal gain. GET REAL !! To add a little frosting on your Cruz cake his wife is a big shot in Goldman Sachs and was a member of the CFR for at least 5 years. You sir need to do your homework before putting out such rubbish

      5. Same. Agree with everything this man says. We must find a way to elect people that will uphold the constitution. We’re not socialists! This isn’t fucking Soviet Canada we are talking about!

  3. Should read:Oregon State police and FBI were charged Thursday with six federal felonies: conspiracy, use of deadly weapon, obstruction of justice and extortion.Oh and don’t forget Murder of LaVoy Finnicum.So we are letting the criminals charge and indict these men who are guilty of what? Sorry but its like watching a fantasy movie or a bad dream.

  4. This is horrible. I heard Blaine Cooper was arrested also.. Not to be a wus but I’m getting scared. Scared for everyone and I am starting to believe this is what the administration wants so people revolt in masses and then martial law is called. I always laughed at that but now it is starting to almost feel true.

    It feels like they are terrorizing us. While I do not agree how they went into the refuge, I still support the message for their right to protest and freedom of speech. I do not feel they should be locked in solitary for expressing their right to protest. They did noting violent. It feels like America just abandoned both. I am glad the last 4 left peacefully. I am scared for the Oath Keepers and others hat were involved in Bundy as it seems the feds are holding a major grudge of being defeated.

    I just can’t believe they put 70+ yr old hard working men in lockup for expressing their 1st Amendment. Men who worked hard all their lives, ranching, raising families, paying their taxes living the American dream, then along comes the monster to take it all away. How pathetic our Country has become.

    There are so many repulsive rude vile people out there and they are in droves. The evil that spews from peoples mouths is just cruel and makes you want to vomit.

    Stay safe everyone. I am sorry this is happening.

  5. I’m sure there are more arrests coming. Anyone they can ID as being at the refuge is probably on a round up list. Welcome to USSAmerika.

  6. @ Jason or Alias, I hope you guys post my comment and link to shtfplan soon. I believe that Stuart maybe in danger

    1. ‘Tis posted. Thanks! I’ve not had time to read it yet, but I usually respect anything published at their site, so will take it on faith that the article is valid info. After I check it, if I change my mind, I’ll update here.

      Elias Alias, editor

  7. Cliven Bundy is being ridiculed on social media and various media outlets because he requested a court appointed attorney.
    Most of these protestors believe they do not have a dog in the hunt and make their appearance to openly ridicule a man and a cause they have absolutely no understanding regarding.
    Cliven Bundy most likely petitioned for a court appointed attorney because he believes he is being unjustly charged. The government has at its disposal unlimited public funds to prosecute whomever they desire when deemed necessary. Folks such as you and I have limited funds, easily exhausted, and may result in our destruction. The government may roll over who ever it chooses.
    A lot of folks here do not even know where Burns is without looking at a map. They have no knowledge of the high desert of Oregon whatsoever except when driving through to Las Vegas, and even then will be far removed from Burns and the Malheur Refuge.
    Many of you are vile and profane. At the least you are trolls, and at the most uninformed people who believe they
    have a soap box..
    David Ward most likely will not seek re-election because he did not perform as Harney County’s most superior law enforcement officer. He violated his oath !
    If he does seek re-election, he will be defeated because he is not to be trusted.
    Ward is responsible for the death of a kind and intelligent man. LaVoy Finicum was ambushed and murdered all the while seeking to peacefully inform the citizens of not only Harney County, but Grant County and the citizens of surrounding areas of violations of trust that never should have been allowed to come to fruition in The United States of America.
    His desire was to communicate with Sheriff Palmer on the day of his death and was only prevented from doing so by a standing army of an out of control militaristic organisation of law enforcement personnel.
    Not once did anyone associated with the occupiers ever threaten anyone with a firearm ! Never !
    Persons could have come and gone to the refuge in perfect safety except for the threatening posture of law enforcement who not only would but did point guns at the citizens of Harney County.
    Mark my words, there is at least one law enforcement officer who knows the corrupt and evil work that was performed on that desolate and disturbingly isolated highway and he will come forward.
    Finicum’s death was a cruel violation of the confidence we are to have in those to whom we look to for our securing life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  8. I spent two days in Burns. I went to the site of the ambush, and I went to the Court House in Burns, and viewed all that was taking place there. It was an overwhelming presence of fear and compulsion to submit to God knows what. FBI presence was everywhere, and the tensions among citizens was palpable.
    I know that I was particularly an item of interest for my Colorado plates.
    I also know that there is no such thing as privacy anymore. Everything in my mailbox to be found in the inbox just disappeared overnight. I came out the following day from using it and it was all gone. In all my years on the computer, never has this happened.
    Mind you, I really don’t care much about that though I believe the increasing wickedness that is occuring more and more with each passing day should serve as a warning to those of us with children and grandchildren.
    I shall never be convinced otherwise that LaVoy Finicum was not outrageously murdered.
    I resist the term militants because it does not correctly identify the spirit of the men who were seeking their grievances be heard.
    If officer friendly may wear a sidearm and possess long guns, why should any other citizen be thought any less trustworthy to possess either or both?
    I do believe events are being shaped up to allow martial law to be imposed and then the same evil that the Armenians of Turkey endured prior to 1895 and up to 1915 is to be worked here.
    “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?”
    There is One who knows:
    ” He revealeth the deep and secret things : he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.” Daniel 2:22

    1. Perhaps we are going about this the wrong way. I am a fairly new Christian and I am 100% behind the efforts of all involved in this attempt to educate and push back against a clearly corrupt, tyrannical government however I also think those of us that know history and know how big this monster has grown are aware of the bleak situation we find ourselves in. I am well aware that this nation has been more than willing to murder its own citizens in cold blood for several decades and has done so. The only difference today is they have grown much bolder and they will now do on camera. I believe they shot Lavoy for no other reason than to scare anyone else thinking of standing up to go cower in their homes. I know that none of the men sitting in prison broke any laws and all the charges are a farce. What should we do about it? I honestly don’t know at this point however I do believe the answer is not protests or letters to Congress. It is to continue to shine the light of truth for all to see for one thing.

      The government will at some point cross a line and once all the people realize that this monster has no loyalty to anyone, especially any of us that should do the trick. One would think even the most moronic government cheerleader would look at Flint MI and know that those government officials chose to poison it’s own citizens regardless of political affiliation, color of skin, sexual preference or anything else. I am now hearing of radiation leaking in or around NY? Absolutely would not surprise me one bit. I look at how this government has blatantly lied about the economic situation leaving millions of Americans wide open to complete disaster by being totally unprepared for any kind of break in the system. As much as these criminals want to place blame on everyone and anyone but themselves I really don’t think they are going to pull it off this time around.

      First of all we will never overcome the evil now in control without the Lord. This is a spiritual war. I listened to an excellent teaching a while back and think I will listen to it again. The biblical teaching was called Invisible Nation and was led by Dr. Danny Morano who has a weekly radio show called ‘Let’s Talk, God is Not Religious’ It’s several hours long but it does give us a different perspective to look at what is taking place in America and what we as Christians should be doing during this time. If you believe the bible and I do, then we know how this is going to unfold in these end times. We know the war has already been won regardless of what happens on this earth.

      All this, as much as we love it and want to save it, is not the real prize. It’s what comes after that matters. I sure pray all the people involved in this movement really take the time to make sure their lives are right with the Lord because I don’t want anyone to be disappointed or shocked when we step into that next life and find they are not right with God. It’s too important to not remind everyone. This above all else should be number one on the list for all Christians. Let these wicked people destroy themselves and just make sure we don’t go down with them. Jesus warns us to “Let no man deceive you”, that the gate is narrow and that His people perish for lack of knowledge. I see a lot of prayer and talk about God but I really wonder how many read that bible?

      God Bless those in Christ and especially those that are not.

  9. Now that takes the cake, those actually conspiring and extorting the American people bringing these false charges against those wanting to shine a light on the same crimes being perpetrated by ‘wannabe gangstas’. It seems the monster is boxed in and coming unhinged…hold on tight folks.

  10. If you point guns at cops, or get others to do so, it is illegal. You should also expect cops to really hate that and arrest you at some point. If you want to overthrow the government, and fail, you should expect to hang. Thankfully, the Feds have been showing much restraint.

    1. Cliven Bundy never pointed a gun at any law enforcement officer. Get that straight please.
      Cliven Bundy has never tried to overthrow the government. Get that straight also, please.
      You are in over your head. What you may benefit from knowing is that many people now working inside government offices have already overthrown the government by acting outside the mandated limits of our government according to its founding legal charter. The people who want to overthrow the government are, themselves, working inside the government. Once you can see that, you’ll be well on the road to a better understanding of what we’re talking about here.
      Additionally, you should really understand that at the Bundy Ranch in April of 2014, the BLM agents, all dressed out in combat gear, pointed their guns at the Bundy family. That is on the record. It was after the idiot thugs who work for the BLM pointed their guns at Cliven Bundy’s children, in their own damned yards, that the militia-men showed up to protect the Bundy family.
      You have to keep your facts straight. But I’m sure you can learn the truth, no matter how much propaganda the media has poisoned you with already.


      1. Well stated Elias. In these times, people need to really strive to know the facts and be on guard for spin. I also wonder if the “apparent” lack of support for the refuge occupation has emboldened the federal players. They couldn’t leave well enough alone with killing a patriot and arresting multiple aggrieved citizens. They had to push the Nevada thing. They won,t be satisfied until a tragedy ensues and a lot of innocent people get hurt, as has happened in the past. Man, I pray it doesn’t happen like that again. It is really instructive however to see how these things unfold, and who is really at fault.

      2. Elias, I couldn’t have said it better myself! Here, here!!

        I have a couple suggestions for those who are feeling overwhelmed by recent deceits- I mean ‘developments:

        First, is this read your Constitutions again. There is a calming effect (at least for me) in reading. And when you read your Founding Document more than once, you make connections of relevance that you may have missed before. Example; read Art IV, Sec 4. This is a real gem I just discovered recently. Even though it’s buried in the middle; I feel it may the single most important clause contained therein, after the Supremacy clause. After you read it, look up the definition of Republican Government, to really understand the meaning and power of art IV sec 4.

        Second, Do something to connect with and educate someone who is not in the ‘choir’. Strike a friendly conversation with someone at work, or in the store. Have a topic ready, or even a flyer to give them. We spend a whole lot of time preaching to the choir, which has very limited use.

        Third, resist with terrible ferocity the urge to put your faith of a lone ranger hero in any one office of government. TPTB will, and do, use separation of powers doctrine when it pleases them. There is no one office- not even the President- that can turn the tide. Also resist the temptation to call gov ‘the monster’ or ‘Leviathan’. This creates two very dangerous misconceptions; that there is one entity, which can be singularly defeated. And that the singular creature is of one mind. gov is NOT an entity, it is the consolidation of administrative offices. seated by flesh and blood people. That is important to remember. There is no hive mind, no singular drive toward one goal. Remember that and do not deny those people their Humanity. That is unconstitutional. We have to educate WHILE we are preparing our minds, bodies, and gun safes. For the Republic!!

    2. “If you want to overthrow the government, and fail, you should expect to hang.”

      I agree.

      The problem is you are confusing the people who serve within our government with actually being the “government” they are not. They are just people who were placed into positions within our government – elected, hired, contracted, etc – to carry out specific duties that are in writing; it is the “contract” that they are under.

      “… the Feds have been showing much restraint.”

      No, the actions that they have been committing are at the very least actions of Domestic Enemies, quite often treasonous in nature, and add to that *Terrorism, all against the American people who quite literally are their bosses, the people who delegated the authority they are allowed to use.

      It is time that you either stop assisting in the destruction of America as that is a crime that carries heavy penalties. Learn the truth by reading the US Constitution, as it IS in writing, and then assist in the LAWFUL replacement of all who serve/served within our governments that have broken their Oaths, particularly those who have committed *Terrorism and Treason” against the American people.

      If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths?

      Chief Tecumseh: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

  11. We can all see the government of men for what they really are. These corrupt, criminal malfeasances claim the objective of their actions is for the benefit of all and our safety, but in reality, they do it for evil and to garner a spoil. The pillage and plunder continues, but so many are too blind to see it. “Many in the world distort, disregard and disguise the truth and replace it with their own words, a lie. And the people who have rejected the truth will happily accept it.”
    We sent the invitation, opened the door, shook hands and invited evil in. It is residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Yes, this is what this country has done and the virus has spread throughout the nation. The leadership was bad in years past, but unfortunately over time, we have disintegrated into the abyss. Yes, it’s true, we are but frogs in slow boiling water, being programmed and dumbed down over time. We as a society have put the utmost effort for the individual to gain a vast amount of knowledge, but along the way, we have strayed away from God and with that; wisdom and common sense has left us. We claim that we are so smart and intelligent, but in reality, we are but fools. This country is truly under judgment and we will all feel the effects of a corrupted nation, the just and the unjust alike. If you cling to the things of the world you will surely fall with it.

    1. Hit your link and found that SHTFplan posted someone else’s article. Went to the original and found no proof. Sources who wish to remain anonymous need to at least furnish documents validating their claims, yes? No hard proof in the original article. I need hard facts, not “someone who wishes to remain anonymous said“. Heck, even the editor for SHTFplan himself says in the first paragraph of his intro to that article — “If this is true…

      Having said that, I’d like to toss a bit of common sense in here anyway. I don’t know about others here, but I’ve been with Oath Keepers right from the start back in March of 2009. I am under no delusion which would have me think that I’m not on many government “lists”. The only list I ain’t on is the danged SPLC’s top thirty list of extremists, an honor I’m hoping to achieve before I die, lol. The government does keep lists on dissenters, as we learned when COINTELPRO was investigated by the Congress. And they’re much more dirty than just keeping lists, unfortunately. Everyone who believes in the Constitution as being the highest law of the land is now in the crosshairs of this insane federal beast. I spoke at the Bundy Ranch in April of 2014. I’d be a fool to think they overlooked me, when they were recording license plates and taking photos of everyone there as well as monitoring all social media and comment threads across the Internet during that event to pinpoint the “troublemakers” who would dare defy the BLM by coming to the Bundy family’s aid after the damned-by-God BLM pointed rifles at the family.

      So I’m on their list. Many Americans are now on their list. I live with it, and recommend everyone admit that it is what our dearly beloved government does these days, and keep on being free anyway. Ever hear of “Main Core”?

      Elias Alias, editor

      1. I am out of the loop on that info. Read that article yesterday when it came out, and must confess that I do not know anything about it. What do you make of it, eh? 😉

        Elias Alias, editor

      2. I really don’t know any more than what I read in the article. Jason is very responsible. Let’s wait and see what he comes up with.

  12. I read the criminal complaint against Cliven Bundy and have a few observations. Everything I’ve written is to the best of my understanding and recollection.

    The complaint says that the United States has owned the land since it was acquired from Mexico in a treaty in 1848. Well that land should have been transferred to Nevada when it became a state in 1864. Also, Bundy has grazing rights and water rights which permit him use of that “public land.” He and the other 53 ranchers who used to be in business in Clark County have rights stretching back well over 100 years. Their families settled the area in the late 1870s.

    The problem began when the BLM kept restricting the ranchers’ access to the land under the guise of protecting the desert tortoise and kept reducing the number of cattle the ranchers were allowed to graze on the land, till the herd was so small they could not stay in business. Then the BLM made low-ball offers to buy them out.

    The fees the BLM collects are supposed to be put into a fund to be used for improvements on the land, overseen by a board comprised of a few area ranchers. But the BLM stopped doing any improvements on the land and instead began using those fees to buy out the ranchers. The BLM stopped using the money as it was intended.

    Bundy Ranch is the last ranch remaining in Clark County. There is no longer a board of area ranchers to decide what improvements to do and how to distribute the funds; there’s only Cliven Bundy. So why does Mr. Bundy need to pay money into a fund to improve the land when he’s the only rancher there? Mr. Bundy can do and pay for the work himself and doesn’t need to go through the BLM.

    The over $1 million fees the BLM claims to be owed is an exaggeration. Cliven Bundy calculates the actual grazing fees at around $350,000. The BLM added on substantial fines and interest to reach that $1 million figure.

    BLM Snipers
    Funny how the complaint claims Cliven Bundy and his “co-conspirators” lied about the BLM snipers aiming rifles at the children and the women on Bundy Ranch to lure supporters there. Well I remember seeing the pictures in the news with my own eyes! THAT is what got people to go to Bundy Ranch. People went to prevent a “Waco” of an entire family! Images of snipers pointing rifles at innocent little children and unarmed women shocked people around the country. This should not happen in America.

    Trying to prevent a Waco of the Bundy family, an elected official said she wanted a large group of unarmed people to be a buffer between the BLM and the Bundys. The BLM would have had to shoot through hundreds of people to get to the Bundys. And hundreds more would be witnesses. So people went there to save the lives of an American family. The sheriff refused to do his job and protect the Bundys. So ordinary people, including grandmas, put their lives on the line. The BLM snipers, from a hill across a 2-lane road (SO close!), aimed rifles at supporters at the Rally Area.

    The complaint mentions that a BLM agent contacted Ryan Bundy to talk with him about the planned cattle impoundment operation. Ryan Bundy talked about this in an interview given sometime after the cows were returned and the BLM left. Ryan Bundy said that this BLM agent told him, “You know, this could turn into another Waco.” Imagine that! So the murder of the entire Bundy family was a very real possibility and was on the minds of the BLM. Cliven Bundy has every right to protect his family.

    The federal government should have placed a lien on Bundy Ranch to collect the debt. According to Judge Andrew Napolitano, this is what is done in these situations; it’s handled through the courts with a lien on the property, not by using physical force, not by sending in an army.

    Court Orders
    The 2 court orders gave the government permission to impound the cattle and sell them to pay Bundy Ranch’s debt. That is all. The court order did NOT give the BLM the authority to destroy irrigation systems. Yet the BLM removed irrigation pipes and cut holes in large water storage containers. So the BLM agents and their hired help went beyond what the court order permitted. Irrigation pipes are what was in the large dump truck that Ammon Bundy and his Aunt Margaret and a few others tried to look into when they were attacked by the BLM agents on the road.

    The round-up operation, done during the calving season and during hot weather, was cruel and abusive to the animals. Pregnant cows were run to death by the helicopter, and some cows died from heat exhaustion in the 90-degree heat. Then the BLM buried them in their compound to hide their crime.

    Calves were separated from their mothers and hid under bushes, where they became dehydrated and died. There is video of cows looking for their babies. These gentle animals were terrorized. One newborn calf was found dead in the BLM pen in which it was born, because the cows were all crowded in so much that the poor little thing was stepped on and killed.

    The court order did NOT give the BLM permission to kill the animals. Yet the BLM shot and killed 2 bulls. One bull was shot to death while in the small BLM pen, with no signs that the pen was bent or damaged, meaning the bull was not being threatening or trying to escape. It was shot dead while caged. The other bull was shot 5 times from a helicopter. Was this “sport” for these BLM agents? Their mistreatment of these cows and bulls is disgusting. This is documented with photos and videos.

    Plus, why kill two $2000 bulls when the BLM is supposed to be rounding up the animals to sell them to pay the debt? The inhumane round up of the cows caused many deaths of animals valued at $1000 each.

    Final notes
    Parts of this criminal complaint runs contrary to the facts of the Bundy Ranch situation. The BLM did not follow the limitations of the court order, and exceeded their authority granted to them by the court. They were only permitted to impound the cattle for sale. In all their other actions, including killing animals and destruction of irrigation systems, the BLM was operating outside their authority. The BLM showed up as an army and descended on Bundy Ranch prepared to “Waco” the entire family.

    Maybe the federal prosecutors should look at the news stories and photos and videos and refresh their memories of what actually took place before proceeding with this criminal complaint. It’s still vivid in OUR minds. I’d like to see the jurors’ reactions to viewing pictures of snipers aiming rifles at children and the cows run to death and the shot up bulls and the calves left motherless, not getting nourishment. The defense has an abundance of evidence to objectively show the BLM’s tactics and results. Plus there’s the BLM mindset revealed in that phone call to Ryan Bundy that a BLM agent himself said it could turn into another Waco.

    One more thing. The Bundys don’t have bodyguards to protect themselves from “federal law enforcement actions” as the complaint states, but because they are receiving Death Threats! Back in 2014 sick people were phoning them and threatening to kill them. They need bodyguards to protect the family from these disturbed violent people who wish them harm. We all read the vile comments online. The death threats are real. So this poor ranching family needs bodyguards to protect their lives.

  13. if I can get it again I know when Pete had his hearing as to if he was going to be released, or not. I seen a court transcript from that, and towards the bottom it had one of our pages from here, Just after Ammon took control of the Refuge. My comments were on that thing along with several others. I’m thinking the user Id’s they had highlighted on that page were the ones they were going after so…. Yeah I believe if your on that list you better look out, or get others to step up with you.

  14. I’m sick of the media claiming that people that are trying to stop our completely out of control government from over reaching and their illegal infringement of our rights, are ‘anti -government.’ Well they are ‘anti-citizen.’ They don’t have any business taking private land by force, arresting people for victimless crimes, terrorizing innocent people, and these federal agencies really don’t have the right to exist. This website: explains that are two systems of law. It’s written by a judge. It is a must see to at least evaluate and consider.

  15. A must read for every American- pull up the Lufkin case in Texas.Established feds have no jurisdiction in ANY court i n the states/union.and more..

  16. Yes, without a doubt the Feds will “round up” Oathkeeper’s that participated in the 2014 Standoff.. But how far will the Feds go? Will they also arrest material and financial supporters or even people that posted favorable comments on social media? The Feds are going to send a message about civil disobedience. Freedom is being threatened daily.

    1. Wrong. In this case, the “Law” broke the law. The Constitution trumps statute and code any day of the week. The “Law” you think he broke is not legitimate as law because it is not pursuant to the Constitution. See it any way you wish, but there is a lawful, Constitutional way to see it the way I see it. So I’ll just suggest to you that you think on it.
      Thanks for reading at Oath Keepers.

      Elias Alias, editor

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