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Breaking: Cliven Bundy Arrested In Oregon

-Breaking – This is the first report. We will update as more details arrive.


Cliven Bundy Photo OregonLive dot com
Cliven Bundy Photo OregonLive dot com

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy arrested by FBI in Portland

February 10 2016

Original article at OregonLive < Here >

Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who touched off one armed showdown with federal authorities and applauded another started in Oregon by his sons, was arrested late Wednesday at Portland International Airport and faces federal charges related to the 2014 standoff at his ranch.

Bundy, 74, was booked into the downtown Multnomah County jail at 10:54 p.m.

He faces a conspiracy charge to interfere with a federal officer — the same charge lodged against two of his sons, Ammon and Ryan, for their role in the Jan. 2 takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns. He also faces weapons charges.

The Bundy Ranch Facebook page reported Cliven Bundy was surrounded by SWAT officers and detained after his arrival from Nevada.

The Bundy patriarch had traveled to Portland with plans to go on to Burns, where four occupiers had been the remaining holdouts of the refuge occupation.

Bundy has been under federal scrutiny since his ranch standoff with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. He has not paid grazing fees on federal land and he owes the agency $1 million in unpaid fees and penalties. He and militia supporters confronted federal agents who had impounded Bundy’s cattle that were found on federal property.


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Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net


  1. I just went to Fox News to look at current news events and they have a Breaking News banner and a story about Cliven Bundy’s arrest! I don’t believe it! They say charges are related to the 2014 Bundy Ranch standoff? Why arrest him when he stepped off the plane in Portland? They could have arrested him anytime in Bunkerville. I don’t understand, very confusing what’s happening. I’m looking to Oath Keepers leadership to let us know what’s going on, because you all can understand the situation better than anyone and can explain it to us “civilians.” All I can do is pray. Mr. and Mrs. Bundy are good kind-hearted people, and elderly too. They’re putting an elderly man in prison? I’m praying for the entire Bundy family. Please Dear God, help the Bundys. And God Bless America. This is a sad chapter in our nation’s history.

    1. I believe they arrested him to stop him from possibly going to the refuge, along with armed militia. Here is what was posted on the Bundy Ranch Facebook page, and also emailed out by his wife:


      IT’S TIME!!!!!


      That is likely why they chose to arrest him now, rather than wait till after the final four at the refuge surrendered in the morning. Prior to this, he had gone against Ammon’s call for everyone to leave the refuge and stand down, and let him fight it in the couts. Clievne had told the final four to stay at the refuge, and had said he, Cliven, was now in charge, not his son. He also said that they were not going to let the feds have the refuge.

      Given all of that, I bet the feds were worried he would try to get into the refuge, with armed men.


      1. If you or any of your wanna be patriots were real and had any balls you would stand up take part and do what you said you would….

        Your disgusting patriots lost faith in you…. Typical arm chair keyboard patriot..

      2. Yes it has been pretty obvious for awhile that a time will never come when everyone stands together. Partly because not everyone values the same constitutional protections equally.

        Some believe “when they come for our guns” the outrage will be such that everyone will stand. But in my opinion, the second amendment was wasted by not using it to protect all other liberties. Once we have lost everything else we will have also lost the will to fight. I mean, what will you say when the gun grabbers ask what it is you have to defend?

        I am bothered most about OK’s lack of some code (military people should understand this) to not speak badly about people in harms way. It is my opinion several of the patriots here only diminished the movement and the position at the refuge.
        The people moving ARE the movement. Talk is cheap.

        Not On Our Watch – as long as we agree with your course of action.
        Honor Your Oath – at your own risk.
        Defend The Constitution – alone.
        If they were in a county with a constitutional sheriff… and all the millions without one be damned.

        I was not there, but then, I was not pointing out faulty planning and leading by discouraging people from helping. I did not say we will not participate first and then chastise others for not showing up later.

        Sorry folks, but if you want to criticize others you better at least face your own faults. I have, and I am ashamed of us all. The feds have reason not to fear we the people.

      3. What I think you are missing is there is actually a lawful (Constitutional) way to resist the govt with arms. Just like there is in fact, improper political speech that can and should get one arrested, there is a (un)lawful way to resist govt tyranny (and sorry, if you don’t do it with ‘arms’ as specified in the 2nd.Amend, then you’ll JUST be run over by the govt you have been trying to influence with Speech). Citizens most certainly have the right to political speech and public display of arms, both for the purpose of resisting govt ‘overreach’. BUT… only an ELECTED official has the proper Constitutional authority to actually make a stand against County, State or Federal govt. It’s also worth mentioning that very few ppl in govt know this principle of: the elected trumps the hired / appointed EVERY TIME. This is WHY there is no ELECTED law-enforcement official beyond the COUNTY. All local police, all state police, all federal agents are HIRED HANDS to DO THE WILL OF THEIR paymasters. ONLY the ELECTED SHERIFF can exert supreme constitutional law-enforcement authority, and, only within the bounds of his/her county. Gosh if only more of us knew and understood the constitutional republic we were given…

      4. Cliven was busted at the airport because the feds knew he would be unarmed with no security folks escorting him from the airport to the refuge (gun-free zone). The cowards won’t face us toe to toe because some of them will die if they try. Cluck, Cluck, Cluck!!!

        Secondly, like Stewart Rhodes mentioned in a previous writing, these thugs will detain and/or arrest the leadership (or murder) to help thwart any resistance to the freedom movement…no warrant, no cause, and so forth. FBI-mission accomplished.

        I don’t know what Cliven was thinking what good he was to accomplish in Oregon. We need to pick the times and places in order to protect our leadership from the latest federal tactics. One way is to make logical, intelligent and wise decisions. You need to have a well defined end-state and that the advantages out weigh the disadvantages to a great degree.

        SunTzu and the Art of War….pick the manner in which you will approach and make contact with the enemy at “your” advantage–not theirs.

        Secure Commo and Information Warfare are needed to help accomplish this.

        We need secure private encrypted communications (emails with attachments):
        1. We are using the free Mozilla Thunderbird email service browser with the free Enigmail two-way encryption software (encrypted at 256 bits…essentially impossible to decode). The software is a pain to implement but once done, easy to use (you have to refresh your “keys” every year or so). The NSA cannot, I say again, cannot decode these messages in a hundred years. We are currently successfully experimenting with our smart phones and encrypting our emails–can’t do text messages at this time that I know of. Can the NSA and other federal/state agencies intercept these messages? Yes, but they can’t decode them without the “key” which is also encoded. By the time they are able to decode them, we will all be dead.

        Note: Corporations and small businesses have been using private encryption for years.

        2. –or– the use of Ham Radio 2-meter band handhelds (and base stations) for short range commo and several other bands for long range cross-country and global communications. All an operator needs to transmit is a Technical License–written exam only…no coding test is required these days. No license is required to listen only. Ham radio messages and commo can be encrypted also.

        Note: There are hundreds of thousands of patriotic Ham operators just in the United States alone and hundreds of Ham Radio clubs throughout the country.

        –or– the new personal civilian radio handhelds that require no licensing (and base station radios). All free communications but not secure. The radio is the only cost involved.

        CELL PHONES ARE NOT, I REPEAT, NOT A SECURE FORM OF COMMUNICATIONS! Cell phones are the last resort in an emergency only, period.

        3. Information Warfare (IW): The term Information Warfare is primarily a US Military concept involving the use and management of information and communications technology (TV and Internet as examples) in pursuit of a competitive advantage over an opponent. Information warfare may involve collection of tactical information, assurances that one’s own information is valid, spreading of propaganda or disinformation to demoralize or manipulate the FBI, other federal agencies and the public, undermining the quality of opposing force information and denial of information-collection opportunities to opposing forces. Information Warfare is closely linked to psychological warfare. IW is not restricted to technology alone. Our current White House and administration, the FBI and Hitler all used propaganda and misinformation very effectively. Example–leak false information and/or data to the news media. The drive-by media loves to print/report uninformed news on all sides.

      5. Thank you very much for the explanation, Mr. Rhodes. I’m just an older lady who is feeling fearful for the Bundys as well as for our country. And this arrest of Mr. Bundy coming right on top of the killing of that wonderful man LaVoy Finicum. Now I’ll pray for Carol Bundy along with Jeanette Finicum, 2 strong lovely ladies who raised fine children. I hope the remaining 4 at the refuge will leave peacefully. Michele Fiore is such a brave woman to volunteer to go there and escort them out. God bless her! This whole Malheur occupation was so ill-advised. I like the Bundys, they’re good religious people, and I support the ranchers who are being harmed by the federal government agencies, but I never really understood the take-over of the Malheur Refuge. I wish that Ammon Bundy had consulted with you first Mr. Rhodes. Things would have no doubt turned out better. God bless you, Sir, and all the Oath Keepers. I’ll keep praying for everyone.

      6. I want to totally support your thoughts and prayers. I too wish that calm guidance from Oathkeepers had directed the Malheur situation. Sending prayers and hopes that we can work together with a common mission, the only way to move forward. I agree with another comment that this situation has really cost us in credibility.

      7. If they had not “taken over” that place, nobody would have heard about their grievances.Even by doing that, thanks to the mainstream media there is a vast majority who still does not have a clue about what really happens in the country.This is a huge blow to the patriots which it seems like the establishment strategy is to pick them up one by one.It will never be the “right time”…

    2. Classic error. The airport is federal jurisdiction with a waepons screen. They could take him with minimal risk of him being armed. Duh

  2. You know, don’t take this wrong but, wake up boys, it just might be time to take your diapers off. Lavoy Finicum knew there is a price to pay for Freedom. What he did, is exactly what needs to be done except with multitudes of people, …… masses and waves of people, this is called sacrafice. Some people know when their time comes and what needs to be done when they are called, even to their end here on earth. Maybe Finicum did too, as a lesson to us all. To achieve real Freedom in this country again, we all will have to individually decide, just how much we are actually willing to pay it.
    Freedom is not free, and almost always, …… will cost you everything that you have.

    1. You are exactly right. But the response will be “Let’s wait on the facts”….until the time for action has passed

    2. Don’t let me stop you…saddle up. Go pay for the sacrifice you have signed up for to live up to the commitment you just made. You sound like someone who is all action and no talk, so act as you plan to and I’m sure we will all follow. No doubt that you will follow through, not back down by just typing your plan, and we will all celebrate the news reports of your heroic actions!

      1. Why are you here, 11bCib? On this site, specifically? The original comment was a bit theatrical, but the point should not be ignored. If the answer to a call to action is to never consider, just mock, then one of us is in the wrong place.

        Frankly, it is easy to be of the opinion that the Oath Keepers left those guys out there to swing in the breeze, true or not. If I was a member, I would expect to take some flak. You have to feel a bit off on some level, don’t you? Something not quite right about it all? I’m not a member and hell, I still feel a bit guilty about sitting on my couch watching it all.

      2. As a combat veteran that took an oath and plan to keep it…I believe Oathkeepers is exactly the right place for me, by definition. I can’t speak for you, so I won’t. If you feel you are in the wrong place, don’t let me stop you.

        Now I am not a member, do not agree with the Oregon occupation, but the well thought out actions of Oathkeepers are beginning to align with my thought process. With that said, someone criticizing others for not acting must be in the process of doing what they ask others to do or they would look pretty silly, right? Is that me mocking them or them mocking themselves by not doing what any reasonable person would assume they are…following their own words of action. Why would I not assume they are doing what they say they are? I don’t understand. Should I expect them to do the opposite?

        Obvious point being, no one is stopping you from acting on your guilt and putting a gun to an LEOs head, or anyone else who is threatening i to do the same. But someone should probably stop people sitting on a couch convincing other to act on their behalf. If you don’t agree with Oathkeepers, don’t join. If you want to fight, fight. If you want to be a keyboard warrior, rock out. Do what you think is right. But at least be genuine about it. I am here to give my opinion which can be respected as a wounded warrior or dismissed as someone who has nothing valuable to share, really up to the moderator. My opinion..too many chickenhawks, something the grunts learn to fear and hate. Why are you here, Blue Falcon?

    3. Now that you both have undoubtedly left your jobs and your family to take action by the time I am writing this, I have but one question to ask. Where did you work before you quit today? I know some good vets that need a job.

      Please let me know once you have a chance to stop on your way to Oregon and get online. I am so happy there are patriots like you out there who will step away from the keyboard and sacrifice it all for what you believe at a moment’s notice. Please keep us updated from the front lines which I assume you will be at no later than tomorrow. I know it will be hard for you to stay connected while fighting a mission with zero chance of survival, but please do your best.

      See you in the funny papers, we are here to cheer you on, and evaluate a bit more before we take action. But like I said, by all means don’t let me stop you from acting on your strong convictions that insure you are not just encouraging young men to their certain death, but leading from the front. Thank you in advance for the videos you are sure to share of your coming sacrifice.

      1. Wow, a little wound up are we. Are you getting a lot slack from people around you that you feel the need to vent? Go ahead just let all that negativity out, then maybe you will feel better. You know you are probably right though. If the young men aren’t up to the task maybe all of us 60, 70 and 80 year olds should get out of our walkers and wheelchairs and head on out. I know, you probably didn’t like the first line about the diapers, but oh well, that’s the way it goes.
        I’m sure you won’t like this either but I found some great information from Bloomberg Business that you might find quite interesting pertaining to my previous comment.
        Check it out, if this website will post the link.

      2. I would also like to consider the irony of your statement. The reason the occupiers thought the American people, oathkeepers, PPN, etc would stand with them is because, like you, they were told real action would follow. Very few showed up. Who left them out to dry?

        Every single person that said they would fight for the cause, but did not live up their words, like you. I give no words, because this is not my cause. When I do they will be accompanied by action. That is when you will know the young men stood up while you laid down. Maybe they will inspire or even shame you into joining them, but let’s be honest, you do not share my value system or those of a true soldier.

        You heard the call as it was put out multiple times…”Follow me!” echoed through the ranks of patriots. Then David looked behind him and realized he was alone. You just watched, criticised, gave Stewart advise from a position of ignorance, while he did the work you are unwilling to do. Wound up, no. Heartbroken at the fragility of of the American “man’s” commitment, probably. You make me sad.

      3. Hey 11bCib, it’s good to hear from you.
        Are you feeling much better now? Well, probably not just yet. I figure it will probably take a couple more posts before you finally get the majority of this guilt and anger out of your system. No problem, I’m here. You must be feeling a lot of criticism and or repercussions from those around you for what you think or perceived you should have done. It’s kind of showing itself. My point is, if one signs up to be a fireman, you had better be prepared to go put some fires out, even the really, really bad ones.
        I believe when a militia showed up at the Refuge early on, they were told by the group leaders there, that they did not need their services. I think everyone there at the Refuge should’ve taken notice, at that point in time, that back up or help might not be available in the future. Would I follow that David guy? Well, most likely not. When he started ranting about marijuana and pot or the lack thereof he lost me, and I believe he lost many others too. I still pray for all of them earnestly though.
        You probably couldn’t quite understand or comprehend what my first post meant exactly. It was about LaVoy Finicum in the sacrifice that he made. Did he die in vain? Absolutely not. His death brought life, in some ways the same as Jesus. Many eyes were opened up at that time, as well as mine. Militias are good and people having guns and weapons are good too, but do I think they have a chance in defeating the government of men, at this point in time? They may try, but I believe it will be very ineffective because they are far too powerful. The militias and the people are too divided, in some ways, just like all the Churches even though they all basically believe that Jesus is the Christ the son of the living God. I believe what will defeat the government of men will be the mighty hand of God, not the weapons and armor of mortal men. In the near future, the government of men shall be drastically weakened by financial crisis, natural disasters, social unrest and turmoil within; so much so that they will lose their power and their grip to control the people. It will probably be at that point in time that good people and the people of God will rise up to take their chosen positions, but God shall be in complete control through it all.
        Yes you are correct, we must choose our battles wisely and if you need backup make sure they are available when you need them. Are the militias good? Absolutely yes! Even if they don’t do anything particular, their presence somewhat keeps the powers at be in check. Just knowing that they’re there causes the government of men to be, somewhat cautious in their approach. Unfortunately, through this situation they most likely feel they have the upper hand, but then again, this is only one battle. Eyes have been opened and the people’s hearts have been awakened. Yes, this is the good that’s come out of this even through the tragic death of LaVoy Finicum. A little lightheartedness even when things look dark and desperate isn’t a bad thing. Don’t worry about the criticism and chastisement of other people. Just keep your eyes on God and follow the ways of Truth because evil will be destroyed and Truth and Justice shall prevail in the end.

    4. The biggest problem patriots face is that the public at large do not support them.

      The laugh at Finicum’s death.

      They ridicule the people who want to live according to the Constitution.

      And when freedom fighters do not have this support they will not win as you must be able to blend in.

      One hundred million unemployed, forty million on food stamps with one million to be taken away. and yet the population is that dumbed down that they think things will be better with Hillary or Donald.

      Just a thought.

  3. From the COWS Facebook page:

    Coalition of Western States – COWS
    (2 hours ago)
    Cliven Bundy was just arrested at the Portland Airport. The Coalition questions the wisdom and timing of Cliven’s arrest given the volatile and fragile negotiation process that so far has been successful in securing the entry of a COWS representative to the refuge tomorrow to bring the situation to a peaceful resolution. This just serves to escalate the very fragile situation. We consider it an unwarranted and unnecessarily provocative action.

    Coalition of Western States – COWS
    (4 hours ago)
    Press Release for FBI Siege of Refuge in Harney County, Oregon:

    Coalition of Western States is currently involved in active negotiations with the FBI for the safe release of those wishing to leave the refuge. We currently have COWS members speaking directly with the people in the refuge and with the FBI as well.

    COWS wants to ensure a peaceful resolution to this situation.

    The people within the refuge wish to leave peacefully. However, the previous actions of our government have left the people with a sense of distrust. COWS hopes to be a bridge in this negotiation to restore the trust of the people that a promise of safe passage will be honored.

    Please help us to continue to pray for peaceful resolution.

    1. As I said above, one rationale for arresting Cliven at the airport was to prevent him going to the refuge, after he had put out a public callout for militia to meet him there, and after he had made public statements that he was now in charge of the occupation rather than Ammon (who told the occupiers to go home over a week ago). Cliven told the occupiers to not leave, and said the feds will not get the buildings back. The feds clearly wanted to keep him from the refuge, and ditto for his followers.

      1. Why is no one talking about the bigger picture. That land was sold to Russia. And now we have 3 Bundys in Prison and 8 or 9 other Patriots. The people of Oregon need to clean house and get these Oath brakers out of office and in to a prison cell. This whole mess out there is making me Physically ill.

        I would like to know who has filled this Bunny family with so much hubris to think they could call forth legions of patriots, at a moments notice, in the dead of winter right after the Christmas Holiday when everyone is Broke? Some one is filling their heads with nonsense and it has Cost us all in credibility.

      2. It was Strategic Mineral Rights that Hitlery signed off on. It’s in the Malheur county next door to Harney. They say most specifically the Aurora mine project. Your premise is spot on. They want to turn 2.5 million acres into a “National Monument.” The Hanford Reservation is an example of a National Monument. In other words the government will be taking the proceeds from those mining endeavors. There’s a big stinky fish about to surface, bet on it!
        Here’s the two counties mineral resources.

  4. A message from SSG Maureen Peltier, posted on a III% Facebook page. She made a video to go with this post, but I can’t seem to copy the link, get an error message.
    Maureen Peltier
    (2 hours ago)
    Cliven Bundy has landed in Portland, Or and was surrounded by swat team and arrested on 4 federal counts that stem from Bundy Ranch. Simultaneously Jonathon Skipper Speece (Bundy’s current head security) was with Jason Blomgren (Joker Jay) both were stopped and detained in a Walmart parking lot, Joker J was arrested under unknown charges. Jonathan was question & released. He has returned to Bundy Ranch and is with the Bundy family now.
    ~SSG Moe

  5. Yep, been wondering from the beginning of the Burns, OR episode as to the possible repercussions that were in the offering as to the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. The killing of two birds with one stone has a wide array of meanings, particularly in the conversion of Citizens into Subjects in favor of redistribution of wealth in its many forms, definitions or another. I’m again reminds of a quote, “If you are not at the table, then you are on the table”. And, Authoritarianism is un-satiable until it becomes Absolutism.

    1. I like those quotes. Here’s one for you; “The appeaser is the one who feeds the alligator, expecting to be eaten last.” Winston Churchill

  6. Excuse me but Fuck negotiation with the lying murdering FBI and the trigger happy AT-Level 1 blackwater mercs that killed LaVoy Finicum 4 cash, the bastards . They won’t stop until they kill and imprison as many as it takes to crush the life out of all the patriots movements. You can’t negotiate with soulless murders devils you can only fight them and then fight some more. Mercanaries 4 cash will quit when the odds are no longer in their favor, they will cut and run. Sorry about the cursing but I’m pissed. JM2c

    1. Agreed Metalax. The FBI thugs (contract mercenaries) will continue to chip away at the patriot leadership and imprison them or kill them in an attempt at suppressing the patriot movement. Their command and control comes from the top down–guaranteed. This must be resisted from the grass roots patriots and coordination with our representatives to see even the slightest changes. As time goes on and the killings and murders grow with frequency and intensity, a call to arms and war will be the only way to get our country back to the people. A new smaller government will have to be installed. Just look at the world history in the last 7,000 years. Governments rise and fall with more frequency now. The United states is over due to collapse under its own weight. The average life span for a society/government is 200 to 250 years. The time is close for the collapse and it will not be pretty. Millions will die and/or be injured.

      1. How often have the leadership of the OKs not asked the members to start at the bottom, connect with your community.

        It is not possible to fight a standing battle nor an open guerrilla war as there is no support from the people.

        Three men cell groups would be a better idea as they do not talk and go quietly about their everyday business.

        The MSM covered it up but just over a year ago an electrical substation in LA was destroyed.

        Even with that you have to be careful you do not inconvenience the sheeple too much!

        During the occupation of the Netherlands, which I had the pleasure to live through, the Germans shot 10 males for every Dutch collaborator killed by the Underground and 100 males for every German soldier.

        That put a stop to killing quick smart.

        Only when extremely necessary.

  7. These are the 2 Facebook posts from “Skipper” about what happened tonight in Mesquite, NV when they left Bundy Ranch to get dinner and go to Walmart. He says they were met by FBI agents. Read through all the comments too because “Skipper” gives out additional info in the comments section.
    I hope Mrs. Bundy is holding up OK. She’s such a nice lady, this all must be so hard on her. Saying prayers for Mrs. Bundy.
    By the way, as you can tell, I am not a dues-paying member of Oath Keepers, and I’m an older partially disabled lady, so that’s why I’m signing my name “frightened” because that’s how I feel tonight. Frightened for the Bundy family and for others. Frightened over what’s happening in this country of ours. I’m not a brave strong Oath Keeper military veteran or former police officer, just a frightened older lady praying to God for His help. God bless the Oath Keepers.

  8. These are the 2 news releases from FBI Oregon late yesterday:

    Cliven Bundy Arrested – 02/10/16
    Cliven Bundy was taken into federal custody on the evening of Wednesday, February 10, 2016, in Portland. Further information on the charges is expected to be available on Thursday morning. All media inquiries should be directed to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Las Vegas at (702) xxx-xxxx. (I blocked out their phone number.)
    FBI Surrounds Occupiers at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge – 02/10/16
    At approximately 4:30 pm (Pacific) on Wednesday, February 10, 2016, one of the occupiers rode an ATV outside the barricades established by the militia at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. FBI Agents attempted to approach the driver, and he returned to the encampment at the refuge at a high rate of speed.

    At this time, the FBI has moved to contain the remaining occupiers by placing agents at barricades both immediately ahead of and behind the area where the occupiers are camping. Negotiations between the occupiers and the FBI continue. No shots have been fired.

    “It has never been the FBI’s desire to engage these armed occupiers in any way other than through dialogue, and to that end, the FBI has negotiated with patience and restraint in an effort to resolve the situation peacefully. However, we reached a point where it became necessary to take action in a way that best ensured the safety of those on the refuge, the law enforcement officers who are on scene, and the people of Harney County who live and work in this area,” said Greg Bretzing, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Oregon.

    Wednesday marks day 40 of the occupation of the refuge.

    Further updates will be released as appropriate.

  9. This is the latest post from Franklin Graham on his Facebook page. (Yesterday he said in Atlanta, “If Christians get involved and pray, we can make a difference in this nation.” How true.)

    Franklin Graham
    (2 hours ago)
    I have been talking with the last four holdouts in the #OregonStandoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge every day by phone for the last week at their request and at the request of the FBI. Last night I was on the phone with them for several hours, was able to have prayer with them, and they have said they would come out today. I am on my way there and hope to be there by 7:00 AM their time. Please keep them, law enforcement officials, and all involved in your prayers, that everyone will be safe.

  10. ‘Nacht der lange Messer’ (night of the long knives) all over again? Maybe a soft core version of same? When you are harassed, detained, arrested, and/ or shot for disagreeing with the gov; we all know what that is called… Job security for the FBI! Joking, but seriously. This is Tyranny, plain and simple, folks. There was a post recently of the entire Liberty or Death speech given by Patrick Henry. If you haven’t heard or read the entirety in a while, I suggest doing so now. Our Founding Fathers KNEW well how this would play out if the People are not vigilant in guarding jealously their Liberty. To those who are screaming for action: if you’re not fully read up on the Constitution- and I mean FULLY- then your call to action needs to be turned inward. Go sit down someplace quiet and read that document until you UNDERSTAND it! Not because we can win with arguments, but a watered down version of Liberty is just as repugnant as Open Tyranny.

    1. It’s more akin to Krystallnaught. The Night of Long Knives is when Hitler had Brownshirt/SA leaders that could oppose him, murdered. During Krystallnaught they burned the Jews businesses while everyone, including police and firemen watched. It destroyed their ability to speak easily in their businesses, and took their constant source of resources away.

      I contend our Krystallnaught started with the IRS targeting…..

  11. Lets pray that God oversees that the Constitution now be upheld through the courts. Cliven was an outlaw for too long.

  12. Latest info on FBI questioning 2 members of Bundy Ranch security team:

    UPDATE 4:11 am MTN time:
    via Ken Blomgren [Jason’s Dad]:
    He is being charged the same as the Bundy’s, Ryan Payne, Capt O, Pete Santilli & Jon Ritzheimer.

    Available information is that Joker is being held somewhere in Nevada by the FBI. Unknown charges. He & Jonathon Skipper Speece were body slammed to the ground in a Wal Mart parking lot outside the Bundy Ranch. Skipper was released.
    If you have ANY credible information, PLEASE get it to his family ASAP!! Thank you!!

  13. Assy. Michelle Fiore states that there are now 9 legislators on the ground there in Burns, trying to bring about a peaceful resolution. Currently there are over 12,000 people watching the live feed…praying for them all now.

  14. Here’s the same live feed from the Refuge on The Watchman News youtube channel. Michele Fiore says that there are several elected state representatives from various states nearby; that’s good to hear that more rep’s are getting involved with what’s going on in Oregon. Right now they’re waiting for Franklin Graham. Praying all ends peacefully.

  15. Posted by Melissa Cooper on her Facebook page:
    Melissa Cooper
    (30 mins ago)
    My husband was arrested in Springdale Utah at the Canyon Ranch Motel… My girls and I are going back to Arizona…. Please pray for my family….

  16. Does anyone in this friggin country realize that all social media is scanned by Feds software almost instantly.Just go to whitehouse emergency response site.Yes it is setup for natural disaster emergency but ,yea right…You may as well shout on a pa system.

  17. Thanks be to God! They are all out safely and peacefully, all 4.

    All of America owes a debt of gratitude to Gavin Seim and Kris Anne Hall who both kept talking to David Fry and convinced him to leave. They were both so incredible. Ms. Hall was just so kind and kept talking to this troubled young man and guided him out safely. It’s most fortunate that she happened to call in and stayed on the line.

    They should give Michele Fiore, Rev. Franklin Graham, Gavin Seim, and Kris Anne Hall medals for their courage and their dedication to saving 4 souls. God must have answered all our prayers and sent them. God bless them all!

  18. Sure looks like the Corporate USA is pulling the trigger on something they have been waiting to do. I suspect Arrest Warrants are being manufactured right now-back dated by a crooked Judge somewhere. This is where we gotta act IMHO, they are literally rounding up patriots as we speak!!!!!

  19. The arrest of Cliven Bundy, while timed to show the power of the federal government, is accompanied with a set of charges that promise to put Bundy behind bars for life. Its obvious from it’s charging complaint that this is only the opening salvo, expect a round up of other Bundy “co-conspirators”. The federal forces are going to use this “clear and present danger” from anti-government groups such as this as an opportunity to draw a line in the sand as it moves toward having patriot organizations labeled “domestic terror” groups thereby making any support of them illegal. Expect the federal government to attack Oathkeepers as such a group of anti-government patriots and domestic terrorists.

    1. You might want to understand what *Terrorist means here in America.

      *28 C.F.R. Section 0.85 Terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives”.

      Our legitimate government is the Constitution of the United States of America, and all that serve in EVERY position, low and “high” are lawfully required to be bound by Oath to it. They are to either “Preserve, Protect, and Defend” it (all those who serve as US Presidents or impersonate one), or to ‘Support and Defend” it (everyone else who serves within our governments – state and general – federal). It is a felony and the crime of Perjury to NOT TAKE and KEEP THE Oath.

  20. Common law must be restored across America-all of these imposters must be held accountable.The fact there were French mercs on the ground (imf) employees should have raised concern. The fact Hillary Clinton is selling uranium to the Russians should have raised concern. The live testimony of lifelong ranchers and info gathered by Pacific Patriots should have raised concern. Our organic Constitution will be restored and all ATTORNEYS should be tearing up their BAR cards – There is great concern that some sat on the fence here.

  21. Babylon this great nation
    Revelations chapters 16, 17 & 18 the ten kings will handle usa israel and watchtower

  22. These are my observations; That shiny tin badge they FBI HuRT’s wear, forgetting their Oath, gives them a false sense of bravado and security- high and drunk on power. The FBI even has a hit/assassination team- heard this from very reliable DC insider source. If they-Feds push this to a civil war- abusing Patriots, unlawfully detaining, killing , etc they will be in for a reality check when there is no cover or shelter. This is the problem with an unconstitutional LE agency – they hire psychos and narcissists to bully the people. Notice how everything they do- is violent Dynamic and going to gun tactics proves they are merely one dimensional. They are just men like us putting on their pants each day but when they hide behind the shield it clouds their minds and they become unthinking animals only following orders from above regardless of unlawfulness. The Fed’s co-opt local LE teams telling them they look so cool in their 5.11’s and tac gear and give them grants and equipment to gain favor and allow the Feds to run over the People’s rights.
    Without a civil war going on they enjoy clear comms, open supply lines and ability to go home at night to their families with no duress. This will change in a twinkling when the Feds cross the line and the People have had enough. I sense that time quickly comes yet let’s pray it does not. Based upon this they seem to gain smug unbridled power from overstepping constitutional boundaries. The Head shed in DC and their handlers KNOW that any future Bundy Ranch standoff will be the Lexington of our generation. IT really will be only because they will not back down due to pride and feeling as if they were our Owners and must keep us in line. Sad part is many who will line up on Patriots side will be Fed informants and instigators therefore they will be the ones to spark the civil war. I don’t believe that the People will lose this time.
    God help us and may this never happen.

  23. One must wonder , if they will restart operation, to seize his livestock and personal property, it was bad decision made by these folks(Bundys) . There that old saying, let a sleeping Dog lye..

    1. It should be abundantly clear that the Bundy Ranch operation is not anywhere close to settled from the government’s perspective. I would expect to see the use of all options up to and including seizure of Bundy Ranch

      1. Agreed Charles. We better be preparing for that eventuality. They will storm the ranch with weapons and hold it for back payments and the “safety” of all concerned. Of course that is all BS.

        Where’s the Sheriff stand on this? Out to Lunch.

  24. I feel that it is becoming common knowledge that corporations have usurped public governments. The Bundys, the Hammonds. It’s about corporations taking over public land with help from “public” officials. We know that they are beholden to big money. Big money has hired mercenaries to protect their investments. Lavoy was killed by mercs hired by whomever to keep the public from ever cashing in on the wealth of resources that the land holds. Did Hillary sell the land to the Russians or the Chinese? I’m hearing yes, but not the “government”, but rather corporations based out of these countries.

    We’re here folks. I certainly have a ton of reservations about what just took place in OR. But the fact remains that Corpgov may leave you alone. Until you have something that they want. Then what?

    I’m not convinced that this whole thing is on the up and up. But I have read many stories that have talked about how corpgov has really made life hell for many honest, hard working people. I don’t like the fact that Lavoy was killed, yet the Bundys lived. I don’t like the fact that they thought that they had free reign of the county. I don’t like the fact that Cliven felt that he could leave the sanctuary of his ranch and not be arrested. None of this makes sense to me.

    Be smart. But understand that they Constitution is dead. Corporatocracy has taken over. I’m not saying don’t resist. Just be smart. Understand that there are no rules anymore. The Sheriff, the local police chief, the state police, the feds, all work for the corporations. And if they can’t get things done, foreign mercs will. Godspeed folks…..

  25. Yet Jessie Jackson owes millions to the IRS and visits the white house frequently some say he is a paid adviser of the prez. Something is seriously wrong, Reed tried to take bundys land and actually had a deal with China to build windmills on the land, Reed and his son would of made millions. Hellary has sold the uranium off federal land to uranium 1 to end up in russia, the very land near near the refuge including hammonds ranch they want this land we pay for bad, and water is now considered a mineral and the government owns your water, sinking in just a little what this is about

  26. The Bundy’s stood up for their own land and that was a just cause to pay grazing fees to the federal government for what the federal goverment has no right to this land since the federal government is not suppose to own any land. Why would you pay rent to someone that doesn’t own the property. That would be like if I went to someone’s house and knocked on the door and demanded rent money and they said you don’t own this house and I just claimed yes I do and if you don’t pay me rent I will bring in armed thugs and remove you.the American people have the belief that the federal government can own land and that is false all land in the USA is public owned land or private owned land. The Bundy’s more than likely got lured into a trap in Oregon, malitia’s had probably been infilatrated with undercover agents who probably asked the Bundy’s to join this Oregon standoff not knowing they were walking into a trap. Numerous patriot movement head told them they were being set up they should have known when to walk away and they could have flown back to Oregon later and held town hall meetings with local sheriffs and informed people and gathered support these armed standoffs are not the way townhall meeting all over the country and inform people about the Constitution make the understand that the federal government has no rights to own land and realize the American people have been brainwashed for decades and you have to break through the brainwashing.

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