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Stewart Rhodes interviews Oath Keeper SWAT Officer About the LaVoy Finicum Shooting

20140830_165547Greg McWhirter, veteran SWAT officer, and Oath Keeper

In this audio Interview Stewart Rhodes interviews Greg McWhirter, an Oath Keeper SWAT officer, about the road block and tactics used on LaVoy Finicum and the rest of the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom on that fateful night last Tuesday, January 26, 2016.  Greg gives us his expert insight into why most police departments across the country no longer use road blocks, as was used in Oregon this last week that ended with such needless bloodshed.

Greg has requested a copy of the Oregon State Police’s policies, and we are waiting to review them, but the danger of roadblocks is reflected in the Portland Police department’s policy, which forbids the use of a roadblock (a.k.a. “barricade”) in the manner in which we saw used last week:


d.  Barricading: Barricading is considered deadly physical force and subject to DIR 1010.10.

1.  Barricading requires the approval of a supervisor. Furthermore, the barricade must be set up in such a manner as to afford the fleeing suspect ample time to see the barricade and stop his/her vehicle.

Go here to read the policy.

We can also look to The National Institute of Justice document Restrictive Polices for High Speed Police Pursuits which states:

Boxing-In, Ramming, and RoadblocksBoxing-in and ramming to be used only against violent felons and with permission by sworn supervisor monitoring pursuit. Not to be used by officers who have not completed prescribed training. Roadblocks allowed when possible to pick safe location.

Roadblocks are “dangerous and difficult to properly establish.” No roadblock maybe established until both dispatcher and pursuing officer have been notified. There are three kinds of roadblock:1. Fixed roadblocks, which block road to extent that little or no outlet remains.”Fixed roadblocks are extremely dangerous and are rarely justifiable.”

Click here to see the original document.


Greg and Stewart discuss how this barricade/roadblock was placed after a curve, which did not afford Lavoy ample time to see the barricade and stop his vehicle.  Greg also covers exactly why barricading/use of roadblocks is considered deadly force and inherently dangerous and life-threatening, and why most jurisdictions in the United States considers them antiquated, and have gotten away from using them.

They also discuss the shooting itself, in detail.

Greg McWhirter has 11 years experience with the Marion County Sheriffs Office (MCSO)in Indianapolis, Indiana. He spent seven years as investigator and four years on the MCSO tactical team. He is also an Indiana Law Enforcement Academy certified instructor.



Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



    1. Thank you for this very informative interview..Too bad the authorities did not use proper tactics …but the motives of the higher ups appears to be the root of this unnecessary tragedy.If the issue of Fed “owned” state land had been resolved long ago in a “just” court of law this tragedy and future ones would be avoided. .

      1. Yes, and more directly to the point, it is clear that the politicians, such as the Oregon Governor and the two senators, as well as political hacks within the Obama Admin, were pushing the FBI and the Oregon State Police to stop “the virus” of Finicum and the Bundy’s free speech, from spreading. it was a political decision. There was no physical emergency or threat. But there was clearly a POLITICAL emergency and threat, in the eyes of the political elite. And so they insisted on preventing them from reaching the meeting in John Day. Those politicians are directly responsible for this, and then the FBI and OSP are responsible for following those orders. And the consequences will be lasting, and far reaching.

      2. Regarding the use of the roadblock, note that in November’s violent Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA , a full, physical, deadly force roadblock was not used – despite clearly exigent circumstances.

        How much moreso was that approach NOT CALLED FOR in circumstances where F.B.I./O.S.P. should have essentially had “all the time in the world” to plan the op for time and place, to maximize effectiveness and officer safety, minimize public risk and subject flight risk!? It was more than a case of “pressure” from the Oregon Governor; word from inside is that she was in a near-rage, and all but outright “calling for blood” over the occupation…perhaps hard to ever prove, given the long-corrupt status of Oregon politics.

        By way of additional information, my source tells me that not only was Mr. Finicum NOT armed at all, but also, none of the “occupiers” who were going from the Malheur refuge to the John Day meeting were carrying arms. They all left their arms behind at the refuge.( I’m still seeking additional verification on this…)

        Also, Ammon Bundy and others still held in custody are apparently being told they will NOT be released until the four remaining people vacate the refuge – I’m not at all sure that is legal. Clearwater county Sheriff Giddings has contacted the FBI and offered to pick up Sandy and Sean (the couple from Riggins, Idaho), and take them to Orofino, Idaho – but was refused, and the FBI apparently deferred to “Homeland Security” in that matter.

        Unfortunately, it appears things are still being run from D.C., by Jeh Johnson and Valerie Jarrett, at the behest of Gov. Kate Brown, and Sen’s Merklet and Wyden.

        For those who criticize Stewart…I disagree with your opinions, on the basis that we as Oath keepers – individually, and as an organization – need to be measured and accurate in our responses, because our credibility depends upon it.

        There are already people in the general public who will NOT listen to our P.O.V., no matter what. They are either “true believers”, or malleable, successfully propagandized “useful idiots”.

        It is those in the open-minded, unpersuaded “middle” whose hearts we must win…in whose minds we must tirelessly set and tend “brush fires” of freedom and independent thought. Stewart, I commend you for taking time to get facts straight and to get the qualified input of professional, trained, experienced police tactical experts in order to properly deconstruct what went (obviously) wrong with this (un)coordinated op.

      3. STEWART, with all due respect, you probably already have this figured out.You may or may not know that I am a born again christian, and I just heard a prophetic word (not my own), but there was a strong registration in my spirit, that we the Christians, the patriot movement,etc are being set up. THEY WANT TO START A WAR!!! They want to declare martial law and they have been planing for a long time with no intention of losing. These are demonically possessed men and women. I understand that you are a Christian, and if you are you should be able to see this.The only hope for us is in Christ and the prophecy said that if we start shooting and not depending on God for our provision and protection that we will lose and that Satan will get what he is after. I know a lot of the guys want to start shooting it up, I to was biting at the bit and ready to get on with it, but after hearing this I think I may be having second thoughts.I will be in much prayer in the next few days asking the Lord for wisdom and desernment about this situation I hope He will make it clear if this Prophecy is truly of and from God or not.
        Regards CB
        P.S. Any one care to join me in prayer to the Father?

      4. Prayers, imprecations, intercessions, groans and utterances understand able only to the Holy Spirit of the Most High…offered as incense before His throne. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, spiritual wickedness..rulers of evil in high places.”

        Battle is joined, brother, for if we do not first fall to our knees and honor Him who watches over us, we may later fall in dishonor. For, if G_d be for us, who can be against us!?

        We know that those who consider us their enemies, and make themselves our enemies, are essentially working to build “an encampment” all around us, and moreover, to infiltrate our camp. They would lie, deceive, rumor-monger, foment mistrust and a spirit of discouragement. They also labor to build a snare to entrap us, and push us around,,and poke us (figuratively and literally) in the chest to provoke us to wrath, to make us angry, that in our anger we might sin…And having sinned, we might then be smeared as hypocrites. Let it be they who are provoked. Let it be their sin which is exposed in the light of truth. We must but stand up, be still, and know He is G_d, and He will see us to victory.

      5. Yes CB, you are very accurate about this being demonically manipulated. I have been praying and will join you seeking God daily. We should always remember that God is in ultimate control.

      6. I am in also. I have been in heavy prayer since this all went on. God is watching All of the people who were involve and at the Day of Judgement they will NOT GET AWAY WITH ANY OF THIS! God reigns all things Truth will Win!

      7. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. ” Ephesians 6:12

        Amen Brother. The prayer of a righteous man availeth much, we have the high ground in this fight.

      8. We can perhaps surmise that those in power would like to create enough “incidents” that it will allow them to crack down on all the freedom movements before they leave office. Seems to me that they would prefer a “reaction” from loyal Americans to use as the justification for a hard and “militarized” response before they leave office.

      9. Purely and simply an Ambush established to MURDER as many as they could. TREMENDOUS pressure from a corrupt Governor, Senator, and thus from the District of Corruption to END it, violently or not, I don’t care.

      10. I ask a question;

        Isn’t it a truthful and stark expose of the present “STATE-OF-THE-UNION” when the defacto Islamo President, one Barack Hussein Obama, considers one of the most awesome constitutional American Patriot heroes in our Republic to be “THE VIRUS LAVOY FINICUM”……?

        “Silence in the face of obvious tyranny, is your consent to that tyranny”

      11. One of your last three posts did not make it through my cut. Sorry about your luck. Gotta keep the racism out of our house here, ‘k? And even so, this post is a reach too. I know that all responsibility goes to the administration of the time, but Obama dd not to my knowledge call LaVoy a “virus”. That would have been a Senator, maybe two of them.
        Be cool. Be calm. Be collected inside yourself please. Thank you.
        Elias Alias, editor

      12. Stewart,
        Lavoy and the people in the vehicle were in route to a meeting in another county to meet with outside officials to discuss the violations and crimes being perpetrated against the ranchers by the BLM and local law enforcement. They ambushed Lavoy with the intent to murder him. They enlisted blackwater mercs to take him out. The video the fbi released clearly shows unmarked vehicles and unmarked law enforcement.

      13. Please bring forward the proof of that. I hear it a lot, and even hear that the agents are foreign contractors etc. Lots of people are saying this, but I’ve yet to see any tangible proof. I do not put anything past our present government, but I’d like some proof, before I believe that any covert private-sector contractors were/are actually involved. Can you send please?

        Elias Alias, editor

    1. Do you have any idea the pressure Mr. Rhodes is under?

      People are asking him to start a standing battle against the military which would be a bloodbath.

      Are you prepared to start a guerrilla war and leave home, not knowing when, if ever, you will come back.

      Are you prepared to live off the land for years?

      Do you know that the military have dropped mini-transmitters in the jungles and forests for years and that every word you say or every twig you step on will be monitored.

      Are you really that enthusiastic?

      If Mr. Rhodes says ‘yes, we will do that’ will you be there?

      Are you sure?

      There will be an immediate martial law and roadblocks plus curfews.

      Yet you pressurize a man to make a decision.

      Give him a chance to weigh up the consequences and also let him have some sleep.

    2. You’re confusing Stewart’s actions with his motives. You can disagree and maybe even pissed off about some of Stewart’s actions and decisions but you’re wrong to question his motives.

    3. Sgt. York sounds like a government agent provocateur trying to provoke a battle with the people in order to justify further governmental tyranny. Lavoy was denied his inalienable right to trial by jury (tyranny).

      1. Sgt.York? Who is that?I have not heard or seen anyone by that name or description.Ignore the irrelevant and they will go away.

    4. Are you typing that from the campfire out at the wildlife reserve? No? Did you grab a rifle and go there at any point? No? Did you do ANYTHING to try to help them? No? At least I tried to talk them out of it (I didn’t know exactly what they were going to do, but I knew they were about to do something “ill advised”) and then I tried to keep them from being “Waco’d” and then I, along with others, tried to get them to see the absolutely FUBAR nature of their strategic and tactical situation, and tried to get them to leave before the hammer was dropped, in one way or another. I spoke to Lavoy on Sunday night, Jan 24, just two days before his death, and tried to get him to see the wisdom in relocating to a county with a constitutional sheriff, where he and the others could carry on the vital work of educating and organizing ranchers, but from a far, far stronger position.

      Did you do anything like that? No? You just sat behind your keyboard and anonymously sniped at others who were actually trying to help them? What a shock.

      1. Don’t feel bad about negative comments. All good leaders go through the after the fact comments and advice. You did the right thing with your advice to move to higher ground for a better advantage. They were lacking in good leadship and ignored your good advice. Had they taken it, they could have been still fighting a good fight. I am truly sad that Lavoy died needlessly due to unnessary deadly force. This should have never happened, but this is something that every good patriot should realize. When we go up against a tyrannical government you expect to be shot. You gave good advice. Just keep being a good leader for the cause and God will be with you. You did all you could to do without causing a blood bath. Sgt Rudy Adams, Chaplain, Veteran 57 to 65, Oath Keeper, prior LEO.

      2. Yes, he showed up after he heard about the shooting, and the OSP and FBI wouldn’t even let him past the first roadblock to the crime scene so he left in frustration. This is from his own mouth as can be heard on this interview with him.

        Interview begins around 14 minute mark.

      3. Well put Stewart. You have gone where only a few have gone, you have done yourself right and those who support Oath Keepers and your leadership and guidance see it; there is always a small minority who thinks they know the exact and proper method which will not fail but has never been attempted. I was wondering why they were not working, with this Sheriff, speaking of him he seemed completely out of his league. Just a young Sheriff out in Podunk Oregon. Why didn’t a Constitutional Sheriff assist and guide this young Sheriff or at least get him on the phone and give him direction on handling pressure of the Federal Government. He was over whelmed, forced to do things he did not want i am inclined to believe. None the less Stewart, You did what you could do. I thank you.

      4. Stewart, I write blog articles and have to deal with the guttersnipes on a regular basis. they add nothing but only criticize those who are actually trying to find solutions. I firmly believe a revolution is inevitable because the tyrants aren’t going to just quit because We the People say they can’t continue to rule outside the Constitution and I get vilified by some. I hope a war can be avoided and pray for God’s assistance and that He will bring good men and women into positions of authority soon. Keep up the good work and don’t let a guttersnipe dishearten you as they are losers without the brains to think their way out of the toilet their minds live in. You handled the simpleton quite well. Go bless you, God bless Oathkeepers, and God bless America!!!!!

  1. Our motto: “Not on Our Watch!” or to put it even more succinctly, in the words of 101st Airborne Commander General Anthony McAuliffe at the Battle of the Bulge, “NUTS!” May I ad, B.S.

  2. What I want is the names and addresses of these assassins posted. When micheal brown was shot the officers name was out the next day. We white Americans deserve the same thing when we are shot and killed . So far I hope you all attend LaVoys funeral on friday. This is in no way to be a racial remark just the facts

    1. I’m with you on the feeling but two wrongs wouldn’t make it right. Know what I mean? Let the wheels of justice slowly and steadily steamroll it’s way to the truth. Let the scumbags responsible spin with worry. Into their old age if necessary. Let this be the way we do things. Let this be the example of how it should be done.

      I read the article but have not yet listened to the audio.

      1. Man, are you naïve! The corrupt government will never let their corrupt courts or corrupt investigators publish the truth. What was wrong with releasing the name of the involved officer? We the People have the DUTY to know the truth about EVERYTHING.

      2. I agree with you 100% – except for the naive part. Just poor wording on my part. When I wrote ‘wheels of justice’ I wasn’t referring to our system of justice but to the blind lady with the scales.

        The good information gathered from this interview took resources, care, effort and . . .time. And I look forward to more of this. The MSM cannot afford to take this high road.

      3. What’s wrong with releasing the name of the ‘involved’ officer(s)? The same with releasing the officer’s name ‘involved’ with the Michael Brown killing. What’s the hurry? It’ll come out in good time. Our minds will be cooler, clearer and we won’t be tempted into a modern day lynching. Besides , there’s more guilt to go around than one shooter.

        Don’t worry, the guilty cowards at the top will throw him to the wolves soon enough. But that won’t be good enough for Stewart and his band of Merry Men because they will have taken the TIME to do their homework.

      4. I would suggest that the second wrong may well be Required to Right the first Wrong. You are just NOT going to get away with your Crap.

    2. Lavoy was ambushed and then shot with less compassion given a dog. This only serves to prove what we know already and that is the fact that the Government is afraid of and is demonizing its patriots.

      1. The truth will out. And in the end, it is indeed about the fear of the ruling class political elites, and their desire to stamp out that brushfire of resistance out west. But the more they stamp, the more they stir up the hornets nest.

        The right answer to this is to NOT let it stop us from reaching out and helping the people come together and organize for mutual defense and united resistance. To the contrary. And we must focus on the sheriffs as the most critical public office. Where we have strong sheriffs, we have a strong point in political, social, physical (with a posse) and legitimacy terms. That is vital.

    3. I agree! It’s very disturbing to me that Valerie Jarrett, the in-house boss to Obama has any input at all in State business.

      1. Precisely. A Marxist “shadow President” and power behind the throne. She is essentially the handler for the Obama “Manchurian Candidate” who was groomed for this mission for decades. Someone like Jarrett could never be elected to the Presidency, but she doesn’t need to be. She has her puppet sitting in that chair.

      2. Stewart, I agree with your assessment of Valarie Jarrett with one exception; the Obama regime are not Marxists, they are fascists. They are exactly the same as the Nazis were/are. Obama is nothing more than a half/black Adolf Hitler. If they were communists/Marxists, they would be more in sync with Putin and his ilk around the world. The form of tyranny be put forth from the bowels of that filthy DC would make Hitler extremely proud today.

      3. I have a few problems with this assessment. First, if you were to take a side by side view (without any heading) you would find that facism and marxism are EXACTLY the same, the arguement between the two is NOT ideology – it’s who is in power. So Marxist v. Fascist is actually immaterial rhetoric. What we need to concentrate on is less on rhetorical ideologies and more on the actions of those who are ‘in control.’ I refuse to use ‘authority’ regarding these figures, because they are, mainly, elected REPRESENTATIVES of the established and ordained authority which is ‘we the people’ (as extrapolated in the Preamble to the Constitution). That being said, i find it disconcerting when people call out this administration as ‘incompetent, stupid, loose screw (add any number of negative comments)’ because, if you think about it logically, no one and I mean NO ONE would think to look twice at the actions of a puppet or an idiot. Those types of persons are easily dismissed and in the case of Obamarrett, a very dangerous assumption. This man is intelligent enough to have been intentional in his destruction of what he views as ‘the great satan.’ I can lay this judgment out, biblically, without bringing myself under the judgment of God. The ‘fruit’ he bears’ along with his islamunist cohorts IS intentional, and this is where we need to be vigilant. Do not just listen to what they say, listen and be specific in doing this, listen to what they do NOT say. This is where you will find Obamunists greatest social engineering strength!

      4. No they are definitely Communists: “Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) files obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that the dad, maternal grandpa and father-in-law of President Obama’s trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government.An extensive FBI dossier obtained by Judicial Watch shows that Bowman belonged to the Association of Internes and Medical Students, an organization which “has long been a faithful follower of the Communist Party line,” then-contemporary FBI files indicate.

        The FBI also found that Jarrett’s father communicated with Alfred Stern, a scion of wealth and suspected spy for the Soviet Union who was indicted absentia on espionage charges in 1957. According to the charges, he and his wife Martha Dodd Stern, the daughter of a U.S. ambassador to Germany, transmitted military, commercial and industrial information to the Soviet Union. Barack’s matrimonial vow might be to Michelle, but his ideological soulmate has long been Valerie Jarrett. And both Barack and Valerie hail from a truly remarkable line of mentors and family members with deep fidelity to the American Communist Party.

        Those political bloodlines are so stunning, so bizarre, especially when they intersect across the generations, that people often react dismissively when presented with the information. I’ve laid out the linkages probably more than anyone, mainly in a book on Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, who was a hardcore member of Communist Party USA (card no. 47544) and in several major articles on Valerie Jarrett for The American Spectator, the first one running about 5,000 words and appearing in the July/August 2011 print edition.”

      5. Don’t ignore history. The federal government that history has delivered to us has been shaped by events far beyond the control of anyone alive today. Lincoln’s war established new law in the nation, the law of Rome. The Fourteenth Amendment was forced upon us by puppet state governments under military control, that one action more than any other has under the guise of turning slaves into citizens has instead made a slave of any “person” claiming “us citizenship”. As long as we are ruled by Justinian we can have no peace, as long as we allow Ceaser to rule at the court house we can have no justice. The only true hope for change short of armed revolution is an Article V convention to nullify the un-ratified abomination known as the fourteenth amendment and a reversion of law away from Roman Civil law to the law of God in Christ.

      6. “Men love darkness rather than light because there deeds are evil” let them have the Rope and they will hang thselves with it. I am praying the truth will come to light the DARK deeds done and so is it happening. The All mighty has promised that all done in darkness will be exposed for all to see. The light shined in to darkness and the darkness comprehended it not. For all there attempt to cover up their sins death could not silence the truth. Truth is a God thing and can never be snufed out. As it is written ” Go ahead and prepare for war, but the battle is The Lords! Your councel was correct force of arms was not the right path here. The light of truth is exposing this evil for what it is and the enemies of Righteousness are coming undone and are being caught in their own trap. This is the Lord’s doing and is it not marvolis in our eyes.
        It is written ” if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and turn gr their wicked ways ,then I will hear from on high and I will heal their lands.” He is talking about “His. People” we may have to fight but it will not produce the desired end it will be Gods way or no way. Only as we Humble ourselves. and submit to His Will as reviled in His Word and really pray ‘ Thy will be done in earth as in heaven will true and lasting healing come. Have we really tried?

  3. Great interview, good info. Greg, I hope you are well. We miss you here in Indy. Stay safe and thanks for your commitment to defending our Republican and Constitution.

    So in a nutshell, OSP went outside of SOP, used deadly force by erecting a road block on a curve, used poor tactics by not having armor to protect officers so less than deadly force could have been employed safely, tased Mr. Finicum and when he reacted for the barbs, shot him dead.

    Why was OSP in charge of this arrest rather than FBI with their highly trained HRT squads? I think it’s because politicians were pushing to get this done right now to stop Bundy’s message from spreading further and the FBI would not comply, so the politicians used OSP.

    1. ‘Call Of Duty Goddess’ brings up some very valid excuses why LaVoy reached for his side. Whether shot or tased, no one would keep their hands extended. Still have not heard any valid excuse for shooters in the trees.
      Enhanced Video Shows LaVoy Finicum Point Out Agent that Took First Shot at Him
      Enhanced, zoomed & slowed Video

      1. “In the trees” and coming out of the trees, is the same expression. Same with “….on his knees.” In snow up to Lavoy’s knees; from her perspective, it would appear he was on them.

    2. How is it explained that Mr. Finicum has nine bullet wounds, and his face is shot off. Was that a tazer too? I think Mr.mcwhirter is a good guy who understands how Leadership works, and fortunately has worked in police departments that followed the Laws, he doesn’t seem to have the concept of agencies that are rogue.

      1. His point about the taser is that this may explain Lavoy’s actions of dropping his hands and turning to the left. He is not saying Lavoy was not shot. Obviously he was. We are just laying out the possibilities beyond the binary “he was going for a gun” or “he was just shot while his hands were up.” There may be a middle ground truth, and that may well be that he had his hands up, but then lowered them and turned to his left after being hit by a taser from the rear, which did not penetrate his thick coat enough to actually affect him, but caused him to react to being hit 9and that either caused an officer to think he was going for a gun, or gave that officer an excuse to do what he wanted to do anyway. Either way, it is important to find out). Another possibility is he was simply shot on that side, and again, reacted to it. We will not know until/if they release all the evidence to the public AND to a second set of independent eyes.

        Since the patriot movement does not trust either the FBI, the OSP, or the local sheriff department (all for good reason) what is needed is for a trusted constitutional sheriff to step up and provided that credible second set of eyes with an independent investigation, using his own forensics and investigators, and his own coroner. That is the best course to find out the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and that is what the patriot movement should demand.

      2. Stewart, if you really want that to happen, you need to develop a short list of such trusted Constitutional sheriffs. You can’t just sit there and say “the movement” needs to do it. If you let the other side pick the sheriff, they will pick one that will serve their interests.

        By the way, how come the arrow keys don’t work in this text box? I’ve tried it in Firefox and Chrome. Makes it a real pain to compose messages.

      1. There should be no doubt that this was another of America’s ” Tiananmen square “,moments as was Waco,and Ruby Ridge..

    3. I would like to know more about why OSP were not wearing armor. I think this might be the tip of some iceberg. I can think of at least one pro and con idea for this (in)action.

  4. After listening to the interview it sounds like to me that the interim Governor or Oregon, and the 2 senators who thought they just had to stick their noses into the mix, need to be subpoenaed, their precise statements taken as to their instructions and their level of involvement that lead up to the death of Mr. Finicum. If sufficient cause is found they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If they DON’T then the law only applies to me, but not to thee, and that’s tyrannical.

    1. Wow you still believe that this government may not be tyrannical, “yet?” Do you honestly believe that any government agent, LEO or otherwise, would be held accountable for anything that happened, might happen or will happen? You speak as if the government hasn’t yet become a tyrant.

      1. I think her point is that we need to see the records of their correspondence, and those need to be demanded, and when not produced, that will confirm what we already know, but it will be useful to wake up those who are not “there” yet in their understanding, and it will serve as a scarlet letter of guilt for all to see. Remember my airborne brother, this is always about the battle of legitimacy and hearts and minds – first, within the military. Second, among veterans, gun owners and other “traditional” Americans. The great ,mass of such people still do not realize where we are at, or what is coming, but we can wake them up. A refusal to turn over those records will serve to help us do that.

  5. Sgt.York, your comment….”Glad to see Benedict Rhodes came out from under his bed.” I am not sure what you mean by that. What I DO know is that Mr. Rhodes uses his full, real name. He is COMPLETELY KNOWN in his identity and can be EASILY located. I doubt that your birth name is ‘Sgt.York’.
    I and thousands of us out here are certainly waiting for Mr. Rhodes to share what is on his mind, but NEVER have we doubted his integrity. Mr. Rhodes spends NO TIME under his bed! What kind of MAN starts an organization called OATH KEEPERS?! NOT ONE who is accustomed to spending time under his bed.
    I am a Viet Nam vet who is COMPLETELY SICK of what goes on! YET, I have a HIGH regard for the calm and collected posture of Mr. Rhodes. If I could afford it I would be at his side offering my services. I, like thousands of others, find finances to be a major obstacle.
    In the course of every 24 hours I find myself very angry and very much wanting to DO SOMETHING to bring JUSTICE into this American picture. But I will NOT bad mouth Mr. Rhodes. I am not sure what your comment meant, for I am a bit naïve.
    I LOVE Mr. Rhodes and all that he does and continues to do. If you want to clarify what you meant with your comments, that would be good.
    Only by sticking TOGETHER will we hold the ground that we have left.
    Robert D. Gubisch

    1. I totally agree with you, Robert! Mr. Rhodes has been and still is a bulwark for the Constitution. He understands the seriousness of what transpired in Burn,Oregon and would not be so foolish to start an armed confrontation with the government. I suspect Sgt York is an agitator and is just looking for a show down with the feds or he is working for them. As much as we are angered by the events of January 26, 2016 that led to the ambush and assassination of LaVoy Finnicum we should not go off half cocked and start a war.

    2. Thank you, (Mr) Robert, for your statement of rebuttal to Sgt.York, and your service. Thank you, Mr. Rhodes for your patience and commitment to the truth. I’m confidant that as many of us wait for your response(s), it will be from much research and diligence in “getting to the bottom (or going to the top?)” of any given situation. I woke up this morning with this email in my box and it was the first one opened. I knew it would be coming as I know your response has always been forthcoming. I follow your command. God bless the Oathkeepers.

    3. I totally agree with you Robert! A true leader prefers restraint and reasoning above all else as opposed to knee jerk reactions. I’m reminded of General ‘Black Jack’ Pershing’s reactions to Muslim terrorists killing American troops in the Phillipines. Rather than mounting an all out attack on Muslims, he took 40 known Muslim terrorists prisoners, lined them up, slaughtered a pig and had all members of a firing squad dip their bullets in the pigs blood, executed all but one, then let that one go. The attacks against our troops stopped. He sent a message in doing that which brought about a safer enviornment for our military presence.
      Stewart Rhodes is that kind of leader. I have great respect for him, and his thoughtfulness in analyzing a situation before calling for action. America should be so lucky to have more like him in government.
      I salute you Mr. Rhodes, and Robert, and Elias Alias, and ALL who served. HooYah!
      L.E. Denning (Guantanamo, ’60 – ’62, USN SO)

    4. Robert, you, sir, are a great gentleman! Thank you so much for your sacrifice in Vietnam AND, for your continued intelligence and dedication towards seeking the truth! I will miss Me. Finicum! Such a senseless killing. I’ve believed for quite some time that our government and other entities are deeply corrupt. We are at their mercy. I’ve taken my classes in order to get my carry permit. I’m ready for whatever happens next! Anyway, keep up the great work and keep speaking the truth! Lastly, thank you for your dedication to keeping our USA safe!

    5. Robert, I agree wholeheartedly with your post above, and hope that many others will realize the importance of your last sentence.

  6. Is there a transcript available for this interview? Only asking, in the event that I missed it. For something of that length, a transcript can be helpful. Thank you!

  7. Elias Alias, thank you for your service that goes on and on. I was there from ’68 til July ’70. I, too, am a sucker for cats! I have five that although I call them outside cats, they have a great deal of influence over me.
    I went to the VA clinic today, to get myself into the system. I live in central Virginia. I cannot stand the fact that there is a television in EVERY waiting room in EVERY VA hospital. I imagined myself going bonkers, tearing the television out from the wall! We were the bad mother fuckers!!! Who in the heck is feeding us T.V. as we wait, telling us about all the drugs that we should be considering!?
    At the ‘interview’ the nurse asked me….. have you wanted to hurt yourself or others in the past two weeks? I think …… Yes, I wanted to KILL my governor!!! I want to KILL all the tyrants that I see!!! I was given a go ahead to kill anyone and everyone in Viet Nam, but hey, how about the tyrants here in my country!?
    I am a bit riled. I am grateful for you and Mr. Rhodes. You guys keep me from being a ‘statistic’!
    Thank you for your ‘Presence’.
    Robert D. Gubisch

    1. Wow, Robert thank you for your service, you went before me and I follow your steps.. You have expressed the VA experience for me sir, insane! The questions drove me crazy to the point I don’t remember answering the questions pertaining to my I’ll. “Do you own a firearm, have you thought of hurting yourself or others?” After that, I never went baçk.. Thank you brother, God Bless you.

  8. SGT York. You and many others seem to think that this is a time to start a fight. We need to get this country back on track under the Constitution. Mr. Rhodes is a wise man who wishes to heal our country not destroy it and see it under the control of anarchists. There may come a time to fight but the hot blooded ones are usually the easiest to defeat. Learn to keep your head. Most of us are trained and ready to fight but look at that as a last resort.
    Prepare for War. Pray for Peace. God bless.

    1. There is a fight coming, in one form or another. In my best estimation, it is now unavoidable. But how it starts matters and will shape how bloody, how long, and how winnable it is for team liberty.

      Look to the wisdom of the Founders. They understood this, and they managed to kick off the American Revolution on the best terms possible at the time – with a military victory (a string of them, really) and a moral victory (as Gen Gage was the clear aggressor), and a morale victory (nothing succeeds like success). And having the fight start over attempted gun confiscation meant that the greatest possible number of Americans had “buy in” and a dog in that fight. That was how you kick off a fight. Remember that.

      The moral high ground matters. That is why Mike Vanderboegh coined both the terms “no Fort Sumters” and “No more free Waco’s” and letting it start over a core issue that affects ALL patriots, like gun rights, is also the smart way to go.

      I said all that in my Jan 1 warning against Ammon creating an armed standoff, but it got lost in all the turmoil.


      1. Stewart, I am a former 24.year police lieutenant and patriot. It is obvious to me by watching the video footage that finicum was definately shot just inside maximum range with a tazer and immediately stiffened and dropped from the hit. He was shot up laying on the ground immediately after that. I think he suicided himself by reaching into his coat on purpose. Of course they would tend to shoot him for that after he brought his hands down but they didnt shoot him immediately because he was shouting for them to shoot him and they would have hesitated to see if he actually produced a gun. I have been in that exact situation myself as a policeman with a suicidal subject after a pursuit. Fonicum was repeatedly saying that he would not go to prison….police inexperience here is the key factor and o f course itchy trigger fingers. I think that when the tazor shot resounded that the other police there assumed in that second of time that the cop closest to him fired a pistol into finicum and they all fired thinking it a legitimate shoot . i have also witnessed this happen with inexperienced police and military. In fact it happens all the time until they learn in those tough situations. Its my understanding that 8 seconds of video is missing from the time finicum hit the ground. There is where he took the 9 hits that ended his life. Shots fired in haste?…perhaps…but shots fired by inexperienced and jumpy police. Murder?….I think not. The problem now is police coverup. I seriously doubt that this will ever be admitted by the police because of the light they will be placed in. Problem is most folks csnt understand this. Only military or police could by experiencing it while tsking suspected armed people. I was shocked the first time that I Experienced it as I remember. fact is when deadly or even less than deadly force situations present themselves things can quickly spin out of control as elements rapidly present themselves. Add inexperience to this and truly unintended consequences quickly occur more often than not. The average citizen does not now or ever will realize this. Once again for the most part military and police in there and engaged on a frequent enough basis to learn for themselves. No academy or classroom can provide this in training. For the most part it must be learned in the action of it. It takes time that the policeman will never have. He can only hope for acceptable results as he learns. My favorite police saying for this is….Alls well that ends well. Im sorry but thats just the way that it is. Covetup is never justified in the end. This must also be learned.

      2. A fight is coming, and your right, its no longer avoidable. In my humble opinion, we just had our Boston massacre. History is repeating its self.

  9. Speculation. But the guy who put himself in front of the LaVoy PU. Then ended up just behind the black PU. Note as LaVoy’s hand goes down the first time, this officer (shooter?) then immediately turns to take cover.

  10. DCG: I agree about a transcript. I personally find that reading is usually easier to soak in than audio.

    Henk2: With the exception of a few folks that can’t exercise emotional control, I’m not seeing where anyone is suggesting a bloodbath. Mr.Rhodes himself was the one whom stated “No more free Wacos.”. What has transpired is far different from burning people alive and sniping mothers who are holding their children.

    Mr. Finicums death is absolutely in question. Based on the only released footage, which does not have audio, only speculation can be made, assumptions, and we all know about assumptions. A wise leader would never use assumption mortar in the foundation of action.

    Ken: I also agree that every person involved in Mr. Finicums death should be identified. I think that not only the personnel involved in the barricade, but every person involved, all the way to the top of the command chain should be made public. This certainly is not a race issue, as you stated, rather a transparency issue. If everything is on the up and up, then no need for secrecy.

    Mr. Rhodes has a lot of information to consider. I also bet that he has had an immense amount of communication. As this situation has potential legal ramifications, I’m sure he is working hard to protect all Oathkeepers. Had the occupiers listened to Mr. Rhodes advise, and immediately acted, there is a strong likelihood that Sheriff Palmer and his community could have been a viable lateral move. Hindsight is 20/20.

    I personally find that post-roadblock-incident, information has been lacking. The SITREP info given to the public is not adequate to keep even those whom would like to peacefully protest the incident properly informed. For many people, it is unacceptable to willingly submit to a vehicle search and ID check. I expect this 4th amendment violation has been well documented.

    It is my opinion that a lateral move may have been transpiring, and that support was growing, which caused panic in corrupt leaders. These leaders made mistakes, which are obvious, and Lavoy Finicum’s death is not going to be without long term consequence for traitorous statesmen.

    As of now, the score is Uranium one, Liberty zero. I said in an earlier comment that a video or thumb drive can be more powerful than a 50 cal. While keyboard warriors may get a bad rep, I have been able to inform quite a few folks of the situation. As sad and unbelievable as it may sound, there are many people out there that have no clue about anything in Oregon, or whom the Hammonds and Bundys are. I may not be able to help as much as I would like, but I do have a pen and telephone.

    I think Mr. Finicum would not be happy with those whom allow hate into their heart. We must above all keep standing up for liberty with a heart full of love and courage.

    Elias, if your a slave to all cats, your alright by me. If you get a moment check out primal nuggets. Thank you for all your work.

    1. You are right. In the traditional Cherokee way of things, we only fight for what we love, and never against what we hate. Doing it from a position of hate twists you so that you become just as bad or worse than what you are fighting.

      I also agree with what was said to the so-called “Sgt York”. If you are going to engage in character assination against a man who needs alot more than 24 hours per day to do all that he has to do then at least have the guts to use your real name.

    2. Your statement ” with the exception of a few” verifies my statement.

      And I have seen a lot of ‘this is the line in the sand’ or ‘if not now then when’.

      1. Henk2, I’ve looked over more comments and I must apologize and digress. There seems to be an abundance of sand liners.

        Many take Google earth lightly, and don’t consider that free service is but a grain of sand in the desert of capabilities which surround the land of traitors.

        I’m sorry for singling you out, and having re read, your spot on about patients and the reality which would result from a lack of exercising it.

    3. Thanks for the comment, and I agree with all points. Except I am not sure a lateral move was actually in the making. The video Lavoy put out the morning before, on Monday, Jan 25, made it seem unlikely they were going to actually move operations elsewhere (rather than traveling to speak elsewhere and then come back to the preserve). But, perhaps that was his way of throwing the bad guys off. We may never know.

      1. According to Lavoy Finicum’s attorney Todd McFarlane, Ammon and Lavoy were going to present their exit strategy at the meeting in Grant county.

        As mentioned in an article on his website posted 1/25, just 2 days before Lavoy’s death.

        here is the relevant portion…

        “The executive committee — essentially the task force elected by locals to deal with the situation — had drafted a very respectful letter to Ammon, asking him to leave the refuge. They had shown him a draft of the letter just to help him understand where they were headed, and let him start making plans accordingly, but they didn’t vote on what to do with the letter until that evening. And when they voted, the committee was split on what to do. They all wanted to sign the letter and deliver it to Ammon, but half the committee did not believe they were ready to do it YET. Their biggest concern was what might happen if he pulled out too soon. So they have the letter, and my understanding is that they intend to sign and deliver it when a majority of the committee believes it is time — possibly as early as this coming weekend

        There are more meetings scheduled for Friday night, including a pubilc meeting a a large venue, where Ammon is slated to come and explain to the whole community his plan for leaving the refuge.”


  12. IMHO They wanted LaVoy dead to shut him up as he was a thorn in the side of LEO’S and Fed’s and they didn’t want him to seed his message anywhere else. IMHO he was assassinated to contain his message from inciting and informing more citizens on the truth of what is happening out there

    1. I do not know that they wanted LaVoy dead, but I feel strongly that they did not want him speaking to other people in the next County over. LaVoy’s sense of logic and reasoning makes a strong case for the ranchers, farmers, loggers, miners, mill operators, etc. against the BLM’s tyranny. The Governor, two Senators, and at least one judge see the truthful message of State ownership over State public lands as dangerous to other, less apparent powers. Here is an example of how LaVoy could make sense to the common man out wwest —

      That presentation was beautifully done and is totally dangerous to Federal agencies such as BLM, USFS, EPA, etc. The powers that be have spent almost a century prepping the public perception while enhancing concentrated federal power for nefarious purposes. LaVoy’s message could totally undo a whole lot of federally-financed brainwashing, and that is why the government did not want him to cross that County line, in my opinion. Of course I cannot prove what was in the mind of any government agent or office-holder, but as Stewart brought up during the interview, two Senators did liken LaVoy’s and Ammon’s message to a “virus” and literally wanted to stop it from “spreading”. That speaks tons to me.
      And after all, have you ever heard of any government which encouraged dissent? I have not.

      Elias Alias, editor

      1. I saw that interview with Wyden and Merkley. They disgust me. They don’t speak for all Oregonians, only the libs in Multnomah and Marion county. But then Congress seems to pick and choose who they consider constituents.

      2. Well said Elias. Please post that video and your comments as a stand alone article.

        That was, indeed, why he was silenced. He was the most eloquent of the bunch.


      3. To paraphrase,…There is no greater love, than for a man to give his life for another. My creed, my life, my love…

  13. Guys I fear that David Fry and the 3 other that are still Refuge are running out of time they want to leave. We need to mount a rescue of these men we need to show up in mass show of bodies in a big way. We need to walk in their get them and bring them out to safety.

    1. Might be right. No election, no candidate willing to correct all this mess. No candidate pointing out who the terrorist really are, the shadow gov’t, reserve. If they can’t do that then they don’t need to be Potus.

    2. I have the same sense of things. A skillful “friendly extraction” NEEDS to be coordinated ASAP.

      It needs to be aerial, quickly in and out, staged from outside Oregon borders, and with no unfriendlys following/targeting the craft.

      The four who remain are cut off from phone/Internet access, so they need some sort of alternate channel advance notice in order to be geared up and go, and leave no litter behind (preferably taking photos as they leave for proof).

      If “someone” cannot make this happen – and soon, I fear they may face consequences beyond arrest. I am in S.E. Wa., & I know there are people who are like-minded, and who would make $ resources available to see this done.

  14. If Americas so called peoples representatives continue to fail to represent the people in these continuing cases of Gov Abuses of authority & lawlessness this will go down in History as armed Peaceful Protesters Protesting Government abuses are ambushed killed and jailed by what is nothing more than a dictator Tyrant gov. no different than any other county that uses violence against its people to silence them WHERE are the Peoples Representatives Excuse we they are Government reps after all when it is a case of the people Vs Government as these cases are we are supposed to have Elected representation we don’t.

    1. Thomas Jefferson famously wrote “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny”. Regarding LaVoy Finicum, we witnessed liberty causing the government to fear the people and, also, what actions the government is willing to take when liberty threatens their tyranny. This government will not be restrained peacefully, given their actions on that lonely road in Oregon. A miracle is needed to avoid an inevitable confrontation.

      1. I agree totally with what you wrote. There has been 2 cold blooded murders now of ranchers and yet that line in the sand has not been stepped on?!?!! I’d like to ask Stewart Rhodes, when is it you believe the time has come for the Patriots to stand their ground? A loss of life over such minimal circumstances in which I speak of with murdering another rancher from Idaho, just days after the murder of LaVoy does raise some questions as to your rallying together all these folks in oathkeepers. This was another WACO MOMENT! The roads were blocked, martial law was in essence put into effect on the Burns folks and anyone else trying to even enter that area. Again I will ask, What exactly does this line in the sand mean to you? How many more lives need to be lost before you give a call to action? Do you carry an eraser around to keep moving this line in the sand? And I’d like the answer to come from Stewart, himself, as he is speaking for the OK group of “Not On Our Watch” if not on your watch motto then why do you keep moving that line after tyranny has supressed the people and their God given rights? There are still 4 folks left at that refuge. I highly suggest that a group of OK get together and get them out of there safely. Do not ignore the issue of there will be more bloodshed since Cliven Bundy is filing demands for the truth to be known. This is not over by a long shot in Oregon. Those people that shot LaVoy, Ryan Bundy and at the vehicles were not FBI or OSP, they were and still are there putting fear and anger in to the townspeople yet! These are hired mercenaries from France. You need to do more research on the urgency of the circumstances in these two cases I speak of. The UN has forces on our land and are using them! Treasonous Acts of violence against our people. I see that you ignored the other gentlemens questions on this issue so how about you post an intelligent response to that motto you stand under so diligently. These losses of life, two ranchers days apart, are inexcusable and are being ignored by you for a reason. We sit on edge awaiting your response. And I’m not a troll stirring the pot. So please don’t get on that pedestal when replying. I’m a Red Blooded Patriot that believes this tyrannical government needs to back up into its rightful position or we the people throw it off.

  15. The idea that the man in the woods used a taser makes the assumption that he was a right handed gun shooter. I do not see the man at the rear of the vehicle shooting and then turning away. I do see LaVoy pointing at someone back toward the road. I see the man in the woods advancing from much more than 25′ away until he shot LaVoy with a weapon in his left hand at a range of about 18′.

    1. Technically, by virtue of the grainy video, we don’t see anyone shooting. But, we know LaVoy was shot. So, we know someone was shooting. And we have 2 clear candidates in the video. The guy kitted up who deliberately ran in front of LaVoy’s PU, who may have shot through the windshield, then moved the the back of the black PU, squared off with LaVoy, then, as LaVoy’s hands went down, turned, crouching to cover. Then, there is the guy who was behind the guy kitted up, who moved forward and peeled left.

      Until I get proof otherwise, I am convinced the guy kitted up and behind the black PU was the first shooter on LaVoy. That is my observation after slowing the video down 4X’s and changing the hue/color colder. While not perfect, the video can be cleaned up from the original.

  16. I would argue that America is failed as it was born to be! Millions and millions of “legal” immigrants risked everything to come here to “escape” tyranny,for Freedom,for Opportunity,for independence,for unalienable,G-D given rights,for a new beginning for themselves,their families,a chance to earn the American Dream which was simple for most,based on simple things as opposed to money,power,control!

    These people,generation after generation worked indomitably,went through an arduous but necessary process to Earn citizenship,to learn our laws,to learn our language,our culture a dream they New they would never have under tyranny,The State Of The Union today!

    Educated people,craftsmen and women willing to work any jobs,willing to work many jobs to put a roof overhead and food on the table! Education,to learn a trade,to work and learn as opposed to imprisonment,torture,death!

    History speaks volumes about tyranny which always shows up in times of crisis,crises from the beginning,over and over and over again as desperation,fear,ignorance leads to anger,to violence,to the sociopaths always out there waiting,hiding,plotting then emerging from the holes,the caves that they live in narcissists,pathological liars,self-anointed deities,immoral,inhumane,who commit atrocities that civilized people do not,did not in America until all three branches betrayed their sworn oaths,complicit in tyranny with a cadre of vermin willingly,wantonly committing unthinkable acts,atrocities for money,for power,for control,for extremists ideologies as in Bolshevik,Russia,Nazi,Germany,China,Africa,Europe,South America a recurring nightmare,over and over and over again!

    The pathological liars,the demagogues,the insane,diabolical,blood thirsty barbarians history documents who have eviscerated the Constitution,the Bill Of Rights,the Declaration Of Independence,Due Process in lieu of tyranny,torture,murder, control.the very things so many millions thought they had left behind!

    Generation after generation fought to protect America,too often died to protect her because for most the system worked!

    The cancer has metastasized for 5-6 decades arguably begun when the Kennedy’s were assassinated,the impotent,corrupt Warren Commission burying the truth beside them!

    Johnson began the end of America as we knew it,forever changing a mostly United Country into the divided country we became based on racism,class warfare, an illegal,unconstitutional,costly war in Vietnam where our sons and daughters were sent to fight and die,those who returned never the same and Johnson who circumvented Congress,an impeachable offense got away with it leading to Nixon,Clinton(s),and now Obama a pathological liar,a narcissist who is stage 4 cancer,a Community Organizer,a Constitutional,Federal criminal who dictates,who steals,who lies,who cheats,who takes the peoples monies to redistribute as he pleases,to violate Federal Immigration laws by dictate,to use executive privilege,executive order,two limited powers Only to be used IF there is an immediate threat to this country AND Congress cannot convene! He pushes the envelope because those elected,appointed to “serve” the people,to defend and enforce the Constitution,the ONLY reason they exist Don’t The State Of The Union Today!

    As always,the people will decide how far this will go! The effort must be united,co-ordinated,with violence the Last solution but sadly one that must be United,thoughtfully,intelligently,overwhelmingly if our country is to survive!

    People were forced at gunpoint to dig their own graves and murdered to fill them not so long ago!

    Study the past and contemplate the future! Freedom has NEVER been Free!!

    Never Forget,Never Again,”Live free or die!

  17. Now that we have the Payriot Act, patriots can be murdered without due process of any sort. Here is a good example. All the feds have to do is label citizens who resist government abuse as terrorisrs (or just gun-toating kooks), which is what they did to the Hammonds. I doubt any use of the truth in a court will help this situation. The law giving the government immunity is already right in our faces. But it is worh a try. I respect Rhodes for not fallng for this obvious set up. Unless we use every bit of brainpower we have, we will not win this. We the People are out gunned.

  18. According to the FBI a spike strip was in place, just in front of the vehicle road block. FBI Special Agent Greg Bretzing said this at the press conference on Jan. 28:
    “As the white truck approaches the roadblock, there is a spike strip across the road but it appears Finicum missed it as he attempted to drive around the roadblock.”

    1. Yes, we realize that. But, the right way to go is a spike strip alone, without a roadblock/barricade right after it, for all the same reasons. Let the vehicle hit the spike strip, be disabled (and the newer versions are net-like and wrap up the axle, causing total immobility) and THEN approach slowly, giving the vehicle occupants time to cool down, calm down, and listen to the negotiator. That treats them like a barricaded suspect at a distance, rather than as a sudden, face to face close range encounter. There is no need, on a wide open stretch of rural highway, in the winter, to be in a rush to stop and contain people at close range. Just not necessary. And if someone “squirts” and tries to run, how far will they get in the snow, in that kind of terrain, and in that weather? And then that is where canine units come in. So, there is a reason why most jurisdictions have gotten away from barricades and just use spike strips instead. But I will let Greg comment further if he wants. – Stewart

      1. According to Oregon law, the barricade must afford ample time to 1. SEE the barricade, and 2. STOP for the barricade

        The barricade was set up at the butt end of a blind double solid line S curve, with the barricade placed just 10 feet before the double line became broken after the final left curve. So the barricade failed to meet both criteria for its placement.

        You cannot tell when after coming around the final portion of the S curve when a driver will first see the roadblock. Nor that he would know it was a roadblock initially for a variety of reasons.

        The snow banks on the side of the road were about 3 foot high for one thing.

        LEO conducted close pursuit, so the driver is likely to glance from time to time in his rear view to monitor the progress on his tail. So not knowing a roadblock is looming, a long glance behind could ruin chances of early alert to a barricade.

        When the driver eventually does see “something” ahead in the road he could easily take it for oncoming traffic, which would be the first thing the brain would process when the form of a vehicle is glimpsed by the eyes. A roadblock is the exception not the rule.

        By the time it registers that it was something he needed to brake for, I doubt he slammed the brakes on. First, he had to account for the fact that there was someone driving up his ass for one thing. Second, most people who own 5500lb crew cab trucks aren’t accustomed to urgent 60-0 braking if ever so have no reference point to judge what to do. Also, notice once he began braking in earnest, he never stopped and the brake lights remained on even after swerving to avoid striking the roadblock.

        Also account for the fact that he was fired upon at the first stop, unprovoked, which will unnerve any person as most people live their entire lives without being fired on.

        I think that just about covers it.

  19. KrisAnn Hall, Attorney

    I understand that there were hundreds in attendance at the meeting that LaVoy and other’s were scheduled to speak.
    Why not carry the baton so to speak and reschedule that meeting with other highly capable speakers and supportive Patriots? Nothing illegal about that is there?

    1. EXCELLENT! Such a meeting would also be a good time to reveal the evidence Bundy et al allegedly possessed that was said to exonerate the Hammonds. I’ve been watching for this to surface, but so far, no results…

  20. Many people do not believe that their “government” would do harm to them….In one of the 2008 presidential debates, Ron Paul got in a ??? strongly worded debate with…can’t think of his name..the former preacher from Arkansas..starts with an H…anyway, he (H) says emphatically that he is with our country’s leadership, right or wrong…(insinuating that Ron Paul is not dedicated to our country). Ron Paul replies…NO….when our country (gov.) is wrong, it is the DUTY of the American people to point out where the country (government) is wrong…

    So, with that in mind, for people who do not believe their governments would intentionally kill them….Today, at there is an article, from Washingtonsblog titled” 58 admitted False Flag Attacks” It is very lengthy with many links in it… So, when people say…well what can I do?… Here is something you can do… just print this out in color, so the links will show up… and make copies and give it out…

    It is just unbelievable…to descent people, who value… “Justice, Truth, and the value of a single person..(life)”..quote from the Chief Judge at the Nuremberg trial.. said in the movie, :Judgement at Nuremberg,(1961) which I mentioned at a previous post.

    Not many people could put together such a compilation of false flags…and it contains recent false flags…something to take into consideration with what has just transpired in Oregon… Here is the direct link..if it does not work, just go to Lew Rockwells site, today…you will see it.

    1. Speaking of Ron Paul’s responses at a debate, at the 2012 debate in Florida (?), all of the candidates were saying emphatically how they would build a fence on the US/Mexico border. Ron Paul said, “Remember, the same fence that keeps them out can keep you in.” You could have heard a pin drop! Then he crawfished and made it about being hard to get your money out of the country rather than being physically restrained from leaving the country. I knew what he meant initially, but it shocked a lot of people–think he knew it, too.

      1. Psalm2. I do remember that. I believe Ron Paul was very careful not to get into issues and incidents that would take him off message, or that could be used to make him appear to be a conspiracy theorist, you know “crazy Uncle Ron”. In fact ,also at the 2012 debate I believe, he was asked by a gentleman from the audience what he thought about the north american union conspiracy,and he said (probably I’m paraphrasing here)”It’s no conspiracy. They just don’t talk about it much. We already have the NAFTA highway”. Mike Huckabee appeared to just stare at him.
        He probably educated more young people (and a lot of older ones too. Just ask me,lol) at his campaign rallies at colleges, regarding the loss of our liberties; 10,000 attendees at some, more than any other politician of which I am aware . He also said at another rally….paraphrasing again “Once you are awake to what is going on, you have an obligation to do something about it”.
        It would be interesting to know how many he has awakened. Not quite enough yet.

        BTW, you can watch him on “The Liberty Report” and he also has an online educational website and his Campaign for Liberty which is still fighting for us in Washington. Even though Rand just bowed out from the 2016 election, he is still fighting as a Ky senator.

        Stewart is aware of all this but some may not be.

        There are many groups, and many more coming alive to fight for our freedoms. We need them all. There is so much coming at us……and time is not on our side.

        I also believe that over the course, Malheur will have been a major step forward and not just an unproductive situation that cost this wonderful man, dedicated to justice, his life. No one here will let him be forgotten.

        Yes, the brushfires have been lit. Keep them burning. Thank you Stewart, Elias, Jason and all others responsible for this site, and to those in the field, at the ready.

  21. I retired several years ago from OSP. I spent 12 years as a member of OSP SWAT. I won’t ‘monday morning quarter-back’ this incident based solely on a video. I will say, based on my experiece and training, that the officers you see are NOT tactically trained members of SWAT. Their actions just don’t show it. My guess is they are regular patrol officers.

    Please don’t think I’m using that as an excuse for their actions. I’m not. I question their tactics and willingness to use deadly force so quickly. What was the hurry to kill LaVoy Finnicum? Where was he going to go?

    1. Who knows if you were actually OSP? That’s the hilarious thing about this site, people posting as if they have experience. If you’re on this website and posting positive comments about this BS analysis t by this SWAT person, then you obviously have an anti-government agenda and your comments should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

      1. Believe whatever suits you.I truly do not give a rat’s (edited). And yes, you’re damn right I have issues with this government. Have a nice day.

  22. Great…an analysis by a SWAT officer who also identifies himself as an OathKeeper and who wasn’t there. I wouldn’t believe one word of the BS that comes out of that guys mouth.

  23. I have questions comcerning joining I guess? Is Stuart available email available? Sounds like a cool dude! I don’t have an email, but would be cool to talk to a ranger! Ur cool Stewart! I want to be a ranger or a duck bill platypus like n finiud an ferb!

  24. I out myself as Bill… I have a family and young children. So when you come, take me on the road. Don’t rush my house where my innocent family is. Take me like you took Lavoy. Take me w/o mercy. I await ur arrival peacefully, unarmed, and w/o opposition. I will be your prize, ur scapegoat, ur end to a means. Hang me on your wall and gloat my “brothers”…one request though, tell my young son I loved him. Tried to preserve what freedoms he didn’t have the privilege to enjoy. I want him to feel at least, A minute portion/fraction of the pride, the chills, the love, of hearing our national anthem, maybe a tear in his eye, like his daddy did. On second thought, don’t even speak to him. He’ll figure it out on his own.
    Peace out

  25. The line in the sand for me, along with hundreds of thousands of Connecticut citizens , New Yorkers, 3 percenters, and numerous other Patriots is not “gun confiscation”, as the very respectable Mr. Stewart Rhodes hints on. It is with no inflated lah-di-dah “gun registration”, and that line has already been crossed in a few States. The cold war has arrived in those mentioned States, the physical war so far has not, however it is very close. There are only 3 solutions, bloodshed, more bloodshed, or nullify the anti-constitutional registration laws, as many of the Patriots from those States with registration schemes have asserted. I feel sorry for all those who initiated registration schemes, I really do, if it comes down to what the very respectable Mr. Stewart Rhodes implies at “6:48”. Semper FI

  26. anyone else noticing the links don’t work as they did yesterday? Yesterday they went right to the page, and you could read the exact policy. Today it goes to some page that asks for a username and password. With pursuit Procedures, and the link goes not where. For some odd reason too now they work all of a sudden as they did yesterday, but twice I clicked the above links and they did not work. is something amiss? PTB messing with things? But while I was typing this I went to recheck the links that weren’t working ten seconds before and all of a sudden they worked again WTF?

  27. According to David Knight, Infowars….Ammon Bundy had evidence, found at the Wildlife Reserve office, that shows proof that Mr. Hammond was set-up, or something to that effect and is the reason why the Governor ordered the take-down ambush. Ammon was taking the paperwork to the meeting where 400 local residents were waiting in the adjacent county.

    If “justice” has any legs, the politicians, including those in Washington will pay a heavy price for their deadly decisions, but in particular…Governor Kate Brown.

    1. The planning to “take down” LGTB Governor Kate Brown (accomplice to assassination and murder), and to HURL her out of the office of the Governor should already be kicking into high gear….

  28. Stuart,
    Don’t you think that the government taking private land from citizens is just as onerous and tyrannical as attempting to take firearms from people like they did in 1775? Over 70% of Americans own land in the USA, twice as many as own firearms. Wouldn’t informing people how the feds are taking land give even more people a “buy in” that the founders had?
    Point out that the way things are going, soon the USA will not be much different than China, where government owns ALL the land. The Chinese government gives people a 70 year lease if they want to construct a building or farm some land. Basically all land in China is controlled by an agency similar to the BLM. I think this would be a great point to make.
    I know all this because my wife is a Chinese citizen.

  29. Is there an extremely abbreviated version of this? I’d love to know what he said about the incident but I can’t take nearly 2 hours to find out.

  30. I am wondering (besides more lies) what comes next? It was an ambush. Lavoy shot 9 times. 3 times before he turned away. His hands going towards his wounds. 3 times by the second shooter and 3 more times by the first shooter as he was on the ground. Murdered by honor-less criminals in the employ of a criminal government. Then of course the single sided hell storm on the vehicle.
    Then they plant a STOLEN 9mm semi auto on Lavoy who only carried a 8 inch revolver on his right hip when he was riding horses.
    I see the purpose of the interview above to increase awareness of Standard Operating Procedure. But recent American life is anything other than standard when it comes to criminals in and working for the US Government. The Harney County sheriff is a criminal.His practices have proven it. The Governor is also a criminal for catering to high level criminal politicians who are trying to sell America to the Chinese. Who do we see as part of this too? The Clintons.

  31. Thank you very much for exposing (starting at 52:50) what the genocidal globalist corruptocrats are willing to do to prevent the one tool that can actually extricate them from the public sector, Vigilance Committees (AKA Committees of Safety). On page 338 of Henry Steele Commanger’s book “Documents of American History,” when talking about the 1856 San Francisco Committee of Vigilance (that had over 2000 armed men, plus including field artillery, and that hanged many thieves, “fire insurance salesmen,” “shoulder strikers” [the equivalent of modern police who sake people down for money on behalf their political bosses, to wit, ticketing for revenue], “ballot box stuffers,” etc…), he quoted H. H. Bancroft’s books “Popular Tribunals Vols 1 and 2” when he said: “It was the greatest cause of civil righteousness WITHOUT subversion of the law the world has ever seen,” and he also said that most historians agree with Bancroft. One extremely powerful element of Vigilance Committee tactics was to abolish “plea bargaining.” Once a street thug had been caught by them, they were worth more as an example to be hanged in the town square than they were as an informant under the legal maxim “by punishing the few, the many are warned.” Here’s a wonderful story about how well behaved people were when vigilance committees were operating (and how quickly things spin out of control when they aren’t):

    We are setting up a resource center to support the formation of vigilance committees all over the world. Please track our progress at and on the “Committee of Vigilance” facebook page.

  32. Fellow compatriots, please stop regurgitating innuendo….post your passions, your love/beliefs, your hearts! Inspire others through these means! If you truly believe in a cause, likeminded people will B inspired!

  33. You might want to interview a Deputy Sheriff, like myself, who worked for a Department that still actively uses Roadblocks. Maybe there is more to this than the very slanted reporting presented in this interview. You can always find someone to spout out words that support your “Truth.” But it is difficult to listen or read something from someone who does not necessarily support your cause.

  34. First and foremost, the federal and Oregon governments knew well that LaVoy Finicum was a good and peaceful man who had been thoroughly exposing the truth of their willful violations of our Constitution and threat of lethal force. In contrast, there is no evidence that LaVoy Finicum was violent, none whatsoever, nor is there evidence that he was violating any valid laws. His character alone exposes the evil conspiracy to murder him.

  35. So, let’s say the FBI was pressured to takedown LaVoy quickly. Why would a Supervisor agree to do the road block like this one? Why would that person say , yeah, let’s set up a hasty road block and take our chances that everything goes according to your instructions.
    ( that of the politician) Since when do they call the tactical shots?
    That seems crazy to me.

  36. One extremely important point to resolve is the witness testimonystating they were fired upon without provocation or justification at the first stop, thereby setting up an apparent assassination.

  37. McWhirter, there appears to be an FBI wet works squad ( Ruby Ridge, Waco, Black Panther shootings etc.) at work in stark contrast to your lauding of the HRT team in general. Your professional analysis of the incident and anomalous methods used raises points that need to be answered. I believe that a wrongful death/ civil rights violation suit utilizing legal discovery, forensic analysis of all recordings, forensic analysis of physical evidence, autopsy analysis, eyewitness testimony under oath, timeline, shooters/agents identification and associations etc will be required to understand what happened.

  38. suggestions-study @ I feel a lot of people do not know the organic “Constitution” along with the “original” 13th amendment. Judge Ana Von Reitz will help you here. America must restore Common Law. Learn how this Country has gotten in this mess. How they have done things without we the peoples knowledge. I do believe thee Constitutional Sheriffs may learn truth here also. Our govt structure is fine, the criminals holding positions need removed. The original 13th amendment stated NO lawyers may hold political office.

  39. Just as true now as it was in 1776

    Excerpt from The Crisis by Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

    “I turn with the warm ardor of a friend to those who have nobly stood, and are yet determined to stand the matter out: I call not upon a few, but upon all: not on this state or that state, but on every state: up and help us; lay your shoulders to the wheel; better have too much force than too little, when so great an object is at stake.

    Let it be told to the future world, that in the depth of winter, when nothing but hope and virtue could survive, that the city and the country, alarmed at one common danger, came forth to meet and to repulse it. Say not that thousands are gone, turn out your tens of thousands; throw not the burden of the day upon Providence, but “show your faith by your works,” that God may bless you.

    It matters not where you live, or what rank of life you hold, the evil or the blessing will reach you all. The far and the near, the home counties and the back, the rich and the poor, will suffer or rejoice alike. The heart that feels not now is dead; the blood of his children will curse his cowardice, who shrinks back at a time when a little might have saved the whole, and made them happy.

    I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death. My own line of reasoning is to myself as straight and clear as a ray of light. Not all the treasures of the world, so far as I believe, could have induced me to support an offensive war, for I think it murder; but if a thief breaks into my house, burns and destroys my property, and kills or threatens to kill me, or those that are in it, and to “bind me in all cases whatsoever” to his absolute will, am I to suffer it?

    What signifies it to me, whether he who does it is a king or a common man; my countryman or not my countryman; whether it be done by an individual villain, or an army of them? If we reason to the root of things we shall find no difference; neither can any just cause be assigned why we should punish in the one case and pardon in the other.

    Let them call me rebel and welcome, I feel no concern from it; but I should suffer the misery of devils, were I to make a whore of my soul by swearing allegiance to one whose character is that of a sottish, stupid, stubborn, worthless, brutish man.

    I conceive likewise a horrid idea in receiving mercy from a being, who at the last day shall be shrieking to the rocks and mountains to cover him, and fleeing with terror from the orphan, the widow, and the slain of America.”

  40. LaVoy Finicum shooting: What happened when
    “The Oregonian/OregonLive created a timeline of what the FBI, the two women in Finicum’s truck and the driver of a Jeep also stopped during the confrontation have said publicly about what happened and when. We’ve also compared their comments to an FBI aerial video of the deadly encounter and later comments from law enforcement sources.”

    These statements in the article clarify a few things for me:
    While Greg Bretzing, the special agent in charge of Oregon, confirmed shots were fired, it is difficult to identify exactly when that occurs.

    Two planes are in the air and the FBI shared the “most clear” video. Oregon State Police dash cameras didn’t record the shooting. — Bretzing

    No shots were fired at Finicum’s truck during the first stop — Law enforcement sources told The Oregonian/OregonLive

    The officer in the woods is equipped with a Taser, not a gun. — Law enforcement sources told The Oregonian/OregonLive

    An OC canister broke the windshield. — Cox told The Oregonian/OregonLive

    Bundy drops his cellphone after he exits the car — Cox told The Oregonian/OregonLive

  41. I will remind all of you of one Main thing, and that is we Swore an Oath to protect the Constitution, so that is to stop any and all Traitors for Treason and Perjury to protect our Country. This means to arrest and to hold accountable. Because we have not done this the enemy is growing stronger against us to the point they murder without any worries and so they will be so strong we will not be able to resist because we do nothing. All we have to do is to unite and file charges and demand action through Lesser Magistrates and for Common Law Grand Jury. Who is ready to join me?

  42. Thursday, a fellow having breakfast at a local restaurant remarked that porta-potties had been increased in numbers at the armory in Burns. The significance of that is not fully known. Also, OSP now has police presence along with an electric sign warning “subject to arrest” lighted on it coupled with the road closed sign at the Narrows. That was not there Thursday morning.
    Klamath Falls Wildlife Refuge in Idaho has had its security beefed up along with additional sites in southern Oregon, Nevada, and Northern California.
    This type of paranoia is counter productive and will do nothing to ease tensions.
    I submit here the protestors at Malheur are peaceful and never intended harm, never intended to threaten anyone, or cause injury of any manner. They only wanted a peaceful review of abuses alleged of them against the BLM and FWS. They desired to have the Hammonds restored to freedom coupled with a transparent review of their case.
    Also, 19 other families who had been subjected to abuses were desired to have the circumstances of their abuses publically reviewed.
    The standing army such as in evidence in more increasing numbers we were never to have, is now in our presence. It is a heavily militarized and armored constituancy of various LEAs and Federal agencies.
    Recent events have demonstrated they are not reluctant from exercising deadly excessive force where no justifiable reason exists.

  43. Kate brown was not elected to the Governor seat in Oregon, she was the Secretary of state and was appointed after our Governor was caught cheating on his wife and had to resigned,the people did not get to choose that one ,thank you for taking the time to do the program for us all ,now please help us put the ones behind bars that murdered Lavoy !

  44. If they were using stinger balls then how did Ryan Bundy get shot? My theory of how they avoided dieing was by laying on the floorboard they may have been partially below the snow line. The officers tendancy would have been to aim at the part of the vehicle they could see and thus they would have not been directly in the line of fire. The windows had dark tint which would have held the glass together after being shot and obscured the view of anyone aiming at possible occupants.

  45. Not for nothing but if your pissed thinking someone/anyone didn’t do enough for these folks…I need to tell you all, many, many people were working behind the scene’s, trying to help these Patriots. Trying to talk sense, tell them where they went wrong, how to get out of this safely, to fight another day under better circumstances, Americans writing DC, congressmen, senators, sheriffs, even people like Alex Jones made attempts talking with the Bundy’s and Hammond’s, explaining the tactical and strategic errors….dangers etc, same as Rhodes.
    What they now need is even more support, the support and continuing efforts by all of us to help rope this fiasco in.

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