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Political Correctness: The World Of The Perpetually Offended


This article was written by Luis R. Miranda and originally published at The Real Agenda

Political correctness is key in centralizing power. That is why more and more people, who are purportedly liberal or progressive, are all out to curve people’s choice of words and even thoughts.

The growing number of people who think that individuals’ speech should be regulated by the government to avoid politically incorrect statements are persons who have been hiding under the shadows for a long time as victims of the hatred they feel for their own lives.

People who feel entitled to restrain someone else’s speech are what I have come to call the “perpetually offended”. Scholars and academics who analyze the current move towards intellectual slavery as well as people who are well-aware about the agenda behind enforcing politically correct speech have found very insightful information about the “thought police”.

The real agenda behind politically correct speech and intolerance towards a diversity of ideas is that political correctness is a manipulative tool for centralizing power. Just as that that who counts the votes is more important than those who vote, and just as those who control food can control a population; controlling speech enables diversity-of-thought haters to take over people’s mental abilities.

“The left is definitely using these mass manipulation tactics,” says Stella Morabito, a former intelligence analyst. She says that conservatives have no clue about the propaganda manipulation tactics and that most people in the left aren’t even knowledgeable enough to understand it. They just go along with the flow.

According to Morabito, mass ignorance is key in bringing about the type of society we live in and the kind of environment the Elite has planned for us all. She says that the very human fear of being rejected is one of the pillars of the current move to divide social groups that would otherwise make strong links among individuals.

In other words, people, who for a long time have felt left out, are the most likely to open their ears and join so-called liberal movements. Unsuspecting supporters of Feminism, LGBT, Gender Equality and other left-wing movements are included in the group of potential victims.

Recently, Thierry Meyssan explained how companies that are in the business of setting up campaigns and movements work in favor of a candidate or an idea to make it mainstream.

Separating society into small groups and making those groups go after each other is paramount if the Elite is to be successful in destroying human identity. Language manipulation through the imposition of a veil of semantic fog has become a powerful tool in turning individuals into self-censoring, mindless and easily controllable beings.

“If we revisit the example of the “quick public opinion shift” on same-sex marriage — which was basically an implausible idea 15 years ago — we might ask: why did the activist push for it became so fast and furious? Couldn’t the idea withstand real public discourse and stand on its own merits without extreme public shaming of anyone who had doubts?  Couldn’t it have come about through the legislative process without an activist judge overturning the referendum results of an entire state? Or Supreme Court justices claiming that those opposed were filled with “animus?”

The effective capture of society is done via the most important communication outlets, including the media, Hollywood, pop culture, academia, religion, and more recently, the family. “If you push an agenda to centralize power, you need mass ignorance and effective propaganda,” Morabito explains.

The Elite’s agenda to centralize power and control is brought upon society in disguise, hidden behind messages of fairness, equality and anyone who dares speak their mind against the brainwashing movement is immediately accused of driving homophobic speech, racism, anti-Semitism, of being a womanizer, a holocaust denier, a ‘flat earther’ and so on.

“Opinion cascades, particularly on ideas that seem implausible — rely on a great deal of propaganda and agitation, through political correctness. They are very fragile things.  The survival of such opinion cascades requires a lot of tweaking and teasing and discipline and balancing acts by those pushing them, including activists, politicians, celebrities, academics, media moguls.” That is precisely how the masses of the perpetually offended get mobilized. In simple terms, the Elite gives the naked Emperor a new set of clothes that only the brainwashed are able to see. In reality, though, the Emperor is naked. “It’s all about conditioning,” says Morabito.

When propaganda alone does not work, the Elite resources to PsyOps. Psychological Operations are far more complex than propaganda, which is aimed only at deforming the perception of reality. This tactic is often used to convince people who have resisted the propaganda and to reinforce the thoughts of those who are already in the bag.

Companies like SCL, whose business is to profile human drones and zombies who feel left out, offer their services which include “using behavioural techniques in order to fabricate a political party which would sweep its client to power.” Psychologists in these company and others “define the profile type of the sincere and manipulable militant”. Later, data is collected, usually by paying off companies like Amazon to obtain data from target populations. An analysis is conducted to find out who best fits the profile. Based on this information, the company designs a message that will convince people to support their idea or personality.

“Through propaganda and agitation, you get behavior modification on a mass scale. Yesterday it was same sex marriage.  Today it is transgenderism.  Tomorrow? It could be absolutely anything at all.”

The techniques used to manipulate masses of people come directly from academia, where specific terms are employed to name mass manipulation tactics. “Availability cascade” is an academic term that basically has to do with manufacturing public opinion approval for a policy of some sort.  Any kind of policy at all,” explains Morabito.

Brainwashing the masses is as easy as injecting a new idea into public discourse, to turn it available to the target masses. Fake populism is one of the best tools to manipulate the public, which is why politicians have attempted to master populism for a long time. The goal is to “saturate the media with praises for the idea, and add just the right celebrity endorsements,” says Morabito. We saw this tactic during Super Bowl 50’s halftime show, where performers used explicit visual tools to send a message to the dissatisfied masses of people who were tuning into the broadcast.

The dangers of falling for the political correctness gimmick is that there is no way back. Once people fall in the deep hole of thought control, there is little to do to bring them back. We need far more conversations about how political correctness – i.e., coercive thought reform – undermines our ability to think independently,” warns Morabito. She agrees with the fact that once people’s ability to think freely is gone, they become ideal subjects of manipulation. “On a mass scale, this is very bad for any society.”

The question is, how do we prevent ourselves and other people who live around us from being manipulated? How can we build a shield of protection against coercive thought reform? The answer is, by learning more about it, by learning how to identify it and how to reject it. Once we are able to create a shield, it is possible to go out and help others. Put it simply, it is necessary to hack-proof your mind.

In this article, the author provides a list of books that will help anyone build the shield, keep it strong and elevate its intellectual ammo to go out and have conversations about how political correctness threatens the free human mind.


Brandon Smith



  1. “That is why more and more people, who are purportedly liberal or progressive, are all out to curve people’s choice of words and even thoughts.”

    “She says that conservatives have no clue about the propaganda manipulation tactics and that most people in the left aren’t even knowledgeable enough to understand it.”

    I think this is a great piece that brings attention to a subject that explains much of the ignorance that plagues our current society. However, I believe the article does a great disservice to what I can assume is a mostly conservative readership by leading us to assume that only the left become victims of this manipulation. By making this implication, the article actually does more harm than good.

    The first step to becoming immune to these manipulation tactics is to understand that they not only exist but are also effective on the majority of the population. The second step, which is just as vital, is to understand that YOU are likely a member of “the majority of the population.” Therefore, at least some of these tactics have been effective in manipulating YOU.

    By letting the conservative readership wrongfully infer that these techniques only work on leftist sheep and nonpartisan loaners, many may also wrongfully infer that these techniques have not and cannot work on them thanks to their conservative immunity. This thinking will prevent readers from coming to terms with step two, “These tactics have been effective in manipulating YOU.” Without step two, no amount of information will be of any use to the reader aside from using it as a way to feel undeservedly superior to anyone with opposing views (a mindset that results from the effectiveness of the very same manipulation tactics to which the conservative readers may feel immune).

    Reading about polio and knowing where to get the vaccine will do you no good if you are a man with polio but what you read has led you to believe that polio only affects women.

    These thought control techniques that lead to self-imposed regulations on free speech, intolerance of opposing views, and a total inability to consider the truth in an opposing view are techniques that are used by ALL corrupt leaders to control ALL members of a society. Not a single major political group or brand of social philosophy provides protection to those who self-identify as a member. In fact, the need and desire to identify as anything besides a free and independent individual is the same psychological condition that makes these techniques effective.

    “But conservatives like me are the ones fighting for ALL constitutional rights, especially the right to have free speech! We’d never let ourselves be manipulated into promoting censorship through political correctness; that’s just for the left-wing loonies!” Many may think this, and this article might help them reinforce this thinking. They may even be one of the few who truly behave in a way that justifies this thinking. I’m willing to bet the majority of conservatives who say this to themselves and others in reality choose to think and behave in a way that is no less destructive to free speech than spending 13 years in a public school system.

    We all believe we are protectors of freedom. We all believe that we have open minds and it’s “other people” who prohibit effective intellectual dialogue with us. That’s the point. That’s how it works. Those who are brainwashed never think they are brainwashed. If they did, then they wouldn’t be brainwashed. So ask yourself if what you do fits the definition of what you believe. If you truly believe in free speech for all, then you cannot talk over, belittle, or seek to humiliate anyone who says your guns should be taken away or Caitlyn Jenner should be president. It may be wrong, or you may just be offended by it. Either way, they are free to say these things and by choosing any method of shutting them up or blocking them out instead of walking away or pursuing the intelligent dialogue we so often blame others of being incapable of having is the same as choosing to restrict free speech and use the threat of humiliation to impose thought control on anyone who thinks differently than you. This spreads the ignorance we think we are immune to, and it leaves us thinking the truth can only be told by those who think like us…or those who claim to think like us…like politicians…like conservative celebrities. We believe the left are the only ones brainwashed because when a liberal politician tells a lie and liberal media spreads it, the liberal followers will believe it and block out any conservative who might be trying to present facts that would bring them to understanding the truth. Yet, when a conservative we identify with tells a lie (*gasp* yes, it’s true, they ALL lie..except maybe Ron Paul) and delivers it to us in a package wrapped up with a speech about freedom and tied up in a bow of words about democracy, we will gladly accept it from our own brand of propaganda media, because they claim to be conservative and so do we. Then, when someone who disagrees with us and tries to show us the lie we have been manipulated into supporting (war in Afghanistan, war in Iraq, war in Syria, war in any other place where an entire society of people who don’t look like me or believe what I believe deserve death because a few people who aren’t them and might not even be from there have allegedly attacked people who look like me and believe what I believe and therefore the attackers will probably take away my freedom more than say, the Patriot Act), we immediately resort to labeling that person as an anti-American socialist liberal sheep who supports terrorism and wants Americans to die or be Muslims or both. Whether you agree or disagree that the justifications given for those military actions were built on lies, by trying to patriotically humiliate anyone who attempts to give you an alternate explanation than the one you heard on FOX News, you’ve banished the possibility of truly considering an opposing view, and you’ve destroyed any opportunity of discovering that you’ve been told a lie by a politician who used the manipulation methods mentioned above to take advantage of your need to self-identify with the political party that the politician only chose to affiliate with in order to use your views and values to get you to support a policy that only satisfies the interests of the politician, the interests of his or her backers, and his or her personal quest to attain a higher position of power.

    Liberal politicians lie to liberal voters and they believe it, because they’ve been manipulated. Conservative politicians lie to conservative voters and they believe it, because they’ve been manipulated. Conservatives see through the liberal lies, because the lie wasn’t packaged to trick those with conservative values. Liberals see through the conservative lies, because the lie wasn’t packaged to trick those with liberal values. Both sides declare that the other side has been lied to and is too stupid to see that they’ve been manipulated. Both sides are right. Both sides believe that only the other side has been brainwashed, because the lies designed for the other side weren’t designed to work on them. Both sides are wrong. Both sides will refuse to acknowledge facts from the other side, because it’s clear to them that the other side has been brainwashed and only believes lies. Both sides are wrong. While both sides will believe the lies that were intended for them, only the other side will be able to see the lies that are believed and defended as truths by their brainwashed opposition. We are a nation of people who believe that the speck we see in our neighbor’s eye has blinded him, and so he must be lying when he declares that we have a plank in our own.

    We have all been manipulated at some point in our lives. If you believe you haven’t, it’s important to realize that that’s the point. None of us will automatically believe that we have been, or can personally be, manipulated, yet we know so many people who have been and continue to be. Those people also think it hasn’t happened to them…yet they see it happening to everyone else. Again, that’s the point. That’s how it works.

    The only way to truly be immune is to solely identify as a free and independent individual who thinks and behaves according to established and concrete principles that each individual has thoughtfully and consciously self-prescribed and have been built on the truths he or she has learned and will continue to verify using information that is provable fact and fact alone. This individual will perpetually seek to discover the objective truth with no bias for or against the source that provides it so long as the information is supported with provable facts. If the individual is presented information that causes the individual to feel an emotion or creates within the individual a sense of comradery with the source of the information through apparently shared values, the information should immediately be considered questionable and the source considered suspect, for these things form the cloak that conceals the liar’s dagger.

    The truth does not need to be delivered in a package of emotion in order for it to be received. The truth is a pitcher of cool clean water in a barren desert. Although it has no smell nor flavor, it is eagerly consumed by those who happen upon it, because its value is inherently appreciated by all who have life. A lie, however, is a vial of poison that destroys any life that may consume it. But, a vial of poison has a smell that offends the nostrils and a taste that repulses the tongue. Anything with life will reject the poison and choose to risk dying of thirst in the desert rather than accept the convulsions and even more painful death that drinking the poison would surely bring. An assassin knows nothing living would ever accept the taste and smell of poison, and so he would never present it to the victim in its true form. This too is true of the liar who knows better than to present an outright lie to the population he intends to deceive. The poison of a lie may be concealed in the clean water of the truth, but the amount of truth it takes to conceal a small lie renders it uselessly diluted and of little impact. An assassin will never present a vial of pure poison to the victim, nor will he attempt to conceal it with clean water. Instead, he will choose to mix it with a bottle of sweet wine which will disguise the poison and replace its foul odor and repulsive flavor with a sweet aroma and intoxicating effect that the victim will gladly accept. The individual who wishes to truly be immune to these lies and manipulations will recognize any information presented that has been mixed with appealing and intoxicating emotions is likely a poison that has been concealed in a bottle of sweet wine. Even if it is not a lie, the temporary emotional relief from consuming wine will do nothing to save the life of those who thirst for truth in the desert.

    These individuals are uncommon in our society, but they are the only ones who can truly claim to be immune to these tools that control the mind. A free and independent man or woman who chooses to drink only clean water and is vigilant in always requiring proof that the source of the water is pure will never find themselves accidentally drinking poison. Likewise, the free and independent individuals who reject any information that has been charged with emotion and who only seek to fill their mind with the unemotional facts that form the basis of all real truths will never find themselves believing a lie.

    I encourage anyone who sees any validity to anything I’ve said to reconsider how they self-identify. Conservative, liberal, capitalist, socialist, and so on are all just names to describe groups and concepts that hold certain values or stand for a defined idea. We know there are many examples of these names being used to describe groups and concepts that are far from representing the values or meeting the definition that the name originally represented. So why self-identify with a name that has long ago lost its meaning and has instead been repeatedly used to divide and control a society?

    I’ll end this post that has transformed into a novel with the following thought. Pursue a life that meets the definitions of freedom and liberty described not only in our Constitution but also those demanded in our Declaration of Independence.

    “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

    We are in a time where it is necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands that used to connect us and now serve as the strings that manipulate and control us. See yourself as an individual person. Declare the truths and principles that you stand for and that serve as the causes that have impelled you to separate yourself from the political parties that have ceased to honestly represent the values they claim to share with you. Stand as an individual in a separate but equal station and assume the powers of the earth to which every man and woman is entitled. This is how mankind is able to demand a decent respect for individual opinions. It is not earned by pledging your individuality to the interests of corrupt political groups and hoping the next politician who represents you actually stands for what he claimed to stand for and honestly does the good things he said he intends to do during the campaign. That is not, and has never been, the way to have our voices heard nor has it ever been the way in which a self-interested government returns to its intended roll of following the will of the people who empower it. The blueprint for achieving what we all claim to want is right here in our founding documents.

    What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again, there is nothing new under the Sun. The only question is, are we living in the time where the people will demand that what has been a nation of freedom and great principles to be as such again, or is that for a future generation to bring about at a time where the sense of urgency will finally be great enough to inspire a people to, at long last, choose to implement the instruction manual that some of us may currently read but almost none of us has yet to follow.

    1. Phew! I read it as information validating my suspicions (been long calling various ideologies as containing a misplaced religious fervor demonstrated by adherents so I loved the header “perpetually offended” as in our Lady of the perpetually offended.) But I didn’t read it as pertaining to lib/prog at all. Anyways, you are quite the writer yourself. Where can I find more?

    2. Ethan,
      Well said!
      Accurate, concise, and articulated quite well, Bravo.
      I will go so far as to say that the information contained in your post is as good, if not more insightful, than the article.
      I have been trying to tell people this for years. Unfortunately what I usually come up against is a combination of ignorance and apathy. Not necessarily willful, but it’s there none-the-less.
      In my opinion, one of the best ways I have found to combat and resist the propaganda is to do as I did many years ago. Turn off the danged TV!!! People need to understand that there is NOTHING of any value on TV, nothing. FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, they all are in on the con. Furthermore, sports is one of the main ways used to get into people’s heads, along with all the talent shows, sitcoms, and the so called reality shows. Once they get you interested, you absorb a lot more than you would ever imagine.
      “No longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free from.”
      Question everything and everyone. Always. Believe me, it helps.

  2. Since schools were centralized and society urbanized we have all be trained to reason in the same manner, which means we can be easily manipulated. Probably the only ones that have some immunity to this are the ones who have spent a great deal of time living in the outdoors, becoming trained observers of what’s going on around them. I know it’s getting worse because it’s getting harder to find people who want to go off the grid to hunt or just camp for long periods of time. Seems that observing reality is tougher than creating your own reality. You don’t get the “participation award” for being wrong off the grid.

  3. Written by my 15 year old daughter for school. It is a shame she gets it and most adults do not.

    America used to be a melting pot. Back before the 1980s, people would come to America for the “American Dream”. Back in those days, people loved the idea of a free society governed by the people, for the people, and no one was persecuted for believing in the constitution. When people used to come to America, they would take civics classes to earn the right to become a citizen. They would also strive to learn English, which was the language of the land. America was founded on the principle of being able to be a Christian and not be persecuted for it. The words “In God we trust” was etched on our founders’ hearts, monuments, and even our currency. This is what made America great. Also part of what made America great was the check and balance system in place through Congress, the House of Representatives, and the Supreme Court. This system was put in place to keep a single political party from becoming too powerful to govern the people. The job of Congress was to serve the people, not rule over them.

    America has now become a salad bowl. As more immigrants pour into America daily, they come for a piece of the “Dream” but instead of America changing them, they change America. Immigrants no longer conform to the American way of life, but instead seek to change America and make it more like the countries they fled from. Instead of English being the language of the land, you have a lot of people that can barely even speak it and are not even seeking to learn it. An example of this would be any time you make a phone call to pay a bill, you press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish. If you hang on to the old American beliefs and dreams that once made this country great, you are branded a constitutionalist, which should be a good thing, but it’s starting to become a bad thing. If you believe in the first and second Amendments now you are being branded in a negative way that can endanger your family. The first Amendment is the right to free speech and the second one is “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    If America continues the course she’s on, she will no longer be free. Lady Liberty will not exist. Each day more of the principles this country was founded on are being chipped away at. Things like honor and tradition are being destroyed because of other people considering it racism or hatred. Nothing is sacred in this country anymore. Communism and Socialism used to be bad words. Now they become our future a little more every day. We need to remember what made America great, because taking away those things leads to America’s great fall. It’s sad when even Russia refers to us as “the United Socialist states of America”.

    1. A fine article!


      The USA citizens may have felt free but the Korean and Vietnam wars had been fought, suppressing the natives.

      And the USA occupied Europe and is still doing it against the will of the peoples, when it promised after WW2 that it would leave in five years time.

      Food for thought.

      I do not wish it upon you but if the USA had been physically occupied by a foreign power you would understand how it feels to be dominated every day of your life.

      Please do not believe that the USA liberated Europe.

      It only entered the theater of war there in 1944 and it was Germany which declared war on the USA, not the other way around.

      And with all due respect to every soldier the fact remains that the USSR suffered 40 million dead, Germany 20 million.

      The USA lost 780,000 in ALL theaters of war.

      1. @ Henk:

        Today, in the USA, we are being occupied by a tyrannical government. Many here just float along not recognizing the symptoms of tyranny. On the other hand, many are fed up with the current level of tyranny and are fighting back through elections and other intellectual peaceful means. However, that does not mean there will not be a day when it is blood that needs to be spilled as the cure.

        As for losses of life in Europe during WWII, we, unlike Europe and the Asian fronts, the US was not being governed under Stalin or Hitler, nor the likes of the tyranny in the Asian fronts; who imposed their violence on their own citizenry – who being disarmed could not protect themselves with the guns of the day. Rest assured, we are wide awake to the coming of such vile hatred on our horizon.

        The European Union is a mistake that is leading to all out war….again. Nothing personal, but the USA did save Europe and Asia from themselves. Now we have to look to saving ourselves.

      2. @WGP

        Thank you for your comment.

        It is good to hear another person’s view on things.

        Actually my comment was in reply to another one but not posted as such in correct order.

        The point I was making is that no man can be free if he enslaves another one.

        The European Union is run by ‘leaders’ who made a pact with the devil and the peoples of Europe do not want it.

        But they are in the same position as USA citizens i.e. they are disenfranchised.

        I certainly hope that the USA will be The Land Of The Free again as the world needs it as an example of a proper Republic.

        Thanks once again.


  4. This may be a little displaced, but the changes or modifications are everywhere you stop, look and listen. I am not nor ever will be part of the political correctness. I am so disappointed in the direction this country is going and wish that our Founding Fathers would come back and get us redirected and remove this political correctness that seems to be part of a massive scale agenda to dissolve the Constitution and change the United States. I have been reading posts and following many different websites and they all have one thing in common…changes, for the worst. Of course this was all promised in 2008 for “change to America”, which didn’t take too much time to get going. I will bring up a very disturbing “political correctness” issue I just found out about. My step daughter’s junior high school, which is covered under the wonderful “Common Core” curriculum is now teaching the kids how to rewrite the Constitution. That’s Right, to rewrite the Constitution. What in the world has happened to common sense, they have removed any “sense” and replaced it with a rotten “core”. I took some time to read through some chapters from the common core history book that states made up slander and lies about the Founding Fathers, especially George Washington. Oh and don’t forget to read the whole chapter on Islam. I am ready to take back this country for what it originally stood for and expel the ones tearing it down. My family has fought for this country since the colonial times, I would hate to see their efforts and devotion along with the hundreds of thousands of other Patriots and Veterans, past and present, fade away along with our sacred Constitution.

  5. Ya’ll are invited to join a new group called……………………… P.O.O.P.
    People Offended by Offended People!! P.O.O.P….coming to a town near you!
    When will it ever end?

  6. Political Correctness is a slogan for hatred and bigotry. Your convoluted thoughts that PC has reduced speech is quite false. It is the group of racists who created the term Political Correctness. Others in society, whether liberal or conservative refer to people in sensitive and respectful terms. Give me an example of a free speech term for some groups in society and I can expect that they are derogative and hateful.

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