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waco never forgetWhile the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is taking it on the chin in the western States the current occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon has prompted Oath Keepers Founder and President Stewart Rhodes to issue a cautionary warning which is going viral across America:

“Warning to U.S. Military and Federal LEOs: Do Not Follow Orders to “Waco” Ammon Bundy Occupation, or Risk Civil War”

Of particular interest to me is Stewart’s use of the name “Waco”.

On April 19 in 2016 the nation will reflect once again on Waco. The date will mark the twenty-third anniversary of one of the most cruel, insane, and even demonic actions ever perpetrated by the U.S. government upon its own citizens. It is not the only cruel and insane event done by government to the governed, but it is one of the most horrendous.

waco-texas_ammolandAs an older man I recall seeing the burning of that church in Texas while at a restaurant in Georgia. The entire restaurant was glued to the TV screen in disbelief. All we had heard was that the church had been molesting little children and manufacturing illegal drugs. That, a sickened nation would later learn, was a pack of lies made up by the ATF and presented to the Pentagon in hopes of getting military aid in resolving the standoff which resulted from the botched raid on the church.

The church had been assaulted by the ATF in a very stupid raid to garner support for the ATF’s increased budget requests due before Congress, a fact we learned in retrospect from the Dallas Morning News. As it turns out, the ATF had notified the press that there would be a newsworthy event at Waco and the ATF actually requested media coverage. Why?

The ATF felt they needed something big in “the news” to push through their requested budget increases. So goes the logic of government agencies, because government agencies, as our nation’s Founders well knew, by their very nature become ruthless infrastructural mechanisms of self-perpetuation. waco2

So Waco has become an undying testament to the inherent abusive nature of government. The recognition of that nature, by our Founders, has much to do with why there is a Bill of Rights attached to the Constitution. But the ATF could not care less about the original intent of the Founders. Nope! The ATF marches to the beat of its own drums, fully-well knowing that according to the Constitution the agency does not even have any legitimate authority to exist, much less the authority to murder scores of women and children in horrible fiery deaths over some alleged “gun violations”. My God! The document says “...shall not be infringed.”  All the ATF does is infringe, and it cares not one whit about your or my unalienable rights or our Constitutional protections as American citizens. Nope. The ATF is hell-bent on tormenting anyone who would dare stand up for the fuller meaning of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

But while most readers here already know such truths, I would like to invite everyone to carefully view a movie which has been around for more than fifteen years. Those who have seen this film will learn yet more by watching it again, as I do each time I review it. Those who have not seen this owe it to themselves to inform themselves with the ghastly truth of the outright evil and domestic terror perpetrated by the ATF on a church full of good American citizens. The movie reveals the government’s feeble and vain attempts to cover-up the ATF’s sins in Congressional hearings.

Charles Schumer

Pay close attention to Charles Schumer’s wicked facial expressions.




After watching this film, allow oneself to reflect upon what is behind Mike Vanderboegh’s famous statement, “No more free Wacos”. Then one will more fully understand why Stewart Rhodes alluded to Waco in his open letter to the military and enforcement agents who are being pulled into a possible confrontation with American citizens at Burns, Oregon.

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Elias Alias, editor




Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. I breaks my heart every time I see the documentaries concerning Waco. The collusion of the national media still sticks in my craw to this day. The government was given a pass and the entire nation knows it. No more free Wacos.

    1. As with CAG – Delta B squadron rumored to be at and involved in Waco.Don’t doubt it at all. These soldiers can instantly become “federal agents” by a stroke of a pen providing plausibility and denial” in the same moment. To this very day the elite units, Seal Team 6 & Delta, regularly send soldiers to train with big city swat teams, often appealing to the police with military hardware “gifts & training” to help grow relationships and influence within police decision makers, to get some game time for soldiers on swat raids and entries. Some have even fired fatal shots of civilians. The worship of soldiers with Hollywood leading the way has evil ulterior motives and is pushing people to be more acceptable to Posse Comitatus being removed. Desensitized to the danger from such actions coupled with the never ending stream of corrupt former spec ops talking heads,book writers and movies most of which will be uncovered as frauds and crooks not the heroes their press agents have marketed them to be. Most notably the former operator who falsely claims to have killed Bin Laden. Don’t swallow the stupid pill willingly. All the leaks about the Bin Laden raid were carefully crafted to benefit the Obama team and it’s minions who are legion and motivated by power and money. Witnesses removed – Extortion 17- look it up..They have NO allegiance to the Oath. The silent professionals within the ranks who honor and uphold the Oath- the good guys are scared for their lives by the evil ones within and a body count has been established and grows….for those who don’t go along. God help us.

      1. Elias,
        Thanks for the comment. Help me find a place for this info and to get the word out as it is key to understanding the corruption within our military and govt at the highest levels and within Tier One units. Hopefully with some sunlight we can get good soldiers to come forward and help excise the corrupt from their ranks.
        Here is a good seal who wouldn’t compromise on ethics and is on the body count.
        There is a recent NY Times article on the 19th of Jan 2016 about Seal Cmmdr Job Price who was reported to have committed suicide December 22 2013 while on deployment in Afghanistan. Knowing the details do not discount this NY Times article and the previous US Navy seal detainee beating death article and their connection. Good sources have shed info and raise awareness. Look them both up and read. They are very near to being dead nuts on except for some missing details. The Seal beating detainee deaths , were in my opinion, the impetus for the Talibans renewed focus of retribution attacks directly on Seal teams and their supporting units. There are possibly 4 deaths that are being attributed to the detainee abuse death.2 army 2 navy. Fyi the navy seal detainee abuse death investigation has been reopened since release of Times article.
        We believe Cmdr Price was murdered by either a team mate or an Afghani assassin who was allowed into the barracks on the night of the 22nd of December.
        Job Price did not kill himself. The NCIS agent himself has a questionable past and allowed the crime scene to be tainted by allowing personnel to move and dress Job’s body. This detail is mentioned in the official NCIS report. Second the NCIS agent did not even get the identity right of the child on the casualty report that the NCIS agent reports is found in Cmdr Price’s trouser pocket. The child killed was a boy not a girl. Why this is crucial is it shows the shoddiness of the agents previous investigations as well as what might be seen as slanting the story towards suicide rather than homicide.This is just the beginning of how badly the Ncis agent(s) did their job. The NCis agent also did not take official witness statements until 12 to 48 hours after the incident giving witnesses time to speak with each other and taint their recollection of events. Piss poor investigation all the way around. Third the Green mile was a concrete and metal structure with rooms right next to each other. One witness statement said he thought he heard “what sounded like a gun shot and then smelled sulfur” but didn’t get up. WTF? People in close proximity to Job’s room would have felt or heard their doors rattle from a 9mm going off in such a structure. Additionally all people in barracks slept in until 9 am or 10am next day….
        Job’s executive officer reports in his witness statement that he visited Job’s room several times to “check if he was sleeping and saw him fully dressed on multiple times”. Again WTF? That seems way creepy to have someone watching someone else sleep.
        Additionally there were drugs provided to Cmdr Price to aid in getting much needed rest that might not have been properly dispensed, without prescription, and who knows what else might have been given. Medical experts are looking into whether the drugs given to Cmdr Price , whom they state may have had PTSD, are akin to causing issues rather than providing much needed sleep and rest. Most military suicides do not occur on deployment but actually happen upon return stateside. Within a day and half Cmdr Price’s death was called suicide on Fox news. The military almost NEVER reports Seal suicides as it’s actual cause of death. WTF? Who leaked this story to press in 2012? Cmdr Price was a father and husband with a solid and good family life and looking forward to the future. He would not have taken his own life before Christmas. Another example of the corrupt within ranks who are murdering and killing their own for personal gain. This corruption is at the highest levels- admirals-generals-secretary of state-vice president- president, etc…. Let’s help the Price family get the closure they deserve. Reopen the investigation!

      2. Yep, and the descent are silenced having learned either go with the program or get crushed Special Operations are filled with the most disgusting pieces of filth most cannot fathom..

    2. The media is part of the apparatus which is doing this to America, and Fox News is right in there with the rest of ’em. The media in this country gets its marching orders from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which is a Rhodes Round Table group as divulged by Carroll Quigley in his famous insider’s history called “Tragedy And Hope”.

      Sometime for fun and games, do a little research on who funded the creation of television. It is hugely ironic that the American press has not noticed that the same people who gave us the Federal Income Tax, the Federal Reserve System, the American Historical Society, the United Nations, Agenda 21, the World Bank, the World Court, and the National Education Association, among other edifices of tyranny, also gave us two world wars, a rollicking Cold War, and now a scam called the “War on Terror”. These are the silent forces behind the assault on our Second Amendment, First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, and in fact are behind the assault on our entire Constitution. They are the heirs of the Rhodes Round Table groups, started in the late 1800s by Sir Cecil Rhodes, an agent for the Rothschild dynasty. They are the forces behind the CFR and Trilateral Commission with its Technocracy. See:

      God help us all — the American people are “satisfied slaves” and could not care less about morality, ethics, self-reliance, personal responsibility, honor, courage, or freedom. So long as most voters still have their cars, homes, jobs, and toys and so long as they continue to think that their vote means anything other than willful compliance with tyranny, nothing is going to change except for the worse.

      Where is the real America, the country I grew up in and once served and loved? Where are the souls of the enforcement agents who gunned down the church members at Waco as they were running out of the burning buildings? Those agents are in the same fated locks in which the Roman guards who tormented Jesus of Nazareth now dwell. They are pitiable robots, statist ghouls with no sensitivity for justice, no love for life, no joy in peace, but only a sordid and indulgent pleasure in inflicting pain and agony on innocent people who come into the spotlight of Federal scrutiny because of their beliefs.

      I am trying not to rant here. That documentary film raises every alarm in my soul. So I will shut up already. Thank you for being here.

      Elias Alias, editor

      1. Elias, to top off what you have written about the media, CIA Agent John Marks confessed in his book “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate” that it was common practice in the 1970’s and 80’s to place CIA Agents in the press as ‘journalists’ to protect the CIA’s own interests in the hearts and minds of the people. Anyone who has looked into the creation of the CIA and what they are globally involved in knows that it is an inherently evil and power-hungry organization steeped in the occult and serving as a private espionage service for a few wealthy powerbrokers. It would be profoundly naive to think that the CIA isn’t still at it.

      2. Bingo! And Kudos to you for bringing this up. I’m recommending you for an instant promotion, lol!
        Yes, I’ve got John Marks’ book, “The Search For The Manchurian Candidate”. I’ve also got the book he co-wrote with Victor Marchetti, “The CIA And The Cult Of Intelligence”. When we put John Marks with Victor Marchetti we strike paydirt, for Marchetti was highly stationed at CIA when he quit to write the Cult of Intelligence book with John Marks. But back to your subject. Ah yes, the CIA! They are in everything, everywhere.

        On the back cover of my copy of Manchurian Candidate is this blurb:

        “How the CIA used world renowned scholars and university resources to focus research in the behavioral sciences on the manipulation of the human mind.”

        I am pleased that you’ve brought up the topic of CIA involvement in media manipulations. I am also glad that you brought up Manchurian Candidate to make your point. Now I know I’m not the only dude with a copy of that one, so I’m grateful enough to offer you a little present (which you may already have) in return:

        Remember Carl Bernstein? After Watergate Bob Woodward surged moreso than Bernstein, imo; but Bernstein did not tread water or swim in past glories. He tackled your subject very nicely and anyone can read the following essay he did on CIA’s relationship with the media. He gives great insights into how it works, and gives a way-cool look into the Church Committee’s investigation of CIA’s involvement with the media. From the webpage:

        “After leaving The Washington Post in 1977, Carl Bernstein spent six months looking at the relationship of the CIA and the press during the Cold War years. His 25,000-word cover story, published in Rolling Stone on October 20, 1977, is reprinted below.”


        “How Americas Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up”


        It would be great to spend a couple of hours talking about this with you, but other tasks await. I just wanted you to know that your comment brightened my day with the knowledge that someone else “out there” is keeping tabs on the nefarious and malicious manipulations by a Central Intelligence Agency. But I must tie in something else before closing this reply. Allen Dulles was instrumental with Clark Clifford in drawing up the National Security Act of 1947 which created the CIA under Truman; became DCI of CIA under Eisenhower and into the Kennedy administration; was fired by Kennedy for failure to provide plausible deniability in the Bay of Pigs fiasco (and for lying to Kennedy with Richard Bissell about air cover arrangements for the invasion of Cuba); and served on the Warren Commission to cover up CIA’s involvement in the Kennedy assassination. Dulles was all that, (and much more)…

        He was CFR. My point. CFR / media / CIA all in one cute little ball of wax, eh?

        So again I thank you for an excellent post. Every word you wrote is spot-on and righteously accurate. The CiA does provide services to the globalist statist technocratic elite. And they know more about the human mind than most humans. Thank God Al Gore gave us the Internet. 😉

        Elias Alias, editor

      3. Thank you so much Elias for your valuable input into the tragic events of Waco and the ongoing downfall of America through demonic agents who represent Satan here on earth.
        I remember seeing the Waco tragedy on tv all those years ago and remember at the time how evil it was that the government was attacking a group of people just because of their beliefs. Although at the time I recall we were told it was because David Koresh and his group were stock piling weapons which was supposed to be against the law. Nevertheless most everyone I knew at that time were all horrified at the diabolical slaughter of so many innocent people….and as for me, I will always remember it. I will also make sure my friends and family are reminded of what a sinister corrupt government can inflict on its people.
        Thank you again for making this information and the video available as a reminder to all.
        Mary S.

    3. Thank you for bringing WACO to the attention of the American people again. There are young adults today who may have never heard of WACO “and they need to hear and watch and try to help to make sure it never happens again” “Tearing up is not an every day occurrence—————————-“

    4. There is a collection of facts about the events that unfolded at Waco at a website called, “The Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum”. It is the most complete documentation of what happened at Waco in existence. Every American should spend the time and carefully go through this museum. I visit that site from time to time, and each time I leave with an empty feeling knowing full well the crimes committed by my government were real, and to this day have gone unpunished.

      I’m almost 74 years old and my days left here are short, but the saddest thing is knowing the America I bequeath to my children and grandchildren will never afford them the liberty and freedoms I enjoyed as a child and young man.

      There is no doubt the media – TV, radio, newspapers, etc – bear a lot of the responsibility for keeping the majority of Americans in the dark about the growth of government control and intrusion of the daily lives of the American People. But, there is good, reliable information available out there, you just have to find it. This electronic museum is one of those sources.

      Take the tour, , then book mark it. You’ll want to revisit it. It is that haunting.

      1. Thank you Publius40 for the info about the Waco Museum, I will certainly visit the site and pass on the link to my family and friends. Sharing info with each other on these forums is crucial in order to keep abreast of the horrors that are taking place in this country.

  2. Thank you for posting this video. So difficult to watch again.
    I was pretty young when this tragedy took place so many details were not seen or forgotten. I can’t use enough words to explain how disgusted and deeply saddening it is but thank you for reminding me!

    1. Yes, Bro, and I’m also saddened by the depravity of government enforcement agencies which can put the dictates of “authority” and “power” above their Oaths to serve and protect, to uphold and defend the Constitution. It hurts me each time I watch the movie, but I’m thankful that the documentary is now spread all over the nation for anyone to watch.
      Thank you for reading here and leaving your comment.
      Elias Alias, editor

  3. It seems imperative that we start using the Constitutional Terms associated with these Unconstitutional acts. Here are some examples:

    “So goes the logic of government agencies, because government agencies, as our nation’s Founders well knew, by their very nature become ruthless infrastructural mechanisms of self-perpetuation.” <– "Title of Nobility" which is forbidden by Legislature to be granted.

    "The ATF marches to the beat of its own drums, fully-well knowing that according to the Constitution the agency does not even have any legitimate authority to exist, much less the authority to murder scores of women and children in horrible fiery deaths over some alleged “gun violations." <– Granted "Title of Nobility" to carry out "Bills of Attainder."

    "My God! The document says “…shall not be infringed.” there is no mention of which People, Mentally fit, criminal, or otherwise; (although a good argument can be made for criminal who committed a felony while in direct possession may be barred.) “Keep” does not say What, where, when and how you can keep it, “Bear” does not infer how you bear it concealed or otherwise, “Arms” does not suggest what type of “Arms” (which by the way includes “Ammo”) you may “Keep.” All gun laws I have explored have a predeterminative element associated with them. Actually, in 1968, and 1994 or 96, “Ex Post Facto” was applied to gun laws. Very Unconstitutional!

    “The ATF felt they needed something big in “the news” to push through their requested budget increases.” <— This is called a "Focusing Moment" in Policy courses. We need to use this to our advantage.

    Probably preaching to the choir on this site, but the words in the Constitution matter, as does our narrative….
    Great Article, good teachable content Elias!

    1. Thank you Greg. I appreciate your careful reading of the article. The words of the Constitution do indeed matter, and, to our surprise, today’s government departments and agencies are mesmerized and fascinated with “codes”, “color of law”, “rules of the court”, “statutes”, and other miscreant perversions of our organic Constitution, as if they never learned what “in pursuance thereof” might mean in reality. Our entire system of self-governance is rife with confusing distortions brought about by corrupt officials who bow to lobbies and bribes, so much so that nowadays the average American actually believes that a man must get a concealed-carry permit to carry a gun under his coat. How far we’ve come from the original intent of the Founders, and from the actual words of the Constitution. Thank you for your comment.

      Elias Alias

  4. There is no corruption beyond the ruthlessness of those we chose to elect and allow those corrupt powers be imposed on we the people. The blind will never see, the deaf will never hear and the dumb will never speak.

    “When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for a people to advance from that subordination in which they have hitherto remained, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the equal and independent station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s god entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the change…”

  5. @ Greg, your right the militia and the people are supposed to have a good supply of powder and shot, ready to go. THEY CAN NOT BAN AMMO!!! Suppose I can go do a bit more practicing now. THANKS,CB

  6. Waco will never be forgotten. A tragedy like this and images I will speak about all my life. Thank you for posting this and honoring the victims in this horrible massacre.

    1. Thank you for taking time to view the movie. It is truly unspeakable that our history as America has to be marred with that level of government abuse.Thank you for being willing to face the truth. I hope more Americans will share in your courage to endure that much evil for the sake of understanding how soul-less the mechanism of government becomes once it’s out of the People’s hands and in the hands of power-players.

      Elias Alias, editor

  7. After watching this video I would say a Waco at this point in time would not be accepted as it was back them. The current mood of the country would not tolerate this kind of action.

  8. Thank you for bringing this forward. I must have been asleep or duped by the media in the 90’s. thanks Again !!

  9. Here we go again…Hillary Clinton involved with destroying WACO crime records. And of course, the brain dead, that will vote for her, have no clue as to how dangerous this woman is and has been.

    Bill Clinton has been very lucky to have Hillary covering-up all his misdeeds and malice.

  10. Good move Elias Alias. Watching that sucked big time. Just like it sucked watching it in real time. I want to go out and track these humans down, the ones who are capable of such disgusting behavior.
    Good that you bring this back to our forefront. It makes me sick and should make any American sick. And may that sick feeling wake us UP to what we are truly facing.
    That’s all I can say for now.
    Good move Elias. We NEED to be remembering and KNOWING the TRUTH that stares us in the face.
    With warm regards,
    Robert D. Gubisch
    Oathkeeper/Central Virginia

    1. Eric Holder was the Assistant Attorney General who persuaded Janet Reno to attack the Branch Davidians.

    2. Try living in Waco and watching it all unfold! I knew Koresh and a couple of his guys and never knew them to be anything but good people! And now the Massacre at Twin peaks breaks my heart, almost makes me ashamed to be from Waco!

      1. They were good people, living in a communal church setting. They hurt no one, bothered no one. The Sheriff says as much in the movie. Their crime was believing in the Constitution, which of course put them at odds with the ATF. That would, by the way, be the same ATF which thought it would be a good idea to “walk” a couple of thousand military-grade rifles across the Mexican border for the cartels. The insanity of what is coming out of our government these days is simply intolerable. We create the Mujahideen, morph them into al Qaeda, and then morph al Qaeda into ISIS, and clandestinely arm and fund those groups so government can continue to fan the flames of perpetual war for perpetual peace and fatten the coffers of the death-dealing hell-raising money-wasting military industrial complex. I won’t get started here….
        Thank you for reading, watching, and caring. Hopefully there are enough Americans now awake to the massive brain-washing our society has suffered over the past nine or ten decades to get something done about the problem. One clue — not a single one candidate running for the White House this year will stop any of this — not one, not even Trump. Our solutions no longer are possible in WDC’s cesspool. Local accountability for locally-elected officials is a better use of our time, energy, and resources. Fortunately, that message is beginning to resonate across the land.

        Elias Alias, editor

      2. BINGO Elias! I’ve known, heard, and seen much of what government has and is doing from my days serving as covert SpecOps in Guantanamo, and when special security for fleet command when in East Germany in the early 60’s.
        In 1994 I was given a video by my friend George Puttnam, anchor of KTLA channel 5 news taken by media helicopters over Waco before they were ordered out that clearly showed government agents opening fire on the dinning room door as people were trying to exit during the fire. I saved that video, along with some others, in a folder on my PC. A week after getting it, my computer crashed. After getting the PC repaired and downloading all of my files that were saved, those videos had disappeared. A few days later I learned that the man I used to repair the PC had been killed in an accident at his home. Coincidence? Not likely. Seems George Puttnam ‘lost’ his files as well!
        As for our military service personnel and their willingness to fire on American citizens… own grandsons, both of them, a marine and a SeaBee, have assured me that their units have all committed to their oaths, and will refuse any orders to do so. There may be hope after all!

  11. Makes me of my American government and ashamed I did not take some sort of action when this was going on.

  12. Can anyone provide me with the constitution having ever been evidence of law? I can’t seem to find anywhere that it has since 1824. We have a federal system folks, as in by Agreement at the individual level, see Webster’s 1824 Ed. For the definition. Simply put, its a maritime commercial system. The constitution is an all or nothing document, so if any portion is missing the whole is missing. We have evidence of this federal system by the examination of the money supply, it most certainly is not constitutional folks. We do not have not have we ever had a constutional system, it’s a lie from the start. O hate to say it. Truly I do. However I’m a realist. Try arguing the constitution in any court and see what happens… Why were Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh not tried in Oklahoma as per the constitution? Because it is of NO authority is why and the 7th US district court said as much. It’s a federal system, not national and certainly not constitutional guys.

  13. It was on that day that I seriously began questioning the moral and ethical legitimacy of my so called “government”. Over the decades, with each discovery of their moral turpitude, unconstitutional and outright criminal acts, all leads to the following conclusions;
    1) They have taken an oath to something other than my Constitution.
    2) They have no problem being the murderers of innocents… fact is, that is their “bread-and-butter”.
    3)There is a cadre made up personnel of virtually all the “letter agencies” and military that don’t answer to anyone but the Elite (bankers, some politicians who are in the loop, etc…), who are ready 24/7 to answer their Master’s call to murder Americans… indeed anyone, for that matter.
    Operators are standing by, Folks.

    Re-reading Molon Labe.

  14. There was a tape produced by one of their own ( ATF agents ) that showed the lead up of forces to be used on the branch Davidian, the men of government talking how they were going to treat the branch Davidian when they finally make their move. All these men were shown just laying around waiting for the word, they talked how they would kill them and how they loved killing.

    It was later brought out, the four government agents who died were four Secret Service agents that guarded William Clinton… Now is that a coincidence ?

    Thanks to many Patriots like Linda Thompson and William Cooper, the public would never have known what really happened there. If you think people are “sheeple” now, you should know how hard it was to wake them up then so ready to believe the governments lies. I should know, I was actively involved in waking up America then.

    R.I.P. Linda and Bill…and all the good people of the seven day Adventist church who died at the hands of the oath breaking bastards. No more Wacos !!

  15. Waco is nothing compared to what is coming in America. Any person with any common sense can see what the government is doing. As real Americans it long over due to stand up to this corrupt control that has taken over this great nation.

  16. Thank you for the service of this posting. Forwarded on to the many who have no clue to this day the tragedy, the horror, of what went down in Waco that day. Today, though, we know the thorough evilness of those who carried out the atrocious deed.

    1. And thank you for spreading the word. The film is a very powerful indictment of governmental deception, intentional despotism, unchecked terror visited upon a church by our own government, and the government’s blatant and now-obvious lying to the People in a futile effort to cover up the government’s sins. Every person to whom you sent the link was given a chance to open one’s eyes and face the truth about the raw power, stolen from the People ourselves, brought to bear on peaceful American citizens. The very mechanism which produced Waco and plastered it indelibly onto the pages of American history is still out there huffing and puffing its desire to control every American’s life, behavior, and even one’s personal perception. Stewart Rhodes knows that, which is why he used the name Waco in his warning to government forces.
      Thank you, Bro.
      Elias Alias, editor

  17. Shameful, Unconscionable; Evil; and mind numbing behavior by “Government”…which served as a prelude to growing tyrannical encroachment. It is a reminder of just how fragile our Republic is…very very troubling indeed.

    As I look at our nation today…I get a sense of the doom and despair David Koresh must have felt: and I wonder; how did we get here…where are all the “good” men that I know understand the significance of their “Oath of Service” and the “Oath of Office”? Moreover…the value of defending The Constitution!

    I Pray those who lost their life…may R.I.P. And…God Speed to all who stand for Liberty!

  18. Very grateful that the video has been made available for us to watch. It isn’t easy to watch: to see the death and destruction of so many innocent people, but to also see how the government lied, and lied, and lied and lied, and lied. There aren’t any words to describe how murderous WACO was. There aren’t any words to describe how so many depraved government “servants” got away with mass murder. None.

  19. “We are here to help” – be extremely suspicious.
    RR & Waco occurred not long after my 2nd child was born. Remember much of what was broadcast and though Koresh was painted as a bad man most of the incident did not register as justified to me. And with the Hidden and Destroyed evidence described at 51:35 in the video (and elsewhere), you cannot ignore that it is highly suspect that the feds committed murders and continue to coverup their actions.

    1. Amen. All evidence was destroyed, hidden, or buried, including that metal door which would have shown all the bullet hole flanges opening on the inside of the door instead of on the outside of the door. The bullets which went through that door all came from the ATF, and the sons of bitches running ATF today still lie about that, while the FBI says it can’t find the door. Methinketh that door is buried under guard, with the rest of the wreckage they bulldozed up and buried to hide all evidence. They did that because the government itself knew the ATF and FBI were lying through their teeth and that forensic investigation would reveal the truth about the assault.


  20. I have one of the original list videos- bill Clinton killed innocent women and children on purpose and knew exactly where they were hiding- pathetic – if interested email me


  22. …just forwarded this to my list with the following added:
    [Hillary Murdered Waco and Foster +++more info that I was privy to.]d
    I just re-watched my original VCR tape and I’m assuming it is identical to the enclosed utube video. Here are some comments:
    1. It was a wood Church , not a (cement, etc.) “compound”. Misleading language used by the bad guys–as always.The reason that Koresh had guns was that that is how he made his living–buying and selling at gun shows.
    2. I was told in 1997 by my friend Gordon Novel –who was chief investigator for Atty Gen Ramsey Clark for 10 years and was also instrumental in
    the successful fight against the govt prosecution on a frame-up drug charge of DeLorean –that the FLIR tapes were released by Gordon’s close friend former CIA Director Bill Colby. Colby was shortly thereafter suicided in a “cannoe accident” with his house door wide open, breakfast on the table, etc. You can see how important those FLIR (forward looking infra-red) tapes are in this video. In fact, I believe that Mr Allard who is seen in this video analyzing the tapes was also murdered, if i recall correctly.
    3. The 4 ATF agents who were killed were actually assasinated by another ATF agent –or an assasin posing as one–as can be actually seen in the Atty. Linda Thompson videos called “Waco, the Big Lie” and “Waco the Big Lie Continues wherein they are all id’d by name and in fact were Clinton Body Guards ( who apparently knew too much about Clinton’s sex-capades, cocaine use, etc).
    4. The involvement in Waco Murders and the murder of Vince Foster by Hillary Clinton is also confirmed by insider agent-provacateur Fred Celani who , on video, who admits to helping start the L.A. riots . This video interview of Celani was made by investigator Pat Shannon inside the federal prison to which they sent Celani as his ‘reward’ . (These psychopaths are prone to stab each other in the back in their pursuit of more power and money.) Some of this raw interview can be seen on a video tape made by Anthony Hilder called Operation Lasso (or Ships of Troy) . This video might be on the net or possibly may only be available from Anthony. I could add much more inside info, but have a time constraint now…
    Obviously, we can NEVER allow such a criminal govt –“more corrupt than the Roman Empire” according to Celani– to get our guns. We will all be Waco’d at anytime if that happens….
    No More Free Waco’s!
    PS I should also add that Gordon Novel was instrumental in getting the Waco evidence from the FBI for the surviving Davidians’ lawsuit. You can see him presenting some of it in the video tape: “The Waco Incident”.

  23. There is a collection of facts about the events that unfolded at Waco at a website called, “The Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum”. It is the most complete documentation of what happened at Waco in existence. Every American should spend the time and carefully go through this museum. I visit that site from time to time, and each time I leave with an empty feeling knowing full well the crimes committed by my government were real, and to this day have gone unpunished.

    I’m almost 74 years old and my days left here are short, but the saddest thing is knowing the America I bequeath to my children and grandchildren will never afford them the liberty and freedoms I enjoyed as a child and young man.

    There is no doubt the media – TV, radio, newspapers, etc – bear a lot of the responsibility for keeping the majority of Americans in the dark about the growth of government control and intrusion of the daily lives of the American People. But, there is good, reliable information available out there, you just have to find it. This electronic museum is one of those sources.

    Take the tour, , then book mark it. You’ll want to revisit it. It is that haunting.

  24. Not to take away from the horrors of Waco and other incidents I remind all that the unholy alliance between business and all levels of government is creating a country full of economic serfs. From local to international the individual has become a tool to use and abuse while elites at all levels of the socioeconomic hierarchy are using embedded systems of command and control to send a huge portion of the world’s wealth into the greedy grasping claws of the minority lording over the masses of common folks.

  25. Just prior to Waco was Ruby Ridge.

    We’ve previously identified the “Enemedia” in this country, and Geraldo Rivera is a prime example of somebody who’s willing to stir it up for his own “journalistic” glory. What you do about the “enemedia” is up to you people in Oregon right now, but for Geraldo I’d have no pity. Because Geraldo Rivera falsely reported being shot at while flying above it all, an innocent wife and child was killed as a result. Eventually the contrived charges against the patriarch were dropped!!

    Maybe you can’t make the drive to Oregon, but clearly nearby BLM offices in your own state might be immediately occupied in response to the final Waco type event. The administration’s contrived Occupy Wall Street protestors, 6,000 were charged with crimes afterward, plagued the liberal cities for months on end.

    In the meantime our prayers are with you. Infowars has video now of big government agency people gloating and laughing about stealing private land from American landowners!!

    You are damn right this better not become another Waco, but don’t forget the lesson of Ruby Ridge!!

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