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Video of LaVoy Finicum’s death released



This evening during a press conference Special Agent in Charge of Oregon, Greg Bretzing released ariel footage of the traffic stop. There are two versions of the video an uncut version and and edited for time version

Unedited version




Update: Here is an enhanced video of the shooting. Sam Culper of Forward Observer Mag said on his personal Facebook page that he thinks Finicum was first shot with his hands in the air. Watch this video and decide for yourselves.

Here his the transcript of the meeting:

Good evening. My name is Greg Bretzing, and I am the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Oregon.

We have quite a bit of information to share with you tonight concerning the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

First, I would like to confirm that as of this morning one more person left the refuge through a checkpoint. We believe there are four others who currently remain on the refuge. Since the establishment of checkpoints, a total of nine people have left the refuge. Of those, the FBI released six and arrested three.

Secondly, I would like to confirm that the FBI and Oregon State Police have narrowed the containment zones. This was done to make it more convenient for those who live and work in the immediate area of the refuge to go about their business. To this end, Highway 205 is now open in both directions.

There has been some media reporting that the situation at the refuge is resolved. That is NOT true. Again, we still believe there are occupiers on the refuge. The negotiators continue to work around the clock to talk to those four people in an effort to get them to come out peacefully.

Thirdly, we know there is quite a bit of interest related to the events as they occurred on Highway 395 on Tuesday afternoon. We know there are various versions of what occurred during this event: most inaccurate, some inflammatory. To that end, we want to do what we can to lay out an honest and unfiltered view of what happened and how it happened.

FBI agents and Oregon State Police troopers were involved in this operation. During this operation, OSP troopers utilized deadly force due to their proximity to LaVoy Finicum as the situation unfolded. Because of this, the Deschutes County Major Incident Team is conducting the outside review of the shooting per Oregon State law and established protocols. Because of that ongoing investigation, I will not be able to answer every question you have, but hopefully we will give the public some clarity as to what occurred.

At approximately 4:25 pm on Tuesday, January 26, 2016, FBI and OSP began a law enforcement action to bring into custody the people riding in two separate vehicles as they traveled between Burns and John Day. The FBI did have a plane in the air, and what I am about to show you is a video from that plane. A couple of notes about the video before we watch it.

  • The plane is following the vehicles, and the camera sometimes pans from one vehicle to the other, a white truck in front and a Jeep in back. At other times when the vehicles are in a fixed location, the plane is flying in a pattern over that location. Because of that flight pattern, there are portions where trees obscure what is happening. The details that I am about to provide to you are based both on an analysis of this video and some ground-level observations of agents and troopers on the scene.
  • Because the operation lasted more than 25 minutes, we are showing you two of the most pertinent clips today. The entire unedited video from the start of the traffic stop through the surrender of all individuals will be available to the media and the general public on the FBI’s YouTube channel.
  • Because I am using some very specific language to describe what is happening, the entire transcript of my comments will be posted to
  • I want to caution you that the video does show the shooting death of LaVoy Finicum. We realize that viewing that piece of the video will be upsetting to some people, but we feel that it is necessary to show the whole thing unedited in the interest of transparency.

The video picks up a few seconds before the FBI and OSP vehicles pull in behind the jeep, the second vehicle in line. The jeep quickly pulls to a stop while the white truck, driven by LaVoy Finicum, continues some distance up the road. Some law enforcement vehicles stay with the Jeep while others continue following the white truck. Over a period of several minutes out of camera view, the following people exit the jeep without incident:

  • The driver, who was not charged and will not be named
  • Ammon Bundy
  • Brian Cavalier

Looking at the white truck, about four minutes into the video, Ryan Payne exits through a back door. It’s difficult to see behind the trees, but in the lower right hand corner you can see him with his hands up being approached by the law enforcement officers and being taken into custody.

There is a period of approximately three minutes and 47 seconds where the truck sits on the road. We have edited it for time here, but it is available in the raw, unedited version on the FBI’s YouTube channel. Throughout this time, agents and troopers are providing verbal commands to the occupants to surrender. We can’t comment on what may have been going on in the truck at this time, but those details may come out later as part of the overall shooting investigation.

When we come back to the video, the white truck leaves the scene at a high rate of speed. It travels some distance, quickly approaching a vehicle roadblock in the roadway.

As the white truck approaches the roadblock, there is a spike strip across the road but it appears Finicum missed it as he attempted to drive around the roadblock. He nearly hits an FBI agent as he maneuvers to the left. The truck gets stuck in the snowbank.

Finicum leaves the truck and steps through the snow. Agents and troopers on scene had information that Finicum and others would be armed. On at least two occasions, Finicum reaches his right hand toward a pocket on the left inside portion of his jacket. He did have a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic handgun in that pocket.

At this time, OSP troopers shot Finicum.

Approximately 30 seconds after the shooting, law enforcement officers at the scene deployed flash bangs to disorient any other armed occupants. Shortly after that, they deployed less-lethal sponge projectiles with OC capsules. Those OC capsules would be similar to pepper spray.

Over a period of several minutes agents and troopers worked to safely remove the remaining truck occupants, and to take them into custody. Those people included:

  • Ryan Bundy
  • Shawna Cox
  • And another woman, who was not arrested and will not be named

As soon as the agents and troopers were confident that they had addressed any further threats, they provided medical assistance to Finicum. That happened about 10 minutes after the shooting.

Agents and troopers did find three other loaded weapons inside the truck. They included two loaded .223 caliber semi-automatic rifles. There was also one loaded .38 special revolver.

Again, you can see the rest of this unedited video on the FBI’s YouTube channel.

Finally, again, I want to acknowledge the stress and disruption that the occupation of the refuge has caused has to the people of Harney County. We know this is difficult. We know that you want this concluded as soon as possible. We are doing everything we can to bring this to a resolution safely and quickly.

I have time for a few questions.


Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.


  1. The cop in the trees shot Finicum in the back. Looks to pretty closely match the account given by the 18 year old female occupant. That windshield took bullet fire, before and after it was stopped. Looks like murder from the eye in the sky, especially with the cop shooting him in the back like that.

      1. This most definitely shows they shot him with his hands up! You can see that he is taking bullets, and is reacting, and then lowers his hands!

      2. Watched the video and it appears that Lavoy was reaching for something with his right hand from inside his jacket but WAS SHOT FROM BEHIND BEFORE HE COMPLETED HIS REACH. Very disturbing video. I didn’t see a weapon in LaVoy’s hand but of course you won’t because the FBI will not release ANY video that puts the FBI in a bad light… murder. The big question is: did LaVoy have a weapon? Don’t know for sure from the video. Also, was LaVoy’s rights trashed by the cops? Probably but the FBI will never admit to an “illegal shooting”? Never happen. Remember Waco and Ruby Ridge? Women and children were murdered and not one agent nor politician went to prison as a result to my knowledge.

      3. I am also disturbed that after he is shot, he is still moving his arms, perhaps asking for help. No one went to help him or to stop the bleeding or whatever to save his life. God rest his soul!

      4. What you are missing is that he was being shot all that time and what you seem to think was him looking for something , was actually him reaching his wounds. He was being fired from at least 3 different directions. He was actually jumping and jerking from the shots being taken. Put the video in slow motion and you will understand. This was cold blooded murder.

      5. Exactly. We know how the FBI works. They will cover every track and even plant stuff to make sure it looks like they were the good guys. Disgusting!
        I believe that 18 year old girl 1000x more than I would EVER believe our corrupt govt. They have no shame.

      6. Joe, how do I put the video in slow motion? I was thinking the same thing as you said. I want to see if the guy in the lower right part of the screen is shooting.

      7. Does that sound familiar? HANDS IN THE AIR? Will that apply here or just for a black criminal. I am not trying to be racist here. I have no dislike for black people. But it often comes down to something like this. If it can be applied to a criminal, it can be applied to an actual murderer!

      8. Dang . . . “or just for a black criminal?”
        Any specific reason for the criminal to be Black? Or, . . . nevermind.
        I was leaving, anyway.

      9. To be upfront I am opposed to the refuge takeover and I am not an Oath Keeper. But I am neutral on the shooting. Hopefully there is an audio recording that can be synced up. If the man behind the truck shot Finicum first (should be on the audio) then it makes sense that Finicum was caught between keeping his arms up and grabbing at the pain in his left hip or left stomach. I’m curius what commands were being shouted. The gun in his coat or pocket may or may not be true. Although Finicum and the militia were always armed… so that suggests there probably was a gun. But again, if shot by the man behind the truck then Finicum was more than likely reaching for where it hurt. So two things to set the record straight: We need the audio, unedited, and we need an honest autopsy.

      10. I am looking at a picture of a gun pointed at Lavoy who clearly doesn’t have a side arm at the time. I watched a video of a LEO coming out of the woods and shoots Lavoy from behind. Countless videos of LEOs gunning people down are on the internet. It is time to address this issue…. and not by cowards.

      11. Levoy carried a revolver in a belt holster on his right hip. Why reach for the left side hip if the weapon is on his right hip? He carried a 9mm in a shoulder hoslter. He never reached high enough to access a shoulder holster. No he did not have a weapon in his pocket. This was murder.

      12. i take it you were there or are a personal friend of mr. finicum? since you know he carried a revolver in a belt holster on his right hip, and you also know he did not have a weapon in his pocket? i am saddened that people i gave all the credit to, for standing up for their beliefs, not once berating or throwing bottles or rocks at LEO, not burning one building or car, and definitely not looting innocent store owners, let it come to this. once they left their place of stand and were confronted, it was time to stand still with the hands up….point made. its all tragic and horrific. if you are a personal friend or family, i am sorry.

      13. According to this article in the Washington Post, the police initially claimed Finicum was reaching for the 45 which he carried on his right hip. The video shows him reaching across his torso with his right hand to his left side. He also doesn’t appear to have been carrying his 45. So the Washington Post report was clearly false. I would like to know who the original source was for the Washington Post report. The Washington Post article links to a CNN article which no longer indicates what type of weapon Finicum allegedly reached for. I’m pretty sure the CNN article originally said it was a 45 and that detail was later edited out.

        When Finicum emerged from the vehicle, FBI and state police ordered him to surrender, according to the report. Instead, the Arizona cattle rancher, a day shy of his 55th birthday, reached down toward his waistband, where he kept his Colt .45, CNN reported.

      14. Watch the enhanced version. Finicum is clearly reaching for something in his pocket/waistband. He made a poor decision period. It is unfortunate that the govt. puts us in these kind of situations due to their overreaching policies BUT we are all the victims of our own decisions. Finicum was a hero, a patriot and a real American cowboy to many. To some, he was a fool. It is for each of us to figure out what he represented and was it worth it.

      15. Then what does No Retreat No surrender mean? Maybe they told him to drop his weapon thinking he might have one. Don’t forget who is appointed over these guys.

      16. LaVoy is clearly reacting to something while his hands are up. He is also stumbling through knee deep snow. But, he clearly reacts before bringing his arms down! Because, in my opinion, he is taking bullets!

        The SUV they were in, is currently covered in tarps, so that no one can see it! I hope eyes are on that lot before it’s replaced with a vihicle in better condition. I’m betting that that SUV, is riddled with bullet holes! And, not “bean bag” impacts! I’ll bet when the snow melts there will be a treasure of bullets, and no “bean bags”.

        The young girl, who is witness to it all, clearly states that they fired at least a 120 rounds at the vehicle for 5 to 10 minutes. You can bet there were far more. And time is relative when you life is on the line! My take away is, they planned to kill them all!, especially the top few, and failed! Now it’s damage control!

      17. The reason I’m so pessimistic here, and believe America is finished as a law abiding constitutional republic, isn’t just because the government at all levels no longer has any regard for the highest laws of the land; the United States Constitution! But, that the media that is supposed to inform us of their corruption and wrongs, has joined them, and simply repeats what they say! What you saw here was incredible, and never before seen until now. A completely controlled media, and blackout of media who would present and alternative view! I seriously doubt that was any accident.

        Even more troublesome is the people, who claim to give them single digit approval, but follows the narrative willingly, and without hesitation! But most troublesome, was how evil they are in their lust for “sinsational” news coverage! The narrative was extreme liberal left fascist government, and the people swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker! What I saw from all of this, was definitely abuse of government at all levels. But that doesn’t scare me nearly as much as the people who showed how much they loved and accepted the narrative being presented by the left, and the kind of government the left now is willing to worship! I saw pure evil! I saw vultures pecking at a roadkill diner! Most disturbing, I believe we just saw less than 10!

      18. Hands were not in the air. They were flailing around and it looked like he might have been reaching into his coat. He did not exit the vehicle in a way that said “I surrender.” Do you dispute that?

        I had posted this comments and Elias Alias had posted it and then it was gone. He said he did dispute it.

        I just watched this again. He had his hands “up”mostly out to the side at 9:27. But then they were in no way up again at all until 9:33 when he was shot. How do you dispute that?

      19. You need to look at what the cops were doing in the video and time their actions with LaVoy’s actions. It appears to me that the cop down on the bottom right shot LaVoy while LaVoy had his hands out-stretched, before LaVoy pulled his hands in and reached inside his jacket. Look at the cop coming out of the trees. What is in his left hand? Just look with a different mindset and you’ll see that the film is not conclusive as you presently think.
        What is needed here is access to all other recording devices such as helmet cams/body cams etc. We need access to sounds to go with the visuals. It is pointless to assume we can determine everything based on a silent aerial film.

        Elias Alias, editor


      20. Problem is Elias we will probably never see any of that video – my opinion this was only put out for the low information “well I saw it with my own 2 eyes so its gospel” low information moron that thinks our govt would never do anything wrong – I will never believe anything these idiots show me until its point blank range on the ground with audio Far as I’m concerned its a flat out case of murder……

      21. Totally agree. I want independent coroner’s report, and I want that pickup truck LaVoy was driving. I also want the debrief statements by officers on the scene after the shooting. I do not want that truck to disappear the way the Federal building in Oklahoma City did, or the metal door on the front of that church in Waco, Texas disappeared, or the steel at ground zero on 9/11/2001 disappeared. The Federal government has a habit of doctoring up crime scenes to protect its own from public scrutiny. That must not happen here. Give us full transparency by giving the public the officers’ dash cams, helmet cams, body cams, all with visual and audio. The FBI owes the American people a factual accounting, because this was not a traffic stop, this was an ambush and a good American was murdered unless the FBI can prove otherwise. The onus is on the FBI, and they know it.
        Thanks for reading and commenting here.
        Elias Alias, editor

      22. Folks please do not confuse our men in Blue whom are usually local and dealing with hardened criminals. These guys are F.B.I, whom take their marking orders from people of the BLM etc. they are only there to accommodate the theft of ranchers land and to take down PATRIOTIC AMERICANS. These Patriots where not drug dealing gang banging destru8ctive criminals, They where patriots standing up for 5the constitution and against corrupt agencies that say the federal gov. cannont own land, If the land wasn’t the federal gov. since they cannot own land then what was the FBI doing there?

      23. I have watched the complete, unedited video several times. I think of myself as capable of being objective.

        (An aside; apparently so do several prosecutors for thrice I have been excused from jury pools for what I gather as being too objective, not prone to influence of flamboyant or emotional speech.)

        The first two times I watched the video I adopted the attitude that Mr. Finicum did indeed intend to reach for a concealed firearm. Both times I found the video to be inconclusive.

        Then two more times I watched the video with the attitude that his actions were in response to being shot. Were his body movements involuntary and spontaneous as may be expected of a spastic response to being shot? The first viewing with this attitude was inconclusive. But the 2nd viewing revealed that Mr. Finicum had received multiple gun shots immediately prior to his reaching with his right hand to his left side.

        My 5th and final viewing of the complete, unedited video was inconclusive of whether his action of dropping his right hand to approximately slightly above the belt was because he was reaching for an object or in response to receiving multiple gun shots.

        But consider these questions. If he were reaching for a holstered or pocketed pistol why would he attempt to cross draw? This especially when he has already been shot and numerous firearms are aimed at him from various angles. If he meant to draw what would have made him more aware of the dire circumstances at that time as opposed to when he first exited the vehicle? That is, why did he not exit the vehicle with his pistol already drawn? It is utterly ridiculous to assume he thought he would feign compliance then think to get the drop on them.

        So, the video footage from a aerial vantage is inconclusive of what actually transpired on the ground especially specific to whether Mr. Finicum was reaching for a firearm or that he was reacting to being shot. But sometimes the truth is as plain as day if we only acknowledge it. In this instance, we see a man madder than hell and, based on his previous statements, hell bent to make a stand. However, just as factual is that the FBI had previously indicated that their negotiators are working towards a peaceable end. Yet in this regard the video itself is damning in that it portrays what constitutes an ambush with a massed force in a static location. In this the video is conclusive; that use of deadly force was the objective and that objective was realized. Faced with that probability, a man who cherished liberty above life would act in accordance to denying that objective as much as one man was capable. The blood is on the hands of those who sought this end. It was staged and did not make an allowance for any outcome other than what actually transpired.

        I expect the shooters will be recognized for their ‘achievement’. So, attention should be paid for commendations or promotions within the FBI. By such we will know their identities. Look also for transfers to different units.

      24. By watching the arial video there was a lot of bullets being fired at the vehicle. As the drone surrounds the scene you can see bullets hitting the snow sending up puffs of snow also the bullet ridden windshield. I believe no body was supposed to walk away from this shooting. No survivors to dispute the Feds. As Lavoy exited his vehicle it appears he is reacting to shots being taken by him as his hands were raised. This is the reason we need the militia to keep the government in check when they overstep their bounds.

      25. It appeared to me there is recoil from the agent’s weapon down on the right, then Lavoy’s arms came down as he reached for his side. It did not appear to me he was attempting to pull anything out. How clever, to shoot him in the side, and use this video to “prove” he was armed and reaching for a firearm. I’m not buying it. This was murder. I’d like to know who from above gave that order.

      26. This is pretty much the unbiased truth. I’m of the opinion that he is reacting to to the bullets hittting him on what appears to be his left side.
        His hands are clearly up & surrendering. 3rd world typical Spear Tip 3 car roadblock ambush tactics. Man coming out of left side fm tree line clearly shopremeditated ambush.

    1. The unnamed woman was Vicantoria Sharp, right? She said they were firing around 100 shots, the truck was full of holes, not O.C’s. She said they were in the trees, too, and likely The cars were separated on purpose. The driver of the Jeep strikes me as a plant.

      1. There’s been so statements released by the FBI about the exact number of shots. From someone sitting inside the vehicle, a “shot” could be any number of things, from the shots that were taken at LaVoy to the flash grenades and other non-lethal things that were fired at the vehicle.

    2. Some of the talk here in Oregon going around, is that the Grant County Sheriff was friendly toward the occupiers, and they were headed to a friendly area to rally support. It is believed, that the group were never going to make it to John Day, and that Harney County, and the FED would see to that. It is assumed (yeah, I know, assumption isn’t really good), that they had actually discovered some damning evidence, and wanted it shown in front of friendlies. I’ve had negative dealings with OSP before, and I can assure you that most of them are wannabe Marine style hard asses, and WILL try to harass you if you exercise your Constitutional rights. (They threatened me, and my former employer once, when I called BS on a media statement, and had evidence that contradicted their published statement). The OSP takes orders directly from the Governors office in this state. They are a direct police arm of the Oregon Executive Office. Their is also a group of people that monitor news station comments for remarks made against the Oregon State Police. (That’s what they told me when they threatened me. They said the Governors office monitors the comments, and the Governors office sent them to find me).

      1. Well count me as someone who’s made comments at Least against her ugliness Kate Brown.
        I’ve also complained about some police harassment I received a few years ago but don’t know what came from it.

      2. I’ve seen so much corruption firsthand that nothing surprises me anymore. Ambushed and murdered is my take.

      3. All that had to be done to disarm this whole thing from the very beginning was to ignore the occupiers. This laughingly insignificant Federal building is not a critical facility in any stretch of the imagination. The over reach of the Federal government in this case is apparent. They are going to make sure those terrible American citizens do not give the Federal government a black eye. The act of bullies (Federal Government) trying to make themselves look innocent. Mark S.

      4. That was my take on it as well Get rid of media and go home But the federal government has once again demonstrated they are large and in charge

      5. Check out Uranium One….. add to it their facebook comments while this was going on and you will see why the feds couldn’t let this go.

      6. Perhaps the evidence they were going to present in Grant county was the same evidence we all heard about during the occupation that two people had come forward and recorded audio affidavits of witnessing the BLM just outside the Hammonds ranch starting fires on the south and east sides like a horseshoe and that this is the fire that the backfires were lit to combat and stop these BLM fires from destroying their house. These affidavits NEED TO BE PLAYED TO THE PUBLIC NOW!

      7. Writing of police states? During the ‘bucky’ hunt in western ny some years back, a reporter from buffalo, ny asked the New York State police spokeswoman how much all the extra manpower ‘show’ was costing the taxpayers, the police spokesperson started her answer by stating that ” the average New York state policeman makes about $270,000 a year after about 3 years on the job,”, this spokesperson disappeared for about two days after making this accidental honest statement, many ‘secret’ pay benefits are paid to many states state police which shame the average joe salary and make servitude to your masters inevitable, many pay ‘schemes’ to state police are not publically admitted, in western ny where the ‘bucky’ hunt took place the average salary is about 33,000 a year, this is the typical sickness that destroys democratic societies and is actively being covered up by the likes of alex jones and Rhodes who deny history everyday by there philosophy of being friends with the police, even in healthy democracies police are never your friends and shouldn’t be, but in America today, if any of you knew what was really going on,,, I myself have looked for ‘this statement I write of, which I clearly heard, and can find no trace of it.

      8. Police abuse and corruption are “actively being covered up” by me? Hardly. I have, on many occasions, spoken out against police abuse and corruption. See the interview I just did with an Oath Keeper SWAT officer, where we discuss the wrongful police killing of the twelve year old boy in Cleveland, while discussing the shooting of Lavoy Finicum.

        And here is another example from last year:

        In fact, here is exactly what I said:


        The one thing I really disagree with Officer Nolan on is this:

        “We fight wars against enemies, and the enemies are the people who live in our cities – particularly in communities of color.”

        The perception of the people as “the enemy” in a “war on terrorism” and a “war on drugs” is not just in cities, nor is it just applied to “communities of color.” That perception is applied in small town America as well as in cities, and to ALL Americans, of every race, creed, and color. It is not a “black” problem. It is not a “brown” problem. It is an American problem. Any American, anywhere, at any time, can be subjected to the same military tactics and mindset, whether during a raid on their home, during a traffic stop, or any other encounter with police. Sniper rifles were pointed in at protesting Americans at Bundy Ranch in Nevada just as much as in Ferguson, Missouri. And likewise for the response to the Boston bombing in the search of Watertown, MA, where weapons were pointed in at entire families as they were ordered from their homes. And any American can suffer the fate of Jose Guerena (Marine Iraq veteran killed in SWAT raid), Bounkham Phonesavah (a one year old baby burned with a flash-bang), or any of the many other Americans caught up in the overuse and abuses of SWAT teams seen here:

        And any American can end up like John T. Williams (deaf woodcarver shot by Seattle cop while whittling a stick), or David Eckert (repeatedly cavity searched and subjected to forced enemas and colonoscopy), or like these two women cavity searched on the side of the road. What does race have to do with it? Not much.

        This, this, this, or this, can happen to any American, of any race, in any community, at any time.

        As retired Pennsylvania police officer Larry Hohol put it, when referring to that last link (the Robert Leone beating): “But for the grace of God, this could have been your child or family member that these horrific acts happened to.” Watch his video analysis of that incident here. That had nothing to do with race, but everything to do with abuse of power.

        American police have a problem, and this problem is now endemic, and reaches into every community. As former NYPD Detective Frank Serpico recently said:

        Today the combination of an excess of deadly force and near-total lack of accountability is more dangerous than ever: Most cops today can pull out their weapons and fire without fear that anything will happen to them, even if they shoot someone wrongfully. All a police officer has to say is that he believes his life was in danger, and he’s typically absolved. What do you think that does to their psychology as they patrol the streets—this sense of invulnerability? The famous old saying still applies: Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

        And it is a problem that the good police have a DUTY to stop. You officers who are the “good cops” out there must police your own and put a stop to the abuse by the bad cops, and that includes all the overuse and abuse of SWAT teams, all of the violations of rights perpetrated in the name of the “war on drugs” and all of the excessive force and violations of rights that occur all over this nation, every day.

        You are all rapidly losing the hearts and minds of the American people – losing their trust and support – because they increasingly see you as a threat to their lives and liberty, rather than as an ally in keeping their community safe. A growing majority of the American people of all backgrounds no longer see you as the “officer friendly” they were taught to trust and respect as children, but instead see you as an occupying army – as unaccountable, unrestrained, militarized, armed “law enforcers” who can literally get away with murder. They fear you. And many of them now hate you.

        Routinely, “officer safety” is put forth as the great excuse to justify all the militarization, including the increasingly militarized rules of engagement that in turn serve to cover and excuse even the most glaring cases of excessive force and abuse of power. But in the end, there are not enough MRAPS, not enough body armor, not enough .50 cals, select-fire M4s, sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, flash-bangs, or enough military trained SWAT teams to keep you safe once you lose the hearts and minds of the people and they turn against you en-mass. The only thing that will truly keep you safe is the trust, respect, and support of the people in your community.

        And the only way you can restore that trust, respect, and support is by obeying your oath, by personally holding the bad cops among you accountable to YOU. You must defend the Constitution by enforcing the Constitution in a very direct way, on the scene, and in your department. As Frank Serpico put it:

        Law enforcement agencies need to eliminate those who use and abuse the power of the law as they see fit. As I said to the Knapp Commission 43 years ago, we must create an atmosphere where the crooked cop fears the honest cop, and not the other way around. An honest cop should be able to speak out against unjust or illegal behavior by fellow officers without fear of ridicule or reprisals. Those that speak out should be rewarded and respected by their superiors, not punished.

        We’re not there yet.

        Indeed, we are not “there” yet, and the honest cops, the ones who still take their oaths seriously, must take the lead in getting us “there.” And that takes courage and resolve to do what is right, on the spot, at all times, even at personal risk. It is what must be done to fix this problem. And in the long run, those good cops really have nothing to lose by doing what’s right, because, unless they step up and lead by example, they will lose everything once they lose the people.

        For the Republic,

        Stewart Rhodes

        Founder and President of Oath Keepers

        There you go. I do NOT “cover up” police abuse. Hell, it was the police abuse during Hurricane Katrina, including shooting people and confiscating guns, as well as confining people by force in the Superdome, that was one of the prime motivators for me to start Oath Keepers (along with enemy combatant status, applying the international laws of war to Americans). This org will NEVER be a blind, “we support our police” no matter what they do,cheerleader group for cops. That will happen over my dead body. We directly protested the SWAT killing of Tucson Marine veteran Jose Guerena, even though doing so led to the resignation of three retired police who were founding Oath Keepers National BOD members. We also had several state chapter presidents resign. And all because they simply could not protest against other cops when the chips were down. But, there were Oath Keepers police who agreed 100% with that protest (including Sheriff Mack and John Shirley, on our BOD), and I don’t regret that protest, even though it cost us some leaders and members. It was the right thing to do.

        We DO outreach to police, and do our best to shape their behavior and get them to honor their oath to defend the Constitution. Apparently, you would prefer we not try to do that. Well, we disagree. They are part of the “domestic security force, just as well funded, just as powerful, as the US military” that the internal enemies intend to use against you. We want to take their perceived strength and turn it against them. And we will continue to work toward that end, while also NOT turning a blind eye to police abuse and corruption.


    3. I never seen a more cowardly act in all my life ,those in Ferguson Mo destroyed everything threw bricks at cops and not one shot fired. I hope this agent doesn’t think he is some kind of hero ,what a shame. I bet he doesn’t live with this to well.

    4. You are grasping at straws here. Finicum, aka Tarpman, ran from the cops, tried to stupidly blast past a road block (which in itself justified lethal force to be used), jumped out of his vehicle, clearly reached for his loaded gun more than once and was shot by tactical officers who clearly outclassed him in gun training. It is clear to anybody with eyes that Finicum caused his own death by being stupid.

      1. No, actually, America brought death to itself by being stupid. Who is the enemy? Think long & hard on this one. Just think S.E.R.E. for a moment, you would not want to slow down when the enemy is upon you. I call this murder, plain & simple and it seems to be their MO.

      2. Failing to stop for police is a misdemeanor and does not justify lethal force. Without audio there is no way to know if he lowered his hands before or after he was shot. Even if he was reaching for a gun it could have been after the first shot had already hit him. Under the circumstances if a leo shot me while I was trying to surrender I’m sure I would shoot back also. There is is nothing in this video that justifies the FBI’s actions.

      3. OK. STOP.
        First everyone assumes the Fbi is correct when they say that Lavoy had a 9mm pistol in his left front coat pocket. That right there is meant to sway the story towards defending their murder.
        Show us the evidence and crime scene photos and let’s ask the people in the vehicle if this is correct.
        The woman witness needs to be protected as she may meet an untimely demise before trial.
        Know this..There are Fbi black op hit squads. No b.s. They take out people and make it seem as drug deals gone bad or other type events like wrong place and wrong time events. Don’t doubt the corruption and evil within the agencies. They have had quite a long time to develop and keep such black op programs in place and away from public awareness.

      4. This was a man trying to reach the local sheriff before being shot up like a wild animal. He feared for his life just the same as the dozen or so assault team members will use in courts to justify their fearful actions. Me. Finicum should not and did not have to die. Scared pros let their loose canons fly. This makes you and them feel justified. You win. LaVoy never drew his gun. Rest In Peace Lavoy as those in fear no not what they have done .

    5. At 7 seconds on the enhanced video it looks like he might have a gun in his right hand. It looks to small to be an arm. And would be his right hand. If he did have a gun at that point, the officer on the right would not have been able to take a shot due to the other officer being in his field of fire.

      1. You can tell when the cop in the treeline fires, because the recoil shoves him backwards in the snow. That’s after Finicum has reached for his waist several times. Once he’s shot, he goes down.

    6. Has anybody else noticed that the date in the corner is 01/27/2016 and every report I have heard or read says this all happens on the 26th?? How can this video be real?? Also about 15 mins into the video, if you watch close you will notice a glitch in the news feed. Something isn’t quite right about all this. Not only was that man murdered it looks to me like the FBI is trying to cover their tracks.

      1. Time on the video is zulu or GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and is 8 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time so would be 1/27/16.

    7. How many times did LaVoy say he would NOT allow himself to be taken?

      If you PLAY with guns…act like thugs…intimidate whole towns…how is any other outcome expected?

      I’m offended that the FBI took so long to end this terrorist incursion.

      1. Agree with you that if someone acts like a thug, intimidates a town, and plays with guns, they get what they deserve. However, LaVoy did none of those things, and you damn well know it. The only shots fired came from the enforcement agents. Get real here, okay?

        Elias Alias, editor

      2. This was murder and *Terrorism being used AGAINST American citizens who are working to throw out the Treasonous scum who currently serve; arrest them (which is MUCH better treatment then is being given to American citizens), and PROSECUTE them for Treason, Terrorism, felony Oath breaking, First Degree Murder, etc.

        This is not lawful in any of the actions of those “agents” who serve within our government. They need to be identified, their “superiors” identified who ordered this, and all arrested, charged, and PROSECUTED for their crimes against America, Americans, the US Constitution to whom they are required to be Oathbound.

    8. The cop in the woods had ample opportunity to rush the old man rather than shoot him in the back, Patriot’s, and Citizens called Militants when our Government is importing Militants by the thousands.
      A man Murdered over a piece of land owned not by the Government that controls it but the very people they arrested and brand Militants – US Citizens. Washington D.C. has declared itself soverign from criminal prosecution by this act. Any Congressmen that does not act accordingly and return home should be held legally accountable for this Cops action. His Oath is broken, by this cowardice act and can never be repaired until he is held accountable.

    9. Tarp man seems to have gotten his name after he was told there was a warrant for his arrest. He sat outside under that tarp so as not to endanger anyone else. He stated in video that they know where I am now and that not him or anyone else would be the first to point a weapon at the authorities. He alluded to the fact that guns were now being pointed at the occupiers in a threatening manner. He lived up to his word and never pointed a gun at officials. The aggressors here are governmental. Who made the decision to kill a man on a rural backroad ambush when that man sat out in plain site under a tarp waiting to be detained promising not to point or raise weapons at authorities. Reckless unnecessary deadly force perpetrated by Wild West gunman under the disguise of the rules of engagement. This was not necessary. We have seen it before. The lies of Ruby Ridge and Waco taught the negotiators nothing ? The truth, as always, will expose the lies and liars. Rest In Peace Mr. Lavoy Finicum.

    10. What kind of a roadblock is this? As a cop you know that you gotta leave an out. This was intentionally a road block that was meant for someone to die. Because if lavoy doesn’t stop in time he has two choices, he has to run off the road or hit the roadblock and kill an officer. what did the Feds do? They set the roadblock up so they’d have to kill someone. Set up.

    11. It is really plain and simple. First shot at :04 from the agent on the right to his left lower side, Lavoy grabs for the wound. Agent on the left comes out of the woods and shoots twice one was a head shot. The man was executed because he was to troublesome for the government for what he stood for. He was/is right.

    12. If you watch the enhanced video version in slowmo, you can assertain what probably conspired. The retreating cop, bottom right, shoots first. Lavoy flinches, then points, he shot me….then as he staggers, the standing agent bottom left hits him again, in the torso. Again, he flinched in pain. The final shot comes from behind as he turns. Overkill or premeditated, it was murder. Very sad…Hillary using BLM to steal public and rancher land to profit from uranium sales to Russia. (Uranium One co.) Do your research. These patriots weren’t a bunch of nut jobs. The rabbit hole runs deep my friends. God bless.

      1. @Neo- Well said.With so much truth out there, and the powers that be are not caring anymore. My son text me “idky they’d shoot a man for going to a rally”, excuse the common core.

    13. There is proof that LaVoy Finicum was Right Handed so I suggest anyone who believes he was reaching for his weapon with his left hand should watch the video again and think about what really took place.

    14. in the 1st video I saw the person that shot Lavoy came from behind with a rifle,(shotgun?).. I just saw a video where a man in short sleeves shot Lavoy with a pistol. with his left hand. you can see his holster on the right side. BUT if you’re holding a long gun, your LEFT hand is out in front..convenient he has a pistol in what seems like the non dominate hand, where his left hand would be on a rifle..glad I copied the 1st video.

    1. Without sound this video says nothing. He has his hands up, and is stumbling through the snow. He could have lowered his hands for balance, or because he was shot. Once he lowers his hands, he is shot and killed. Without more supporting video, and sound, this proves nada! Not a thing!

      But, so what! If the united states government were living within their constitutional box the things that have been going on for decades would not be going on, and this would never have happened!

      Watch “american outrage” on amazon prime for more examples of BLM outrages! And read for an explanation of the constitution in this regard! This is all outrageous!

      And, we can never again say we are a country of laws, or a constitutional republic!

      1. He was very clearly opening his coat with his left hand and reaching for his gun with his right hand. Those people who cannot see the facts when the yare put right before their eyes are the same people who just killed our entire movement. Nice going hotheads, you just screwed us all.

      2. And that’s what I’m saying without another video source, and sound, there’s no saying! What I see is hands in the air. Then what appears to me as him reacting to being shot at least twice, and then he brings his hands down, and goes for his waist. Probably in a fruitless attempt, or because that is where he was shot. Who knows. But again, if our government were in its box, non of this would be happening!!!

      3. Anyone who draws a conclusion one way or the other based on this video is a complete idiot! Without sound only assumptions can be made!

      4. There was also eye witness account…the girl in the truck with Lavoy. Her accounting aligns with the video.

      5. It was not clear what he was reaching for from the video. He could very well have been reaching to a wound after having been shot.

      6. I agree. Audio could provide a lot more evidence but looking at this video. He clearly went for his gun and his hands were not up when he was shot.

      7. The sound will show if he was being shot while he had his hands up. Lets see if they will release the ground video with sound. If someone was punching holes in me with my hands up I would go for my gun as well.

      8. If we never see the on the ground videos with sound that speaks volumes. If they never let indy investigators see the truck that speaks volumes. We need to force transparency here and get someone besides the murder suspects in control of the evidence and the investigation.

    2. Yes. It’s over! America is done! We will never be a constitutional republic again! And a country of laws is absurd in the face of a federal government that ignores the constitution in every way!

      People are saying it’s not over, but it is! No rancher, farmer, miner, or any one else is going to ever ask for help again! And in reality there has never been a case where Americans came to help in numbers that mattered! Even Bundy ranch, where you had maybe a couple hundred. But, now you can bet the tide has turned against them in Nevada as well! No one is ever going to ask for help, or get help if they do ask! This was a game changer! And jack is never going to go back in the box! Get used to it! Tyranny is the law of the land now!

      1. @Dave- it was surely a hit in the gut of Liberty and a good wake up call to those lost in T.V. land. So, We the People need to educate our neighbors and friends. Harney County citizens knew it was wrong but they couldn’t find the way to stand, now even scared, they are standing. It’s a small step with great loss but We the People, that know, have voice and should use it. We can go out like beat puppies or we can stand, loving our neighbors and hold those accountable. No one has ever said life is easy or fair. Choose what is right and just. Mr. Finicum did what he did out of love and because it was right.

    3. I think we can say now that there will never be another case of ranchers or anyone else asking for help. They know from past and present that no one is really going to help them. Decades of abuse has led to the last few taking a stand. And that was just shot dead!. No one helped! Not the courts. Not law enforcement. Not patriot and oath takers. Why would any one turn to them now? They will have their property ripped from them. They will be laughed at. Called kooks. And killed. And the truth is that there has never been a case where more than a dozen or so show up. Bundy’s had the biggest turn out and that was less than 200. And, in reality, it did not change a thing! And they just lost everything as well. The government fails them. Law enforcement fails them. The courts fail them. This case was abuse of power and abuse in the courts, and abuse from all the supposed oath takers, and the Hammond’s were destroyed, and the Bundy’s were destroyed. Along with many others! And many more to come! And many pas! This has been going on for decades! Watch “American Outrage” on amazon prime. Same exact story, only they are American Indians! No one to stop it! For all the ranchers, and miners, and farmers, and indians, etc. So who is going to ask for help now? Tyranny has won! We are no longer a constitutional republic! We have FBI, and sheriffs admit, on camera, that they have not read the constitution they swore an oath to. How can we be a constitutional republic? And, the people are far worse! How can we say we’re a constitutional republic! We can not!

      Not once during all this did anyone outside these guys, and a few small alt news sites, ask about what the BLM did, or the courts, prosecutors, police! Not one mainstream voice! The saddest part of all is how the hyenas, and jackals in the media, and on the left, surrounded their prey salivating, with big buggy eyes! Waiting for the feast of a torn out carcass!

      And, there was no need for fighting, or going to oregon at all. This was a time for writing! And it still is!

      1. I would like to propose, that we all write as much as we can, and educate everyone on what really happened here. This was not a bunch of kooks. These were desperate ranchers whos lives have been destroyed! They had reached the end of the road, and tried everything they could, but faced corruption everywhere they went! This truth needs to be shouted from the roof tops!

        I would also propose the Oath Keepers, and Seriff Mack’s CSPOA, and every other like minded organization come together with as many donations as we can put together in a national campaign, and go after the feds legally! Have a peaceful Oath Keepers march on Washington, And, let’s all put jack (the fedgov) back in the box! It does not even have to be about oregon, but more about a federal government that is ignoring the constitution that defines it! This spring, just as soon as it is warm enough!

      2. None of them are ranchers and only one of the eleven arrested is even from Oregon and he is not local. A bunch of guys from out of state came in with the objective of replacing the local elected government and established judicial system with a government and judicial system of their choosing and taking land that belongs to all of the people of the country and distribution it among whomever they choose. This makes sense to you people?

      3. Your first five words show clearly your mental incapacity to relate truth to anyone. Finicum and the Bundys are/were ranchers. So you are wrong right out of the chute. You need to understand this please: — In the several States, public land is still public land. No one is trying to deprive anyone of public land. That is a statist battle-cry which the progressive socialists are harping loudly to cloud the issues involved here. The debate is whether the Federal blob of incompetency is to manage those lands or if the States are supposed to manage them. To get to the bottom of that question one needs to go read the U.S. Constitution. It will also help to spend some time looking at facts about Enabling Acts and Equal Footing rules regarding how States are brought into the Union. Thank you for reading here. Please reflect upon the idea that you have been lied to by proponents of anti-government extremist progressives who are trying to destroy our way of life on behalf of a one-world government, and please understand that the one-world government they’re pushing for will certainly rule your and everyone else’s lives with an iron fist. This is very serious business.


      4. That one has been beat to death! They were threatened by prosecutors who contacted their lawyers, and Ammons lawyers, and were told not to associate or ask for help or they would get worse jail treatment and sentences! Pay attention!

      5. When did I say I disputed the claims of coercion? A ‘We can do this quietly, and you get sentence A. Make this into a circus, and you get sentence B’. Doesn’t change that the Hammonds told them to not get involved, that it wouldn’t help them, that they didn’t want them taking up ‘their cause’. That the Hammonds effectively ‘waved them off’

      6. My understanding is they were told by prosecutors who contacted their lawyers, and Ammons, to not associate or ask for help, or their jail sentenses and conditions would be made worse.

  2. Hey Fbi wonks show us the swat video of all the cameras they were wearing . we know you have it and we demand to see it. Plus why not show some pictures of the truck? any bullet holes? ohh can’t show that.
    I am telling you as quiet as OK has been there is some shaky stuff going on, web video delays, no new updates form OK, everyone else quiet or are updates being deleted or removed? The Feds are doing their darndest to control the narrative. Seems odd Bundy’s lawyer comes out and purportedly says some stuff Ammon said. Can’t trust it.
    If I were Ammon and others in custody I would issue press releases to OM friendly media and get info out on what actually happened.

  3. The footage shows Lavoy lowering his hands right before he went down for good, likely from the head shot. The distant footage makes it hard to tell whether he was actually reaching for his waist, or instinctively putting his hand toward a wound he had just received on his torso.

    Why no camera footage from the ground with audio? We all know it exists.

    1. You are right. It exists. I guess the FBI is proud if themselves for killing patriotic Americans in American soil and that footage is from a DRONE, not a plane. FBI s following us with drones on American soil. Shameful.

    2. Based on a number of prior videos/pics of Lavoy, he wears his sidearm in a cowboy style holster on his right hip. It sure appears that he reaches for, grabs and holds his left side, indicating to me that he took one in the left side before being shot from the front and going down. I agree that we need to see the cams the agents were wearing and independent forensic exam of vehicle and an independent pathologist at the autopsy.

  4. From my point of view, I would agree that it appeared that Robert Finicum was shot either in the back or in the head by the Oregon State Trooper who could not be fearing for his life. From all accounts this is murder!

  5. From my perspective Robert Finicum was murdered at point blank range by an paranoid officer while his hands were clearly in the air. Say what you want, he was not pulling a weapon and this asshole from behind could not have feared for his life.

    1. Hands were not in the air. They were flailing around and it looked like he might have been reaching into his coat. He did not exit the vehicle in a way that said “I surrender.” Do you dispute that?

      1. The term you cannot fight city hall comes to mind. You would have to raise more money than what the Feds have. An implausible action unless you get the backing of a lot of millionaires. Must use alternative action.

  6. I don’t understand why the date in the upper left corner is Jan 27. I’m not making any assumptions or accusations, but it does appear to say the 27th. Please someone chime in on this, there must be a logical explanation.

    1. The video shows the top line of the only data they did not redact and it absolutely starts with 27 and ends with 2016. I cannot tell what the middle characters are. I wonder how long it took to restage the whole thing and film it with a camera that date marked it 27.

      1. The date stamp of the video reads 27JAN2016. Why is the video date stamp 1 day after LaVoy was shot? It is not the (file properties) or the (youtube release date) It is the imprinted video date stamp.

    2. You are absolutely right. Opening it up on full screen, and it does indeed say 27. That is incredibly strange. There’s no way they could miss that.

      1. The footage is from an RQ-7B Shadow operated by the Oregon National Guard. For sure that is live footage, confirmed 100% by an OK member. The date stamp may or may not have been input correctly, but it was live.

  7. Without audio it’s hard to figure out how many bullets were fired and when they were fired. Was the truck fired at when it first took off and how the hell did Ryan bundy get injured? From an outsider looking in and following the occupation since it started my opinion is law enforcement planted the pistol. I know only from media videos and pictures that Lavoy always carried a .45 on his right hip. A 9mm is not easily carried or even comfortable being carried in a pocket.

  8. If it is true that Lavoy and the others were on their way to a meeting, why were they intercepted by an obvious convoy of LE? Why was there a road block? Clearly Lavoy and the others were fleeing any possible confrontation and then they ran into the road block. This was a set up and even if he went for a gun, he felt threatened. The LE were ready for a gun fight and after they shot Lavoy, they continued to fire on the white SUV as eyewitnesses have said. This video is Bullshit. This was a deliberate set up to take Lavoy out. The LE were not there to talk.

  9. If it is true that Lavoy and the others were on their way to a meeting, why were they intercepted by an obvious convoy of LE? Why was there a road block? Clearly Lavoy and the others were fleeing any possible confrontation and then they ran into the road block. This was a set up and even if he went for a gun, he felt threatened. The LE were ready for a gun fight and after they shot Lavoy, they continued to fire on the white SUV as eyewitnesses have said. This video is Bullshit. This was a deliberate set up to take Lavoy out. The LE were not there to talk. The LE and the FBI know they face the Patriots and want to make it look like it was Lavoy’s fault he was shot. How many LEOs were there firing on him. Yeah, this is not a random traffic stop.

    1. If you look at where this was set up ya gotta wonder what the intent was all along????????? Most remote , limited if any cell service , and out of anyone’s view but their drones camera !

  10. I have been out to countless sites reading comments and sadly most American’s are still clueless to what is really going on. I don’t know what the right response should be but I can tell you I am so sick over this mess I can’t sleep at night. I loved what those guys stood for and what they were doing. If only they had not moved into the stupid building. I suppose it would have played out the same regardless. They were exposing corruption in government and they government is not going to allow that to happen easily that is. I don’t know what is going on in the militia groups right now but I hope whatever is happening it is well planned and well executed. Perhaps we should stand by and do nothing. It appears the Federal Government and their henchmen are self destructing and we should just do our best to take cover.

  11. You can bet this takedown was witnessed real time in DC from FBI swat Go pro cameras. Bullet holes in front of car and the dumbass agent almost stepped in front of car more than likely as he was shooting. Lavoy was probably stressed out from being shot at and who actually knows what was in his pocket. or if he was already shot and reaching to cover a wound.
    We want to see the swat camera footage and pics of bullet holes in truck.
    See all these so called tactical teams only want to shot you. Looking for every chance to do so. I know. I have heard some gloat over shooting of civilians and moaning about being put on paid leave.
    The warning here is that the Feds seem to be seeking a confrontation with Patriots. You can bet the next Bundy ranch type event the Feds will be over assuming capabilities and will try to force a Lexington moment. God help us. Sad day in US. Hope Ammon and team live to see trial…..

  12. For Gods sake he died with his hands still up in the snow. With all the civil unrest in this Ferguson and Baltimore ake Black lives Matter no one lost their lives. We stand now or get back on the couch and take it. i am a Vietnam vet, never thought this could happen but here it is. If we let this beautiful man of God go down in vain then we are truly Sodom And Gamorha. We have the numbers never forget that. They may have all the toys but we still have the numbers. God bless us all

    1. No one lost their lives? Because unarmed people (who also hadn’t made widely known videos about how they intended to fight to the death) lost their lives is why they were protesting in the first place. And why is it this video that brings you to action, and not the one of the 12 year old boy being shot?

  13. The video indicates his hands were raised……ALL video should be released…..ALL……if not it sure looks like an unnecessary killing……wrongful death lawyers are salivating…..LESs will cost taxpayers a bundke….DOJ will settle quickly to avoid election fodder……

    1. There is indication in this video and eyewitness testimony that they were fired upon at the first stop location. What would you do, just sit there and get killed? or drive off?
      It is interesting that although they stopped them at one location, the second location is where the majority of the officers were at, convenient isn’t it.
      They were stampeded by being shot at. right into the ambush. Oh sorry, ahem, Road block.

    2. Really? After listening to the 18yo young lady’s first hand testimony and comparing it to the video her account of events seems to be spot on.

      1. Well of course it is! They are the only ones telling the truth and have been from the very beginning that all this started years ago. I think they are some of the few people left in this country that tell the truth or even know what the truth is. Our law enforcement and politicians can’t be counted on to do that.

  14. This video could be a staged event…there are no close ups. Too much of this doesnt make sense…and I dont believe the pictures or the time and date on the helicopter camera.

  15. We must be cautious, the Feds are partly awake to the corrupt take over of the government, some have crossed over due to fear and some just wanting to go along with the power structure whether its legit or not. No matter what ones take is on Alex Jones and the Info Wars program, their synopsis and breakdown of the strategy being employed to divide and conquer Americans seems to be on target, I’d follow their lead. Getting factions of citizens whether law against the people or black against white, we DO see through these lame attempts at divide and conquer. Hopefully those law enforcement that swore an oath as military before becoming the law will step up and not give in the the tyranny within our civilian and government ranks. We WILL win. Always free, never a slave, never again. End the Fed, outlaw central banking.

    1. Alex Jones threw them all under the bus. He could have covered the story and said what he thought while still covering the story. He could have gotten Ammon and LaVoy’s side of the story out to the people but he went totally silent like it wasn’t even happening. If he had told the story then many more patriots would have gone out there to help and protect those people. Alex Jones can kiss my ass, he is no patriot and by the way you can spend all day saying the NWO has plans within plans within plans and everything is a set up. It’s BS man this was not a set up, Ammon and LaVoy are legitimate patriots and they were not part of some plot to get us into a civil war. You over think everything and add in too much paranoia like Alex Jones did in this case and guess what you will NEVER act on anything and you will NEVER come together. Alex Jones is full of shit and I turned his sorry ass off as soon as he abandoned the story in Oregon. He needs to take some more brain force and realize that our enemies may be smart and evil but they are not unbeatable genius Gods who are always 20 moves ahead of us. That is a recipe for giving up and never taking any action EVER. Oh oh it could be an evil genius plan to get us all so I better not help Ammon Bundy. What a joke, a sick and sad joke.

      1. Another personality mentioned putting a fund together for defense and to get to the bottom of this and also went suddenly silent. The media coverage is what clued me in to pay attention but my family is begging me to stop because clearly we are all being surveillance and evaluated. Just as clearly I was convinced from the beginning that this group was highly infiltrated and I still am. Even that is a multi purpose event. Since we all knew the outcome why did they take most of a month to git her done? I have my ideas but would like to hear others. Also I’m sensing very strongly that Lavoy Finicum already considered himself to be a dead man walking which was why he agreed to the stand-off. Since I am new and don’t know the background I don’t know why that was. Might be a lesson in there.

      2. Ruff, you apparently don’t listen to Alex very often. Some of us do.

        You cannot fairly say that Infowars has not covered the Oregon situation. He has sent Joe Biggs out to Oregon multiple times, again a few days ago with David Knight, for the express purpose of covering what is going on out there and trying to help stop another Waco. They HAVE covered this story and he HAS given it airtime.

        You may not LIKE a lot of what he has had to say about it, but he is one of the many people the Bundys really should have listened to. He called this one right on day one. It was and is a setup. What has gone on out there the last several weeks is NOT something I am proud of as a patriot and an American. It is a tragedy that could have been avoided and he is intimately aware of what this means for all of us.

        Just so you know, I think for myself and do my own research – I don’t just gobble up everything Alex or anybody else at Infowars has to say. I have my own beefs with him – I really wish a lot of times that I could reach through the camera, slap him and say “Alex please STFU and let them talk!!!” – his expert guests, callers, and other Infowars reporters all get cut off far too often.

        Thursday night was the first and very likely the LAST time I will ever watch Infowars live coverage of a political debate. I wish he would have just stayed out of it and let his reporters do the nightly news and live debate coverage as they generally have this election season. He acted and sounded DRUNK, and basically shut down and berated every single one of his reporters live throughout the evening. I am especially disappointed at how he treated Joe Biggs when he tried to point out that Wounded Warriors is a fraudulent veterans charity organization and there are ways to get help directly to veterans. All of which is true.

        And whether Alex realizes it or not, he has been charmed by Trump. That bothers me greatly and it was never more blatantly obvious than it was Thursday night. It also took him at least 2 years and several guests to start “coming around” on the likelihood that Sandy Hook was a complete hoax. So no, he’s not perfect. Neither am I, and neither are you. But he’s one of the best we’ve got for contacts, credibility, and experience in what we are fighting against and trying to expose. So I try to overlook his faults.

        Alex hasn’t thrown the Bundys under the bus. But it sure sounds like you have thrown him under the bus.

  16. So they had guns in the truck….Did you see any of them pointing out of the truck??? NO! But you sure see ALL of the Hit-men SHOOTING at those who were NOT shooting back, you also see Hit-men/Snipers coming out of the woods…..This was an Executive Order Execution!

    As others have said: Where was the call of action via Oath Keepers? Another bought and paid for so-called grass-roots sham???

    “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all. I like a little rebellion now and then. It is like a storm in the atmosphere.” –Thomas Jefferson to Abigail Adams, 1787.

  17. I appreciate the video being released. It looks to me as if LeVoy was shot in the back or side. Even if he was (probably) carrying a weapon, it was clear he was surrounded and had not even raised the weapon before he was shot by troopers.

  18. I call BS!! This video is edited!!! That supposed agent that Finicum “nearly” hit has been shopped in!!!

  19. It is difficult to measure the distance that Lavoy traveled but estimating he was doing 60 (just a guess), he covered some ground before the final roadblock.
    I am going to suggest the John Day presentation was a ruse just to get them on the road and isolated. Who was the contact for the the John Day event? How was it determined it would be appropriate to go to John Day? None of the protestors had been detained previously and they would not be expecting it now?
    LEA’s were fully apprised Bundy and his people were coming. They were on the road some distance out even before Lavoy’s vehicle was on the road.
    Also, the operator of the aircraft had to have been alerted this was going to go down to position himself at the location.
    This was a carefully controlled event with the possibility no witnesses would be present to challenge law enforcement’s version of events. Other than the “criminals” whom the Burns community is represented to be hostile toward (if indeed the publishers of unfavorable comments are Burn’s residents) no one was present to say otherwise .
    The web only tells you stuff. There is no assurance it is reliable stuff or even true.
    A careful examination of the vehicle must be made by the attorney’s representing Bundy and his group, as well autopsy reports on Lavoy Finicum. It will change everything if he was shot more than one time. If there are any trunk shots, then his movements are understandable. Agents are trained to fire for body mass when engaging presumed threats. Never do they attempt to select fire on limbs or extremities, it is always body mass.The face or neck could naturally result as Lavoy went down during a continuous fire event.
    To rely on an aircaft monitoring the event from a presently unknown altitude may be thought sufficient to some, but it does nothing for me. I agree with others, we all know body cam coverage of this event exists and well may include audio.
    I personally believe the John Day event was at the urging of law enforcement, and Bundy trusting no restrictions on his free movement would present to prohibit the meeting, set out to accomplish a legitimate purpose for the meeting; that of information sharing.

    1. I listened to a young woman being interviewed that was in the truck yesterday. I’m certain I saved it and will try to figure out how to copy and paste it here. The man doing the interview told the girl he wanted to be sure her interview account didn’t disappear. I’ll try to find it and share it.

  20. Look Finicum reaches in twice. He starts to open his jacket with his left hand and starts to reach in with his right. You don’t open your jacket like that to reach for a wound. He was scared. He didn’t want to be taken in. He said he wasn’t going to be taken alive. BUT he didn’t want to shoot a cop. He wanted to go down a hero. This is suicide by cop. He was ready to die.

    Listen to the man himself:

    1. Then why did Mr. Finicum even bother to have his hands up the second he exited the truck? Seems like a wasted effort for someone who had every intention of going out in a blaze of glory, wouldn’t ya think?

      1. It looks to me like he had his hands up exiting the truck so no one in the truck would be hurt because he had made up his mind to fight. Then he gets away from the truck and squares off with the agent and reaches into his coat and is shot.

      2. FWIW, I think Finicum was trying to surrender. He was moving through what looks like close to knee depth snow, and his dropping his arms repeatedly could have been involuntary responses to keep his balance.

        But it was entirely avoidable if he’s surrendered when first stopped, in the middle of a cleared road (and with two LE vehicles, both presumably with dash cams, pointed right at his vehicle)

      3. Where you say LaVoy should have surrendered is the point at which, according to Victoria, they shot at Ryan Payne. So at that point LaVoy was acting in self defense by speeding away. You expecting him to surrender as he is being shot at seems unreasonable to me.

      4. Good question. I had assumed that he didn’t want to kill a cop. However, you made a good point. Suppose he wanted to take someone with him. If he got out of the truck with his weapon drawn he would have been immediately shot. So he pretends to surrender. But he’s nervous ( as anyone in his situation would be) and he hesitates to make his move and is shot. Look he’s right handed. He can be seen in many pictures to have a right thigh holster. He would have kept a concealed weapon on the inside left of his jacket. He moves for where a weapon would have logically been. I could be wrong but he doesn’t seem to be reaching for a wound the way his left hand goes for his jacket in the video. He looks like he’s stabilizing the jacket to take something out. I often grab the left center of my coat (with my left hand) when I’m taking my wallet out of the inside pocket with my right. That’s what it looks like to me.

        You asked a good question so let me try to ask a few in return:

        1. Why would the only man who publicly claimed he would rather die than go to jail be the only one to die?

        2. If there had been some reason the Feds wanted him dead and not the others how would they have known that he would be the only one to get out of the truck?

        3. Why was he the only one to run from any of the vehicles?

        4. Are his statements in the interview irrelevant to this discussion?

        If there could be sound (which there can’t because it’s a plane) then you could match up his movements with the shots. But unfortunately there isn’t. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail. There doesn’t need to be any more violence. He didn’t seem like the type to enjoy violence. Ruby Ridge and Waco lead to the O.K.C. bombing. A lot of innocent people died. Children died. That can’t happen again. I don’t think he would have wanted that to happen in his name.

      5. People do confusing things under stress, and while he may not have intended harm to the police (we may never know), reaching into your jacket twice for any reason while at gun point is going to result in your death.

      6. MikeH,

        I agree with you 100%. This entire matter – the sequence of events, particularly as they pertain to Mr. Lavoy Finicum and to the other passengers,the manner and reason that the warrant for the vehicle was obtained (I presume the white van; what about the jeep?) and what it stipulated, confirmation of any weapons Mr. Finicum did, in fact, have on his person at the time of his murder, the manner in which he was slain and any and all relevant pathology reports obtained from independent, unbiased pathologists who are M.D.s or D.O.s who will provide a complete, detailed and honest examination and report of autopsy. What, exactly, was the “probable cause” that justified issuance of arrest warrants in the first place? Normal procedure is for suspects to be detained pending further investigation, not shot down as they surrender for detention. This is an important matter, a huge matter made larger in light of events both in our Country and overseas in recent years. It has, to me, a direct bearing on our futures. Allow me to digress briefly. All LE agencies were originally intended to protect American citizens, not kill them without just cause and due process. I feel strongly that any investigations be conducted by citizens and not by federal authorities, the federal courts with its imposters doning the robes of “judges”, or any other governmental agencies who have – and will likely fight to keep – the cart before the horse, i.e., tho the government and all of its subsidiaries are here to serve, not assault. he “upper hand” that we have given them. We own and control the people They found throughout our governments. They are able to function only because of money that we pay each year. They are here to work for us. They are truly public servants. My guess is that very few would not be at least a bit “nervous” if FBI agents arrived at your home unannounced to talk with you. Now, we’re growing more frightened of local law enforcement officers. The policeman is (no longer) your friend. I think that, over the years, as we gradually released the reigns of governmental power and control with a “let them run the Country”, attitude, without serious accountability (e.g. unconscionable over-charges to the military for parts, tools, Halliburton overcharging for use of vehicles making trips with empty beds and trailers to collect mileage, not properly washing soldiers’ uniforms (which Halliburton contracted to do and, when the uniforms were not cleaned, soldiers were forbidden to wash their own uniforms by their commanders, etc.) members of these agencies were only too happy to grasp – and hold on to – them. Now, it is time for us to take back what is rightfully and Constitutionally ours. I believe that, historically, we made mistakes by not being more politically active, vigilant and aware of what politicians, the courts, our military leaders and the alphabet agencies have been doing for too long. Has no American citizen ever heard of the “initiative” and the “referendum”. If not, it is not surprising. By definition, these allow Americans to vote before major decisions of any kind affecting our country are put into place. So what about NDLL, the Patriot Act and a host of other issues (formation of DHS, etc.). Were we told about and did we approve any of those? Our indolence, lack of involvement and, if needed, action does not need to continue. The only authority to which we, as American citizens are accountable, is our Creator – not DHS, certainly not Obama or the so-called members of “Congress” or any of its components. For decades, we have given away what the Constitution once codified and bestowed upon us. Perhaps we’ve been too preoccupied, complacent, indifferent or disinterested to pay attention to what has been going on. As I look back, I must admit that that has been true of me for too long. Governments at all levels are not going to return that power to its rightful owners without killing innocent American citizens. Certainly, I hope it does not come to a “second civil war”, however, if it does, it is only because we the people and the oppressed have no alternative. Since passage of the LDAA and the Patriot Act during Bush, Jr’s. administration and Obama’s seemingly endless issuance of “Executive Orders”, what has happened in our Country. Trace the path and unbelievable, unprecedented (except the early to mid-1930s in Germany) growth of DHS. Like a cancer, it has metastasized to infiltrate practically all federal agencies. As an amateur radio operator, it is unbelievable to see the “tracks” or changes in FCC laws made by the DHS since its inception. We need to extricate the Obamas from OUR white house immeiately, as well as dissolve a non-functional, non-Constitutional Congress and court system that exists to further political ends, not uphold justice. We need to halt Obama’s obsession with harmful “Executive Orders”, and our daily fear of “Martial Law” or further militarization of our local LE departments. I firmly believe that time is not on our side. As a friend and active duty Lt. Col. in intelligence told me several weeks ago, “I can’t say much, but I will tell you that the fuse is very short”. I hope that we do not allow Mr. Finicum’s senseless, unwarranted murder to go unnoticed and unpunished. I agree with you, MikeH, no one in that group had any desire to ” … go out in a blaze of glory”. My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Finicum, his family, and all pro-Constitutional Patriots who are willing to make a difference if and when called upon. Obama, the Bilderberg group, the “Illuminati” and the “New World Order” need to be abolished so that we can hold elections, eliminate any and all political “gangsters” who are motivated principally by greed and start to work mending and healing the differences that have, historically divided us as a Nation. We can do that on our own – if we are truly willing to make the effort. I believe that, as a first step, we need to come together as a nation of people and set aside, hopefully permanently, the differences that really make no difference but which to divide and separate us. Someone once quipped, “The most dangerous item in your home is your recliner.” That, coupled with a computer has made it easy to vent our feelings verbally, however no amount of writing will bring about the meaningful kinds of changes that all true Patriots want to re-establish and, this time, preserve.

        You will find a copy of an FBI agent’s affadavit to a federal judge to request
        arrest warrants for those taken into custody on Arnie Rosner’s website entitled “Scanned Retina”. To me, it gives great insight into how the federal government has responded to and will respond to events of this kind. Despite Mr. Rhodes straightforward and eloquent letter to the Federal Government in general and the FBI in particular, they still chose to conclude this matter in a despicable, unprofessional, blatantly unconstitutional and cowardly manner. We can plan events for this coming Spring, however we have no real, confirmed intel on what the feds are planning to do. In 2013, Operation American Spring was supposed to bring thousands of Americans to D.C. to clean up our government. As a State Director, I had 85 people sign up. When it came time to request volunteers, suddenly no one was available. As it turned out, between 100 and 150 Patriots from across the entire 300+ million of us made it to D.C. on that day in May. As an example, Twice, when Turkey wanted to oust crooked governments, they marched on Cairo – approximately 35,000. Multiple University studies have shown that if only 3% of a country’s population will actively demonstrate against an illegal and/or corrupt government, they will be successful in changing it. In the case of America, according to our Constitution, most of our officials in public offices (appointed or elected are, in reality today, imposters. Yet, we treat and react and respond to them as if they were real. They are not.

        Yours in Liberty

  21. Man you guys are testament to the power of denial. Ask yourself, “If I wanted to get shot, could I have done anything differently?” Look, nobody who didn’t act in such a careless, erratic manner was killed. If nothing in the video makes sense to you, maybe you need to subject your bias to some critical scrutiny, maybe just maybe you have a lot of things wrong. I see a senseless, avoidable death on the video. And no, you don’t have the numbers; that should be pretty evident now. Whatever numbers you have, while dispersed will always result in humiliating debacles like this and god forbid you should ever come together for some purpose, as long as the battlefield is literal rather than figurative, that is you with your guns against the power of the state with their guns, you will lose be eliminated altogether. It ain’t gonna happen with guns. It may not happen by peaceful means, but it definitely is not going to happen by way of armed resistance. And pretending like it might will only result in the deaths of more men like Finicum.

    1. You are late. The lawful militias did not support the occupation from the start. The “numbers” you speak of are not even close to accurate.

  22. Los Angeles just paid two women $4 million for being shot at by cops. They were not injured. I hope LaVoys family gets a good attorney and I hope they get much more than that. To hell with this POS president and his henchmen.

  23. It Is pretty easy to manipulate footage on a solid background with no reference points. It’s a simple green screen cover for a bunch of loosers who want to kill people. I’m sure his hands were still in the air when they executed him. The real crime is the terror that strikes the viewer. If they would do that to Papa, what will they do to me.

  24. Also watch the unedited version @ 13min….you will see several laser red dots near LaVoys head and in the snow! Normal, since this was just a traffic stop….Sorry Traffic EXECUTION!

    1. ‘just a traffic stop’.. I’ll have some of what YOU’RE smokin’! This wasn’t some county sheriff pulling him over for a busted tail-light and a $50 fine. This was a planned, prepared effort to arrest the occupants of multiple vehicles on federal charges, with most of them presumed to be armed.

      Did you want Barney Fife and his one bullet to make the arrest?

  25. Did you guys see that officer purposely jump in front of the truck? That looked really odd to me. It was like the officer was forcing the other officers to shoot.

    1. He was shooting the driver,Lavoy. Pretty Standard procedure in a case like this. You can see considerable windshield damage in the drivers side area @ 10:30 mark onwards.

  26. Didn’t Mark McDonnell say he charged two police officers? I don’t see that in the video? I also see what looks like shots at the 8:00 minute mark when he sped off. I see what happened when he gets out of the vehicle. Looks like to me he was grabbing his side as if he had been shot. I see some shooting at the truck at the 10:20 minute mark by the passenger side door. I see more shooting at 10:47. No one has gotten out of the truck. But they seem hellbent on sending a message with all the shooting. Either that, intent. I see more shooting at the 12:18-12:20 mark where the windshield was broken.

    I don’t know, but what I do know is that this does not coincide with what the two so called witnesses seen, but by their own admission claimed they didn’t see it directly. Yet, they were called witness by mainstream media? That seems odd.

    1. This is war, and all propaganda is fair in love and war, says the tyrant. Are you aware that the CIA (and likely other federal alphabet agencies) have been placing their agents in ‘journalist’ positions to protect their own assets since at least the 1960’s? It’s documented in a book called “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate” by John Marks. The tyrants don’t fight fair, and they don’t tell the truth. They bluff, bluster, gaslight, and outright lie and conspire, as the PPN’s recent call to action makes clear.

      If you listened to Ammon’s driver Mark McConnell claim that Lavoy was aggressive – he is ‘certain’ though he only knows it through second or even third-hand sources – perhaps you also saw his facebook page where his wife jumps in the fray and blatantly disparages 18-year old Victoria Sharp’s account (and character), though she is a traumatized and innocent first-hand witness and Mark’s wife isn’t even a shoddy third-hand one. Such infighting, backstabbing, and rumor-spreading is not odd. It should be expected in situations of known infiltration by federal agents, provocateurs, and informants. Muddy the waters with false innuendos, character assassinations, and misinformation. This is the way of the tyrant.

      What should also be expected is that the federal assets in this fray will NOT be charged, and those who have been charged merely for appearances, will have their charges quietly dropped and they will be mysteriously released when no one is looking. Look particularly at Pete Santilli and Ryan Payne. Santilli already had his Ohio gun charges magically dropped and his bond zeroed out in December 2015. The Sheriff refused to state why. A couple of weeks later Santilli shows up in Oregon a free man, with expensive broadcasting equipment and the will of a weasel to worm his way into the middle of Ammon’s actions. Apparently, he didn’t experience any cell jamming or other NSA communications interference like other broadcasters experienced while trying to get the truth out.

      What should become apparent is that Ammon and his team’s quest for freedom and justice was DOOMED from the start, because his team was more riddled with paid feds than swiss cheese is with holes. It appears that the brunt of the plan was actually cooked up by the feds working inside the camp. I deeply regret the loss of Lavoy’s life and the fact that Victoria Sharp was placed in harm’s way by well-intentioned, but profoundly naive occupiers. I also deeply regret that Ammon and his few true occupiers put much more stock in listening to paid federal fomenters who lived among them, than they did to the hard-won, tactically-sound knowledge of proven patriots on the scene – those who warned Ammon repeatedly about the foolhardiness of his actions.

      Make no mistake about it: the feds involved in this despicable plot have BLOOD on their hands, and that includes some of the men posing as occupiers and broadcast radio hosts. But Ammon and his surviving leaders must bear some of the blame as well. Their actions were the height of simple-minded, overly-idealistic foolishness. What good is a brave patriot is he is also a foolish one who refuses good counsel and sound reason?

  27. This was definitely murder. Occupy, destroyed public and personal property and the leo’s did not confront them. The thugs that make up Black Lives Matter burned cars, businesses and assaulted individuals and leo’s did not confront them. These men took over a building that was not being used to get attention to start a dialogue about the unconstitutional control that the federal government has over the land that belongs to states and the citizens that live in them and the traitors in our government send a large group of psychopathic thugs to murder them. I hope every leo involved in this up to the director but not limited to that point are [Eighteen words deleted by Elias Alias, editor]

    1. Here’s one of the places that you lose potential allies. Technically the building was not in use because it was not a work day when they entered the building. Much has been made about the cost to taxpayers of having to pay people who aren’t able to get in there and do their work – about how the environmental efforts have been impacted (in a costly manner ) due to the interruption and so on. When I heard that the building was not in use I expected to see an unkempt cobweb filled shack. You make excellent points concisely otherwise but people who have no issues with shooting a man in the back will shoot down your whole point based on the one flaw.

  28. Speaking of reference points. LaVoy or any others had broken any laws that this countries founders faught to establish. They say it’s a living document, I say it’s dead. They say our country is dead, I say it’s alive. They say Lavoy killed himself, I say they killed him. I say they killed him because they are scared or the Justice system. They are scared of constitutional freedoms, freedom of religion, speech, the right to bear arms, and most importantly, the right to do on to others as they do on to you. I don’t really know scripture well but I remember a commandment or 2. 5-1

    1. “the right to do on to others as they do on to you”? friend that is not a constitutional freedom. how do that even make any sense?

  29. Crispus Attucks died March 5, 1770, first casualty of the American Revolution. three others died that day at the hands of the British redcoats in what was named in 1771, the Boston Massacre. July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence. It’s already written. It doesn’t need to be rewritten. The same Continental Congress appointed George Washington Commander of the Continental Army. So, six years, between 1770 and 1776. Do we have that long? We can skip the writing of Founding Documents, the ones we have are still valid. Is LaVoy Finicum our Cripsus Attucks? Will 26 January 2016 go down in history as the start of the 2nd American Revolution? Will it take an armed revolution to restore the Constitution?

  30. I looked at this ten times,what I saw was a ambush this man was shot down with his hands in the air Now the FBI has some thing to anser for they killed a men whit his hans in the air Now the government will have to pay for the shit did by the FBI

  31. The quick release of video by the FBI was good. Unfortunately the video raises more questions than it answers. Why no audio? Why did they say that they wouldn’t release photos of the truck? Will they release full autopsy reports? How many agents were on the ground? How many vehicles were involved? Where’s the video on the ground? They could at least show the parts that confirm, with more detail, what happened from the air?

    This is a beginning but there better be more information released, and soon, as this has NOT stopped the anger that’s fomenting because the way this was handled.

  32. Does anyone think that maybe the Grant County sheriff got flipped by the FBI. That picture of him laughing and smiling during the road blockade after the shooting looks kinda of condemning. I know he is in full blown denial right now.

  33. It is really sad this father had to die for nothing. All of this was just complete nonsense, pointless and silly, and he went down believing all of it.

    It was a series of bad choices on his part that led to his demise. I hope others learn from this.

    1. You’re exactly right. What did his unfortunate choices accomplish? Maybe it’s too soon to tell today. I don’t think anyone doubts his courage and conviction, but his choices are so difficult to understand. He was a Husband, Dad of 11, Grandpa of 19, and he had multiple other young people who had lived with him and looked up to him. He had so much to live for and his choices negatively impacted every one of his loved ones! Why would he throw his life away on a strategically-bungled, short-lived suicide mission that resulted in ZERO change except the imprisonment of several of his friends? Regardless of how he was killed or what he was doing while shot, he HAD to have known that his actions and those of the other occupiers at the Refuge were going to be short-lived and stopped with brute force by a government which tolerates precious little dissent. The Hammonds are still in prison, and now the Bundys are as well. The whole mess casts aspersions on the character of some of the men who gained the victory that was Bundy Ranch.

      And for pity’s sake, why are Oath Keepers and the PPN so danged quiet about the cordon and any other tactical ops that were supposed to have been put in place?

  34. This is a great tragedy… The bigger picture, as Red Blooded American Patriots we need to standup to this Tyrannical regime and vote them out of office! I disagree with the tactics of this deliberate killing by the FBI, and State police. They follow orders from up above, the government… Some of you may not know some of the reasons behind the government overreach, Mr. Harry Reid, yes the senator has been to China brokering a deal, to let the Chineese buy a huge parcel of land so that they can build a Solsr panel manufacturing plant! The Federal gov’t does not own this land and has no right to sale it! On another note, on one talks about when Sec. of state Hillary Clinton brokered a deal with a Russian invester to sale 51% of the U.S.’s uranium deposits, this alone should be a criminal act also. People we need to vote these CRIMINALS out of office, NOW!!!

    1. I agree with you Jack……Did you know that under the Hammonds property is possibly Uranium? Did you know that Hammond went to a Conference in the 1990’s to Douglas County OR to talk about the Land Grab and they have been after him ever since? Check with the Roseburg Beacon….they know the story.

  35. He was stumbling in the snow trying to put his hand up and was shot in cold blood police should be charged with murder and where’s the outrage ? Pretty clear his was unarmed

  36. [Twenty-four words deleted by Elias Alias, editor] saying it was 10 minutes after the shooting. More like 18-20 minutes because they’re not even touching him until plane, drone, or whatever pans over and cops are running to the vehicle, and that is passed the 18 minute mark.
    And as to the question on the enhanced video weather he was shot with his hands up? Yes!!!!! Looks to me as if. He’s stumbling in the snow and yes his arms would drop reaching for a gun? Don’t know, but looks like he may be wounded at that moment then hears, or is already being shot at from behind, and turns to see, at that point maybe, and if your already being shot at who wouldn’t? And no audio? fricking convenient if you ask me. Who was the first out Ryan? Looks like?
    keyboard warrior whatever I’m livid right now already been banned from one Forum so what ever. the moment i seen the POS come out from the trees and shoot him in the back you bet.
    BS to the ones who say suicide by cop crap. Ever been in a situation like that? People yelling at you all different kinds of commands if he did say just shoot me then it would be understandable. So……………… what are our orders? Too bad Ammons In Portland though but If I can get on that Jury it’s hung. meaning not guilty no matter what!

  37. First of all… LE should have just waited them out like they did with Occupy Wall Street or any other liberal occupation. If it were for a liberal cause they would have bent over backwards to accommodate protesters. If there was any crimes committed they could have dealt with them after the occupation. It’s not like they were holding hostages or burning the town down.

    The Video… Why would he decide to draw on the officers after walking through the deep snow with his hands up and with his weapon buried under layers of clothing? You would think he would have readied his weapon before exiting the vehicle if he had intent to go down in a blaze of glory. At the moment he started to drop his hands it looked like something startled him and he began to shuffle a little quicker through the deep snow. I’m under the impression that LE fired on him (pepper ball or bullet?) while he had his hands in the air then LE finished him as he turned around with both hands oriented to his left waist. Even though it appears he was reaching, it didn’t look like any weapon was actually produced either.

    The female in the vehicles said bullets were riddling the vehicle but I think the bullet impacts she reported were probably pepper ball impacts. I think video and photos from the ground will answer many questions of what happened and hope they produce them to the public because there’s going to be a lot of outrage over just this video alone!

  38. The occupiers had a legitimate grievance but Finicum tried to pull a weapon on law enforcement. Bad idea. Finicum just took all the legitimacy of the occupiers cause with him to the grave. He played right into the hands of all the people that are calling them ‘right wing gun nuts’. We are suppose to be about following the Constitution, not pulling guns on cops.

  39. How can you people CLEARLY completely disregard the fact that he reached into his coat/waistband area several times in the video. Yeah he had his hands up at first but then he started reaching in his coat/waistband. CLEARLY you people are overlooking that fact purposely just to spout your rhetoric. He got himself killed. He WAs armed and was shot while reaching for his wasitband. It’s crystal clear on the video!

    1. Odd, isn’t it, that the FBI says LaVoy’s weapon was in his left pocket.

      LeVoy is right handed, and when wearing his six-shooter, carried it on his right hip.

      I am right handed. And I have never place my handgun in my left pocket.

    2. His hands were making a natural movement to an injury which is where he had just been shot the 1st and 2nd times. The 3rd shot was the fatal head wound. Wake up and study before mouthing opinions.

    3. Finally someone with intelligence don’t stay here too long. These idiots will suck the brain matter right out of you. If anyone answers my comments, I won’t be here to see or respond. My Intelligence is not worth losing by reading these comments. Ironic how BLM is the initials for Black Lives Matter. Boom, the patriots were effen up and now they will all be felonized and unable to own guns…lolololololol

      1. I too have mixed feelings about this. Audio, audio, audio. If this a SOP, THEN they should be ready for anything. After all aren’t most of these guys mostly combat vets, with some being tip of the spear? Highly competent professionals vs cowboys. Yes I know that even a bb gun can kill.

        Still after the guy comes out of the woods after shooting levoy, he throws up his hand and is yelling at the officer that was first facing levoy. Then he moves behind and to the side of levoy and the vehicle. That to me , I might be wrong, as if he, the officer, was indicating with that one action as wtf.

        Without more video with full audio the truth is we will never know the truth.

  40. I have been following this silently since the beginning on Santilli’s yt page and then defend your base yt and some others. First, LaVoy left all his weapons at the refuge. 2. He always carried in a holster and like OK said, he wasn’t a gangster to carry in his pocket. 3.They admitted in the conference they knew they were going to that meeting because it was posted on the yt and fb & social media sites. 4. They admitted there was no traffic violations to pull them over and set it up.

    If you watched the conference from the very beginning when the Sheriff was there and if you watched him closely, he was VERY nervous about something and his face turned beet red and he was constantly twitching. He looked so damn guilty and is hiding something to me. It is a known fact the Sheriffs in Malheur County are corrupt. Just do some research on that. Look at what they did to the Gillette/Hoyt family.

    This was a pure Bonnie and Clyde setup and murder. They ambushed them and a Patriot was murdered. They made sure they were in the middle of nowhere and had no witnesses. LaVoy looked like he was delirious when he got out of the vehicle plus the deep snow had him losing balance Very lousy video and for the FBI to act all concerned about what the People think and say that is why they released it , is total BS!! How do these people sleep at night!!!

    RIP Mr. Finicum

    1. To your ‘points’..

      (1) LE would know he left his weapons at the refuge.. how?
      (2) Its not unreasonable for LE to presume that he may have a weapon in his pocket, given public statements.
      (3) Is not germaine to the argument, other than pointing out that they effectively told LE what route they would be taking, and when.
      (4) LE hasn’t claimed that this was a traffic violation stop, but that it was a vehicle stop to serve arrest warrants.

      And as regarding your ‘no witnesses’ observation.. governments usually don’t leave people alive, and record the entire event, if they are trying to hide their actions.

      1. The FBI and LE had MANY ample times to serve arrest warrants as they walked freely around town many times and never once threatened anyone with their big bad guns. They didn’t have to shut down a road with road blocks to trap them. LaVoy , Ammon and the others, again, walked around freely. They made many attempts to talk and open dialogue.

        The FBI and other corrupt hacks did not want to talk or end this peacefully. They wanted to show their force to be reckoned with and made an example out of LaVoy by telling the people we have the power to do what we want. The FBI stated in the conference they KNEW about the meeting and I don’t believe there are to many ways to get from A to B. As far as their great video that was half blurry and edited, though they said it wasn’t. With all their GREAT super technology, you mean to tell me they were not able to keep it zoomed in and focused? Must be pretty armature if you ask me. Hell I can take a better video than they put out. That video is as useless as they wanted it to be. Since when do they release information like this in an open investigation a day after it AND a video showing the man gunned down? Oh that’s right they wanted to calm us down. LOL

        While I don’t fully agree the way all this mess started, I ask myself? Is Oregon a State where you can legally carry a gun? Are we not allowed to protest? Is there a law that says we can’t protest and carry? I ask myself, did anyone from the refuge show violence or force with their guns? I ask myself, did LaVoy want to end this peacefully or violently? He tried MANY times to communicate to no avail. I have many other questions and will seek answers by continuing to observe and reading up on information I come across.

        I watched that enhanced/zoomed video a 100 times. Slowed the speed. Had it open full screen. You can see a LOT if you watch VERY close. While I am a nobody and have no LE skills it doesn’t mean I don’t have an eagle eye to spot things. You can see the flashes from the guns. The flashes are the dots/circles you see. They stop after he’s down and stop shooting him. You can see them but you have to watch very close and move the screen manually in tiny bits. So here is my amateur recap on what I observed.

        From 9:23:01 – 9:30:00 is when he was getting out of the truck walking with his hands raised in the air.

        9:30:00 Shot in lower left chest/abdomen area from man on right
        9:30:04 Left arm raised out
        9:30:05 Starts turning
        9:30:05 – 06 shadow or something between legs
        9:30:08 turning with arms out
        9:30:12 Rt arm on side, left arm out
        9:30:15 guy coming out from trees
        9:31:00 shot
        9:31:03-15 standing in a position trying to move rt leg up and down, stomach extends out and back, arms holding in front
        9:31:16 raises left leg, arm holding abdomen area, trying to move and turn
        9:31:24 Shot from man from tree, Lavoy turning
        9:32:21 left elbow extended, rt arm looks like holding front/stomach area
        9:33:00 shot
        9:33:02 shot
        9:33:04-05 looks like shot in head- head goes back
        9:33:07 rt arm starts to come out
        9:33:09 shot left side
        9:33:10 left arm comes out
        9:33:11 shot
        9:33:12 Lavoy starts to fall back
        9:33:15 shot
        9:33:25 down

        I don’t know about anyone else but this has me terribly upset. Maybe because I’m not use to seeing someone gunned down for all to see. I learned a lot by silently watching for weeks on what was going on and only commented maybe once or twice. I sat and watched the live streams and observed. Read a LOT about that area and watched what people were saying.

        There are a LOT of very vile, evil rude people out there, let me tell you that!! I never in my life saw so much hate and what drives people to hate so bad is beyond me. LaVoy did not deserve to be killed/murdered/assassinated and I am sticking to it that he was. I will never believe/trust anything that comes out of their lying mouths and will make my own observations, read and keep watching.

        RIP Mr. Finicum #justiceforlavoy

  41. He certainly had his hands up when he exited the truck but then reached for his waste at least twice. Looks like the eye witness is either mistaken or she flat out lied. From what I can see in this video, Finicum went for the pistol he always carries in his belt and was shot in turn.
    The argument of the hotheads has been debunked. As much as I would like to believe the FBI lied about the whole thing, This video seems to prove that Lavoy Finicum reached for a weapon and the FBI acted in self defense. Even if he was unarmed, The man reached for his belt where he is well documented to carry a firearm. This was a legal shoot all day long. Tragic but true.

    1. Here is what you are missing. In the original traffic stop, the truck was fired upon. At that point, Lavoy was under assault without cause, and was in defensive mode. He drove away not realizing there was a road block. He tried to make it around the road block likely because he assumed that was their best chance of not facing trigger happy feds. After getting stuck, he quickly exited the truck with his hands up. Likely to lessen the chances of the passengers being struck by bullets. He walked clear of the truck with his hands up. Once he was squared up with the LEO who had drawn on him, he dropped his hand to his coat. It is likely that shots were already fired at him at that point because he was verbally aggressive. They could have been non lethal rounds of some sort, but he still would have heard the report of the weapons. Whether he was hit or not is irrelevant. If he had a 9mm in his pocket, now was the time for self defense. And if I am wrong and no projectiles whatsoever were fired until the moment he reached down to his hip, then it was definitely a suicidal act. And he should have known better than to give the LEO’s a reason to start shooting b/c no matter how far from the truck he was, there was a chance the passengers would be fired upon. He also may have believed they would be all fired upon anyway, but as the leader he should have had a cool enough head to surrender completely unless fired upon.

      You don’t know if he reached for his coat before being fired upon.

      Considering the times we live in, and the LEO mindset, it is honestly debatable and only audio will tell the story. Without bias, I believe it is more probable than not that he was fired on because he kept walking with his hands up being verbally aggressive.

      Strange that the FBI press spokesman focuses on all the non lethal rounds that were used.

      Have you asked yourself why they didn’t take down Lavoy with them?

  42. I watched the Long Version Four times.. and had it Zoomed in…I see that LaVoy comes out with his Hands up and out. He hears the man in the tree line..turns in surprise and then at that VERY Moment he gets shot in the side…..and goes Flat down….he is shot again two more times, although his hands are up and one ( Left) is out. Then later four agents around him one kneeling and pulling what appears to be a wallet out and holds it out to another agent.. ( Only a Coroner should be messing with
    LaVoy) Yet another agent…climbs up the embankment with what appears to be a Semi and walks over and semi kneels opposite the other kneeling agent…with LaVoy’s body between. When he leaves he is not carrying the weapon he walked up with….I did not see him “Hand” one for protection to another….over the deceased….and harmless victim

  43. The only reason they stopped shooting at the truck is because a local rolled up on them and were watching them shoot for a time, many shots were fired. Thank God for intervening and stopping this evil act before more innocent lives were taken.

    1. All indications are that they fired rubber bullets and CS gas at the vehicles. If they had been firing any kind of live ammo at that rate all passengers would have been injured or killed. Cars are coffins on wheels against bullets, pistol rounds or otherwise. I don’t like this situation anymore than anyone else, but we’re going to have to be honest about what happened here. Finicum clearly reached into his jacket twice, and was then shot. Even if he had no intention of harming anyone, that action was bound to get him hurt. This was no Waco or Ruby Ridge.

      1. Set up and ambush don’t count for Ruby Ridge? How would he know it was rubber bullets. I still think it was a reflex to already be shot from the front. What does the gov’t have to lose?

      2. No, I’m afraid this is standard protocol for stopping and grabbing a suspect or suspects; a police stop on the road when they are most vulnerable followed by a surprise raid with maximum show of force to avoid opposition and potential death. And this raid used non-lethals until, as it seems in the video released so far, Finicum gave the impression of reaching for a weapon. If it was the feds intention to clock some murders on their time sheets, then why was no one else killed? Well, probably because no one else reached into their jackets.

        Most likely scenario? A jumpy cop saw Finicum move funny and he pulled the trigger instinctively. I’m not saying the outcome is acceptable, but Ruby Ridge it definitely wasn’t.

        There is also no evidence whatsoever that he was shot at all when he reached into his jacket twice. Perhaps that will prove to be the case once ground footage is released, though I find it highly doubtful. People don’t seem to understand what a hollow point bullet (standard issue) does to the human body. Generally, you do not merely reach into your coat pockets in reaction, you crumple to the ground in agony. I’m simply saying jumping to conclusions is not productive at this point. If people are going to go to war over this (and that is what they are suggesting), they better be damn sure evidence of cold blooded murder is on their side.

      3. That makes sense. He wasn’t going to sit in a cell either he said. I hate to see good men go to waste. Maybe they should have let the meeting come to them.

      4. I agree, this was a mess from the very beginning. Poor planning led to these men being put in the most vulnerable position imaginable. You NEVER leave your perimeter of safety in a convoy of unarmored rolling coffins without proper security. You never assume that you cannot be grabbed just because you are in a train of vehicles. While I feel anger over this incident, I can’t say it surprised me. We warned Bundy and team over and over again, but they did not see the dangers we saw. If you watch some of the videos of their daily life at the refuge, they were not preparing a battle space, they were building a home there. They had false perceptions of the gravity of the situation and this led to bad decisions, like driving to that meeting. You could see the tragedy coming a mile away.

      5. Brandon, I appreciate your compassion mixed with truthfulness and pragmatism. LaVoy’s death was senseless and entirely unnecessary. A good man’s life was wasted. I’m angry that the Malheur Occupiers were so naive and refused to listen to anyone other than Pete Santilli, Ryan Payne, and a few others believed to be inside federal agents. These federal boys have blood on their hands.

        This entire operation was fomented by their hype and encouragement. The Bundys, Finnicum, and a few other well-meaning but gullible innocents were caught in their nets. I am especially angry that a naive and unaware 18-year old girl was placed in the backseat of a truck’s battlefield by foolish and simplistically idealistic occupiers who though it would be a good idea for her to ride along though they knew that the FBI had recently changed tactics and was amping up their aggression. Her life has been forever changed by that trauma, and it was completely preventable!

        Good on OK and the PPN for refusing to have anything to do with the strategic insanity and foolhardiness of the Malheur occupation. May God have mercy on the naive, but well-meaning people who occupied and now have to face the legal consequences. And may God especially bless the brave and honorable patriots who are currently rising to the call issued this afternoon by the Pacific Patriots Network. It is good to see diligent, cool-headed, liberty-lovers take a mighty stand.

  44. You run away at high speed and try to run through a roadblock. Then you jump out of the vehicle with your hands up. After clearing the vehicle you square off with an agent and reach into your coat. Seems like a real good way to get shot to me. I believe he was going to be the only one that wished to fight and got away from the vehicle so no one else would be killed.

  45. Tell special agent in charge he can put any spin on it he wants…it was murder. One man against how many? And one shot in the back? That is murder plain and simple. Even if he went for his gun, he knew he never stood a chance, they ambushed him and the others in the car. They were not a threat on that road to anyone, they were coming back from a meeting. This man is trying to justify what they did. Doing his job? They know the government is corrupt, there is no hiding that information anymore, therefore they are working for criminals, but I don’t see them ambushing the real criminals. I don’t see them arresting the traitors in our country. When one American can be killed by another so called American for standing up for what he believes in then all Americans are in trouble. I wish this would haunt them forever but I doubt this man or the others have a conscience.

  46. Elias and fellow Patriots,
    It seems to me that the LE who came out from behind the pine tree had a taser pointed in his left hand, then drew a handgun with his right hand. Start at 9:30 in and watch slow motion. ? Was LaVoy tased first?

      1. I saw the name of the shooter published once. Where is it now? Publish it before they ban the practice. IF he is justified in killing a man in cold blood, he should have to answer for it to the public.

  47. I watched the videos and made my initial judgement, then I went to bed. But I couldn’t sleep. Something kept nagging me as I played this over and over in my head. So, I got up and went to the “enhanced version” again and played it over and over. I put my cursor on the 4 second mark, then let it run to the 7 second mark. If you keep your cursor on the 4 second mark, let it run to the 7 second mark and immediately right-click when it hits the 7 second mark, you can loop the video over and over.

    I messed up. He is putting his hands on his left hip. And when he does that, right about the 5-6 second mark, note how puts that left leg forward, bends forward, while pushing down on that hip. Ya know, kind of like when you get a cramp. Then, immediately, he turns to his left, and then watch him do the jerky 2 step at the 6-7 second mark. Then, he turns some more, with his hand on his side/hip at the 8-9 second mark. At the 9-10 second mark is when he is taken down by the guy on the upper left. If you note the guy on the lower right, it is barely perceptible, and it is really hard to catch, but you can see his slide move.

    Now, if you go to the regular version, and note the very first time LaVoy puts his hands down very briefly, then immediately up (just before he puts his hands down again on his hip and bends), note the guy kitted up at the lower right… he immediately turns and takes cover because… that is when the first shot was fired at the 9:27 mark (and, the guy in the tree line is in his line of fire). And that is when LaVoy’s hand went down for the first time, up briefly, then back down. Watch that guy kitted up turn to cover at the very first shot, then go back to the same time slot and watch what LaVoy does.

    I was wrong.

    But still, I never expected this to turn out good from the beginning. Because it is the reality of the world we live in. If anyone asks me if I am surprise, the answer is no.

    One other thing that kept nagging me. How many right-handers put their handgun in their left pocket? I have never put my handgun in my left jacket pocket… ever. It is muscle memory. It is habit.

    1. look at the snow behind his left hip you can see the bullet hit the snow and a mark is clearly made that was not there a second before.

  48. Friends. Instead of focusing on LaVoy’s movements, I suggest you rewatch the enhanced video paying close attention to the officer on the right. Watch for the recoil action of his pistol as he shoots (4-5 times). It is my opinion that LaVoy did not lower his hands until shots were fired by this officer. As the officer on the left approaches from the woods, it does appear that after being shot several times by the first officer, LaVoy does reach for his pistol. Watching the recoil from the rifle held by this officer (coming in from the woods) is does appear that he then fires several times (3-4 times by my count). In my opinion, the statement by Victoria Sharp must be considered reasonable.

  49. So they say Finicum was shot while reaching for a 9mm in his left pocket. I can only find photos of him with a revolver in his front belt on his front right side. I gotta say also as for the 18 year old girl in the trucks account. I cant see the truck riddled with bullets, I do however see some holes in the truck. There are men coming out of the trees which suggest an ambush. I also see lasers on him after he is down, I also see him moving after he is down. Go to the FBI website for the full video. My opinion, the Feds planned on killing them.

  50. If he was reaching into pocket, they acted accordingly, hard to tell , if that was one of us shooting someone without seeing weapon, we would be in jail. The cards are stacked against us….again, I can’t tell if it was justified.

  51. When will individuals have their rights to commit crime with guns without consequence? When will armed criminals be free to resist arrest, recklessly endanger the lives of officers by crashing intentionally at high speed feet from them, and still be free from use of force? Only then will the constitution be upheld. Ohhh Tyranny

    1. He was not an “armed criminal”, so your question is moot. He was an honorable, honest rancher and a good American. He had been at the refuge, and in the town of Burns, for well over a month and never drew down on anyone, as you will have to agree. What makes you think the man was a criminal? People like you have a skewed perception of reality so you have imagined that he was a criminal. Do say, exactly what was the indictment which branded him a criminal? Where was the warrant accusing him of a crime? Where was his day in court? The man was going to talk with a neighboring county Sheriff for Christsake! People like you helped a complicit media brand an innocent man and turn him into a “criminal” in the public mind, which influenced the pig-mentality that had been implanted into the psyches of every damned jackboot superwarrior adrenal-addict idiot toting a badge who participated in the ambush. To your everlasting dismay you shall have to forever more know that your own damned-by-God mental states helped murder an innocent man. And you don’t even know why your mind has been programmed with the statist bullshit illusions under which your sleep-walking soul labors in vain. Go get a life and forget about spouting more of your insensitive, cruel, unmerciful, belligerent, misguided perceptions at this website. Go wallow in your guilt, and project your misery into the near future when your statist pals and you get to see the destruction of American values, morality, ethics, familial loyalty, duty, citizenship, culture and traditional way of life. You are absolutely going to love the totalitarian administration of the glorious and gorey government you’re cheerleading for today, when it goes poof in the near future and morphs your statist wet dream of “social planning” and “cultural anthropologist-devised scientifically mechanized control grid for behavior modification” into a tender, caring, supporting Master government fully assimilated into the UN’s one-world-government plan, which your kind of mentality harbors due to incessant Feducation, propaganda, Madison Avenue/Wall Street “pubic relations”, conditioning and other subtle forms of subconscious mind control supports — but don’t fear, Judgmental One, never fear! You are already so mentally deficient that you will be happily and licentiously delighted in your slavery to an all-powerful government, which of course time shall prove to be but a mere delusion which bypassed in your sin-soaked synapses the original purpose of government.
      It was a deliberately-set ambush. Were they speeding? Were they shooting crows out the windows as they drove toward that meeting? Why did the cops pull them over, eh? One newspaper made sure that readers heard that it was a “lawful traffic stop”. How odd that out in the middle of the wilderness the God Damned FBI and OSP had that level of equipment, logistical support, an airplane or drone, and personnel armed to the teeth like the military police state into which law enforcement has morphed, all just innocently sitting around in the middle of nowhere waiting for some drunk driver or speeder to chance to come their way. Just another routine traffic stop, right? I would take you to school but I don’t have the time. I don’t even have time to proof-read over what I just typed. Get a life, and stay out of good men’s lives with your bullshit.


      1. Elias,

        That’s one hell of a rant there. You make a lot of assumptions and accusations.

        You are an imbecile. And I don’t mean it like an insult. I mean it literally. You can’t honestly think a situation through and sift through the facts from inflamed rhetoric. LaVoy could have had his day in court if he would have peacefully surrendered rather than fleeing from the stop, trying to run a barricade, and then jumping out of the car crazy like and reaching or appearing to reach for a gun. Surrender and he’s alive to plead his case to the court and the country. And you can’t honestly think that he wasn’t armed after all those videos of him carrying weapons and threatening that he’d never go to jail.

        Find the truth, not the emotional candy that you’re addicted to that allows you to get in a rage about a man choosing his own end rather than a peaceful path.

      2. Well, if I am an “imbecile” in your opinion, then I must ask you who is the greater fool, he who is an imbecile making rants, or he who acknowledges anything an imbecile says? Why are you here at a website hosted on the Net by an organization which you obviously hate and despise?
        As I told you already, I am a busy man who does not have time to take you to school. I am an amateur student of hidden history, and I may know a bit more about the forces which have caused ranchers and farmers to reject the planned social order being pushed down rural Americans’ throats via political corruption, government lies, and Wall Street psychology, a la Edward Bernays (a collectivist-minded nephew to Sigmund Freud known today as “the father of public relations” and the kingpin of subliminal influence for the Corporate Dynasty on Madison Avenue, Wall Street, and the DOW — all of which has arisen from the distorted works of Darwin merged via Freudianism with cultural Marxism during the Woodrow Wilson administration, which gave us the Federal income tax and the Federal Reserve monetary system which has taken the Constitutional silver/gold standard from your money system in America, among other things.) You are welcome to your delusions and misconceptions regarding the written word and will of the American people, the Constitution. But your access to this website is tentative at best, for you come across as a troll, and I do not tolerate trolls very well. But you do amuse me somewhat, so, even though I have no time to take you to school, I will offer you an old Internet standby which provides for all other readers here a rare glimpse into the pathology which has infected your perception of reality, or of natural law, or of the Constitutional rule of law, and of how life in general works in this best of all possible worlds. But first, allow me to ask you if you enjoy the fact that the US government has our nation embroiled in illegal wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria? Do you enjoy the fact that the court system we’re supposed to trust nowadays, long after Prohibition was denounced and abolished, still presumes some authority to own your body? (If the government and its precious little court system presumes to tell me I can’t smoke marijuana, is not the government/court system tandem showing that somehow they own my body and can regulate what I do or do not put into my body? And if I cannot own my body does that not make of me a slave in reality, no matter how ardently I deny the fact?) Do you uphold and believe in the so-called “War on Drugs”, or not? Do you want and appreciate the militarization of our police in America? To you embrace the police state? Are you happy to live in an intense surveillance society where every phone call, email, or social media entry by you is collected by the NSA? Are you pleased that inflation is hurting the poor in our country when they go into grocery stores? Can you sit there and tell me that the masterful statecraft exhibited by government and its enforcement departments and agencies is working just fine and dandy for you, personally, and for your neighbors? Are you pleased that the ATF furnished thousands of military-grade assault rifles to the Mexican cartels on our southern border? Are you proud that the CIA annex at Benghazi was smuggling arms out to Turkey to be distributed to al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria and elsewhere? Is everything that affects your life and prosperity running along just smoothly and happily? Are you pleased that Monsanto is poisoning us (and animals) with their heralded miraculous Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMOs)? I would submit that the only people in America today who actually love what this nation has devolved to since the founding are collectivist-statist progressives who themselves are not familiar with history’s red flags such as Stalin and Hitler, who also believed that the concentrated power of government could do a better job of managing everyone’s lives than a free market operating under moral conditions within a culture which valued honesty and truthfulness and full disclosure? Please don’t underestimate my knowledge, for if you do, you’ll only expose your own shallowness.

        That said, here is the Internet classic for your edification and enjoyment. If you come back here after reading this, I’ll drop some spiritual psychology and poetry on your plate, and send you some links for further elucidation which may help you heal your psychological pathology.

        Grateful Slave

        I am a grateful slave.
        My master is a good man.
        He gives me food, shelter, work and other things.
        All he requires in return is that I obey him.
        I am told he has the power to control my life.
        I look up to him,
        and wish that I were so powerful.
        My master must understand the world better than I,
        because he was chosen by many others
        for his respected position.
        I sometimes complain,
        but fear I cannot live without his help.
        He is a good man.

        My master protects my money from theft,
        before and after he takes half of it.
        Before taking his half,
        he says only he can protect my money.
        After taking it, he says it is still mine.
        When he spends my money,
        he says I own the things he has bought.
        I don’t understand this, but I believe him.
        He is a good man.

        I need my master for protection,
        because others would hurt me.
        Or they would take my money
        and use it for themselves.
        My master is better than them:
        When he takes my money, I still own it.
        The things he buys are mine.
        I cannot sell them,
        or decide how they are used,
        but they are mine.
        My master tells me so,
        and I believe him.
        He is a good man.

        My master provides free education for my children.
        He teaches them to respect and obey him
        and all future masters they will have.
        He says they are being taught well;
        learning things they will need to know in the future.
        I believe him.
        He is a good man.

        My master cares about other masters,
        who don’t have good slaves.
        He makes me contribute to their support.
        I don’t understand why slaves must work
        for more than one master,
        but my master says it is necessary.
        I believe him.
        He is a good man.

        Other slaves ask my master for some of my money.
        Since he is good to them as he is to me, he agrees.
        This means he must take more of my money;
        but he says this is good for me.
        I ask my master why it would not be better
        to let each of us keep our own money.
        He says it is because he knows
        what is best for each of us.
        We believe him.
        He is a good man.

        My master tells me:
        Evil masters in other places are not as good as he;
        they threaten our comfortable lifestyle and peace.
        So, he sends my children
        to fight the slaves of evil masters.
        I mourn their deaths,
        but my master says it is necessary.
        He gives me medals for their sacrifice,
        and I believe him.
        He is a good man.

        Good masters sometimes have to kill evil masters,
        and their slaves.
        This is necessary to preserve our way of life;
        to show others that our version of slavery is best.
        I asked my master:
        “Why do the evil masters’ slaves have to be killed;
        along with their evil master?”
        He said: “Because they carry out his evil deeds.”
        “Besides, they could never learn our system;
        they have been indoctrinated to believe
        that only their master is good.”
        My master knows what is best.
        He protects me and my children.
        He is a good man.

        My master lets me vote for a new master,
        every few years.
        I cannot vote to have no master,
        but he generously lets me choose
        between two candidates he has selected.
        I eagerly wait until election day,
        since voting allows me to forget that I am a slave.
        Until then, my current master tells me what to do.
        I accept this.
        It has always been so,
        and I would not change tradition.
        My master is a good man.

        At the last election,
        about half the slaves were allowed to vote.
        The other half either broke rules set by the master,
        or were not thought by him to be fit.
        Those who break the rules
        should know better than to disobey!
        Those not considered fit should gratefully accept
        the master chosen for them by others.
        It is right, because we have always done it this way.
        My master is a good man.

        There were two candidates.
        One received a majority of the vote –
        about one-fourth of the slave population.
        I asked why the new master
        can rule over all the slaves,
        if he only received votes from one-fourth of them?
        My master said:
        “Because some wise masters long ago
        did it that way.”
        “Besides, you are the slaves;
        and we are the masters.”
        I did not understand his answer, but I believed him.
        My master knows what is best for me.
        He is a good man.

        Some slaves have evil masters.
        They take more than half of their slaves’ money
        and are chosen by only one-tenth,
        rather than one-fourth, of their slaves.
        My master says they are different from him.
        I believe him.
        He is a good man.

        I asked if I could ever become a master,
        instead of a slave.
        My master said, “Yes, anything is possible.”
        “But first you must pledge allegiance
        to your present master,
        and promise not to abandon the system
        that made you a slave.”
        I am encouraged by this possibility.
        My master is a good man.
        He tells me slaves are the real masters,
        because they can vote for their masters.
        I do not understand this, but I believe him.
        He is a good man;
        who lives for no other purpose
        than to make his slaves happy.

        I asked if I could be neither a master nor a slave.
        My master said, “No, you must be one or the other.”
        “There are no other choices.”
        I believe him.
        He knows best.
        He is a good man.

        I asked my master how our system is different,
        from those with evil masters.
        He said:
        “In our system, masters work for the slaves.”
        No longer confused, I am beginning to accept his logic.
        Now I see it!
        Slaves are in control of their masters,
        because they can choose new masters every few years.
        When the masters appear to control the slaves
        in between elections,
        it is all a grand delusion!
        In reality, they are carrying out the slaves’ desires.
        For if this were not so,
        they would not have been chosen in the last election.
        How clear it is to me now!
        I shall never doubt the system again.
        My master is a good man.

        “Paine’s Torch” is an admirer of Thomas Paine and the principles of the Declaration of Independence.
        From here on June 04, 2005 (link good as of September 12 2015)

        If I have time, I’ll come back here and address your slander properly, but don’t hold your breath, okay? I truly am busier than one old man should be…. Here, take a look at yourself from outside your own pre-conceptions. This is from John Ashbery’s poem, “Self Portrait In A Convex Mirror”:

        This is what the portrait says.
        But there is in that gaze a combination
        Of tenderness, amusement and regret, so powerful
        In its restraint that one cannot look for long.
        The secret is too plain. The pity of it smarts,
        Makes hot tears spurt; that the soul is not a soul,
        Has no secret, is small, and it fits
        Its hollow perfectly: its room, our moment of attention.

        So, “patriot”, you are free to see and perceive whatever you choose. But your trolling here at this website is as obvious as if you were a DOD psy-warrior or a dupe on the payroll of the SPLC or some secretive office in DHS. I can back up every single assertion I made in my previous post to you, with historic fact, on the record with consensus-known and recorded documentation. When you claim that I’m an imbecile, but offer no context from which you have imagined that classification to fit me in your mind, you have exposed your collectivist mindset. May you find every blessing in life which you socialist philosophy so richly deserves. But please consider Love’s thought system, which you’ll find somewhere at the end of that inner coil of your soul — you know, that invisible resting place wherein your “Unalienable Rights” have resided since your passage through the bone gates of birth into this world. And consider in your worshipful embrace of the Cities of Man the possibility of simply leaving rural Americans alone to live their lives on their ranches and farms in peace, the way all Americans once lived.


      3. I only believe what I am capable of discerning and have the opportunity of acknowledging as an act of free will.
        You make a point of smoking marijuana as a right not to be interfered with by government. I am going to go out on a limb here and agree with you. However, I believe injuries suffered by otherwise innocent persons as a result of either alcohol or drug abuse must be prosecuted in the most severe manner. It is not enough to say, “I am so sorry, I didn’t realize…!”
        Having said that, our system is corrupt because more and more of our people have become corrupted by influences harmful to us, the least of which is not the human heart. In fact, the human heart is significantly the most untrustworthy guide to human behavior, being moderated only by conscience. If the conscience is corrupted, the heart is unchained to work the most egregious evil. The conscience is a gift from God and His means of addressing us.
        “The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching the innermost parts of the belly (seat of emotions and will).”
        We are body, soul, and spirit. The body without the spirit is dead. When the spirit departs the body, the soulish functions of the body cease. The body knows neither exhaustion or pain, hunger or thirst, heat or cold, and bodies such as that of Lavoy in the snow become nothing more than worm food.
        Men may become drunk with power as certainly as they may become overwhelmed by alcohol or drugs. The result is the same.They endanger not only themselves but others in this drunken state.
        You mention the war against drugs when the war that is most destructive is the war against the God of all living. That is the true source of our confusion. We have become an eat, drink, and be merry, society, and have in large measure departed the God of our salvation.
        Many in our government have become corrupted more by the war against God than anything else and they emerge from the people. It stands to reason, if the people become corrupt, their leaders shall similarly be corrupt. If the people are not informed by God, their leaders likewise shall not be informed by God, and every act, every response to our lives in the ordinary sense, shall be Godless.
        That is why Lavoy is dead. A Godless government played on the confidence of men when that trust was not warranted. Instead, Ammon Bundy, Lavoy Finicum and their fellows were lulled into complacency thereby placing themselves in harms way on a barricaded and deserted highway.
        Every communication by Ammon and his group was insistent, “We are not going to point our weapons at anyone, and, they did not point them at anyone !
        The autopsy report must be made public and the extent of Lavoy’s gunshot injuries known.
        Also, the vehicles must be thoroughly examined and not allowed to be secreted. Law enforcement is an arm of the people and the people have the right to full disclosure.
        My personal opinion is Lavoy moved away from the vehicle to protect the other occupants inside believing he had a need to do so. I do believe he was murdered, resulting out of an overly eager and aggressive law enforcement action that put everyone’s life in danger.
        It need not have ended this way, and I am charging the LEA’s with responsibility for Lavoy’s death.
        Neither Lavoy, Ammon Bundy, or any of the others had done anything evil. They were petitioning as was their right to do ! They just did not petition in a manner required by drunken agencies fuel by opportunity of abuse of power.
        I am particularly disturbed by allegations his death is characterized as suicide by cop.
        Anyone who makes such a charge is a fool.

      4. So we agree that you’re an imbecile…

        I will give you this – at least you’re allowing contrary views.

      5. Okay. In the rush of routine pressing tasks I posted several of your posts today, then ran some errands and am back here now with a better idea. I have already told you that until you answer my original questions to you I would not take kindly to your continued posting here. I did not remind you, but shall do so now — personal name calling is not permitted here. Twice now you have called me an imbecile. Contrary views are certainly posted here, but they must be intelligently and peacefully composed, and they should not include insults to the site’s editor, my staff, this organization, or any decent American reading here.

        So here is what you can run home and tell your mommy: “An old imbecile with a delete button is depriving me of my First Amendment rights by deleting my stuff, oh boo-hoo mommy!”

        Or of course you may tell anyone anything, and you may hear my words or refuse to hear my words, but this old imbecile is shutting you down here, and releasing you to your highest good. It’s a big Internet out there, so I’m sure you’ll find another site to troll. Good luck with that. May life give you every blessing you so acutely need.

        Elias Alias, imbecile 😉

      6. PDG responses. I check this site daily for updates on current issues and find myself looking for your comments specifically. They are an education unto themselves, and, I might add, very similar to another blog I was regularly reading. Actually, it is not a blog.

        Since I think you are about my age, I don’t think we’re old. I too live in the woods, with a cat, in the middle of a very blue state and surrounded by people living under rocks. I believe I have found their center of influence and it is disturbing. However, I continue to try to get friends and neighbors to look beyond MSM and away from their normalcy bias. I think it is working.

        Nothing ventured, nothing gained 🙂

      7. Why thank you Nobodyspuppet;
        It may be that the most significant work to be done for our country today is doing what I call, “Each One Teach One“. What you are doing by talking with neighbors face to face is exactly what must be done, and I encourage everyone to pick one person to share knowledge with and patiently help that person overcome, as you put it, the normalcy bias. My thesis is that everything begins in the mind and is seen in the outside, physical world later, after it is first created in the mind. To reclaim our lost culture we share knowledge, expose illusion, and become friends with our good neighbors. Thusly are communities formed in a healthy way.

        Thank you for reading and commenting here.

        Elias Alias, editor

      8. So called “patriot”,

        Yeah maybe LaVoy could have had his day in court with Judge Grasty huh? What a joke “day in court” as though the courts are not totally riddled through to the bone with corruption. The judicial branch of government is probably the most corrupt of all the branches.

      9. Adam,

        Absolutely ! Rather than being a government of the people, by the people, for the people, we are now an autocracy aided and abetted by a corrupt Congress and 5 black robed judges.
        Were that not so, impeachment processes would have been instituted immediately when the first violations began to rear their ugly heads out of the White House !
        Truth told, there is no difference between either democrats or republicans, each appearin to be cut from the same rotten cloth.
        You only need to consider the outrageous conduct exhibited towards florists, bakers, photographers, and venue providers for the more recent attacks upon American citizens.
        I am agreeing that BLM and FWS are violators and act with impunity and arrogance, but these conditions have been allowed to flourish because we have not been vigilant.
        Look at the standing armies we have in every small community and in full display in Harney County not to mention elsewhere.
        Just as in the utter devastation that accompanies the attack of the AIDS virus upon a body, so too stripping the ordinary American of his naturally endowed right of defense, and Constitutional right of petition will be a death knell to all we know as being American.
        Look at what Hillary Clinton is being allowed to do by subterfuge and deceit and willing accomplices in the DOJ all orchestrated by the White House.

      10. “Patriot”? Seriously, you must change your name immediately! You are an insult to those who are true Americans. How about something more fitting like “Pathetic Loser”? I think you can relate.

      11. Way to slap down a troll, Elias! The “patriot” whom you called down on his comment had no business posting such scathing disrespect of Lavoy on the OK site. Then again, his purpose is to incite and agitate–not thoughtfully analyze. It is sickening to hear Lavoy and the other protesters called “terrorists” by ignorant commentators. I’ve never heard of a terrorist cleaning up and organizing the building they were occupying like these protesters did. It is expected that the asleep, mind-controlled masses who receive media reports as gospel truth should be mocking and divisive. Those of like-minded conviction should unite, and not be distracted by the strivings of propagandized statists.

        Many have called for an “audio” release to more accurately determine the amount and timing of gunshots; however, remember that the audio footage from Waco was doctored to disguise the number and direction of gunshots. It seems there may have been agent provocateurs who infiltrated the protesters, as evidenced by the news article about the crazy man who called for killing cops in retaliation. The Feds used this protest as an opportunity to carry out a psy-ops to vilify militia, open-carry advocates, constitutionalists, and the patriot movement. Remember Lavoy reporting that the tenor of the FBI changed with decreased dialogue? This jack-booted wasting of a precious human life who stood with the courage of his convictions should strike a sobering, watchful chord within every liberty-loving American.





      1. Married to my work. Am not the answer to any woman’s prayers, lol. Am just an old guy, worn out from sixteen years in the liberty movement, third-stage burned out, teeth falling out, health gone out the window, eccentric reader/writer type, slave to my two cats, and live in a humble log cabin in the Montana woods far far away from the Cities of Man. But thanks for asking. 😉

        Elias Alias, editor

  53. LaVoy exited his vehicle with his hands up and continued to move towards the woods in that attitude. This is not the posture of a person who is committing suicide by cop.

    It is NOT clear that he opened his jacket with his left hand and attempted to draw a weapon with his right. It is just as clear that he held his left side with his left hand after being shot in the back. His right hand was up when he was shot and stayed that way when he fell.

    LaVoy continued to raise his arms after he cleared the vehicle indicting he did not want to be shot. He would not have attempted to “out draw” a shooter with a long gun, off safety, only 12 feet away.

    The FBI plays to win and is known for playing dirty. We need to know what weapons LaVoy owned. Most folks in that part of the country don’t carry a hand gun unless it has a 4 in it. Definitely not a 9mm. We will never know if he was actually carrying because the video was redacted and darkened during most of the time the “agents” initially contacted the body. There was much more activity than the 5 seconds needed to verify a carotid pulse, or lack thereof. This is when, what was most likely, a “throw away” was placed in LaVoy’s jacket.

    The primary shooter was neither a military veteran or well trained LEO as he did not have a clear field of fire when he shot LaVoy. If LaVoy had not taken the rounds they could have gone into the personnel at the road block or the bushwhacker who made the first shot in the back. The shooter was in perfect alignment with the road block and by his actions an untrained but blood thirsty amateur.

    Speculation will run wild until it runs out but the circumstances seem to point to yet another murder by cop.

  54. It is hard to justify the shooting with him lowering his hands alone. Consider how many LEO’S already had their weapons trained on him with safeties off. If he had been producing a weapon, he would not have had time to bring it to bear. He could not have quickly closed distance with the LEO he was facing due to the terrain. He had already exited with hands up, showing no initial intent of causing harm. stumbling through thick snow, probably disoriented after the truck stopping at such a high rate of speed, possibly. injured… A weapon should have been produced before lethal force was employed.

  55. 11:39 the “unedited” video jumps from extremely close zoom to long distance panorama. It was edited at that point. After shooting LaVoy. watch the trapped vehicle. It is being shot. Snow flies up at a few points. there are several muzzle blasts from the woods. Valarie’s testimony is true. Why were FEDs shooting at the vehicle/

  56. What I see is a man trying to run a barricade, which in itself is grounds to be shot. Though, that doesn’t happen at that point. The vehicle stops, and a man jumps out of the car with his hands up. I then see that man get shot in the torso, as he grabs his wound he is then shot again in the torso, he then tries to put his hands up again until he is shot what appears to be in the head then goes down for good. IMO, had they shot him while he was ramming the barricade I’d feel differently, but once he jumped out and put his hands up it was over, but the FEDS shot him anyway. I think the mistake here was that LaVoy didn’t come out shooting. So take note of what happens when you surrender, and don’t.

  57. It appears, that he had already surrendered. His hands were up in the air. What would make him bring them down? It is possible that he was shot, and then tried to defend himself. Where is the sound on this. is there sound, if not why? if there was sound, we could here what happenend before he brought his arms down.

    1. Insurgents in Iraq used the “fake surrender” often, hands up and then reach for the frag or hidden pistol at the best time. Cost some soldiers their lives.

      1. Well, of course I saw that same tactic when I was in Viet Nam. So I think everyone can grok that. However, LaVoy was not an “enemy combatant”, never once pointed a gun at any cop, was an honorable rancher and family man who had been at the refuge from day one without bothering anyone, was on his way to meet a Sheriff, and, most importantly, he was not in a war zone and neither were the damned cops who murdered him. This is supposed to be America, and due process is supposed to prevail, and dissenting citizens are not “the bad guys”, are not “the enemy”, no matter what our presently militarized cops are being taught. You are going to see before this is over that there were many more shots fired there than the FBI has admitted.

        Elias Alias, editor; (USMC, ‘Nam, honorable discharge)

      2. Right on, Elias! Keep blasting away with the Truth. I’m 100% with you on this matter. So are many others. Thank you!

        An American from Montana ~ stu

      3. First of all, Elias Alias, thank you for your service to our country. It is appreciated. I have to be honest; I have watched the videos and am still a bit confused. It appears that Finecum is shot first while having his hands in the air and sometime after being shot moves his hands towards his mid-section. It could have been in reaction to being shot or he could have concluded that having been shot without provocation on his part that LE intended to end his life that day and reached for a weapon to defend himself….I am just not sure. However, I do believe this was an ambush and LE had decided this whole affair was going to end that day, one way or the other. I truly hope that truth will prevail and that any wrongs will be made right…despite all the corruption that exists in various levels of government.

  58. 1. Around 3 minutes in they pan back to Ammon’s Jeep, then pan back to LaVoy’s truck.. at 3 minutes 57 second in the lower right corner, seen is a man with hands behind his back and being escorted away. There was no mention of anyone exiting LaVoy’s truck that I have heard, even in the girl’s report… yet someone was taken into custody at the time stamp I mentioned.
    2. I want to read the autopsy report. The enhanced, High contrast version I sa of LaVoy’s shooting apprear to me that there was a precise shot made to his upper left hip. I doesn’t appear he is reaching into his coat but at his own body in response to injury. He tries to keep his hands up even though injured but cannot, giving the “Force” reason to shoot him cold.

    1. Read above in the FBI transcript. It was Ryan Payne who left the truck – believed by many militia insiders to be a fed agent provocateur. The Sharp girl did say that Ryan got out of the truck after a shot was supposedly fired at his head hanging out the window and supposedly missed. She made quite a point about it.

  59. How many times does the FBI admit to shooting him?

    If it was once (the shot that put him down), then he could have been reaching for a weapon, which means he was killed in self defense. He posed an immediate threat.

    If it was more than once (he was shot prior to the one which put him down ) then he was reaching down to shot gun wounds, which means he was murdered. He wasn’t a threat.

  60. he could of already been shot before even getting out of the truck. That could explain the hands up and down. Yes he said he would go out in a blaze. But after being shot he thought twice. The cops would shot the driver first. Two shots in front window. He jumps out help help I have been shot in the chest and I’m bleeding out. Cop from the back finishes him off.

  61. Fellow Patriots, I hope I’m wrong, but everyone needs to calm down about what is and has happened in Oregon. The events that have led to this were not by mistake. This Administration has been planning this a long time and unfortunately the Bundy’s and a group of patriots were lured into a trap. The Hammonds were used as pawns. The administration knew what was going to happen when they set out to send the Hammonds back to prison. The Hammonds realized this, but the Bundy’s and a small number of well meaning Patriots had already started the ball rolling. The Hammonds tried to de-escalate things by asking everyone to leave because they planned to turn themselves in and settle it out in court. Now there is one person dead ( IMO not by accident, he was targeted) and everyone involved will never legally own a gun again. This Administration is trying to push us to the limits by any means possible, legal or not. His plan is to cause a revolt or big enough uprising that he can declare martial law and disarm everyone. The only way to beat him, congress and the BLM is by the ballot or God forbid all out revolution, in which no one comes out a winner. Find or encourage the right individuals to run for office on the local and federal levels. This is the only sensible way to get the Nation of ours back on track

  62. When projectiles of any sort hit your vehicle from behind, how is one supposed to tell the difference between non-lethal and lethal rounds? Do you sit there until dead or does your fight or flight mechanism override and you drive away to safety? Did he try to blow the checkpoint or did his high rate of speed not allow him to effectively stop (brake lights on) while they set up on a blind corner for the element of surprise? i think he went into the snow bank to avoid the vehicle personally.

  63. Until there is audio this agent can say whatever he wants. That is a drone and it most assuredly has audio, not to mention all of the dash cams. Also Brandon Curtiss stated in an interview on “Who is Sincere?” that occupants in the car were running video on their phones. It may nit have caught visual but we can bet it caught audio. Both phones were, of course, confiscated. Wonder if they’ll come back wiped?

    I believe he opened his jacket the first time to show he was unarmed (likely at the demand of the LEO), then he was shot from behind by the coward in the trees- who, by the way, was firing in the direction of other LEOs and none of them flinched?… how does that work? Is remaining in the line of fire a new protocol? They were heads-up over the hood of their car??

    That drone is blacked out top to bottom for a reason, and its not to protect the drone. IMO

  64. From an experienced LE view of the video, Mr. Finicum did appear to be reaching with his right hand to his left side possibly reaching inside his coat, but I cannot be sure due to his position, and I cannot determine if he was actually reaching for a weapon or not. I can say that through training and experience, LE is not suppose to fire their weapons until a legitimate threat is seen. The motion itself without an actual weapon visible does not constitute justification. On the other hand, LE has a spit moment in which to make a decision to fire or not and a wrong decision can take the LE’s life or another’s life. If you are the LE involved in a situation such as this, it is difficult in the least to make the perfect decision. Knowing what Mr. Finicum had previously stated about not going to prison, his actions (if reaching inside his coat) may or may not have been to prevent himself from being taken, whether or not he had a weapon in his pocket.

    The men and women that face felony charges if convicted will lose their right to own firearms. Those still inside the refuge, should understand this, and it will likely affect their decision to surrender or stand and possibly fight. Now that there has been a death involved, The Feds will be under greater pressure to finish the situation, and the opposition will be divided in what they will decide to do. This we have already seen.

    I feel for Mr. Finicum, his family, and for those who are affected by this. I agree that our government has strayed from what it was meant to be, and needs to be reigned back in. The truth is, we who think this way are greatly outnumbered, so voting about it will only continue down the same path. I believe it will take determination and organization to overcome what we are facing.

    1. Good thoughts Peter. Our government has more than “strayed”. It is tyrannical. Peter, it’s called “suicide by cop” at least according to a retired FBI agent.
      Thanks for your service.

  65. The government shot first!!! When they shot you like a dog, you will move your arms all over the place. This is straight out murder!!!!

  66. Of course the FBI is going to show us video that seems to prove their side of the story. No other source for video was there in this FBI controlled event but, there were also eye witnesses at the scene that tell a different story. Today’s law enforcement is not interested in the truth. They are only interested in fabricating their truth so, you can’t accept this as truth without impartial observation.

  67. Fricking FBI on CNN are trying to dumb down their murder. they keep saying that the reports of him being shot with his hands up are false, Such BS. from the shorter condensed video and now seen it again for the umpteenth time it does look like he’s shot once already while stumbling through deep snow, which one would instinctively try to catch their balance, and may put their hands down to the side, and if he is reaching it’s only as he’s turning not before.
    Hey FYI this is what we need to be aware of.
    Daniel 2 vs 44 says the stone, word of God will break to pieces all these kings/Governments This is still our fight.
    I’d like to say that like I did either on this page or the other where it says PPN and III%ers are calling no action I reached out to try and network with those near me. That’s what we need to be doing that way when someone makes a stand those that want to go can and not be left out.

  68. Oath Keeper here. It has been almost 3 days since the shooting. Has Stewart said anything to us? Did I miss something?

  69. Greg Bretzing, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Oregon: “Let me be clear: It is the actions and choices of the armed occupiers of the refuge that have lead us to where we are today,” Bretzing said. “They had ample opportunity to leave the refuge peacefully and as the FBI and our partners have clearly demonstrated, actions are not without consequences.”

    Times up, now will kill you. In other words, we the FBI are the god of evil, what we do is divine, what choices we make are to be unquestioned! Now bow to our dictates!

    1. Totally agree WGP. Agent Bretzin’s comments reflect the current mindset of our “Government”. LaVoy’s rights were trashed. The fourth amendment was trashed, again. They could have shot him in the leg. They could have shot him in the right sholder. That will not happen. The rules of engagement against American Citizens is exactly what you saw in the video. If you are a suspect, you will be murdered from behind with no recourse. The FBI calls it “suicide by cop”. Meaning: if you resist, you will be killed with no one held accountable. Agent Bretzin stated in his press speech that they had information that the vehicle had weapons in it. Of course they did. Most people in that area of the country have weapons in there vehicle.

      These federal thugs will continue until we the people do something about it. Unfortunately, this has become the “normal” for our government and the populous has become fairly used to it.

  70. Media making it sound like they were taking the terror to town. They left out the invite to a town meeting from what I just gathered.

  71. He tried to evade a stop then tried to evade a roadblock. He reached for a loaded weapon and was shot. Could he have been reacting to a shot? I guess anything is possible but unlikely. But if he had surrendered the first time he was stopped he would probably be alive now.

  72. #whereisblainecooper…….
    Where the heck is blaine cooper and why is that very question not being answered…… He just disappeared out of the thin blue Oregon air?????? I find it extremely odd that he was not arrested after he played a role equal to Ammon and those that were arrested. From the very beginning he was apart of the refuge stand. And he was there every time there was meeting and movement EXCEPT THE DAY LAVOY WAS KILLED…..Why is that and why aren’t Patriots asking the same question. I can’t help but believe he must have been rather actually is an undercover Fed.. Unless I’m just absolutely crazy. I just find it concerning no one is asking this very question…. He. Blaine tell the truth how did you know about the Felony stop… Why did you decide to leave the refuge that day and haven’t been seen since???????!!
    # where is Blaine cooper…….. Debriefing and going into protective custody says my sources

    1. And look for both Ryan Payne and Pete Santilli to have their charges dropped or for them to be quietly moved through the system to get them out of the public eye, then released.

      Pete is a documented FBI informant, and his daily live broadcasts were used to indict Ammon on conspiracy charges. His gun charges were mysteriously dropped and he was released in 12/15, then he showed up weeks later to be ‘useful’ to the feds in Oregon. (It’s nice to see the LATimes give him the credit he so richly deserves. #sarcasm)

  73. Something seems to have slipped through the short term memory cracks; At what point, and how was Ryan Bundy wounded? Did a foam rubber CS projectile become hardened due to the cold temperature?

  74. First they put a blockade in a blind curve with spike strips. Seems to me that LaVoy averted many injures to personnel by running into the snowball as opposed to ramming into the blockade. The agent who was almost hit was not following protocol and was standing in a really stupid place.
    Second it is obvious that LaVoy was first shot will his hands are in the air. Yes he reached, but if you are but if you are shooting at me with my hands in the air, I am going to reach too. I see a bewildered cowboy, stumbling around in knee deep snow who was shot first for no reason. I would guess that his mindset is if your are going to kill me when my hands are up than your coming with me. I know that would be mine. Study the video and you can see the first shot to his back while his hands are raised.
    Also why is the date on the video 27 Jan and not the 26th. The time is also incorrect as this shows early in the am when it would still be dark. In court this video would be inadmissible. Unless of course you want to make evidence what ever you needed to sell your story. I am not a believer.

  75. Where are you JOKE KEEPERS? you are no longer the voice of the Militia…no government agent has the right to kill a citizen…Militias our point of [One word deleted by Elias Alias, editor] is every federal agency that carries weapons against citizens…and any government official that denies our rights to be free. We will start fresh.

    1. Did I just join OATHKEEPERS or JOKEKEEPERS? Gave $50 to join to help the cause. If OATHKEEPERS lets this go, than the organization is worthless. After seeing the video, I think the 2nd American Revolution should start now. This is a disgrace. WACO #2 and counting.

  76. He was shot by OSP, possibly to take the heat of the Feds . The protest ever has been against the Feds’ for the Hammond’s sake and the other injured citizens , not Oregon. It may be argued that no makes Oregon complicit. Now the burden falls to Oregon for Lavoy’s death, in his response to the abuses of Oregon citizens. The Feds hands may now be argued to be clean.

  77. Each time I play back I see something different, losing balance, snow is hard to walk in he grabs his left side and as if don’t know which way to turn. autopsy please.

  78. At 12:19 in the full video, the windshield seems to take quite a few rounds. At that same moment, when the windshield apparently starts getting shot, there is also a flash of light on the rear of the gray truck in the video frame.

      1. Black helicopter just flew out of Pendleton, Oregon, headed in the general direction. May be nothing, but he was in a hurry, and it’s not one I’ve seen in our airspace before. I couldn’t tell if it had typical markings. Pitch and speed obscured my ability to ID the helicopter.

  79. THE DATE AND TIME ISSUE is not proof of editing or anything else weird. As has been stated prior, the drone is operating on Zulu or in other words Greenwich Mean Time, it’s quite a bit ahead of PST.

    As far as reaching for a wound, I’m not saying no … but there sure doesn’t seem to be enough body shock prior to him reaching for there to be a shot. Could be I guess. But why did he leave the truck? At the point he came barrelling out of a truck that had just recently attempted to evade a roadblock, I imagine the adrenaline of all cops present when straight up. Plus they knew who he was, and was on record as saying that they wouldn’t take him alive.

    Whether this shooting of Finicum was righteous or not in the end, he certainly greatly contributed to the situation. And, this whole debacle is not the way to win hearts and minds and get the majority of the American people to wake up.

    All of this quoting of the Revolutionary war heroes that goes on… Let’s all remember that they didn’t go off half cocked at the first provocation, or the second, or the umpteenth. They weighted until the British put themselves in the undeniable position of Murdering Tyrant, and then the original Patriots were operating from a position of completely, internationally justified, self defense.

    If we’re really serious about change, then the PR battle has to be kept top of mind. The hearts and minds of the general population has to be won over, we can’t look like a bunch of disaffected old white men playing out a f*cking John Wayne Alamo fantasy.

    If this were not a noted Patriot that went down, but simply a hoodrat that had run from the cops, crashed his car trying to evade a road block, then instantly hopped out of his car, and then was brought down when his hands moved across his body in what obviously *could be* taken as reaching for a weapon then I dare say most of the folks on this forum would be siding with LE.

    Not every cop on site could know whether he was holding a wound, steadying himself in the deep snow, or attempting to draw and fire. And again, Finicum is loudly on the record as saying he would go down with gun blazing. This isn’t Ruby Ridge, nor is it Waco. They didn’t blaze away at the truck and kill everyone in it. And if the “movement” doesn’t adopt a more measured tone, then all of the moderate folks who might be won over are seriously going to be turned off and all americans lose.

    Pick the battles carefully. Make sure hearts and minds are on your side. Finicum just is not Crispus Attucks here. And trying to twist this out of shape because of emotional anger plays right into the Fed hands.

    Check yourselves folks, seriously.

    1. Agreed. I would also like to remind you leadslingers out there that there are Oath Keepers on both sides of the line here. Don’t do anything stupid, and especially don’t mess with non combatants. We, as a group, have to maintain the moral high ground at all costs. Many of our, uh, associates have no vetting process whatsoever, and a lot of keyboard cowboys show up and make everyone look bad to the media.

    2. According to Victoria Sharp the LEO’s took a shot at Ryan Payne with his hands and head out the window before LaVoy sped off. They missed according to her. So they were already under fire BEFORE LaVoy even got to the roadblock. So please don’t try to even suggest that LaVoy had anything to do with this. Once they shoot at you then all bets are off. In my view LaVoy sped off to get the passengers out of danger because they had already shot at them. I also think he got out of the truck to draw attention toward himself, also in an effort to save the passengers lives. LaVoy is a hero in my book he acted to save the lives of others. Now if he was going to shoot back why would he get out and put his hands high in the air and move away from the truck? If he was going to fire back he would have used the truck for cover and come out shooting. NO SIR! We witnessed the execution of LaVoy Finicum who was acting to save others who were in imminent danger and were under gunfire. So your spin is just that my friend SPIN!

    3. Mike your comment begins with a definition of ZULU time, which indicates you are serving military or Vet, or perhaps just an avid Clancy fan. You are, of course, quite correct. Now that your expertise is established you may move on to supposition and conjecture with less attentive readers pretty sure you know what you are talking about. I am pretty sure you do not. In the interest of brevity I am not going to dissect your missive point by point; rather I will skip some and comment on the parts that strike me as most egregious.

      In paragraph four you allude to the founders and your conclusion is evidently that we need to steady ourselves and wait for undeniable evidence that the “Murdering Tyrant” is for real, and indeed wishes us ill. Just how corrupt do the powers that be have to get before they fail your sniff test? I am also pretty sure our founders had no concern what-so-ever whether their position passed ‘international’ muster with regard to self defense, and further would be in full tilt warrior mode with much less provocation than this nation has suffered.

      Next you are quite correct that the PR battle is important but you are seriously deluded if you think that the “general population” is of much concern here. lll percent. Suggest you look that one up and know that whether we keep what freedoms we have left is much more dependent on what strong, smart, brave men like LaVoy Finecum and his brother patriots do than on the actions, or more likely, lack of actions of the population at large. The last part of this paragraph is a laugher; just who the heck do you think created this once great and now foundering nation? Disaffected old white men of the same stripe as those at the Alamo whose deaths galvanized their Texas brethren to run down Santa Ana at San Jacinto and create the Republic of Texas. I don’t pretend to be a man of that quality, although I have been privileged to know a few.

      The old saw says, “Never leave for tomorrow what should be done today.” This is not going to be a negotiation. Power does not surrender. We can live free, for a time, as individuals if we are quiet and mobile, but if we are to be a free nation it is going to be a long, painful, bloody, slog, the outcome of which is completely unknown.

      If we had any doubts I think the last few years have shown us that we can expect little if any mercy and it is my experience that men who expect no mercy are disinclined to grant it.

      Sic Semper Tyranis

  80. From the enjanced video, a cop on the edge of the pavement moves left to take up position in front of Finicum.
    When he fires, you can see Finicum buckle at the abdomen, and his hands come to that location.
    Finicum staggers and takes another hit … apparently in his left side … which turns him to his left as he clutches at his side, or hip.

    Meanwhile the shooter in the trees has moved down to a position ninety degrees to the active line of fire and shoots Finicum from the rear.

    The two shooters had the steps to their dance all figured out.

    Once Finicum was down, the rest started firing into the vehicle.
    It’s easy to see the snow being puffed, and impacts on the metalwork

  81. Looks like he kept trying to raise his one arm or keep it up in a don’t shoot, while grabbing his left injured side while stumbling. Gov’t killed Terry Shiavo handicapped women from stroke a decade ago via starvation and didn’t approve her to have life as is. Even then I thought something is very wrong here and had not idea then. I don’t put anything pass them. I’ve heard cops lie in person. They love what they do or they wouldn’t be doing it.

  82. Wait just a moment guys, Lets take this from the beginning once with the 18 year old witness statement along with the video.

    1. both trucks are stopped
    2. Passenger of truck # 1 sticks arm and head out front pass window ( this can be seen in the video)
    3. OSP/Agent off left rear side of truck # 1 climbs snow bank and fire at truck # 1 (this is per witness statement of 18 year old inside trk #1)
    4. there is a heated discussion that takes place inside truck #1 (this is per witness statement of 18 year old inside trk #1)
    6. Trk # 1 runs into a road block that is unknown and tries to go around it, OSP/ Agent runs out in front of vehicle and then backs off ( STUPID COP)
    7. Mr. Finicum jumps out of the drivers side front door of Trk #1 with hands in the air, I believe at this point he is following orders as he moves away from the truck.
    8. OSP/Agent right center of screen fires first shot, Mr. Finicum drops left arm, I believe in response to pain.
    9. OSP/Agent right center of screen takes steps toward Mr. Finicum and fires second time, Mr. Finicum drops both arms and tries to reach for holster inside coat ( he wore a shoulder holster, never inside the pants)
    10. Mr. Finicum hears an OSP/Agent approach from behind him and attempts to turn to face that threat and is shot a third time from behind. ( the 18 year old stated that she saw Mr. Finicum get shot 3 times)

    All I want to say to all of you is that the video lines up with what the 18 year old girl stated in her recorded statement.

    She also said in her statement that the OSP/Agents fired somewhere around 100 rounds at the truck once the truck was stopped, in the video you can clearly see glass and snow being blown off the truck as its being fired on from behind the parallel parked OSP vehicle. I don’t see how anyone got out of that truck.

  83. It will take keener eyes than mine, but during the critical seconds of the video there is a person standing to the right of the bed of the dark pickup truck. You can only pick out any details on them as they are standing in front of snow on the road.

    His stance seems wrong for having a firearm, but from his silhouette, does it appear that he is recording this on a camcorder? If it was, there are understandable concerns about releasing what must be very high fidelity and VERY graphic footage of Lavoy’s death, but it would lay to rest whether or not he was reaching into his pockets, or inside his coat, before or after LE started shooting.

  84. Having been witness to a few arrests, there is a couple things that bother me. My hope is that a LEO on this site can help me understand them. Keep in mind I just got back from the desert from a long walk with my Pit bull. He tends to mount a frontal about when I’m really into thought.

    In the long version of the video they effect a stop on the pick up. It goes for about 8 minutes or so, and the officers are acting fairly nonchalant. Lavoy and his passenger both have arms out window, but the officers never approach. Somewhere I read that Victoria said, “They were giving confusing orders.” Every vehicle arrest I’ve witnessed, goes down as quickly as possible. Armed or not. Then there’s the next part.

    When Lavoy tries to drive through the packed snow from the plows (Huge tactical blunder) the officers of course draw down from all sides immediately. After Lavoy is shot, they start popping flash bangs all over and spraying the rig with bullets, which are presumably rubber. To me, it appears they are goading the remaining passengers into a fight. I know I wouldn’t climb out with bullets everywhere, would you? Help me to understand both these actions. They don’t make any sense.

  85. I have quite a few questions about the validity of shooting this man without having facts it’s difficult to form an opinion as to it being justified or not. I do know this, the government is pushing people into the corner on things it seems and events like this, can inspire and do……reactions. WACO, RUBY RIDGE = TIMOTHY MCVEIGH. What will this bring is my big question when it’s all said an done……?

  86. I have not watched any video but i do know this.The Bully came to town and punched the ranchers.Then came and stole their money and enslaved them.The ranchers punched the bullys back. The bully did not like that and went and got bigger and more aggressive bullys.Now the bullys commited the murder weather laVoy reached for something or not. The Bullys are guilty not the ranchers for fighting back.What will we do when the bullys come to our house?And they will.


    Family will pursue a wrongful death claim and the tax payers will fork over 17Mil because when you think about it the cops wanted to play cowboys!! They got the “ bad guy”!
    What is suspicious is that they first come out and say “shots were fired” and then it takes them 2 days to figure out if the video needs more doctoring and which cameras are the most damning!
    It is highly unlikely that we will see videos from the officers body-cams and pictures of the bullet holes in the vehicle!
    It is a certainty that the feds had audio and video from every angle for “training purposes”.
    Why not just release the audio, huh , HUH, HUH? !

  88. In defense of Patriotic Sodomites Everywhere
    Or an Open Letter to all patriot militias utilizing psy ops messaging for effect

    Congratulations and Mazel Tov. In my old lifetime, no group has succeeded in bringing Americans together in one massive voice, until the “patriot militias” invaded Harney County Oregon.
    From Fox News to the New York Times, across lines of party, race, religion, and socioeconomic status, Americans have said to you “patriots” loud and clear, “BullShit, and thank goodness for federal law enforcement.”
    Why? Because we’ve now heard you speak and you are scary, crazy people.
    When the good citizens of Harney County asked that you leave because they prefer the rule of law to your foolishness, your members called them “libtards, sodomitic fascists, morally corrupt, vile, lawless, hateful sodomites,” and that from only two posts out of thousands just like them.
    What is clearly missing from your websites are ideas, none, not even bad ones. Just rage, hate, and mostly empty threats. If all your leaders have to do is conjure up a tyranny and a few conspiracies now and then, and you followers are too intellectually lazy to click the few extra keystrokes required to debunk them all, well then as the happy bear said to the hunter with perpetual lousy aim but surprisingly tolerant gag reflexes, “You’re not REALLY here for your 2nd amendment rights now are you?” Or something to that effect.
    So thank you Oath Keepers et al for sharing with us a little about yourselves, an armed band of bigoted, rage filled bullies on a mission from “God” to shove your YouTube inspired constitution down the throats of us innocent, hapless, civilians.
    The unintended irony is this. From here on, every time one of you screams “get some” on camera or just shows up anywhere with your cammo’s and ARs, Americans everywhere will demand more federal law enforcement, not less, and heavier gun control. At which time I suppose you will all applaud your leaders for their prescience.
    So I’ll stand with my libtard brothers and my sodomitic sisters, and really basically anyone who doesn’t try to change my mind by introducing a 7.62mm piece of led to it.
    That’s just mean

    1. You’re a real cutie, that’s for sure, but I am posting your comment anyway. There is, however, one thing you may have overlooked while affording yourself time to read comments at our website. That is fact: Anyone can come in here and post whatever they think, within limits of decency and at least minimum intelligence factors. You are posting here and I’m fairly sure you are not a dues-paying member. There is a lot of traffic here related to the Oregon situation, and it has attracted many voices which should not be seen as Oath Keepers members. If you want to learn about Oath Keepers, please just read the articles we post, such as whatever you may find here —

      Let me know if you find any offensive stupidity there, okay? Thank you.

      Elias Alias, editor

  89. If there were footage of a black guy trying to run a roadblock, then immediately jumping out and agitatedly reaching in his pocket (Mind you this is only after our hypothetical black has made more than one video anticipating a shootout with the popo and has said he would rather die than go to prison.), then Oathkeepers would be totally cool with that guy getting shot.

  90. Just curious, but has it occurred to you oath keepers that at some point, in order to defend the Constitution, you will have to shoot at law enforcement or military? As we’ve seen in Oregon, when governments wants to deliver tyranny, it uses law enforcement.

      1. Nice dodge rather than an answer to a legitimate and baseline question.

        And before you try to disparage my bone fides so that the question is dodged again…I was in the Army and went on to an over 20 year career as a Peace Officer, testing for and promoting through every rank in the agency, retiring as the top promoted (not appointed) officer in the agency, ranked as a Captain.

        So, back to the question that was asked. It begs and answer.

        My answer is that, yes, it has occurred to me as a founding member of Oath Keepers and it has been thoroughly pondered.There is a near certainty that hostile action and an exchange of fire with military and police will be forced on those who defend Liberty and the Constitution.

  91. Elias Alias hope this is ok. Just feel that a good man died for a cause he believed in. His memorial service and funeral information should at very least be shared.

    *****Memorial Services*****
    We again thank everyone for your support and prayers during this time of mourning. We will be holding funeral services on Friday, February 5th in Kanab, Utah at our church house. The address is 1436 S. McAllister Dr. The visitation will be held at 11:00 am to 2:00 pm MST, and the service will be from 2:30 to 4:00 pm. We invite all those who would like to pay their respects to attend these services in memory of Lavoy Finicum; Husband, Father and Grandfather.

    1. A brave and principled man is gone. I don’t know if you’re family or a friend, but I want to extend my deepest condolences to you. I’m sorry for your tragic loss and I pray that you and all of Lavoy’s many loved ones find comfort and peace in your sorrow.

  92. May I humbly offer the following suggestion? Can you good folks consider this your last best opportunity to form up ranks and overthrow this government that you detest so much by FORCE-OF-ARMS? There it is, laid out in plain language. And, if you cant or wont do that, for the love of GOD will you stop the Thomas Painesque speechifying? Make it one or the other but make no mistake- whatever credibility you MAY have had at one time is hanging by a gossamer thread. Either shore it up with something other than words borrowed from an 19th century country pub, or quietly slink away. Youre becoming extremely tiresome.

  93. The agent laying in the snow, shot him, while his hands were up. Watch the agent laying in the snow. He takes his shot immediately gets ups and runs behind the truck while finicum is grabbing his side. Out right murder. The agent looks like he is wearing a brown coat. WOW, watch it over and over and watch that agent laying in the snow.

  94. The videos and the FBI statement are disturbing but not surprising. The FBI has a long and sordid history. One can argue that the FBI has done little to justify it’s heavy burden to U.S. taxpayers. I was involved with IT projects for the FBI. I worked in IT for banking, aerospace, software development. Let me state that of the hundreds of IT environments I visited, consulted to or worked at …that by far, FBI personnel are the dumbest in the nation.

  95. Our Founding Fathers would terminate the FBI immediately. They are an organization with a dubious and unproductive history. An argument can be made that the FBI has been a burden on the taxpayers. The only time they ever got it right is on the FBI Story on Sunday evenings from Inspector Irskine (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. ). The majority I met during interactions with It and a few projects I did in Virginia…They are dumb asses and very much the authoritative personalities. Nothing more than paid assassins.

  96. As far as I’m concerned it was murder. 1. Lavoy existed the vehicle with his hands in the air. 2. The officer belly shot lavoy with his hands up. 3. The officer in front of lavoy was the officer in charge of him gun drawn. The second officer shot lavoy in the back with properly assessing the situation. 4. If he was a felon why didn’t they make an attempt to stabilize him for his day in court. Murder cut and dry. The truth Will come out be it 1 day from now or years down the road. I just pray that the officer or officers involved pay their dues in the pen

    1. yea I believe too that first officer fired at him at least once. One of the comments I’ve seen was did the guy coming from the trees use a stun gun? then reach for his other?
      If so then an autopsy will show bullet placement. Especially if the first one was shooting then yes Murder. I fully believe murder plus after many times of watching it I believe in the enhanced, shorter version, I think I see some muzzle flash.

  97. Here’s the reality of it all. Peaceful redress is dead. They never once wanted to hear anything Ammon had to say at all. I noticed that one video just a few days before all this, with him talking to that FBI agent; and they went back and forth for a while, and the FBI agent said he wasn’t going to argue with him. If they’re grievance’s meant squat, then they would have been talking it over, and trying to come to some peaceful conclusion. But they didn’t. So nothing we say matters, this you others need to get this through your thick skulls, Peaceful means are done. We’ve seen that. For they have their agenda, and are not going to relent any of it. Also know this it’s Prophecy as well. For in the end time we know or should know many will be persecuted for my names sake. When they shall say peace and safety then sudden destruction comes. For in those days many shall say Peace, peace, but there is no peace. But I again offer this Daniel 2 vs 44 states that the stone uncut by man meaning the truth and pure truth of God his word shall break to pieces all these Governments. The word comes from us doing and hearing the word comes from us.
    Ammon in one of his videos said he was on a mission from God? I’ve heard he’s Mormon? true or no? Well maybe through him and what I say might be that?
    Might just be a nobody, but I’ve been reading on scripture for years and kind of have a decent sense of what all is to transpire in these end times. Think on that a moment.

  98. It’s the little stoo-pid things. I don’t know how many people here carry, but how many of you right-handers carry your handgun on the left hip, or in your left jacket pocket?

    It doesn’t make sense. The FBI kept saying he was reaching for his gun in his left jacket pocket. Why would a right-hander keep a gun in his left jacket pocket? Unless, you can claim he had a gun in his left pocket to deflect from the fact that he wasn’t reaching for a gun, but reacting to being shot.

    If some of you are just running the video through, without looping it back and forth in various sections, you are missing a lot.

    You need to take that enhance video, and loop it back and forth at the 5-6 second mark, 7-8 second mark 9-10 second mark, and study it. if you do not do that, you are going to miss it.

    He is putting his hands on his left hip. And when he does that, right about the 5-6 second mark, note how puts that left leg forward, bends forward, while pushing down on that hip. Ya know, kind of like when you get a cramp.

    Then, immediately, he turns to his left, and then watch him do the jerky 2 step at the 6-7 second mark.

    At the 9-10 second mark is when he is taken down by the guy on the upper left.

    Now, if you go to the regular version, and note the very first time LaVoy puts his hands down very briefly, then immediately up (just before he puts his hands down again on his hip and bends), note the guy kitted up at the lower right… he immediately turns and takes cover because… that is when the first shot was fired at the 9:27 mark (and, the guy in the tree line is in his line of fire). And that is when LaVoy’s hand went down for the first time, up briefly, then back down. Watch that guy kitted up turn to cover at the very first shot, then go back to the same time slot and watch what LaVoy does.

    Like I said, if you just run the video through from beginning to end, without stopping and looping… you are missing a lot.

    LaVoy was murdered.

    1. You answered your own question in the first statement. “It’s the little stoo-pid things”. Had a guy show up at the range with his carry gun in the left pocket of his pants because he carries his cell phone (that he uses all the time so it’s more important to draw that) in his right pocket. A guy who makes the statements Lavoy did while carrying an ancient looking lever gun in a saddle scabbard has probably little or no training and little sense.

      1. Sonny, you betray your ignorance with such foolish statements. A well cared for old rifle fires just as well as it did in its youth. One trained in the use of a lever action is just as accurate and deadly as one using a bolt, and some quicker. And your assumption that Lavoy would be similar to someone who “uses” their cell phone all the time shows you know nothing about the man’s lifestyle and history as an open range rancher. Lavoy was traveling to a public meeting and left his 45 colt revolver (ancient but deadly) and his hip holster back at the refuge. If he did decide to bring a 9mm pistol, he would likely have stowed it somewhere in the truck until he arrived at his destination. At which point the only reason to bring it out of the truck is if you thought you might need it. Only a stupid greenhorn would put a pistol they thought they might need in their left coat pocket when they are right handed. In summary, the left pocket is the least likely place one would find a 9mm pistol on a man like Lavoy by a long shot. And as far as the statements made by Lavoy, he was not only quite articulate, but made many statements that echo those made by the founding fathers. No wonder you found little sense in them.

  99. It is obvious we don’t knw the full story here. But Why was there even a helicopter or drone in the air filming unless the Feds/ police wanted maybe as many angles being filmed to work in their favor. And why not any sound or ground footage? Again to be in their favor, it doesn’t add up. those say he was dumb and challenged the authorities, I disagree. To make a stand and fight he would not have walked into the middle of no mans land with no cover and hands up high, and then say I’ll go for my gun then( lost time in travel to weapon ) He was being shot or was shot it seems, his movements don’t make sense. He is pointing or gesturing to one of the girls it seems. I don’t think he would try to take on such a force, esp where the girls could be hurt, nor do I think he would want them to see hm die. Nor would it take him so long to draw a weapon. He was likely shot prior and thought at that late moment (wounded) they don’t want me alive or won’t let me go to where I want to as a free man. God rest his soul.

  100. No American should be shot in a protest or when he is being apprehended there no excuse for killing the man and if they are that scared then they need out of law enforcement there is a limit. I stand with this of a weapon was exposed against an officer but it was not these officers involved killed this man and should be investigated and punished to the upmost extent of the laws of this country, As a soldier in the same capacity I will hold fire till I receive fire I lived these rules of engagement before and the day is either mine or it was not I will refrain from engaging till there is no choice especially with multiple officers this should not have happened

  101. What I am missing here is leadership. Lead, follow or get the f#*k out of my way. Where is Stuart? Where is the official Oathkeepers statement and position? “We” stated from the beginning that while “we” would support Ammon, his methodology and venue was ill advised. No matter the outcome, no matter future action or inaction, we must either own it or disassociate from it. Right now we are like the kid with the covers pulled over his head hiding from the monsters in his closet. Everyday that passes with out statement or commitment or even acknowledgment, we not only lose credibility, we lose OUR HONOR. Have we forgotten the ideals and principles that bond us and form this organization? We will be branded a and called many things by the current culture of America. Lets not give credence to those who wish to nullify us by hiding or looking the other way. Right or wrong, make our presence known and please give us some dignity. I pray that the damage being done is repairable. Freedom loving Americans should want to join us and be live in us. There is strength in numbers and the ranks will only grow if they respect us as men of commitment.
    Elias please make sure this is read by our leadership!!!!!

    1. you say that because what I originally posted was different than this?
      because originally what was posted on there was a call of all able bodied patriots to come to Burns, because they were going to off a peaceful ultimate to the FBI and the others, then it changed to this.
      but ya maybe dunno yet will see though.

  102. I have been in law enforcement for 37 years 20 of that on the streets and I can tell you I would not have shot LA VOY (and I am a female) . you do not shoot and kill someone because you think they are going to pull a weapon and I have worked with the FBI and I can almost assure you they were instructing the subjects to put their weapons down LA VOY appears very scared and confused in the video the FBI agent/s who shot him should be filed on. they are yellow, spineless cowards.

    1. Victoria said, “they were shouting confusing orders.” We’ve all seen it on TV. 5 officers giving 5 different orders. Obviously after 37 years you have noticed a serious change in LEOs engagements. I know I have. I noticed the same thing you noticed. Also it appears that an Officer jumps back right when Lavoy starts stumbling. That is well before his hands come down.

  103. they had him cover from all sides ,i see no gun in his hand it was not out at any time where was thier
    right to shoot , how were they in danger at that time if that gun comes out than and only than do they
    the right to shoot

  104. Its already coming out that unedited drone version has been edited. Note that at 27:40 (tape cntr) of orig unedited video Ryan Payne can be seen with hands out the passenger window, then suddenly he withdraws his hands very quickly. This is corroborated by Victoria Sharp saying this is when the OSP took an unprovoked shot at him. At 29:28 u can see Payne being placed into the OSP vehicle. BUT WAIT, U CANT SEE PAYNE GETTING OUT OF CAR AND WALKING TO OSP??? This is possibly the time frame where OSP shot at LaVoy and occupants, also as reported by Sharp. WHY WOULD FBI REPORT THIS AS UNEDITED VIDEO BUT ITS NOT????
    Victoria Sharp statement fresh
    At 1:14 she reports, “he stuck his head out and they shot at him but missed….” At 1:59 she reports OSP started “firing at us”

  105. “This was an alright Ambush and also they do have some videos that the FBI has in their possession.” And Levoy did not get medical attention with ten minutes because they let him lay there after shooting him for more than ten minutes while shooting the vehicle not even knowing if the people was okay inside the vehicle until letting them surrender. Really all the shooting was from the FBI not one time did the ranchers fire on them. This is murder period. Governor of Oregon ordered FBI to ambush them intentionally. Federal Government isn`t suppose to own Land REALLY??? Why were they ordered to Ambush these Peaceful people who wanted nothing more than Justice to be dealt with upholding Constitutional Values says a lot about the Governor of Oregon HUH???

  106. Unfortunately they were steered into this entire misadventure by infiltrators and hothead chumps who got inside their inner circle a long time ago. You can (probably) still read the sitrep reports, articles, and watch the video postings here from 2014 about “what else” went down in Bunkerville to get enough of the picture.

    I do not question the patriotism, courage, or sincerity of Lavoy, Ammon, and Ryan Bundy, and I deeply regret what happened. But they should have listened to the many wise people who counseled against what they were doing. Including, most likely, their father Cliven. Occupying the grounds of a federal refuge with arms to make any kind of point is f***ing stupid. Whether the federal government has a legitimate right to call it their property is irrelevant. The FACT is, they DO consider it government property and this was an OFFENSIVE action, not a defensive action like Bunkerville. What did you expect them to do?

    This occupation was a trap and a setup from the beginning, right down to the “like clockwork” timing to coincide with Obama’s new unconstitutional anti-2nd executive orders and fake tears speech. Unfortunately it ended for Lavoy with a carefully prepared and coordinated ambush.

    The shooting of Lavoy was murder. Period. End of story. There is no way to justify opening fire when they did. Who is going to “process” the evidence at the scene? The FBI Crime Lab? Give me a break. I remember Whitehead’s expose of their corruption back in the 90’s.

    And yet we are somehow to trust that the FBI is going to do the right thing and come forward on evidence uncovered in the Hillary Clinton email scandal if the Justice Department doesn’t indict her. I won’t be holding my breath. This same Hillary Clinton received millions of dollars in Clinton Foundation donations to give the State Department’s approval on selling 20% of our uranium production to Russia – uranium they want to mine from the ranchers’ land there in Oregon. Getting the picture yet?

    Oh and of course, the OSP can’t escape blame here. Lets just say that camo-wearing patriots aren’t the only let’s play army wannabees running around with guns and psychos whispering or barking in their ears. But they have badges and lots of tacitcal gear to play with at taxpayer expense. Only ONE group of wannabee soldiers fired. Now Lavoy Finicum is dead.

    I keep hearing that most police officers are good people and are awake to the new world order. Yet our police continues to militarize, liase with Federal agencies to build joint tactical response teams, and take the handouts of guns, gear, and goonsquad training so they can perfect the art of shoot first, ask questions later.

    I know there are good police and federal agents out there. But it is time for you stand up and go against what you know is happening. If you want the respect and trust of informed American people then you need to help take out the trash before the bloodbath they want becomes inevitable.

    Until then, you’re all just brown shirts as far as I’m concerned.

    People need to get organized LOCALLY, in every town, county, and community. Then you will have a voice in your state. But if you’re smart, you’ll do that OFFLINE and keep the guns put away until there is truly no other option.

    This is not over yet though. I am afraid it is only just beginning – there are still people inside AFAIK, and the aftermath of this for everybody else will be significant, even if no more shots are fired. I fully expect at least one false flag in “retaliation” that will be blamed on patriots.

      1. Riverrat you’re certainly welcome to. I would like to clarify one thing since you can’t edit – where I said “you need to help take out the trash before the bloodbath they want becomes inevitable.” — the “they” I was referring to and the words I would have used for them are “the real shot callers”

    1. Oath Keeper here since 2009 and strong supporter of Stewart. Why have we been kept in the dark? I don’t understand it. I learned more about what OKs have been doing from Joel Skousen’s Friday publication World Affairs Brief. Like AkBob, I too am very disappointed in OK’s silence.

  107. I’ve had a chance to view the enhanced footage, the he said/she said statements, the facts, and well… Poor choices were made. Intentional or not. How quickly things can escalate when you mix testosterone, adrenaline, and ego. IMHO, MM is a plant, a turncoat, and/or a liar. Deductive reasoning tells me the young lady’s version of events is more likely. It’s unnerving to watch a human being, of any race, murdered in that fashion…like he was injured prey, predators closing in, each taking their piece of life. Heart wrenching. He wasn’t a criminal. A con. A rapist, nor a drug dealer. He was a hard working elderly citizen, with a family, trying to bring light upon corruption. Protect his land and God given freedoms/rights. Sooo is the self absorbed world we live in. Mindlessly wandering, without purpose nor reason. At least Mr. Finicum had passion. Cared enough about his country/countrymen, to stand for Something. I pray for your family dear sir. May you rest in peace and God bless. God bless the old USA.
    There is much more to this than meets the eye. Please seek out the facts….there are major players with everything to lose behind this tragedy. HRC, uranium one, Russia, mineral rights, sales of public lands to foreign countries to mine the aforementioned. The rabbit hole is deep. How far are you willing to go? Red pill or blue pill? Wake up NEO

  108. Has anyone read the criminal complaint issued in Oregon “Distict” court against the “conspirators”? Apparently according to the FBI, “SANTILLI has identified himself as a member of the Oath Keepers and wears insignia which indicates his affiliation with the III% group, detailed below. According to open
    source information, the Oath Keepers and III%ers have been identified as organizations
    associated with the anti-government patriot movement”

    There you have it! If you are an Oath Keeper you have been identified as the “anti-government patriot movement”!

    The federal government is totally out of control has grown to mammoth size and if we do not take some action to trim its size we might as well start licking boots and wearing the shackles well.

    How do we do this? Well it certainly won’t be with force. There are no billionaires I am aware of willing to finance a standing army large enough to make any credible stand and individuals or small groups are just so much fodder in the face of a string highly organized police action mounted by any police force, not to mention the military forces avialable to put down any rebellions in exception to posse comitatas. (See Title 10 section 332 of United States Code) What to do then? Anyone still believe the ballot box holds any hope? I don;t know exactly but there a few things that can be known for a certainty. The 14th amendment was ratified by military puppet courts and is therefore not a valid amendment and should be declared null and void. The 14th was no amendment, it was a revision as it dramatically changed the law in this country from Christian common to Roman civil law administered by an army in the field pursuant to the Law Martial. An Article V convention to determine the legitimacy of the 14th based on the circumstances or its passage and ratification can only reach one conclusion, it is a fraud. Am I crazy? It may sound that way mu all I ask is that before passing judgement understand history and what the events actually were when the 14th was ratified and then ask yourself if a military puppet government is authorized under the constitution to participate in a dramatic revision to that constitution that established a fundamental change in the law and created a form of citizen that today has only privileges not rights.

  109. There is more here than meets the eye. Upon looking at the video closely there are reasons to be alarmed. My position, in an effort to get to the truth, is wavering. The video may not reveal what we thought we saw. Look closer. To be upfront I am opposed to the refuge takeover. But I am now neutral on the shooting. Hopefully there is an audio recording that can be synced up. Early on, look at the agent in the lower right behind the truck. It appears he fires at Finicum with his arms up and then retreats. If the man behind the truck shot Finicum first (should be on the audio) then it makes sense that Finicum was caught between keeping his arms up and grabbing at the pain in his left hip or left stomach. I’m curius what commands were being shouted. The gun in his coat or pocket may or may not be true. Although Finicum and the militia were always armed… so that suggests there probably was a gun. But again, if shot first by the man behind the truck then Finicum was more than likely reaching for where it hurt. So two things are needed to set the record straight: We need the audio, unedited, undoctored and we need an honest autopsy report. This is getting interesting.

    1. James, I agree with you. (Not just because I’m a ‘James’ either.) While looking carefully at the enhanced video focus on the officer to the lower right behind the truck. I believe I can see the slide on his pistol cycle and recoil to the arms. It this is what I’m seeing the officer may have been the first to fire. If folks can do a frame by frame analysis, I would be interested. Is anyone else seeing this?

  110. Do you have someone with video equipment who can enhance, zoom and play at frame-by-frame? During the day it’s hard to see the muzzle flash, especially at that distance. Maybe, just maybe frame-by-frame you could see a muzzle flash in one of the frames. We need to know when that first shot was made. And we need the FBI to release ALL the audio and video from on the ground.

  111. The truck Finicum was driving was stopped for over 4 minutes before he decided to leave the initial stop scene. During that time I would believe considerable conversation was exchanged between himself and the other occupants. Even during the eluding attempt, excitable information must have been passed between them not knowing what to anticipate next. Hopefully, Bundy’s attorney prevailed upon Ammon and the others to record everything possible to be recollected even with the stresses they must have and yet be experiencing.
    When Lavoy attempted to manuever around the roadblock, he most likely did not anticipate shots being fired through the drivers side of the windscreen. I am confident he never anticipated the sudden appearance of an officer beyond the roadblock stepping in his direction of travel to fire at him. The fact he purposely avoided the roadblock and attempted to go around shows that no intent existed to harm any agents, it was clearly an avoidance maneuver.
    I yet maintain he exited the vehicle to prevent the other occupants from being fired upon as bullets had already passed through the drivers area.
    People may call Robert Lavoy Finicum a foolish man but they may never deny his being a brave man. The OSP people and the FBI agency personnel were armored up, vested, and a far superior force than a man who was not in anything other than appropriate cold weather gear.
    Lavoy was in clothing as a typical farmer would wear to the local Rite Aid or Safeway Store in similar weather.

  112. Oath Keepers has not been silent. It is a judgement call. There is a saying, “Where no counsel is, the people fall : but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.”
    The case for favoring Ammon and the other participants is yet being constructed and the more information that may be developed the better. As an example, “Lavoy was down on his knees…” has been proven in error. Lavoy stood until dropped like a sack of spuds. I am not being disrespectful to Robert Lavoy Finicum, I am just stating what is clearly discernable. What we don’t have available is how many times he had been shot. The kid in Chicago had 16 rounds fired at him, even as he lay motally wounded on the ground.
    I want to see that autopsy report.
    I am also hoping Lavoy’s family brings a civil suit revealing every precise detail.
    Essentially, our citizens are facing a “standing army,” if the images of MWRAPs and light armored vehicles are to be believed. Couple that with the very militaristic demeanor of the LEA’s present and it is difficult to arrive at any other conclusion.
    I can remember back as far as the late 80’s that these types of light military vehicles were showing up in 4th of July parades for the DARE programs.
    They were a big hit with kids then because they were cool.
    Now we have these very cool 24 ton MWRAPs and a host of other lethal devices.
    Watch the accompanying video:
    Complete Video – Spokane County Sheriff MRAP at Wal-Mart
    What Constitutionalists have fired at any LEA’s with AK-47s? Anyone know? Anyone see the irony here?

  113. There are many videos of civilians getting clearer footage, of action, with audio, on aerial equipment that can be acquired at department stores.

    This is far below acceptable evidence in such a situation. There was clearer footage from a chopper in Chernobyl, circa 1986. This is an outright insult.

    If this is the best footage the FBI can get, then maybe the folks whom sent dildos to protestors should send the FBI some new drones.

    1. If there was an 18 yr old girl in the truck. Lavoy. Did the. Right thing. Moving away from. Truck i think if a cop steps in front of movuing vehicle. Sliding to a stop. The police must have fir.him first he gets out.the. truck..

    2. Oh, it’s not the best footage they have – you can be sure of that. It’s just the footage they plan on sharing with us.

      The FBI seized surveillance camera footage of EVERY security camera running anywhere near the Murrah building in Oklahoma City – public, private, or otherwise — immediately after the explosions. It took about 14 years for any of that footage to get released and it was only part of what they had, and it is edited. (MOCKERS: look it up yourself)


  115. I’d like to weigh in here.

    This video should serve as a wakeup call to all out there as to who and what the oposition is. Many Patriots are honerable, honest, hard working, and trust worthy people. Most are family people, and all want to end tyranny.

    Please do not confuse who you are with whom the enemy is. In my opinion, that was Bundy’s fatal flaw in his plan. This isn’t tackle football at the school playground. You can’t shake hands and say good game and go home. That is not how this works. The cartels been doing this stuff for a very long time and have killed anyone whom has gotten in their way. Lavoy’s death warrant was signed the moment he took a stand against these guys. Period. It is deplorable how it went down, but that is the game people. Cartels don’t negotiate. Nor do they give up.

    My advice to ALL Patriots moving forward is this. Choose what you do and say very carefully. If you must take a stand, then understand that the men whom are standing against you will kill you dead. They will frame you. They will use every dirty trick at their disposal to take you down. There will be no surrendering. We now have video proof of this.

    The hardest part for me to comprehend is how this group of men could underestimate their adversary so poorly.

    Be smart, be vigilant, be non violent. Exhaust EVERY option before making your stand. But if you feel that you must stand, please understand that there will be no walking away. Again, Cartels don’t negotiate.

  116. KrisAnne Hall said it best. I listened to this 5 times already. She says we are not ready for 1776 yet and I agree. If you haven’t listened yet, please listen to her wisdom and grace and excellent analysis.

    I really wanted to go to his service on Friday and was checking for flights. Sadly it’s out of my finance range so I will light a candle at the time of the service and bow my head in prayer for Mr. Finicum, an honorable American who loved his Country. Who worked as a dedicated Rancher and loved the land he was fighting for.

    What I Saw in the FBI Video | The KrisAnne Hall Show, January 29th. 2016

  117. Just 3 observations. There were no pending charges against these people and they were in a park marked Welcome to your park. Open 24 hours a day. They were in the town the day before but the sheriff wouldn’t see them. Then they are INVITED TO THE next town, a long drive drown a deserted highway, that just happened to have gunmen behind many trees, and a. drone that couldn’t stay away from trees and all hell breaks loose. Where was the CPR?, Where were the ambulances. Every other shooting they Always try to save the victim, not keep shooting him. NO CHARGES, NO WARRANTS , on AN YONE.. STINKS…no audio.

  118. Mark Koerber of the American Liberty Society and Free just interviewed Shawna Cox who was released from Fed lockup in Portland. She was in Lavoy’s truck sitting next to Victoria Sharp. She is much older than Victoria, so her account is more observant so she articulates in detail everything that happened and everything that was said in the truck from the moment they began to be followed, to Lavoy’s death, and everything that happened after that, including conversations with Mark McConnell. Including inside information. What she has to say is truly a bombshell. The audio is clear. Scroll down for the video. Interview begins at 12:30.

    1. So thats 2 credible witnesses on record now.

      Speaking of which, here’s a mission for some people who can be trusted – and I mean REALLY trusted.


  119. Lavoy Finicum carried a Colt .45 revolver on his right, not left hip. I’m not seeing him ever carrying a 9mm Semi-Auto. He left his own firearms at the refuge before they began his final journey. Why he reaches down to his left hip-thigh area from having his hands up is because he had just been shot there. He then is shot up to eight more times maybe even to his head. This is in accordance to a conversation with a witness in the pickup, Shawna Cox. She also said they had been fired at after they first stopped, which pushed them to the roadblock ambush. I would like to know what Lavoy normally carried and if indeed he had left all of his firearms back at the refuge. What I’m reading and hearing is a lot of disinformation, and outright lies and ignorant conjecture from many, many sources of people. They’ve also reported the pickup wasn’t fired upon while Shawna Cox who was in the vehicle said that hundreds of rounds were fired in it and even one of the occupants was wounded by that fire. You can see the impacts all around and hitting the vehicle in the drone video itself. So stop repeating the false narrative being given out by those vested in demonizing these people.

  120. why do the frame by frame shots not match actual pictures. ex. 11:40 show highway, not the close up of Lavoy down on the unedited youtube video that is 26+ minutes

  121. I was in the military so I don’t know about law enforcement practices and I have a question that hopefully someone in law enforcement here can answer, please.

    The official fbi narrative is that Mr. Finicum had a 9mm in his pocket, law enforcement claims they saw him reach for that gun in said pocket so they shot him multiple times. They let him lay there for 20-30 minutes before anyone went to check on him, right? That’s what the full video shows. So if they didn’t check on him how do they know he is dead? If he’s still alive AND he’s armed isn’t he then still a threat? If he was an armed threat then why is it that law enforcement doesn’t secure any kind of gun from him for 20-30 minutes? I would think securing the weapon would be a priority?

    Yes? No?


  122. The report reads like pure FBI-CYA,
    there was no need to force this to a shooting,
    probably fired on the truck which is why they fled,
    which was probably engineered so they would be pushed into a blind curve into a snipers trap with no chance to stop in time (they did avoid crashing into the agents by veering off the road),
    LaVoy gets out with his hands up! After studying LaVoy do you really think this fine gentleman planned to do some ninja move, fake like he is surrendering then do a fast draw with all these guns on him???
    Surely they fired on him, resulting in him jerking as he was fired upon, even after collapsing-
    That’s murder in my book

  123. Is there any military personnel out there that have worked with drones? Why do you suppose they blacked out the HUD display (the black squares)? If what’s behind those censored blocks is military than I think we might have a Posse Comitatus Act issue?
    The wrong date on the video might throw it out as inadmissable evidence.

  124. The predetermined, organized intentional murder by ambush of an unarmed American citizen conducted by the FBI and Oregon State Police is verifiable evidence that the government of the United States, with the aid of a militarized police force, is out of control. The events of last week should strike fear in the heart of every freedom loving American who understands that our Constitution was written to protect citizens from an overbearing federal government which, by law, works for those citizens. The dead patriot was involved in a protest over a case of double jeopardy which resulted in the unlawful imprisonment of two Oregon ranchers. But that case is only the more obvious issue in a dispute that ranges much deeper involving the federal government’s harassment and intimidation of numerous ranchers operating on land that the Washington bureaucracy, specifically the BLM, claims for their own. For those unfamiliar, the many lands in question are not federally owned.

    Those ranch lands are technically owned by the states in which they are situated. However, there are currently, and have been in the past, situations in which representatives of the federal government (specifically Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton) have engaged in unlawful contracts/agreements to transfer ownership of ranch lands to foreign entities. For those land contracts/agreements to be acted upon for the reasons the buyers intended, the current ranchers must be removed (as in “run off”) from the properties they currently occupy. Internet searches will turn up the truth for those concerned individuals who want to confirm, or those who wish to debunk, the underlying situations that have caused citizens to rebel. In this latest Oregon situation, the underlying reason for acquiring the rancher’s land is the presence of uranium; the commodity sold to the Russians in a deal involving the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. In Nevada, it was the sale of land involving Harry Reid to a Chinese wind power company.

    The wanton execution of a family rancher, not a terrorist as the government and media want you to believe, may or may not signal the point in our nation’s history when concerned citizens will take a stand to preserve freedom against a tyrannical government. Those who have paid attention and connected the dots in recent times can understand there has been a master plan put in place at the federal level which seeks to further reduce, and/or completely eliminate, the power of the people.

    In my own opinion, it is becoming increasingly clear that the arming of federal agencies with automatic weapons and millions of rounds of hollow point ammunition was done in the event Americans finally reached the point where federal abuses would no longer be tolerated. At the time it was done, I openly questioned the reason for arming agencies like the Department of Education, the Internal Revenue Service, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture to name just a few. When coupled with the many continued efforts to nullify the 2nd Amendment and the explosion of growth in the Department of Homeland Security, it should be obvious your government is afraid of you because of its unlawful abuses of your Constitutional rights.

    I urge everyone to get involved in educating themselves; especially those who wrongly believe their freedoms have not been harmed by steps taken by the federal government. While the process has been going on for decades, there has been an obvious acceleration of stripping your rights under the last two presidents. The Patriot Act alone should have set off an alarm, but in that case fear was used to obtain the acquiescence of a public majority. The situation since the passage of that freedom wrecking ball has continued to grow exponentially with very little public resistance.

    The iron fisted treatment of citizens has now reached the point where a defiant, but otherwise law abiding American, can be ambushed and murdered over a manufactured crisis that was in no way threatening to human life or property. When one compares the government’s action in Oregon to its blatantly passive inaction in Ferguson, Mo. and Baltimore, Md. there are numerous questions for which no answers will be provided other than lies and evasions to suggest the government acted properly.

    There are documented incidents to show Americans are losing their 1st Amendment rights and those of the 2nd Amendment continue to be in jeopardy. It can be further shown that you have already lost your rights outlined in the 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendments. In the last election, members of the military serving overseas were denied their 15th Amendment right.

    Are you prepared to surrender more of your own personal freedoms? Do you have no problem with the growing infringement of American sovereignty? Have you decided that you can accept any level of corruption within all three branches of your government? Have you gotten to the point where you can accept having your voice on important issues ignored by the people you elected to represent you? Do you accept government representatives blatantly lying as a fact of life which cannot be changed?

    If your answer to any of these five questions is “no,” the time has come for you to become extremely active in the political process. There is absolutely no valid excuse for anyone to qualify their answer with a “but.’ But what? You don’t have time because of “what?” Your life in America has been fundamentally changed for the worse whether or not you realize it and there is no excuse not to take personal responsibility to halt the erosion of liberty. If you don’t believe your freedoms have been damaged, what will it take for you to finally wake up to reality? Perhaps you believe it’s impossible to be incarcerated or murdered by your government because you have protested against one of its illegal policies or actions? If so, there is nothing anyone can say nor any event they can point to which will make you see the light and that, my fellow American, is unfortunate.

  125. Oath Keeper here. It is Day 5 since Finicum was killed. Folks are talking about lessons learned from this whole sequence of events. If there was ever an example of failure to communicate, it was the failure of Oath Keepers to communicate with us, its membership. I had no idea what Stewart was doing; not even where he was. I still don’t know. Do we need to know every detail? Hell no! But talk to us, your membership. We are adults. We are not stupid. The lying deceitful Feds got their story out days ago!

  126. Is there any audio/video where LaVoy stated he would rather die than go to prison? I have heard several people repeat this but no one can state the source.

  127. Some of these comments are truly disturbing. It clearly shows how some people see what they wish to see. Please watch the entire video and look to all points. This man was targeted. It is also a lesson they hope to convey. It is going to be in every state soon. LaVoy was murdered by paid cowards. The truth will come for those who listen and see.

  128. Please know that the first released video by FBI was dated correctly, 26Jan2016. They then edited, chopped and destroyed all the original videos and replaced with 27Jan2016.

  129. Someone needs to go hit the area of the shooting with a metal detector. The witness says over 100 shots in the truck and the fbi says 3. If there was over 100 shots, the ground would be riddled with bullets. That would blow up the fbi’s story!

  130. First they came for the Ranchers, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Rancher.

    Then they came for the Farmers, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Farmer.

    Then they came for the Gun Owners, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Gun Owner.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  131. I think you all miss one big detail here, there is a phone video from inside the truck which shows he had his hands in the air when the first shot was fired at him, and which the bullet smashed the rear driver side window.

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