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Pacific Patriots Network – Official Statement for Immediate Release


26 January 2016

Pacific Patriot Network – Oath Keepers – III%

Pacific Patriots Network – Official Statement for Immediate Release

On January 26, 2016, Ammon Bundy Ryan Bundy, Shawna Cox, Brian Cavalier, Ryan Payne and LaVoy Finicum were involved in a traffic stop between the town of Burns and John Day, Oregon. They were on their way to a meeting with local ranchers. Ammon Bundy, as well as the passengers of his vehicle were stopped, arrested, and taken into federal custody by the FBI. We can confirm that one man has been shot and taken to the local hospital and that another was shot and killed. We can also confirm that separate from the traffic stop, both Joe O’Shaugnessy and Pete Santilli were also arrested and taken into custody.

It has come to the attention of PPN that many individuals are responding to this news as a ‘Call to Action’. The Pacific Patriots Network is issuing an immediate “STAND BY” Order to all those who are mobilizing to the peaceful city of Burns, Oregon. We will not pursue any action until all of the facts have been pieced together regarding the traffic stop and the arrest of Ammon Bundy. During this time, cooler heads must prevail. We do not wish to inflame the current situation and will engage in open dialogue until all of the facts have been gathered.

Again, we must reiterate the current standing order. No mobilization of any kind is to take place until every piece of speculation and hearsay have been verified or dismissed. We will maintain the high road and continue to communicate with federal officials until a complete time line has been developed. In light of recent events PPN continues to support a peaceful resolution to the occupation of the refuge. As more information is made available to the PPN it will be released accordingly and via the appropriate channels.

Pacific Patriots Network Media Team


Shorty Dawkins


  1. PPN “continues to support a peaceful resolution “???? Are you joking, men are being shot and arrested on trumped up charges and you still “support a peaceful resolution”? What needs to happen to describe it as not peaceful and/or not a resolution?

    1. America4sale, there are too many god damn rumors going on to make any rational tactical decisions. Initial intel gave the understanding that Mr. Lavoy Finicum was executed with his hand s up on his knees. At this time additional information from those within the convoy itself indicates Mr. Finicum led federal agents on a short pursuit that ended when he drove his truchk into a snow bank and dismounted the vehicle and charged the agents, who subsequently shot Mr. Finicum, who is now deceased. Ryan Bundy was allegedly shot in the arm but is now out of the hospital and now in federal custody.

      Too many narratives going on to give any viable reaction. So stand fast and keep the criticism to yourself

      1. Mustang Voodoo, Though I respect your point, I am not sure why I must/should keep my criticism to myself. I am making the point that there is no way to support a “continued peaceful resolution” when the ongoing situation is not peaceful anymore. If PPN wants to make the point that they are awaiting more information or that they have come to the conclusion that Bundy, Finicum, et al are wrong, that is fine. But being arrested for trumped up charges (look at what Bundy and co.have been arrested for) or shot is not a part of a peaceful resolution.

      2. I totally agree, patriot Americans have been too complacent for too long. Our founding fathers didn’t stand for this bull shit and we shouldn’t either, otherwise ask their efforts are in vain. What happened when Hitler took over, or Stalin? Same shit is starting here, it’s time to stop it now. In today’s world, Paul Revere, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry all would be considered domestic terrorists had they not won. Is history about to repeat itself?

      3. This whole thing reeks of an FBI CoInetlPro operation. Do not be duped. Do Not be Deceived.
        It’s time to fight back, but fight back SMART.
        [One paragraph deleted by Elias Alias, editor]
        Remember the politicians that put these psycopaths in the FBI, ATF, IRS, BLM, Federal Reserve Banks, EPA, Dept of Education, etc. Remember your congressman and senators that sold you out. Remember your local media that parrots the lies. Remember your local college professor with the liberal bias, your school district superintendent that lied to you and forced your teachers to teach you lies. Remember your mayor and city counsel that forced Agenda 21 on your locality and deprived you of your property rights. Remember the businesses that hired foreign workers and federally funded affirmative action hires. Remember the mosques they built in your neighborhoods. Remember the immigrants that destroyed your neighborhoods with crime and disease.
        THINK. ACT. WIN.

      4. Let’s be clear when we talk about Revere, Jefferson, Henry, etc. They had something we do not have. They had public Colonial and then State governmental militia as their back-up; not private paramilitia. We don’t have what they had. Again, we have paramilitia, meaning that those today who might organize, train, and discipline outside of the statutory “organized militia” of the State, are not vested with legal and lawful authority or the necessary legal relations of “able bodied males” enrolled for governmental service. If we are going to act outside of this constitutional venue, we had better know our constitutional limits and realize the implications and blow back that are inseparably connected. We have a duty to not only support the Constitution, but to know what it says and means by what it says. We still have options. Study Edwin Vieira’s information in the Academy section of this website. It is our duty to be properly educated and reoriented, especially when the information is made directly available to us even on this website. To not do that due diligence, and read and study this information now is an arguable dereliction of duty once we know it is there. Stand on notice. Do your homework.

      5. What exactly do y’all think you can do to the Fed’s that won’t be met with an overwhelming tactical response?

      6. Ever hear of a Hellfire missile? A well-armed militia, like our military, or a state national guard, has technology civilians like Bundy should never have. Arming ourselves to fight the US government is foolish in this regard. We’re outgunned to the point that armed conflict is impossible to sustain. Many folks don’t want to admit this. My AR-15’s and AK’s are no match for a Hellfire – so why bother?

        The ballot box is STILL the best answer .In my opinion, we Americans need to accept the outcome of elections and respect them. Majority rules right?

        Or, are we invalidating that now because we don’t like who we elected?

      7. Additionally, if one was to run away from a group of thugs with guns, who then shoot when charged, I am sorry, that is still murder.

      8. How much more information is needed, One brave Patriot was shoot, and killed, what law did he break, “None’ ! “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda, “Bull Shit” !

      9. To America4sale, Unknown Patriot, ex1106, Mustang Voodoo1:
        They have tanks, what you got. What are you idiots or Democrats, same difference. You Must be planted by the FBI to get put cooler heads in a worse position. Stick you gun back in your pants and start thinking with the head God gave you.
        An army doesn’t have a thousand little generals and no soldiers.
        It’s got ONE General and a thousand soldiers.
        I know who My General is, do you?

      10. So they have tanks If that is the thinking of your General or was the thought of the founders we would still be a British Colony. All I see from the Commander of Oath keepers is an officer who thinks he can out think the truth. These men threaten no one were on their way to another meeting with other farmers from the region and were ambushed. The FBI doing a traffic stop You shouldn’t call anyone names because you are a fool if you actually think any group this Government can see now exactly what they are doing by planting folks in them All your General will ever do is TALK THE TALK and send the grunt to do they work I personally feel that 5 man units can do as much damage to you 1000 little soldiers One trained gorilla’s can kill off a platoon Five trained can inflicted major damage So you wait for some BS officer to led you to do his dirty work me I will use all the training I got in the service and listen to others in the field Oh by the way tanks are useless on one person

      11. Wow. JC Lincoln must love living under OB’s thumb. dont worry the end will come swift…close your eyes and think happy thoughts.

      12. Tanks and planes only work if there are people to drive and fly them, if they live here that can be addressed with what we have at hand. A thousand generals is a fearful thing IF the generals fight themselves, otherwise it is foolish.

      13. Thanks for being wise. I can guarantee you our Forefathers would not have reacted to this situation like some are wanting to with no confirmation of the event last night. The whole situation transpired because those guys took it upon themselves to make it and try to drag everyone else in, I’m sure they thought they knew what they were doing but they allowed themselves to be set up. I’m so sorry that it cost a man his life.

      14. An addition to your point – I have been having a long arguement with an active duty member of the military on this subject who pretty much said that he would follow orders and turn his weapon on Americans if told to do so – no pause or doubt – that right there gives reason to pause and think this thru because if there’s one there’s more – and dont think for one minute they wouldnt shoot their fellow soldiers that wouldn’t………

      15. They have tanks? They have to eventually climb out of the tanks do they not? They have airplanes? The airplane has to land and the pilot has to climb out at some time do they not?

        I’m glad the Founding Father’s didn’t capitulate like you apparently would or we’d all be speaking with a british accent and driving on the wrong side of the road.

      16. Guys do not forget they are more than likely reading everything that is posted here and this is not a secured server….. I am just as pissed off has anyone else but Cooler heads are needed here and a wise plan not given away on the internet is needed here…. Think this out and be wise before posting some things.

      17. We learned in Vietnam that Charlie was very resourceful and brought us down with all of our tanks, planes, helicopters, and heavy artillery.There were rules of engagement in that war and too often we could not take appropriate action to kill our enemies, who presented themselves as our friends. I am afraid that we would receive the full brunt of the military might because most of us are WASPs. If we were black, like in Ferguson, MO, this would not be a story new. Once we start this, there will be no turning back. I wonder how many of the posts here are made by those who have experienced the horror of combat? Trust me, it fucks with you for all your days. I want the nation I grew up in back. I have gone to war, voluntarily because I believed in fighting communism and am will to do so again. Though at my age new, I would not be much more than cannon fodder. I have seen the video and it does appear a man was killed while trying to surrender, but without sound, it is impossible to tell what actually transpired on the ground. Before serious decisions are made, facts about what happened are needed. This needs to be handled within the system as much as this corrupt system will allow for such. You want to make an impact that will hurt the oligarchs? Find out who the big money guys and corporations who fund these assholes in Congress and the Oval Office. Boycott their products. Hit them in the wallet, something they understand and tell them why they are being boycotted. Tell them we want term limits and lobbyists, or what ever is important to you. Fund our own political candidates and each patriot should get involved to ensure our people are elected. I’ve seen the violence of war as a soldier and violence on our streets as a cop. That should be our last resort. If we are there? So be it, but I think we can do other things to be better organized.

      18. What is everyone waiting on? Where is the 3%? Where is everyone that has said over the last 4 years “let them shoot first” well they have so where the hell is everyone

      19. So you all are gonna take your shovels and rakes and fight against the Feds microwave weapons, their armed drones, and swat teams with laser guided missiles.
        Now I know you guys are government plants and your object is to get all level-headed constitutional American into FEMA camps.
        I remember the SDS was infiltrated by the FBI, in fact for a time was even led by an FBI plant.
        History must be repeating itself.

      20. infiltration is the very first goal, especially when bundy was basically inviting anyone to come out, it was a peaceful thing thats for sure, but the facts that we do know are this, a warrant was served on one man, that tells us that the FBI looked around util they found a person that had a warrant, that gave them all they needed to “go in” guns blazing,…cooler head prevail specifically because there is so much hearsay and mis-information,…the government waited til they had a “justified” reason to go in,…any response must be just as “justifiable” , dont underestimate the governments ability to infiltrate,degrade, and humiliate a movement…..theyve been ding it since the sixties,..just look at what they did to the “black lives mater crowd”….it was infiltrated, spread, the founder lost control and was humiliated and thrown out of teh ORG he started, the next week the “new leadership” of BLM meets with DNC mega-donors,…2 weeks later the BLM marchin chicago goes out of their way to protest in front of “trump” building….all that rage, and now the BLM is nothing more than a rent-a protest group aimed at pressuring candidates….they have something much more sinister in mind for white peopel with guns and real grievances….they will plant trouble makers, they will install their own leaders to make purposley foolish decisions, they will promote idiots to leaderhip positions, they will plant illegal firearems, they will plant drugs, they WILL FIRE THE FIRST SHOT….and start a shit show that none of you will survive…while we still have Rule of Law , we best employ it,the bundy name got big after the standoff at the ranch, that is enough, for the government to want to “mitigate” his influence….if they believe for a second that he could start a movement, then he is already surrounded by intelligence officials.

      21. Against infrared, night vision, drones, and all them other fancy toys of war would quickly reduce that 3% to zero.

      22. yeah and the afghani’s and the iragi’s all know how to beat that shite too…just like the marines and army know how to be NVG and Thermals…cause we see how they fought against us…

      23. There was a force who invaded Africa and lost. It was tanks against rocks and spears! I guess sticks and stones do break bones. NUMBERS!

      24. Well you sure can tell the rumors are abound vs the truth of the truth of the matter by reading the comments so far. This was an Ambush by the Feds. There were snipers in the tree. These men were led to believe they were heading to a meeting with the local County Sheriff (believe in Grant County). LaVoy was not ‘fleeing’ from the scene nor was there any type of a ‘chase’.
        Go find some real interviews and stories by the 2 eyewitnesses Victoria Sharpe and Shawna Cox. There were peaceful discussions and meetings planned during the day so LaVoy, Ammon, etc., had no idea there was a problem.
        They were heading / driving to a meeting in Grant County when they were ‘stopped’ by the Feds. LaVoy stated they were headed to a meeting, but Feds didn’t care. LaVoy put his hands out the window to show he had no weapon, and proceeded to get out of the vehicle. He asked to let the women in the car leave. Feds opened fire, killed him, and continued to shoot him while he lay on the ground. They riddled the vehicle with more bullets. The girls in the car were telling them (FBI) to stop.
        Government doesn’t tell the truth. They cover up truth to make themselves look good. We are better people then this Harney County sheriff, and the FBI and the Government so we should stand down and make sure ALL info comes out correctly, but I agree the situation is no longer ‘peaceful.’ We just don’t need or want any further bloodshed or give those FBI / government officials more ammo to shoot and kill more people. We do not need to start the problem. We can defend just don’t start it. Let them, the FBI / Government officials / BLM continue to show themselves for they really are.

      25. That version of events is NOT true. Pure fiction embellished with drama. Period. He charged Federal officers. What did he expect? Flowers? C’mon people.

      26. Diggit, Bro — neither you nor anyone from the media was at the scene of the ambush. The FBI set it up that way. No media. No on-scene reportage, no on-scene video except what may be (maybe) seen later from dash-cam recordings. Yet we do have eye-witness reports from those who were there, and their reports do not look good for the FBI and State Police. So where is your authority to say what did or did not happen?

        Elias Alias, editor

      27. Well, according to the only TWO credible witnesses, LaVoy was murdered. Anyone that thinks the government would not plan this and remove these individuals with extreme prejudice is a fool. In addition, from the accounts of the number of bullets fired, and who shot first, there can be no question as to what happened and why.

        I can’t believe a “stand down” order has been given.

    2. I agree. They were shot in cold blood unarmned. You ask us to stand down. Get real . If the government doesnt due the right thing here. We should.

      1. PPN has made the right call here. There are too many idiots and hotheads out there with one track minds and no strategic sense. Oath Keepers warned Bundy and team on multiple occasions that their position was untenable. Numerous people in the movement offered better strategies that would put them in a stronger position. They refused to listen.

        All I’ve heard from Bundy supporters have been emotional arguments. Utterly pointless arguments. Now a good man is dead because of poor planning. The goal cannot be merely to “fight”. This is foolish. The goal must be to WIN THE FIGHT.

        If the goal is to WIN THE FIGHT, then this is a time for quiet professionals, not reactionary hotheads.

      2. Brandon, again, would you describe what is happening as a peaceful resolution? You can make the case that PPN is waiting for a better time to organize, but it should be clear that they do not and will not support the way so called “Law enforcement” treat us servants

      3. PPN called for a peaceful resolution to the situation at THE REFUGE. The feds offered a free pass to the people still camped out there, so there is your peaceful resolution to that particular situation. People are so emotional they do not see what is happening here. The feds have created a peaceful option not because they are nice, but because they are presenting themselves as benevolent. They are trying to win the battle for public perception. If we go in guns blazing without taking a pause and thinking the situation through, we only HELP the feds build their false narrative.

      4. The FEDS will let you all go free, so out of sight, out of video, you will be arrested and
        held out of contact with the press, or the people. the FBI has already said it will act further. Note; no media is allowed anywhere close to the area, to document the gov.,
        excessive force. Declare all yourselves refugees from Syria.

      5. Witnesses in the vehicle with the Bundys said that LaVoy Finicum was unarmed and had his hands in the air when he was executed by the police and FBI, after he hit the ground they fired several more shots at him and then fired about 120 rounds into the vehicle even though they all had their hands out the windows to show they were not resisting. The group was going to a meeting with locals to discuss resolution of the situation.

      6. 120 rounds into a vehicle and only 1 guy hit, and 1 guy with superficial wounds? I’m pretty sure the FBI shooters aren’t complete amateurs. There are eye witnesses who also gave differing accounts.

      7. Brandon sir, you have hit the nail on the head. Quiet professionals is always your best route. Reactionary hotheads are best used in sizeable numbers if you catch my drift.

      8. Then the time is for quiet professionals to harness the spirit of the movement and continue the momentum. How can these supposed 3% Oathkeepers be missing this opportunity? If they are so good at planning things then why dont they have a plan? They are making themselves look weak and scared. Are they afraid that the truth will be know that there are a couple thousand of them spread throughout the country? Are the leaders of these organizations cloaked g-men? There are hundreds of thousands waiting in the wings for a “go” and yet they still say “sit”. This is why their numbers dwindle, because they have no plan and always say sit. They for a moment where all hell will break loose like some TV flick, but that will never happen.

    3. PPN call for a Stand By for militia moving to the area I find offensive. So much for that “Security Shield” PPN and Oath Keepers. You weren’t seen nor even mentioned when all went down, where were you???
      I had hoped the “Patriot Movement” might be able to make a dent in America’s downfall … very disappointed but not surprising. This played out as expected to include Brown tweeting her victory tweets in celebration.

      1. Jail Info: Pete and Bundy party went before a judge 0700 and are on hold per US Marshalls. . Multnomah County11540 Ne Inverness Dr,Portland, OR 97220 (503)998-5060 Visit Pete, Ammon, etc

      2. Not to mention her bragging about receiving money for the UCC shooting and Harney country. .I doubt either county will see any of it.

        Oh and by the way Oath Keepers I am totally ashamed of you for using Clivens images as a marketing gimmick to sell your survival Food!
        You are not leaders just another capitalist company taking advantage of the situation here.
        I do not even receive emails back from your organizations.. Who are your Professionals working on it? Who is actually doing anything to defend the constitution Of The United States of America?
        I see Judicial Watch acting and a few Senators, Sherriff Joe in Arizona and a few others speaking publicly. Just a bunch of armchair Patriots with War Stories. You people are supposed to be the Leaders so others can Help with this movement and actually make a difference, where are the Petions and House Bills, who is Actually doing anything besides Bitching?
        Where are these so called Professionals?
        Every site I go to has no new iinformation since the Day Mr. Finicum was Shot to Death.
        American Blood has been spilled on American Soil! Now what? ..Game over?.. we Lost America because of a bunch of Pansy Ass ex Military that have no organizational skills besides in a Battlefield ?
        God Help America!

    4. How do we even know this post from the fbi..they block internet in any area post stuff like its just the normal sites

    5. Quiet down and let intelligent men sort this out. Too much is at stake for a fool like you to have a say in this matter. And if you watch, maybe you’ll learn something.

      1. I can’t truly believe that 120 shots were fired into a vehicle full of ppl and they all lived to give their account of how this went down? Unarmed first instinct at a shot fired is to do what? Sit up straight and look out the window? Listen to what your saying it makes little logical sense. I am the first to say if LaVoy was unarmed there were other ways of incapacitating him to apprehend him without lethal force but until we get a clearer picture if we ever do I believe we need to stay alert, pay attention, and listen or we will incite a mass shooting where innocent people will die and that defeats the entire purpose of standing united.

      2. She a 18 year old singer that is probably dealing with trauma. Do you actually think she can estimate worth anything?

      3. I’d love to see intelligent men sort this out but it would require openness and transparency of the crime scene, body, car, witnesses, interviews…you know practical and logical (and legal) investigative techniques. Let’s see how far that goes.

    6. If murdered, immediate charges to the perpetrator and brought to complete incarcerated and civil justice is demanded!

    7. Gee ,not one Ferguson or Baltimore rampaging thug was shot OR arrested -Yet the gubberment shoots and arrest a White ranchers and those govt overreach protesters.
      One group works hard ,believes in God and Country the other group are vandals,moochers ,
      arsonists destroyed millions in personal property and businesses. I myself can’t wait to fire all these Fed’s .Go sell copiers somewhere.. You are sooo fired .ridiculous double standards .lawless POS.We Will see Justice in this matter .

    8. I totally agree, patriot Americans have been too complacent for too long. Or founding fathers didn’t stand for this bull shit and we shouldn’t either, otherwise ask their efforts are in vain. What happened when Hitler took over, or Stalin? Same shit is starting here, it’s time to stop it now. In today’s world, Paul Revere, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry all would be considered domestic terrorists had they not won. Is history about to repeat itself?

    9. How about not jumping the gun. Strategic waiting … we continue to win court battles, we continue to see unjust laws repealed, we pass concealed carry and stand your ground legislation, and we are winner in the public square. We are winning…. Long live the Republic

    10. . Ferguson, Baltimore and other places kill cops and burn down their own cities hiding behind the name of “Protesting” while the FBI does diddly squat. The black panthers can be armed to the teeth and uncivilized people can block traffic while they play in the street. Nothing happens other than fool politicians listening to the terrorist and giving them media access.

      But in Oregon, well now, it is different for those guys to peacefully protesting while armed. Oh No, we can’t have white males protesting the government. Of course not! The solution? Kill them! Teach them a lesson to dare protest the taking of lands and regulations on working people. Shoot him down like a dog FBI man. God knows you couldn’t do that to cop killers running amuck and burning cities.
      Such a hypocrite Administration and weak FBI that won’t indict criminal Hillary.

      Ah yes, but you only added fuel to the fire that is burning hotly and slowly in American’s that are sick of this highly corrupt government. Keep poking the Lion in the eye. See what happens.
      Carry on.”

    11. First thing is to identify these people. They are somebody’s neighbor. Rather they are Feds, local or some kind of contractors find out who they are. You can start by picketing their homes with murder signs. How do you think the progressives have risen to power in the last 30 years? Make it personal, as it surely has become now.

    12. God, Father, you know all and see clearly the truth at the heart of this incident, please bless and protect those who are afflicted by these events. Make visible the signs of the struggle against evil, lies, and treasonous acts. Let there be not another drop of blood spilled in this struggle. I beg thee for a peaceful resolution. A resolution in accordance with our Constitution and our rights as American citizens living on American soil. Let the liars be silenced, the thieves be paralyzed, the marauders be blinded to those who believe in thee. In Christ’s name I pray-AMEN!

    13. My question exactly. Victoria Sharp’s statement was clear about this murder. She actually saw it. She doesn’t have to fear the courts because she was only there to sing. When is enough, enough?

    14. Are you people serious ? some of you are flat out clueless the VC and the Taliban for that matter have stood against numerically and technologically advanced Military and won (20 years later we are having to return to Iraq) get a clue the feds cannot win a guerrilla war some of you people have no clue about the Militia so stop talking as if you know .The Militia was around before any statutory system that you describe

    1. Exactly JP All these orgs want are the dues. Watching these men getting ambushed by the FBI proves that to me. What happened to the 3 percenter and Oath Keepers who set up a perimeter around the camp to prevent this. Bet you not one was there These guys remind me of CALL OF DUTY oath keepers

      1. well actually you should have read the fbi are at the place where the press conferences are being held…where is the 3% oh thats right they ran…where was the oathkeepers….that didn’t show up for weeks….oh thats right they ran also….what happened to the PPN’s perimeter oh thats right it was bullshit…you were all played….thanks oathkeepers for honoring your oath…..Constitution is in Shreds and still you do nothing….a patriot dies….and still you do nothing…you leave patriots to the wolves….and still you do nothing….yeah your really instilling honor and courage and commitment are you…OATH BREAKERS! cause you are all oathbroken same as me….quit fooling yoursefves…hour honor is trashed and still you do nothing….thanks [Five words deleted by Elias Alias, editor]

      2. Guessing they should of followed then?
        or traveled ahead to make sure the path was clear?
        Or tell Ammon not to go? maybe? But Burns wasn’t much a buffer either that’s 30 miles a way.

  2. I’M disappointed in our police for backing an order when we have Terrorist training in our country to kill us and this is what they do

  3. Reported in link
    LE SHOT FIRST…. LE SHOT OVER 100 rounds
    This person, Victoria, says she was in the car with LaVoy.
    Her account is chilling:
    They were shot at FIRST, by the “law enforcement”.
    They were shot at with more than 100 rounds
    LaVoy was shot multiple times while unarmed and his hands up
    LaVoy was telling “law enforcement” that they were headed to talk with the sheriff and they were welcome to follow

    1. Wow this is chilling and if this is 100% true then they simply murdered LaVoy and attempted to murder everyone else in the car too.

    2. Who is this Victoria person? Why was she not arrested with the others in the car? Over 100 shots into the car, and only one person inside the vehicle wounded? Something just doesn’t compute here?

      1. I believe that Victoria Strong is an 18 year old woman who came to the refuge with her younger siblings (about 8 as i recall ) and they sang a wonderful rendition of “Amazing Grace ” which was recorded and posted to Lavoy Finicum ‘ s youtube channel. Unfortunately I can no longer find his channel. (I think it was also doing the live streaming after the “exchange ” of gunfire. ) I pray those kids are safe. Also the MSNBC video interviewing “blue tarp man ” overlaid with looney music has been pulled by MSNBC. Never leave evidence of character assassination, especially because it was an impossible effort. The beauty that was Lavoy Finicum came shining through. Also the accusations flying around need to stop. How can one accuse Sheriff Glenn Palmer of setting them up when it should be common knowledge that drones overhead can intercept communications unless you want to tell me that all was done by carrier pigeon.

      2. She was there to sing. She was detained but released because they had nothing on her she was in the deceased car.

  4. I agree! What needs to happen? Are we just fluff and bluff and the let them do whatever they want? I can’t believe that every able body isn’t on their way or taking action where they are.

  5. I think it’s time for the next American Revolution to begin. We will only be lied to about this ordeal.

  6. the oath keepers needs to set up on privet land and help the ranchers in organ by holding town hall meetings then when the gov /fbi comes in and try to stop them the oath keepers will have all america on there side the oath keepers needs to protest this but on privet land in organ with the organ people show the world what or gov will do to stop free speech

  7. I’m watching the live feed and it’s sad to hear these guys saying that the militia is coming to help them…

  8. You know? It wasn’t until they were headed to another county to spread the movement, that the FBI arrested them.

    It sounds like the real threat to the Government is Spreading this movement across the Western States…..

    1. They were going to meet a friendly sheriff. A friendly sheriff can limit the power of the fed and they could not allow that comparison to materialize. Bad for the image of an all powerful fed.

      1. UraniumOne gets the ranchers mineral rights, kHillery keeps her 2.5 million finders fee, yet some here have the nerve to bash Oath Keepers? Go find the video with the federal ‘land managers’ laughing about the millions of acres they have stolen and the stupid WWII Vets they f’ d over. I saw it a week ago on Infowars.

    2. The county they where heading into is Grant county and the sheriff there sympathized with the movement. The feds knew if they left they’d never “get their guy”. Grant co sheriff wouldn’t let feds conduct there.

    3. To Smitty and Lonny; You are both correct. It seems the bigger truth is, politicians are afraid of this movement getting a nucleus, or point of origin if you will.

      It’s the Politicians that are the Disease. The Police are the symptom. Look at Brandon’s comments above. Am guessing the best path forward is fight the Policy game, and plan for the worse. PPN and Oathkeepers have this correct for now. Nothing wrong with a strategic withdrawal and strengthening of troops.

      Stewart Mentioned the other day that, “A militia consists of all the able bodied US citizens.” He’s correct, and that will take some convincing. Heck, before this is done we may have to enlist Anonymous or other strange bedfellows. Study wars and this always becomes the case…..

    4. Yep. Killed for an idea. In the USSR an idea got the Gulag, a re-education camp or a mental health Dx. You would think that natural curiosity would say wow, that must be one hell of an idea. But no. Nothing to see here. Just a bunch of looney cracker cowboys. Diversity my a$$!

  9. God be with you my brothers. Stand strong against this tyrannical government. Please stay within the confines of our constitutional law to protect yourselves. This regime is sympathetic to the thieves and rioters in Ferguson and Baltimore but they want to squash the good patriots in Oregon. The ones who believe and dedicate themselves to upholding our Constitution. America needs you and we support you.

  10. I agree with America4sale on this. The Federal Government has drawn first blood and an American hero is dead. This can no longer be called a peaceful resolution. The line was drawn and they crossed it, so now it’s is now up to us to respond in kind!.

  11. Jail Info: Pete and Bundh party went before a judge 0700 and are on hold per US Marshall’s office. Multnomah County11540 Ne Inverness Dr,Portland, OR 97220 (503)998-5060 Visit Pete, Ammon, etc

  12. There will never be a revolution. Everyone was too busy fighting each other and missed the war. America has chosen life in slavery over death for freedom.

  13. Jail Info: Pete and Bundh party went before a judge 0700 and are on hold via US Marshall’s office. Multnomah County11540 Ne Inverness Dr,Portland, OR 97220 (503)998-5060 Visit Pete, Ammon, etc

  14. another group redrawing the line in the sand again. oathkeepers/3% are nothing but a bunch turncoats..

  15. What it sounds like to me is that the Feds and Sheriff wanted to eliminate the leader hoping it would disrupt the actions of all. If what we heard was true, it was anything but peaceful and law enforcement murdered LaVoy, if that is true than every action is not without consequence, truly.

  16. I think that we can all see the handwriting on the wall. I believe that it is important how all militia or militia-like organizations react to this particular situation. Most of us have read Mr. Rhodes letter to the federal government, particularly federal LE. In a sense, the tragic events of yesterday are a response to Mr. Rhodes letter. To me, this is the beginning of a power struggle. My biggest concern, despite considerable internet rhetoric to the contrary, is that our militias are not well enough equipped, organized, have effective national leadership, lack reliable comms and the ordnance to go up against very well protected LE personnel from any level of government.

    1. With all do respect Sir. Sometimes heart and pure desire to be free should be enough. The big difference between us and ISIS fighters is they don’t need all the fancy do dads we rely on. They fight with pure determination in what they believe in. We should learn a lesson from that. If we really truly want our children to be free then we have to take the first step which to to be willing to Die and willing to kill. Most Americans aren’t made that way. That’s why we gotta respect those that taught their butts off in Iraq and Afghanistan. They were willing to do both . Doesn’t mean they weren’t afraid to die. But they over came that fear. So how much more when it’s on our on land and for our own country. We lost a main battle and they know the Feds that’ if they come at us again like this we will buckle. It doesn’t matter if we agree with those at the refuge they are either our true brothers in the cause of freedom or they are not. Lavoy died for each of us whether people agree or not he stood with courage so that we could have an example not to fear those who now have stripped everything from us. Study insurgencies and you will find that determination and conviction blood and sacrifice can go along ways on the battlefield.. But if we don’t have that from the beginning we won’t have a successful end . We are all gonna lose our jobs and cars are creature comforts and yes some of us will lose our lives and our precious loved ones… But I ask this from the depths of my heart to all of you is it worth it. Is passing on freedom worth what we will lose and sacrifice. I say yes but we must back one another up we didn’t this time… I hope we the people learn from this and regroup and fight another day. What I will say next very few will understand. Even though we hate ISIS and yes I do. We should always respect our enemy . Again very few will understand this statement. When we under estimate our enemies we have lost. I hate to say it ISIS will hit us harder than the Feds. So if we can’t fight the Feds we won’t fight ISIS. Muslims are more convicted in their cause than the Feds. Let us learn from each of those enemies and I hope we really don’t lose what so many died for…. With a very heavy and saddened heart…..Jgravano

  17. If they were prepared to execute all of them in the vehicle then they will likely raid the others soon… What then ?

  18. IDK what vehicle can withstand all that shooting and the passengers are still alive? IDT my fiberglass vehicle would keep me alive in such situation.

    1. Why do you think the vehicle went off the road. Maybe because the shot out the tires. That wouldn’t necessarily put people in the vehicle in the line of fire now would it. From what I have been able to gather this was an ambush plain and simple. They murdered LaVoy and this can not and must not stand. The ones who think this will make it to court are in a delusional state.The feds could of taken these guys anytime they wanted. Hell Ammon went to meet with them on how many occasions. This was a message no more no less. Time to stand , like Patric Henery said . Hang separate or hang together. They are coming for the PATS

  19. 3:49 pm EST
    The “leaders” with the Pacific Patriot Network, Oath Keepers and III% called on their members heading to Burns to stand down. The leaders want to “collect facts” regarding the arrests and shootings. The militias have ordered that no mobilization occur until they have had time to talk to federal officials to get the facts of what happened. Do you remember that scene from Braveheart when William Wallace waved his banner to request reinforcements and the clans turned their backs on him and left him and his men to be slaughtered? That sums up what these “brave militias” have done. Never leave a man behind. Never.

      1. It needs to be an organized effort to have a good effect. Luckily, there are some large pre-organized groups who could do something. It is a lot like a union strike, a few stand alone people just get fired, but that is not so easy with a mass of people. With unions, though, the leadership ends up getting bought by the company, and really works for them. They let the employees feel empowered, but really just control them from doing anything too harmful. That kind of seems to apply here, too.

  20. While it is reported that Americans own between 30 and 300 million firearms, the sheer number is not the only consideration. Consider the ordnance available to federal (and now state, county and city) LE agencies in relation to the kinds of armament owned by most Americans: .22, .223, 30-30, 30-06 cal. or 7.62 mm. and shotguns. While Obama has been and is working diligently to supply all LE agencies with protective body armor, the cost of such equipment is prohibitive to many, if not most, Patriots and militia personnel. Anyone who has ever been near a .50 cal. Gatling gun will understand what I mean. And anyone who has paid attention to the 2-3 mile long freight trains cris-crossing our country consisting only of 80′ flat cars filled with various armored vehicles and field ordnance will have some idea of what we, as militia or Patriots, will face. This does not include surveillance and attacks from the air or, via the USCG, also under DHS control, armed vessels off our coasts or in the gulf.

    My greatest concern is the seeming lethargy, complacency and, in some cases, frank ignorance, of so many of our fellow Americans regarding what Obama, key members of his administration, a brain-dead Congress and the relationships between his foreign and domestic policies, etc. have done to our Country and to our economy. If I am not mistaken, there are now approximately 800 FEMA camps spread across the U.S., and farm fields stacked with several hundred plastic “casket liners”. The relationship between the airborne spraying of a few months ago and its effect on our climate (particularly the drought in southern California) is hard to ignore. You will recall the results of “Operation American Spring” in 2013. In my state 84 people said they would be participating. Several of us as State Directors in every state worked hard to provide lodging, food, water, comms, transportation, etc. In reality, on the designated day in May, of the thousands of Americans who indicated their support and belief in OAS, between 100 and 150 Americans actually made the trip to D.C. My impression is that while we have plenty of “keyboard commandos” who “fight” from the comfort of their recliners (which, especially now, are the most dangerous pieces of furniture in your home), when it actually comes down to nut-cutting, moving into harm’s way and returning effective fire, the numbers will be disappointingly few.

    I sometimes wonder what would happen in just 3% of our 300+ million countrymen were to converge on the capitol, kick the Obamas out of OUR white house, clean out Congress, dissolve some or all of the alphabet agencies and dismiss judges so that they could be replaced by special elections and appointments, what a difference that would make if planned effectively and executed soon. No more illegal and, for each one of us, dangerous “Executive Orders” or “Acts” (e.g. NDAA, Patriot Act, etc.) from a tyrant. No more fear of a false flag event triggering “Martial Law”. From a legal point of view (and I am by no means a lawyer, but I can read), all of these people, according to our Constitution are, in effect, imposters. If we, believe what we say and hear that, because of our Constitution, all members of all of our governments are public servants, many, by sworn oath, are required to work on our behalf. They are accountable to America’s citizens who are out-ranked only by our Creator. I guess what I am saying is that the Constitution, which we have sworn to uphold, gives us the authority to do these things. I realize that the established government won’t give up without resistance or a fight, but perhaps it would result in less bloodshed and fewer deaths than a “second civil war”.

    Several well-executed University studies have shown that, throughout the course of history, it only takes 3-5% of the population of a country to effect a change in government. In fairly recent history, Turkey has done this twice to oust crooked leaders. An estimated 35,000 Turks converged on Cairo, and the result was a change in the make-up (and probably behavior) of their government leaders. If the Turkish people can do this, why can’t we?

    I apologize for the length of this and would appreciate your feedback, especially in those instances where my thinking or logic has gone astray or I have overlooked some key considerations (which I’m sure I have). I’m sending this as a comment because, to me, you are my brothers at one of the most critical periods in our Nation’s history, and I am very proud of that. Thanks for your time.

    1. I see your rank of Col. Now I have to ask are you or did you had units under you that will turn on the Citizens of this country. If you say yes then you have told Obama ass lickers that you would to get your rank. It will never happen plus it is illegal to use our troops against US Citizens. People under you who sit in field command centers will agree until they hit the head and before they are done get bagged and tagged. As far as waiting I said this before if we wait until we have the same arms as the Feds we would have still have a King and our money system would be pounds not dollars

  21. We have failed to support Patriots. We stood by on words from false leaders. Truth was offered and we sat at our lap tops and waited for this murder to take place. Mr. Rhodes I fear we failed willing brothers. The tyrant master is being allowed to rule over each of us out of our fear. If we be out numbered at least the World would see we stand united. I feel like we offered little words to men willing to die the death of a true Patriot. OATH KEEPERS? So shall we wait until some ego is served that the timing is right? We are a nation of slaves to a tyrannical beast that we know rules over us. Yet we stand idle by while brothers are murdered. I feel great shame today. If not now when?

  22. My condolences to the Finicum family.
    IMHO this was show of power and meant to ridicule of militias on part of “authorithies” organized action.
    …and it worked..

  23. There will not be a near future where every town has an organized group. People can’t afford the time and resources, as everyone is busy scrambling to make ends meet. What is before those whom dare to read, and watch is a grim situation.

    YouTube is censored, so are all social media sites, free email services, and just about all means of communication electronically. The USS Liberty crew can testify to the effects of scrambling signals.

    If anything positive and lasting happens without great sacrafice I will be shocked. 20 plus trillion in debt and we cant even clean up Hanford. Veterans shiver in the winter with no home or food. Be realistic, we have been schlonged.

    The only time were going to see thousands of people in support of anything will be a sports event or a concert. That’s reality, and its here to stay. I wish it wasn’t the case, but the Simpsons and Kardashians are more relevant to people than their freedom. Welcome to the sound of silence.

    The militia has become so worried about high ground, that it seems that their words and actions are decided by media favor and popularity. Subjective journalism is deceased, RIP. Lavoy Finicum was a good man whom loved America and its constitution. May his pall bearers not be added to the no fly list.

    1. “20 plus trillion in debt and we cant even clean up Hanford.” We, here near Hanford like to call that the “Hanford Shuffle.”

  24. No revolution ever started on a full stomach….. I guess everyone’s belly too full….. Next time maybe, thanks for playing.

  25. Are you aware the guys in the compound think there is help coming? It’s a sad live feed really…. some guys out in the middle of nowhere, just kind of waiting, fed chopper circling…..waiting. Apparently for help that isnt going to come. Sad day, stand down though…wait for the rest to get waco’d so you dont look crazy. I’m sad today, at least help those guys get out safely they dont deserve to die because public opinion isnt in your favor. Those are patriots, trying to bring attention to government tyranny, and getting killed for it. Isnt this kind of thing what militias are for? Protecting the people from an out of hand government? Does it need to get more out of hand? I dont understand.

      1. Kinda gotta agree with you here. I think women ” Not Hillary” are our best hope. Hell…They shoot better than we do. Don’t know how to think about this anymore. O

      2. If the Violent version of this Revolution starts, it will be because the women of this nation gave the Go Ahead….

  26. We have allowed our brother to be murdered. A fellow Patriot standing on right principles. A man of honor shot down by the tyrant master. Today I question Mr. Rhodes not standing united with brother Patriots. Are we clear we are slaves to a tyrant master? Are we clear they will murder anyone of us standing on truth? If not now when will be stand united to stop any more blood shed in Oregon? No more calls! No more request for reason. We are confronted by an enemy that has chosen you and I as targets. Do we share in the loss of Mr.Lavoy? I say yes; because if we are men (Oath Keepers) should we not unite to stop the tyrant kings?

  27. Don’t worry, while on “standby” these patriots will be slaughtered while we sleep, then the PPN can go on being keyboard cammando’s

    1. Mr. Rhodes will you please tell me what to think? Get on with it already. Mr. Rhodes: “on this hill we make our stand, no I mean on the next hill we make our stand…….. On behalf of real Americans, take your stand already, let’s get this craziness behind us.

      1. Elias,

        That link is pure gold that Dogswife1969 posted. I think there is an effort we could focus on right now which would give direction and purpose to all of us who feel the loss of LaVoy. I didn’t know LaVoy personally but from the video’s of him I have seen I can tell he was a true American patriot and a good man deep down to the soul. I believe as the article says that LaVoy was murdered in an ambush. I think it is our duty as patriots to prove that is the case by immediately demanding independent access for our own private investigators to the vehicle involved in the shooting in order to document the facts of the excessive force used and establish the truth BEFORE it can be scrubbed of evidence! The vehicle may be being scrubbed of evidence already so we need to act quickly. Perhaps we can prevail upon someone who has access to the vehicle on the inside to send us photos of it right now. We need to get independent access to any LE video’s, dash cams or body cams before they are erased. We need to establish which LE people were out there and find out how much ammo they took out and how much they brought back. In short we need to launch a real independent murder investigation and catch the guilty parties and then bring them to justice. We cannot let them get away with this outrage! We have to catch them. If we do that then the entire patriot community can come together to secure justice for LaVoy Finicum weather the LE in the area wants it or not. Let’s get the word out to the locals up there who can covertly investigate this and get us evidence of murder we can act on. If we can’t do that then we should go up there by the thousands and demand it in person. Let’s see the truck, let’s see the LE videos, let’s see the ammo invoices and get the dispatch and radio tapes. Let’s nail these murderers who killed one of our own. We can’t just “stand by” here we need to force transparency and force out the truth. We cannot let them cover this up or let their stinking lies stand.

      2. Ya I agree, do something, dont just let all this slide by. Oathkeepers should demand to see the vehicle, its condition should be independantly documented, give a voice to Lavoy and his loved ones

    1. This is the BEST write-up I’ve seen on this topic. The hard, but valuable, lesson here is that NO OTHER HUMAN is going to save you, but you. None of these groups who say they are sheepdogs fulfilled their promise. Good to know. Each of us is on our own, we always have been, we always will be. Perhaps investing into our own preparations any money we might otherwise have donated to any patriot group is the order of the day.

      “In the end, here is the truth. The government could have, but didn’t prevent this. The 3 Percenters could have, but didn’t prevent this. The Oath Keepers, the Pacific Patriots Network and other militia groups, could have prevented this, but didn’t. Blood has been spilled, as a significant group of Americans – from all walks of life and all over this country attempted to stand in resistance to tyranny.”

      LaVoy was murdered. The Constitution is dying. The Fed is out of control. Sheepdogs are a figment of their own imagination.

  28. This whole incident was staged by fbi , state cops and the counties sheriff. This was the last straw, I now view the gov and every branch of it as terrorists.

  29. Yea, ..what happened to the “buffer ” PPN was supposedly on site. I’m interested where they have run off to?
    No free WACOS didn’t seem to mean much either, I guess.

    1. Yep. Three short sentences of dirt-simple unanswered and seemingly studiously avoided questions and some bottom-line blunt truth.

      You have articulated quite simply the crux of the situation.

  30. I’ve performed many a “felony traffic stops” in my day, as this was once reported and evidenced by the order for “hands out the window”etc. Not remotely like a traffic stop.
    IMHO I doubt video will surface anytime soon either. Someone somewhere is writing and rewriting the arrest report, making sure all the I’s r dotted, T’s crossed, while the Federal prosecutor watches over their shoulder suggesting corrections. I’ll bet too that no real “shooting investigation” by a higher/independent authority will take place. When they took aim and fired on the passenger, I strongly feel these guys were in flight for their lives. NOPE, time for talk is done-WACO cannot be given a pass here. BTW, I liked you militia guys being there, I visited you guys in the hotel. I only wish that you guys had escorted the convoy, hmmm, who’s idea was it for you not to?

    1. From this day forward all convoys must poses a lead gun truck and a drag elements to envelop and eliminate the ambush. It is sad that we must think like this in our own nation.

  31. Look, PPN is correct. What is going on in Oregon is clear and obvious. Cooler heads will prevail. Do not forget these events. There is a time and a place for everything. God Bless those men and women now standing for what is right, and just. I for one, thank you.

    1. Just for clarity, the PPN was self-described as being on-scene to be a ‘buffer’ between the fed-gov and the men standing on just constitutional principle, to prevent a slaughter.

      Now it seems as if the fed-gov has the refuge site and its occupants cordoned off for what can only be speculated on.

      Is the ‘buffer operation’ still in place? If not, why not?

      Was it all bluster, perhaps for recognition, appearance and future ‘creds’?

      I see few calls for offense against Leviathan and its minions, yet, the stated mission of the PPN was to act as a ‘buffer’…reports do not seem to support that once the feds killed Lavoy Finicum and took the ‘leaders’/travelers into custody, that this ‘buffer’ mission did anything but immediately be abandoned, leaving the remaining occupiers to their own devices and fate.

      Status and operational facts, please, to clear up the perception and appearance..

  32. I’ll put this simply. YOUR stand down orders have no bearing on me or my men. The loyalists to the crown also called for “calmer heads to prevail” because they were either bought and paid for or cowards. Men of conviction chose to forge a new path and resist the system that oppressed them. All to many in this generation have grown accustomed to the slowly shrinking yolk of servitude. Will you only chose to resist when the clasps of slavery are upon your wrists and you are being led up to the auction block?
    Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem!

  33. I see all your views and i truely understand that this has come to a day we will never forget. I have watched many of the videos and have to say that with in the last 3 days i have noticed some forgotin facts that have been in front of our own eyes. We as oathkeepers receaved these emails on a dayly basis, well just yesterday we all got the news that the FBI and the local law had a so called “shift change” well i beleave they gathered up the intell on the meeting that was to take place and moved into action on our men. That was there move to take bundy down without our men around. Ambush, Ambush,Ambush.

  34. Why are you People stuck on 120 shots, you have to understand that that number only means lots of shots were fired, no one can possible count 120 shots, and it doesn’t mean that could it been 119 or 122 shots. You have to understand the real event and fear that she went thru. If we keep waiting and Sorry to say but Looks like we are going to be pickup one by one and hang separately whenever they drop the iron curtain. Because the time is coming when you won’t be able to find ammo around, and then what. Looks like a lot of infiltration in the militia movement, remember Timothy James McVeigh.

  35. Discouraging to say the least to hear the words “Stand Down”. If I remember correctly, those same words were issued to a group of guys in Benghazi. One could rant & rave on, but I have never seen words of compromise insure neither Victory or Liberty. Fortunately, unlike some, I’ll only taste death but once; others will bear the yoke of Tyranny forever.

  36. Now is a time for cool heads to prevail. We are not that old of a country, it’s only taken a little over 200 years to get to where it might be time to change the Government in accordanance with the US Constitution. A few more weeks or months are not that much to ask. It might place us all in a better position

  37. Who are you people? Your going to make a stand for the people? When? Cowards and poltroons! They ambushed and murdered that man. Cool guns and tactical gear means jack shit if your unable or unwilling to stand. Tell it to someone else, I’m done with your half-hearted rhetoric. Ask the FBI negotiator if its OK to wipe your ass.
    You can all get jobs with the FBI.

  38. It was a very obvious setup and Bundy fell right into it ! Finicum had said in a video less than 24 hours earlier that he would die before he went to jail. Finicum got his wish. The Feds saw that video and targeted him specifically. It was beyond stupid to video everything,realease it live stream,so the Feds can watch it.

  39. Well looks like we just lost a foothold… Moral ground at what point do we just fight. ISIS fighters have more balls and courage to stand and die for what they believe in. I’m done we were divided throughout this battle and it was the fall of the Patriot movement

  40. The FBI has stated that those left at the refuge are free to leave. OK’s should be escorting them out in protected convoy so that no further ‘ambushes’ happen and if any ‘hinderances’ occur that it is well documented for legal action against the perpetrators from whatever acronym they are from.

  41. I was hopeful when I first learned of oath keepers. I thought maybe the fact that they were all officers of some type would make them more capable. Should have considered that they all feed from the public trough just like the FBI. Any reasonable person knows the true facts won’t be known until it’s too late. Any reasonable person can also see that the FBI fired on civilians. All accounts so far say he was not a threat. Even if be was advancing without a weapon brandished a taser would have stopped him.

    Guess it’s back to the status quo. R.I.P. Oath keeper concept.

  42. Whatever to answer this cal if there ever is one I will need a ride My address I’ve posted openly on here at least once on the old site, and when I joined even though only as an associate member I had to list my address then. I’m only about about 3-4 hours away from Burns. and within 23 miles from Pendleton where the Hammond’s were first tried.
    I swore to answer a call and since there is none at the moment that’s enough information for now. But again will need a ride, or will need to know how this is to happen.

    1. I’m in Pendleton. Not an OK member (yet), but have DD214, side arm, 4×4, and mobile base (really big self contained travel trailer). I also currently enlisted that are watching, and have sworn to defy unlawful orders

      1. Hey cool yea if something happens especially now after seeing that video just let me know. But not going off half cocked just saying ready if needed.

      2. Protests and stuff Big Job sorry I guess I got your name wrong the first time. But bigjob as I meant but if you log into the forums which are on top I’m in the Oregon Chapter. same name

  43. To the Oath Keepers,
    I have read all your Orders that you claim you Will Not Obey. They are severals of them that you violated with you stand down orders.
    One, your oath #7 says”We will NOT obey any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext.” The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by being surrounded by FBI has become a detention camp, preventing the movement of free people. Your organization mane OATH KEEPERS indicates to me that you possibly could be a creation of the federal government, for only the federal government will issue such order to stand down in violation of your own oath not to obey. Are you working for the federal government? You may say, you are not, but actions peaks louder than words. Your organization members should rethink its mission intensions and regroup and expel those violators for they are traitors to their own oath. This new group should be called Oath Enforcers.
    No one should be doing any business dealings with EVIL PEOPLE, you don’t deal nor negotiate with them at all, to hell with them. The love for your neighbor doesn’t mean you have to go to hell with them. If the residents of Burns don’t want you there, well tough for them. You don’t even have to be invited in Burns, get it into yours heads, we are not a Democracy, where the majority violates the right of the minority. The oath to the Constitution protects the rights of the minority, in due time they will understand, by your actions.
    Two, your oath #9 says ” We will NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies, under any emergency pretext whatsoever.” So, your stand down orders prevent those people at the Refuge from receiving food and supplies. Is not exactly what the federal government wants? Are you taking marching order from this tyrant government? You may say, you are not, but actions peaks louder than words. In a republic form of government you don’t need a license to practice law or your trade, is that what you afraid off?
    Three, last but not least, your oath #10 says “We will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.” Your stand down orders, if is not coming from the Federal Government as you may claim, but lets give you the benefit of doubt, it is a sign of cowardice or a sign of treasonous to your own oath.
    Is it not the petition and the redress of grievances what Hammond Bundy gave the FBI exhausting all means possible to the point that he acted by his own conscience and free will given by God and you let him and others down? Is it the refuge a public designated area? Why was his right to free speech, to peaceably assemble at the refuge coerced by this tyrant government? Because you let him down and because you are not an oath keeper but an oath breaker. You certainly not Patrick Henry, you have been exposed, you allowed the murder of Mr Robert LaVoy, now he stand next to Patrick Henry for he did not compromise with evil people, he defended his and others “Liberty to the DEATH!”
    Your Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights is worthless when you can not even apply to it. Your whole board of directors are in question, silence is complicit. You are put on notice with your board of directors before the whole world. You are directing a disable militia and the government cheers for you.

    1. Ouch…

      Not eloquent or refined, but the underlaying theme/message laid out above is brutal, scathingly direct and is certainly cause for serous thought and somber reflection.

      As has been said…talk is cheap, but actions (or inactions) speak far louder.

      Not saying an armed uprising should have been kicked off given the initial circumstances, but the studied and knowing refusal to and failure to lend even open, declared and public moral support, is glaring.

      Sadly, the appearance initially presented was one more related to ‘hands-off’ due to certain ‘people’ who were involved and about certain ‘approaches’ taken, even in the face of the stated and underlaying goals…get the Hammonds freed, focus attention on the tyranny of Leviathan manifested in this case by the USFWS and BLM and in restoring constitutional limits to governance.

      Nothing about the those goals was undeserving of a plethora of mechanisms various organizations had to openly support it without direct armed confrontation with Leviathan’s minions and apparatchiks.

      Still awaiting facts on the PPN’s ‘buffer’ around the refuge and its occupants, but so far the lack of clarity and information is glaring…and it smells just as bad as the remainder of the ‘organizational’ apathy and knowing inaction and failure to support a group of men and women who stood up for a righteous cause and expected (quite foolishly) that the ‘patriot movement’ would lend some sort of support.

      Live and learn.

      Since the shooting and federal cordon , there has been no official comment/statement/position from Oath Keeper Founder, Mr. Rhodes, nor an official organizational statement (not even an interim one until more info is gathered).

      I learned long ago in my military service and had it proven true time and time again in my career as a Peace Officer….the absence of information breeds speculation. Management and leadership 101. Yet here we all are, speculating away.

      In hindsight (and as seen and identified initially by some), the whole purported ‘patriot movement’ left these men to their fate, barring the initially declared ‘buffer’ action by the PPN, which seemed a good move.

      Yeah, yeah…I am quite certain that many individuals and organizations will step out of the tall weeds and make all sorts of rationalizations and justifications as to the ‘why’ of it all. Yet, when all is said and done, the organizations (barring the initial PPN response) allowed the Fed-Gov trigger-pullers to work their evil and for the Fed-Gov to clamp down, subjugate and to claim victory

      Factually and sadly, it behooves no individual or small group of individuals to take such a stand, because inevitably and historically provably, they are left to stand alone and are then either jailed or killed and their stqance becomes a mere blurb on the news as to the brave and triumphant govt steadfastly thwarting yet another ‘extremist’ action.

      This is why Organizations, such as Oath Keepers have had so much interest, support and faith placed in them by liberty advocating individualists smart enought to know that acting alone absent dire necessity, is a fools errand.

      There have certainly been some good past actions, yet on this one, it appears that most everyone shit the bed and as such, faith in Orgs is shaken and will likely be far more frugally measured in the future.

      Live and learn.

      1. Excellent analysis. Thank you. I also have been raising my eyebrows at the silence from both Oath Keepers and the PPN, wondering why we have heard nothing about the cordon that was to have been put in place.

        I do not blame the patriots on the ground in Burns for the death of LaVoy, because I believe the actions that all the Malheur occupiers took were foolish (though brave) and effectively strategic suicide. It seems clear from LaVoy’s own recorded words that he was never going to be taken alive.

        What is not clear is what practical actions Oath Keepers and the PPN are currently engaging in. The silence is deafening!

  44. Let’s get a few things straight: #1 Not a single one of you knows how it went down with Lavoy Finicum. You are making conclusions based on unconfirmed accounts. Are you willing to start a war based on unconfirmed accounts? I’m glad to see smarter heads prevailing at the top of this chain. #2 Armed rebellion against a *democratically elected* government is NOT patriotism. You have no standing to equate yourselves to our Founding Fathers. They could not go to the polling booth and vote their king out of power. They could not go to court and have their case heard before a judge and jury. You have multiple legal channels to seek redress for your grievances. Our Founding Fathers did not. Do not disgrace to their legacy by attempting to draw parallels between your grievances and their achievements. There is no comparison. Yours is not a revolution.

    1. When you wake up to find that your “democratically elected” representatives have formed an unassailable union, bought off and imported enough slaves to form a majority to vote to keep them in power, then the game changes and you have self appointed kings and their minions, NOT a democratically elected rep. who you can vote out. Ok, now if you wake up, you will find this to be the case right now. Or hit the snooze button and continue on with your sleepwalk.

  45. Do NOT ask citizens to “stand by”. Who are you trying to kid??? This government is WAY past tar & feather or pitchforks and torches. What do you fellas think the TeaParty movement was “originally”about (before the RNC takeover)? Taxes? Healthcare? Really? Who do you guys think you are? Gods? Really important? Smarter than most??? You make me sick….

  46. I see a lot of anger here. I too am angry. I heard it said best as I love my country and am ashamed of my government. Having said that, am I mad enough to fight. Hell yes. Am I willing to destroy my country in the process Hell no. Part of the problem is the NWO progressives live in our cities and are not being inconvenienced at all by the theft of our land, our wealth, our rights.and our liberty. At worst they pay 2.00 more for a steak caused by hundreds of ranchers being pushed out of business. They lead their city dwelling sheeple with handouts and a false promise of a better future. They live in their gated communities and penthouses feeling absolutely none of the pain that they cause others. However grabbing our guns and running into the streets would never work without the complete destruction of our infrastructure. You would have to destroy communications, water, power, highways, rail lines, and airports. You would have to shut down food, fuel, and water deliveries so that everyone felt the pain. This pain could last for years and millions would die in the process. Do you really want to stop all movement to keep the gubment goons from moving men and supplies to hot zones. Then still it would most likely fail unless the military sided with the patriots. Take back our county by force of arms sounds romantic, patriotic, and powerful. In reality it would be a nightmare. These fine people of Oregon who are the backbone of our nation are being abused by an over reaching federal government that is in direct opposition to our constitution to bring in the NWO. God has blessed us with the right to vote. We must use this right to elect men and women of honor to do what the constitution was designed to do and elect those who represent. If we have an emergency such as has been going on with people losing their land and livelihood faster action is needed. But please take time to think before you act and follow a plan that has been tried many times in the past. Not an all out revolution that has failed all but once. Use the tyrants tactics against them. Put away your guns and go to the liberal cities by the thousands, tens of thousands, Block their roads, stop their traffic, stop their deliveries, make them feel uncomfortable and afraid. If some rioting occurs and some looting and fires break out so be it. Look at the Soros funded black lives matter movement and copy it to a T. Protest in the best neighborhoods and city centers. If you want the liberal pukes to hear you and listen then they have to be included in our turmoil. Put your guns up and break out your rocks and bricks. Picture Fergusson all over the west coast, NY, DC. It could be maintained indefinitely until they listen. Its a lot cheaper than ammo and MRE’s. Not to mention no life need be lost. How long do you think it would take if the latte sipping pukes backed their BMW’s out of their garage headed to their desk job and saw a thousand ranchers blocking the entire street with rocks and bricks. Take the fight where it matters. Where there is media coverage and witnesses. Stand in front of the cameras and tell the American people what is going on and why you are protesting. Disassociate the peaceful rancher protest from those who loot and burn just as the black lives matter movement does. We all know its the same people but the media can be used to your advantage. I am angry only because I take time to do research. Many here in Alabama would support you if they knew. We get no media coverage here except for a tiny mention on Fox News and the fact our food cost twice what it did before the tyrant Obumer took office. We here on the east coast care about our fellow countrymen but are in the slow boil like the frog. There are tens of millions of patriots on the eastern seaboard going untapped scratching our heads trying to figure out why our rights are slipping away with our wealth. Tactics, tactics, tactics, far out weigh fire power. Organize and share your pain with those who cause it. Teach the liberal idiots that we are all in this together. When I tell someone here that the federal government has stolen 95% of the state of Nevada away from the people of Nevada they look at me like I am crazy. Make your case chained to your hay bailer in the middle of Portland on national television and you will get much better results than being murdered in a snow bank in the middle of nowhere. Carry your fight to where the Government sock puppets can not control the media. The Bundy standoff was great to see the fed back down but that was because of the media coverage. Americans were getting angry from coast to coast. Since Bundy was labeled a racist there has been no news from the west. Those of us who understand the man know better but the average Joe buys into the media narrative. Put your best speakers in front of the cameras and carry on the fight till you are heard. Millions here are slipping from lower middle class into poverty. The slow relentless boil has most scratching their heads trying to figure out why. I know because I research. Obama care, the war on coal, EPA war on farmers, ranchers forced off the land. farmers losing the right to water caused by the environmentalist destruction of reservoirs, increased taxes to pay fro the handouts, and on and on. You can make a difference nationwide instead of being killed or jailed while the media turns away. I’m just sayin……

    1. America’s “infrastructure” has been under attack by our Federal Government for decades already…..THEY are destroying it right before our eyes. Chew on that for a bit. The rest of your comment can be summed up as, “I have been witness to a Civil War between the City ant hills and rural citizens my entire adult life”. It’s not left vs right, black vs white. It has always been about city vs surfs. Time to cut them off……

  47. Giving this time will only help the feds, as it allows them to storm the refuge before reinforcements can arrive to ensure there isn’t a wholesale slaughter. The Patriot movement is a thorn in the side of the government and the current Administration. They are looking to pull this thorn out as quickly as possible, even if the pain is short-lived and it bleeds a little.

    1. Time also allows the feds to cover-up the evidence of the murder of LaVoy Finicum. We need to get access to the evidence, like the shot up truck, PRONTO! We need to cordon them off and surround them so they cannot cover-up their heinous crimes. NOW!

  48. I thought there were people there for security. Why would that group travel alone. Security should have been around those guys. I also thought III% were there as go between! What happened?

    1. I just finished watching the video footage of the road block / contact used in Oregon. That was played on CBS news. As a retired State Trooper Sgt. / Patrol supervisor / Narcotics unit supervisor / SWAT team Leader at different times in my career, the Road Block as it appears in this situation has always been considered very high up on the use of force scale, approaching the use of deadly force. To be used against violent or other person(s) who pose an immediate threat of death or serious injury to others.

      There are numerous examples of when this may be used, Kiddnaping, Known Amber Alert, the recent California terrorist shooting ect. Wether you agree with the Bundy standoff or not, in my opinion this incident / shooting on the highway should never have happened under the situation. Why? Because in order for a warrant of arrest to be issued the defendant / Individuale must pose an immediat serious threat or danger to the community or person(s) of physiciacal injury or death or is avoiding apprehension or service to appear. As a retired state police Sgt, I am sorry to see how the current law enforcement handled this.

  49. Where the hell is blaine cooper????? Everyone else that was arrested on charges has had their mugshot plastered on the news he’s no where to be found is that because he is a federal agent pretending to be a patriot… I think maybe.. It’s just a bit strange he’s not still at the refuge he just disappeared. Why is that and no one is asking why and where is the guy….

  50. Still 4 people imprissoned there. Guess everyone just “stand by one”….. Let the government finish coraling the terrorists. The real patriot doesn’t exist I guess. I ask you this…. Out of all of the recent rise ups against the Feds, didn’t this one feel right to anyone else? It was missing that element of crazy that ruined all the others before. Yes, they were stupid about a lot of things and perhaps had chosen the wrong place and time, but they weren’t wrong.

    I find it hard to swallow that our militias are so political that they can’t even help the last 4 get out untouched? Guess we need well regulated militias for these malitias as well.

    Mark Twain wrote;

    “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

    1. Occupying the malhuer wasnt the best move, there are many patriotic americans who cant identify with that move, if it was nevada BLM land it would be clearer, if they could have done something else and kept it focused on the Hammons, they would have had more support and the outcome could have been better. The country is divided and the patriot movement is divided, maybe one day an event will come to unite americans to take back was is rightfully theirs

  51. ABC news recently changed the story and is now reporting that according to the fbi, LaVoy Finicum tried to draw his gun multiple times BEFORE they shot him. None of the eyewitness reports running around on the internet mentioned Mr. Finicum trying to draw his gun on the fibbies. This in not my info. I heard it reported on ABC News about an hour or so ago on TV.


    Heres the video of it all. If he reached for a gun on his left hip, it was with his right hand and why would he do that? Also his back was to the officer that came out of the tree line to shoot him. Also, who the hell sets up a road block near the apex of a turn. Looks like an ambush to me. So… There’s that.

  53. ALL outsiders in Oregon need to go home and let this situation chill down and then we can decide on a plan of further action. ALL oustside instigators, antagonizers and hotheads, go home this means the Idaho lll%, all out of stae OATH KEEPERS, PPN persons and ALL other people-go home and let us solve OUR problem before more people get killed, You have done quite enough already, we’re sure the Finnicum family agrees as well!

    1. so what exactly are you going to do? NOTHING! All this started about the hammons, oregon patriots have had plenty of time to help that family, I dont know what was done, but it wasnt enough. If they can charge them with terrorism, they can charge anyone with terrorism!!!

  54. Daniel 2 vs 44 says that he will break to pieces all kings/ Government’s The stone that is or Gods word. If the word of God does that; then might want to read up on his word?
    Lavoy was murdered plain and simple by Government something to chew on.
    He’s or should be our Martyr and battle cry.

  55. By the time PPN comes to any kind of “decision” the whole situation will be over (hopefully without further loss of life). So then what are they gonna do. The time for action has come and gone and all their efforts were for nothing! Everything will go back to the way things were and everyone will forget. The only thing this has shown me is NOTHING will ever change in this country because everyone is a coward!

    1. Their call to action WAS posted here but it appears to have been taken down. I don’t see it any longer.

      1. Thank you for bringing that up. Their call to action has been revised, or is being revised as we speak. I pulled it down while awaiting PPN’s revision. Without the article up, I had no way to let you know, so I’m glad you brought up the question here. You will see a statement from Stewart Rhodes tomorrow (Saturday, January 30, 2016.)
        Thank you for reading here and leaving your comment.
        Elias Alias, editor

  56. I will say this. The video shows the death of an innocent man. No matter the circumstances of the shooting! Now on the circumstances of the shooting.. as I see it if Victoria Sharpe’s account is the truthful narrative here.. if they were shot at before then he had the right to defend himself and would explain why he said just kill me then because they may have been trying. And ambush is exactly what it was.. the agent jumps closer to the vehicle to push him into the embankment.. if he was truly threatening he would of instead hit the agent or rammed the cars.. further more the agent in the trees.. probably sharp shooter comes in behind for the kill shot. To assure he doesn’t miss his target.. not to mention he might of already fired upon their attempt to go around the road block. Who knows. All we see is that a fellow American was gunned down for standing up for what he believed in. Shall anyone of you who feel these men are terrorist ever decide to stand up for your rights too.. maybe you should be gunned down as well.. I hear so much crap about proper channels of voting and changing laws but who has faith in rigged elections or bills that get vetoed or never passed.. please help me understand how we must surrender to peaceful protests when the peaceful protest get toppled by federal and state law enforcement agencies? I see hypocrites everywhere.. might as well be politicians as most only agree or disagree when it suits their own agendas. Through out history people who truly fight for change are always accompanied by death as it follows close behind those who stand for what they believe in. Make a stand get arrested or killed. Levoy chose his side. That of righteousness. May his death not be in vain. Rip

  57. I am a concerned citizen who pay’s way too much attention to alot of stuff especially politics, history, laws etc….
    But in my opinion yes I am going to give it, in my opinion I am sitting here reading allthis on here and I see some thing I agree with and some I do not. But what I do know is we currently have a tyrannical government that makes it’s citizens homeless, takes citizens children and traffic them, steal it’s citizens money and assets from them, puts citizens in programs that will not help them, puts it’s citizens in jail for smoking a plant if not kill them, kills citizens children by mistaking a cell phone for a weapon, violates citizens rights everyday, especially vets who fought for this country, vets should be treated with so much more respect. This tyrannical government also has the POLICE which is an unconstitutional entity anyway, the history alone of them starting as SLAVE PATROL, there are no more slaves. The DEA is illegal cause there is nothing in the Constitution about drugs, only specified intoxicating liquors, so the 10th Amendment comes into play it’s up to the people or the states. Felonies are easy for a law abiding citizen to commit cause laws we currentl have are so unjust it’s only about money, so when a person gets out of prison they get discriminated against by all and can’t find a job, can’t vote, that alone is taxation without representation, cause they can’t vote but can be taxed. Our founding fathers fought over many things one being the tax stamp. Plus when some of them went to TALK to the Brits they were told to lay down there arms they refused turned there backs and began to walk away untill cowardess Brits started shooting them in the back 3% of these people fought back and WON. I am sorry butwe are being murdered and so-called patriots want to talk, well we have been talking and while we are talking alot of my fellow citizens are dying. It seems to me as if some of you were willing to die for you’r country when in the military but are not willing to now when needed most in my opinion that is a coward. Yes you need level headed thinking I get that but this has been going on for many years, yes we can vote and what not but how has that been working for us especially now. The government may give in from time to time only to keep some of us at bay, but for how long. Things are getting worse and people just want to keep talking. Actions do speak louder than words, but all I do see now a day is people’s mouths moving but nothing of meaning coming out. I love my country and I miss when I was younger because some things made sense, now nothing makes sense. This was the land of the free people, some think it still is how is that when we have the largest prison population in the world. Where is there room for freedom when there are so many restriction’s? The Amendments in the Constitution are for the people, restricted from government yet the U.S. Supreme court can interpret what they are restricted from. 9th Amendment read it. So- called patriots say we can’t act right now then when? What is it going to take, more lives? How many you want? I mean Really. I can go on and on, but I will just watch more idiots come up with more ignorance for there own justifications on why we should just keep talking about our feelings. Sound off

  58. I had great respect for the intent of the Oath Keepers but I question their intent now. While reading the comments here I am seeing and feeling the heavy hand of censorship. No different than FaceBook. If the moderator doesn’t like what he/she reads in a comment it never gets posted or is doctored in some fashion or another. I am sure the donations are still coming in and as an outsider looking in I say every damn penny of those donations should go directly to the Finicum family and other members of the protesting group that I feel the Oath Keepers turned their back on and let them down big time. Just keep on keeping on Oath Keepers and continue collecting the donations. what the hey?

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