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Oregon Wildlife Refuge Occupation Powder Keg Just Needs a Spark

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Ammon Bundy explains his actions. (YouTube screenshot)

This article originally appeared on AmmoLand.


“Armed protesters, including three sons of a Nevada rancher who battled with the government in 2014, vowed to occupy a federal building in Oregon for ‘as long as it takes,’ as state and federal officials on Sunday sought to defuse the situation,” Fox News, among others, is reporting.

It’s a dangerous situation some of us have been following since yesterday’s takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters following a protest in support of rancher Dwight Hammond and his son Steven.

The Hammonds were convicted of arson after a fire they said they started on their property to burn off wildfire-threatening invasive species inadvertently spread onto federal land, consuming 139 acres.  The government charged they were covering up evidence of poaching, and the jury bought the prosecution’s arguments. A new controversy arose after it was ruled the trial court sentence was not harsh enough, and Chief Judge Ann Aiken of the United States District Court for the District of Oregon tacked on an additional five years.

“The Hammond family does not want an armed standoff, and nobody has a right to force one on them,” Oath Keepers told its members. “Since Dwight and Steven Hammond, through their attorney, have made it clear they intend to turn themselves in and serve out the additional time, Oath Keepers cannot, and will not, try to interfere with that decision (peaceable assembly and protest is, of course, fine, but going beyond that against their wishes is not).”

“The 3% of Idaho, 3% of Oregon, The Oregon Constitutional Guard, and PPN organizations in no way condone nor support these actions,” the 3% of Oregon declared in a press release. “They do not mirror our vision, mission statement, or views in regards to upholding the Constitution, The Rule of Law, or Due Process.”

Also complicating matters for the protesters, some of the locals are scared. And the ranchers at the heart of the dispute, through their lawyer, declared they have nothing to do with the takeover.

Ammond Bundy disagrees with Oath Keepers, says the Hammonds distancing themselves has been coerced after government threats, and has put out a call for people to come to Oregon and support his actions. So now what we have is a serious split between some who do not agree with Bundy’s methods, and an angry backlash against anyone speaking out against his actions, with plenty of name-calling going in both directions.

That schism has to please those who benefit from an opportunity to “divide and conquer,” and that’s very apparent on social media. But here’s the thing — even if you are someone who opposes the action, you’re still affected by it.  Like it or not, we’re all in it up to our necks.

That’s because the monopoly of violence “progressives” will use the Oregon occupation to tar everyone who believes in the right to keep and bear arms as an “insurrectionist,” an “extremist” and a “domestic terrorist.” That will be extended to mainstream groups like NRA, always a convenient media punching bag. And the smear job won’t be limited to gun rights defenders. Expect it to cover anyone who espouses “conservative” values. And expect attacks on the Republicans, especially on the presidential candidates.

Don’t be surprised to see some in the GOP reconsider how committed they’re willing to be opposing Obama’s anticipated executive orders. And don’t’ be surprised to see the administration looking to emergency powers to deal not just with the Oregon situation, but to do whatever they think they can get away.  Don‘t be surprised to see Democrats, gun-grabber groups and the press cheering it on.

There are still plenty of unknowns, including how many people are actually at the wildlife refuge, and what it is that would induce them to depart. When questioned by CNN, Ammon Bundy spoke in general terms, making it sound like nothing less than the dismantling of the federal Leviathan is what it will take. His colleague John Ritzenheimer sounded more fatalistic, in what could only be characterized as a “goodbye” video message to his family.

So what are the administration’s options?  Assuming functionaries had their New Years weekends cut short, you can bet they‘re focus-grouping and war-gaming, and weighing scenarios and options. You can also bet special tactical teams are on alert, if not on their way — and if DOJ approaches this as domestic terrorism, the feds will totally marginalize the local sheriff.

They could talk the guys down, although from the rhetoric of the takeover leaders and Bundy’s conviction that he is carrying out the Lord’s will, that doesn’t sound likely. If they do come out, don’t expect the Justice Department to show leniency.

They could lay siege and wait them out, turn off all power and water, and see if a week or two might soften some resolve. On the other hand, depending on how many answer Bundy‘s call, the enforcers could find the greater cause for their concern is amassing outside their perimeter.

The third option would be to go full Waco, making sure the media is kept back so the narrative could be whatever they wanted to put out through a spokesman. It’s been done before.

That’s why an analysis by Mike Vanderboegh on his Sipsey Street Irregulars blog is important for the government (and for all of us) to understand, so that people with access to decision-makers know, in no uncertain terms, the precipitous situation a brutal reaction will produce — for everyone.

If things blow up in Oregon, things could quickly get out of control everywhere, and while we can only imagine what that will look like, the certainty is things would be ugly and prolonged.

The government will act and affected people who will not comply will react. It’s an incredibly dangerous situation, where a shot, whether intentional or an “accidental” discharge — and it may not even matter which “side” fires it — could be the “Time’s up” spark that changes all the rules.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



    1. Very articulate and well said. This is far beyond the Bundys and Hammonds, and that is the point of the Bundys doing what they did. I think Bundy has a point, if he did not act now, he may have been arrested in relation to some other trumped up charge and removed for good. At least now, there is a chance he will be heard, before he is taken out.

    2. She is totally correct the government can not own or land! what happened was not arson as the government is tell everyone!

      1. It is a fact: the Feds have NO business owning 62-75% of the Western States, and they are ruining much of it as well as refusing locals to use it for their areas’ benefits.

        It is time for the Federal government to return these lands back to the States as we work to regain State Sovereignty that has been so eroded by Congress’ authorization of a bureaucratic state, by the President’s usurpation of The House’s Power of the Purse ( complicit in allowing fees collected by the executive branch to fund major entitlements like Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, etc.)

        We must elect a constitutional warrior as our next President, AND support TX Gov. Greg Abbott’s Texas Plan that calls for a constitutional convention called by the States as authorized in Article V. It takes 34 States to call one, 38 States to ratify each amendment, and ONLY 13 States to kill any bad amendments proposed.

        OR is a symptom of Americans’ being fed up with the over-reaching Feds. I hope we can work together using the political tools our Founders gave us instead of accidentally setting off a bloody confrontation that will help no one.

        And I thank you Oathkeepers for standing between us ordinary citizens and the government that seeks to strip away all of our rights and freedoms! I love how you aided the business owners in Ferguson. I am also proud of your stance on the OR situation. God bless you all!

  1. Hmmm? How do I put this to you ILLEGITIMATE groups? YOU WILL BE LEFT ON THE TRASH HEAP of History. Ballot box or leave.

    By the way…doing the stand off in OR is about as stupid as one can get. This is the BLUEST state in the nation…

    1. USrugger. It is a shame that you haven’t put in enough time to be able to understand the difference between the groups of Constitutional Supporters/Patriots that are mentioned here. I sincerely wish that our “friends” had not taken the aggressive action that they have taken in taking over “our” (The U S Government cannot “OWN” any property, so the property these men are occupying in Oregon is the property of the People which is under management of the Government) a Federal Agency Management. I wish that all of the groups would maintain our position as defenders rather than aggressors.. However, if the Obama Babies like you decide to take aggressive action against these Patriots, they may well regret it. Evidently USRugrat or whatever you are, you have not read the Oath Keepers Orders that will not be obeyed which places us squarely on the Defense of the Constitution and our Constitutional Rights.

      USRugger, your way out of line here and very wrong. Sorry for your poor judgement.

      1. It will be interesting if the Bundy “Occupiers” are dealt with as leniently as the Obama-inspired “Occupiers” who took over properties in many locations in recent years.

        There is a big difference between the motivation of the Bundys and the “Occupiers” of the past. In the past they were encouraged, if not directed, by the federal government, they left mountains of trash in their wake, and they explained, when they would give any answer, that they just wanted to tear things apart to see what would happen. The Bundy people, as I understand it, are protesting real and serious government overreach and illegal actions, in the hopes of getting a fair and lasting solution to the problem. This may be a poor time to do it, when Obama is searching for any excuse to declare Martial Law and become our permanent dictator, but in this life we don’t get to call for do-overs.

      2. No disrespect fella but you do realize that the BLM also manages Reservations? Those lands are not and have never belonged to american citizens. It would also be wise to know that most federal lands are actually Native grounds protected under treaty that a genocidal and thieving government decided to break. Plainly spoken…most federal parks are on land that legally and morally belong to first nations people not american citizens. And if the First Nations could get treaty review under the eye of the United Nations it would be found that the American Government overstepped its bounds and the lands would be ordered to be returned. That includes the land the daddy bundy has been welfaring off of for years. The whole “doctorine of discovery” allowed illegal immigrants to take over this country. Then Manifest Destiny was the excuse the illegal immigrants used to steal what was not theirs. Seems that mind set hasn’t changed. Or is natives not part of the constitution? Admittedly they didn’t get freedom of religion until 1978 but surely they are entitled to what is theirs and has always been? You know the whole right to personal property thing? Unless of course they don’t deserve it because their skin is the wrong color and they are “godless heathens”. Otherwise the Bundy crew is on Paiute land that was stolen by the Federal Government. In our world they call it immanent domain or a false flag event to get what they want. But if the Fed is going to give the land up it shouldn’t be going to american citizens but to the Paiute in honor of the treaty they broke.

        By the way, I am an independent. I hug a gun with one arm and a tree with the other and was raised penecostal. So don’t start with the labeling. And could we please not label Bundy and his crew patriots? Its a disgrace to my brother who is special forces, the one that is Army, and a son in the Navy.

    2. So, you are the “BLUEST state in the nation”, huh? You know what the initials of a blue state are?—-BS! And that about sums up the significance of blue state people.

      1. Yeah, one person per 1.4 square miles. Thin red kinda makes for pink. But I get your point. However, if push comes to shove, there is not enough population to protect themselves. Then OathKeepers could be welcomed.
        Anytime armed resistance is brought up, (not meaning you, cowelk1) I first look to the land and surroundings, then to the personnel assets, always thinking mid-size is best.
        Heavy population urban areas and vast expanses with few people pose problems regardless of which side, left or right they may be on.
        The Bundys should make the graceful exit Stewart has requested. We are not ready for the alternative and do not need it forced because of anger nor ego.

    3. USrugger, I assume you are ignorant enough to be referring to Oath Keepers. If so, In your mind, what constitutes a ‘LEGITIMATE’ group?

      You do realize the anger and frustration carried on the backs of these protesters is caused by a very legitimate concern for the damage being done to their families and this country by a truly ILLEGITIMATE group. Therefore, even though I do not believe the way they have gone about their protest is the best way at the present time, I don’t dog them. I understand their frustration.

      The smartest way to dissolve this is for the Sheriff to shut off the lights and everyone go home. If there is no media or instigators there, they become meaningless inhabitants in a cabin in the woods and they WILL go home. At this point, they’ve done less damage and broke less laws than the Occupy Wall St., possibly one of your considered ‘legitimate groups’.

      Maybe they’d earn your street cred’ if they had a little Soros funding and called themselves ‘Rancher’s Lives Matter’ or ‘Students Against Burn Permits’..

    1. OK, I can see the Hammonds not wanting any help for probably fears of the feds coming down on their families or livelihood. For God’s sake, Oathkeepers – come the aid of the Bundy’s who have the courage to stand up to the feds that will affect each and every one of us. You have seen all the amateur footage & they do not appear to be in any way threatening. They’ve only drawn the line in the sand. They are standing up for what is right & have declared “Molon Labe”. We have a responsibility to stand with them. Watch the video that benghazi posted earlier ^^^ -AFVet

      1. Absolutely! When you take an oath to defend the constitution, then play politics when the time comes to act, you’re never going to be taken seriously again. Don’t leave the Bundy’s in the refuge alone. They knew the lawyers and courts were sided with the feds and the Hammonds probably are trusting that the patriots can do for them what they cannot do for themselves right now for fear of being thrown in a ” less desirable prison.” But, in actuality, they most likely desperately need and want the help of all patriots from around the nation, including the Oathkeepers. “Leave no man behind.” Go help your brothers, Oathkeepers. You’re on a slippery slope when you start playing politics with corrupt gov. Officials.

      2. Well said! American Patriots finally take a stand! And not just move the Line in the Sand! And where are all the Keyboard Warriors now? Need to watch live feeds and not the BS coming out!

    2. You know, at some point you will push us far enough and you’ll find an inconvenient truth. Us progressives and liberals have guns too.

      1. And you will be shocked at the response from people with a knowledge of the tools we have. Instead of that thing progs and libs are terrified of. Good luck with your endeavors.

      2. We are not the ones pushing, not the ones threatening, not the ones as Rep Greg Walden stated, who are arrogant agencies overreaching their authority to manufacture their own interpretation of laws rather than enforcing the actual laws Congress has passed, nor the ones who continue to infringe on the rights for any of us to own weapons. It has been so long since we have effectively pushed back against the unchecked arrogance and power grabs of our government with their special interests (rather than our best interests), the same who have taken delight in destroying the lives and livelihood of real people for their own selfish gains, that it may come as some surprise that when we “occupy” something in protest, buildings aren’t burned or trashed, no rapes, no assaults, no crapping on government cars (although tempting). It’s hard to believe you progressives would act as responsibly with your guns. Since you appear to be their spokesperson, please let them know that we are victims of the same government overreach they are and that at some point we all will need to push back, with or without their help.

      3. How have YOU been pushed? Just exactly what is that supposed to mean? Blue states? Red states? Who cares about blue states or red states? The issue here is a federal government that is acting OUTSIDE of the law, and outside of any Constitutional authority that they have. That affects everyone, whether you are conservative or liberal.
        Are you saying that you actually support a government that takes LAWLESS actions to push a globalist agenda? Hell man, they are out to take ALL land rights away from free Americans! THAT is exactly what Agenda 21 is all about. What will YOU do when they come and tell you that you can no longer live on land that you paid for?
        The people at the wildlife refuge are no more a danger than any other occupy group. They carry weapons, because they KNOW that this could be another Ruby Ridge or Waco, and they fear for their lives……. So, again I ask, what do you mean when you say “us liberals and progressives have guns, too”? If you mean that you would side with a lawless action by an out of control government, then you are simply a fool, and the Feds do not need your help to commit murder….. they do that well enough on their own.

  2. The country is to much on edge for this to be happening now. Bundy didn’t use his head and consider the large picture. Now everyone is woundering if life will change because one side gets trigger happy.

  3. Although I can see there are many serious and questionable problems with this takeover. I want to reference the Hammonds first. The Hammonds were to emotionally weak having a loaded gun to their heads to determine what might be the best course of action in addressing offers for needed help to make the best decision for their future. This would be similar to a family whose daughter is raped, beat up, and then held for ransom and having the perpetrator tell the family by phone to not call the police or she will be missing fingers. Would this family likely call the police? Some would and some would not, but in the end a prudent person would seek outside help. This is the situation the Hammonds were in.

  4. Why is this being called an ‘armed stand off’. Was a weapon pointed at any person at anytime.

    Is this really about one family, or do we take off the blinders and look at the big picture and take a stand?

    1. Because both sides are armed? If I am carrying a weapon, either sidearm or long gun, I am armed whether or not I brandish it.

  5. This situation seems awfully coincindental, right on the eve of Obama announcing his new diktats concerning gun control. I’m wondering if Ammon Bundy isn’t being run by the feds.
    He has to know, after all the years that his own family was dragged through this, that this is rich fodder indeed for team gov, and at the worst possible time. Why would he drag a bunch of made-for-CNN ‘domestic terrorists’ across several state lines, particularly in light of the fact that his ‘friends’ have made it explicitly clear that they don’t want him there? The feds showed at Ruby Ridge and Waco (among other instances) that they’re willing to kill any number of men, women and children, then delay investigation, cover up, and outright lie about it. Is it so hard to believe that they’d use the nastiest, vilest form of extortion imagineable to get Ammon Bundy to play along and keep his mouth shut?
    The benefits for team gov would be many: Popular support for Obama’s new imperial decrees— which will increase by orders of magnitude if (when?) anyone on either side opens fire. A nice payback for the black eye they got at the Bundy ranch. Further demonization of rural, Christian whites. An object lesson in what happens when uppity serfs dare challenge the King’s Anointed. The ability to possibly destroy another family of bitter clingers (not likely they’ll vote Democrat anyway), and seize more land that they’ve been lusting over for years.
    I’ve read a lot of people saying that Bundy is just a attention-starved fool, and maybe it’s true—I’ve never met the man, so I wouldn’t know. I’ve just got this little conspiracy-theory tingle at the back of my mind…

  6. It’s appalling to me that law enforcement, courts, blm, fbi, etc could do what they’ve been doing to the hammonds! Even more appaling to me that, even after we all learn the truth, that there is no one who can stand up to it! There was no law in play here, just unchecked abuse of power, and pure lawlessness by the federal government’s blm, courts, and now the fbi! This made it to the highest courts in the land, and it was a corruption rollercoaster the whole way!

    So, you tell me, when the government is completely lawless, what’s left! You “oath keepers” have a lot to answer to!

  7. What law! You all sit there talking about the bundys, and the other patriots! What about the blm, the judges, the prosecutors, the courts, who have all abused the law to the point that they are completely lawless! And there was no one to stop them, anywhere along the way! And now that it’s all coming to light, there is still no one who can or will step up! Is it not your duty to intervene! Is it not your duty to put a stop to all this! What’s the point of an oath, if it’s an oath of one!

  8. If not for the bundys and the other patriots, this would be another untold story! Like many others! Had they not done this, few, if any, would know or care! Protests have yielded next to nothing in this country, and are more times, than not, met with extreme lawless force! What did these people not do? Did they not try every avenue possible? And every step of the way they were met with lawless government! What to do! What to do!

  9. At risk of sounding like just somebody else accusing somebody inside of being a provocateur, I can’t help wondering why Ammon is so charged up over this. If this IS a sting operation, he has played right into their hands. Can he not see this? Even his own father isn’t on board.

    I remember things that went down last time with Bunkerville. The guy that wanted it to become a war, accusing Oathkeepers of desertion and treason etc., and ultimately dividing people internally. Not to mention the draw downs and equipment that went missing. If I’m not mistaken he ended up being very close to the center of the security detail and controlling who got to talk to the Bundys or get near them. Evidently he was very “charismatic” as well as paranoid.
    Someone who was out there was totally convinced by this guy and totally sour on Oathkeepers as a result. Sad.

    I wonder whatever happened to that guy…

    1. You’re speaking about the pretend Army Ranger. Oathkeepers did what was the correct thing to do since the Bundy father wouldn’t listen to anyone but the fake ranger. This after being told the guy was a fake. I will only follow Oathkeepers during any operation.

      1. Yep, that’s the guy. I hope he is not still inside their trusted circle.

        Nothing but respect for Oathkeepers here.

      2. Unfortunately, he is Ammon’s main “tactical adviser” and strategic adviser. And, that is why they are sitting out in the middle of absolutely nowhere, with no other people or building around (no collateral damage even possible, other than media, and who would miss them?) with no cover, aside from the buildings themselves, no major terrain features or broken terrain, and no trees. Flat, wide open, with just some scrub brush. Sitting ducks. Brilliant Strategy and tactics there.

  10. So many untold stories. The Lord knows how many of us have been attacked by different agencies all throughout this Country. Whether it’s the BLM, IRS, Family Court, False Allegations, Local and State municipality code enforcement abuse and every other agency out there over reaching their authority. I’m not sure where I stand on this situation because I’m not there and I don’t know all of the facts. I do know that many of us have gotten raw deals and utterly ridiculous treatment from our Government when fighting for our rights through legal means. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. There is a time to be legal, only when it’s time that those legal efforts are futile is when it’s time to no longer be legal. When will our elected officials finally understand and honor their oath of office to defend “THE PAPER”, as the president likes to refer to our Constitution? After all, these same elected officials had no problem falsifying evidence and testimony, to send us to war under the guise of freedom. Now these same people are doing whatever they can to discredit the actual patriots who have drawn the line in the sand. Misguided or fed up? I know I’m sick and tired of getting beat up from this corrupt system that guides our lives to destruction and slavery. JMHO

  11. I’m a lifetime member (associate), and appreciate what Oath Keepers is all about! But, I have to ask, what does your oath mean in the face of all those who’s oath’s mean nothing? If your oath is to defend the constitution from enemies foriegn and domestic, isn’t fighting constitutional abuse what your oath is all about? We sit here in a country that has violated the constitution in just about every way possible! So, I wonder what your oaths mean to you? How is it that these things are happening in the face of oath takers. And, the biggest question of all. How can you say you are keeping your oath, with all that is happening? Could these things be happening if oath takers were oath keepers? Is looking the other way keeping your oath? When is it the right time? Wasn’t the first abuse, the right time? If now isn’t the right time, when will there ever be a right time? There is no need for violence, just a need to act!

    And what of the patriots in oregon? Haven’t they reached the end of the road? They’ve been dealing with abuses for decades! They are the last ones! Everything they have is being taken! When is it the right time? When they are all gone?

    And are you really worried about how this appears to the sheeple, and the extreme left, who sets the narative! Will there ever be a right time with them? They are vile, Godless, and hateful, and they will never be with us! Just look at the questions they ask, and the reporting they do. It’s all designed around their twisted thinking, and around their insatiable need for sinsational news!

    You can say it isn’t the right time, but my opinion is there’s never been a better time!

    1. Hi Dave,
      I have been a member since the beginning. too. I’m not generally much one for joining groups or orgs and there are plenty of tyranny affected groups around. The reason I joined this one is the level heads that generally prevail. Kind of like ‘I don’t want to die for my country, I want the other poor bastard to die for his’ train of thought. If we are to prevail, we must be smarter than an enemy that is HIGHLY trained and equipped in propaganda and manipulation. Manipulation being the toughest to battle and the most important. We all fully know the results that can be gained from simple false flags, therefore, be MUST dissect each and every issue and NEVER act hastily on emotion or things that just don’t quite smell right. Because we don’t have the technology, weaponry, or control of the media as our opponent does, we must pick our battles and pick them carefully, weighing small or no gains from small battles against huge losses in the war to restore America.

      Bottom line, we can fight like the British or we can fight like SEALS. I can promise you, RED COATS and blue pants are being offered to us by the opposition for FREE.

      1. We don’t have to fight at all! This is a great time to educate the public on the role of the federal government, and it’s limits as defined in the constitution, which as we all know is to what’s defined. All else belongs to the states and the people! I don’t believe in war, at all! Except war of words. And that’s why this is the perfect time! Everyone should be typing away while the country is focused here! We should focus on the atrocious behavior of federal entities who are abusing their power, and destroying lives!

      2. To say, “We don’t have to fight at all”, may not be accurate. We are in the midst of a war that up to now, in America, has been fought and very close to being won, without ever firing a shot, at this point. However, do not underestimate the evil that’s mission is to destroy America, along with every other country, in order to bring about a 1 world communistic government and 1 world monetary system. They will do what ever they have to do, when they have to. As the muslim in the White House’s days grow shorter, he will up the ante to achieve his goals. He, and those WAY above his pay grade, will NOT be defeated with keyboards. We can only use the key boards to educate as many as we can before the SHTF, Once the ball drops, the UN will be at tyranny’s side and we are going to have some really nasty work cut out for us.

      3. Dave, You expressed exactly how I felt days ago when I first heard of this. There will never be a good time to confront evil. Who cares what Obama is doing this week it is the same thing he has done every week he has been in OUR house. When will be a good time, when he has let in enough Muslim brothers in that we are the minority. There is never a comfortable time to confront evil but the best time is when someone else has the guts to stand up and all you have to do is stand behind them!

      4. If a local rancher decides to stand, we will defend them. Period. As we have others. That is the better way to go. I never said we need to wait for a “comfortable” time to confront evil. Bundy Ranch sure as hell wasn’t comfortable. But you do need to do it where there is both a strategic and tactical high ground – as we had at Bundy Ranch. Certainly, sometimes you need to dance to whatever music starts to play, but if you are going to initiate, why not do it in a way that will have the maximum support, rather than minimum?

        Read this:


        Those who intend to try to force this into some form of modern “Lexington Green” or “Concord Bridge” against the wishes of the Hammonds and their neighbors need to take a hard look at the Founders’ example and their wisdom. The Founders, even after the Boston Massacre, did not immediately take up arms and fight. They gave the Crown and Parliament plenty of rope to hang themselves and show their true face to the colonists, and drive more Americans over to the Patriot cause. The Founders focused on smart resistance that poked at the Crown and goaded them into further abuse of more of the American people, and goaded Gage into attacking as the clear aggressor, to arrest the patriot leaders and confiscate arms and ammunition.

        Even after General Gage was appointed Royal Governor over Massachusetts, and placed Boston under martial law (and suspended all town hall meetings throughout the Massachusetts colony) the patriots still did not fire upon the King’s troops. Instead, they formed militia and minuteman companies in each town and county, they stored up ammunition, food, medicine, etc for the coming resistance, and they organized and prepared an effective resistance movement at the town and county level, which included both pubic militia and underground “Sons of Liberty” cells.

        And they let the Crown piss off all of the other citizens of Massachusetts with the egregious ban on town hall meetings, which the people ignored and intentionally violated while daring Gage to try to stop them from meeting, and because they had formed into well organize militia, that numbered in the tens of thousands, Gage knew he was powerless to stop those town hall meetings, as he made clear in his written request for more troops.

        The patriots did not fire on the King’s troops until General Gage ordered his men to march on Lexington and Concord to seize Hancock and Adams, and to confiscate guns, cannon, powder, and food supplies. In other words, the patriot leadership had the discipline and wisdom to maneuver Gage into attempting wholesale gun confiscation. And that was the spark that fully justified armed resistance in they eyes of the greatest number of Americans at the time.

        By doing so, they retained the moral high ground, while also engaging the King’s troops out in patriot dominated territory, where they were strong, well organized, and vastly outnumbered the Red Coats, and thus they kicked their ass all the way back to Boston. They poked Gage into vastly overstepping (and “stepping on his dick” as we would say today) and by doing so, they started the Revolution off with a win on all fronts – a military victory, a moral victory, and a morale victory. THAT is how you kick off a fight. And then they won a series of victories throughout 1775 that ended with Gage having to evacuate the British Army and Navy from Boston. And that is how you start off a Revolution.


        All of you who are impatient and itching for a fight, put your thinking caps on, and use your heads. Keep your cool, and don’t worry, the fight will come to you soon enough. Obama, and the other anti-gun idiot politicians, such as the Governor of CT, will not be able to resist the temptation to attempt to violate our right to bear arms by executive decree, such as barring anyone put on no-fly list and other “government watch lists” from owning guns – which would include me, by the way, as I am on an “Aviation Security” watch list, and get a special “SSSS” designation every time I fly. I can’t even check in and get a boarding pass from the ticket agent without the airlines calling DHS for permission to let me fly (which usually takes a half an hour), and I get the “full Montey” screening and groping each time.

        Clearly, their intent is to eventually put all of you “dangerous” veterans, patriots, and constitutionalists on such watch lists, designate you as someone who is barred from owning guns, and then use that to disarm you, one at a time. And they actually think we will just roll over and let them do that.

        The idiotic CT Governor, Malloy, is paving the fast track to the next American Civil War/Revolution with his plan to sign an executive order precluding “those on government watch lists” from purchasing or owning firearms. See this, and this. He is actually planning on confiscating the guns of anyone who lives in Connecticut who the Feds put on one of their many watch lists.

        Who can be on those lists? Anyone, and everyone. What is the criteria for being put on such a list? Who knows? What due process is there? None. And Malloy thinks the gun owners of Connecticut, who have already refused to comply with his prior edicts on guns, will just comply and be disarmed. What a delusional fool! He is poking a hornet’s nest while smiling for the cameras.

        Entually, all of us, across this nation, who dare to stand for liberty and the Constitution, will be on one list or another, and what is being done in Connecticut will be done in other states, and at the national level too. Obama is also considering an Executive Order decreeing background checks on private gun sales. And anti-gun weenies in NY want to restrict how much ammo New York state residents can buy. And in California, the police have now been given the green light to unilaterally disarm anyone they don’t think should have a gun, on their say-so alone, without the person even knowing about it or having a day in court, through “Gun Violence Restraining Orders” (GVRO’s). Good! Bring it.

        Let Obama and the other hoplophobes step on their dicks, with both feet, with cleats on. And organize local resistance, to help gun owners, like the old vet in Idaho, who are willing to take a hard stand, and put your muscle behind that hard stand, on the critical issue of guns, IN YOUR OWN COMMUNITY (the three most important questions you have to answer are “who’s on your buddy team, who’s on your fire-team, who’s on your squad.”).

        Get organized, get trained, get equipped, and help your neighbors unite in mutual defense and help to train them. Form minuteman companies and Quick Reaction Forces (QRF) in your town and county. Then let “them” come and try to take your guns. Make THAT the modern Lexington and Concord, and we will have the greatest number of Americans on our side, and the greatest number of the current serving military on our side, as possible.

        That is how you do it. Not by trying to force the people of Harney County, Oregon to take a stand they apparently don’t want to take, over land use issues most Americans don’t even understand, and which rural America as a whole essentially gave up on long ago (just a sad fact – decades ago they rolled over and, with few exceptions, let their use of the land be stripped from them by activist judges and federal agencies with the blessings of the U.S. Congress). It will take time and lots of hard work at the local level to organize, educate, and create serious, lasting and effective local resistance on those land use issues in rural America. We should certainly do that, but it will not be done overnight. I think the gun issue is a far, far stronger one to focus on at this time, when it comes to hard stands.

        For the Republic,

        Stewart Rhodes

      5. Amen to Dave’s statement. I stand with the Bundy group in my heart. And extra prayers; a legion of angels to protect. I believe this Oregon County Rep. Walden gave us a very clear understanding and it is very difficult to grasp why ‘other’ patriot groups are rationalizing and analyzing the strategically difficult position of the Bundy’s rather than organizing an all out support with people there to help, witness and pressure the BLM to stand down. The confusion and debate about the correctness of this situation is like Jesus’s apostles running and hiding out of fear at His ¡ hour !. Where is the justification for this NOT being the time for America to stand on this issue? Is there hidden (subconscious) motive or ignorance because they who speak as ‘informed’ do not own a ranch? When is America’s hour to stand? Oregon smoregon, the where doesn’t matter. Some good people are needing our support. World markets are selling off. Strategically it is perhaps a good time to move while this fed may have to re-group for other fronts? Many questions; More responses ye good patriots. How many are there to support this stand-off? What might they need? Form a committee to try to get food or whatever to them.

    2. Hey Dave. Are you writing from Oregon? Just checking, because it sure as hell sounds like you’re calling us cowards! That’s either ignorance or provocateur speech.When OK’s get involved in “projects,” it’s not a knee-jerk, half-cocked emotional response and never when the individuals say- no thank you.

  12. Ammon Bundy think he is the general of Paths of Glory(1957). He is sadly not. This is going to be the first test of the John Wayne against Govt special forces. What good is you blowing yourself up to smittereens just to prove you have balls? He is not me. He is not superior.

  13. the Hammonds probably are trusting that the patriots can do for them what they cannot do for themselves right now for fear of being thrown in a ” less desirable prison.”

    And how is what Ammon and crew are doing going to help the Hammonds? Dwight and Steven Hammond are already back in prison, as of Monday. So, as I asked another person on a different post, if John Ritzheimer and his pals had actually tried to arrest that Congresswoman in Michigan, and ended up holed up in her office, surrounded by cops, would you grab your rifle and drive there, to try to break them out, or to join in on their barricaded suspect party? If not, then why not? Isn’t that a patriot “acting”? You don’t double down on stupid. That’s why. And this was stupid. It was stupid strategically and also stupid tactically. Just look at that place from Google maps satellite images. nO cover. Out in the middle of nowhere, with no terrain features or trees nearby. Nowhere to go, no fallback ability. Just fixed in place, and a die in place kinda place. And for what? Symbolism? Who are they defending? Nobody. No stalwart rancher. No family. No person at all What are they defending? An empty building. Just plain dumb. But you want us to grab our rifles and scream “Wolverines!” and charge in there and join Ritzheimer, the psychotic Ryan Payne, who whispers in Ammon’s ear, and the fool Blaine Cooper. What a cluster Foxtrot. But we have to join in because they did this? Let me know when you get there.

    1. I have several comments above, and not one of them is calling for violence! There is no need for violence! But this is a good time to point out the abuses that are taking place. You don’t have to support what they did, but you can write about what the government has done, and is doing. There’s a huge story here, and it doesn’t need to focus entirely on what these guys did. The far bigger story is what the BLM did, it’s time to start telling that story.

      I know you will

    2. You know Stewart that what you are saying here in reality will probably always be the case up to the point the United Nations army now with over 50 thousand troops in America come to take our guns. Then what are you going to do or advocate? That what ever else it will be the wrong timing and not safe?

      MANY PEOPLE WILL DIE BEFORE OBAMA LEAVES OFFICE! Or Patriots will lose their nerve and our Federal government will finally, at last, own every man woman and child in America! let me also add that REVOLUTION IS NOT FOR THE TIMID OR PEOPLE THAT PUT PERSONAL AGENDA BEFORE THEIR COUNTRY! It doesn’t work that way and never will.

      Hundreds if not thousands of families have lost their homes, livelihood and now their freedom altogether! When is the right time Stewart? With the hour glass nearly empty on its top half when do people stand in mass? You have avoided the real point to be made here! the real point is; WHERE ARE THE 1000, 10,000 or 100,000 people STANDING WITH THESE GUYS! BE HONEST! If there were even 1000 people there you would be talking different here today.

      Look at history for even 2 minutes and remember Colonel Riley and his MARCH TO WASHINGTON??? What happened to this great potential to advocate change??? NEXT TO NOBODY SHOWED UP!!! Now I ask you Stewart was that a case of too dangerous, wrong timing or simply the facts about American Patriots not having the guts to stand up to overwhelming odds?

      Please do not think I have singled you out to pick on because I am a home Saint minister and have been saying the same thing to the over 1 million Christians now awake and NOT STANDING UP FOR AMERICA! How do we and when do we coordinate for several million American Christians/Patriots to join and STAND AGAINST OUR TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT??? Who is going to be the elected one to give the word? How do guarantee each other that we will all be there ?

      I live in Oregon and was on my way to Burns when my car broke down. I do not own a gun but am a black belt kick-boxer and quite good with my knives. I was simply going to show support for a worthy cause and to provide spiritual support for others. Did I think about dying? Hell yes but had decided a long time ago that certain things are worth dying for! How about you Stewart, what is your big plan with time nearly gone to STAND up to Obama and the Fed’s? God Bless you and everyone else trying to make a difference but God keep those fallen Hero’s at the top of his list…..mike

    3. It doesn’t matter if it was not strategic ,what matters is that we have a peaceful group protesting and we need to protect them. This nation has collapsed , tyranny rules the day, The truth is if 100000 Americans showed up there, we could have an impact. The Hammonds are in prison , put there by an illegal gov, literally put there by terrorists. I’m not telling you to call oath keepers to protect them, but, I do expect you to support them in your writings at this time. Oath keepers isn’t the only org moving against tyranny , nor, do you have all the answers. I have no answers so don’t take my comment wrong, it’s not a slam. In any case, 2 men have been imprisoned illegally and I am deciding how I will respond to the call to arms from Oregon. We have vets in that building, honor them.

    4. Ryan Payne. That was his name, the fake Army ranger maniac in Bunkerville, wasn’t it?

      So Ammon is still listening to him. Sigh. That explains a lot to me.

    1. But of course. She is a citizen agent for government. She believes that the Federal government can be converted into service status in its management of public lands which belong rightfully to the States. Here is one of the quoted passages from her screaming screed.

      The Harney County resident of 64 years explained that she was a rancher and had devoted years working with officials to modernize the handling of federal lands.

      Well, mercy. She is a statist, fearlessly believing that somehow a centralized federal government can better manage public lands than can the people who live on the land, better than the States. She is a breathing example of mesmerized and unabashed statism. This next quote from her diatribe reveals where she thinks her bread is buttered —

      “Marshall pointed out that an organization called the High Desert Partnership was already working “damn hard” for the residents of Harney County.”

      And here is the hook in the bait she is promoting while she claims to be just another one of the good community of ranchers. I’m told by some that the ranching community there ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. But she will insist that even though progress through her favorite system (the Federal system) has been slow, improvements are coming. She will sing that song until the Federal government grants itself a make-believe authority to manage all public lands. The end-game goal for the powers to whom she bows will at last remove her from her farm in another evolving Agenda 21 NGO approach — but she does not want to acknowledge that part of her statist perception. So just look at which federal agency just happens, by chance, to write the federal grants to ranchers applying for grants to her “HIGH DESERT PARTNERSHIP” …. Ah, yah! Danged if it ain’t the glorious and saintly BLM. See for yourself:

      Elias Alias, editor

  14. I say and know my opinion means squat but Dave is absolutely correct. When is the right time?
    I’d say the second Ammon held up in that building would of been the most appropriate time? If it’s true that Hammond feared for his life because of Govt thugs would that not be enough incentive to have joined in or something before the feds got there and blocked off access? To me there’s never going to be the perfect time don’t believe It ever had been it’s always been something sudden.
    If they slaughter Ammon, and his people is there some kind of contingency plan then? or what?
    Who on here knows the story of Gideon?
    Anyways not there wish I was though think more should be too.

  15. and no don’t believe that locals are scared as the story suggests for aren’t they on the BLM’s pay roll or GOVT’s?

  16. A couple quotes come to mind…
    “It is a sin to be silent when it is your duty to protest.”
    — Abraham Lincoln
    “One of these days the talking will be over and the citizenry of the United States will decide whether or not to remain free.”
    — Dan W. Shoemaker

    Time will tell on this situation. Let’s all pray it doesn’t turn into a “Ruby Ridge” or a “Waco” type of incident. The eventual fallout from that could, quite possibly, be a starting point for martial law…first there and then expanding outward…every where “any” resistance would be met. Remember…those of us who are conservative, Christian, believe in and support the Constitution, own guns and who show “any” disapproval of the current “power” structure…have already been labeled “domestic terrorists” by those liberals in power.

  17. The issue at the heart of the matter is this notion of there being a constitution to defend. Well I hate to say this, but above all the fame and wealth of the whole Earth give me the truth, warts and all. We never had, nor do we have any Constitution folks. We’ve all been duped. The constitution has NEVER been evidence of law, never. I cannot count the amount of federal court cases wherein the defendants attempted to utilize the constitution as a defense, only to be told by the judges that the constitution is of no authority, irrelevant, inapplicable. The judges are 100%correct too! What we have is a bank that pretends to offer government services. It is a federal system and federal means Federal. Now that may seem like double speak, it isn’t I assure you. Federal means Federal, as in by agreement at the INDIVIDUAL level. See Webster’s 1928 for the correct definition for Federal. The choice of law that comes with a federal system is maritime law generally. And the evidence of this is the words printed upon our mediums of exchange, it clearly states federal reserve note. If we had a constutional system we’d have honest weights and measures in our medium of exchange, like silver coin. There are many more examples of this federal system and not a constutional system and the common law. The Federal system is wholly a commercial one. Look if we had a constutional system we’d see Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh would have been tried in the state wherein the crime occurred AS THE Constitution DEMANDS and was totally ignored, they were tried in a different state, why? Because we have a federal system not a Constitutional system. I’m sorry truly folks. I don’t like it anymore than any of you, but, again give me truth over all else. I hope that those who read this comment will take the responsibility to look deeper into my words, rather than accepting them as truthful or accurate. Please see the work of Harmon L Taylor, he’s got an interview with Scott Pollack on YouTube and Harmon was a very successful lawyer who surrendered his BAR commission, closed his practice once he became aware of how the system REALLY works. Now Harmon helps pro se litigants in legal matters and is quite successful in so doing. He is the most intelligent person I have ever had the opportunity to meet, just an amazing gentleman, without doubt. He is very much THE authority concerning the Federal system as well as tax law and transportation matters.So he is very much a valuable resource from which to draw the truth. I pray all involved with this issue would to vacate the reserve undamaged and find the correct means to address the issues. Demanding, invocation and defending a right/s held is certainly nobel and worthy of efforts, energy and attention, but one must occupy the moral high ground, which the Bundys and the militia have lost. It’s the only means to win the hearts and minds of the members of the vicinage, the law makers, the people are superior to any congressperson, or president, or judge period.. The people do not surrender their sovereignty to the servants of those elected to do their will!!! Think folks, I know it’s hard to accept this situation, but it is what it is and shall remain so until WE THE PEOPLE unite and begin to use anything other than the FRN, or any of its variants, digital, or otherwise. It will begin with the small business owners willing to accept anything other than the FRN for their transactions. Like silver bullion in TROY ounces and NOT with dollar related to that medium. Itay surprise you all that the term/dollar is not defined in any federal, or state codes anywhere! This is purposefully intended. Dollar was once defined in the 1792 coinage act and remains the only definition to date. It states that a dollar is 23 grains of fine Spanish milled silver bullion. So a dollar is a unit of measurement, like inch, pound, gallon. So lets say you are fined by a judge in the amount of $ 132.00 dollars. I would demand a legal determination to define what a dollar actually is. What it is not is a federal reserve note. Ask said judge ” dollars of what, gallons of what, inches of what? I hope this sinks in for those who read it. In addition please see the book by Augustus Blackstone entitled THE ERRANT SOVEREIGN, and no it had absolutely nothing to do with any sovereign citizen dross. Since there is no such thing. Anyway sorry for the novel, but the subject matter is of a critical nature I cannot apologize for the length of this message.
    Respectfully in truth and liberty,
    Aut Pax Aut Bellum!!!

    1. Your comment opened with a radical statement in which you claimed that we have never even had a constitution. I disagree. We have a constitution alright, but we do not have any government servants who are willing to honor it. Since Ron Paul left the Beltway cesspool there is not a single Constitutionalist in the entire Congress.

      I will admit that at present time it makes no difference if you say “we don’t have a constitution”, because the entire federal apparatus ignores the document 24/7/365. Dats da pra’lum.

      Elias Alias, editor

    2. Good write but a little off tract. I have The Errant Sovereign Handbook too. The lady in the 2d video on the site hits the nail on the head in less than 12 minutes. All should see and under stand that they, (the elite), have been eroding the Constitution for over a hundred years with little public notice and we who do notice DEMAND IT BACK.

  18. Why are you and Info Wars not telling the whole story? Go to and put the arrow on news then drop down and click on news for four videos that will fill you in with what it is really about.

  19. I personally feel that Oathkeepers is missing the boat on this one!!! I would also play down the ‘Armed Resistance’ trap. Lastly drop the timing Cop Out, there is no perfect timing. Pure + simple the brave patriots need OK help.

  20. The lack of truth is what leads to these things.The Gov never gives the public the whole truth and is why people are so upset across this nation,half truths are as good as a lie.
    Then when the gov is caught in that lie no one goes to jail they act with impunity, as a result of no consequence it leads into more lawlessness all coming from a gov/legal system that is suppose to protect citizen rights.
    They retire/resign with full bennys laughing the whole way to the bank while the tax payer is stuck with the bill..A paid crook..
    At this point right or wrong doesn’t matter,truth and facts doesn’t matter is why we will see more of this.
    People of this nation have been pushed up against the wall with no one from the gov/legal system to stand for them and do whats right and is now why people feel they need to take action on their own.
    Again right or wrong doesn’t matter when the whole system is corrupt .
    So the real question should be WHO STAND FOR US WE THE PEOPLE…
    Why is there no prayer groups out there praying 24/7 now to ask GOD for help to find away to help all these people ??? You want to help start by asking God first and the answer will follow it maybe not what you want but the answer will come..

  21. It is war of Independence all over again. A militia that consisted of none military types (farmers, ranchers and those military trained) overran a greatly superior force of highly trained British military sent by the Tyrant of then King of England. We can do it again and destroy Obama’s forces as well. We need a military strategy plan to do it and I believe that the Oath Keepers and their support inside Obama’s military prove it can be done. The Oath Keepers have more firepower than you all realize and which the intelligence community is aware of which the Oath Keepers also have eyes inside as well. I believe that the Oath Keepers can make a great difference if they decide to move. When diplomacy and words fail then it is time for the action of civil war. We were called the home of free and the brave. Are we now the home of the government slaves and cowards?

    The first war in over 200 years on this soil is about to unfold and it will be fought by men like the Bundy’s. Defending not only our families and neighbors but cowards like the Hammond’s for their God Given right to be free! Freedom people is not just hand to you with a smile. But it takes the shed blood of men who will not yield to tyrants like Obama and Hitler; who will jail and in the end murder any citizen(s) who stands up to them in their to control and dominate.

    China anyone. Hail and bow to the state or die.


    1. Sorry for the outburst early this morning. I am just feed up with evil men that Congress just bows in fear of. Obama is just a man that I believe has Congress cowering at his feet via the use of bribes, threats and blackmail. Moreover these types of men also use intimidation, coercion and extortion. And when the truth is inconvenient fabricate one that is. These types of evil men will stop at nothing to attain their goals and will use any mean necessary. The Hoax of the use of a closed elementary school Sandy Hook where actors were used to portray a elaborate Hollywood movie style fake massacre to feed his propaganda machine to disarm the American people.

      No I am not off topic for what I attempting to get across is that Obama and other of power grabbing presidents of the recent past want to remove ALL our freedoms as a free people. Obama is looking for any excuse with the time honored use of propaganda and armed force to subdue not only the American people but even the very land we as a free people stand upon. Hitler used the very same “tricks” of propaganda to take control of Germany in the 1930s and it is ONLY the technology that has changed. Same old bag of fascist tricks but with a new name and face. Those that have the intelligence know this to be true but are afraid to voice the PLAIN absolute truth for fear of “disappearing” or being blackballed via the new name for a whistle blower “Conspiracy Theorist”. There is an old saying that rumors “conspiracies” or rumors are based in fact, and anyone that has been around to hear their boss try and dismiss a “rumor” knows for a fact that this is very true. The more it is denied the more it is confirmed of its truth.

      Americans are the victims of a government coup in process to remove from existence the Constitution and replace it with a Marxist style manifesto. Where the people are directly controlled by a new government through the use of fear you find oppression with no rights and tyranny.

      The hammond’s are an example of the type of individuals that the government likes. The type (ie sheep or cow) that can be coerced intimidated and threatened through fear. This is how Obama and his kind want us all to be; to cower before them and the Bundy’s and the militia know this.

      Are you on the side of a evil oppressive government who want you to behave as sheep/cow, or on the side of Freedom and the God given right to be free? We are a free people and this show at Oregon Wildlife Refuge is nothing more but a reason to murder men who are standing up for freedom.

      The Alamo is a prime example of men who gave up there lives that refused to bow to another evil dictator Santana They died to the last man because they held freedom was more important to them than their own lives and defended that right to stay free even unto death.

      Are the American people slaves to the state or free men under God?

      A warning that there are some that are posting here that is sent by Obama Regime to sow confusion and discord. To weaken the resolve of men and women who love freedom unto death and these types of Americans Obama and his regime are very afraid of and have stated so. Another word of warning to freedom fighters everywhere; Obama is looking for a excuse to justify Marital Law. If it comes to a new War of Independence be prepared to fight to the last man in the name of what the Constitution stand for “freedom”, or do not and stay in your homes and accept, “with dignity” what is now in process of coming to this ex free country US of A. It is all they way to victory or not at all!

      This is not a video game people but real world reality and sadly to some it is nothing more than text role play on sites like these. YouTube proves this out and Sandy Hook is the governments attempt at a real world role play. Many Americans, especially our young, can’t discern real world from a video game, TV show or a action adventure movie.

      This is as real world as it gets. I am sorry but our young are very naive and why ISIS can draw our young in so easily because they think it is another video war game and there are no “extra lives”. GOD HELP US ALL for our children and many of us are the same way. AS A GAME! WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE GOING THROUGH IS NO GAME!

      I now wonder if you all are ever going to wake up and grow up, and stop walking in fear of men who act as a fool’s god.

      I am now getting off my First Amendment soap box.

      May GOD have mercy on us ALL.

      It is very true that during war there are NO atheists among the soldiers that are on the front lines of a REAL gun in hand Battle. Just ask any who have fought in the military during a REAL fire fight and not a video game. There are no extra lives and when you die it is a very painful death with your own life’s blood being spilled on the ground of a real battle that you will fight for the right to be free for you and your families.

      Patrick Henry a great American statesmen who said, “Give me freedom or Give me death!”. He also knew how fragile freedom is and it is a constant fight on and off the battle field to stay free. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE but a fight to the Death to stay so!

      I am now getting off my First Amendment soap box. But remember you must fight to stay A FREE PEOPLE!

      May God Bless You All Who Honor Him.

      Minister Dennis King

  22. There is a “time” and a “place.” This ain’t it! Mr. Bundy is exactly what we don’t need; an instigator, agitator & provocateur. Instead of a call to arms for patriots, he’s poking the bear which is never smart! Especially not now because the “bear” is just looking for an excuse to rip apart his “enemies.” And that definitely includes Oathkeepers – we’re “dangerous, gun toting radicals,” you know.

    1. I agree Roadmaster – this is not the time and place to get involved with a bunch of over eager lunatics trying to poke the. bear – with them = cut off power and water and wait until the leave. And this in no place for the OATH Keeper.sThe Hammonds made it clear they did not want any of this type of help that should ave been enough. It would appear that Bundy is just trying to satisfy his ego to be important – and spit in the Government’s eye- it will end badly for Bundy and his group

  23. Mr Rhodes, I am an Associate Member of the Oathkeepers, please hire a helicopter to go get these Patriots out of this area. If the FBI won’t let you go out there with this chopper, get a team of horses in the back country and ride through the back country to get these Patriots out that way. Then, take them to the Bundy Ranch and protect them there. It’s the only way. Force these guys if they refuse to go. Otherwise, it’s going to be a blood bath for the wrong time and place. PLEASE GET THEM OUT OF THERE!

  24. Patriots ask, ‘WHEN are we going to take a stand?’. I get that. But a more important question to ask yourselves, ‘WITH WHOM do we want to take a stand with?’

    My family has answered that question. We want to be with the likes of Stewart Rhodes, and Chuck Baldwin. They have been amongst the strongest, most effective leaders fighting for liberty that we have. Those running the Oregon siege may be good patriots in their hearts. I will fight alongside them, But I will NOT be lead by them.

  25. You’re either all in or all out. Do you believe enough to take a stand? looks to me like you’re picking what’s convenient, comfortable or fits your politics. Get off your couch ridden duff and help, if you can’t be there, at least help with your support. Sounds like you talk a good game but you cut and disassociate yourself when it gets uncomfortable. I’m out here every day half way around the world trying to do what I can to stop other peoples oppression. Where do you stand? What will I come home to?

  26. Bundy has a valid point and view on the BLM. Problem is he needs someone to represent him in a legal way. A true spokes person. Amond is to laid back when he is explaining himself to the media. They also need more out pouring of educated people coming to the aid of this. We’s the 300 to 400 ranchers that are being effected by the monument the government wants erect on the rancher’s land. I see no good happening here.

  27. Individuals will be left to the wayside…

    My opinion in this case is some people made a decision to do A. Others did not know about it and or chose B.

    United we stand or divided we fall…

    Get United or become part of history…history is a teacher that most fail to learn from.

    Peace and grace

  28. If the Authorities were smart – they would blockade the area completely – and then shut off the power and water. Then these posse whatevers would be more inclined to leave the area. No heat/no water I think they would leave. However a full on Waco is going to turn out very bad – as the leader appears to be ego driven clown. As for the FBI – they are a legend in their own mind – they keep believing what old J. Edgar kept spouting to everyone “We are the greatest” . As for these clowns from Nevada and their followers need to smarten up and stop playing “Cowboys and SWAT teams” – pack it up boys and clear out. Law abiding gun owners don’t need this type of action – it only makes us gun owners look bad to the poor liberals who already think we are a crazy bunch of serial killers.

  29. OATH KEEPER DON’T LET The FBI harm these good men,Don’t let this be another WACO,UNITED WE STAND,DON’T LET IT BE DIVIDED WE FALL,So go to the aide of these Son’s of AMERICA.

  30. The media did their usual lousy job of publicizing the issue betwee Bundy, Hammond, and BLM!
    Most peolpe do not realize that constitutionally the federal government cannot own land or that by regulating land BLM exercises rights of ownership!
    I can guarantee you this, Obama and the Bureaucrats throughout government are just looking for a way and a reason to unleash their power on some group of American patriots.
    We are closer to the Second American Revolution than we have ever been, but those of us willing to uphold our oath to the Constitution need to realize that once the first shot is fired, the America we knew and loved is gone! There will be no way to hold the country together! Remember that 53% of Americans voted for Obama twice! So, where does that leave a insurgent army? Would there be support from the 49% of us who depend on government money for support?
    probably not! The very best we can do at this point is to ensure that we mobilize the conservative voters, and choose a candidate we believe will try to turn things around!
    Fight these fools at the ballot box!
    If we find, as I suspect we will, that nothing changes, then peaceful demonstrations across the country will force the dictators hand and let the war begin!

  31. They have not burned or luted anything they have hurt no one. They have threatened no one. They have a right to protest. Allow them to protest. there is no need for a confrontation.

  32. If the Feds Tries to Draw the Patriots into Cutting Loose by Touching Off a Round, Restraint Would Be the Best Policy as if The Feds Intend to Make a Move it Will Be an All Out Assault, not one or two shots and They Surely Are Not Going to Shoot Anyone When No One Hasn’t Fired Upon Them!
    Some of Us Are Still Wondering Why Occupy the Fed Bld. Instead of Protecting the Hammond Ranch Instead? Seems the Fed Bld. is Out of Bounds in Making a Righteous Stand?
    Today’s Gov’t Especially with Narcissist Obama Behind it all, Has Become Very Brazen in Assuming the Role of Our Nation’s Keeper!… Short of Written Down on Paper, Our Gov’t Has Assumed the Role of a Dictatorship, Commanding the People to Comply with the Gov’ts Demands or Face the Consequences!… Our Bill of Rights Have Been Tossed Out the Window by Obama and Hilary Has Stated if She Wins the Presidency She Will Repeal the Bill of Rights!!!!

  33. Wow what a pointless statement,” The government will act and affected people who will not comply will react. It’s an incredibly dangerous situation etc.”! Has it or will it ever be any different when it comes to revolution?

    I think what has been alluded from here is the fact PEOPLE WILL DIE STANDING UP TO OUR TYRANNICAL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! Many many already have with many more to come! Some “like the Hammond’s” will lose their freedom without a fight. Others are willing to lay down their lives fighting for others. PLEASE TELL ME WHO IS GOING TO SPARK THE ! MILLION PLUS GROUP THAT WILL STAND AGAINST THE OBAMA REGIME?

    Colonel Harry Riley tried it and staged it as well as could be done and it failed in the end! Now with Oath Keepers putting out this highly negative statement I want also to hear what their game plan is in rebut of these fine Patriots? Come on ….don’t just slam and run like a Federal troll or shill! What is your superior plan and when?

    I am a home Saint minister and was headed to burns when my car broke down. I do not own a gun as I am a kick-boxer and have my knives. You may say that I am ignorant and would be the first to die and I would answer so be it! Christians keeping the faith do not die and this is a worthy cause to STAND with as hundreds or thousands of families have lost their homes, livelihood’s and now their freedom! These guys may be out of sink, wrong place, wrong state but they are still Patriot hero’s! You guys at Oath Keepers should at least acknowledge that fact before condemning them. God Bless everyone just my viewpoint here…..mike

    1. procompter, My prayers are with you and all that are at that refugee. G-ds will be done and I pray his will is that we become a free nation again.

  34. This nation is no longer a free nation , it is a nation of tyranny and the soldier in this video, a vet now working to free us from the enemy within, fights to protect us all. I myseff have wondered why aren’t our vets stepping up, why isn’t our military stepping up? These are the men and women who should know what is going on, what to do and how to do it. Well , some are stepping up and I have to decide what I am going to do, sit on my arse while others take the risk for me or do something.

  35. All the “Federal Agencies” are nothing but private corporate subcontractors, not units of any lawful government, and they are acting under Color of Law. Their bosses in Washington have been notified and Notice of a Pending Commercial Obligation Lien has been sent to the House Oversight Subcommittee that is responsible for funding all these “service organizations” who think it is their “service” to threaten their employers and benefactors and steal private and public property. If any of the militiamen are attacked or harmed by the Federal Agents, their Agencies will be bankrupted, and those in command of those men will be charged with international war crimes. Period.

    The Federal Agents on the ground need to be informed and so do their bosses.

    They have usurped upon the jurisdiction of the land owed to the organic states of the Union and acted under Color of Law and have presented false authority, have employed the threat of deadly force against their Priority Creditors, Employers, and Benefactors, and have engaged in criminal racketeering on American Soil.

    They have violated their corporate charter which requires them to act within “lawful purposes” and they have violated the Organic Law of the United States. In all these respects, these “federal management” and “federal bureau” employees have been misdirected and misinformed, but just as at the Nuremburg Trials, any acts of “criminal aggression” are war crimes brought against non-combatants. They and their supervisors and the people running the corporations responsible for misdirecting their activities are subject to trial and if they murder anyone, are subject to capital punishment.

    1. Judge Anna you are spot on and what you have done is not only a peaceful way to receive redress of grievances but it is in turn a documented warning that is giving reasonable and legal notice from the people of America, who are the rightful and legitimate sovereigns of this nation, to these tyrants and obvious domestic enemies that their actions or inaction does and will have consequences. Thank you for your tireless labor to draft this notice.

      For those that are so hell bent on running up against the Federal Governments trigger pullers, be advised that if you side with those that would fire the first shot in a confrontation with said Federal Agents, you along with your confederates in any armed and violent confrontation will be doomed from the start.

      If the opposite happens and the Federal agents are the first to fire their weapons then sadly the balloon will rise and everyone’s lives in America will from then on be forever drastically changed into a life of deprivation and loss that to many will be fatal. Is that what you want because many here know that this sort of life is exactly what you will get.

      Do not go off half cocked, think before you leap into a quagmire of death and destruction that will be next to impossible to extract our nation from. Do not play into the designs of what our enemies want. After many years of fighting and brother against brother slaughter our enemies will swoop in to victory. Be patient, that is what the winning warrior knows best. Wise warriors win the war first, losing warriors go to war then try to win it.

      If these people in Oregon do not take the advice to retreat with honor and insist on making themselves martyrs then prey that the jack hats that Stewart mentioned in his last post do not convince anyone to fire the first shot. If the Federal Agents fire the first shot then 4GW will be the watchword from then on. I prey that 4GW will not have to be implemented but if push comes to shove that will be the most effective way to make the traitors pay for their treason.

  36. Dave, You expressed exactly how I felt days ago when I first heard of this. There will never be a good time to confront evil. Who cares what Obama is doing this week it is the same thing he has done every week he has been in OUR house. When will be a good time, when he has let in enough Muslim brothers in that we are the minority. There is never a comfortable time to confront evil but the best time is when someone else has the guts to stand up and all you have to do is stand behind them!

  37. Kinda feel like good idea….bad plan. Bundy is there, feds are going to be there, violence will probably follow. This should not be allowed.

    At the Bundy ranch , the blm showed up and surrounded the ranch, patriots surrounded the blm, blm blinked and left. Mission accomplished not shots fired- all good.

    If a repeat could be done it would be great. Feds show up patriots show up. Feds 100 people patriots 200

  38. The federal government that was designed as the agent of the various states for a very limited number of tasks has now thrown off all the limitations set in place to protect us from tyranny, and it has thrust an undeclared war upon us. We who it was meant to serve are now the servants, and, day by day, hour by our, with each Unconstitutional act perpetrated by that rogue agent, the means with which we can resist tyranny are being swept away.

    In any war, there are times to push forward, and there are times to fall back. The loser is usually determined by the ratio of the two. So let’s take an account of our actions.

    They slander us, and we fall back.
    They indoctrinate our children to hate us and our values, and we fall back.
    They deny us the determination of our private property, and in so doing, the property itself, and we fall back.
    They deny us our privacy, watching us day and night, and we fall back.
    They seize us while traveling, violate our bodies, and we fall back.
    They force us to purchase objects and services we do not desire, and we fall back.
    They force us to accept, then participate in, the perversion of our most sacred institutions such as marriage, and we fall back.
    They import millions of hostile foreign nationals who have no interest in our culture or values, who act more to colonize our land than to assimilate and join us, and we fall back.
    They create bills of attainder (e.g. No-fly lists) that rob us of our most basic civil rights – rights purchased with the blood our fathers and sons – indeed, of any semblance of due process, and we fall back.
    They seize our money and use it to enable our enemies, and we fall back.
    They imprison us for the violation of laws they euphemistically call “regulations,” which We the People had no voice in crafting through any legislature, and we fall back.
    They imprison us through false allegations, and we fall back.
    They threaten and intimidate us to prevent us from speaking the truth, and we fall back.
    They connive designs (e.g. Gerrymandering) that insert their own agents into government, denying us representation, and we fall back.
    They militarize our police, changing their mission from “protect and serve” to command and control, and we fall back.
    They position our government as subservient to foreign governments, and we fall back.
    They abandon us to die on foreign battlefields (remember Bengazi), and we fall back.
    They openly plot the destruction of our laws, our values, our very way of life, and we fall back.
    They kill us, and we fall back.

    If you were an objective viewer, watching the war unfold between the federal government and The Citizens, who would you regard as the winner, and who would you regard as the loser based on the ground held by each and who was in retreat?

    How long must the list of injuries and usurpations grow before we fight? When you’re backed into a corner by a man with a gun, your choices are reduced to one of two: fire back or die. The time you spend talking only gives him the time he needs to reload. So which is it going to be? Will you fire back or will you go quietly into the night?

  39. This is directed to Stewart Rhodes: See yourself driving along a road going to something important and all of a sudden you have a flat tire. Question. When is it a good time to have a flat tire? Answer. Never but it does happen and you still have to deal with it. If the Feds do attack the group, I will be in request of funding for a drive from Fl. to Or.

  40. Posted a reply that didn’t get posted in response to Stuarts comparison about general Gage. Do you think maybe the enemy might have learned something as well?? Now ask yourselves this, as I personally do not know Stuart or Ammon. But for the sake of the conversation and after watching the videos of Ammon Bundy, I truly believe he is a GOD fearing man. So what if he truly had divine intervention from the LORD. Could he be a modern day Jeremiah or Ezekiel or possibly Danial. cause he sure looks to have put himself in the lions den. This isn’t just about the Constitution but most if not all the founders were GOD fearing men. So ask yourselves this question? How will you stand your White Throne Judgment. Tell GOD you didn’t get it. Let me know how that works for you. I have prayed about this for days, Read and reread the articles and posts I am at present at about 70/30 to head for Oregon. My home state where i no longer reside in part because of the politics and the libtards that represent the sheepl. Just hoping and waiting for that other 30% to kick in. Hope before its to late. Could you imagine if a million people showed up. Instead we have a dozen . If this stands the fed’s have already won . Hope and pray thats not the case


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