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Oregon Standoff: Anger, Frustration Boil Over At Community Meeting

Ammon 2

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by Les Zaitz

BURNS – The divide among friends and neighbors over the refuge occupation boiled into the open here Tuesday night in a community meeting that crackled with emotion.

What residents have feared and only whispered about in recent days took center court at the Burns High School gymnasium.

In sometimes highly personal remarks, speaker after speaker vented anger – at public officials, at the federal government and at the man in the brown cowboy hat sitting high in the bleachers to take it all in – Ammon Bundy.

He and other armed militants on Jan. 2 seized the headquarters compound of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, situated 30 miles southeast of Burns. The refuge is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

He sat on the second row from the top as County Judge Steve Grasty, microphone in hand, strode to the foot of that bleacher section.

“It is time for you to go home,” Grasty said to Bundy, vowing to meet with Bundy anytime,  anyplace – outside of Harney County.

A chant then grew in the gymnasium: “Go, go, go, go, go.”

That was a message Bundy heard repeatedly through the evening, one he once vowed to heed. He sat expressionless, making no move to respond or to comment.

But the audience of perhaps 300 people had plenty to say, and it seemed the cork had come out of the county.

One woman said she appreciated the attention Bundy has brought to rural issues but told him, “Get the hell out of my county.”

Another man gestured at Bundy and gave him the same message.

“Are you happy you did this to our community?” he said.

Another woman, shaking in anger, called out Bundy for the fear he’s caused in local schools, which closed for a week after the occupation began. She yelled across the gym at him, telling him to leave and “go to jail where you deserve to be!”

At one point, someone yelled, “Let Ammon speak.” Another retorted: “He’s not from Harney County.”

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. “At one point, someone yelled, “Let Ammon speak.” Another retorted: “He’s not from Harney County.””

    Yet 100 % of the fools in D.C. are not from D.C. who represent a cross section of the nation. I suppose that’s okay. And BLM and other agencies are not from Haney County, but I suppose that too is okay And the list goes on. I would guess that those speaking the loudest have never driven miles across their own homestead, know anything of land patents or had rogue agencies to confront dictating at will their agenda to cause great fear the government can impose, and don’t vote. Just a guess.

    1. 40 percent of the residents ARE on the government dole. That being, working for the State or the Feds. Not including those living off the state/fed teat in some other capacity like welfare or retired gov.

      What is really amazing, is that they are complaining that the Bundy’s brought unwanted attention. When the fact is, there shouldn’t have been any attention at all by the Feds and its teat suckers. The only reason why there is, because the Feds and its teat suckers claim an unconstitutional authority to do so.

      These people care about nothing but their government gravy-train, like most Americans.

      Word is that the Feds and State is beefing up in the area with TAC units.

  2. I guarantee you that those Harney County residents who are so vehemently against this occupation are on welfare, relies on and/or their families and/or friends rely on the taxpayers of the USA for their food, water, shelter and quality of life. They are nothing more than whores, but it’s their nation and fellow citizens they are selling out by supporting massive unconstitutional governance.

    1. Do the citizens of Harney county realize that this IS AGENDA 21? Has it been spelled out for them. DO THEY REALIZE USELESS EATERS ARE TO BE ELIMINATED? I hope that this is clearly spelled out for them, and the internment camps await them.Everyone has to make their own choices, I think they choose wrong.

  3. Yep…Pack up and get the hell out of there. It is obvious the people there do not want you there so get out. Let the people there fend for themselves. They are obviously good little government toadies so leave them to whatever fate they may endure. This whole mess is going nowhere. Pack up and get out and take that dumb ass idiot Pete Santilli with you. He is causing more harm than good with his retarded antics.
    You won at Bundy ranch…You lost here…Get out.

    1. Hey Flinter, well it is my turn to ask you… Surrender much???

      flinter, 15 January, 2016, 05:54

      CMB……Surrender much…???

      1. Surrender what..?? It was never theirs to surrender. They stepped in without the consent of the people. They did it all wrong. Granted, Their hearts and minds are in the right place but the people who live there are of a different mind. They are not wanted there by the majority of those who live there. They were not invited and it is obvious that those who live there want them to leave. SO LEAVE. Let those who live there decide their own fate.
        There are plenty of other places for these patriots to ply their wears. This is not the place. You cannot force yourselves upon the people and expect to be welcomed. It is up to those who live there to decide how they want to live.
        I totally agree with what they are doing but I do not live there. It is up to those who live on that land to decide how this will unfold.
        So NO… I do not surrender at all…It is not my place to surrender something that is not mine.
        Not for nothing, A few of the people there are not the best representitives of freedom. Ryan paine is a hot head. Pete Santilli is a hot head. Ritzhiemer is a hothead and another one, I cant remember his name, Is a convicted felon. Not the best people to stand behind. I can see why these people want nothing to do with them. We as patriots can continue this fight without seizing property. The PPN and its leaders are doing the right thing. Leave it in their level headed hands and pack up and leave as the people there demand.

  4. Small town “Stockholm Syndrome.”

    For any citizen to take a stand against the corruption will undoubtedly have to move because they will never hear the end of it, plus the harassment they would receive from the Sheriff and Deputy Barney of Harney County will add to their dismissal from that town.

    It’s the same old story…..

    When they came for the Jews, I wasn’t a Jew and I did nothing.

    When they came for the homeless, I wasn’t homeless and I did nothing.

    When they came for the land, it wasn’t my land and I did nothing.

    When they came for the Hammonds, I wasn’t related and I did nothing.

    When they came for me….I had no friends.

  5. It’s amazing how ignorant the governor is there in Oregon here’s her letter to D.C. Not sure if there where other letters asking to pardon the Hammond’s, I assume not. One side she only hears half the argument and doesn’t address the purpose of the occupation which even the major and plenty others have shown support to the Hammond’s. If you care to read her letter to DC it will show her real thoughts on this quick and efficient meaning force more than likely.

    1. Thank you for the link to the actual letter. OMG, in the 2nd sentence she uses the word “resilient.” Resilience is an Agenda 21 theme, used repeatedly in description of the “Transition Town.”

      I see that Governor Brown also sent a copy of this letter to Obama, with this cover letter.

      Has she sent a representative from the Governor’s office to negotiate with Ammon Bundy? Is she asking for clemency for the Hammonds? If Gov. Brown wrote a letter to the President for ANY reason at all it should be for THAT — to ask for a pardon for the Hammonds.

      The way it looks to me is that the Obama administration requested the letters from the Governor, as justification for their use of force by the FBI to evict the Malheur Refuge occupiers. She sounds like an obedient Progressive who will do, write, and say whatever is ordered of her. A lot of hyperbole in her letter: “With each passing day, tensions increase exponentially.” (Exactly how so, Governor?) That provides the Obama admin with their need for swift action. Her choice of words to describe the peaceful occupiers (“armed radicals,” “criminals”) and her expounding upon the Sheriff’s notice about stalking/harassment of Burns residents is also disconcerting. I can hear the Obama admin’s remarks now: “Oh we had an urgent request from the Governor,” “She said her state’s residents are being terrorized and it gets worse day by day,” “We had no choice but to act quickly.”

      I think Mr. Rhodes should re-issue his warning to the Malheur Refuge occupiers that all children plus non-combatant women and elderly leave the Refuge. I am getting very very concerned that the Obama admin is going to order a move on the Refuge. Yes, they are that evil. Yes, they hate us Americans that much. May God watch over the Bundys and the good people there and protect them. May God help the FBI agents on-site to honor their Oaths.

      I hope the Bundy brothers and company depart the Refuge; they can continue to work for the Hammonds’ release and for the return of federal lands from a better location. They’ve accomplished so much, brought nationwide awareness of injustices and land grabs, and there is more work yet to be done. Better to continue their important work from elsewhere.

      (I am not a dues-paying member of Oath Keepers, so my comments are not those of a member of the Oath Keepers organization. But I did take an Oath which I intend to Keep, and am a supporter of this patriotic organization made up of fine men and women.)

      1. AM, I looked up the Transition Movement you mentioned. Another facet of ICLEI? Brown is DEFINATELY from the dark side. This country is done, children will be nothing but slaves to this emerging global cabal.
        If you’re new to Transition, we recommend subscribing to our juicy and inspiring newsletter, where we highlight the work of TIs across the country, share helpful resources, and list upcoming events.

  6. Les Zaitz is a rancher in Burns. He has been biased against Bundy from the beginning (his Twitter account) makes his bias obvious. Brandon Curtis has told of how the PPN was invited to the high school basketball game (and abliged). They receive invitations to dinner at Harney County residents’ homes (and ablige). The only people who seem to want Bundy to leave are the ones who are in cahoots with or are terrified by Grasty. It appears that shortly the PPN will be exposing all they have learned about Grasty and his many dealings (Brandon has said this himself in an interview with “Who is Sincere”)…. It also appears that Grasty is fully aware that he will be exposed and is doing everything he can to silence the messenger. Finally, it makes perfect sense that the brainwashed county citizens can’t handle the reality of accepting the so-close-to-home corruption (Grasty)… But, knowledge is power and ignorance is just ignorance. Big girl panties y’all- hike em up

    1. Thanks for mentioning the interview with Brandon Curtiss, founder of Idaho III%. I found it on youtube and listened to it tonight and learned a lot. Mr. Curtiss is such an excellent speaker, as he relates their friendly experiences with the local residents of Burns and with some of the ranchers in that community. He also talks about their observations of how Harney County law enforcement behaves. I’m putting the link here for anyone who wants to listen. It’s a great interview.

      EXCLUSIVE #ARM INTERVIEW: Oregon’s Brandon Curtiss
      by Who Is Sincere?
      1/18/2016 The FBI is posturing, the Judge is shutting down, and the longstanding Fire Chief has resigned. And that’s only a small portion of the updates from Oregon. You can’t miss this crucial interview! ~Sincere

  7. Ammon. wipe the dust from your feet and just go home. Let the people deal with the corrupt Judge and Sheriff. They get what they deserve. They can beg for their land while the Feds steal more of it and sell it to the global corps bankrolling the corrupt in DC and their paid minions in county govt. Let that county fight it’s own battles.

  8. Oath Keepers… why the heck are you posting Oregon Live crap?
    This article doesn’t accurately address what occurred in that meeting? Les Zaitz… what a tool!

    1. That is a very valuable video. Thank you for posting it here. I hope readers will watch it all the way through, and take notes on the documents she presents so they can bring them up on their own screens and ponder just how smugly the one-world-government crowd is now coming out of the closet. Ten years ago the entire Left in political America was giving hell to anyone who dared to talk about a new world order and its one-world government. Although it’s no laughing matter, ours is the last laugh, as that video will show.

      The citizenry of Burns and surrounds seem to fail to understand how the BLM (and other Federal agencies) work with Agenda 21/Agenda 30, the Corporate Dynasty, and the coming one-world government. Unfortunately, many at Burns cannot be bothered to look into the matter. They should take a look, for that is exactly what is behind BLM’s tactics as deployed against our western ranchers. The central government in WDC is nothing more than a tool for the elite. Its “enforcement” agencies and departments are methodically working to remove traditional American ranching and farming from the national landscape.

      Godspeed to Bundy, whether he leaves the fools to their own fate or whether he stays on to fight for the bigger picture.

      Elias Alias, editor

  9. Attn: Harney County Citizens

    If anyone understands how U.N. Agenda 21 works and how the BLM decides who loses their land, the BLM knows very well what they’re doing….just watch the hidden video of BLM employees laughing it up at an awards dinner. (11 min)

    They are going after any land/homes adjacent to BLM lands nationwide as their budget permits. Burns Oregon will eventually become a ghost town as a result of ignorance. See hidden camera footage of BLM boasting over their land seizures.

    FBI !! You are facilitating absolute corruption and tyranny….search your hearts for answers and solutions, not death by Waco Reno Clinton murder.

    Very despicable….

    Copy/paste this link to your browser and watch (11 min)

  10. When a writer disables comments you know it’s heavily slanted. The writer only mentioned those opposed to Bundy. This article is not worth the time it took to read it. Les Zaitz and The Oregonian/OregonLive produced PURE propaganda with this tripe.

    1. Oregonian disabled my account after my postings of information derailing their disinformation. Why Oath Keepers would repost their garbage is a question everyone should ask.

      1. Because our readers are not fools, and don’t fall for the leftist media spin. That’s why. And we wanted our readers to see the comments, in particular. The seemingly irreparable divide along ideological lines (essentially patriot/loyalist) is pretty shocking, and worthy of consideration in its own right. We know the Oregonian is a leftist rag. Don’t worry, they won’t brain wash us. We can read that, read the comments, and then discuss them.

      2. Shocking indeed, so is the Oregonian’s censorship!
        Oath Keepers in Burns could start drops of Recall and Impeachment materials for locals to consider as well initiate a statement of charges. The Sheriff has already abdicated his duties which is grounds for both it would seem. It would be great to see citizens arrests take place of Judge Grasty and Prosecutor Papagni if sufficient grounds are established. Finally, thanks for your efforts!

      3. Maybe take a page out of the CIA manual for “winning the hearts and minds” by putting out the word for any patriots/Oath Keepers etc, to move into the area of Burns in-order to change the entire political scene. A thousand patriots can change the minds of about 2.5 each and vote the sheriff OUT and get the judge removed. It could take about 2 years as it did in my community, but we did it…even after the residents showed their despise for Oath Keepers infiltrating the town…but two years later, everyone got rid of the corrupt Police Chief, and we stopped him from being elected as Justice of the Peace.

        A thousand patriots moving into Burns and voting, can be a big boom for that little town and many entrepreneurial opportunities, like RV parks. Many of us are retired and mobile….

        Think about it and maybe Ammon will see the potential and go home for his own safety and everyone can call it a great operational exercise.

  11. Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of Liberty. – Thomas Jefferson
    So very sad really, but this is the reality we live in. Both the right and left are calling for Ammon to either be killed,and or jailed. There are lots of people that know the truth and support his but 90%, or more don’t really messed up.

  12. That Hag the Governor of Oregon don’t’ speak for me like she says, I live there and I support what Ammon’s doing.

  13. I saw a piece on the native indians there that seek Federal protection of the their sacred areas. Though I am half breed and live as my appearance European I am thankful I found out who the machine is behind the terror they and my ancestors endured in both worlds. I hope they can see past the color of skin and know their true enemy, Americans enemy.

    1. This situation illuminates an interesting symbiotic relation between the government and aboriginals. The Native Americans actually don’t mind their heritage remaining under government control; and the government doesn’t mind having the Natives involved in the highest level decisions. As such they both are keeping the Natives artifacts on the land so that they both enjoy a certain level of “Control.”

  14. someone yelled, “Let Ammon speak.” Another retorted: “He’s not from Harney County.”” Does anyone else find it offensive that Ammon is from America and Harney County is in America-therefore he has a right to be there.

  15. Are there any ride sharing programs to Burns. I’m in CA, on the south coast, and can’t afford to get to Burns. Just checking; the more live bodies, the better.

  16. Am putting these links up for benefit of “We the People.”

    This week Joshua Krause exposed this video of a National Park employee devaluing and snatching up property on the cheap. She even brags about “Stealing the money from Washington.”

    It’s not like the NPS wasn’t already embroiled in a cover up.

    But, what would you say if you were told; “Forest Service Managers bit the Environmental hand that feeds them?”

    As you know all to well, our government has grown too big for its britches. They aren’t just at war with the left or right. They are campaigning a war of division on all US citizens. For instance, did you know that the Occupy movement was introduced to a governmental plan which couples corporations directly with Federal Police forces?

    We should be asking ourselves why the corporations would strike such an unholy alliance? The answer lies in the question. At the end of the day “We the People” are suffering at the hands of an overlord. As such, it seems appropriate to reach across the aisle (IN SOME CASES, NOT ALL) to bring this behemoth government to heal below the 4th, and most important branch of government, “We the People.”

    1. I agree, except that actually, the government is a branch of us. We and our rights came first, then the government, which exists at our pleasure, and was formed solely for the purpose of protecting our rights. That makes its egregious misbehavior that much more intolerable.

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