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Obama Gun Grab Speech Reveals Key Weakness

ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 05 12.48
Clueless Obama won’t look beyond those he surrounds himself with. (Video screenshot: The White House)

I just got done watching Barack Obama’s “gun control” speech, embedded at the bottom of this column.  I’d like to share some impressions while they’re still fresh in my mind.

First, I thought it was supposed to be a “press conference”– what’s with the applause and standing ovations? Yeah, I know, that was a rhetorical question.

It was all emotional appeal– not one thing was in it to do anything but harass the “law-abiding,” bypass the representatives of the people through what I call “executive ordure,” meaning he has publicly defecated on “shall not be infringed.”

Naturally the whole thing was built on lies, which I’m sure many commentators will be pointing out  — a big one that stood out for me is that violent criminals use gun trusts to get around NFA. Anybody remember what I wrote about that here?

As for their concern that violent criminals are going to be using trusts and lawyers to skirt the law, ATF noted “the number of Forms … involving legal entities that are not Federal firearms licensees increased … to 40,700 in 2012.” Despite this, the only corroborating example ATF cited was where an applicant denied transfer of a silencer “subsequently applied to transfer the same silencer to a trust,” that was discovered and the application was denied. Further information about the specifics of the example and the likely danger this posed in terms of increasing violent crime risks were not provided.

“No criminal would subject themselves to notifying the ATF of their intent to purchase a machine gun, wait six – 12 months to be able to receive the firearm, pay a $200 tax, and pay an extra $10,000 – $20,000 to purchase a legal machine gun when illegal machine guns can be purchased or made easily without waiting or notifying the ATF,” Gun Trust Lawyer David M. Goldman wrote yesterday in a deconstruction of a so-called fact sheet from the White House. “This logic is flawed.”

I expect to have more on a tangential issue to that later, something I’m not ready to talk about yet until I have a chance to go through the actual language of the actions with some advisers.  I’ll probably also wait for the hubbub to die down so those insights don’t get drowned out. Without meaning to be overly cryptic, a friend and colleague has suggested a unique unintended consequence, but I need time to work on that before deciding if a public elaboration is warranted. Plus there will be no shortage of other commentators covering absurdities like “smart guns,” or using federal agencies to do anti-gun agenda “science,” all travesties I’ve talked about many times before anyway.

ScreenHunter_02 Jan. 05 13.23
If you’re going to exploit a dead teen, you might at least go to the trouble of making sure his name is spelled right.

However, there is a point that needs to be made, probably the most important one that I walked away with from this entire group grope. I noticed it when, at 1:17:50 in to the video, Obama was talking about Zaevion Dobson, a Knoxville 15-year-old reportedly killed while shielding three girls from bullets fired by gangbangers who are essentially immune to his edicts. Incidentally, the White House video misspelled Dobson’s first name — three times — meaning speech copy given to staff in advance to assist with closed captioning should have anticipated it. Classy – dance in a kid’s blood to exploit his death for political gain, and the damn office of the president can’t even be bothered to spell his name right:

We are not asked to do what Xavian [sic] Dobson did. We’re not asked to have shoulders that big, a heart that strong, reactions that quick… I’m not asking people to have that same level of courage or sacrifice or love. But if we love our kids and care about their prospects, and if we love this country and care about its future, then we can find the courage to vote. We can find the courage to get mobilized and organize. We can find the courage to cut through all the noise and do what a sensible country would do.

That’s significant. They think they can “community organize” our rights away, that the greatest sacrifice that will be required of them will be to vote. They believe that a majority can lawfully impose tyranny on a minority. In short, they believe that might makes right, and they intend to hold the monopoly on that.

Who here will comply? If ordered to register your guns, will you? How about if you’re ordered to turn them in? What level of courage, sacrifice and love are you willing to rise to?

That’s the key weakness of delusional sheep who do not even approach, let alone share that level of commitment.

The other significant point was what Obama said right afterward:

That’s what we’re doing today, and tomorrow we should do more, and we should do more the day after that…

The collectivists will never stop. They will never be satisfied.  After they have the guns, they’ll want something else.  They mean to rule. Cede a small point they have no rightful claim to in the name of “compromise” and they’ll gladly snap it up and then demand more.  And accuse you of being an extremist, a racist and worse if you balk.

And though the next significant Obama speech won’t happen until the 12th, that, my friends, is the true state of the union.

And now, let’s all sit back and watch another episode of The Obama Show:

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”″]



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. The Constitution does not give the President the right to write laws. The Constitution does give “We The People” The right to physically remove a tyrannical government and the 2nd Amendment as a tool to do so. Think about that Barry.

    1. Just remember an unconstitutional law is no law at all. If it does not adhere to the guidelines of our founding principles, our founding documents, and our natural rights, then it is just a bunch of meaningless words on a meaningless piece of paper signed by a meaningless political puppet.

      1. I have been beating the drum on government issues like this for over 15 years, its time to start using Article 2 Section 4 in the Constitution and states Constitutions when they will GROSSLY VIOLATE their Oath of Office. We need to come together and start making the Oath of Office a very important issue. I am working on legal forms now and hope I can find others that want to join me. THIS IS OUR LAST HOPE!!!!

      2. The articles of impeachment of the criminal usurper in the oval office have already been drafted by the North American Law Center ( The Constitutional Accountability Coalition of Tennessee ( in conjunction with the NALC have been establishing state chapters across the country stoking the flames of a grass root effort to force a member of the House to present the articles of impeachment to the House Judiciary Committee to get the process started. The Republican National Committee is discussing these very articles next week in their national meeting. Imperative that people get involved by contacting their congressman and calling their state rep to the RNC to put the pressure on. No need to start from scratch.

      3. …our last hope is Jury Nullification…..if someone were to step up to some crooked politician and blow his brains out….and the Jury found him Not Guilty…. then the man goes free… end of story…. Jury Nullification is how We The People take back our country… Jury Nullification is the Last Hope before Civil War…. When Juries finds the action of others, no matter what the Law says, to be Righteous … it’s the Jury’s responsibility to find them Not Guilty… The question is now, have enough people become fed up with what’s going on in our country?

    2. The constitution does not “give” rights to anyone. Governments do not HAVE rights; only power ceded them by the people they govern. This is not theory but fact. No man can control another absent the 2nd’s consent. It may not be voluntary but it is consent and there is always an alternative. Similarly no man can make another a slave. He might infringe all of the erstwhile slave’s rights but ultimately no one is a slave unless they accept the enslavement. There is a clip on YouTube from the miniseries “Roots” where the free man, Kunta Kinte, becomes a slave named Toby. Sure the alternative was to be whipped to death but ultimately Kunta Kinte accepts the slave name “Toby”.

    3. What are our representatives doing? Sitting on their hand? We need to vote this year it is so critical to have in office a conservative constitutionalist who will rescind all these unconstitutional executive actions//orders. The only true blue conservative running in my opinion is TED CRUZ. he is consistent in his actions to defend and protect the constitution. He has memorized it inside and out in his youth and has defended it 9 times before the supreme court. Unlike Christy who now agrees with BHO on this gun issue. Please vote in the primary to elect Ted Cruz and bring our constitution back.

      1. Neither Cruz or Rubio are natural born citizens. Electing a POTUS will not restore liberty and allowing deceivers like Cruz and Rubio to participate is further erosion of the Constitution. The problem in this nation is with We the People. Our apathy and permissiveness, for generations, has brought us to this point. Get involved with the movement to present the North American Law Center’s articles of impeachment of the criminal usurper in the oval office. We must throw off the apathy and hold this traitor accountable in order to get to his masters pulling his strings; so that we can clean the inner vessel for good.

  2. David, Thanks for your comments. I do not watch or even listen to Obama’s BS as my gag reflex normally cuts in within seconds of his first couple of words. I did scan the screen play of his remarks. Takers have no limits, they’ll never be satisfied because they do not wish to be satisfied. As expected his current grand scheme is to further infringe upon that which shall not be infringed and to place additional punitive restrictions upon people who have not caused any harm to anyone.

  3. At this point, I’m very concerned about obtaining firearms through any government channels! I have been “progun” my entire life, if you have to label me, but because I didn’t have any reason to believe that I needed to possess them…I hadn’t bought any. Now I am a firm believer that, not only do I need to possess a wide range of firearms and ammunitions, but that if I purchase any now I will make myself a target of government scrutiny and persecution! The only thing that I can think to do about is exploit the so-called gun show loophole before it is gone!

    1. FYI, you will find if you go to a gun show expecting to purchase a gun from any of the exhibitors, you will have to fill out the Fed’s paperwork and pass a background check. So, really, what would John Hancock do??? Buy a gun and fill out the paperwork so the “king” would know where to come looking…. Man up and buy a gun! And learn how to be a rifleman with it. God bless you!

    2. I say buy your gun openly so the wannabe tyrants see what they will be up against. Don’t avoid the list – get on the list! Support liberty by sending the message that you are prepared to defend liberty!

  4. Those who would deny citizens their Constitutional rights and then incarcerate them for exercising those rights fit to a tee the definition of tyrant!

    1. Constitutional rights? Constitutional rights? You make America the laughing stock of the western world. You are 3,000 times more likely to be killed by a gun in America than Japan, 600 times more likely than in the UK. As the President correctly pointed out, gun crime/deaths collapsed in Connecticut when checks were introduced and jumped by 50% when repealed in Missouri. Meanwhile, young kids die because of the systems not in place in the US and that should be the overriding concern, not a piece of minor inconvenience to yourselves. Abroad even the Conservatives hate the NRA and the gun lobby. It’s you, the anti-abortionists who kill doctors, those who teach evolution and the other retards running around the country.

      1. Funny how you don’t mention the number of deaths by stabbing with knives and swords in either Japan or the UK, or the rate of violent crimes, such as assault, in the UK. And calling people names is not going to win them over to your view. But nice try.


    1. Obama is in the bible… When Satan said “I will exalt my thrown above the Most High…” that friends is Obamas father and so when Obama talks and exercises his mouth, his pen and his phone against the laws of our land why he is just listening to his father the devil. Satan is a loser, and forever will be, but Obama still has time to have his life turned around for good… of course for the acts of treason he should pay with his life according to our laws. Forgive him, turn him over to God and pray for him… he really has no clue his eternal end if he doesnt get right with the Living God

  6. The biggest danger is not how they will be applied today. The problem is they purposely make them so abstract that they can interpret them in the severest way possible at their convenience. That is why they have to be smacked down now.

  7. I agree with David, it’s like the saying “You give a mouse a cookie, it’s going to want a glass of milk”

  8. Leonidas said it best. I’ll adhere to that. If you want government intervention and control, beyond what it is now…remember how well the American Indians fared.

  9. I don’t listen to or look at the usurper sitting in our wh. It is clear these people are at war with not the minority but the majority of Americans, this will not end the way they think they it will. It is time for civil disobedience, it’s time that the minority libs be crushed down by free Americans. We are far past legal and political actions to stop these fascists. America is no longer free, nor is it a lawful nation, it is a nation under the rule of tyranny. We have been invaded, a great many of those in gov are corrupt.

  10. David;
    Well said and in many ways my thoughts exactly. What truly amazed me was the pandering on the sympathies for those killed or supposedly killed in the recent mass shootings. He is shameless and a filthy liar.

    Besides, calling the US highly “violent” is a load of crap. Here is a study from the Misis Institiute of Austrailia.

    To the gun grabbers: If you think making it harder for law abiding citizens to exercise their God given right to defend themselves as protected by the 2nd Amendment will make this country any safer; you’ve got a lot to learn. Do a little research and get off the emotion wagon.

    On their best day, they don’t have a clue they will be depending on the protection of those of us who understand and are prepared to protect and defend our family, neighbors and communities. (Even the Lilly livered gun haters/ )We have also signed a lifetime commitment to protect and defend the Constitution of the United Sates of America. That oath has not expiration date. So to the usurpers, know that we are fully aware and watching.

  11. The anti gunners ‘ aim’ is to remove ALL weapons from this society, except for those persons that they want to have them……YOUR aim should be ‘ true to target ‘…..imho….Semper Fi

  12. I don’t give a dam about being backround checked….I do care about the expansion of the backround d check to include anyone with a psychological history. All the meds giving to kids in grade school since the 80’s… Your off the sell to list. Any vet that came back from the war and got dropped back into society and had a re adjustment period…. Your screwed. Get a concusion playing football? You got brain damage. Your off. PTS. Way to messed up. Post partum depression. Nope.

    The list of possible people that can not own can grow way to long way too fast.

    And of course the obvious… Criminals dont do backround checks!

  13. The Zaevion Dobson tragedy does everything to prove the 2nd Amendment argument that gun laws merely leave the law abiding defenseless. Just imagine how differently that tale could have ended if someone just as courageous as young Daevion was able to defend those kids with deadly force. As for the emporers plans to force gun registration, perhaps he should take a good hard look at the states of New York and Connecticut. As many as 99% of firearm owners there have told their respective governments to stuff it. The registration numbers in New York were so low that Cuomo won’t even allow the public to know what they are. This government can’t even manage their own medical insurance web site, enforce our immigration laws or vet foreign visa applicants for terrorists but they will handle the registration of 300 million firearms without a hitch. The arrogance is stunning.

  14. I find it absurd, ludicrous and quite hypocritical for our idiot in cheif to always have that little American flag pinned to his lapel. He wouldn’t know an American unless they kicked his dumb ass back to Kenya. Take my guns? Out of my cold dead hands traitor.

  15. In a display of inadvertent transparency I’d say the community organizers are petrified of the 2015 sales figures, let alone the last 7 years. America is not taking this laying down.

  16. Way I see it, I’ve know since Reagan days we were stolen blind by bush crime family, then slick willy hit stage, when the snot nose bush baby came on scene ,I just figured we done, then the grand molah enters, once again I think wow, this got to be it, probly is, funny thing about all those puppets, I’ve personally followed trump, I’m way to smart to fall for the double headed snake that our country calls demorats or repuicks, all a scam boys nothing but a scam, deal with gun control is all in your hands, plane and simple, and keep it simple, games over for them, I’m 58 yrs old children, you control your guns, no one has any right to decide you can’t have one, I recommend deer slugs myself, on looters, on judas traitors that would ever show up, I recommend 300 win mag, good luck kids murica will only be saved, first hopefully Donald Trump could salvage it in a civil manner, all you got left kids,

  17. Guns? I don’t have any guns. Sure you can search my property – just as soon as My lawyer finishes reading your search warrant.

  18. The problem with all of this and everything about any argument regarding the second amendment or any of the “Bill of Rights”
    Is simple to see if you slow down and think for a moment about what the founders believed. They believed all of the amendments in the bill of rights to be “understood” they argued as many thought it to be ridiculous to need to include them. remember, they were starting from the premise that these rights were given to us by our benevolent creator. If these rights were given to us by our creator than the Federal Gov’t in no way shape or form could so much as even discuss any changes to any of the bill of rights. These are not the Federal Gov’ts to take since then were never the grantor. The whole idea that “no right is unlimited” is absolute Crap. The Feds don’t have any authority to decide one way or the other. Yet, after a bloody revolution and a civil war, tyranny has found its way to the Republic and she has surely begun to fall. For all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

    1. Or as Kurt Hofmann once put it, “Evil exists because good men don’t kill the government officials committing it.”

  19. Governments have engaged in genocide after disarming the populace killing more of their own citizens than all wars combined. Turkey – Armenian genocide 1915-1923 1.8million, Bolshevik Russian Revolution 1929-1953 – 55million, Germany – 1939-1945 – 15million, China 1949-1976 – 45 to 70million, Cambodia 1975-1978 3million, Rwanda – April through July 1994- 800,000 thousand. All through-out the World’s history one can find such examples of Governments taking advantage of an un-armed populace. Think it can’t happen in the United States, the FBI recorded communist organizations saying that they would have to eliminate over 25 million Americans as soon as they took control of our Government once the population was dis-armed, and that was just the beginning of their planned big central bank utopian Eden. I put up billboards referring to such scenarios, with a noble picture of General George Patton warning America to not let History Repeat Itself at major Military Installations of which was received extremely well by all military personnel with no negative comments, and I have over 5,000 letters to prove it. ABC news had a popular news video on the internet about the billboard, however the video portion of the report somehow disappeared. I’ve been told copies of the billboard are on the desks of many top military officials. Semper Fi

  20. I have no clear memory, sir, oh how that gun came to be in my possession. I have no clear memory of what happened to that AKM you say I bought either!

    Did you folks notice out feckless leader in his speech talking about people being denied their ‘religious freedom’ by Dylan Roof, and others? So he’s trying to confuse murder in a gun-free church with religious persecution. (Funny that he can’t see it when ISIS does it, don’t ya think?)

    Apparently his next play that he’s handing off to the Victim Disarmament Lobby is to try to convince the cowards that they can force Americans to choose between Bill of Rights Amendments – between religious freedom and self-defense. There is NO pick and choose in the Constitution!

    Drop the chips, trim those hips, and get yourselves fit to fight again. There’s a battle coming, and it will get ugly, but in the end we’ll have our country back.

  21. Gun violence by criminals is not the problem. I’ve seen a lot of claims about it, so I gathered all the facts I could. What I found is that over half, possibly 85%, or all homicide is caused by domestic disputes. I wrote all the research I could find, together with conclusions, in the section “illegal guns” here:

    With regard to legality, please see the section “you cant tax a right.” I am a retired Oxford scholar of philosophy, and I have tried to present the facts so they are understandable even if you have no prior education in legal or political philosophy. Thank you for your attention.

  22. The Bible tells us that “our enemies have already been defeated” and that’s where the crocodile tears come from; from the loser. All I see is smoke and mirrors. Life is good on Burnam Mountain today.

  23. I don’t understand why anyone gets upset with what that community organizer from Chicago says or does while he is in our White House. He is a foreign citizen who illegally occupies his present position. Only worthless politicians, judges, and politically correct idiots ignore or contest this fact. Absolutely NOTHING he says or does in his illegal capacity applies to me or my family. We live our lives unaffected by his “kingly edicts”. If ANY federal, state, or local oath-breaking LEOs or military personnel attempt to enforce his edicts on us, they have a rude awakening waiting for them. I have no doubt they will succeed if they attempt to take my guns from me; my only question to them is, “JUST EXACTLY HOW MANY OF YOU SONS OF BITCHES ARE READY TO DIE WHILE TAKING MY GUNS?”

  24. Thank christ I live in Australia, I get to shoot targets, and not be shot personally. I don’t know WTF is wrong with you yanks, but guns are for use in specific instances, and NO-ONE should be carrying them around short of law-enforcement or military. And before I hear ‘criminals don’t care’ yada yada. I know they don’t, but look at the figures. Crims don’t generally carry guns around Aus, and for good reason.

    1. Michael,
      Thank you for your considered comments from your lofty perch in your outback paradise. Which, unfortunately, have no bearing on reality here.
      So, please be so kind as to park your irrelevant opinion in that dark place where the sun never shines.


  25. When will enough be enough? When will it be time to put a end to this tyrannical government? When will people tire of talking about it and demand action? Our grand parents were part of whats considered the greatest generation.. So what will our grand kids and great grand kids think about our generation?

  26. I will not comply with any edict that traitors and tyrants come up with. If you have a conscience then you should be absolutely enraged at the representatives that are infesting our government to the point of 1. Never voting for any incumbent again. 2. Getting ready by forming a CPT. 3. Become an expert rifleman. 4. Study 4GW tactics and be ready both physically and mentally to use them. Lastly, adopt Captain Parker’s rules of engagement. No more FREE WACO’s people, maintain the moral high ground, Do not comply, prepare to defend yourselves.
    God Bless and protect you in the coming days and Happy Hunting!

  27. The whole pretext of the leftists’ BS about gun control is ‘to keep us safe’. Ha….keep us safe? Well… would somebody please explain why that hypocrite in the WH had no problem setting free 6,000 felons from prison and turning them loose on the streets of America. Does that hypocrite tyrant actually believe that criminals like that….(some of whom are illegals who have no respect for our western culture)…..will refrain from committing any violent crimes and doing it with firearms that they’ve probably just obtained illegally? Is that keeping us safe when we don’t even know who these people are? Has the tyrant dictator shed tears over the thousands of fully developed, late term aborted babies who never had a chance to go to school or even see the light of day? Who is he kidding? It’s all about control… as it is with all authoritarian regimes! They don’t want to lead free citizens, they want to rule over subservient robotic sheeple.

  28. One thing EVERYONE including the president needs to remember is that Executive Orders are NOT LAWS. The president has no authority to make laws. EO’s are directives to the agencies involved on how HE wants them to do their jobs. The president can suggest things, can vetoe congress, but HE cant make any laws legal or binding to the general population. Also, any time he “suggest” that people like doctors disclose information about patients, that is in direct violation of federal HIPPA laws.

  29. I have many firearms and I went through B/G checks on every one of them. In Texas,the FFL dont have to do ‘call in’ checks on me because of my CHL ! As far as I know the Feds don’t know how many firearms I have so obviously they ain’t got no serial numbers either. Until we get a Republican back in the White House there aint no damn way I will keep all my firearms at one location. The only firearms i.e.suppressors that they know about is my NFA stuff purchased through my trust. The federal gestapo don’t know if I have sold one,five,or all of my firearms over the years. THE LESS THE FEDS KNOW THE BETTER YOU WILL BE !

  30. So much doomsay and despair here. People, you need to start thinking in terms of the glass half full instead of empty. For example, “I will give up my gun only when I pry a better one from the aggressor’s cold, dead hands”. Adopt the Patton attitude and don’t forget Butler either-recognize a racket when it’s starin’ you in the face (TV news). While you’re at it cancel your cable TV subscription and start researching to create boycott lists. Make sure we get your copy here. Having trouble deciding where to start? Here’s an idea: Never go to Thrallmart without returning something (They are the #2 campaign contributor for the Hill Liar campaign). In short, hit ’em where it really hurts…in the pocket book. Giving away pirated copies of the despicable Quinton Tarantino’s movies is another example…LOL…and I didn’t say sell them either. It’ might be similar to what the subhuman communists of the left do and two can play that game. And while you’re at it, realize a root cause of the problem that brought us here. Hint: All across America the Occupy Movement should be camped out in every campaign headquarters in each township of each of the 2 political parties that make up this bifurcated political system IF they really want to be successful changelings. And with that I declare this campaign slogan for my champion: “Triumph with Trump and dump the Frump” or just plain “Trump over Frump”(This slogan assumes the Rhinoceros Party, known also as the GOP, observes fair play and chooses the rightful candidate for the GOP…It doesn’t matter if Bernie beats Hill Liar E. Rotten Klinton for the “yellow dog democrat’s” nomination as their candidate because the term “frump” applies to him as well (hint: I saw what a bitch he was when his speech got took over by “Black Matter Lives”….oh excuse my perceived dyslexia…I might’ve meant “Black Lives Matter”). Saw input here from an Aussie whose not telling the whole story of the reality that is “Down Under”. All I got to say is True Americans and some Australians are 2 different critters and leave it at that. A few days ago, some liberal shit wrote in the local rag of Assholeville that we should take up a different hobby and give up gunnery. That mentally deficient and deviant SOB is disrespectful of our peaceful activities so he and the troop of monkeys he belongs to get no respect in this house. In fact, I think these useful idiots should be the new hobby in focusing our attention upon. I think it would be great sport to mock and ridicule them at every given opportunity. I won’t compromise with them and I got no tolerance for them. It’s time to stop having a defensive posture and adopt the offensive attitude. This can be done because we’ve got pens, just like Obamarama, and we can use them to do things like write to the local rag, magazines, and even politicians (statesmen would be better if they’re available). Hell, today I wrote emails to three conservative radio talk show hosts (one was Rush) addressing the questions of where the tears were for the veterans who’ve suffered from negligence toward them(read VA) and if the military vote was gonna be suppressed again like in 2012 (read voter fraud). Speaking of radio, wait’ll NPR gets my 2 cents in an envelope (they are always beggin’ for money…poor-mouthin’ sons-of-bitches) and finds out I’ve been monitoring their treachery for years. That’s called “spite work” and it’s meant to demoralize the OPFOR. The offensive can also be taken when the opposition presents the opportunity while standing in the grocery line, at the fuel pump, attending a PTA meeting or anywhere one can project that confident, cocky, chauvinistic, and smart ass attitude toward the psychological bulls eye that is the opposition’s pea brain. To take the offensive you’ve got to be offensive (sounds redundant if you don’t understand). Time for a new level of confidence and power. Make no mistake, it will be construed as psychological bullying BUT then won’t the shoe be on the other foot? Sua Sponte

  31. “Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.”
    George Washington

    1. “’The problem with Internet quotations is that many are not genuine.” —Abraham Lincoln…..This one for sure!

  32. While the debate seems to focus on the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, the debate ought to shift to the Declaration of Independence … David, I found this quote on the internet

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security “

  33. These new measures (as well as the 23 in 2013) are actually executive actions instead of executive orders as stated in the post. There’s a big difference, and the two are commonly confused. This may not change anyone’s opinion, but accuracy is important. I don’t have any strong opinions either way, but I would love to see some progress that can reduce unnecessary violence without infringing on rights.

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but its my understanding that this form of word play depends on the connection of two words with different meanings, but similar pronunciation or spelling. I think its fair that I would interpret this phrase as a funny way to say executive order. Sorry for splitting hairs, but the video embedded on this page is tagged with “executive order”.

        Considering the useless state of our mainstream media, I would hope readers could depend on an honest description of political news from an organization that intends to defend the constitution. This is especially true when it comes to news that poses a potential threat to our second amendment rights. I understand that Oath Keepers is not necessarily set up as a news source, but is it really worth risking the chance of spreading misinformation for the sake of a pun?

  34. The Lesser Magistrate doctrine (interposition) can shore up and repair cracks in the walls, while The Texas Plan (with enumerated Amendment proposals, so those who try to overrun a COS will be obvious, and opposed) repairs the foundation – which Patrick Henry – as an Anti-federalist – saw in his day (see Wm Henry Wirt’s Patrick Henry: Life, Letters, and Correspondence, specifically chapter 37 in Volume 2). If you listen to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s speech posted online, from 6:55 on, you will hear his reasoning about how state governments can arise to restore a true Rule of Law, and repair the foundational cracks (now showing, as Patrick Henry prophesied), thereby keeping the Constitution by applying practical mechanisms to hold the federal in check.

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