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Mitch McConnell Wants To Give Obama Unlimited War Powers

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This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple

In his final State of the Union address, President Obama chastised Congress for not giving him the authority to go to war with ISIS (or support them as many Iraqi’s believe) saying  “If this Congress is serious about winning this war, and wants to send a message to our troops and the world, you should finally authorize the use of military force against ISIL.” Following that address, he probably didn’t expect two Republican Senators to push for a bill that would give him even more authority than he asked for.

Earlier this week, Senator Mitch McConnell fast tracked a bill written by Senator Lindsey Graham, which would give Obama the Authority to officially deploy our military against ISIS and then some.

WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) caught nearly everybody off guard late Wednesday by quietly clearing the path for new legislation to declare war on the self-described Islamic State — an issue he’d signaled for months he had no interest in touching.

McConnell introduced a sweeping authorization for the use of military force, or AUMF, that would give the president new authority to take action against the militant group also known as ISIS or ISIL. It wouldn’t put any limits on the duration, geography or use of U.S. ground combat troops in the war, or on the means by which the U.S. military could act. It also would keep in place a broad AUMF from 2001 that never expired and that allows the president to take military action against anyone, anywhere, connected to the terrorists behind the 9/11 attacks.

In other words, it’s a war authorization that’s as wide open as it gets.

Make no mistake, this doesn’t grant Obama the authority to strike ISIS. This gives him unlimited war powers in the broadest sense. ISIS has popped up all over the world. Countless insurgencies and terrorist groups have aligned themselves to the group. They encourage Muslims in every country to conduct terror attacks in their name, even if they’ve never met that person. ISIS isn’t just a group of zealots in Syria and Iraq. They are a banner which people can rally around, which means that ISIS can technically be anywhere.

In other words, this AUMF wouldn’t just give Obama permission strike ISIS anywhere in the world. It gives him the ability to deploy our military anywhere in the world, foreign or domestic, for an undetermined period of time, at the mere suggestion that ISIS is there. And it won’t be hard for them to prove ISIS is there, since anyone can wave their flag and carry out attacks in their name.

By now this should all sound very familiar to you. 9/11 invoked the same response from our government. They declared a War on Terrorism, which is nothing more than a tactic that anyone could use, thus allowing our government to take its war machine into any country on the planet.

But after the Bush administration fell out of favor with the American public, so too did the War on Terror. The war never stopped of course, but the term has lost its emotional charge, and isn’t used very often anymore. This bill aims to bring back the same sentiment with different words. It’s the War on Terror 2.0, which will henceforth be dubbed “The War on ISIS,” coming to a town near you.


Brandon Smith



  1. Just let the tyrant declare war upon the citizens and send those dumb enough to think that once they obey the despots order that they have not become the enemy with whom will be met with utmost ferocity and treated as traitors.
    The only thing keeping peace right now is that the peaceful have not yet met the last straw that makes a lawful man decide he has had enough and will fight tyranny to his last breath. All the Feds and Mil cannot contain every large city then alone a rural area. And any blue helmets joining in will be seen as a supply line for the Patriots. Bring it.
    Any President tyrant wannabe who unleashes the standing army upon the citizens overestimates his supposed strengths and capabilities. I don’t believe that any tyrant would have 100% support from those he has charge of. I for see a coup and sabotage of comms and equipment from Patriotic insiders who will revolt. DC will be ablaze and hell for the traitors. We still have many good men in our forces who will not go al long and will not follow unconstitutional orders and assist in the returning the Republic to the People.

  2. forwhomthebelltolls ——> One has to admit that “this is mighty strange stuff” to have suddenly pop up (with no warning and with such “quietness”) …almost as if they wished to cloud it in secrecy but it got out anyway. Our ‘standing army’ will NOT turn on their own people, so all of that you’ve mentioned, and far more, is logical to expect against what seems now to be “a certainty” …meaning; we’ve a Kenyan Muslim for a ‘seated’ president and his only job is to bring down as much of America as possible (to include destroying ‘her’). He, combined with 1,000’s of his supporters throughout the government, have very much succeeded in NOT destroying the government …but they’ve certainly lain waste to a “mess of people” so far and they haven’t even set up their guillotines (yet). For all of these things, there can only be war unlike any other in history that will ‘reset’ The USA to her ‘constitutional self’. This won’t happen overnight with all the non-allies our ‘seated reps’ have made even greater enemies of (but We The People get blamed because our reps (when overseas) say that ALL AMERICANS want you to do this! (Hells Bells …we’ve never heard of what they are discussing and never will)! Perhaps you can think of “all the president’s men’ as double-agents working both for ISIL and The USA ‘gov’. One thing here. THE STATES are supposed to be telling the feds what to do in about 90% of the bs going on right now. (Much of the bs would not exist except that some idiot in ‘the feds’ decided to form another group….and so the gov grows and grows and slows and slows and needs more and more money to get by without working ‘a lick’. Taxpayers see to that one …in blood. What the diff if we bleed from fighting back tyranny or from being sucked dry?
    I do believe that the whole idea of passing this “new idea” directly into Obama’s hands is precisely what he needs …”the ideal tool” (thus we can expect a Civil War 2 (or II if you prefer). Does that mean we can drag out Ole Dixie again? Hmmm, perhaps THIS is why the IRS and other agencies have been ‘heavily armed’ (9 bullets for every man, woman and child in the USA). Last thing: what they are proposing to ‘give’ to Obama is NOT necessary to get the job done …this “law” is actually just propaganda to “push the sheeple” into agreement so that they’ll lose even more (over the long run). We also have the names of two more tyrants in need of hanging when the time arrives for such things.

    1. There are approximately 22 million government employees. There are 94 million working age not working. In the 1970’s self reporting gun ownership was 53%. Since then the number of self reporting has dropped to 33%. That reflects a distrust of the government more than less ownership given the recent 40 years of destroying our republic. Only a percentage of the government employees are militarized individuals who would actually participate in government sponsored assaults on citizens. The remaining are fairly well trained and armed; however they are overwhelmingly out numbered.

      If so called martial law is declared, we might look like the middle east, or the likes of Nazi occupied France where small groups embark on targets. Maybe lots of rope applied to our judicial and political pigs would preempt such a disaster. Rope is silent and the spectacle is effective. Some will have to sacrifice their lives to put the fear of “We The People” back into the mental perspectives of our leadership.

  3. …and still stewart rhoads you do nothing…whos the keyboard warrior now…and im thinking we haven’t seen your DD214 member -4 copy have we…so whos the real keyboard warrior now

    1. Not sure there is any point in your comment. There are many patriots who never served in our military, nor did they serve in law enforcement, but are willing to die for their country or serve in a supportive nature. Read about the French who hid US soldiers and French underground resistance. They were non-combative agents that risked their lives, of whom some were murdered by occupying Nazis. My DD214 is my business, as is Stuarts and others who post here. DD214 poker is laughable at best. Take care where you tread.

  4. Again, I see persuasive messages almost pushing true patriots over the edge. I’m certain that our own Government is doing that themselves. Imagine, if you will, Patriots throughout the land physically going to Council meetings, local Senate hearings and every chance they get to redress their grievances. But in a manner in which pushes the limit of, “fix this thing or else”! It’s happening all over the World, not just in America. Our wonderful leaders have pushed the envelope to a point where the people are finally waking up. I think our Government officials are taking notice as it may be their very own arrogance that leads to their demise. Whether is be political suicide with continued Unconstitutional legislation, collusion and corruption or collateral damage from a people who finally decide to stop the madness. Bankers, politicians, corrupt individuals and everyone else who has been playing in this Liberal Progressive takeover of our way of life, will not be safe. No distance can protect them from a mass of people who see it for what it is.

    Having children of all ages, I can’t help but to see the messages sent to all of us in movies designed for children. As our common core education wishes to dumb down our educated, sometimes I believe certain messages are sent to the next generations as well as our current. I can’t help but to recall the message, or reminded of by my Patriotic children, of 1 tyrannical grasshopper trying to keep his foot on the throat of the smaller ants. He even reminds the rest of the arrogant followers about the power of the entire colony against these tyrannical, larger creatures. Kids say the darndest things at times. 120k federal agents vs 20+ million veterans, is what I’m reminded of by my teenage child. Interesting, I thought to myself. If a kids had this mentality and common sense of thought, imagine what those with cooler heads are waiting for? The colony will prevail, the people will prevail and the timing will be, well, when it is. No need to rush into a convoluted cluster f$&#, when it will rush to us. The arrogance and miscalculation of the spirit of the Patriot, will be the demise of any tyrannical entity trying to seize freedom from the very people who have sworn their lives to defend and keep.

    The world’s is watching ladies and gentlemen. And watching intently as things unfold within their own Countries, watching the very Country who took their land from a tyrannical England. When it happens, it will be a worldwide event. Believe me when I tell you, the common man is fed up and has had enough! Timing is everything, multiple fronts will open up and eventually those big boots that have been pressing against the very throats of the citizens they have sworn to protect, will cower. Not only cower, but play the blame game as Constitutional due process and our wonderful God given rights are once again restored. God Bless America, the American Patriot and the Patriots of the world!

  5. Today, Jan. 26th…Ron Paul has his view of this legislation, at titled, “The evil Mitch McConnell….(can’t remember the exact title..but you can find it easily at lewrockwell’s site.) I have followed Ron Paul since 2006…This is a “short read”…Two statements in it are: “The legislation makes the unconstitutional Iraq War Authorization of 2002 look like a “walk in the park”. (That should get your attention) and “Let’s be clear: If Senate Majority Leader McConnell succeeds in passing this open ended war authorization , the U.S. Constitution will be all but a dead letter”..

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