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Malheur SITREP: 2200L 24 JAN 2016

Situation Report (SITREP) for 2200L 24 JAN 2016

– Local reports indicate a possible decrease in federal vehicles in the vicinity (IVO) Burns, OR, which may be due to a recent FBI shift change. Sources also reported a decrease in the number of law enforcement vehicles in the area.

– There’s been no change in the FBI’s posture IVO Burns, OR.

– Pacific Patriots Network leadership were introduced to two new FBI agents who are replacing the previous two FBI contacts. The new FBI agents desired continued communications with the PPN, and wanted the PPN to continue to communicate with Ammon Bundy. Each party also reiterated a desire for a peaceful resolution.

– Lavoy Finicum renewed his commitment to the Malheur cause, denying rumors that the group was attempting to negotiate their way out of the Refuge. “All of those of you who are worried that we are about to negotiate a withdrawal with the FBI, that is not the case. We are not going anywhere. We are here to do a job,” he recently told reporters.

– There are two unconfirmed reports of overt FBI surveillance of the Malheur compound over the weekend. An occupier in the watch tower overlooking the Refuge Headquarters reported an aircraft making runs over the area. The other unconfirmed report is that a Malheur guard approached a vehicle with two FBI agents who left after a short conversation. No further information is available.

– A community meeting in Burns was scheduled for Monday, 25 January; however, it was cancelled by Harney County Judge Steven Grasty, citing “security concerns.” In a news release, Judge Grasty was concerned over a protest against the “public meeting” in which seating was limited and personal identification would be checked before entering.


ANALYST COMMENT: A shift change would explain a quick increase and decrease in personnel, however, it does not account for the additional equipment and gear trailers brought in over the past week. Although the FBI is being measured in their response, they likely maintain the capability to secure the Refuge, if necessary.  Additionally, we can probably expect a similar shift change within the next two weeks.

We expect tactical teams to remain on standby in the event they’re needed in Burns or at the Refuge, however, they do not appear to be any more likely to cordon the Refuge as they were in the past 48 hours.

Time is clearly on the side of law enforcement. We continue to see a calm and calculated presence as the FBI is likely building a criminal case against Ammon Bundy and the Malher crew.  A continued willingness to have dialogue with the Pacific Patriots Network remains a positive indicator that a peaceful resolution is desired.

MLCOA: As long as FBI capabilities remain at current levels and we don’t see any indicators of armored vehicles or restricted airspace, then the Most Likely Course of Action is a continuation of what we’ve observed over the past two weeks as the FBI continues to give enough rope to the Malheur occupiers in hopes that they hang themselves.

MDCOA: The arrival of armored vehicles in the area or the introduction of temporary flight restrictions would signal the Most Dangerous Course of Action, which is putting a cordon in place, escalating the situation, and increasing the likelihood of violence.

Photo credit:  Harney County Mall Cops



Samuel Culper is a former military intelligence NCO and contract Intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now runs Forward Observer, an intelligence services company.


  1. I was under the impression that the airspace over Harney county had been restricted some time during the at week. Is that incorrect?

    1. While I was at the situation in Burns I had a chance to sit down speak with LaVoy Finicum one of the leaders of the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom ( about what lead him to come out from his ranch in Arizona to be a part of the Hammond family support march to the occupation of the Malheur Refuge Center in Harney County Oregon. We discuss the background of the Hammond family court case and the issues that surround what lead to the conviction of the family and the questions that surround it. We then discuss the actual occupation of the Refuge Center and the planning that lead up to that occupation and why there is the exercising of 1st Amendment rights along with the 2nd Amendment rights. Please share this interview out with everyone you know that are a part of the Patriot Community.

    2. Citizens for Constitutional Freedom and Oath Keepers dont let the gov dived people like you that will stand and fight for the Constitution we all know dived we fall united we stand find a conman and help each other in some way and keep the good fight up for the Constitution if the gov can get you fighting with each other half of there battle is over for gov and they will have win stand strong help each other when you can united we stand with the Constitution

    3. I was under the impression airspace is restricted as well since I’m listening to live stream and watching as its happening. They have confirmed a large presence of FBI, etc. From what I’ve heard today abut 15 minutes ago, the FBI has shut down communication btwn them and those at the refuge. I fully understand why they did this. Now that they took the Hammonds land, they are going after another rancher now. In order to claim 32 ranches in the Malheur area, Ammon said they redirected water flow and flooded out all those ranches, homes, etc. to run them out. This is about property rights. These ranches were in these families long b4 the BLM was created.

  2. This occupation was not a wise thing to do. The feds aren’t going to give in to Bundy and his associates on anything, nor are they going to go away and leave them alone. Eventually (unless they come out), they’re going to go in and take them. I fully support the motivation behind their action, but getting themselves killed, or imprisoned isn’t going to advance their cause. It’s time to admit they screwed-up, and come out — the only possible outcomes to this are bad, and the longer it goes on, the worse it’s likely to be.

    1. Yeah, they said that at lexington and the alamo. Two important times in our history. I have aske this question to stewart rhodes, sheriff mack and others. I will pose it to you. Since the injustice and corrupt railroading of the hammonds, the stealing of land from ranchers, the fact that the federal government has no authority to own land, the intimidation of american citizens, tell me, at what point should we stand up against this government? Specifically. Because with all of this corruption going on with the federal and local government, please advise specifically what event or situation would be appropriate to stand up for our constitution and stop the government over reach. I will wait for your response.

  3. A little light goes a long way! Bloomberg’s announcement to run I don’t believe is coincidence.
    This Russian Uranium One deal involving the Clintons, Oregon Governor, Judge Grasty, Grasty’s brother.. A case study of collusion by Heads of State, State and local officials for profit, against local citizens and with the aid of DOJ, FBI – the highest law enforcement office in the nation.

    Militia arrive in FLINT. Michigan.

    1. If you have any actual evidence of Judge Grasty’s involvement in any way with the Uranium deal please post it and forward it to my website. Yesterday on a Sunday, I emailed The judge and ask a few questions about his demeanor towards the Hammond case and explained some of my own concerns. To my surprise he replied almost immediately and we had a very reasonable exchange. I believe he will be quite fair to the Hammonds. Realize that rumors can get out of hand and do more damage than good rather easily. Lets not alienate those that are leaning on the right side of events.

      I completely agree with the issues and points Ammon Bundy is trying to convey . But I think the seizure of the facility is a losing program. I have attempted to explain to him this rationale previously even though I do not have a direct line to him or audience. So this may be another possible attempt that he may read. Ammon, you can make a good case now for simple trespass. The problem is that the Hammonds have never given their blessing on your actions or asked for your help and they are the victims of all of the events leading up to this scenario. You have made some good points. Don’t let them be drowned in false public rumors, lies and distortions going forward. I urge you to reconsider your position and simply stand down and leave the refuge facility. You will look like the winner and the good guy that took the high road ! Any other action will likely end with some kind of escalation from our out of control government agencies and you could lose all the ground you have gained in a disastrous way. Live to fight another day and choose your battles well my man !


        The New York Times’s examination of the Uranium One deal is based on dozens of interviews, as well as a review of public records and securities filings in Canada, Russia and the United States. Some of the connections between Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation were unearthed by Peter Schweizer, a former fellow at the right-leaning Hoover Institution and author of the forthcoming book “Clinton Cash.” Mr. Schweizer provided a preview of material in the book to The Times, which scrutinized his information and built upon it with its own reporting.

        Whether the donations played any role in the approval of the uranium deal is unknown. But the episode underscores the special ethical challenges presented by the Clinton Foundation, headed by a former president who relied heavily on foreign cash to accumulate $250 million in assets even as his wife helped steer American foreign policy as secretary of state, presiding over decisions with the potential to benefit the foundation’s donors.

      2. Thanks for the link , a;though it says nothing about any connection to the judge ? So that part has zero credibility at this juncture and is just a rumor you are apparently willing to spread. I am hardly naive on such matters and have been involved in many such legal battles , likely far more than yourself and I fully realize all the parameters and ramifications in how badly the Hammond’s have been hosed by our own government. I simply prefer to deal in first hand information and experiences and not rely on rumors for much of anything ?

        I have also been privy to the nefarious dealings of the mining issues both with the Hammond’s and the Bundy’s, I would not be surprised at all if there is considerable malfeasance in play. But I do know rumors will only muddy the waters to actually get any real resolve ! Again if you have any actual evidence of the judges involvement of any dealings with the mining issue please forward it and I will put it up. I am likely going to write a page/article on the subject. I will also follow up on the article below as well. There is quite a bit of info out there on the Clinton mining involvement and it should be followed up and exposed !

      3. cmb, Thanks for the link to that article in Business Insider, I had not read that one yet. Here’s another article from same source with more good info. This deal is definitely against our national security interests. Look at the quote from the Russian Rosatom CEO below that’s in the article!

        The Clinton Foundation received millions from investors as Putin took over 20% of US uranium deposits
        by Colin Campbell and Pamela Engel
        April 23, 2015

        After the deal was approved in October 2010, Rosatom’s chief executive, Sergei Kiriyenko, said in an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin: “Few could have imagined in the past that we would own 20% of US [uranium] reserves.”

      4. AM, back at you regarding your article as well. More skeletons to be uncovered no doubt! The Steeple have no perspective, experience. I prescribe one good railroading for each!

  4. After watching over 4000 farms dairy /beef and this is the low number, just here in Pa shut down in the last 7 years I can see how something much bigger is at play,what farms that are left are mainly government corn growers who most say now are breaking the law just by getting out of bed in the morning due to gov. rules and regs.
    So those who do not support this action ask yourself this how many farm/ranches are no longer in biss. in just your area.Just so you know this is just not limited to Org, .
    What are you going to EAT when no farmer can grow FOOD…I know the 3d printer will make it for you and that next hamburger you eat take a good look at it.. ..
    WAKE UP !!! there is something else going on here the gov will take care of you alright..
    I support this action if nothing else to bring out just what is going on with our/nation basic food supply that no one seems to be talking about,something is very wrong here ..But turn on the TV lots of election coverage just can not have the people know your food source is in TROUBLE YIKES !!!

  5. There are several things that I want to bring to people’s attention…because I do not want this situation to get out of hand…As a word of encouragement, Jonathan Emord, a constitutional attorney who writes at ,stated, today in his article.. (article is about “where about 100 FBI agents are working (investigating) on Hillary Clinton’s email situation) , he stated that the director of the FBI, James B. Comey had “unwavering commitment ” to the “rule of law”…

    Can anyone meet with Director Comey and give him all of the facts and establish a line of communication with him, to ensure that there is no need at all to aggress against the Bundy group?

    Next: John Marshall is a veteran who lives in Oregon and he has done two articles on this situation…at newswithviews.. Look at the one today and it will have the link to the first one… title of first article… “Constitutional Shakedown in Burns, Oregon” Here is the link to todays.. Some very interesting information, if it is true…

    Remember, the best offense, is a good defense. While, no doubt, the government people are building a case against the Bundy group. a defensive case must be built…by “we the people”..

    So, in a previous post (my first, on Jan 13th I believe, where Ammon Bundy was holding a “press” conference)…I mentioned Dr. Michael Coffman’s 6 part article, titled “The Bundy Standoff-A century of abuse” It is outstanding…and superbly researched.. If someone(s) over at Burns, Oregon or vicinity…would just make copies of this…in color…(so people can see the links he gives).. and get it out to everyone you can…especially to all the law enforcement people…some of them (and the townspeople also) just may learn that this is info they did not know….”The Rest of The Story”, as Paul Harvey would say… here is the direct link..again.. If you do not want to read it, have someone you respect who has good reading skills, read it . It is pretty indepth..Also on the first page, he links to the video of Judge Jeanie and her message to Harry Reid..quite entertaining

    At John Marshall’s first article, he has at the bottom that it is 2 parts..I cannot get the “2nd” link to work..surely someone reading this knows him..please contact him, to fix it, if it does not work for you either.

    And lastly…about that Gold Fringed American flag… suggested reading…at newswithviews again.. by Marilyn Barnewall (read her resume..her father was military).. (Elias, please contact me through e-mail)

  6. The FBI and MSM are crying about how much money this is costing the “taxpayers” for them to be there.
    That is pretty simple to solve. FBI, just get the fudge out of there! There is nothing for the Federal Bureau of “INVESTIGATION” to investigate. The Government is wrong, the people are right and that is how it is. Plain and simple.
    The Government is not allowed to own land anywhere besides the 10 square mile region known as DC. If the ever did actually have control of any of this land it was because they are a Government Services Corporation and the PEOPLE hired them to take care of it, which is like the maid stealing the fine china and selling it and pocketing the cash. When it became clear that the china had been stolen, the maid was FIRED! When it became clear that the Government Services Corporation had stolen the land, the PEOPLE stepped back in and said YOU ARE FIRED! And the Government Services Corporation didn’t lie being fired and losing control so they decided to get rowdy.
    This pretty much sums it up for you!

  7. I heard the garbage is beginning to pile up and smell. Are they going to the dump soon? What’s the plan for sanitation and health? When someone gets sick, will they be treated in town or by an Oathkeeper Medic?

  8. Critics continue to point to Article IV regarding control of Territories. They neglect the definition and that the Feds were to hold the lands in trust, not that they were intended to be the largest landowner in the nation.
    Territory – NOUN – (especially in the US, Canada, or Australia) an organized division of a country that is not yet admitted to the full rights of a state.
    Prior to Statehood in 1859 the lands in question were the Oregon Territory.
    Why are the majority of lands West of Colorado still controlled by the Feds? In all other parts of the Union the Feds control less than 5% of the lands.

  9. It’s unbelievably maddening to see people continue to say “the Feds are wrong, but Bundy can’t win.”
    Fact: The Feds are wrong.
    Fact: If Bundy loses, we all lose.
    How will there be another chance to do this the peaceful way? This IS peaceful. Brandon, Ammon, PPN and supporters ARE winning hearts and minds. There IS hope.

    How is this not the time to go out there and stand by them? The Feds will be ready for all of this the next time they plot to steal land and sell it to another country (probably tomorrow). When will we ever have another chance to do this peacefully?

    If people aren’t going to physically be there (understanding that local areas need them, too) what is so hard about supporting them with your words and your contacts? When will people develop the intestinal fortitude to just DROP the “I don’t agree with how they did it…” whining and start only saying “They are fighting the good fight and this is how we’re going to help them (ALL OF US) win it!”? When are people going to start problem solving on behalf of the righteous mission — free the Hammonds, expose the rampant corruption, regain control of state lands to the states…..


    1. The simple truth is there is far worse corruption in our government on a much grander scale. Of course this entire scenario is wrong and likely completely illegal going back years of encroachments, but that is nothing new with the people we have running this government. I still agree with Oath Keepers original thesis. This was a loser from the get go because Bundy and crew did not have Hammond’s blessing nor did they ask for any help or to seize anything on their behalf. You are focusing on the wrong stuff and a losing program from the get go ! Working yourself into a tizzy when there are far more important circumstances and matters before all of us. The good news is Ammon Bundy has helped expose just a very small piece of what is wrong here in USSA today. An out of control and intrusive government that acts in many illegal ways ! The bad news is it could all be lost very easily by not picking the right battles and underlying circumstances. Cooler heads need to prevail and continue the battle against the tyrrany we are all party of from these control freaks we call our government !

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