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Malheur SITREP: 2200L 23 JAN 2016

This is a Situation Report from sources on the ground in the vicinity of (IVO) Burns, Oregon, as well as from open source reporting. This SITREP includes information from a SALUTE report generated yesterday* and is augmented with more recent information.

– An estimated 200 federal vehicles are in the town of Burns, Oregon, located at the FBI compound at the Burns Municipal Airport, hotels, and on the roads.

– Including approximately 50 vehicles at the Harney County Sheriff’s Office, we concur with yesterday’s SALUTE report that 400 or more local, state, and federal personnel are on the ground IVO the town of Burns.

– Last week, the FBI compound at the Burns Municipal Airport consisted of one modular tent, a directional microwave antenna, a “cell on wheels” antenna, and a satellite dish mounted on a communications vehicle.

– In the past several days, the FBI presence has significantly increased to three modular tents, six equipment trailers, and one to two dozen mobile light towers, in addition to dozens of additional personnel. Sources on the ground say the increase consists mostly of tactical teams, as opposed to support teams.

– Multiple sources also report that the FBI and other law enforcement demeanor has changed to “almost hostile” towards the Pacific Patriots Network.


ANALYST COMMENT: Analysts concur that the ramp up of federal personnel and equipment is sufficient to put a cordon in place around the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, and possibly set up checkpoints IVO Burns, OR.  One thing missing from the area is the presence of armor, such as Bearcats, Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Proof (MRAP), Cougar or Buffalo military vehicles.  I would not expect a cordon to be put into place without armored vehicles in place, so that may be the best indicator of a future cordon.

Although the FBI now has the capability to cordon and raid the Refuge, we do not expect the FBI to choose violence as a first resort. From the beginning, the FBI has gone on the record and maintained that they want a peaceful resolution. I still believe this to be the case.

Open source media reports the presence of children at the Refuge.  Significant backlash would follow an attempt to clear the compound without first exhausting all negotiations to remove the children from the area.  If children perish during another government onslaught like Waco or Ruby Ridge, a large number of Americans have gone on the record to say that there will be the proverbial hell to pay.  I believe this to be the case, too.

A best case scenario is one that ends with Ammon Bundy and the Occupiers having gotten their point across to the American People without blood being shed by either party.

SALUTE Report from 22 JAN 16:

SIZE: 200+ Fed vehicles, 400-500 agents/LEOs, mostly tac guys

ACTIVITIES: Shadowing militia throughout town. Hotels filling up with FBI, State Troopers, etc. Sheriff’s dept fully locked down and barricaded.

LOCATION: Burns airport. Most hotels. Sheriff’s department.

UNITS: FBI tac teams, State Troopers, and SDs from around state

TIME: No demands have been made by FBI to vacate facility. Bundy will not vacate until his demands are met.

EQUIPMENT: Multiple large army tents at airport. Approximately 1 dozen light towers, half dozen portable outhouses. Minimum 1 drone. Multiple comms trucks, satellite and antenna. 1 medical response van.

ADDITIONAL: State Police are pulling any vehicle over, including citizens, for absolutely any small violation. Was not case previously to this weekend.

Photo credit:  Harney County Mall Cops


UPDATE/NOTE FROM STEWART RHODES, Jan. 24, 2016:   SGM Santoro (on the ground in Burns, OR) agrees with Sam Culper’s SITREP and Analyst Comment and reports “all quiet on the Western Front” as of 11 am, today, January 24, 2016.   SGM Santoro wants you all to know that Facebook rumors of check-points being in place, gun confiscation, etc are false.  Just because it is on the internet, doesn’t make it true.   SGM is there, and personally drove ten miles outside town to have a look around, and sees nothing like that going on (at least not yet).   Also, he reports that he still has a solid line of communication and is on cordial, professional, speaking terms with the FBI agents he has been talking to over the past two weeks to further the mediation effort and facilitate and encourage open communication between the FBI and Ammon Bundy.   SGM Santoro has been working diligently with PPN on that mission.

For timely photos from the ground in Burns, OR,  go to the above referenced Harney County Mall Cops.

I have asked Sam Culper to write frequent SITREPS on Malheur/Burns, OR and he has graciously agreed.   When needed, we will add a word from SGM Santoro.  Both will help keep you informed of what is actually going on out there.




Samuel Culper is a former military intelligence NCO and contract Intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now runs Forward Observer, an intelligence services company.


  1. Let us hope that the FBI and other personnel will at least give the folks a heads up by publicly saying… “It’s time to leave”. Any other action on their part would be a tragedy. I’m sure we would all like to see a peaceable end to this “standoff”. Communication is the best avenue to take, and I truly hope that the FBI and others take this course of action. There are a whole lot of people watching this event unfold. I truly hope that the FBI takes this into account prior to any overt action.

      1. Brandon Curtiss just exposed a lot of corruption with Santilli.They have documents that have been copied and in safe locations

    1. We have all watched this situation unfold and it should be amply clear to all with any sense how this is going to terminate. While the FBI may have expressed that they do not wish to bring violence the mechanization of state is in motion and will not stop until federal lands now occupied by persons unauthorized to do so are removed. As badly as we all would like to believe that the Constitution For the People is alive and well, history has delivered a government that does not abide it. The “constitution” this federal government is operating with has been corrupted by more than a century of military rule under the war powers set in motion during reconstruction and codified by war powers acts. Anyone that believes any of us are living under constitutional rule is naive or deluded or both. I do not know the remedy but I do know this is not it. The occupiers should leave now.

      1. The Gulag Archipelago, is a book written by Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn who was a Russian novelist, historian, short story writer and outspoken critic of the Soviet Union, especially its totalitarianism, who helped to raise global awareness of its Gulag forced labor camp system.
        His contention was that the Russian people did not speak out enough or not at all.
        Any resistance to government harrassment of it’s people is better than none at all.
        The Bundy occupation has shined the light on the BLM. The occupiers are operating under our 1st Amendment right to petition their government for grievances and what better place to do it than on the property of those they have a complaint with. In addition they are operating under the 2nd Amendment right to bear and carry arms for their self defense as they have not pointed those arms at anyone.
        Let’s not forget why the States agreed to a limited Federal government. Those Federal employees work for us and all the lands they control were never intended to be their land. So do we allow this to blow over and kick the can down the road so our children and grandchildren will continue to be abused or do we take care of business now peacefully through continued negotiations. Go to Oregon if you can to support peaceful negotiations.

      2. Ron, kicking the can down the road. Yep, few realize how corrupted this nation’s governance has become. I don’t believe we can regain what freedoms we have given up without bloodshed and even then paltry will be the rewards. The upcoming generations are conditioned to accept this reality and people of my generation refuse to fight even for themselves.

  2. To Stewart Rhodes and the Pacific Patriots Network;

    This is a time for some intense deep thought and actual learning regarding the formation of a radically improved long game for the Patriot movement. Or we risk being singled out for retaliation from Leviathan.
    Been there done that. Let me warn you, when you are singled out by a massive bulbous tyrannical overreaching narcissistic Leviathan, you will lose, the Calvary will never come, and you and your loved ones will be seriously harmed physically and financially or both..

    The “only strength against Leviathan” is in broad real-life logistical and financial capabilities and the sheer perpetually growing of numbers of our people willing to stick together like glue,… No-matter-what. Like like a religion. A religion of foundational patriotism.

    A strategy, any strategy, must be jointly developed between a much more unified patriot movement than what exists today, and then that strategy must be properly financed, equipped, and acted upon.
    In 2016 and beyond, “any opposition to Leviathan” must have an effective sustainable intelligence infrastructure developed. Video, audio, drones, imbedded spies, a records and command and control center, and much much more.
    Wake up! Leviathan employs ever single one of these tools, and much more, against us ever single day.

    This “sounds” simple enough. The reality is sadly though, that it is not simple when humans are involved.
    But it should be.
    Men and women, and their respective patriot and militia groups must put their differences aside and be willing to much more formally unify, train and finance, or risk persecution, intimidation, possible prosecution, and maybe much worse, physical harm or death.

    This kind of engagement with Leviathan is no longer any kind of a game.
    Leviathan today laughs openly as it gleefully pisses on the Posse Comitatis Act of 1878. The tyrants game is evolving and becoming much more deadly right before our eyes.

    Look at what you see happening with your own eyes at the Malheur Refuge. A massive Military response is forming up to assault a few people occupying a public facility that is open to the public 24 hours a day.
    Wake the hell up! You will “never” ‘EVER” see Delta Force mobilized to kill rat bitten, flea-bag, urine-soaked left-wing commie protestors demanding trillions of more dollars in “Free-Stuff”as they BLOCK access to public buildings, major roads and highways. Why is that??

    Please listen to my meaningful cautions; ANY organization that EVER intends to use force to make it’s point EVER against Leviathan, needs to protect itself against persecution and prosecution, and it needs permanent qualified leaders, a legal staff or resources, and REAL medical and supply logistics systems funded and in place.

    The reality is; Unify and project REAL purposeful power and achieve peace through strength, or be relatively easily divided, harmed, and conquered. THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE to improving our organizations dramatically.

    Stand-up against Leviathan with a much improved and more sound footing, or get it over with and surrender. Any middle ground is just ineffective mush.

    As a movement,….. we must match the tyrants, man-for-man, tent for tent, equipment for equipment, vehicle for vehicle,…… or risk persecution, intimidation, possible prosecution, and maybe much worse, physical harm or death.

    My studied view from a workably tactical standpoint, is that unless the patriot movement as a much more unified whole is willing to stand in “like-kind force”, We MUST LEAVE this potentially very dangerous or lethal situation at the Malheur Refuge.

    We must dramatically simplify our united mission, and have a much more organized, logistically equipped and funded response to potential FBI and BLM terrorism perpetrated by Leviathan..

    As a fellow participant in the Patriot movement, and as the Oath Keepers organization, now and into the future, we MUST recognize that as a matter of self-preservation, we must “learn all that we can” from ever single situation that is important enough to deploy a human being into it and into harms way.

    If we fail to be willing to stand in “like-kind force”, then We MUST LEAVE.

    We absolutely must strive forward to eventually develop and fund a rock solid professional formal strategy to, discourage through real strength, confrontational physical engagement, legal attacks, arrests, singled out attacks, or any other kind of assault on individual Oath Keepers or a potentially much more united Patriots network.

    But the reality today will still be the reality tomorrow.
    Unless the OK and the Patriot movement plan to act as a much more unified whole, and is willing to soulfully commit to standing in “like-kind force”, (key words “like-kind force”)….. as a sheer matter of protecting our members safety and security from physical harm or prosecution, then We MUST LEAVE.

    “Silence in the face of tyranny, is your consent to that tyranny”

    1. Dear Overtaxed:

      This is ALSO a “…time for some intense deep thought and actual learning” about our history, and to ask a question: Are those paintings of George Washington on his knees at Valley Forge mere folklore? Or were his skillful generalship and his army’s valor graciously aided by divine interposition?

      Historians tell us Benjamin Franklin was a deist, but his speech at a seriously deadlocked Constitutional Convention wherein he called for daily prayer, the way they had prayed in that same room during the recent war, suggests HIS answer to that question. Peter Marshall’s “The Light and the Glory” gives a number of instances of divine intervention during the war that I am certain Franklin did not need to review before the Convention.

      Whenever I hear the song “God bless America”, I ask: Why SHOULD God bless America? Our “War on Terror” creates hatred abroad; our media canonized thugs like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, and

      1. This entire Oregon ranch debacle is rooted in America hating leftists within or own government, conveniently implementing UN Agenda 21 and pushing people off of rural lands. All resulting in Leviathan’s subsequent clandestine total control of the resource’s, mineral rights, and therefore the tremendous wealth associated with the ranchers property.

        Don’t think for a minute that Harry Reid, John Kerry, Barack Hussein Obama or Hitlery Clinton would not sell gold to the Chinese or uranium to the Russians in exchange for billions and billions in speaking fees, foundational grants, or in easy to become unaccounted for real estate deals or easy to conceal cash finders fees.

        Like in all crimes and internal corruption in government, follow the money.
        A river of money running, unaudited, into Leviathan’s pockets. Re-distributing the wealth to its lackeys that happen to be its highest ranking insiders.

        Not a single blessed one of them which will leave the government teat with less than hundreds, if not thousands of times what their W-2’s indicate.

        “Silence in the face of tyranny, is your consent to that tyranny”

    2. You are absolutely on-point on ALL points, sir! When this situation is over, we can’t sit around on our thumbs until the NEXT situation develops. We unite, organize & PREPARE for it BEFORE it arises. Rest assured, Leviathan will be…

      1. CHIEF, your observation has guided to to what is of course, the absolutely necessary solution. Unity, consolidation, and a massive increase in our networked power and resources.

        I have tried to “standardize” all of my associates terminology for our constitution usurping increasingly dangerous Leviathan since I screamed it out at the top of my lungs along with 5,000 other people at my first Tea Party Patriots rally in 2009.

        We all need to properly identify, brand, and pigeon hole this present day constitution assaulting , narcissistic, bulbous, tyrannical, overreaching “Leviathan”.

        Leviathan must no longer be referred to with ANY TERMINOLOGY” that conveys any respect for any of the minions with-in its ranks that have failed to honor their sworn Oath’s to honor and to uphold the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and to defend it against “all enemies”, both foreign and domestic.
        These people are our “employees” for God’s sake!!
        Please don’t forget that these usurpers simply must be restored to a role as our servants, not as our masters.

        The U.N. was never intended to be able to breach any of our sovereignty, and the present day left-wing commie-progressives should have never been allowed to adjudicate anti-constitutional verdicts from the bench or violate their sworn Oath’s to honor and uphold the constitution, without swift and harsh reprisals and retaliation from the very proletariat citizen people that the US Constitution and Bill of Rights was crafted to protect from any future tyrannical usurping “LEVIATHAN”.

        Patriots became complacent and lazy.

        What we have today is indeed a Devilish Leviathan that has grown like a cancerous tumor and become, a no-good mass, harmful to those around it, and highly resistant to the cure. That cure being constitutionally conservative Patriots willing to stand-up for constitutionally limited government, God GIVEN INALIENABLE RIGHTS, and constitutionally separated powers of the three branches as originally intended by our brilliant founders.

        “Silence in the face of tyranny, is your consent to that tyranny”

    3. Overtaxed:

      Don’t know how you made the simulation between “Leviathan” and “FBI / Law Enforcement”… They do not fit any of the descriptions set forth by Wikipedia.
      • Leviathan (roller coaster), a Bolliger & Mabillard roller coaster at Canada’s Wonderland
      • Leviathan (clothing), a sportswear brand established in Australia in 1909 dedicated to marine outdoor and watersports
      • Leviathan (cipher), a stream cipher
      • Leviathan (cross-stitch), type of cross-stitch
      • a line of high-alcohol beers from Harpoon Brewery
      • Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade, a video game by Lostwood Games
      • 8813 Leviathan, a main belt asteroid
      • Livyatan melvillei (synonym: Leviathan melvillei), a species of whale, named after Leviathan and Moby-Dick’s author Herman Melville
      • Leviathan gas field in the Eastern Mediterranean
      • Leviathan of Parsonstown, a telescope in Birr, Ireland
      • Leviathan, junior synonym of Mammut
      The former stage name of WWE wrestler Dave Batista
      The word has become synonymous with any large sea monster or creature. In literature (e.g., Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick) it refers to great whales, and in Modern Hebrew, it simply means “whale”. It is described extensively in Book of Job 41 and mentioned in Job 3:8, Amos 9:3, Psalm 74:13-23, Psalm 104:26 and Isaiah 27:1.

      Overtaxed, you put way too much thought into what you know nothing about. Your “Silence” phrase at the end was good though, who owns that one?

      1. Midnite:

        Perhaps he is referring to this definition – Leviathan (/lᵻˈvaɪ.əθən/; Hebrew: לִוְיָתָן, Modern Livyatan, Tiberian Liwyāṯān ; “twisted, coiled”) is a sea monster referenced in the Tanakh, or the Old Testament. The word has become synonymous with any large sea monster or creature.

        I know when I refer to this “creature” we call our federal government it resembles that of a destroyer beast not a government constrained by the organic constitution nor can it be so constrained as this “Leviathan” creature operates outside the natural laws of flesh and blood humans within the realm of fiction, war and lawlessness.

      2. Mr. Troll;
        Thank you for your obliviously meaningless and insulting troll-like reply.

        Search Result:
        noun: leviathan; plural noun: leviathans
        (in biblical use) a sea monster, identified in different biblical passages with threatening whale, sea monster or crocodile (e.g., Job 41, Ps. 74:14),
        and “with the Devil” (after Isa. 27:1). “with the Devil”, did you pick-up on that one Mr. Troll? I kindly repeated it for you.

        a very large creature..
        “the great leviathans of the deep”
        a thing that is very large or powerful, an autocratic Monarch or State.

        “autocratic Monarch or State” Huuuuummmmm, did you pick-up on that one Mr. Troll? I very kindly repeated it for you, again…


        in other words, in “Biblical terms”; “a thing that is very large or powerful, an autocratic Monarch or State”.

        “Overtaxed, you put way too much thought into what you know nothing about”

        Now Mr. Troll, how could you possibly know anything about the scope of my personal battles with Leviathan and what I know or don’t know about anything?? Are spying on me Mr. Troll? Are you a “peeping Tom pervert” Mr. Troll?

        you know “nothing about”. BuZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, “wrong”. Sorry Mr. Troll. The Judges give you Four Pinocchio’s” on that one.
        But you are in all likelihood just another lefty naive and faceless, yet impressively narcissistic twitt of a troll. One that is sadly doomed by ideology to always be 100% wrong because of your progressively cancerous limited lefty ideology that clouds, misdirects, and “firewalls your rational thought”. You are sadly limited to thought inside of your tiny firewall. You are very pitifully, completely oblivious to your own blind narcissism.

        As far as YOU choosing the use of any of my words for me, YEAH you did put zero (0) rational thought into your words regarding that one, they seem to have just, “garped out” somehow.., like the vile smelling fermenting juices that leak and bubble out of an old punctured garbage bag.

        I do choose, unimpeded by you or anyone else, to use the Biblical meaning of my word, Leviathan, (Devilish Leviathan), as it has existed for thousands of years before you or any other lefty narcissists were born, “A thing that is very large or powerful, an autocratic Monarch or State”. Like it, embrace it, absorb it, dwell on it.

        Now “get to work” and look up “how left-wing progressiveism firewalls your rational thought”.

        “Silence in the face of tyranny, “and dumb-assedness”, is your consent to that tyranny and dumb-assedness”

    4. It’s time for a Continental Congress to bring all the disenfranchised under one umbrella. It’s time to determine “OUR” future…..

    5. Unify under Oath Keepers? We’re tired of following the pied piper. When are we going to march on D.C.., when are we going to overthrow this criminal corporation masquerading as government and implement a new one by the people for the people? Constitution thumping isn’t going to solve anything when the corporation doesn’t abide by it.

    6. My advise is to ask for a redress of grevenes and review by the courts of the legality of the situation of the governments wright to take and own private property in any state. That they be granted emunity from any prosicution for any crminal charges. If granted they will leave peasfully. They then have made there point BIG MIKE

  3. Any action the F.B.I. takes against the Malheur reserve, other than standing down and leaving will be illegal. They should be focusing on the corruption of the Judge and the Sheriff. Should the F.B.I. take unconstitutional action against its own Superiors then those Superiors should and will stop funding and disband them. Any forced and unwanted actions against the people of the Malheur reserve is forced and unwanted action against We The People of the United States. Therefore, Each and every F.B.I. agent in the area must evaluate and disobey any unconstitutional orders they may be given or suffer the consequences. They should also know that the evil that is above them will not hesitate to use them and then throw them under the bus when they are finished with them.

    1. The actions of the FBI would only be illegal according to the original Constitution “For” the People which can only be enforced in True courts of Common Law. The FBI has total legal authority to do as directed by its Commander in Chief with full impunity since the law of the land we live under is military law and has been since the fraudulent ratification of the 14th amendment by military puppet governments that started operating during the reconstruction period and continue today. Any “us citizen” that is brought before a court flying the colors on a pike displaying the gold fringe flag is a military tribunal. (Army Regulations Provide that gold fringe flags “are flown indoors, only in military courtrooms” United States Army Regulations AR 480-10 October 1,1979) There is no true law operating today the fight for liberty was waged and lost over 150 years ago. The only real remedy we currently have in law is an Article V convention to abolish the second class citizen created by the 14th amendment then re-establish the Common Law courts. Do not rely on “law” to prevail against federal forces you will surely lose that argument in ANY of the courts now in operation.

      If you doubt the “legal” authority of the President in this present situation please read –

      Title 10 USC § 332 – “Use of Militia and Armed Forces to Enforce Federal Authority: Whenever the President considers that unlawful obstructions, combinations, assemblages, or rebellion against the authority of the U.S., make it impractical to enforce the laws of the U.S. in any State or Territory by the ordinary course of judicial proceedings, he may call into Federal service such of the militia of any State, and use such of the armed forces as he considers necessary to enforce those laws or to suppress the rebellion. This section is a statutory exception to the Posse Comitatus Act.”

  4. Are you all aware of the Uranium One connection to Burns and their keen interest in the Malheur Refuge occupation? They are a Canadian uranium mining company which was bought by Russian Federation company Rosatom and is now wholly owned by Russia. They own about half of OUR American uranium reserves and they are exporting the uranium. They are mining in Wyoming now but Uranium One’s company profile states that they are “currently seeking new and profitable arenas in Oregon.”
    Uranium One should NEVER have been allowed to buy land, uranium mining rights, and uranium processing plants in our country due to national security interests, but they got approval. (Search the web to find out how that approval may have been obtained. There are many many articles.)

    Check out the Russian-owned Uranium One’s Facebook page.

    Jan. 22 re an article about the FBI and the Malheur occupiers
    “I appreciate our friends at the Oregonian for covering an issue that so
    greatly affects our company. We have reached out and offered
    compensation for their time and energy put into covering the Bundy
    Terrorists. They refused. This only shows their goodwill towards the
    international interests that could lose millions and billions of profit if more
    terrorists decide to follow suit.
    We want to pay special appreciation to the Oregonian’s
    [3 reporters named] for their persistent support of our cause
    and calling for the arrest and detainment of Ammon Bundy.”

    Jan. 10, above a photo showing the arrival of PPN
    “It looks like the Feds are getting outnumbered. Maybe it’s
    time to bring in the Predators? All joking aside, we do in
    fact need more armed Feds in there to protect the beautiful
    and viable land of Oregon. Let’s not let Bundy get away
    with setting another precedent.”

    Jan. 8, above a photo of Ammon Bundy with supporters
    “Maybe it’s time Obama take real action against private gun
    ownership. This could get dangerous.”

    Jan. 8, above a photo of Sheriff Dave Ward
    “Certainly this is a tense situation which we need to watch carefully.
    We hope the Sheriff will act responsibly and do what’s right for the
    town and planned developments in the area.”

    Watch here for 35 seconds to see a video of the above Facebook posts. (Credit and thanks to researcher Professor Doom. Check out his youtube videos explaining the role uranium is playing in Harney County in kicking the ranchers off the land).

    WHO is calling the shots on how to handle the Malheur Refuge occupation? OUR government or RUSSIA?

    Is the FBI being used as hired killers for Russian interests? Is the BLM kicking ranchers off their land, are our courts fining them and sending them to prison, so a Russian company can mine our natural resources? The FBI agents need to look at who is really giving the orders and for what reason, and not kill American citizens so Russia can steal our precious uranium and a Russian company can profit.

    1. Is it true as I have heard that the Feds have been bringing russian soldiers into our country for some time now? This may be one of the reasons, to protect their interests.

    2. I just noticed something that seems a little odd to me. The Uranium One Facebook page timeline only goes back less than a month. I’m not familiar with Facebook. Does this mean that their Facebook page was only created this month? In January 2016? Their 1st post showing is on January 8 about the Malheur occcupation. In fact that’s the topic of most of their few posts, that or Hillary. But the link to their website is correct. Odd.

      Is somebody playing a bad joke by creating a fake Uranium One Facebook page? If so, that’s a very stupid thing to do, as events in Burns / Malheur are no joking matter. Or does Uranium One have a nutball on their payroll who’s making these posts on their own Facebook page?

      Can someone who is familiar with Facebook check this out? Is there some way to see who the owner of the page actually is? Don’t want to blame Uranium One for the controversial remarks if they don’t control the Facebook account. Please reply to my post with what you find out. Thank you!

    3. The (US mined) uranium is not exported but sold to domestic nuclear power plants. The issue is the Clinton’s making money greasing the skids for the deal and the US being beholden to any foreign entity for it’s nuclear power plant fuel. That said, Putin is more trustworthy than the demons in Washington (Democrap or Repuke). Russia is not a threat to Americans.

      1. susano, thanks for reading my post and commenting. According to the New York Times article of April 2015, at least some of the uranium mined by Uranium One in Wyoming is being exported.

        Both Uranium One and the NRC state that the uranium is being exported to Canada for processing, and then some shipped back here and some shipped to other countries. Strict controls which were to prevent ANY uranium mined here from leaving the country are being circumvented. So uranium mined in the U.S. is definitely being shipped out of our country, and quite frankly it could end up anywhere in the world. An NRC spokesperson essentially admits that they are not carefully tracking the uranium shipments.

        I believe that for national security reasons we should not allow any foreign country to take control of our uranium reserves or be involved in our current uranium production. Here’s a brief excerpt from the end of the NYT article (it’s an excellent article, very well researched):

        Mr. Christensen, 65, noted that despite assurances by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that uranium could not leave the country without Uranium One or ARMZ obtaining an export license — which they do not have — yellowcake from his property was routinely packed into drums and trucked off to a processing plant in Canada.

        Asked about that, the commission confirmed that Uranium One has, in fact, shipped yellowcake to Canada even though it does not have an export license. Instead, the transport company doing the shipping, RSB Logistic Services, has the license. A commission spokesman said that “to the best of our knowledge” most of the uranium sent to Canada for processing was returned for use in the United States. A Uranium One spokeswoman, Donna Wichers, said 25 percent had gone to Western Europe and Japan. At the moment, with the uranium market in a downturn, nothing is being shipped from the Wyoming mines.

        The “no export” assurance given at the time of the Rosatom deal is not the only one that turned out to be less than it seemed. Despite pledges to the contrary, Uranium One was delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange and taken private. As of 2013, Rosatom’s subsidiary, ARMZ, owned 100 percent of it.

    4. This Uranium One Facebook page I posted about is most likely a fake page, meaning it’s not owned by the real company. I found a post on a patriot Anonymous Facebook page saying they think it’s a “Troll” page, and they’re trying to find out who the owner really is. It sure fooled me. I was duped! My apologies for posting about it. I’m glad that it’s most likely fake. I hope Facebook takes it down.

  5. After reading overtaxed post Im thinking again of Mr Rhodes idea to bring in Mr Trump to help negotiate. That would a very politically complicated thing to do and if Mr Trump does not think it appropriate at this time, he may have some ideas to offer or someone with his staff that could help. In my gut I believe that Mr Trump understands where we are in this country.
    For sure more unity from all Patriots is the only thing that can save our cause. That unity also needs to happen in what I call the people’s media. Beck needs to get the chip off his shoulder and reach out to Jones and Trump as Alex has reached out to Farrakhan.
    Rapid consolidation is our best hope isn’t it?
    Just my thoughts.

    1. You are spot on correct.
      Rapid consolidation and UNITY will help protect us in the patriot movement.
      It will be moving in a direction that we all know that we absolutely must go.

      But we do need to consolidate and grow much faster than we have been.
      Anti-constitutional forces with-in a Devilish police state oriented Leviathan are “evolving” very rapidly against us. We MUST NOT be oblivious to this rapid police state evolution.

      Leviathan has figured out, especially after the 2012 NDAA Act, that the constitution pretty much “no longer limits much of their designs on expanding their police state”, the expanding use of military force against citizens, and their grab for more, land and government control of resources, for more power, and for more of taxpayers money.

      If we do not consolidate, expand, and finance the patriot movement and keep pace, we will be “easily” overrun.

      Very few Americans are willing to stand up in the streets to challenge Leviathan’s constitution usurping lawlessness.
      Quite the contrary, many lefty-progressive sheepeople march in the streets for MORE totalitarianism, as long as these maggot infested, medicinal dope smoking, brain-dead zombies get “FREE-STUFF” to enjoy in their squalor.

      Do you want to be increasingly surveiled, recorded, picked-up and charged as a felon, fined and incarcerated as a domestic terrorist, and have your guns confiscated for simply attending a constitutional, patriotic, veterans, or Oath keepers rally?
      This is who today’s urban Leviathan sees as a domestic terrorist,…veterans and constitutional Patriots for God’s sake!

      This is a compelling reason as to why we must rapidly expand the patriot movement and keep pace with a very rapidly expanding and evolving ever more bulbous Leviathan.

      “Silence in the face of tyranny, is your consent to that tyranny”

    1. Excellent observation, Pointy End Out

      “perhaps its time for a counter encirclement of the feds….”

      The correct answer to your suggestion is of course;

      If we fail to be willing to stand in “like-kind force”, then We MUST LEAVE.

      “Silence in the face of tyranny, is your consent to that tyranny”

    2. Spot on. If we are serious about this mess, we should bring a full contingent of well armed patriots to the forefront to counter Club fed. This whole ill gotten mess has gotten out of control and its looking like club fed has the upper hand. Enough is enough. get in there and get it done or get the hell out. No more tough talk from the hot heads. Get it done or leave.

  6. I do not think the FBI will surround. I think that after it is apparent that Bundy will not leave, they will just raid the place with overwhelming force. They will probably wait for Bundy to roll out somewhere, scoop him up, and raid at the same time. If Oath Keepers want to get shot in the middle of that, we’ll that sucks.

  7. Please pass this on. Mainstream media sensationalizes, lies or ignores what’s happening. Most folks get their news from these deceptive sources. Most of The People don’t know the truths behind this situation. I suspect if asked what they knew about Burns OR they’d respond with “Where’s that?” It is the PATRIOTS who must pass on the truth.

  8. One thing the government does not and will not understand with a reaction there is a equal reaction and it’s not man made.
    So in other words there is a force that is out there like the world has never seen with all the guns that has been bought all the information the is so easily accessed now days ,it is at the finger tip of most people the government should heed this, times and minds have changed,you can feel and see it people are awake now and watching.
    They are so out numbered and so unaware of that it will end quickly if that force decides enough is enough and so directed by God .
    Yes they could win this battle with ease but the next battle will not be as this one but on a scale NEVER SEEN…
    God will have the final say in all this in the end BET ON IT ,I suggest that both sides seek him NOW and the answers will come maybe not what you want to hear for now but it’s all in his time NOT OUR’S… May God bless all who STANDS WITH HIM …

  9. Where is the governor? Why is this allowed to escalate? When both local and federal government refuse to redress citizens grievances…doesn’t the State bear some responsibility to do everything within its power to provide safety and security to all citizens in the interim? I guess not in the new law of the jungle…where might makes right!

    My recollection focuses on the dissimilar circumstances of: Ruby Ridge and Waco, where both began somewhat innocuously, but ended in horrific injustice and death….while groups like Occupy, NBPP/Zimmerman, Ferguson, Baltimore (et al) riotous incitements ad nauseam were handled with kid gloves.

    There is tremendous disparate treatment going on here. And…it involves the posturing for meting out of excessive force where it is unwarranted …and for those who are responsible for maintaining order…there is silence, which only serves to reinforce the thinking that “something is seriously wrong here”.

    It seems government actions are meant to appease some…while others only receive intimidation, vilification, and recrimination. Why…what is government’s intent here? Are they creating a powder keg of frustration so that a tyranny may be born and justified over the anarchy they’ve sown!

    Godliness is surely absent…Evil is the order of the day…and The Golden Rule is a mere memory!

    1. Oregon Governor Kate Brown is a dutiful agent of the federal government. She expressed her view publicly when she stated “Federal authorities must move quickly to end the occupation and hold all of the wrongdoers accountable,” and “This spectacle of lawlessness must end.”

      Do not expect any help from agents of this corrupt war power driven federal government or its military courts.

  10. This is the hill that the patriot movement wants to die on? Seriously?

    Overtaxed makes the most sense out of anyone that has posted commentary here. I think backing the Bundy’s play is a bad idea from an Objective, Strategic, and Tactical perspective. I am certain there is all kinds of skullduggery afoot in America. I believe the reason the FBI let this go on as long as they have is for the propaganda value. To paint all of us with the same negative broad brush strokes in the arena of public opinion. That will not play well in the national legislature when the progressive party hacks wheedle and whine for more “safety”. They are going to point at this issue and scream and yell “terrorists”!!! In case you haven’t noticed yet, “terrorist”, “racist”, and “homophobic” etc. are the new code words for “Witch”!!!

    The communist agenda in America has a more specific long term plan. We should as well. For the patriot movement to get behind the likes of Ammon Bundy is shortsighted and not productive long term. It appears he didn’t really want the help of the patriot movement to begin with. Even the leadership of his own church has basically dumped the chump on the roadside. I tend to believe protest has become ineffective and a negative drain on an other wise righteous cause.

    The commies haven’t won yet. We still have the means to fight back at the polls and in the courts. That’s what lawyers are for. There are plenty of right leaning and conservative sharks swimming around that love this kind of thing.

    Bottom line, I don’t think this is the line in the sand all of us are looking for. And Bundy is not the standard we want to wave before the public. The fight is coming, no doubt, and I will stand and fight when it does. But going up this hill, now, is not going to be helpful when we have a real fight on our hands.

    1. Of course you can think like that, believe what you have said here, but I believe that anyone who has studied into the UN’s Agenda 21 and its nefarious implementation by the USFS, EPA, and BLM in conjunction with multile NGOs would have to join me in disagreeing with you. Bundy gives me the impression that he is fully aware of the powerful forces behind the BLM’s attempted land grabs across the Western States. Bundy is onto something very much larger than just the BLM’s sins against the people (which are severe enough to warrant standing against, but are nowhere as important as what has driven and motivated BLM to be the front arm of an assault on our Constitution. So I will invite you to stick around and read more in coming days. Facts are bubbling up. Given time to compose it, I hope to draw the parallels between Agenda 21 and Federal over-reach against ranchers and farmers for you and everyone else reading here.
      Elias Alias, editor

      1. same issue here on Outerbanks. National Park service took this place over and it was never their land. Congressman Jones has ben fighting this fight for quite a while. Agenda 21 has tried to call the barrier islands their own.
        hardly anyone seems to care but a small minority. all eyes on Malhuer

      2. A little Historic Preservation Propaganda from the NPS

        Too bad this “preservation of the artifacts” hasn’t been instituted at Malheur. I have a friend who worked for the Forest Service and now currently works with NPS – he tells me the fascist horror stories of what he has had to endure.

        I have always gotten a weird, Stalinist, history revisionist hit from NPS personnel and very much offended a Ranger once by questioning some of the “historic fact” on display. The Ranger had no good comeback to my question btw.

    2. Range999 I agree with everything you have said with one notable exception. To place ANY trust in lawyers or the courts is just wrong headed and fool hardy. In ALL US court rooms, municipal, state, or federal the flag of the military (Gold Fringed Flag on a Pike) flies to place notice upon all who enter there of which law is in effect.You may scoff or laugh or simply think this is a kooky concept but you will be treated according to special rules for civilians in a summary courts martial all the same. Read the history and make a proper evaluation of the facts. Why does the government ignore the constitution? Why do the courts repeatedly hand down onerous and unreasonable judgement seemingly in contradiction to personal liberties derived from God? Can you honestly take a long hard look at government at draw any parallel with what you see and the organic Constitution For the People so readily cited by patriots today? You cannot. The government we live under today is military there is no need to declare martial law for it exists already especially in our court systems.

      If you choose to consider me a kook or misinformed I simply encourage you to read the history around the debate, adoption and ratification of the 14th amendment and how that one single amendment radically altered our laws from Christian Common Law to that of an imperial military rule much like the Roman Empire. You would soon discover that the tenets of Roman Civil law were alien to this land prior to 1861 but today are the bedrock of this “democracy” a democracy that was built upon the ruins of our republic to bring forth a “New World Order”. To ignore the facts of history is a fatal flaw to the cause of liberty.

      1. Spot on Charles, we need to dissolve the corporations masquerading as government and stop calling ourselves PERSONS..

    3. We are not “backing Bundy’s play.” We are just trying to prevent another Waco. This is not the hill we would have picked for a “hard stand.” Far from it, but we have a duty to try to keep this from blowing up in all of our faces. We are not there as part of Ammon Bundy’s security operation, or part of his occupation. We are there as a buffer, to try to prevent another Waco, which would throw us all into civil war (and started on a bad footing for the patriot movement), and to help open up, and keep open, lines of communication so this doesn’t go south.

      That’s it. That is not the same as “backing Bundy’s play.”

      And as for organizing better in the patriot movement, the answer is the same as it was in the Founders’ day: The Militia, made up of the people of each town, each county and each state. And that is what we are striving to reinstate and revitalize. That is the whole point of our CPT Program.

      You want a strong, united, patriot movement? Start with yourself, your family, your close circle of friends, and your neighbors. Three top questions: “who’s on your buddy team? (two people) Who’s on your fire team (four people)? Who’s on your squad (eight to twelve people – two to three fire teams)?” In other words, who do you have, near you, who you can count on to come to your immediate aid? That is the most fundamental question. Till you have that answered, all the “big org” organizing and planning, to project out somewhere else to some hot spot, is pointless.

      Get strong locally, and build from the bottom up, and you will be resilient and you will be self-governing and self-reliant.

      And once you sort out who is on your own personal team, turn to your neighbors and get to work forming them into a team, Form up a “neighborhood watch” with teeth. That is the “home guard” that protects your homes and families. Without that, nobody is going anywhere or projecting out even at the town or county level, let alone running off to some other state.

      You must have an ARMED neighborhood watch to even think about being able to project out. When the crap hits the fan in this nation, it will be nationwide (like a nationwide Katrina disaster) and you won’t have the luxury of leaving your home and family and driving to some other state. Odds are you won’t be going anywhere and will be busy right where you are, in your own state. But you certainly won’t be going anywhere unless your own family is safe. So, get that neighborhood watch formed up

      Then you can have a town wide, or county wide “QRF/Minuteman Unit” that can project out to help protect the town or the county. And that should be built up till it is a ready to go posse for a good sheriff, and/or the backbone of an eventual full blown, real deal, town or county militia (with official sanction by elected representatives being the way to go). A REAL militia is made up of each and every able-bodied citizen, and I also think it needs at least the sanction of the town or county government. It would be ideal if it also had sanction and funding by the state legislature and governor, but we all realize that is unlikely to happen in time. A good goal, but don’t bank on it.

      What I see happening though, in the broader patriot movement, is a well intentioned but flawed view that “we sheepdogs” will run off to some distant hot spot and protect the sheep. America was not meant to be a nation of sheep, It was meant to be a nation of citizen soldiers. So, we need to get our neighbors off the couch and on their feet, taking personal responsibility for not just their own safety, but for community safety and security.

      The answer is the militia, which is always right down at the town level in its units, and includes all of us.

      So, answer these:

      Got buddy team?

      Got fire team?

      Got squad?

      Got neighborhood watch? ,

      Got town watch, or town QRF/Minuteman unit? (whatever you want to call it)?

      Got county level watch/QRF/”civil defense”/minuteman unit?

      Got an official sheriff posse behind a constitutional Sheriff?

      Got a REAL militia? That means ALL able bodied citizens, not just a few “sheepdogs.” You and a dozen buddies does not a militia make, no matter what cool name you slap on it, or how nice your website is. And, it really should have some kind of official sanction, at least at the town or county level, so you have maximum credibility.

      When the crap hits the fan nationwide, you and your neighbors may be on your own for long periods of time.

      And if any of us are raided or otherwise oppressed, you need locals who are ready, willing, and able to come to your aid in mutual defense, right then. By the time anyone from out of town or out of state gets there, it will be too late.

      So, think local, local, local.

      And in each of the above teams/groups/units you MUST have an intelligence officer and/or team.

      Just like an SF A team has an intelligence and operations NCO, and just like a B team has an intel section, each squad needs an intel NCO/officer, and each support team or home guard/neighborhood watch needs an intel section.

      At each level, you need intel. Without intelligence, you have nothing. You won’t know what’s going on, who’s in your area doing what, and you won’t know what to do about it. How can you know what to do if you don’t know what is going on?

      Sam Culper, assisted by a few other intel (and counter-intel) Oath Keepers members, will be helping us stand up intel in all of our CPTs, all of our chapters, from the bottom up.

      An intel section that is only at the state or national level won’t be enough, just like some high speed, low drag state or national “dream team” of “operators” is not enough. you need intel at each level, starting with you.

      So, each and every CPT will have intelligence as a critical skill slot to be filled. And that goes for both the field teams and the support teams.

      And when you go out to train and organize neighborhood watches, church security teams and mutual aid, community watches and QRF, etc, you must help them stand up their own intel section, even if it just two people who process and analyze what everyone else gathers. But all need to be taught how it works.

      Remember the core skills of CPT:

      1. Security/infantry.
      2. Communications
      3. Emergency Medical
      4. Engineering (and field logistics and supply)
      5. Intelligence

      Those are all must haves. And those are must haves in you (do you have at least basic knowledge in each area), in your family (you can have particular family members focus on one critical area, and become the family expert on that, and then cross train each other), and these are critical skillsets for a neighborhood watch, church, veterans hall, Sheriff Posse, town watch, etc.

      Everyone needs to train to at least the basic level in each skill area. For example, all need to be a “combat lifesaver” (what they called it back when I was in the infantry) or TCCC as it is called now. That is the base level for medical all need to have under their belt. We won’t all become EMTs or medics, but we all must at least know how to use a tourniquet, wound packing gauze, and pressure bandages.

      So, it is the job of the team EMT or medic to cross train everyone else in basic TCCC.

      Just like with commo, Everyone at least needs to have a hand held HAM radio and know how to use the local MURS channels, or have a CB. Basic comms is for everyone,

      And basic self defense and security is for everyone. If you don’t have security, you don’t have jack, just like if you don’t have intel and comms you don’t have jack

      But all of this must be done bottom up. That is the Founders way and that is the way that works.

      There is too much focus on big groups, big names, and trying to do it all at some national level.

      Focus on local, and on your own team and your own neighborhood and town. And build up from there.

      That is how you will have real strength and real resilience. Then it won’t matter if the regime rounds up and arrests the loudest or more public of us activists. The people will still have their local leadership and local unity. That’s what counts


      1. Exactly Stewart!

        And that’s just the Militia portion. There’s even more to a functioning society.

        Did you include “Resource Acquisition?” Also, one of the things we need are very malleable “Spokespersons.”

  11. Here’s a little something I wrote that may help inspire others…

    The world roars like a lion… telling us how much they hate us…
    Burdening us as they blame us… but they don’t know our Savior…
    Son of God almighty… Water Blood and Spirit…
    Jesus gives us life to say that… We are the Constitution…

    This is His truth… In His own Words…
    With unalienable rights from… Our Father in heaven…
    His grace is the mission… for all His children…
    For We are the Constitution…

    The passion of Christ… was to suffer and die…
    For the life of another… It’s our reason why…
    And whether or not… others want to admit it …
    Can’t change the Hearts… That God made so perfect…

    Own your sovereignty… Fight for your own birth rights…
    Don’t consent to the failed government fiction…
    Waive the benefits that bind you forever…
    For We are the Constitution… The passion of Christ…

  12. Do not let the leftist media win a propaganda war over this protest. When confronted by leftist Journalists, ask them one question. Why are Sanctuary Cities, which violate Federal Law, allowed to provide a haven for criminals and terrorists allowed to operate under the control of Democrat Officials? The real terrorists are being protected by the Obama Justice Department for pure political gain.

  13. You boys need to read my book, “The Art of War.” I can remember a time when me and some friends were engaged in a desperate fight against a “third world” country. We had the support of all the toys the empire calls on to make its point. The ‘enemy’ had only two things, heart and balls. Generally he fought at a time and place of his choosing. He also had broad support of the populace; a sea to swim in, if you like that metaphor.

    The folks in Burns have balls, I’ll give you that. Heart? Heck, I will give you that one too. In my opinion, however, support is seriously lacking and the terrain is OWNED by the enemy.

    The armor mentioned in the sitrep can leave the PDX area on a drop deck trailer and be in Burns before sunrise. If militia intel is correct and a drone is present then there is really no need to waste diesel hauling armor. No question drones based in NV and probably OR have a flight time to Burns of 2-3 hours, tops. If the feds wish to make their point, a Reaper takes the building and a flight of Apaches makes manburger out of the good guys on the outer perimeter. The tactical setup makes me wonder just who is running this op. A long trip and a suicide mission may have been a strategy for teenage Marines long ago, but now seasoned as we are, we can accomplish that by taking up a position ten feet inside our front door, next to the wood stove, with Momma and the dog.

    My intel tells me there are damn few “Americans” I’d miss breakfast for- taking a bullet- no sir, that is only a possibility when the beef is in my hood and the “Americans” are those I love.

    1. Damned sound advice Sun Tzu;
      Thank you.

      “he fought at a time and place of his choosing. He also had broad support of the populace; a sea to swim in, if you like that metaphor.”
      I do like the idea of “a sea to disappear into”.

      The folks in Burns have balls, I’ll give you that. Heart? Heck, I will give you that one too. In my opinion. However, support is seriously lacking and the terrain is “OWNED by the enemy”.

      We had better all come to understand the wisdom here (the terrain is “OWNED by the enemy”), that has been so kindly loaned to us.

      For we constitutional patriot citizens have no drones carrying harm missiles, we have no M1A1’s, we have no Apache Gun-Ships, like our misbehaving employee’s do.

      But most of us certainly do have heart and balls.
      Understand that this dictates that we must fight Leviathan on OUR turf, under our terms, at a time of our choosing.

      Leviathan’s Barnum and Bailey Circus like approach has virtually endless vulnerabilities to study and learn exploitation from. Every single detail of movement should be studied, cataloged, and recorded.

      A full-ON recording and monitoring of the absolute slightest details of Leviathan’s base of operations and positioning of “virtually everything” in Oregon should be recorded and kept in cataloged network intel files.
      We are missing out on a “deep recorded study” of the movements, and of the massing and timing of Leviathan’s circus “Big-Top” event. Are we bone-headed stupid?????

      Our members invest so much in gear when intelligence gathering may actually be the most effective and the most powerful single thing that we could do or invest our money in during the Oregon circus event..

      And we should fund it 110% and kick it into hyper-drive,…Yesterday!!

      Unless the OK and the Patriot movement plan to gather “intelligence” and act as a much more unified whole, and is willing to soulfully commit to standing in “like-kind force”, (key words “like-kind force”)….. as a sheer matter of protecting our members safety and security from physical harm or prosecution, then we must consider leaving.

      “Silence in the face of tyranny, is your consent to that tyranny”

      1. I am not convinced that “support is seriously lacking.” Yes, it appears a bit like David and Goliath. And…David won! Thanks to the alternative news and YouTube videos, this story is really being covered! And it IS waking people up to what’s going on more than anything I’ve personally witnessed since I first started following alternative news and conspiracies years ago. The videos and blogs are getting lots of comments and activity. Even though half of it is trolls and misinformation, the other half consists of truly sincere comments that add value and help to further enlighten. Bundy’s Patriots (as I call them) always ask people to pray for them and the Cause. And people, in their comments, say they are praying for them! I know I am, and I know the people here are too. I agree with another commenter in this thread: This IS the right time, and this IS the right situation. Many people are much more aware than they were: they won’t blindly accept another Waco. And if the feds are smart, they won’t attempt it. As history has proven, not everyone has to Conscious for Good to win. It only takes 3 percent. God Bless and Protect the Patriots!

  14. We all need to fight the system by educating our families and neighbors in matters of Liberty. A few suggestions are; Do not consent to searches; Do not answer questions; Vote for Liberty as Jurors; Or in other words “not guilty” We have the power to overturn unconstitutional laws and restore Natural law. The Constitution. We do not have to answer cops which is considered consent or in other words to volunteer to be their victims. To even produce your drivers licence is giving consent and is unconstitutional. We have to start calling statute laws what they really are which is illegal and we can all do it peacefully without resisting arrest. Boys and Girls, where there is no victim, there is no crime. Folks generally just don’t get it.

  15. Honestly, I don’t think those making some of these comments really understand what is going on in this world. It’s not just here in the U.S. This is a global attempt to stomp on the little guy, that would be us, the patriot of our perspective Countries.

    The Sovereignty of the States have been abolished at the hands of the Federal Government and the Federal Government at the hand of the elite. When this happens, and it will happen, I hope those local are smart enough to take action locally instead of trying to flock to an area. There will be many fronts and those willing to save their Country, better be willing to do just that; at all costs!

  16. Oh by the way this organization talks about Constitutional rights but heavily censor as the posting delay proves.

    The First Amendment state equivocally “UNABRIDGED” FREEDOM OF SPEECH!
    I ask the oath-keepers “Censor” what part of UNABRIDGED don’t you understand!

    Go back to your beer and chips. You act like a ignorant HICK from the Black Mountains. But even they would shoot you dead for approaching uninvited! The Feds don’t even go there for they too would be shot dead! NOW that’s Freedom.

    Remember the ALAMO, and the Black Robs of the War of Independence that freed us from another tyrant the King of England. Obama is today’s King of England of which you all are so full of fear of that the oath-keepers have a censor for fear of Obama Regime and DC turning on them! Go read the text of the Declaration of Independence and you will know what the Bundy’s an example of real freedom fighter are!

    I believe the oath-keepers are not there like they were at Bundy Ranch for fear of dying for true freedom. They realized that they were very close to a fire fight and death. So now they sit on the sideline acting out the part of a “on the scene” reporter. Screw the analyst for that nonsense is nothing more than an attempt to hide the truth that the FEDS and the military that are preparing to wipe em out, unless the freedom fighter Ammon Bundy comes out whimpering with his tail between his legs, for they know and Ammon Bundy that there is a high probability that they WILL move with Extreme Prejudice which is a fancy way of saying “take NO prisoners”. The occupying Feds and the military are nothing more than a glorified hit squad! “Tag em as terrorist” then wipe then wipe em out.

    This is NOT another Waco or Ruby Ridge but IS another Alamo and WWII Coventry in the making!

    Censoring is the act of a coward and anti-Constitution and Bill of Rights. Just as Obama Regime and crones wanted from the beginning.

    They will be remembered with honor and respect. I pray that they do not die for nothing. They are hero’s in my and Gods eyes! These are very brave men, women and children who stand for true freedom.

    As for the “oath-keepers” they are cowards and bow to the government and DO NOT have my respect but only my contempt. Which includes the township of Burns and the county of Harney Oregon! Cowards ALL! Once a cowardly slave always a cowardly slave! Eh Rhodes?

    My Respect to the American flag dripping in the blood of freedom fighters past present and future for which stand for true freedom!

    Well that is it for now and will in most likelihood be deleted! Isn’t that right Oath-Keeper “soviet” political censor of the First Amendment?

    1. I am your guilty party. As editor, I determine to a large degree what is found on this website. I do censor out unfit materials. I have been doing that for almost seven years. So I have a request for you.

      Please tell me how I violate your Constitutionally-protected right to freedom of speech by controlling the quality of language, intelligence, relevance and maturity which will be on this site? How did I violate your rights?
      Thank you in advance for your reply.

      Elias Alias, editor

      1. Keep up the good work Elias, I have not witnessed anything I have written being censored. I would hope that you filter out unintelligible drivel that does not add value to the group or the conversation.

      2. Thank you Charles. I generally resist, even resent, censorship, but this website will not be posting comments which suggest that cannibalism between consenting adults should be “legal”, or that Michele Obama’s sex-change operation did not take properly, or anything that smacks of SPLC psy-ops, etc etc etc. You would not believe what shows up here at times. It is my hope that all readers here see reflected in our articles and comment threads the Oath Keepers mission — which is why this site exists.

        I will post dissent if it is honest and intelligently composed, but I refuse to post obvious psy-ops. I am a totally dedicated mind-warrior in psychological operations and I like my job here. Oath Keepers has been very effective as a Psy-Op organization working on behalf of the patriot/liberty community. The enemies of freedom, the enemies of personal responsibility, the enemies of the Constitution — all are enemies of our traditional American values and cultural system, and they are quite busy in their efforts to discredit the patriot community. Oddly enough, they are camped at the SPLC and ADL as well as the DHS and almost every office, agency, and department of today’s U.S. Federal government. Those enemies of freedom attack Oath Keepers in the press, media, airwaves (radio and tv), and Internet by planting confusion, doubt, disbelief, discouragement, circular argument, and contradictions wherever they find a group of patriots. Here is an example taken from an article I posted here five years ago, in 2011 —

        To get a glimpse of one sample of how Govlish operates in psy-war zones of mentality, here is one of many famous ‘Cass Sunstein’ blurts – get it here:

        “Government is faced with suppliers of conspiracy theories, and might aim at least in part to persuade, debias, or silence those suppliers. However, those two players are competing for the hearts and minds of third parties, especially the mass audience of the uncommitted. Expanding the cast further, one may see the game as involving four players: government officials, conspiracy theorists, mass audiences, and independent experts – such as mainstream scientists or the editors of Popular Mechanics – whom government attempts to enlist to give credibility to its rebuttal efforts.”

        Now note Sunstein’s phraseology – “the mass audience of the uncommitted.” That is his Govlish way of naming the battle-field, the mass mind of the nation, the “group mind”, the collective consciousness. Remember – this guy is [was] working at the White House level.

        But Sunstein was being warmly poetic in that abstract screed. For a look at what’s behind the Govlish rhetoric hidden in his words one can read this passage by Sunstein – and please remember, this guy is (“was”) Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs –
        [W]e suggest a distinctive tactic for breaking up the hard core of extremists who supply conspiracy theories: cognitive infiltration of extremist groups, whereby government agents or their allies (acting either virtually or in real space, and either openly or anonymously) will undermine the crippled epistemology of believers by planting doubts about the theories and stylized facts that circulate within such groups, thereby introducing beneficial cognitive diversity. (Page 219, “Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures.” (J. Political Philosophy, 7 [2009], 202-227.)

        Charles, any one or any group or any organization which is struggling to uphold the Constitution is viewed by present-day Federal government offices as “extremists” and “conspiracy theorists”. Our dearly-beloved government employs people to disrupt such groups or organizations. I see it here every day. My attitude about that is given initially by Stewart Rhodes – “Not On My Watch”.
        Thank you for being here.


      3. Elias Alias, please keep doing what you’re doing and exactly the way you’ve been doing it! If my post were not permitted to display, I would take it as failure on my part to write an appropriate relevant essay. Also, thank you for allowing non-members to post here as well, and contribute to the discussion. It’s much appreciated! This Oath Keepers site is a pleasant place to come to for facts, solid analysis, and good advice from knowledgeable experienced men and women for whom I have the greatest respect. Thank you for all that you do Sir.

      4. Oro, I appreciate your supportive encouragement. Thank you for reading and commenting here. I am glad to receive your report on your enjoyment of this site. I have just posted a reply to “Charles”, just before you posted your comment here, so I will invite you to include yourself as an addressee on my previous post to Charles. Thank you oro!


  17. How many making posts here are in the same boat as myself. I live in Yuma Az. At this time of year we have 50% canadians 10% illegals and a military base with another 20 %. My core group is about 10 guys all over the age of 65 30lbs over weight and in poor health.
    The only thing I can bring to the party is maybe a flash bang. So all this rhetoric of we should do this and we should do that is purly Bravo Sierra. The one truism I saw was sit by the fire and love your dog and scratch momma behind the ear. OPPs might have that backwards. When I was 19 in Vietnam I could have given them all the game they asked for. Now not so much. Hell truth be known most under 40 I wouldn’t trust for latrine duty they have no heart and courage is out the window. So how you possible think at our age we can string this shit out any farther. Time for a reality check and I don’t mean what you see on TV. Deep down inside yourselves. The biggest reason I’m not in Burns now is my health. That cold would have me dead in a week. All the plans take volumes of time which most of us don’t have the luxury of. Trusting the courts and the vote who’s BS’n who. I think it was the 13th amendment that said no kings or lawyers could hold office . Until it was ratified. Must have been put there for a reason. Last presidential election over 30 states votes were counted out of country by a subsidiary of no less than George Soros go figure . Be safe and keep your powder dry cause it coming sooner than later. I pretty much think a little late in the game for a forest fire. Maybe still can have a few brush fires. Hope and pray GOD keeps his hands on Ammon Bundy and the brave patriots in Harney County

    1. God bless you Ken: I totally understand where you are coming from. I am in my fifties, I spent my time in the Army in Germany hiding in the hills and forests near the communist border looking under rocks and listening to radio traffic for signs of soviet activity on the outside chance they might float the balloon and race across the Rhine in a bid for world domination.I was young and dumb and …well you know the rest, but now I work hard to pay the bills and keep the home fires burning. If I took off for Burns I could make it all right but if SHTF I would probably just get in the way or worse get myself or someone else killed and honestly I fear these boys are heaping a whole lot of government shit upon their heads that will very likely earn them a long stint in a federal gated community. I think Mr. Rhodes offered the best advice, find a few good folks near you that you can count on and do what you can to prepare for the worst. BTW the original 13th prohibited titles of nobility and while it was ratified as evidenced by being published in most of the state congressional records it got lost in the shuffle and fog of the civil war and today is considered by the feds to NOT have ever been ratified (I can’t imagine what the esquire’s would do if they had to leave office) the 13th amendment the federal government recognizes is the emancipation amendment that prohibits slavery, now that is ironic since the abominable 14th (which was NOT ratified) made slaves of every man women and child wearing the moniker “United States Citizen”. Let’s stand tall and keep our powder dry while we sit by the fire and if the dog starts barking at the zombies at the door shoot first and ask questions later.

      1. Charles Thanks for the impute. So many guns so little time . Remember in our youth. Young and dumb so full of well you know. Now I’m old and bold and won’t be told. My powder is dry wish I had my youth with what I now know Alass to little to late.
        If this fight is about the moral high ground we have that on our side. The rest is up to GOD. Be safe

  18. I hope these guys send the women and children home. The guys who talked about putting the wives up front at the Bundy ranch were some messed up dudes.

  19. As I sit by my fire watching the NFC Championship game (NFL football), I have to weigh in.

    I’ve had my finger on the pulse of the Hammond ordeal since October. After the occupation some fellow patriots were challenged to head to Oregon. We’re in Las Vegas. I’ve been through Burns many times in the past 25 years and used to live a short drive away before I moved to Vegas. That brought this matter really close to home.

    I doubt that anyone has put any more hours into the totality of this situation than I have, except for those directly involved in the occupation. I had to do my research to know for myself if it was something that I supported. When my friends began discussing how tactically poor this stand was I opted to disagree with them, and this was on Day 1 or 2.

    The reason I disagreed is because I knew the Bundy’s had learned something from the Bundy Ranch standoff and were taking it to the next level. Keep in mind that to this day they haven’t so much as been cited for TRESPASS or been directed to leave. The President says it’s a local problem for local authorities and I believe it’s because he knows the land belongs to Oregon. What has been happening through this day is virtually identical to what I predicted in our early discussion.

    It’s about a national discussion. Who else would have predicted such an outcome of their message to date? The miscalculation, if you will, is that when Bundy put out his original call for action he assumed he’d see the same kinds of masses that were at the ranch in 2014. No such help but the PPN stepped in to buy a buffer and extra time for the message.

    Time is what this is about, and controlling the message and agenda. The feds are holding off because they’re afraid of US, make no doubt about it. They’re aware of our numbers. They want to control things in Burns but that means very little. If we’ve made a tactical mistake it’s in not ramping up support in Burns soon enough, filling the space. Not for a battle, but to buy time and continue the message. The public may not listen to Bundy but they will listen to even bigger voices who have already voiced support for their cause and tactics (America’s Sheriff David Clarke, for example).

    I am one of those ranks who supports both their cause and location. I said from day one that I thought it was brilliant. The Hammonds are the perfect example of what we should be standing behind. This is a proxy stand for the Hammonds and everyone else who has gone through the same thing or will be in the future. The cases are widespread. Local rancher John Witzel has posted video and testimony of what he’s gone through since his family first started ranching in Harney County in 1870. He admits to having his differences with the Hammonds but adds that he personally saw the BLM setting fires on both sides of the Hammond ranch during the lightning fires that triggered the federal action against the Hammonds five years after the fire. The charges were rejected by the courts the first time the feds tried in 2006. They filed again, citing domestic terrorism, five years later. They could have filed for a similar but lesser charges but opted not to. The result was five years in prison and $400k in fines for burning sagebrush that improved the value of the land rather than the opposite (BLM testimony at trial).

    I have posted all of these videos on my YouTube channel which I’ll post below. You’ll need some time to catch up. I don’t believe that there could be a more noble cause to take a stand on. This is government bullying and assault to the tenth degree, and if not here then I don’t know why we exist to begin with. I’m in full support of this mission but only after many dozens of hours of research.

    I cringe when I hear that we need to find a mission that’s tactically closer to perfection for us as a body. What exactly would that be? The most powerful army on the planet will take down anything we can dream up, and one large stand will ultimately serve to take out our masses, putting our necks under the boot of tyranny.

    Our weapons buy conversation. Our tactics buy conversation. Our NUMBERS buy conversation. The media can only spin this for so long. Our show of strength and force will bring this to a nationally centered voice. A muted stand and defeat in Burns will be a forgotten blip on the radar. They will choke out the area to reinforcements and pressure the CCF out of their quarters.

    If they lockdown and siege the town then what would our move be? To stack up on the few highways leading into town? Many have said they will rise up if there’s another Ruby Ridge Waco moment. I think of this as Bundy Ridge (the refuge sits on a hill overlooking the valley) and call the occupiers the Bundy Ridge Gang. The name reflects actions at Bundy Ranch and is in memory of Waco and Ruby Ridge. But this one has to reverse the outcome of Ruby and Waco. How?

    I used to think it was idiotic for the Patriots to stand off the British in lines across from one another in open fields. But ambushes in forests, behind cover while knowing the territory, made perfect sense to me. Why would we be thinking in terms of facing the feds face to face in an open field? If we support the Bundy Gang to buy time, before they shut down the ingress, we’ll have a stronghold for buying more time and discussion.

    But why let them choose the battlefield? There are HUNDREDS of BLM, USFS, and USFWS offices across the west. How simple would it be to man ten of them, or fifty, with sufficient numbers to send a message? Not a takeover, simply a show of strength and force in the parking lots for example. The national discussion would run wild. We’d control the airwaves and frankly that’s the only way we’ll win this discussion. I don’t believe we’ll be building a national army that’ll be ready to stand toe-to-toe with our nation’s army. We have to win the hearts and minds of the American populace by controlling the message.

    I was neutral or negative toward the Bundy’s before this stand began. But after becoming familiar with Ammon and the others I doubt that I could have much more respect for anyone than I do for Ammon Bundy right now. His interactions with the opposition have been admirable. He brings peace to every discussion. But the feds are changing the dialog.

    If the feds suddenly have fifty fronts rather than one, they’ll have to step back and wait. They don’t know us and can’t know how it will transpire. And the beauty of taking fifty stands is that our guys can simply mount up and drive away from one position and then show up in another in a few days, without incident.

    All the while, we are speaking to the nation, educating them about the Constitution and government motivation and abuse. And we have massive support from the western state governments, with Utah being the latest who’s ready to sue the feds for 20 million acres of public land. Utah voted to move ahead on December 18th, leaving final action in the hands of their AG after budgeting $14 million for legal expenses. That brings all sorts of credibility to the Hammond/Bundy cause. We need to seize that conversation.

    We can’t think in terms of bullets. We have to educate the public, gain support, and in doing so swaying the actions of our elected officials. Harney County and the citizens of Burns have been educated through all of this and are beginning to lean heavily toward the occupation. The local tyrant, Judge Steven Grasty, is now trying to control the narrative by having a public meeting tomorrow (Monday, January 25th) that is open to ticket holders only, those who have local Harney County ID. it will be broadcast statewide through public broadcasting and limited to 150 attendees. Judge Grasty has reserved another 30 tickets for his own personal minions.

    Constitutional attorney and activist KrisAnne Hall instructs us to control the narrative. Grasty is trying to do exactly that. Pete Santilli and others have been telling patriots to block or avoid the meeting but that’s where we are exactly WRONG. We need to be standing in line at 10 AM to be securing the lion’s share of those seats, pack the house, and make our voices heard to the viewing Oregon audience. As someone who’s involved in media and film, I understand the power that we have.

    Can we demonstrate a basic show of force and organization by spreading out the playing field and sending a message? We can flank the opposition in arenas all across the west, forcing the closure of federal buildings throughout the west. In doing so, with competent representation, we can control the narrative. That’s how we win this struggle. Flank them where they’re vulnerable, everywhere.

    The Hammonds need to be released (study the facts) and the federal land needs to be handed over to the states, as set forth in the Constitution. That’s our message in this narrative.

    My YouTube channel with videos is located here:

    1. Let me add a bit to my statement above. The suggestion of en-masse shows of strength across the west are only one approach. We need to think outside the box a bit. We need to BUY TIME so we can CONTROL THE NARRATIVE. Make the feds think about what they’re triggering. Right now they think they have the upper hand because they don’t see any other form of movement from a troop standpoint. I might even suggest that we blockade all of the roads leading into the refuge. There are bulldozers and other heavy equipment at the refuge that will help with that. Our guys could then stack up inside the blockade as a simple show of strength and unity, filling up the outside areas as well.

      Keep in mind that Burns has no motel space at the moment. If we take up posts at 50 other federal buildings, we should try to have at least one motorhome present for comfort and services. The ideal locations would be the ones with empty fields alongside that we could stage in. Those on or with high ground would be optimal. But based on what went on in Burns, if we’re there, they’ll leave their buildings. Our presence is all they need. We could send the clear message that if they attack any one of us then they’re attacking all of us and we will defend against the aggressors. posted my YouTube channel with tons of videos (updated daily) but I also want to post many of the links that I’ve uncovered while researching to satisfy my own needs with this issue. Here they are for now: FYI I’m also heading up a film project called Good Guys CARRY Guns which is in pre-production, hence the name of the YouTube channel.

      Current Newsflash: The Grant County, Oregon Sheriff is suggesting that the Hammonds be RELEASED!

      My Good Guys CARRY Guns YouTube channel:

      Good Guys CARRY Guns film project:

      Bundy Blog with History of the Hammond ranch issues:

      Oregon fire set by the USFS that destroyed 1850 acres:

      Petition to Free the Hammonds:

      Article from The Daily Signal:

      Landmark case of US v. Hage (similar to Hammond/Bundy issues):

      Harney County Committee of Safety:

      PERC Land Management Advisors:

      Article from the Oregonian at :

      BLM started fire that destroyed 120 buildings:

      85,000 acre fire started by feds with NO prosecutions:

      EXCELLENT history and explanation of the Hammond ordeal:

      Utah Sues to Own Federal Lands 20M Acres:

      NEWSFLASH: Judge Grasty CANCELS propaganda Meeting for Monday:

      Harney County Home Page:

      National Review’s David French SUPPORTS the Occupation:

      How the Feds came to own the West:

      If you want to be a keyboard warrior in one of the hubs of this issue, taking down the libs, one blogger at a time, go to:

      Keep checking back to my YouTube channel for breaking news and video on this incident!

  20. Are they stupid…we will remove the FBI, you bow to them…we remove you too. We are the people…and we are done with your violence for which you have no Constitutional rights too…now it is our turn…you want it…we are bringing it.

  21. The FBI taught rugs how to lie. Starting off cordial is just a ploy before they attack. Looks like we all better prepare for revolution.

  22. “CONTROL THE NARRATIVE” Used to say this on Twitter all the time, with an example of course.

    You’re right! Simply juxtapose the criminals and the terrorists Obama has pardoned, to the Hammons that he could pardon, and go a long ways to settling this situation.

  23. This is a great conversation! The following video was just posted today: OREGON/LOCAL SHERIFF (in next-door county, Grant) CALLS FOR FBI TO LEAVE and FREE HAMMONDS:

    Grant County sheriff Glenn Palmer said in a statement that freeing a father-son ranching team from prison “would be a start” in ending the standoff. “I just pray to God that cooler heads prevail and that no one gets killed,” Palmer said. The sheriff’s endorsement of the militants’ demands stunned law enforcement officials…

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