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Malheur SITREP – 1900L 29 JAN 16

Situation Report (SITREP) – 1900L 29 JAN 16

by Sam Culper

What follows is my personal account of following the situation of late Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, including talks with sources on the ground and on conference calls with Sergeant Major Joseph Santoro (U.S.A., Ret.), Stewart Rhodes, State Representative Matthew Shea (R-WA), Jason Van Tatenhove, and others.  Much of the following information has been poorly covered by the media or not reported at all.

– After the felony stop, Sergeant Major Joseph Santoro (U.S.A., Ret.), who has been on the ground in Burns for approximately three weeks, began communicating with FBI contacts. A top priority for SGM Santoro, acting in coordination with Pacific Patriots Network, Oath Keepers National, Stewart Rhodes, State Representative Matthew Shea (R-WA) from the Coalition of Western States (C.O.W.S.) and a Coalition representative at the Refuge, was to work with the FBI in order to give enough time for women and children at the Refuge to leave. He repeatedly expressed his concern that an FBI action on the compound would result in further loss of life, including the potential for harm to women and children. SGM Santoro convinced his FBI contacts to delay any action on the Refuge, while a C.O.W.S. representative at the Refuge worked to get the women and children packed up to leave. Through numerous phone calls and face to face coaxing, a majority of the occupiers agreed to leave. Additionally, a YouTube video posted by David Fry early Thursday morning confirms that conditions at the Refuge were ‘chaotic’ as occupiers packed up to leave as quickly as possible.

– The stated mission of the Pacific Patriots Network and Oath Keepers has been to prevent another Waco scenario, where federal agents mass murder American citizens during an assault on a compound.  That mission has so far been accomplished.

– According to sources at the Refuge, there weren’t enough vehicles to transport everyone who wanted to leave the Refuge. SGM Santoro relayed that to the FBI, and the FBI contacts instructed those without a vehicle to drive a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) vehicle parked at the Refuge into Burns and park it at a location where it would later be picked up by BLM officials.

– According to sources at the Refuge, Jason Patrick, who decided to stay, became angry that most occupiers were leaving, and refused to move a vehicle so that they could leave the Refuge Headquarters. Those leaving were forced to drive through private property in order get back to a highway, where they began their trip back into Burns, and then home.

– At approximately 0200L on the morning of 27 January, sources in contact with the FBI claimed that the remaining occupiers were given until 0400L to vacate, implying that action might be taken to remove them if they stayed past the deadline. At 0400L, no action was taken, and as of 1900L on Friday, 29 January, no direct action has been taken at the Refuge.

– On Wednesday afternoon, Duane Ehmer, the cowboy who infamously rode his horse while hoisting an American flag, was arrested by the FBI.

– On Wednesday evening, negotiations with Jason Patrick were finally successful and he agreed to leave the refuge. According to sources familiar with the story, the FBI told Jason Patrick that he was free to leave. After walking seven miles out of the Refuge to the FBI checkpoint to be picked up and carried into Burns by PPN personnel, he was arrested by law enforcement at 1910L due to an outstanding warrant. (Analyst Comment: Jason Patrick was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. Being one of the more ardent protesters at the Refuge, the FBI likely considered him to be one of the top instigators, especially after he decided to stay as most others left.  Still, according to sources, the FBI told Jason Patrick that he was free to go, after which Jason decided to leave only to be arrested by law enforcement and taken into federal custody.  Because the FBI said Jason was free to leave and have not made good on their promise to him, the FBI has further tarnished their credibility with the occupiers, the Pacific Patriots Network, and the people of Harney County.  Furthermore, this event may be another reason why the remaining four occupiers have not taken up FBI offers to vacate.)

The following portion of the SITREP covers unfolding events at the Malehur National Wildlife Refuge and in the vicinity of (IVO) Burns, OR over the past 24 hours.

– As of 1800L on Thursday, 29 January, four protesters remain at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.  David Fry, the author of the YouTube channel DefendYourBase has been uploading videos and intermittently live-streaming the occupation since early Wednesday morning.  Despite calls from Ammon Bundy to leave the Refuge, which were iterated through his attorneys, David Fry recently stated that he was going to remain “to the end.”

– Sources familiar with the ongoing situation say that FBI agents have been in contact with Fry since Wednesday, attempting to negotiate their departure.  At one point, multiple occupiers had negotiated to walk away, however, they later decided to remain.  Fry is also speaking with media by cell phone on their continued occupation.

– There are efforts underway to organize large gatherings in Burns and Eugene, Oregon to protest the killing of LaVoy Finicum in front of the governor’s office and another building.  Follow the Pacific Patriots Network for additional and up to date information.

Photo via Harney County Mall Cops



Samuel Culper is a former military intelligence NCO and contract Intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now runs Forward Observer, an intelligence services company.


    1. Agree-these men did nothing wrong. Mercenaries need stopped cold in their Judge Ana Von Reitz @ Hatsoff to our “Constitutional Sheriffs” u s Marshalls

  1. When I got out of the truck I told the others I am proud to be an American and I love the American way of life.

  2. We need to go protest in Eugene or Portland, by the courthouse. People are NOT standing up for what Ammon did and will derail ALL the hard work he did!!! If they kill anyone they will say that Ammon caused it and use the MSM media to slander all of us! AMMON NEEDS OUR SUPPORT. SHOW UP ALL OATHKEEPERS AT THE COURTHOUSE! PEACEFUL PROTEST

    Saturday-Eugene, Oregon Federal Court House, 11am-1pm

    Salem Oregon-State Capitol Steps, 12noon-2pm?

    1. Corpsman, unfortunately I just opened this email and 400 miles away ? That is why we need to be organized and lots of info free flowing ! a day late is kinda worthless in such matters. Perhaps it would be far better to make any protest later like next week when more people can get on board and get organized ? Or even a later date ? I believe protest and boycotts are very effective and powerful. But we can do many things to affect our ideas and principles. Here are some ideas that actually work ! The power of the purse is very effective.

      and here is how the control freaks get away with all of their insane policies and acts ?

      And yes this update was necessary and a good read ! Not sure why it did not come out of Oregon, but I have not had many responses out of Mr. Ford at all ? Just saying what I have experienced. Maybe he is no longer the go to guy, I really don’t know ? I live hundreds of miles away from any meetings and some what in the dark until I hear from you guys ? Fortunately I do a tremendous amount of research for my site and that keeps me up to speed or more on many issues.And as you can see I am always trained out and prepared. Only makes complete sense to me these days.

  3. I and my family will not spend 1 penny in Oregon, if products are from Oregon I will not purchase. This man was murdered by FBI working for the BLM, I protest this and God forbid this happens in Texas as we are all gun owners here.

    1. Good!

      Back in the old days, I frequently traveled through Wyoming. One day in January, with a blizzard blowing 100 mph winds across a lonely two lane Wyoming highway where one could only travel at best 40 mph, one of Wyoming’s representative LEO state patrol pulled me over with the claim I was speeding at 70 mph, threatened me with weeks of jail time if I did not pay him the going rate fine. Now keep in mind this little man could barely standing on his toes see into my 4WD truck. I wrote the then governor a letter protesting his state police and how I was treated, how this little man on a lonely road imposed his lawless authority. I spent thousands of dollars every year in Wyoming, but no word from the governor, no apology, no looking into the matter. Consequently, I have not stepped foot in Wyoming since. And obviously, Wyoming is still there, still writing bogus traffic tickets, still putting the dollar before the rights of Americans without my adding to their economy. To this day, I go out of my way to not spend one penny in Wyoming. We make no difference as individuals and the big tyrannical governments federal, state, county and local all know that. However, it’s my money and I tell everyone that Wyoming, as great as it is, has corruption infiltrated into their law enforcement community. Every state, every county, every city is no difference.

      In hindsight, if hundreds had been at the refuge to defend our constitution, that would make a difference. A man may have not died. The bully FBI would not be so brazen. The media would be more of a presence. Now there is a blockade to even enter the area, so now the presence has to be at the blockades, in hordes. Not the presence has to be on the steps of the corrupt governor’s feet, who is personally responsible for her eagerness to involve the FBI. Be many, not a single man in a blizzard against the corrupt power of one man.

      1. WGP, pretty obvious the feds waited for them to get away from everybody to take them down ? That should be beyond clear. So the hundreds in this particular scenario would not have done anything except perhaps made it worse. Another set of circumstances and may yes ? Each event is on its own merits and or demerits as the case may be.

  4. You are going to have to learn how to meet media! You have been doing it wrong. Your position is right. Your technique is wrong. See the example. The object is to prevent loss of life and property. Now do it.

  5. I would like to have someone see Mr. Finicum’s body to determine how many times he was shot and if he had been shot on his left side, next where is the vehicle? It has been reported that the vehicle was hit multiple times yet the FBI says only 3 shots were fired, SHOW ME THE VEHICLE. The Report says that a plane was flying overhead shooting the video, i don’t know of any plane that can hover do you? I believe it was a drone or a helicopter, but more than likely a drone that was taking the video.

    1. Agreed, there is too much at question with statements from those who do not tell the whole story – need to have independent autopsy and investigation of this entire incident.
      FBI video of the Traffic Stop
      LaVoy did not charge, in fact his hands were outstretched until he was charged. Was his response to pull a 9mm someone had stated he took? Shooter in the woods was a part of an “L” shape ambush.
      Then followed up with several flash bangs and several of whatever? hitting the side of the truck.
      “Traffic Stop” involving at least 8 government vehicles, 24 personnel (including men in the trees) and a helicopter – obviously not.

      1. Hey Guys, all good questions. I hear the truck is being stored in Burns at this time. Maggie Rose of Microeffect, seen the same thing I did in the “unedited” video of a man (LEO) carrying a weapon the approx size of a 9mm approaching the body, kneeling down beside it, and when he rises there is no weapon in his hand. We ask if this is the weapon the official narrative implies? Mark Koernke of Liberty Tree Radio has among others noted there seems to be 8 seconds missing from the video at the point Finicum is down and the girl Victoria said they shot him in the left side and head. There is also another unconfirmed report that the tow truck driver who towed away the white truck reported that Finicum’s weapon was still on the seat of the white truck where he left it…an old school weapon just like Finicum is reported to have preferred…not a 9mm. There are indeed flashes and smoke visible in the video after the death of Finicum as the LEOs fired repeatedly on the white truck. Make sure you all look at the ‘unedited’ video. If it gets scrubbed from the net I have a copy and you may contact me via email my first name at gmail all lower case and I will see you have access to a copy. The big picture is about the national land grabs and how this has opened a channel right up the center of the NWO plan that uses the securitization of the national debt and the Agenda 21 to deal with the creditors they created while using the redesign to fund the global government infrastructure. I want everyone here to look at the following: Report of the Global Redesign Initiative (2016, 2011, 2010 documents); look at the fight Finicum was having to save his own land; look at Organ Mtn Desert Peaks National Monument, Oregons Wild Ochoco plan, San Joaquin Valley land grabs, Global Agenda Councils, BLM laughing about stealing land, Judge Grasty’s brother as a BLM employee, Olympic National Park UN Biosphere, New Forest Service policy wrt water rights, Clinton Foundation took massive 4 separate payments of 2.5 million dollars, and last what the Fire Chief who resigned in Harney County had to say to the media that day he resigned. We have a shot at saving this nation from a corruption that has its roots in the eugenics 95% depopulation of the planet lunacy and is using our federal system to marginalize the population and redesign the world to its benefit thanks to what the Bundy group did. But that will take alot of work from EVERYONE to make happen. If we don’t carry the ball here, might as well kiss your children and grandchildren’s future goodbye. Everyone says it can’t happen here…i.e. what the Nazis and Soviets did. I’m bold enough to be the bearer of bad news….it IS happening here folks and there are good researchers who have already written whole scholarly volumes on what has been happening in an attempt to wake and warn the American people, but it must be a day late and a dollar short because everyone still thinks that this issue is a local problem or an Oregon problem or can be solved by voting or can be solved by peaceful assembly. News flash it’s going to take much much more than that folks. You will have to insert yourselves into governance starting at your local level and you will have to take your nation back from a movment that conscripted it in 1913 and which has so many bodies and skeletons in its closet to its name that there are bones and rotten legs sticking out the chimney stack. The enemy you face is murderous and practices extreme prejudice It uses the system and its resources against the ‘useless eater’ population with impunity and has militarized nearly everything. Look up information on Patrick Woods Technocracy Rising. Your window of continued opportunity to pull the deep water ship from the cliff is slim. Do not assume that a uniformed individual under Oath will not shoot an unarmed protester or by-standing citizen. The players have already been sorted. For those with the inside reach find the algorithm and expose it. Cyrellys.

      2. hard to tell much when the darn thing keep blurring going around trees panning in panning out. a couple of times I see someone lean down, or bend over him , but then the camera zooms in somewhere else each time so….
        I know this though and it may have been said already. I see at least one maybe two of what looks like bullet holes in the front windshield, which would indicate they were shooting as he tried to run the road block. I see what looks like a hole on top of the roof near the drivers side as well, but I seen that at the first stop too as well so…
        I do have this though I’ve finally been green lighted by my wife to go if I have to when the next thing comes. Now just got to shore up my funding issue, If there’s any kind of action later on and depends on how far too, but will try.

    2. The report/statement said aircraft , not necessarily a plane ? and I would also like to see that vehicle and try to substantiate how many shots were fired and why ?

      also Margaret , Texas has many whacked events as well in their schools and such quite regularly. Like the indictments recently on the PP thing that is exactly back asswards ? So the insanity is every where , not just in Oregon by a long shot. Although I do agree Oregon and Washington have both become extreme liberal places , but mostly on the I-5 corridor. Guns alone are no answer either. If you are not mentally and physically prepared that too will be quite useless to most who think a gun alone is the best or only answer ? Many out their believe in that illusion and that simply is another illusion. There is more to it all than that simplistic thinking ? Far better to be fit, healthy, clear minded and well trained out for any event and have your weapons dialed in. Guns alone are not the only answer by far.

  6. First, let me say not to infer because it is not implied that I in any way support this tyrannical and out-of-control so-called government. Nor do I not have the highest admiration and respect for Ammon and his associates who are true Americans and Patriots.

    With that being said, this operation by Ammon is/was absurd. One does not stage an attack with a small party and then call for reinforcements via a Call to Action. Gee! This would have been a wonderful strategy on D-Day. Attack Omaha Beach with one landing craft and then put out a Call to Action that will take days/weeks if assets/personnel are available.

    No, this is what happens when one employs the Lone Wolf Strategy – well, okay a couple of wolves. Ammon and associates should have requested a Call to Action by many of the large groups in the Patriot Movement. The requested operation would have been analyzed (i.e. intelligence gather, strategic/tactical plans developed, logistics implemented, etc.). I estimate a 99% rejection of the plan by the Patriot Movement.

    This Malheur operation should be used by all groups in the Patriot Movement as the paradigm of how NOT to proceed against the opposition. World War II was won by The United States AND all Allied Forces.

    Just my opinion…


    1. That’s a different take and in interesting… While I maintained support for these patriots throughout this ordeal, DISORGANIZATION LIST THIS BATTLE!!! Delay of a week or 2 to plan an occupation could have made a huge difference… Especially if in the weeks prior, so more patriots could actually come to the stuff of the Hammond family… There was plenty of time to do it… The Hammond family has been going through this for months… It’s a shame, because we (American patriots) had the opportunity to make the country see us in a more positive light… Well, we might have another opportunity in Texas, where I would hope that mission planning and timing play a larger role

    2. HOG, I wholeheartedly agree with everything you stated with the exception of your last comment, “This Malheur operation should be used by all groups in the Patriot Movement as the paradigm of how NOT to proceed against the opposition.”

      THIS statement / comment is straight out BULLSHIT and the Patriot Community has NO TIME for this type of, “WHAT NOT TO DO” strategy(ies). There is barely enough time to DO THINGS RIGHT, so, in regards to using this for ANYTHING other than wasted time and crap, we must dispell any lingering doubt that these dumbasses DIOD NOT FOLLOW PROTOCOLS of The Patriot Community and therefore acted in total disregard to the sovereignty, liberties and freedoms of their brothers and sisters of our Patriot Community.

      YOU DO NOT REWARD STUPIDITY, even in the slightest sense by regurgitating the acts of idiots for “LESSONS LEARNED” or the, “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME” logic.

      We have training manuals. We have PROFESSIONAL MILITARY PERSONNEL and LEOS within our ranks that KNOW WHAT TO DO.

      Often times, citizens (CIVILIANS) brush up amongst Veterans and think that just because they may know a Veteran, that they then become qualified to do stupis shit like Ammon Bundy and company did. FACT: THIS ACTIOPN WAS NOT SANCTIONED BY THE PATRIOT COMMUNITY, therefore THEY, (Occupiers) earn the trophies of being DUMBASSES!

      As for Finicum’s actions? Let’s see just WHAT will become of his 11 children through his actions?

      1. First, we learn by our mistakes; be those in daily civilian operations or strategic/tactical military operations. Mistakes must be recognized, disseminated and openly analyzed/discussed to ensure that they are not repeated in future operations. This is my simple point.

        Second, Ammon and associates may well be candidates/recipients of “DUMBASSES!” (sic) trophies. However, that does not detract from them being true Americans and Patriots, as originally stated. Pride of Country and Patriotism are buried deep within one’s heart. What one’s head might do in certain circumstances does not diminish that in the heart.

        Just my opinion…


      2. Seems, Hog was saying exactly what you said , why all the angst ? I agree with both of you and have agreed with Oath Keepers thesis from the beginning as well. Not sure what your actual point is really ?

        This seizure was flawed from the get go for several reasons and I greatly wish it had not taken the course it did to end with Finicums death. But now is not the time for negativity. We need to unite and realize we are in fact also fighting a PR and education battle for hearts and minds as well towards the general public, or sheep as many would call them. Much better for clear minds and rational thought and dialogue to go forward and determine just what bad acts actually occurred and what to do about them ?

  7. If I have this right based on Victoria Sharps eye witness statement that while Finnicum was giving up one of the FBI shooters made a shot at Ryan and missed. I believe this is what caused Finnicum to turn around and go for his waist. Either situation was provoked by the trigger happy FBI. It is murder by immunity. The FBI is immuned from prosecution .

  8. where is my previous comment ? It has been deleted and it was the truth. was I wrong in saying that the FBI Is immune from prostitution even if it is murder by Immunity ?

    1. If you check, I think you will find your first transmission right above your last. Check me if I’m wrong.

  9. I would venture to say there is a conflict of interest between Governor Kate Brown and the FBI. Whatever the FBI promises and then breaks might be a result of that conflict. In any event, the entire event and tragedy must be studied as procedures and actions dictate.

    Further negotiations and the meeting between Ammon and the adjacent county sheriff should have proceeded without an ambush. Therefore…it’s .my conclusion that Governor Kate Brown is to blame.

    The “damn if you do and damn if you don’t” is the problem….

  10. Instructions Regarding “FBI” Murderers Still Terrifying Burns, Oregon
    Reports of over 200 heavily armed paramilitary commercial mercenaries disguised as lawful government employees rampaging through Burns, Oregon, trying to provoke local people into an armed insurrection.

    They’ve been laughing about how they murdered LaVoy Finicum in local bars and restaurants.

    They’ve been swaggering on the streets, proud of what they have done— that is, supporting crime so blatant it takes your breath away.

    They’ve been terrorizing local ranchers, entering private property, face-slamming people who are feeding livestock, threatening them with death and “ball crushing”.

    This is what’s going on, America.

    This is the “service” you are paying for.

    This is what the IMF and its UNITED STATES, INC. venture is all about, and has always been about— they were just busy doing it in other countries.

    So now they are here, doing it to Americans. If you don’t want them in your town doing the same things, it is high time you listened and took action.

    (1) Call the Office of the Provost Marshals in every state of the Union and specifically tell those men this: (1) My name is_____________. (2) I live in ____________, ____________. (3) I am in fear for my life and property as a result of commercial mercenaries operating under color of law calling themselves “FBI” agents. (4) These men are pretending to represent the lawful government of the United States while engaged in criminal racketeering and murder on our shores. (5) These men are employed by the French banking cartel known as the International Monetary Fund which is an agency of the United Nations. (6) They are provoking acts of war on our soil, when they and their corporation no longer have any natural right to be here. Their contract to provide governmental services here is over. (7) We require the immediate assistance of the combined American military and civilian police forces to remove these undeclared foreign agents from our shores.

    Now that you know who is who and what is what, call the United Nations and tell them the same thing.

    Call the “Members of Congress” for whatever good they are, and tell them.

    Call the White House for whatever good they are, and tell them.

    Call your Governor, wherever you are in the United States, and tell all of them.

    Call your friends and your neighbors.

    Start writing and emailing and faxing and sending.

    It is imperative that these acts of aggression by a foreign bank corporation be recognized for what it is and immediately and severely punished to the full extent of the Public Law of this nation and also according to the international laws pertaining to crimes of war, inland piracy, and crimes of commerce. It is imperative that these men be recognized for what they are— commercial mercenaries acting under color of law — and that they be arrested as criminals and punished as their deeds merit.

    Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

    Federal Postal District Judge Western Region

    1. You can’t just call yourself a “Judge” and be one. It doesn’t work like that anywhere other than your mind. Also the FBI, like most federal employees take an Oath to the constitution. Many government employees are Oathkeepers, and do the right thing all day every day. I get paid from your taxes, not some international bank. I work for you, dear citizen. I even arrive half an hour early, work through lunch, and stay late on my own dime. I’m not arguing that some things don’t NEED to change in the government, clearly there are some serious issues that will get addressed, just realize we are people too, and many of us still have some honor left and do the right thing.

      1. Yeah, a whole crap-load of people take the Oath, yet the vast majority do not truly follow it…unless, of course, one adheres to the glaring indoctrinated falsity of what govt itself has declared and deemed to be ‘constitutional’, then one can march around boldly claiming to be keeping one’s Oath even though it really isn’t so.

        If so, all manner of anti-Constitution bullschite can be rationalized away as being ‘lawful action’ and as being ‘constitutional’, thus, one can ‘claim’ to be keeping one’s Oath.


        NOT very many govt employees are Oath-keepers and most do NOT do the right thing, either every day, most days, or even a few days. They may do some good things and they may feel benevolent and that they are ‘protecting and sefving’, but we are talking about holding to only constitutional actions and being a ‘LEO’ isn’t compatable with an Oath to support and defend the Constitution.

        One may ‘say’ they work for the people, but scant few actually see it that way, nor do their actions indicate that they do. Policing in particular and govt in general is rife with an entitlement and ‘us vs them’ mentality.

        Fact is, showing up early, working through lunch and staying late are merely indicative of a good work-ethic, not of keeping one’s Oath and I must say that the attempt to imply there is a connection (a false one) was not lost on me.

        Even most of those who consider that they ‘have some honor’ remaining and that they ‘do the right thing’, rarely measure up to refusing to do unconstitutional collectivist-driven acts and actions, or refrain from enforcing a host of malum prohibitum ‘statutes’ which are so ant-Liberty and so predatory, as to be sickening.

        Saying it doesn’t make it so.

        Fact is, in my experience, that in nearly all govt organizations in ‘new america’, particular police agencies of all types, it is not possible to truly maintain one’s Oath whilst maintaining one’s employment, in all but very rare instances.

        ‘The law’, ‘the system’ and agency expectations, performance measures and policy and procedure do not allow for it while being viewed as a satisfactory employee.

        Actually holding to one’s Oath requires disobedience, refusal to enforce and refusal to comply with the vast majority of what are now expected and required as ‘normal and routine’ functions.

        There were a handful of others who joined Oath Keepers after I did while I was still employed, yet all of them who stayed employed still enforce things that are opposed to the Constitution and which are diametrically opposite to individual liberty, yet those things are ‘the law’ and those things are expected to be performed and enforced by the agency, because the govt and courts have declared that all is constitutional and ‘legal’.

        Actual Oath Keepers who are in active police service are as scarce as hen’s teeth. Can’t speak for active military, but the missions, training, leadership/command would indicate that truly adhering to one’s Oath in current active service would be near as difficult as I know it to be in police service.

        It is what it is and lofty claims, personal beliefs not actually adhered to and self-delusions simply don’t make it so.

      2. I don’t know you or what your DD-214 looks like Cap, just like you don’t know me. If we sat down over a cup of Joe we would agree on a great many things. It is my understanding the premise of this organization was to prevent tyranny by refusing to comply with the 10 orders listed on the side bar of this very page. That implies we are taking orders from someone other than ourselves, and are currently employed with an organization that requires an Oath. If this place is relegated to retirees, disability recipients, and the unemployed preventing those ten things listed will be very difficult. I know it’s not like this everywhere, but 60% of the people I work with are Veterans. Higher if you count the Coast Guard guys.. (Just being funny) We talk among ourselves about all kinds of things, and I trust they will do the right thing, according to their own interpretation of the Constitution. I know people are mad. That’s ok. Just know there are like minded individuals on the other side of the fence working on your behalf to right the listed ship from the inside.

      3. My DD-214 is nothing impressive nor out of the ordinary. I simply joined, chose an MOS, trained, went where the assignments and duty sent me and performed at a high-level and quite successfully.

        I have some active, some USAR and some USARNG, totalling around 15 years. This, of course, overlaps with my career as a Peace Officer.

        Big deal.

        My ‘Oath’ was not taken to the 10 Orders listed, but to support and defend the Constitution. I pledged to not obey those 10 Orders. Obviously the 10 Orders relate to those still in active service or those who may be returned to it.

        The fact is, that the ‘ship of state’ is not going to be righted from the inside, albeit there is hope and a plan (manifested by this Org and its 10 Orders) that its tyranny may be slowed or thwarted with non-compliance and assistance from those on the inside.

        It is going to take those on the inside who refuse to comply and refuse to obey unconstitutional orders, along with those free-individualists on the outside who are either trained in critical areas or who are motivated by Liberty and a restoration to constitutional governance (or both), working together to restore the Republic.

        This is not a new fight for me. I have been well-educated to Leviathan’s machinations over several decades and have been on the inside of ‘the system’ and now am outside of it, as an aware and awake individual and as a member of Oath Keepers….one group of several which I am involved in to either thwart or carry the fight to Leviathan in various non-violent ways.

        I cannot be described as angry…more accurately I am grimly-resolved and focused.

        Your reply is fine, yet it does not address the points I specifically made about adhering to one’s ‘Oath’ to support and defend the Constitution, rather than to simply abide by the 10 Orders enshrined as the center-piece of the Oath Keepers Org.

        Two distinctly different animals.

        It is certainly critical to have those on the ‘inside’ who have committed to not obeying the 10 Orders, yet I maintain that it is equally important, if not more so, that those on ‘the inside’ actually honor their Oath to support and defend the Constitution in their daily duties.

        After all, govt could not do nearly anything that it does if its employees simply adhered to their ‘Oath’ to support and defend the Constitution.

        Fact is that the vast majority of those emloyees do NOT.

        All one need do is read the Constitution and its Bill of Rights and then transpose that against what police and other govt agencies do each and every day…a vast amount which is textually opposite what the Constitution allows and/or it massively violates the fundamental and bedrock principles that this Republic was founded upon.

        Govt does not do or commit these abrogations, usurpations and anti-Liberty/anti-Constitution actions in a vacuum…it takes the men and women who are employed by it and in ‘its’ service to get it done; and yes, I stated in ‘ITS’ service, because govt does NOT serve the people, so take the old, tired and overused dogma about ‘working for the people’ and put it to bed, please.

        One cannot have it both ways.

        Adhereing to one’s Oath is much akin to pregnancy or to one’s integrity…either you are or you are not, or you have it or you do not. You cannot be a ‘little bit’ pregnant, nor can one maintain one’s Integrity while at the same time compromising it a ‘little bit’.

        It would seem to me that if one truly believes that he can perform (particularly as a ‘LEO’) in ‘the system’, whilst truly honoring his Oath to the Constitution, then that man is either in a very flexible and unique position or agency, or he is lying both to himself and to others.

        Conversely, simply joining Oath Keepers and pledging to disobey the 10 Orders, while at the same time going about the normal and expected/demanded predatory functions of ‘law enforcement’, well, that does not equate to honoring or keeping one’s Oath to the Constitution.

        Please note that I already accounted, in my first post, for the self-delusion and indoctrination that equates to relying and standing on what the SC’R’OTUS and the rest of Leviathan claims to be constitutional, rather than adhering to what the Constitution and its Bill of Rights so clearly state.

        Please tell me where I am wrong and we can discuss it.

        I have major exerience and decades of ‘insider’ study and assessment which have led me to this near inescapable conclusion. I was incredibly fortunate to have been in an agency where the agency-head was so hands off that he and his command staff allowed an imense amount of freedom and ‘officer discretion’ and had old and generic policy and procedure which did not mandate much of what is currently expected to be a ‘performer’.

        I simply call these things as they are, often bluntly, at times scathingly and always with a direct eye on stripping away the attempts at cover, rationalization, justification and excuse-making that nearly always accompanies provable wrong claims.

        No fight with you personally, Sir…simply laying out how it actually is, as I assess it, of course.

        Take care.

      4. We copy,dude,and can appreciate..but…working to feed the fam,and working for that retirement may be more important to you than the life of one designated terrorist (as labeled by the present DC regime)and ,even though you (not a personal you) will find it distasteful to “push” the American Citizen around/per orders,the welfare of your fam will come first. Everyone should realize that.

    2. Thanks!

      What might be helpful are various letters we cab digitally or on paper sign as a group of Americans against this tyranny we face which then can be sent to the multitudes you propose. Power in numbers.

  11. Unlike the cowardice of the murdering FBI, …………. the caliber of the man, Lavoy Finicum, was shown in his effort to save his precious passengers from overwhelming odds. Under fire, he knew what he stood for and who he was going to die for, so he departed his vehicle and moved the attention away as best he could.
    Almighty God honored this man’s sacrifice for his friends and they walked away.
    As America’s hero’s of the past, he did not die in vain.
    Tyranny lost.

    1. Then out spake brave Horatius,
      The Captain of the Gate:
      “To every man upon this earth
      Death cometh soon or late.
      And how can man die better
      Than facing fearful odds,
      For the ashes of his fathers,
      And the temples of his gods?


  13. The elephant in the room is the fact that the Oathkeepers and the PPN must have known that for the first time since the occupation, 4 of the most high profile leaders were attempting travel to another county together, and more importantly at the invitation of a friendly constitutional sheriff to a large gathering in his county. How in the world did the OK and PPN not see red flags here? Why were they not in force escorting this convoy on such a unique and groundbreaking mission that surely would be anathema to the Feds? That surely would provide an ideal opportunity for some sort of ambush, which has always been and will always be the signature of the Felonious Feds? I understand that hindsight is 20/20, but if anything I hope this chiding comment will be taken not as idle criticism but a constructive observation that will be taken to heart so in the future, and there will be a future, a similar situation can be sniffed out before it is executed.

    1. Security was non-existent for a well publicized meeting with a single route of access.
      Wonder how long (if) before the incident, 50 miles of the highway were shut down??

    2. They didn’t see the red warning flags because, being honest American Citizens, They thought like American Citizens and didn’t have any suspicion that government entities could do something as underhanded like this. Just like we think no one (in government) is reading blog content…I suspect we are WRONG AGAIN.

  14. What is missing here? The fact that Lavoy was MURDERED in an Ambush? The fact the FBI videos clearly show his arms up when he was shot? The fact that after being shot and turning away from the first shooter in instinctual self defense he is then shot in the head? The fact that over 100 rounds were fired at the vehicle and nobody pulled a weapon?

    Oh how about the whole “Talent Release” subject?

    Nothing can be trusted from now on as the whole refuge has been turned into a stage and anything from now on, any event regardless of whether or not good Patriots die, it WILL be a FALSE FLAG event.

    Why aren’t you discussing that?

    The only thing missing here is the dark haired girl crying on her cell phone..

    Oh, and why don’t I get any notifications of any replies to the posts here?

    Should I start thinking that even this website is working for the criminals in government? When you do not post the whole truth we have to wonder who you are working for.

    The tree of liberty was watered with the blood of Lavoy Finicum. First civilian soldier hero to die in this battle to take America back from self appointed Elite Godheads and their political puppets.

  15. It’s awfully cute how y’all play military-talk and try to make it sound as though you’re doing something useful in Burns. Considering how completely wrong your previous SITREP (oooh! Acronyms!) was, issued just before the arrests, I should think you’d find it hard to speak now, what with your foot lodged in your mouth like that.

    As you were.

  16. Allow me to express a difference of opinion, While I too think that the Bundy group made some wrong tactical decisions it may of succeeded if the Politicizing by Oath Keepers and Patript Network had given at least some modicum of support.
    Instead those august groups chose to distance themselves and continue to be spokesmen for both original neighboring county and local protestors, while in effect aiding the FBI in further seperating and alienating townsfolk and all americans attentions away from
    the true issues and demonizing Bundy and his followers.
    Bundy led protestors

  17. Hate to say it, but the Bundy’s surrounded themselves with a bunch a boy patriots. They should have stuck to the message, and the message only, rather than all that boy patriot tough talk and posturing.

    And those damn YouTube DefendYourBase live stream videos? What a damn joke.

    And this. What is this:

    Well golly gee! That is a real heart-breaker right there. Makes me want to ooze puddles and puddles of sad teddy tears.

    Those boy patriots fed psy-op’ed themselves. And the feds took that rope for all it was worth, plus some.

    All that damn posturing about how they were going to kill feds, and die for the consteetootion, was just pathetic.

    Look boys, if you are going to pull something off like this, be swift, and be deadly, but come off like a damn Boy Scout in your words and deeds. Be squeaky clean.

    1. Be an honorable person please, and tell me where you saw any “boy patriot tough talk and posturing“. I never saw any of that from either Ammon or LaVoy. But I was not there, and must assume you were, or you found excitable stuff on youtube or somewhere. I think Ammon conducted himself as a dignified, mature, responsible, and inspiring gentleman. Same with LaVoy. I have not seen anything anywhere indicating that the leadership of the siege called “how they were going to kill feds…
      Are you just trying to spread gossip or something?
      Now here you are inciting violence by saying “be swift, and be deadly…
      Let me tell you something please — I am an American who is not interested in “killing feds“. I am asking the damned federal government to get back inside its Constitution and obey its own law. That is all Ammon and LaVoy were asking. But oh nooooo, the “authorities” can’t have that, now can they? The misguided agents who murdered LaVoy will hopefully at some time while they’re here on earth come to realize how seriously their minds have been duped by government training propaganda. It is the same kind of guilt I now carry for helping this damned government destroy a beautiful, primitive, impotent little country which was struggling for its own self-governance. Viet Nam, 1960s into 1970s. I helped this government commit mass murder, destroy a beautiful country, try to displace a thousand-years-old culture with Wall Street’s bullshit perceptions, and I found out later that I did that because of a massive lie issued forth from the same government hierarchy which today’s police and military are conditioned to believe in. I am dismayed that the training given to Federal agents nowadays points at American patriots, who believe in the Constitution, as “the bad guys” or as “enemies” or as “terrorists”. The final blame for the gov-goon jack-booted thug image the Feds and now even LEOs carry within the public mind is in my opinion to be blamed more on policies implanted by department and agency heads who are in the pocket of larger powers with financial influence. Corruption at the top of government’s structures bleeds downhill in the form of conditioning, programming, training, educating, inducing (career concerns), and pressuring via financial incentive to create a mindset in the average gun-totin’ Federal agent or State/County/Local LEO that will produce idiocy like we just saw when agents of OSP shot down a good man in what I personally believe to be cold-blooded murder.
      I have not seen or heard of anyone at the refuge “posturing about how they were going to kill feds“. I think you’re just making that up to distract the message of Oath Keepers and/or to mislead people reading here. So I don’t need you to tell me to be “deadly“. I’m not playing the violence game, and neither is the leadership of Oath Keepers. We are a psy-op organization on behalf of the Constitution, which is much more effective than staging some silly-assed shootout with cops. Grow up please. We are cops and soldiers and firefighters and Veterans of those services. We are here to expose deceptions emanating from the seats of governmental power, and we’re asking cops and soldiers and firefighters to honor their Oath to the highest law of the land, even if doing so entails refusing unlawful orders, like shooting down a rancher on his way to meet with a friendly Sheriff to help spread the word about the BLM’s criminality.

      Elias Alias, editor

      1. Here, here. Allow me to take those statements a little further. Some of you out there may know this information, but I’m sure a lot of you don’t.

        For years, the Vietnamese people were fighting the French who were trying to colonize their country. And when World War II broke out, the Japanese moved in with their atrocities and the French ran. So the Vietnamese people were fighting the Japanese. When World War II ended, and the Japanese moved out, the French returned and attempted to colonize the Vietnamese people again. The Vietnamese people kick their butt. Then the Americans moved in to take the place of the French. Only the Americans didn’t want to colonize them, they wanted to make money off of it.
        All in all of Vietnamese people were fighting for 30 years to protect themselves from the oppression.

        Just a word to the wise, after 30 years of war, the Vietcong got very good at it. But the one thing that made them a force to be reckoned with was that they had the support of the people. That’s what you need to do now. Your best weapon right now is to wake up the people.

      2. As always, Elias, you are accurate, articulate, and diplomatic. I am proud to be associated with you as an American Patriot and fellow Oath Keeper. Salute!


      3. I saw it on the MSNBC video of blue tarp man. I saw it on YouTube as I don’t have TV. I thought it was Lawrence odonnel introducing the reporter who was interviewing a militant who wants to kill federal agents. It’s the kind of thing that whips your head around. If you let this type criminal mischaracterization stand it can be done to anyone. Isn’t it legally actionable?

        there’s been a lot of internet revisionism the last few days. There was another blue tarp man short created by MSNBC that had looney music interlaced with the reporter getting Mr Finicum to come out from under the tarp. The use of humor and ridicule to shame people from ever being curious is really something. That video was disappeared after Lavoy ‘ s death. So from a consumer standpoint I’m offended at the hypocrisy because they couldn’t respect him while he was living but now that he’s dead they pull the evidence of their disrespect? Or are they withdrawing evidence?

        These people have strayed so far from their constitutional mandate to keep the people informed that I am sure it is legally actionable. But they always have multiple use for every action because after they intentionally misinformed us they turn around and insult us for being low information voters.
        I’m disgusted. I am new to the ideas being promoted but maybe I don’t want to know. I thought I did but your movement (s) are so obviously infiltrated with bad actors /characters, all the media crimes including the Denver BLM IP address being used to impersonate a friend of the Hammonds with no avenue of redress (it’s apparent that old laws do not apply to new mediums like internet – also legally actionable I would think. How john Q public thinks it’s almost over now and until the new situation explodes we can count on almost no information coming out of the area that hasn’t been approved. This looks to be a huge psy-op for gun control apparent plays right into the “angry white men with guns ” narrative. Now you dear moderator may be a true believer but i dont think anybody around you is. Not even at the top. I believe that this has been a multi purpose operation in which all of us who weren’t chased away have been gathered up and are being monitored for future use. The comment by the lady judge sealed my conviction. As a result of this event I am more convinced than ever that the candidates for CIC are merely a distraction but for what purpose I don’t know. Meanwhile I’m done with Drumpf and I am done with the Savage as well. At least he touched it but he has made a promise for later and I suspect that the need is now. Part of me wants to learn and I want our nation cleaned up but you all have too much baggage. Every thing around this should be legally actionable. Montel should have been slapped with a lawsuit the minute he called for death. We truly have become an almost 100 percent lawless nation.

      4. Key words:

        Hate to say it, but the Bundy’s (That includes LaVoy) surrounded themselves with a bunch a boy patriots.

        Now, you go back an look at some of the history of these “militia” guys surrounding the Bundy’s. Your call. You can get emotional about my comment, or square it up. Truth matters, whether you like it or not, whether it fits your narrative or not.

      5. Allow me to point out that you have not addressed my points of rebuttal. I will totally agree with you that a questionable fringe element showed up to surround Ammon and his guys, and in my opinion Ammon would have been better off had he run some of them off. Several of the hot-heads, whom I could name but won’t, are highly questionable, and two of them give me grave suspicions about their true motives in showing up anywhere good patriots are congregated, such as Bundy Ranch in 2014 and now Burns, Oregon in 2016. Yes some of the same people who put spurs to accelerated tension between BLM troops and the cowboys at Bundy Ranch, and whom Oath Keepers condemned, magically re-appeared at Burns. That sort of cat is not in the patriot herd, but instead have other motives for being there. Oath Keepers did advise the Bundys at Bundy ranch in 2014 to ditch the hot-heads and agitators, and it is just as you say, regarding that small group of fringe, that Ammon would have been better off had he booted them out on day one. But that is just my opinion.

        But having acknowledged that there were a few less-than proper men there with delusions (or deceptions) about being “militia”, I must point out also that the phenomenon is universal with all groups, even church groups. You are flat out wrong to seek to color every patriot standing with Ammon Bundy as being properly represented by the “boys” as you call them. You can’t paint the majority with the misconduct of the few, and you damn well know that. I’ll prove my point. Would you care to categorize the U.S. Army as a bunch of wild-assed killers? Of course not. But are there from time to time misfits of sorts whose actions give the Army a bad name? For a good example, consider Lt. Calley of the My Lai massacre scandal, which rocked the Army and put a huge dent in the Army’s tactic of winning the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people as well as severely damaging the stateside media’s illusions about the virtue of U.S. military presence in southeast Asia. Dig this —

        From that link:

        “…the Vietnam War mass killing of between 347 and 504 unarmed civilians in South Vietnam on March 16, 1968. It was committed by U.S. Army soldiers from the Company C of the 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 11th Brigade of the 23rd (Americal) Infantry Division. Victims included men, women, children, and infants. Some of the women were gang-raped and their bodies mutilated.[2][3] Twenty-six soldiers were charged with criminal offenses, but only Lieutenant William Calley Jr., a platoon leader in C Company, was convicted. Found guilty of killing 22 villagers, he was originally given a life sentence, but served only three and a half years under house arrest.

        So let me ask you again — can we say that the U.S. Army is a bunch of marauding wanton killers? Or is it more truthful to say that a very tiny percentage of soldiers that day did deplorable acts, and were subsequently given courts martial? You cannot brand the U.S. Army over that incident — AND — you cannot brand the righteous stand by Ammon and LaVoy and the other fair-minded rational mature gentlemen who we see as the leaders of the event, by the idiocy of questionable fringe individuals who showed up to ride Ammon’s train.

        However, still you have failed to point out where anyone at the refuge was talking about killing cops. The video you sent, pitiful as it is, shows nothing like you have accused the militia people of saying. So no, your reply won’t cut the mustard here. I asked you to show me where you saw “militia” people threatening to kill cops. So please try again.

        For “key words”, I’ll repeat my own to freshen up your memory —

        “Be an honorable person please, and tell me where you saw any “boy patriot tough talk and posturing“.”

        Elias Alias, editor

      6. Good words, and understandable Elias. Some choose to not understand. Myself, I thought they approached this, ( at the refuge ), all wrong. But an honorable man lies dead, and a family greives. And the PTB continue on this path of destruction. The result was murder no less, but, average citizen, will buy the big lie. Because, its easier. Kudos to you, prayers for our country. I would much rather attack a burning structure fire, with a < than 50% survivable outcome. Than approach the fire that at present, is consuming our whole way of life. Salute

    2. “be deadly, but come off like a Boy Scout”

      So what you’re saying is: murder people, then lie about it.

      That’s some weird oath yer keepin there.

      1. Please understand that many people posting comments at this website are not members in Oath Keepers. This is a public venue and no one has to be a member in Oath Keepers to post here. Thanks,

        Elias Alias, editor

    3. Look boys, if you are going to pull something off like this, be swift, and be deadly, but come off like a damn Boy Scout in your words and deeds. Be squeaky clean.

      Be swift and be deadly… if you have to. But don’t go running your mouths. Speak softly and carry a big stick.

      Anyhow… I am sure this video will have you all charging in:

      1. Idiots, of course. As I said, you cannot judge patriots and militia by fringe misfits. Want to toss around portraits of talking idiots? Here is one back atcha —

        By your logic, this dude’s idiocy (the Islam black dude) has proven all Blacks to be racist murderers. I would like for you to address the issue of criminality in the BLM and other Federal agencies please, instead of focusing your magnetic mind on a few bad examples of deluded idiots who are imagining they are somehow a legitimate militia. That sort of man is not militia, nor is he a “liberty fighter”. He needs a doctor, and so did that black dude in the vid I just gave you.

        Deal with my requests, or I’m going to start wondering if you are trolling. Thank you.

        Elias Alias, editor

  18. It is entirely possible that the Feds have lots of warrants in the system prepared for when the opportunity comes to use them so that most patriots will never get the chance to truly walk away from a situation. It’s just too convenient for them. While we Oath Keepers are pro-government in most ways, it is obvious from what has happened that the civilian end of the government is seriously out of control, and that the military that we also support and defend in so many ways is not stepping up to deal with the situation. Several years back, the Swiss Army had a book written by Major H. Von Dach, called “Total Resistance” (available through that teaches civilians how to resist an occupying force that is bent upon their destruction, and I hope that that is not the case for us now, but I am rapidly desparing of that hope. So, I want to give you two quotes from the opening pages of the book:

    “The enemy will not make any distinction between soldiers and civilians. Experiences of the recent past have proved that annihilation of the conquered may be expected sooner or later. Sometimes this process is only delayed.”

    “In case of war, resistance will come primarily through the Army. It is our duty to make sure with our might that the Army is and remains ready for war. We want this point understood very clearly. However, we want to show our people a way to resist in case parts of the Army are dispersed, split up or encircled. This is in case prisoners succeed in escaping or portions of the civilian population fall under enemy rule. We want to demonstrate that in the worst situation resistance is not in vain, but that it is a primary duty.

    We feel this book will make this resistance effective, that it will prevent bloodshed and loss of life because of lack of necessary know-how and ability.”

    As such, it behooves us all to step up our activities in training CPTs as when something really goes down in a major way then anyone who has spoken out against what is happening in this nation can well expect to be the first on the lists for arrest and/or liquidation. We are in a very serious and precarious time, and so we need to all keep a cool head, think before we speak, and do all that we can to prepare our families, friends and neighbors so that they can do anything that they determine is called for if we are no longer here to lead the way. Prudence demands this.

    1. Well said doc. Our recruiting and retention arm sucks. I think a large majority of our Military/LE/Fed community agrees with Oath Keeper principles and values, but most are apprehensive to join because there is little organization, and also the fear of being on a “list”. I have mostly observed myself for much the same reason, until the Burns incident happened in my back yard. It reminded me of a refugee I spoke with in Kosovo. He was well educated, spoke perfect English with a slight British accent, and had only the clothes on his back. I asked him why he didn’t get out, it was well publicized what was coming. He replied that he was a banker, and he didn’t believe it would effect him until the bombs came through his roof. I keep a 500 Billion Denar note (that would buy a pack of smokes and a coke at the time) to remind myself how quick it turns if you have your head in the sand.

  19. I question the use of technology by trained militiamen in this situation.

    Why have no GPS coordinates been put out identifying road blocks?

    Why is there such a lack of footage of the FBI and their vehicles?

    Why has there been no footage or pictures of Lavoy’s pickup post-roadblock?

    Calm and on task minds prevail, correct? Why then, is there not more use of brain power being demonstrated? I do not wish to over criticize, but what is going on? Why have people whom have chosen to take the offer to peacefully exit mnwr not been given more help? Why has no one provided legal help, and ensured that “free to go” was documented, video taped, and signed by authorities? Was Victoria Sharp able to have a lawyer present during questioning?

    If PPN is issuing a call to action, how about some recon to assist that? Where does Mr. Rhodes stand on that call to action? Asking that people inclined to support be self sufficient is understandable, but has any local resident offered a barn, or area of land for camping (on private property, not within city limits)?

    Considering a federally funded law enforcement agency, in co-operation with a state funded police force released such low quality footage, lacking audio, why has this not been publically questioned? Why has this footage not been compared to footage from drones that civillians can buy on a budget? If the FBI video capabilities are so easily obstructed by trees, then thankfully there weren’t terrorists in that situation. Maybe the FBI just doesn’t have their drone licence in Oregon.

    I’m by no means sitting here writing this without reflecting on the gravity of the situation, and without having due respect for OK, PPN, 3%. Your presence in this situation comes with a price and requires much courage.

    Can anyone confirm my BS-meter’s reading? It’s registering maximum.

  20. When I first heard of this action alert to go to Burns, I had several questions that needed answers. I never received adequate answers to those questions and it played out in the news exactly how I feared without the planning those questions would have answered. I asked if they had the support of the Hammonds……No, I asked if they had the support of the area Native American Community……No, I asked if the refuge had tactical lines of access/retreat……No. You pick a remote site with only two long country lanes as access, easily blocked, easily infiltrated, no way to bring in media to show the truth once the blockade begins by the FBI………………………where was the planning? Someone (LaVoy) died because of that lack of planning. Once the Hammonds refused support, and the Native Americans chimed in, it should have ended.

    1. Sounds like you should have been on ground issuing OPORD. It’s AAR time, and everyone is suddenly a tactician and planner. What’s the plan now Chief?

  21. He was not an evil or dangerous man
    Who put down his life for We the People
    A real Son of the Land of the Brave
    Among the dumbed down sheeple

    He was not born to be a slave
    A farmer inhaling God’s air
    Spoke his mind but always fair
    Made sure he was nobody’s knave

    Ave dear Brother Finnicum
    Your sacrifice will not be lost
    On those who have a minimum
    Of the desire to fight at any cost

  22. (Media eBlast Jan 30th, 2016)

    The Civil War spark in Oregon is still on the table….

    Oath Keepers has posted a “Situation Report” (SITREP) by Sam Culper, a former U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst Contractor.

    The situation at Malheur Wildlife Reserve is far from over as 4 occupiers, being led by Jason Patrick, refused to leave by the deadline set by the FBI. Based-on the SITREP Report, Jason Patrick is in a “damn if you do and damn if you don’t” situation and obviously has set the stage for another full blown attack by the FBI to resolve the difficult situation.

    The occupiers, originally led by Ammon Bundy, began the occupation at the Wildlife Reserve on January 2nd as a protest to bring attention to the ongoing battle between ranchers in the west and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that are acting “illegally” under U. N. Agenda 21 to seize land from the ranchers, of which caused the re-arrest of rancher Hammond Sr. and his son on trumped-up charges of “terrorism” for setting a back fire to protect his property. The Hammonds were re-sentenced to a 5 year prison term which started this entire event in Burns Oregon.

    Note: Ammon Bundy and 6 others are being held without bond following an ambush by Oregon State Troopers and the FBI, resulting the death of rancher Lavoy Finicum, reported as being “aggressive” after exiting his vehicle. FBI video footage shows Lavoy reaching for a weapon, but what is not clear…was his reaction a result of being shot in the back by a sniper in the tree line and then shot in the head by another agent? Lavoy Finicum had his hands raised and was yelling, “if you are going to shoot me…then shoot me !”

    “My message still remains. Turn yourselves in and do not use physical force. Use the national platform we have to continue to defend liberty through our constitutional rights in an Article 3 Court with an Article 3 judge.” –Ammon Bundy

    The FBI encouraged many remaining occupiers at the Reserve to leave without being arrested, however, a few were arrested on other charges and all others were each photographed. Jason Patrick believes that he will be arrested and/or killed anyway and has decided to be the last man standing, or the last man killed.

    Today, January 30th, 2016, organizers have asked all Oath Keepers and others to protest in front of the these federal buildings:

    Saturday-Eugene, Oregon Federal Court House, 11am-1pm
    Salem Oregon-State Capitol Steps, 12noon-2pm?

    Many are asking themselves, is this the spark for a full blown Civil War II ?

    When South Carolina seceded from the Union, a small contingency of Union soldiers occupied an area within South Carolina, called Ft. Sumter. Politicians and the Confederate Army saw the occupation of Ft. Sumter a provocative move.

    “On Thursday, April 11, 1861, Confederate Brig. Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard dispatched aides to Maj. Anderson to demand the fort’s surrender. Anderson refused. The next morning, at 4:30 a.m., Confederate batteries opened fire on Fort Sumter and continued for 34 hours. The Civil War had begun!”

    Robert E. Lee, a Union Army Officer, was summoned to Washington D.C. and was offered the rank of General to lead the Union Army against the “uprising rebels” of which Robert E. Lee emphatically declined, because he believed in Virginia’s right to secede from the Union.

    Robert E. Lee is still remembered as a very brave General of the Confederate Army, but recently demonized by the politically correct liberals as a “racist” and thus….the Confederate Flag (of history) has been torn down by those that prefer you to believe their way is the right way…but is it?

    It NEVER was about “slavery” it was about federal aggression of the southern states and taxation…basically, CONTROL.

    “Slavery” only came into the spot light when the Union Army were about defeated and President Lincoln needed a new plan to gain support by the public, which were growing weary over the many thousands being killed.

    NOW…let’s jump ahead 25 years, following the Civil War and take a look at federal aggression at “Wounded Knee.”

    “On the morning of December 29, 1890, the Sioux chief Big Foot and some 350 of his followers camped on the banks of Wounded Knee creek. Surrounding their camp was a force of U.S. troops charged with the responsibility of arresting Big Foot and disarming his warriors. The scene was tense. Trouble had been brewing for months.”

    Wounded Knee was just another day of land grabbing by the federal government, which are now National Parks, Public Lands and Indian Reservations.

    Today…more land is being acquired in the same manner from ranchers being compromised, threatened and restricted. The U.S. government is 18 or 19 trillion dollars in debt, and most of America’s National Parks have been given to the United Nations as collateral for the globalist banking cartel.

    “Feds Grant Eminent Domain as Collateral to China for U.S. Debts.”

    On top of that….certain politicians, like John McCain, Harry Reid and others, broker deals with foreign corporations while swinging deals with their state to sell-off land being managed by the BLM, and in John McCain’s deal, it happens to be Apache land in Arizona for a copper mining company.

    Harry Reid had interest in Ammon Bundy’s land, and had already pushed-out 50 other ranchers, before the recent famous stand-off with BLM SWAT Teams, forcing the BLM to back-off. Harry Reid’s son, an attorney for a Chinese company, were using the BLM to strong-arm the Bundy’s for grazing rights on the same land to be sold-off to the Chinese.

    Ammon Bundy and others saw rancher Hammond going to jail for a second term and reacted in the same manner as what happened to him and his family in Nevada. Were his actions in Oregon the right thing to do? Many of us are saying “no.” But…what is still happening in Burns Oregon could set the stage for a Civil War II, depending on how the feds react. Today’s civil war will not appear to be thousands of warriors on horse back, walking into a line of fire…but will likely involve more animosity for federal aggression, resistance, and small areas of similar conflicts that will grow in numbers.

    The presidential race to the White House is very dangerous if certain globalists are elected legally and/or by fraud. Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are two that will aggravate a new civil war if either one is crowned CEO of these United States. Not to say others will be better or worse, we will not know until the “fat lady sings.”

    Note: Hillary Clinton and her husband are indirectly involved with the Burns Oregon stand-off and BLM aggression against rancher Hammond. As Secretary of State, Clinton has secured mining of uranium for a Russian corporation (Uranium One) and funneled/laundered millions of dollars through the Clinton Foundation. Currently, a rancher in Wyoming is very upset about the uranium being sold-off under his land rights area. Some say, there is also uranium under the Hammond ranch…

    These deals made by Hillary Clinton were during her tenure as Secretary of State…a conflict of interest and money laundering.

    The rancher land issues in America’s west are not going away and will likely escalate to unknown levels. There will be ticked-off people that will decide on how to bring about attention to the federal land grab, but is it worth dying over? Many would say, definitely yes, but how you end up dead doesn’t have to be done carelessly.

    Ammon Bundy’s fight, with a handful of people, was doomed from the beginning, and because he is a good old boy, a Christian that believes that most people are good and not threatening, his best confidante was ambushed by the Oregon State Troopers, under the orders of Governor Kate Brown. She wanted the FBI to move-on the Reserve much sooner than what the FBI wanted, therefore…she forced their hand by ordering Oregon State Troopers to ambush the Bundy group while enroute to a peaceful meeting in an adjacent county.

    AND….guess who Ammon’s main body guard was? An FBI agent/informant….with 37 years of law enforcement.

    maddog says:
    Comment ID: 3510620
    January 28, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    I know one from reno that will be allowed to leave that was there. I know for a fact he was in one of the cars where the murder took place. He was pretending to be security for Bundy. He has been working as a cop for 37 years and just recently infiltrated the oath keepers. Check the video’s of Bundy after you check the pic by googling Gary Underhill. He can be seen standing right next to or behind Bundy in most vids. He was interviewed by the NY Post at some point the Oregon ordeal.

    But he is not the only agent in the mix. Look at the video link and see another known FBI agent that was at the first (face to face meeting) with the FBI and later….we see the agent is among the protestors at the Reserve.

    Burns Oregon.BUSTED Today 23 January same FBI Pose as Bundy Protestor 18 January!

    They know what they’re doing and that is why the Patriot Voice must be heard in all communities until such time a majority wake-up to the noise and begin asking questions of their elected officials and the county sheriff. They can be dealt with at the local level, even though the federal government will do what they want anyway….the local level can cause the state to react (hopefully) on behalf of their citizens, just as Colorado got rid of most every Democrat that attempted to initiate strong gun control measures.

    If states begin to talk secession, then it’s time to defend the state (once again.) As for the remaining four, nobody will be called a “hero” if you are killed, therefore it’s time to listen to Ammon Bundy and give yourselves up. The entire Patriot Movement must regroup and re-think how to avoid being influenced by FBI undercover agents (acting as provocateurs) and find better solutions to get to the heart of these issues that plague America…and our ranchers.

    Lavoy Finicum….Rest in Peace

  23. These guys are a bunch of crackpots with out jobs or a life. This stuff wouln’t be cool here in the Midwest people have jobs, mortgages and a way of life that we tend to respect authority. This group should have invested in some really good lawyers they maybe could have followed made some real changes.

    1. Ah yes, ol’ Ace has spoken. A perfect representation of todays ‘new american’.

      Calling those who advocate for and actually stand on Liberty-principles and for the actual Constitution, “crackpots” and ol’Ace even goes a step further and generalizes that such people have neither jobs nor ‘a life’.


      Ol’ Ace goes on to glorify ‘midwest people’ as somehow being superior in some way to principled Liberty advocates…as if thise region’s populous is monilithically statist.

      Ol’ Ace was then compelled to toss in the old ‘respect for authority’ horseschite that, contrary to how Ol’ Ace sees it, merely indicates that he/she/it and those like it, are foolish statist-sycophants.

      What an utter surprise that one is.

      He/she/it closes by making its case that following the ‘legal system’ set up and controlled by Leviathan and administrated by its minions and apparatchiks, is the mechanism to somehow make ‘real change’.

      The delusions and indoctrination of such people never ceases to amaze me…it is sarcastically akin to a herd of slack-jawed, slope-headed, glazed-eyed, drooling-lipped morons.

  24. Sit rep update, the FBI arrested Bundy. The militia proved useless and completely outgunned and out played.

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