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How Your Community Is Implementing AGENDA 21

Rosa Koire

Rosa Koire, a Democrat, spoke before a Tea Party gathering in California about Agenda 21. She realizes that Agenda 21 is not about Democrat vs. Republican, or liberal vs. conservative, it is about collectivism vs. the individual. She is a very knowledgeable individual who has spent many years researching Agenda 21, and how it is being implemented in local communities. Please, watch this video. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. This woman knows her shait. She really deserves Oathkeepers support. I watched this video or one very much like it a year or two ago. She’ll go to city council meetings with a group and put the city council members on the spot. Yep, she’s a democrat. Trust me that’s not a deal breaker here. She is proof that the truth is bipartisan. It’s not a deal breaker for me either that she admits to being a lesbian.

    Some years ago some bad things happened in my neighborhood through our city-sponsored neighborhood association. It left me wandering what the hell was going on. Words like sustainable and vision were repeatedly thrown around so much that I suspected something weird was going on but I couldn’t put my finger on it. A few years later I watched Rosa Koire talking about Agenda 21 and it answered all my questions. Believe me, it was such a relief and an eye opener.

    I am very happy to see Oathkeepers taking this on or at least acknowledging this and giving Rosa the credit she is due. Agenda 21 is hard to fathom and it’s so incredibly sneaky but Rosa brings it out into the clear light of day.

    1. At the local level the program is ICLEI
      I nearly [three words deleted by Elias Alias, editor] to find its operating here in this small town. Far more pervasive and on the stealth. On the face it looks beneficial, until one sees what APPEARS ARBITRARY yet clearly a land grab agenda. And when in full spectrum operations destroys autonomy and dissolves personal and property rights for the benefit of the COLLECTIVE. .I posted videos below of how people are being terrorized.

  2. AGENDA 21 In 1961, the Kennedy administration ordered a “Top Secret” study to determine what problems the United States would face if the world moved from an era of war to a golden age of peace. In other words, how to bring America into the New World Order. Department of State put out a publication (#7277) called “Freedom From War, The United States Program for a General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World”. This publication describes a three step program to disarm the American military, shut down bases and have one military under the United Nations. (4:39) lowering population through, health care, vaccines, reproductive services

  3. This undoubtedly would be “hell on Earth” ….and sooooooooooo far away from PEACE, (just observe how “they” are ignoring our inner instincts to kill or be killed …neither will a human (usually) just nod and agree to be a slave for life ….or just another organism in a “pool” of controlled living beings by those “who are elite and thus ABOVE us” (please, anyone tell me what makes someone elite)? Elite? What IS that? Who ARE they?
    This shit has been “kicking around and being slowly implemented “in all parts” for this long (as the article would indicate), yet I do not recall ever remotely hearing about any Agenda 21 while I was doing my 20+ in The USNavy (SF) …or perhaps I missed that class.
    Maddening? Hell yeah it’s maddening and equally unacceptable (because it’s based upon ‘unreality’). People are going to be dumbed down to the extent of accepting THIS (and this can only be the side THEY wish us to know about …since it’s all about power and control it is doomed before it is brought to fruition. (All other methods of power and control “antics” have led to disaster/End Of Empire throughout history – no exceptions). I also find it to be not so much of a ‘leading edge’ factor to consider with regard to national security (We The People type secureness), since there are so many other factors (perhaps one-and-the-same – – I dunno) that seem much closer to bringing the curtain down upon all of us. Economy, jihadists stationed within CONUS (and being fed & trained we have to assume). *{So far I’ve found 92 cases of “ill” foreign fighters being taken to hospitals (the ‘back’ way) for treatment, then returned to ? (a military base exists within five miles of each place these ‘incidents’ have taken place. (The enemy is pretty much already ‘within’).
    I must stop here …somebody needs a diver and I could use some extra bucks! Cheers all.

  4. The better half and I just finished watching “The Flic of the Hour” (above) and are about 50% taken aback by the sheer outrageousness (or very thought) that Agenda 21 is not only REALLY ‘extant’, but is slowly and steadily eliminating virtually all human rights (to include meaning that your rights are below that of the community. There ya go with the answer as to why ‘lawful’ tactics no longer work (cuz they’ve quietly changed all that shit) …and that bs has already (and very effectively) ‘watered down’ about every “right” we have …with ALL RIGHTS “fixin” to be slashed to zero-rights. Even worse if you are living within city limits (but I can’t help but remained puzzled as to how they actually think they could could get a “life-long” ruralist (I made up a word! ….I think …ruralite?) to feel “forced” to come to the inner city (when everything we need is provided by God and the vast forests that surround us. Surely this has been realized-and-a-solution found (in their minds), yet I missed it (in the flic) or my brain is shorting-out again from information overload. This Agenda 21 is insanity run amuck …and the shocker is to learn that it is certainly active, to varying degrees, in every community nationwide.
    I move Oath-Keepers make a stand upon this one. But WOW is it ever going to take some serious INTEL and even MORE serious AO’s (the size of The USA?) whoa shit! ….of every square inch of every state and town? (Yes …now we all have additional duties to attend to. The ‘jackasses’ at The UN have NO ‘say-so’ inside of America and yet we now find that “oh yes they do!” (and it started around 1976 …..GOOD GRIEF)! THAT needs to be rescinded ….forcefully if necessary. …and I’m getting way too old for this shit, yet I’m ready.

  5. Here’s something that may help everyone. Search; “ISO 14001,” “Environmental Management Systems,” “,” “,” “” On the last two add the word “Controversy.”

    Here’s another tip; if you get the opportunity to address a city or county counsel, don’t use the word “Agenda 21.” I know that sounds counter intuitive, but these counsel members don’t even know what that means. If they do know, they see it as a red flag. Use the buzzwords; “regional planning, sustainability, future generations, etc.” Of course you will need mouth wash after words, but that is the narrative they are getting fed. Also, if you have gripe and a group to go to a hearing, the handlers will of course limit the comments to 1 or 2 minutes. Here’s how you solve that; make one narrative that the group agrees with, carry a pen, and mark off where the last speaker ended. At that point simply pick up the narrative and continue.

    There’s one more thing. “Smart Growth.” Be aware that they are trying to set up “Green Belts” around your community. Essentially this amounts to controlling expansion for many illogical reasons. You will know it when you see it.
    Here’s an example from my city Kennewick, WA; There was group called “Ridges to Rivers” that popped up (they always have names like “friends of”). It’s not hard to imagine it happened here because we are right next to Hanford. They started a conservation project between two cities, then got a tiny amount of land (20 acres) declared a preserve. What they were doing is linking lands for “Future Generations” that just happened to skirt the town exactly where development would take place next. In fact the city sought to rezone 1200 acres not far from their preserve as commercial for business. Suddenly a group from Seattle named “Futurewise” popped up and challenged the planning in court, but not the way you would imagine. They went to the “Washington State Growth Hearing Board.” If you don’t do anything else, search that term! We also have a “Shorline Hearing Board.” Point is, you have them as well. You see, Futurewise doesn’t even have to put up any money to challenge the project’s legality, the State does it for them. What came of it?

    It was determined that Kennewick did not demonstrate enough reason to develop this land in the future. Then Benton County, and Richland or Kennewick changed their Regional Planning strategy. Now each of them have one planner that makes land use determinations via remote control from Everett Washington. About 235 miles away, and north of Seattle. This is happening in virtually every state. Remember the “Environmental Management Systems?” You see, they are basically EHS quartered in that major corporation you work for. How convenient to have mostly die hard Progressives Quartered in most businesses. It’s more complicated than just what I said here, but search some of those terms. Real eye openers.

    1. Great information Greg! I live on a property that contains two creek beds. Earlier in the year I had a strange incident regarding jurisdiction of the creek beds with regard to trespassing. I dismissed it as nuts until I found the ECLIE program active in the community.

      1. Hi CMB,
        Be very careful what, if anything, you do in or around those creeks. Here in Washington State somewhere near Maple Valley if I remember right. A fella used an excavator to move some rocks from the shoreline. The Washington Dept. of Ecology and USFWS hit him hard for disturbing the “Direction and Flow Characteristics” in a stream dedicated to rehabilitation of threatened species.
        Also there is that guy in Wyoming that created a Pond by diverting a stream. He had permission, much like the Hammonds did before they fenced his water source illegally. The real joke here is; that pond helps with sedimentation of heavy metals at the end of the day.

        If you really dig into true Environmental Issues, they amount to dislocation and relocation of resources. That runs completely counter to Smart Growth and the Consolidation of the Tribes. It’s really about Control….

      2. No question Greg! I am still looking for a video made by a homesteader in Colorado. How he and others have been basically terrorized by zoning laws in direct conflict with legitimate sustainable practices and how they are being zoned right off their property

        I am now in fear that my ducks are somehow going to be implicated in some duck charge regarding environmental impact because they aren’t native to the area but use the creek at times. Unbelievable the bs these enforcers are putting people through as well! One of the videos I posted tells the frustrations of a guy attempting to start a farm in California and the impossible hoops they put him through.

        I have been hearing about stories such as you mentioned for years, never paid much attention to them until the Hammonds situation. After posting background on their plight both my YT Channels were disabled, same with my Oregonian account, and another paper banned my IP address. Unbelievable!

      3. Getting censored? Great, You’re doing your duty then!
        3 years ago (Nov. 3 2012) after suffering the 5 stages of depression, four times a day for 3 months, I started a Facebook page called “The Bipartisan Soft March to Fascism.” Each day I put up a new Liberty that had been taken from each side of the aisle. Guess you know where that went. LOL!

        That is the Conservationist go to play. They acquire small tracts of land and then start dictating how everyone else uses their through zoning and Land use agreements.

        Is the Colorado story about that family who were snowmobiling in and out of their cabin and the USFS took their property?

        What we need to do is get in front of these deals. Just like this Hammond case, it’s hard to help folk, when they don’t want help, so we are behind the 8 ball by the time we get involved.

        Keep up the Good Fight CMB!

    2. Let’s not forget multi-, mixed-use zoning. That’s agenda 21-speak for high-density, corral, hi-rise housing. Oathkeepers won’t have to worry about disobeying orders forcing people into detention camps. People will have been persuaded to do so willingly, forcing you and me to join or live out in the wilderness fighting the BLM or the like! “Come in”, said the spider to the fly.

      1. Yep, in this area the Right To Farm Act was passed in part to address subdivisions moving into preexisting farm land area then filing suits regarding stench, etc against those existing farmers driving them into litigation.

        Seems individual property rights should have been sufficient to protect under these circumstances. I don’t know enough about the issue but on the face it seems pretty self evident. Farm auction make me shudder, my guess is Monsanto just bought the family out.

  6. I looked at the actual text of agenda 21 some time ago. It looks like a bunch of meaningless word salad that the folks at the UN came up with just so they could pretend like they were accomplishing something. More of a time waster than something nefarious. Have you guys seen it?

  7. Bs, so the individual rights trump the collective welfare of society. Funny how the ones who benefit from individual rights is the one who owns the most wealth and weapons, the one with advantage will own all after a while. Funny how the need a socialist instrument like a tea party organization to get you to empower their right to enslave you. Think your idealogy out to its conclusion. A feudal system.

  8. Agenda 21 has been renamed to agenda 2030 because agenda 21 was gaining to much attention, Strong cities Initiatives which Obama signed is being put in high gear.

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