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Harney County Committee of Safety’s Letter Asks Ammon Bundy to Leave Refuge

Committee to Ammon Bundy: “We ask that you organize your people, explain that your point has been made, and leave in a peaceful, honorable fashion.”

During last night’s January 8, 2016 meeting of the Harney County Committee of Safety, in Burns, OR, Committee member Melodi Molt read aloud the Committee’s unanimous letter to Ammon Bundy, thanking him for bringing attention to the Hammond case and other important issues, and for stirring them to action, but also criticizing him for occupying the wildlife refuge without their knowledge “or any other local approval” in a way that hurt the Committee’s credibility in the community.

The letter ends by directly asking Ammon Bundy to end his occupation of the wildlife refuge and to leave peaceably.  (the full transcript of the letter is posted below the video). This is the same Committee that Ammon helped to create on December 15, 2015 and assured them that they, the people of Harney County, would be in charge:

Introduction to Letter, by Committee Member Melodi Molt:

We’ve only been on this committee a couple weeks, and two weeks ago, I didn’t know what a committee of safety was.   So I looked up the definition and I ‘m going to read it to you before I read this letter from the Committee of Safety:

‘The first committee of safety was formed prior to the Revolutionary War to fight the tyranny and oppression of a corrupt government and its officials, and to protect the safety, health, and welfare of the local citizens.’

So, that’s the definition of a committee of safety and it’s three or four hundred years old.

Full Text of the Harney County Committee of Safety Letter to Ammon Bundy:


The Harney County Committee of Safety, as it was originally named, delivers this letter to you, the voice of those occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters.

We thank you for shining light on the Hammond case here in Harney County.  Your actions have created a national focus on the Hammonds and other issues here and across the West that have created mutual distrust, anger and unrest between the people of the land and the Federal government.  We thank you for stirring us to action which we hope will peaceably lead to justice for the Hammonds and ultimately a better Harney County, a better state, and a better nation.

We were very upset that you chose to take the aggressive action of occupying the refuge, and did it without our knowledge, or any other local approval, and in a fashion that created huge distrust and loss of credibility of, and for, us as a group of residents within the community.  We approved of most of your message but disapprove of your unilateral methods of occupation.

With that being said, we feel that any good which may come out of this event has reached its full potential.   We ask that you organize your people, explain that your point has been made, and leave in a peaceful, honorable fashion.  This will allow us in Harney County to carry on with the business of improving the lives and opportunities that our beautifully blessed country offers through its bounty and natural resources.  Peace be with you.

*Note:  While the Committee was unanimous on the contents of the letter, and read it aloud to the people of Harney County last night, the Committee is still undecided (reportedly deadlocked 3 to 3) on when to actually deliver the letter to Ammon.   Regardless, it expressed their unanimous sentiment that he should end his occupation of the refuge.  (Thanks JKS)



The Committee is essentially asking Ammon to take the same honorable exit that I recommended in my open letter to him on January 6, 2016, which you can read here.   Ammon promised this committee that they would be in charge and make the decisions on how best to proceed in defending their rights, and taking control of their land.  Now that the committee has made if very clear that they will continue the fight, Ammon should do as the committee asks and leave the wildlife refuge.

The Committee’s draft Resolution of the People of Harney County, which they also read aloud last night, was very strong, and ended with a demand that the federal government turn all lands currently under its control in Harney County, over to the people.   You can read it here: RESOLUTION OF THE PEOPLE OF HARNEY COUNTY final rev

It was an inspirational meeting.  And though the Committee expressed their anger at the way Ammon acted on his own, without telling them what he had planned, and without local consent, they still expressed their very real gratitude to him for bringing national attention to the gross injustices against the Hamonds and to the broader issues of the Federal dominance over the land that rightfully belongs to the people of the West.  Out of this can come great things if the follow-up is done right.

As for us, Oath Keepers has a standing offer out to the people of Harney County, OR to assist them with security if they chose to start working the land again, in defiance of unjust Federal edicts, and most importantly, a standing offer to help train and organize them so that they can provide for their own security, as the Founders intended (which is the core purpose of our Community Preparedness Teams (CPT)).   If the people will stand, we will stand with them, and we will train them, but they need to be in charge, and they have to make that momentous decision to take a stand.  We cannot do it for them.  Looks to us like they are well on their way, so long as the maintain momentum.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes


Here is what I wrote in the post linking to the live feed of the meeting last night:

This is exactly what needs to be done in every county in the West – the people coming together to take the bull by the horns and stand together with THEM in charge.

It was a very good meeting, and it was good to see the community come together and start to stand. Now that we DO support.

The next step needs to be that at least one, but preferably several, ranchers need to turn their cattle out on the public land and then we (all groups, all patriots) can defend them, and most importantly, train and organize them to defend themselves and each other.   And it would be best if the Committee of Safety called for that action and fully supported it (yes, an individual rancher has the right to take that stand on his own, and we can defend him – that is what happened at Bundy Ranch, Sugar Pine Mine, and in Lincoln, MT, where we defended individuals who were willing to stand even if most of their neighbors were not – but it is best for the community to be directly involved and in full support. That is what is needed for a long term, lasting retaking of their land.

Also, we must train them to defend themselves and each other.  Outside security volunteers can only stay for so long, and if/when there is a national crisis, such volunteers will not be able to go anywhere, since they will be very busy in their own AO.   So, the people of Harney County must be trained and organized to provide their own security.   And that is what we will be happy to do for them so they can be their own security rather than having to rely on “sheepdogs” from outside their county.

In fact, I hereby make this standing offer to the people of Harney County, OR, and to the Harney County Comittee of Safety.   Oath Keepers will train you and help you organize for your own security, so that,  whatever you do, you can provide your own local security teams made up of well trained locals, and those locals can serve as competent, effective local leadership for any outside volunteers you may consent to inviting in to assist you, under the command of local leaders you choose.   That is the best way for you to proceed so you, the locals, call the shots and are in charge, including of any security operations in defense of your rights, as Ammon Bundy himself said is the way this is supposed to go.

Stewart Rhodes



Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.


  1. Stewart, full disclosure would be best. The committee stated that the resolution has not been delivered to Ammon. The Committee is deadlocked 3 to 3 as to when the resolution should be delivered.

      1. Since I live here in Burns and am one of hundreds of people against this “occupation” I would also like to mention that the Committee of Safety was created by Ammon Bundy, the website is OWENED by Ammon Bundy. The people were elected at the town hall meeting held earlier in December which was attended by approximately 30 people with only 17 of those people being Harney County residents and of those 17 people 7 were elected with NON residents voting them in. They are nothing more than a social club and do NOT speak for the people of Harney County. The reason they’re tied is because one of them has already quit.

        When the sheriff disagreed with Ammon, Ammon himself said that blood would rain down on the citizens of Harney County.

        So far their stance has been, firs time, to give the land back to the miners, loggers and ranchers. Second time to hold the land and build an army and invite all patriots to come live on it (he posted the video – you can’t make this stuff up) and then third, now, he wants to find the original owners and give it back to them. He doesn’t know what he wants to do except terrorize the people of this community. Yesterday members of the Paiute tribe were harassed in the pizza place for putting out a video that they want the Bundy’s to leave because they have sacred areas on the land that the FED protects and maintains FOR THE SAKE OF THE TRIBE. 7 members of the groups coming in – verbally attacked them saying they had no right to say anything against Ammon and his people and that it’s not their business. The Bundy’s are not the messiah – neither are Ryan Payne, Blaine Cooper (Stanley), Jason Patrick or Jon Ritzenheimer. They are doing this in YOUR names, not for our benefit. How about bitch about the fact that we’re about to lose 2.5 million acres to Obama’s new national monument over in Owyhee and when the BLM loses control of that land then all the ranchers there lose everything and the people who have had 100 year leases and hunting cabins on those areas with the BLM who has DECENTLY managed those properties and ours here in Harney County – all those ranchers lose EVERYTHING. They’re begging for help and the eco people are like awww, the ranchers can buy hay and feed. They don’t need that BLM land. Address it that way, not holding our town and county hostage.

      2. “terrorized” by this occupation??? Bitch about obamas expansion efforts and out of work ranchers???
        Have you tuned into anything here???? Do you not understand anything here????
        Clearly not!

    1. Sadly and sickening, I will be very surprised if the county residents take a stand against BLM. Many of these people just don’t have any skin in the game with nearly HALF currently employed by the government. Mr. Rhodes is right in that the ranchers have to be willing to publically defy BLM and get their cattle out on the land. There, as we have seen time and again, a hidden agenda….
      Australian-owned Oregon Energy LLC hopes to mine 18 million pounds of yellowcake uranium from the southeastern Oregon high desert 10 miles west of McDermitt near the Oregon-Nevada boundary.
      Meanwhile, Calico Resources USA Corp., a subsidiary of a Vancouver, B.C., company, may seek permits this month to chemically extract microscopic gold from a high desert butte south of Vale called Grassy Mountain, a project likely to create another 100 jobs.

      1. Mr Rhodes,
        I too think it was a good meeting, a good start…. What is sickening to me is the inertia of these people??? Where is the outrage if not for one of their own being unjustly tossed in prison in the terminal years of his life? It is incomprehensible to me. Frightening that they speak loving of the Hammonds yet allow this to happen over and again and yet not be driven to action.
        I am VERY grateful Oath Keepers has gotten behind this issue and Santilli for covering what would otherwise have been no doubt a terrible outcome, a lost cause and opportunity. Santilli coining this event a Constitutional Crisis is spot on in my opinion.
        Behind every one of these events there seems to be a financial motive where one politician or another is selling out their favors and constituents. I have emailed many to include Congressman Walden, the Safety Committee members, Sheriff Ward, the Deputy Sheriff and others urging them to grow at least ONE testicle (no I didn’t put it in those exact terms).
        I am hoping, watching, waiting for these ranchers to take your recommendations to get on their horses, round up their cattle and get out there. Hopefully Harney County residents who remind me of a bowl of limp spaghetti waiting for the spaghetti sauce to be poured on them just so they can be eaten will garner some fortitude. I will keep hoping because this fight impacts us all.

      2. Yes the Hammonds were the main point … Saving the Hammonds could have saved America

        What was missed here in this whole sad affair, was the early willingness by everyone to form an armed human cordon around the Hammonds to prevent them being illegally sent back into prison in the USA gulag, where one of them may well be murdered by fake ‘suicide’ etc

        The claim is that the Hammonds meekly accepted going back to maybe their deaths … but how STRONGLY was it offered to them that an armed posse would block their illegal kidnapping by the US regime? How STRONGLY were the Hammonds informed, that a stand to block the innocent Hammonds from being taken to the American gulag – a 2nd time no less – might electrify the whole country, & change the whole US government?

        That dialogue with the Hammonds was not held in the spirit in which it could have been effective.

        If you Oath Keepers, Committees of Public Safety, etc., don’t stop innocents being seized & taken to prison … your movement will fail. They are picking you Yanks off one by one, two by two.

        1 out of every 50 of you USA working-age males is already RIGHT NOW in a US jail or prison (!), in the world’s largest gulag, the USA with 25% of all the world’s prisoners … hundreds of thousands innocent or on trumped-up charges

        For all you working-age Yank males, there is a 2% chance you are sitting inside a jail cell at this moment … and something like a 15% chance or more, you will one day be where the Hammonds are today.

        Two quotes for y’all:

        “During the Bundy Ranch standoff in 2014, a … story was planted in the alternative media about Eric Holder authorizing a drone strike on Bundy Ranch … As wildly unbelievable as that story was, it worked incredibly well for the federal government because the bulk of the militia camped out at the ranch, a group known as Oath Keepers, immediately became frightened, packed up & left.”
        – Randy Johnson, 21st Century Wire

        “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive & had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door & at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose & had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers & transport & notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
        ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  2. An open plea,

    We organize Politically and put 300 patriots into Congress and we can actually do something about the BLM – until then, we must stop feeding the hijacked Federal Government fuel for their gun grab and ceeding the public forum to playtriots – this isn’t a weekend warrior paintball game – it is a war for the future of western civilization and it must be fought at the ballot box until we have NO OTHER CHOICE than the cartridge box.

    People have been systematically, politically neutered, while also having had the forced scarcity paradigm ramped up to the point where no one wants, or can afford, to organize politically. In short, the solution is to have 300 truly awake OKs etc. in Congress – i could go into it further, talk about how it got this bad, talk about why everyone thinks political organization is hopeless, or why they all focus on the POTUS and ignore state legislatures/Congress/Sheriffs – but it would be a waste of time to do so I fear.

    I hope I am wrong, I hope all of this will “wake people up” to the extent that they organize and take political power – unfortunately, i very much doubt it, centuries of incremental rape of our culture and theft of lands by a now completely NWO-hijacked federal government says it all. Even if this latest gun grab psyop, timed perfectly to act as a car commercial for leftist useful idiot trendies and help sell the exec. gun control orders, did not.

    Ammon is a well-meaning dupe. I hate to say it so plainly, as he deserves better, but we need to start firewalling the incidentals off. This psyop was the last straw for me, timed perfectly to act as a car commercial for the exec. orders, which are merely a prelude to Clinton gun ban 2.0 after this NWO handmaiden is installed.

    I ultimately feel that one makes a truly effective stand by putting 300 OathKeepers into Congress and defunding the BLM until it no longer exists. Protesting, seizing federal lands, trying to really around this or that case of government overreach is not an effective strategy, nor is it an expedient use of limited human capital and resources.

    Not marching into an ambush laid by NORTHCOM and handing the enemy the very justification for gun control and further police state measures they so deeply desire should be job 1.

    TO every OathKeeper: Thank you for your Eternal Vigilance.

    I will leave you with a video I made back in April of 2014 that addresses the externalities – and bid you a good day – God bless.

    1. If this was a psyop as you say, it would have been all over the news 24/7…Instead the estaplishment put a lid on it and made it go away quickly untiI other people wake up and notice the gravity of the situation. I believe that you all have been duped by Cass Sunstein plants…

  3. That may be true but hopefully the attention that this brought on safety committees will spread like wild fire.
    Its very hard to unteach a top down instead of a bottom up authority in this country. I believe people are starting to get it. Maybe this will help lead others to start.

    1. Good point. I hope you are right. You know, one excellent reason to form a committee of safety is the threat of terror cells attacking schools. In the wake of the San Bernardino shooting, we had already planned on holding town hall meetings and meeting with Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police to build community Quick Response Teams and minuteman units while coordinating with the local cops. So, perhaps we can take that same idea a bit further and use that terrorism threat (which is very real) to build committees of safety that can go way beyond coordination, planning, and training to deal with active shooter/terrorist threats. Thanks for the suggestion! Stewart

  4. Dear Ammon, This is a wonderful opportunity to show support for the safety committee you created in Harney and to follow your word. This opens doors into getting more of your message out there through the same media that vilifies you and living to fight another day for the battle of continuing freedom. Don’t let those within your midst propel the notion that leaving the Refuge is a loss. Some spoil for a fight and to them being martyred is their only selfish goal. You, upon leaving peaceably, become a voice for the true message and can invigorate many more across racial lines and unite people to band together to fight this oligarchy. You are much more valuable alive than dead to both your friends family and nation. We need you.
    Do the right thing and live to fight another day and move the ball forward much, much farther.

    1. This letter from the committee does indeed give him a very graceful, honorable, face-saving way to disengage and live to fight another day. If he is at all inclined to leave, this is his best chance and time. He can “declare victory and go home.” And then he can help start other committees of safety in other counties across the nation. But I wonder if the Feds will resist the temptation to throw the book at him, with multiple charges. I can see only one strategy working for him in that case (presuming he wants to leave) and that is to immediately transition over to a rancher’s private land in the area, and use that ranch as a base of operations. That would be his only real chance of avoiding jail, presuming he then gained enough support from other groups and individuals, and that would depend on the community and how it would react to that.

      1. Stewart,
        We need to consider moving now to complete the suggestions you mentioned. We also need to consider how to help the one’s with Ammon whose efforts are questioned and doubted because every person has the ability to change. Let’s get a veteran support group onsite to help those who may be experiencing ptsd to get help that won’t harm or hurt them. Many things to do asap to resolve this issue and become stronger. Assembling vetted persons onsite can help in the efforts to release possession of the building and protect the individuals during transition.
        Stay strong and united.

      2. The bottom up approach emboldens. I believe if the Ammons move from the refuge it will dilute his efforts of a forced remidiation. I think he should stay the course with our support.

      3. Stewart , I agree this is a place to take a different approach for Ammon. I agree with your original assessment that this occupation was flawed from the get go. At this juncture a good case can be made for simple trespassing and I urge him to reconsider and rethink his original concepts and motivations. There is no major harm done now, but each day brings the possibility of something going wrong and playing into the hands of the control freaks we call our government.

        I fully see all the different components and parts and pieces of this situation and there is no question the Hammond’s were railroaded and mistreated in the legal process (if it can be called that ?) The underlying issues are completely valid and need to be addressed no doubt. But we must choose our battles wisely ! And with good purpose and intent to garner support from the public arena. Not just on this issue but many more as well all across this land. Bottom line is” we the people”. We must realize our government is basically out of control on many fronts and only our honesty and good judgment can change that phenom !

        Ammon , I am not at all against you in any way. But please reconsider the entire paradigm and utilize this as an opportunity to unwind this event for all concerned in a graceful, yet honorable way for all. You did not lose the battle my man, unwind it ASAP and rethink your positions and tactics going forward. That is not wrong at all, it is quite right as all scenarios change and are in a state of flux. So you must flow with it ! I see both sides here clearly and urge you to stand down.

    2. Thing is he WON’T live to fight another day. You think the government would actually EVER let his voice be heard again? No, they won’t. Even if the don’t kill the majority of those people defending American rights, they WILL lock them so far under the jail no one will ever hear from them again. Literally. Yes, they CAN deny mail, visitation, and phone privileges indefinitely, and those men will almost all certainly die in prison from “accidents”, etc. If someone can “mysteriously” die in their homes or even in public (car wrecks, “terrorist attacks, etc.), do you not think it would be much easier to take them out where the government has control of all movements, all contact, etc.? As for letting the safety committee know beforehand that they would be squatting in the “federal building” that would have been a complete tactical mistake and ANYONE with any sense of warfare would know that, ESPECIALLY when it involves civilians. The Feds would have known before the first person gassed up their vehicle for the trip. As the point has been made, there are MANY government employees, but more than that, there are people who would do it simply because they blindly follow the sitting government. Otherwise how would we have gotten Obama in office twice, besides the fraud his people, mostly civilians, perpetuated? How would our government have gotten as bad as it is if not for those who just “hope it away” or think they are doing the “right thing” by ratting them out? Are the oath Keepers going to ensure the safety of those that participated in the squatting at least in their initial leaving? No, most likely you won’t. You’ll let them be cannon fodder. At least they did what they believed in. How many people actually aided in the american revolution?? Only 7%. The rest were too afraid, too distracted, or outright turncoats. Think on that. You condemn men for taking actions you yourself would not take to retake Constitutional America. Will OK at LEAST not ensure these men get home to see their families before the government does away with them? Actions speak louder than words, and sadly Oath Keepers reputation has already been damaged by condemning men doing what it claims to be willing to do. Now, if you let them be killed over it……

      1. Excellent points. Barring Divine intervention I don’t see these guys living too long. They have entered the Alamo and the empire cannot allow this to go unpunished. Churchill had a quote about if you won’t fight when victory ia assured you may have to fight when there is no chance of victory. I think that is where we are and no one wants to enter the Alamo.

  5. Great video. Jason, please don’t make a point of saying that you don’t ever carry a gun (to these media events?) and that there’s never been a drop of blood spilt with Oathkeepers. I could go on but I hope I don’t need to.

    Yea, like Stewart points out, Ammon and his brothers need to plan a careful exit strategy.

    1. It is already spelled out for them if they will simply take advantage of it and rethink the situation ? They have made some good points and brought a lot of focus to the underlying issues ! That is a good thing to be sure. But it was doomed as a plan from the get go for various reasons and the situation and dynamics have changed , so they must rethink it all a bit. Nothing will be lost , only gained at this juncture. as I said above a good case for simple trespass can be made now. Nobody or nothing has been harmed or hurt except the Hammond’s from our gov. Ammon, please reconsider and take the high ground. You will be creat9ng the high ground in fact at this juncture and look like the good guy in the eye of the public and all your brothers all across this land ! Please do NOT shoot yourself in the foot and play into the control freaks junk ?

  6. Deadlocked on when to deliver? Why does that seem so damned odd?

    Ammon, it appears it is time to leave. Actually it was time to leave when the Hammonds via their lawyer told you to go. I understand and respect your Army of One attitude because WE THE PEOPLE on average are too st’oo’pid to know when something needed to be done (a long time ago) and have failed to recognize the need.
    Perhaps starting the American Party for Constitutional Politics would be appropriate? A leader is needed but one with a good head on his shoulders and not prone to acting rashly against the peoples wishes?

    1. Agree completely. 5 vet, some of these responses are simply dumb and not well thought out at all, just reactionaries willing to try and insult or sling slurs as they sit on the couch in all their wisdom and bluster ?

      The underlying issues are very real and very important, but this deal was doomed from the get go for many reasons and you cannot make that part go away no matter what supposed insults or bad ideas can be brought forth. So far Oath Keepers are spot on as well as 3% ers and the percentage of people involved in the revolution was more like 3% to 5%? Do your research. May are prepared to stand up but not for losing programs from the get go ? OK member , Oregon Steve Baze . see my website as well for some excellent training. I am pretty tired of all the crap talk. Time to engage the brain and the body to a good end result !o

  7. The rift has been produced; the globalist establishment has won again…Not surprised though since people have been intentionally kept divided. The majority will realize the importance of this stand off and the gravity of the situation that triggered it when it’s too late;by that “right” time every single one will be disarmed… God bless the real patriots

  8. “A leader is needed but one with a good head on his shoulders and not prone to acting rashly against the peoples wishes?”
    Well, the brainwashed majority would tell you that Socialism is good for them and want all guns surrendered.. I hope you’ll know how to act against “people wishes”..I thought that it was all about the Constitution and lawlessness…God bless Ammon and the real patriots who joined him in this standoff

    1. “Well, the brainwashed majority would tell you that Socialism is good for them and want all guns surrendered..’

      Not sure where you live, but I live in the worst state in the union and even here no one I talk to will give up their weapons. They realize that those that SERVE WITHIN our governments are corrupt, that our elections are fraudulaent, etc.

      The problem they have is not knowing what to do (start with reading the US Constitution and the Constitution of the state you live in), and need a leader they can trust. People understand mistakes, but they do not bind their lives, property, etc to one who lies. Truth, be it bad or good, is ALWAYS better.

      “I thought that it was all about the Constitution and lawlessness…”

      It IS about the US Constitution and each state Constitution, and what Bundy and his sidekicks did is NOT constitutional in the least. We must act, but when we act our actions must ALWAYS be constitutional in nature – be it defending ourselves and others, be it bringing charges, be it removing judges for not using the constitutionally required “Good Behavioour”, or using the constitutional Militia as it is required to be used.

      We are the Militia, but we are NOT the “well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State” because that requires of us to KNOW the US Constitution and all that is in Pursuance thereof it, our state Constitution, and to be TRAINED AS CONGRESS REQUIRES THE (what used to be) US MILITARY TO BE TRAINED. Those three items are mandatory, not optional.

      John Adams, ‘A Defense of the Constitutions of the United States’: “To suppose arms in the hands of citizens, to be used at individual discretion, except in private self-defense, or by partial orders of towns, countries or districts of a state, is to demolish every constitution, and lay the laws prostrate, so that liberty can be enjoyed by no man; it is a dissolution of the government. The fundamental law of the militia is, that it be created, directed and commanded by the laws, and ever for the support of the laws.”

      Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Papers 28: “The militia is a voluntary force not associated or under the control of the States except when called out; [when called into actual service] a permanent or long standing force would be entirely different in make-up and call.”

      Just being a Militia of one or two or a dozen means defense of our homes, area around us, ever expanding as we get a trained group large enough to handle the area, but it STILL requires us to know the US Constitution and all that is in Pursuance thereof it, our state Constitution, and to be trainded as the congress requires the US military to be trained to be the constitutionally mandated Militia.

      “God bless Ammon and the real patriots who joined him in this standoff”

      Yes, God Bless Ammon and the others who are with him, and grant them the knowledge to learn what a TRUE and LAWFUL Militia is, and what they, as a constitutional Militia are REQUIRED to do.

      I understand that the area they are in was supposedly open 24/7 and was public. That means this is a peaceful occupation, not a breaking and entering, etc. But one must also listen to those they are defending.

      One thing is clear, lying to someone because you think they will not support your decision is not wise, good, or supportable. It says that you already knew that it was not a good decision. I believe Ammon and group have been lucky so far, but it is time to claim victory, for it did open eyes. Find a rancher and assist in taking back the lands that belong to the people of that state, the lands that are FORBIDDEN to those who serve within our government. Ask God what he wants of you, Ammon. I believe there is much more that you can do to get America back on her feet and to REPLACE the Domestic Enemies and Traitors to the American people, the US Constitution, EVERY ONE OF THEM, whatever position they occupy.

      Abraham Lincoln: “We, the people, are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts – not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution.”

      Benjamin Franklin: “In free governments the rulers are the servants, and the people their superiors and sovereigns. For the former, therefore, to return among the latter was not to degrade but to promote them.”

      St John Tucker: “The congress of the United States possesses no power to regulate, or interfere with the domestic concerns, or police of any state: it belongs not to them to establish any rules respecting the rights of property; nor will the constitution permit any prohibition of arms to the people;…”

      Rawl: “the powers not delegated to congress by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people [quoting the 10th Amendment].
      What we are about to consider are certainly not delegated to congress, nor are they noticed in the prohibitions to states; they are therefore reserved either to the states or to the people. Their high nature, their necessity to the general security and happiness will be distinctly perceived.” “In the second article, it is declared, that a well regulated militia is necessary to a free state; a proposition from which few will dissent. Although in actual war, in the services of regular troops are confessedly more valuable; yet while peace prevails, and in the commencement of a war before a regular force can be raised, the militia form the palladium of the country. They are ready to repel invasion, to suppress insurrection, and preserve the good order and peace of government. That they should be well regulated, is judiciously added. A disorderly militia is disgraceful to itself, and dangerous not to the enemy, but to its own country. The duty of the state government is, to adopt such regulation as will tend to make good soldiers with the least interruptions of the ordinary and useful occupations of civil life. In this all the Union has a strong and visible interest.”

      Rawl: “The corollary, from the first position, is that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

      It is important to remember that it IS in writing that the only crimes assigned to the federal government in the Constitution for law enforcement purposes are Treason, Piracy, Counterfeiting, and International law violations. It is also in writing what land those that serve withhin the general (commonly called the “federal”) government is ALLOWED to own/purchase land, and for what reasons.

      It is also in writing that the ONLY people who serve within our governments and can create any legislation that is binding on the American people is those elected to the House of Representatives and those who are elected to the Senate. Not their underlings, not those serving within another branch, or foreign nation, or foreign entity, etc. Matter of fact, because it is assigned specifically to those elected to the House of Representatives and those who are elected to the Senate, it is FORBIDDEN to anyone else.

      Obama is NOT a US President, he is just a Traitor, and an impersonator. He is also a First Degtree Murderer, actually a serial Killer as there is NO such thing as “assassination powers”, “emergency powers”, or “martial law” here in America. Those that are currently serving – elected, hired, contracted, military (upper echelons), etc and ALLOWED this to go on are also Traitors to the American people. It is past time to charge them with Treason and to REPLACE them. We could do better by having people put into positions within government by lottery as they will not be pursuing power for their own ends.

  9. Response to “Publius” – half joking – it seems when they get in office a Symbiant gets introduced to their brain (as seen on TV Sci-fi ) and they forget the platform they ran on and the humans they are supposed to serve. Waiting for the next election is the proper process but many have given up for good reason which is why we are in a dangerous time.

    1. In this age of technology we need to demand that our elected representitives stay home where their constituants can hold their feet to the fire ! There is no need for them to take up residence in Deciet Central !!!

  10. To quote CMB “Many of these people just don’t have any skin in the game with nearly HALF currently employed by the government” and I say how many more on the federal dole.
    This shows what we will be up against every time we confront evil in this country of ours. How do we overcome this? Anyone have a better scenario they can think of that would put freedom fighters in a GOOD light with the general dumbed down public? What could the situation possibly be?? I can’t think of one in this twisted world we are in. Anyone have any ideas?

    1. Yes , all at my site for free to get started . Start with the “Citizens take back America” page. I will be adding more there as well . But there are already many good ideas, practices and pages to glean a better way to think and live going forward !~ The first thing is to realize the many illusions we all live under here in USSA today. We all live under massive lies and little else these days. All the lies and illusions are just control mechanisms to control YOU. Few actually grasp that simple fact. Each of us has to change ourself and be brutally honest going forward. Most expect some sort of easy fix, there isn’t any. Most likely we will see some sort of economic RESET sooner than later and then you will see the necessity to have your head screwed on properly. Just be thankful many of the illusions are actually breaking down right before our eyes and keep a cool head based in truth and reality ! Many more are realizing the many illusions and that is very important indeed. That will bring us all together and united at some point, maybe sooner than most realize if we remain calm and honest to our ethics and good boundaries already provided.

  11. I agree whole wholeheartedly. Ammon needs to gracefully step away at this time. If need be we know we have a patriot. Would like to preserve that for a future endeavor, if need be. Please, I beg of Ammon…leave gracefully and quietly….Thank You !!!

  12. Ammon and his associates need to clear out while they still have the opportunity. I fully agree with what they’re trying to do, but they can’t get it done this way.

    Without the public strongly behind them they have no voice and no protection. The longer this is allowed to drag on without large-scale public support, the more incentive there is for the feds to put an end to it. We don’t need another Ruby Ridge, or Waco massacre. Without enough public backing to keep the government from going in with overwhelming force, Ammon and those who are with him will eventually end up dead, or in prison — and instead of moving public opinion toward ending federal control of land, a violent end to this will discourage others from contesting government control.

    When asked what was the mark of a great general, the Duke of Wellington replied, “to know when to retreat, and dare to do it”. Ammon is in an untenable position — if he doesn’t take advantage of the opportunity provided by this letter to withdraw honorably, this will end badly.

  13. Ammon Bundy was courageous enough to take an opportunity. Someone handed him the opportunity at the MNWR. Without keys it wouldn’t have worked. I wonder if Ammon Bundy even planned this, it was given to him. The person who gave him the keys seems to be the one exit strategy he has. The opportunity, as it plays out, is to watch how the government responds and how its citizens respond. The government is losing control of its citizens in a time when the government is trying to relinquish control to aliens. Maybe our prayers are having an effect in a way we could have not imagined.

  14. First off I am not a NUTJOB but have done an analysis of Obama’s and His Regime propaganda tactics. For one Obama is Mentally Disturbed and it is also concluded is a Narcissist. A Clinical Narcissist in part will do “anything” and I mean anything to maintain control no matter what the cost including Intimidation, extortion, lies and much, much worse. Obama has been quoted as stating in a defense meeting, “that I am good at killing” aka Murder. The drone attacks on American Citizens are only one example and I am sure you are all aware that he stops at nothing to do what is in his head to accomplish.
    Obama also will enlist those who have the same behavior and as we all know Congress, specially trained military units for “domestic” control of all Americans who will not “play along”. FYI In recent years it did not start with Obama, but with the Clintons Bushes and now Obama. Obama is the Strongman that was chosen to execute the plan to convert America into a Fascist Marxist style nation.

    I could go on but I just wanted everyone to know I am aware of some of what is going on behind the scenes as to the real reason for the government desire to oppressively steal/or control ALL the “privately” owned/controlled land. Additionally, DISARMING you all will allow the government to FULLY oppress the people and control you all at gunpoint if necessary. If Civil War is the only thing left to take back all our freedoms then I welcome it. This may just be the opening volley.

    Therefore, Sounds like Obama Regime are holding a knife to the throat of your community and Harney County! Tell us all please, what the Obama Fascist Regime told you that have you all pissing in your undershorts. For I know they did, and it is the usual coercion, intimidation, extortion and lies and much worse as standard tools to get you to bow to their Anti-Freedom fascism! Bribery, threat of jail, and probable hints of the “Disappearing” of you and your family is how a Tyrant and all that do his bidding control. I have seen and heard of this all before.

    Obama Regime and all their agencies use coercion, intimidation, extortion and lies and much worse as standard tools of to subvert individuals, groups, communities, state to assail all the American people. This includes fabrication of the truth to “get someone(s) out of the way” in a court setting. You don’t behave and obey they will “take you out of the way” and as the case of the Hammonds jailed as an example to you all so you will fear them and obey in cowering fear without question.

    Commonly used MO by these rogues includes Kangaroo federal courts with fabricated facts Aka Perjury and Jury’s that support Anti Constitution fascism which gives them instant biased convictions. As is in the case of the Hammond “Men” your Oregon state law involving land management was instantly changed to favor Obama Regime BLM to aid in the arranged (fixed) convection. I know this to be VERY TRUE for I and my family have been a victim of this approach.

    I know that Harney County was bribed and threatened privately by Obama Regime and you all are afraid of them because of their illegal words in light of the U.S. Constitution and The Bill Of Rights. Obama swore that he would not follow the Constitution and has kept his words as a Fascist Marxist Muslim Tyrant and a Rogue as the past eight years has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Sorry but, as it is said the truth hurts, you are all just cowards bowing to Nazi Fascist style attacks on you all.

    It is time for us as Americans to draw the “line in the sand” and say it stops here and you WILL go no further or face the consequences of the response of a free American people who will NOT BOW TO A ROGUE OBAMA OR HIS REGIME, even if it means our death in defense of that freedom.

    So long ago when America was just born out of the blood of a people In The War of Independence who would not then bow to a Tyrant King of England and today as a free people WILL NOT BOW TO OBAMA THE TYRANT OR THEM THAT SUPPORT THIS ROGUE!

    Patrick Henry knew all about tyrants and therefore stated and I agree as does all who love freedom and will die to keep us all free unto death! GIVE ME FREEDOM OR GIVE ME DEATH!

    True believer in a free independent America WILL DIE FREE AS WILL AMMON BUNDY! I support him as will all who will not bow to threats of death and jail from a Rogue illegal Government.


    Washington DC and Obama are the TERRORISTS and everyone knows this in their hearts but I am of the few who will VOICE IT!

    Fear is a fast road to death and Destruction of a Free Nation.

    A prayer of strength, power and direction,

    Guide us and give us strength oh Lord God Father in Heaven as we fight to take back that which was stolen by a violent oppressive government. Protect us from the Enemy that has come upon us from within this great Nation under you and was created by you and for your people oh Lord!

    May your hand be heavy upon those that desire to destroy us. May all that our enemy from within attempts to do to your people be turn back upon them.

    I know oh Lord it is time to protect this great nation from the enemy that is upon us from within.

    As we draw our sword I pray it strikes death dealing blow to that enemy from within this country you created by the blood of many martyrs and those who prize freedom even above their own lives. For freedom is more precious to them than their very own lives.

    In Jesus Name I pray, Amen

  15. Stewart,

    I want to re-post here my letter I posted in the previous thread because I really want you to see it and consider it. I hope you will consider it and the powerful words of “Minister” just above. There is another dynamic going on here Stewart. The people, many of us, are not going to wait much longer for action to be taken. We have exhausted ourselves trying to reason with our government, they don’t even respond at all to our concerns or even give the pretense that they serve us. Anyway Stewart my letter follows and I hope you will read it.

    Stewart as you know I have been a strong supporter of the OathKeepers from a few months shy of the very start and I have done a lot of video work for you including the taping of the first annual OathKeepers meeting in which I ran three cameras without help for the whole thing which ran about ten hours as I recall. It has been my honor to work with you all and I have taken and will keep my oath forever.

    I have followed this situation in Oregon closely and I have taken the time to become very well informed about the issues involved. I think your stance on this situation is the right one as it concerns whether or not the OathKeepers should join Ammon Bundy in Oregon. Although it pains me greatly to not go and take part there in Oregon along side Ammon I understand your point which you have expressed so eloquently over the past few days in these statements. Know this though Stewart that my heart is pulling me VERY strongly to go and join them even though it was an ill advised and tactically unwise move to do what they did. I am close to saying to myself damn the torpedoes I am going anyway because I will not leave any patriot behind even if they blunder a little. I am torn between your wise approach to stay out of this and the feeling that we have all waited too long already to take concrete action and we have all suffered too much already to wait for the ideal scenario. I side with you Stewart but not by much. I have suffered myself at the hands of the feds and I will tell you about that another time perhaps if we ever get the time to talk again.

    That having been said I think we may all be limiting ourselves and our options as to how to respond without realizing it. Right now everyone is looking at this as a choice between two options. Namely we either go to the defense of the Oregon protesters in force or we leave them to their own fate at the hands of the feds. Well we have a plethora of other options available to us as to how we can respond.

    I think there is a way to respond that allows for us to seize the moral high ground, protect the ranchers in Oregon, protest the treatment of the Hammond’s, and resist the tyranny of the federal government all at the same time.

    What if the Oath Keepers and other patriot groups decided to launch our own protest against the mistreatment of our fellow Americans at the source? What source you ask? Think about what the ultimate source of all our issues really is.

    Before the revolution the real issue was an all powerful monarchy was forcing us all into servitude of itself. We were all being forced through various means to serve King George. The crown used taxation, the legal system, and virtually every form of coercion it could to make us all into servants of the crown.

    Well think about the situation today in our present circumstances. We are being taxed even more heavily than the revolutionaries were before the revolution. The justice system is grossly corrupted and abusive to the people as exemplified by the horrible mistreatment of the Hammond’s. The government is engaged in nothing short of the attempt to subjugate us all under its absolute despotism. The government is engaged in the wanton defilement of our beloved Constitution. Essentially they are treating us now the same way King George was back then. In some ways we have it worse today then the revolutionaries had it back then.

    We are in a high tech tyranny now where we are being strangled to death financially with a myriad of taxes, tolls, fees, and thanks to the fraud of the federal reserve system interest payments on our own God damned money. We are literally being milked like cows for every cent they can squeeze out of us. Our unborn great grandchildren are already in crushing debt. We are also being regulated and governed to death by countless rules, regulations, conditions, contracts, bureaucrats, inspectors, and laws so complex and labyrinthine that no single person alive could possibly know them all. We have to have a license to throw out a fishing line for God’s sake.

    Our representatives do not in fact represent us at all but rather serve powerful corporate interests. In essence we have King George back except he takes the form of a few powerful banking institutions now. So our condition today is in many ways worse than it was way back then.

    So what did the founding fathers do about it back then? Well you said it yourself Stewart they lured Gage into an unwise attack and got him to fire the first shot. So how can we do essentially the same thing here in our present circumstances? Well I have an idea about that.

    Since all these abuses the government is imposing upon us are against the principles laid down in the Constitution we have to take back the Constitution from them. So how do we do that you will ask? Well we simply go and take it back. We literally go to where the actual Constitution is being stored and we take it away from the government and put it back under our protection. Think about it.

    It is a symbolic act but the government would be forced to try and stop us in order to maintain control over us. So a stand off would take place where we surround the building that houses the Constitution and we demand it be released into our custody on the grounds that the government has defiled it through a long train of abuses.

    Now the Government is forced into a situation where they literally have to defend the actual Constitution where before they were allowed to simply defile it without consequence. The PR could not possibly swing more in our favor by getting into a standoff with the federal government over the physical ownership of the Constitution.

    We would be all at once protesting the mistreatment of the Hammond’s and the millions of other Americans abused by this out of control government and we would be reclaiming our Constitutional rights at the same time. We would be seizing back the Constitution itself and redressing ALL of our grievances all at once. Think of it as a bloodless revolution all rolled up into one simple act.

    If the Feds tried to stop us with force how could they justify it? We can enumerate thousands of abuses the government has done to us that are against the Constitution and we can justify our actions in defending it from them a thousand and one different ways.

    It is our document and we should go and take it back and we should go by the millions to do it. Perhaps we go at first with just a few patriots and we refuse to leave without the Constitution being released into our custody. The government is then forced to stop us by force of arms, we refuse to leave without it, they crack down on us and as a consequence lose all legitimacy. They are maneuvered into firing the first shot and they have to do so on our ground over our founding document no less. Millions will join our cause and we will retake our country because it will be the clearest possible righteous cause for us and the most egregious abuse of power for them.

    I think Ammon Bundy would be happy to leave his ill advised protest in order to join an effort like that and so would thousands of us patriots who want so badly to take action.

    Haven’t we all waited long enough? Haven’t there been enough cases like the Hammond’s already? Isn’t waiting too long already the reason Ammon Bundy and the other fine people in Oregon took this reckless action in the first place? Ammon and the others who want to support him are really just screaming for some kind of action because we have all suffered too much already. All they need, all we need, is an action that we can all support and believe in and a few good people to start it off.

    It is just an idea Stewart but wasn’t the United States of America and the Constitution itself just an idea at one point? We can make this a reality and we can do it wisely according to a careful plan. We can take our country back and you know what? Instead of taking desperate actions born from decades of frustration people like Ammon Bundy can join in an effort like this with pride and dignity that comes from being an American.

    Let’s take back our Constitution Stewart and get this fight started already! Give me liberty or give me death!

    Addendum posted the following day:

    Could we not start this off in a smaller version on a state level in Oregon and invite Ammon and the other ranchers to join us? Could we not go to where the actual Oregon state Constitution is housed and demand it be returned to our custody? Would not thousands of Oregonian patriots join us in such a righteous cause? Could we not make this situation in Harney county the focal point for our broader action in Oregon? We would have the support of the people AND many Constitutional Sheriff’s with us. I am confident Ammon Bundy and the rest of the fine people hold up in Oregon would join us immediately. It would be a good cause and the right cause.

    This would be the first step in abolishing the current tyrannical government and installing a new one. We would have the Constitution itself in our custody and we simply reform a government based on it’s principles and abolish the current one. We take all the state assets and place them under the control of the newly instituted constitutional government. Hell we could even transfer control of all the state agencies that we want to keep to the new government. We keep all the current Constitutional Sheriff’s in place and elect new ones where needed. The Sheriff’s deputize as many of us as necessary to keep order. All the government workers that serve vital functions simply transfer to the new government and continue doing their vital work.

    We could do this in all fifty states at once and then do it on a national level in Washington DC and replace the federal government which has now been denied support from the states.

    Sure it is a big idea but so was America. I will take part in California and then in Washington DC for the national effort and so will millions of my fellow Americans who have had enough of the abuse and tyranny of the current rouge regime.

    This kind of revolution is LONG overdue and I will stand side by side with all the patriots who do it. What I will not do is wait much longer. I will not stand idly by while more good people like the Hammond’s are railroaded and abused. I will not stand by any more while the federal government wages brutal war against us and against people all over the world. I WILL NOT WAIT MUCH LONGER! What prey tell are we waiting for now? Do we need more proof that this is necessary?

    I am ready willing and able to join any action right now so long as it is geared toward establishing a new Constitutional government. I am not stuck on my plan, I will join any good effort at this point so long as we take action and try our very best to make it a peaceful transformation and a Constitutional one. I will not wait much longer though. That I will not do

    1. I have to say I am disappointed that my letter did not even draw one single comment. My only desire was to suggest that we could embark on another course of action other than joining Ammon Bundy in his occupation or abandoning the ranchers to their fate at the hands of the Feds. Could we not take the lead here and show another way to do this? My idea was only one of a million possibilities. It seems that no action will be taken at all though. Not even a response to my letter, not a negative response, not a positive response, just nothing.

      I have to wonder when the perfect scenario is going to happen that all the patriots will recognize as “THE MOMENT” and all take action. Will any such moment ever occur? Does anyone here have any ideas? Is the plan to sit and wait? Are we all supposed to just keep taking it on the chin forever? I don’t have the answer to those questions but I know I feel like shit for not being there in Oregon right now. I can’t even afford the gas to drive down there. I have a sinking feeling that this is “the moment” and I am missing the whole thing, not helping fellow patriots when they need me the most. I feel like a fucking coward.

      I have written so many letters to so many people, and put my heart and soul into each one and for the most part I get no response at all from anyone I write to. My ideas for action go UN-responded to. Not even a simple “bad idea Adam” as a response. Just nothing but deafening silence.

      It seems clear to me that we are all on our own really when it comes right down to it. I want to help take our country back and do it peacefully but it seems that no matter what the government does it never seems to be “the moment” for the patriots to rise up. I just don’t know what everyone is waiting for.

      I don’t mean to be harsh but you know I am one of the most knowledgeable people around on the 9/11 false flag operation. I don’t think 9/11 was an inside job, I know it was an inside job and I can back up my words with a mountain of proof. Yet even though there is iron clad proof that the twin towers and building 7 were blown up with explosives thus proving federal government complicity in the mass murder of nearly 3,000 Americans, this apparently is still not “the moment” for us to take action. The government and media engage in a full blown cover-up of the 9/11 false flag operation, denying justice for all the victims, and yet still it isn’t “the moment” to take action. Wars have been launched based on the 9/11 lie and over a million people have already died at our hands and yet it is still not “the moment” to take action. I hate to be harsh but in my view there is nothing that could ever happen that will be “the moment” where we all stand up together and take action.

      It seems clear to me that most people want to wait to take action. Wait until there are 10 more false flag operations? Wait until there are 50 more Hammond families? Wait until there are 100 more egregious infringements on our rights? Wait decades until we can re-take our counties followed by the states and eventually the federal government? Well that is all well and good for those of you who can wait but for those of us who cannot even pay our rent anymore that may as well be a thousand years. For us it is never.

      You know my own sister was homeless for over a year and a half and I could not do very much to help her survive because my own financial situation is so dire. I had to stand by and watch as she slept in her car night after night. She was one of the 17,000+ newly homeless people in LA County EVERY MONTH! Yeah every month there are 17,000 more homeless people in LA County. Trillions are given to the banks but not a cent to help my sister. So how long do you all want to wait? How long? How long? How long? What did you say? How long do we wait? Oh I get it now, we wait forever.

      Sorry but if you do not have enough reason to take action (non violent action) by now then you never will have enough reason. So yeah Ammon made mistakes and isn’t doing things the way we would like but at least he is taking action. I offered a possible way for all of us to take action which could include Ammon in a better more tactically sound effort but no one could even bother to respond. No one offered anything as an alternative and apparently no one is going to lift a finger one way or the other.

      I am on my own and so are all of you. Good luck to you all.

  16. Here is an update and a good example of why I think cooler heads should prevail. There is still a way to unwind this thing to a good end. This took place yesterday and of course it has been hidden by PRAVDA/MSM. The underlying issues are still there and being discussed in this video. Several points pop out at me here. One side is getting paid to be there, the other is there for the best and most valid reasons ! A good tactic to point out to the federalist is that we are not slaves and they work for us, not the otter way around ! This video reminds me of a meeting between Afghan tribal leaders and our military , does it not ? That should shout at all of you in a very disturbing voice. But talking is a good thing indeed when the other party is listening !

  17. I really admire the Oath Keepers, III%, etc. Followed the Bundy thing & am very glad patriots seem even more organized now. Watched the entire Committee of Safety meeting here Youtube, which shows Harney County in a broader light. Seen alone, the Safety Committee’s letter seems astonishingly selfish and short-sighted. The issues do not affect just them. Americans need their solidarity, involvement, and willingness to accept outside help and input. They have an opportunity for leadership through interaction. I can see how the letter could be translated: Thanks for getting us off our dead asses, but leave now so the cameras can go and we can go back to being … as we were. Hopefully they can accept more and more help and work with others on the issues including government abuse.

  18. The authorities know that “making your point and leaving peacefully” will not accomplish anything. They do not care about such things; they will just disregard such actions by the citizenry looking to redress a wrong. The prosecutors, judges and law enforcement officers at all lever who support certain government edicts and actions are not at all swayed by peaceful protests in which people walk down the street and chant their opposition to governmental behavior. It is clear that Ammon Bundy and the others with him right away understood that the Committee of Safety was not going to achieve anything. But even the actions taken by Ammon Bundy and his followers is very mild in nature. Few struggles to achieve freedom and justice has ever succeed without the shedding of blood. The authorities must feel the pain if they do not backtrack peacefully. In this case the very minimum they need to do is exonerate the Hammonds and repay them for all the harm they have caused. Anything less than that should not be sufficient for the Bundys to leave the refuge.

  19. This is not a local issue. This is a national issue. More than half the town of Burns makes a living directly or indirectly from the BLM. They are paid by Washington. Washington gets its money from taxpayers all over the country. Therefore, this is a national issue. The only thing that is local is the manifestation of the problem. You all in southeastern Oregon are not going to play the “local” card. It won’t fly. Keep on doing that and more people will come in to protest.

  20. The constitution was created to form a stronger federal government to fix the failures of the articles of confederation and state soverignity. It is clearlY spelled out and any 1 year constitutional scholar will tell you along with the federalist papers. The bill of rights was added to insure rights of individual from state and county governments abuse. The commitee of safety has no power or legal status, and the idea of just taking tantrums will not change things. We are one nation indivisible under God We are THE GOVERNMENT, anybody declaring war against us is TREASON

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