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FIGHTBACK: German Vigilante Groups Pledge To Protect





Dusseldorf, the neighbouring city to migrant sex attack capital Cologne is the first German city to see a new citizen protection league since the new year’s attacks, with thousands signing up to do their part.





FIGHTBACK: German Vigilante Groups Pledge To Protect Women In Migrant Sex Assault Cities


Originally posted by Oliver Lane 7 Jan 2016 at Breitbart:


Declaring “one for all, and all for one”, the motto of Sweden and a saying commonly associated with the Three Musketeers the new ‘Dusseldorf is Watching’ group already had 2,300 members after it was launched on Facebook last night. The group intends to provide protection at major events and in city centres at weekends to ensure the safety of their fellow Germans, reports the Rheinische Post.


While the desire to “protect our ladies future” appears sincere the group has already come under attack not only by police who maintain law enforcement should remain firmly their own responsibility, but also by the press who have labelled the group “absurd” and criticised it for including members of biker gangs.  [….]

There has not yet been any comparable group established in Cologne itself, which has been described to Breitbart as being one of Germany’s most ‘progressive’ cities. The city elected an independent mayor last year who stood on a platform of pro-migrant policies as she lay in a coma, having been stabbed in the neck the day before the vote by an anti-migrant campaigner.



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