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Experts: Oregon Standoff May Be Small, But It’s Just The Tip Of A Growing Militia Iceberg

Ammon Bundy2

Author Judy L. Thomas appears to worship at the altar of the SPLC, but it is interesting to see how such people spin the truth, and to see how worried they are. – Shorty Dawkins Associate Editor

This article comes from the Kansas City Star

by Judy L. Thomas

The seizure of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon by armed anti-government extremists has attracted national attention and raised questions about whether the takeover is a powder keg about to blow.

But experts who monitor the anti-government movement say an even greater concern is lurking behind the confrontation that erupted Saturday at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in the high desert of eastern Oregon.

The militia movement, they say, is in the midst of a massive growth spurt at levels even greater than in the early 1990s after the Waco, Texas, standoff and the siege at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. It peaked after the Oklahoma City bombing.

“It’s bigger than anything we’ve seen before,” said Leonard Zeskind, president of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights. “And it’s not simply a resurgence of the ’90s militia movement; it’s different in many ways. Now it’s much broader.”

The growth of an “insurgent militia movement,” Zeskind said, is the result of a combination of events, including a renewed effort to strengthen gun control laws and the revival of the white nationalist movement over the Confederate flag issue.

An annual report of militias released this week by the Southern Poverty Law Center identified 276 militia groups in the U.S. — a 37 percent increase over the 202 groups identified in 2014. The Star reported on the rise of militias as part of a series on domestic terrorism last year.

The current expansion, according to the Law Center, came in the aftermath of a 2014 standoff between federal authorities and hundreds of armed anti-government activists on the property of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy. The government said Bundy owed $1 million for years of grazing his cattle on federal land. It ended peacefully, but authorities were criticized for not prosecuting those involved in the standoff and not collecting the fees.

Although the Oregon takeover is small in comparison, it was “entirely predictable” based on the outcome in Nevada, the Law Center said.

“We believe these armed extremists have been emboldened by what they saw as a clear victory at the Cliven Bundy ranch and the fact that no one was held accountable for taking up arms against agents of the federal government,” Heidi Beirich, director of the Law Center’s Intelligence Project, said in a statement.

Beirich noted that Bundy’s sons, Ammon and Ryan, are among those occupying buildings at the wildlife refuge in Oregon.

“When the federal government was stopped from enforcing the law at gunpoint, it energized the entire movement,” Beirich said. “The fact is, Bundy is still a free man and has not paid the money he owes to the federal government — and the militiamen who aimed rifles at federal agents have gotten away with it.”

Oregon conflict
The Oregon confrontation stems from a case involving two ranchers in Harney County who were convicted in 2012 of setting fire to public land.

Dwight Hammond Jr. and his son, Steven, said that they’d set the fires on their land to stop an invasive plant species and prevent the spread of wildfire, and that the blazes had spread unintentionally to federal Bureau of Land Management property. But prosecutors said the ranchers set the fires to cover up their illegal poaching activity. Both were found guilty. Dwight Hammond served three months in prison; Steven served one year. They were then released.

Recently, however, a judge ruled that they hadn’t served enough time under federal law, and they were ordered to report to prison this past Monday. The action prompted an outcry from anti-government groups and ranchers in the area, and the Bundys also took up the cause.

On Saturday, demonstrators participated in a rally and march in the county seat, Burns, Ore., to support the Hammonds and protest what they said was an out-of-control federal government. The rally was peaceful, authorities said, and drew about 300.

But afterward, a group of armed militants split off, went to the wildlife refuge 30 miles away and took it over. Ammon Bundy has been acting as the group’s leader, and they say they won’t back down until the government relinquishes the federal refuge to the people.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Who’s idea was it to post this total piece of trash here on this site..? We can read this garbage anywhere in the laim stream media. Don’t need to see it here for any reason. This author is obviously not interested in the truth. Im not interested in anything she has to say. Its not like she is an actual journalist. Just another trash talking piece of excrement.

  2. This article proves why oathkeepers has to carefully consider who they protect and why constitutionally! Although this federal land was not taken constitutionally in the first place we must exhaust all efforts peacefully and more important constitutionally.
    Protecting someone’s life on their private property is far different than joining a non statute formed malitia to take over controversial land. There is a process for doing such.
    Is there anyone who understands the process of claims and deeds in that area that could claim the land that the building is on have it recorded as private property and then ask for assistance?

    1. Some discussions pertaining to your question…
      GOOD INFORMATION on this issue …
      GOOD INFORMATION on this issue …

      The prosecuting attorney that is the root cause of this tyranny is Frank R. Papagni Jr. 405 E. 8Th Avenue Suite 2400 Eugene, OR 97401 -2798 Phones: (541) 465-6771 Fax: (541) 465-6582

      U.S. Attorney for the State of Oregon, Amanda Marshall, who called for an appeal to the original sentencing. The has a good write up on her.

      SHERIFF Dave Ward Harney County Sheriff’s Office
      485 Court St Burns, OR 97720
      tel: 541-573-6156
      fax: 541-573-8383
      County Sheriff’s site

      PETITIONS For Hammonds Freedom

  3. Thank you for all the info. I do not know entire history of these situations.
    My comment was to reach someone in the area to act out of the authority of their creator. Not from the authority of the constitution.
    We the people get our authority from our creator. We are creatures of our creator. We the people created the constitution out of that authority. Entity’s of the government are creatures of the constitution and bound by it. If you respond to an entity of the government then you give them authority over you deny it from your creator and nullify your natural rights unknowingly. They are out of control,acting out of bounds, and willingly accepting responses that give them authority over you!!!

  4. Attention all Righteous Citizens and Journalists:

    Educate yourself about Public Lands and how this government is now allowed to sell-off OUR lands to foreign interests while acquiring more land from ranchers as collateral under U.N. Agenda 21 for the growing and out-of-control debt.

    Those ignorant of what’s going-on are quick to call the Bundy’s terrorists, but yet you praise Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street goons as peaceful demonstrators for a just cause? Get your priorities straight before you instigate the next CIVIL WAR.

  5. At CRMB,

    Thank you for posting all that information! I have not been to all those, some, but will remedy that now.

    Has anyone other then me noticed that one can never post at those sites that list government crimes as if they were lawful?

    That, to me, shows that the site is a disinformation “site” ran by those TRAITORS and DOMESTIC ENEMIES OF THE USA that serve within our governments.

    It is important that here in America the people be able to freely exchange information and to discuss controversial ideas so that we not only learn from each other, but so that we educate ourselves by exchanging opinions and information.

    I vote that when we charge, arrest, REPLACE, and prosecute those who serve within our governments – state and general (federal) – we disband all sites that stop the lawful and needed information from a free people.

    Just for thought – Has anyone thought about what we are going to do when we are replacing them? If close to 50% of the people now work in the government sector which produces nothing and sucks at the teat of the working class, do we just dump all that are not constitutional in make up and intent? Let’s face it, that would knock out about 40% right there (my OPINION) so that we can actually still have a working class.

    Abraham Lincoln: “We, the people, are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts – not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution.”

    As all knows here I try to back up all my information with information that others can access, read, and call me on (which is why almost everything I write is “article” sized), but I also do it so that those that won’t bother to look up stuff for themselves can read and learn.

  6. Agenda 21 has no authority unless you allow it to have authority on you!!!
    Abraham Lincoln was correct in stating ” We the people are the rightful masters” if authority isn’t given away. The key word there is masters. To be a master you must know everything there is to know of a right.
    Would you hand over your guns if the president wrote an executive order to disarm the American people?
    Would you hand in your guns if congress amended the constitution to disarm the American people?
    Would you hand in your guns if the committee of safety in your township decided they were no longer needed?
    I will not!!! None of them have my consent or the authority to do so.
    Our right to self defence is inalienable endowed from our creator and no man,video, article will change my belief or my conscience effort to protect that.
    I do not claim to know a lot but I do know with all the information plastered everywhere things can get mind boggling! Think small miss small The Declaration of Independence and the constitution are all we need. Learn them like the back of your hand then have the courage to stand and enforce them with your neighbors and sheriff.
    If we start committees of safety now hopefully we can have people in place that can take over the positions that are eliminated from enemies domestic.

  7. Flinter, I found the article quite well done compared to most. The initial MSM response clearly designed to help people feel informed enough to go back to sleep. As the days progressed they get more strident and desperate. Many articles leave me wishing that I could file suit against the writer and publisher for each egregious lie, lie of omission, spin. Allowing criminal journalism to exist makes us complicit – just as foreign enemies consider us accountable for crimes of our government and mock us using our own phraseology. Like “Cal” I have noticed that many places have zero comments or one has to become a twitmyfacespaceplace person. Who has time? I’ve never been interested in being a tweeting twit. The article does have some things right though. I never would have dared communicate with you all before but I’m past caring about that now. The momentum is growing and if you are the racists they keep painting you as I may regret my affiliation but for now I am thinking it’s mostly part of the dirt campaign. I’ve been seeing the yuck disgust factor being utilized against the Hammonds and the Burns Bundy Bunch which is clearly intended to isolate them as deserving when the dirty deed gets done.

  8. I wish to join. Could a recruiting officer contact me for joining Oath Keepers. NC271043365758463

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