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Cops: Suspect Says He Shot Officer In Name Of Islam


“Commissioner Ross said the gun used in the attack was a stolen police firearm.”

This article comes CBS Philadelphia

By Justin Finch, Rahel Solomon, Walt Hunter & Natasha Brown

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Authorities say a Philadelphia police officer is recovering after he was shot several times during an ambush late Thursday night in West Philadelphia.

Philadelphia police commissioner Richard Ross says the officer, identified as 33-year-old Jesse Hartnett, was sitting in his patrol car around 11:30 p.m. at 60th and Spruce Streets when a gunman fired nearly a dozen shots through the driver’s side of the car.

“Shots fired! I’m shot! I’m bleeding heavily!” Officer Hartnett was heard yelling on police radio.

Police are calling it an “attempted assassination.”

During a press conference, Commissioner Ross said the gun used in the attack was a stolen police firearm.

“It was stolen back in October of 2013. It was reported, and that is one of the things you regret the most when an officer’s gun is stolen, when it is used against one of your own.”


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  1. Meanwhile, news reports tell of politicians inviting higher-ups within CAIR to the upcoming State of the Union speech by Obama.

    Ample info upon the Web causes doubts in my mind as to the legitimacy of CAIR in regards to promoting their agendas and plans inside a free country based upon Western values, cultures and the societies that created the USA. I am forced to ask if politicians are in bed with the “enemy” while admitting that “enemy” can be defined in many ways. I leave it to you to make the judgment if tyranny is rampant within the federal government and the USA as a whole.

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