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Oath Keepers Call For Volunteers For PPN Buffer Operation in Harney County, Oregon.

Fellow Oath Keepers and Patriots,

We are working with Pacific Patriots Network (PPN)(See which has established a buffer between the Wildlife Refuge occupiers and the authorities in Oregon.  PPN has asked Oath Keepers to put out the call for volunteers to assist in this peaceful mission, which includes a “hearts-and-minds”campaign with the locals, as well as facilitating open dialogue and negotiations between law enforcement and Ammon Bundy.

If you volunteer, you must go to the above PPN website and go to the “Contact” page and then email the volunteer coordinator ( and initiate their vetting process.  You must go through that process. This is not an option, and if you fail to do so, you will be turned away.  We are diligently working to coordinate all volunteers.  We always look for admin and outreach volunteers regardless of physical condition, along with security personnel, to provide a level number of  volunteers at all times.

PPN wants all volunteers that come to dress in civies, no BDUs, or other camouflage clothing.   if security/tactical bring you kit. PPN is requiring long guns stored out of sight, and pistol open carry if no OR CCW.  We have some hotel rooms and food to help defray your costs.  The weather is cold to colder (30* to 35*f days, nights to very low 3* to 7*f). Be prepared for wind chill factors below zero.  Bring medical supplies for yourself and others, in case of need.  At the least, bring your Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK), but if you can bring more, please do.

Oath Keeper volunteers will come under operational control of PPN with Oath Keeper National Operations NCO, SGM Santoro helping to facilitate integration into the PPN operation.  We are united with the PPN to bring this situation to a safe and peaceful resolution.

Only level headed patriots, who are calm under pressure, need apply as this is a tense situation and we don’t want a negligent discharge or other mishap.  Hot heads stay home.

If you cannot go but would still like to support this effort please use the PayPal Button below (which is the same as on the PPN website).  All funds donated go directly to the PPN.

Please Honor your sacred oath as you pledged.

Joseph Santoro, SGM, US Army RET

Oath Keepers National BOD Member, and OK National Operations NCO

Click Below to Donate to PPN in Support of This Mission:

Oath Keepers Call For Volunteers For PPN Buffer Operation in Harney County, Oregon.

NOTE FROM STEWART:  We are honor bound to do all we can to prevent this from turning into another “Waco” type incident.  We still don’t agree with what Ammond has done, as stated at length elsewhere, but we must try to prevent the Obama Administration dropping the hammer on him and his followers.   Oath Keepers have been on the ground there since the beginning of this incident.   Two of the Founders of PPN are Oath Keepers (Joseph Rice and Brandon Rapolla) and SGM Santoro has been there for over a week, lending his wisdom and experience.   We are already there, so any objections to our participation are now moot.  This is the right thing to do.  We have brothers and sisters on the ground who need our help, and we should help them in a righteous and honorable cause to try to keep the peace and keep this from blowing up in all our faces.   This is a very limited and narrow mission.  You are not going there to be part of Ammon Bundy’s security or to take part in his occupation.   You are just a buffer, and in particular, there to facilitate understanding and open communication, as well as to bring awareness of the broader issue of justice for the Hammonds and justice for Western land users.  If you are able, and within driving range, and you have your own family provided for, then please volunteer at the PPN site.  But be aware that this is a fluid and fast changing situation.

Please note that there will be future demonstrations and we will keep you updated here at

UPDATE 1/22/2016:   I updated the text to add “If you volunteer, you must go to the above PPN website and go to the “Contact” page and then email the volunteer coordinator ( and initiate their vetting process.”   There was some confusion on where to go on the PPN site to volunteer.  I hope that clears it up.

MEDICAL PERSONNEL URGENTLY NEEDED.   There is a vital need for trained medical personnel to volunteer.   There is little or no medical outside of the Burns, OR hospital, and we need you to step up if you are medically trained, especially for field trama (medic, corpsman, civilian EMT or Paramedic, trauma nurse, doctor, etc).  If you think you can help, hit the contact tab on the PPM site and be sure to put “MEDICAL VOLUNTEER” in the subject box.

Also need Communications personnel.  Just as prior operations, medical and communications are the two skillsets most in need and least on site.  Please help fix that if you have the skills and can make it there.



Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.


  1. Funny, the way it seems like EVERY one of your “tactical ops” starts with a passing around of the collection plate. One has to wonder after a while what your true “strategic objective” is, other than a 40-foot Bayliner.

    But, anyway, I was wondering- do drones recognize “buffers”? Is that a preppers version of “safe zones”?

    1. You should note that we are not collecting a cent. Instead, we are pointing people to the PPN site. But nice try. Neither Oath Keepers, or me, will have anything to do with the donations going to PPN.

      1. Donations are important to a logistics operation. Do not be afraid to ask for money to push this cause. Trolls like Chiselbit love to use the rules for radicals to freeze their opponents. Without money you fail and the Marxist understand this very well.

      2. Very well said Stewart,We ALL need to be on the same page if we want a peaceful resolution to the standoff.I do not support the takeover but I will be loading up and heading west if there is another Waco.Honor your Oath to the Citizens of America before it’s too late or you will be living in a place where you and your family have zero rights.Hoorah

    2. They are there on their dime.. Volunteers.. That said.. If I can’t be a part of a group trying to keep the peace, offer mediation and a buffer .. At least I can send my support through a donation to help with the cost of buying food, supplies, and or lodging..

    3. This comment made me a bit sad ChiselBit.
      These folk are going all in and volunteering their time for the sake of the Republic.

      Their opposition sits around the “World Peace Circle”, lips gracing the Hookah regularly, and get wealthy donations for Borganizations that clearly break the 501 (c) laws.

      They need our help, period…..

    1. I cannot find any damn volunteer button either. Also. the email I received with the Link does not bring me to this article. Come on guys double check your work. Do not assume anything. Double check your work especially for something urgent like this. Thanks.

  2. Well it dont belong to no one except native americans so every one needs to leave the land and let it live in peace so it stay s alive. People will ruin it so please every one leave the land alone

    1. Let me see if I am understanding you correctly, Native for peace, you want to kick out everyone from conquered countries correct?

      If so, how far back are we going? China, it once belonged to another people who they slaughtered after seeking asylum and given food, welcomed by the original (maybe?) people living there. Are we starting here?

      If you bother to learn real history, there was conquerors in, and invading, most nations/new lands that was discovered. As slavery was an accepted manner of being able to get more work done (slaves were of all races – including ones own, and quite often the conquered), invading and conquering was an OLD accepted method of increasing ones territory, gain new lands, new/more wealth.

      What you must understand is we can only actually change what is here with us now. Ranchers and farmers improve the land, and if wise in the old ways, leave the outer edges of crops for the wild to feed on through the winter as it is the least good of the crop, yet will sustain much life being left. This makes it better for those that hunt as game increases, etc.

      What has HURT our lands is corporate one crop farming. In its natural state there is much diffusion in what grows, and much complements those near it. Brush being kept back by “back burning” (controlled fires), enrich the land by mulching it. Water is made filthy by large corporations and the US (UN) Military [the damage they have done to the oceans is criminal – and it is not just the US (UN) Military], as is the air, etc. THEY are rarely ever blamed, and they NEVER fully clean up the mess made and the destruction caused, if at all.

      But those that live in the area take care of it so that it continues to take care of them. Big cities were created to cordon a bunch of people in an area where they would be dependent and more easily controlled. Small towns was more responsive to the land, water, air, and wildlife with which they interacted.

      Under the US Constitution you are not allowed to do something on your land that would damage anothers such as dump chemicals into the water, or dam it off so badly that those downstream suffered. Yet, we have let corporations and the military destroy much land, water, etc and then accept the blame when it is pointed at the people themselves. Make no mistake, the people combined have not created nearly a quarter of the damage done to our air, water, soil, lifeforms as the corporations and military has.

      Research it.

      Getting those that serve within the general government (feds) out of running drugs, using our military to guard them, using our money to do the before mentioned things so that they can be brought here to destroy our people, our nation, while funding covert ops, etc; running weapons; selling state secrets, nuclear info and weapons; getting our serving killed with unlawful invasions of foreign nations so that they can be added to the NWO, etc.

      Those people that serve and cause those things to happen are Traitors to the American people, to our land, and I pray I live to see them prosecuted starting with Bush 1 and his complete administration from SS to the cooks, right to Obama and all administrations between and current as they ALL are required by the US Constitution to take and KEEP the Oath to support and defend the US Constitution before the orders of superiors and BEFORE the duties of the position they occupy.

      If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths?

      Chief Tecumseh: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

      1. I am sorry I just need someone to rant to!!! I don’t quite understand this Burns thing. If these people of the land are right and the government is wrong, Than why won’t the government back down and why won’t The militias back these people up….? Can someone help me see the bigger picture…? Is there something I am not seeing..? Right is right and wrong is indifferent…? Why won’t anyone help these 3%ers…? Thanks Rick.

  3. Allthough unable to be apart of this operation …..I will be supporting this vallent effort in any way. I can, all AMERICANS NEED TO STAND UP……… IT IS OUR DUTY AS AMERICANS TO SAY….ENOUGH IS ENOUGH……SILENCE IS OUR ENEMY……!

  4. If we don’t use PayPal or credit cards, where can we mail a money order? I’d like to send a small amount to aid PPN in their peace-keeping effort, a worthy cause. I’d like to bring them food (what else can an older lady do but feed those nice volunteers?), but I’m much too far away, so I can only send a donation, via money order.
    Also, where can we send a donation (money order) to help the Hammond family? The Bundys had given out a mailing address for those who wanted to mail donations to help Bundy Ranch, and I think the Hammonds could probably use some assistance as well. They are going through so much hardship and heartbreak. I pray that God soon delivers them from the evil they’re enduring.
    If you can’t publish mailing addresses here, then please email them to me at the email address of my post.
    Thank you Oath Keepers and PPN for all that you’re doing to ensure a peaceful resolution. You’re the best! May God bless you all.

    1. Oro, I have asked the same question on other articles about supporting the Hammonds and have never received a response. I hope you get an answer soon.

  5. I for one am not altogether confident this shall continue without injury. I will be down in the next week or two. I have to make arrangements to care for other obligations.
    I do not trust the Obama administration and certainly do not trust Obama. I view him as not desiring to give up his power and if one event may not precipitate his suspending elections, another shall and this could well be it.
    He is so treacherous, so lawless !
    I am always amazed to see his press secretary, Josh Earnest, answer so glibly in his responses during press conferences. It is not as though all in the press core are clueless!
    What is the Sheriff of Harney, County doing there offering safe passage? Bundy and his associates were safe in their arrival ! Exactly what does the sheriff believe makes them unsafe at any other time? Would they be any less safe if they drove 3000 miles back and forth across the United States or continued to remain at the refuge for 6 months or more? Exactly who is it that is making it unsafe for Bundy and his group? The sheriff? I don’t think so?
    I think the sheriff goes home in the evening and sits at his table with a cup of coffee and sighs and says… “crap!”
    I don’t believe the sheriff is ill willed, he is just in a very unpleasant situation. At this time I am counting him a good man. Time will tell where his alliances lie.
    I hate the news coverage of this because as we all know that the media in large measure are provocateurs, evil sorts that they are, Tories every one of them for the most part.
    Think about what it is the authorities are doing ! They closed the schools with Burns 31 miles away. Why? Because of the cold? Surely not because of activities at the refuge? That in itself is a mischaracterization of the caliber of men and women supporting Bundy and more a reflection of any authorities that would see their harm by force of overwhelming arms as in Waco.

  6. I’m on oxygen,,, but I’VE got a warm truck with ALLOT of bottles in back,, ….

  7. Can the article be changed to say “If you want to volunteer, press the ‘Contact’ button”, or something like that?

  8. Gov’t employee brags about stealing land.

    From the write-up under the video: “We come in and we take this land and we always take it for less than it is worth.” (Park Service employee at Mary Martin’s retirement from the Mojave Preserve.) The dinner was a public event. In this clip, the woman brags about how they wrestled a $40 million mine located in the park for $2.5 million dollars from two “little guys that had been in the 2nd World War” (their words, not mine). She continues, “which I stole the money from Washington to acquire it.” FYI – The 111,000+ acres referred to on the white board do not include the land that was taken away from the ranchers.

    She also says that someone told her that he wanted that mine. So she went and got it. Why did the federal government need to acquire the mine? Why not leave it in private hands?

    Make sure you watch the end of the video where a man gives the lady retiring a Cattle Crossing sign, and they joke that “lots of them” were removed after they took the land. Another rancher is put out of business and they’re laughing about it. Terrible! Another man then talks about how acquiring the ranches is unique, and how they are “extremely complex transactions.”

    Tell me, What is our nation supposed to do for meat and food when the federal government buys out or forces out all the ranchers? How are we Americans going to feed ourselves? Why are these federal government employees applauding themselves for doing harm to their own country?

    1. You think this is bad, I went to college with the next generation of the self indulgent, self absorbed Environmental Scientists. This is only precursory. Whenever they say “Cooperation,” they really mean “Coerceration.”

      Everyone should read this grand 30yr Sage Grouse agreement. It sounds all innocent, but go to items; 13, 15, 16, and 18 through 27. There’s Trojan Horse in there. They took out the Monetary fines, but mention nothing of possible other Punitive Punishments, IE Jail, or Land Confiscations, etc. Also the original plan has the “Nature Conservancy” involved. Be Afraid, be Very afraid!

  9. Joyce Riley at THE POWER HOUR reported that she received information (during the night) that the FBI are beginning to set-up a TRAUMA CONTROL CENTER at the Burns Hospital.

    If true….this has all the makings of a typical Waco situation in that…at Waco, the ATF had plenty of time to arrest David Koresh when he was going back and forth to town for supplies, etc as does Ammon when he has been going back and forth to town un-molested.

    Therefore….if the feds intend to follow illegal orders from the Obama Administration to Waco these guys for acting in the same fashion as Obama’s beloved Black Lives Matter movement with a very low rate of arrests, the seriousness of THEIR actions will have a ripple effect across this nation and will be a major black eye for (not only the FBI), but the administration for over reacting in a dangerous and careless manner.

    If the Harney County Sheriff had any cohones, he would tell the feds to go home and he would negotiate with Ammon for the minimum of trespassing, but instead, the former BLM Ranger, Sheriff David Ward, is playing right into the hands of his controllers and he has NO BUSINESS being a law enforcement elected Sheriff. He represents nobody but his own hide. He’s a very weak individual…

    In addition, the word is….everyone participating under Ammon are being tagged by the states they came from. Therefore…upon return to their state, a BOLO is issued for law enforcement to create a Probable Cause (PC) for arrest and/or search, etc. PLUS…every single cell phone is being monitored in and around Burns Oregon. All License tags are recorded and NCIC checked, listed and sent to the appropriate states.

    Does that also apply to Black Lives Matter participants that showed-up to San Francisco this past weekend to shutdown the interstate for hours? I don’t think so….

  10. It sad, I really never venture to any ” liberal minded websites “. But I have noticed, the left love to hawk anyplace, that holds Patriot values. It took me a while to wrap my poor brain around Mr. Bundy, but he is an American of virtuous beliefs. I feel good that he has support. I think the Oathkeepers have shown true blood, level headed patriotism, in their stand on this issue. As a newer Oathkeeper, and a naturally dubious person, I sometimes need a third look at most things. The facts concerning our governments management of certain agency’s are heartbreakingly true. I have seen severe abuses, here in the south, that left me cold and numb. It is time for honorable men to stand together, or there will be nothing to stand for. If anyone thinks the powers that be are without deceit, treachery, or dishoner. I will pray for your enlightenment, so that you become an brethren, and not an enemy. Many thanks.

  11. It has been said that it has been confirmed that the FBI has taken over part of the near by hospital and is currently setting up a Trauma Center. I sure hope we have people that are ready and available that can help these people. This cannot be allowed to happen. This Tyrannical Corporation needs to stand down. Enough is Enough!

  12. Am suggesting the Ranchers and We all get this book. I have a copy already, but that new 2014-2015 version is awful tempting. Go to Ebay

    Under Title 16 sub section 1540, (b) criminal, there is provision for jail time not mentioned in 30yr agreement. Also under 1540 (e) “Enforcement” (4), (A), and (B) Confiscation is not mentioned in agreement. Under 1540 (f) regulations the secretary can alter regulations as they wish. Here is the ESA

    Here is the Sage Grouse 30 year agreement

    Please forward to Operations in Malheur

      1. If you’re referencing the fws site, I just tried it and it worked. It takes it a bit of time to download. Just click and wait. Undoubtedly they are watching who references this info it’s slowing the works down…..

  13. Now that I am at least an honorary associate member wonder if this will show?
    but the Oregon Governor is calling for the Feds to end this NOW! She says. So my question is, and can’t be there wish I could, or I would, but those that do go if the Feds move then what? will you stand with Ammon or the feds? Hope you stand with Ammon. And if so whats the next plan so the rest of us who can’t be there can or will join in then? If you don’t wan this to show then at least email me.
    Of course not hoping for any hostilities, but still nice to know. Especially those on the ground being a buffer he feds move to arrest them then what? let them stand what?

  14. I find it quite interesting that the admitted sexual-deviant / bisexual-lesbian, Oregon State Governor Katherine “Kate” Brown, begged the US Federal Government to end the Malheur Refuge occupation.

    Does the perverted Governor Brown forget that she has the Oregon State Police and Oregon State National Guard at her disposal if the Harney County Sheriff’s Department is incapable of handling the situation?

    Was it simply another psychological scare tactic or is she trying to escape any responsibility for, accountability in, and the obligations of,her Office as Oregon Governor, as you have with most progressive deviant leftists who want to money, power, and reputation, but can;t make the tough decisions?

    In my opinion, the aberrantly abnormal Governor Brown seems incapable of carrying out the duties and demands of her Office without asking for a federal bailout, like most progressive and radical leftists with a victim complex when the cold hard realities of this world smack them in the face.

  15. My wife and I are trying to volunteer with the Pacific Patriots Network as an on deck observer. We live in Sandy but would like to help out down in Burns Oregon. When we follow your link to PPN all we get is a request for money. What gives?

  16. I know that people in general are not wanting to “politicize” anything. But politicians are weighing in. I know the governor of Oregon has come out harshly against the protestors. Perhaps somebody with more knowledge of the subject can answer this: Is there an election for Governor in Oregon this year and if so, what does the opposing candidate think?

  17. Stewart you mentioned “We still don’t agree with what Ammond has done, as stated at length elsewhere, but we must try to prevent the Obama Administration dropping the hammer on him and his followers”.
    …..Those followers are the ones BRAVER THEN YOUAND YOUR …oathkeepers….. And what if Oblah blah does “drop the hammer” ???… Whos side are you actually on???… what are you gonna do?? fight back with your lack of FORCE and planning??? i smell slaughter!!! do you shoot the refugee occupiers??? what side do u take if shtf???…im not quite sure that you even know where u stand??.. YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE SHOuLD BE OUT THEIR JOINED IN UNITY WITH AMMOND BUNDY….HIM AND HIS GROUP ARE DOING YOUR JOB AS.. “oathkeeprs”… gftoh ….They have been thru all the legal processes and bullshit they’ve tried to make there voices heard… so when do you say enough is enough oh ya i guess thats hard for you to do isnt it!!!!!…now you show up??? better late then never i guess right????
    …what do the Oathkeeprs actually do ??? Cause all i see is a few meetings here and there…between fellow constituents and other oathkeeeprs…and other shit like pushing a pencil and shuffling paper work. What the point of your “oathKeeprs” 5013c organization??? I dont see you doing anything when it come to defending your country from both foreign and DOMESTIC TERRORIST…such as the ones we see in congress and the oblahblah administraion…or the isis sleeper cells that continue to grow while we sit here with open borders and literally no damn control of anything….America has been caught sleeping!!!!!!….from TSA to BLM the IRS FBI DHS you name it….most of them UNCONSTITUTIONAL Why isnt there a show of force bye the “3%” when you know damn well and good the these tyrannical [One word deleted by Elias Alias, editor] with consideration to the Constitution of the United States has been in violation in every condition of its existence…Yet nothing is done.. Amazing!??!?….America has been caught sleeping…If you dont stand up to this blatant tyranny OF FEDERAL OVER
    REACH… YOU AND YOUR ORGANIIZATION LOOSE ALL CREDITABILITY…..I understand the idea and meaningfulness to a peacefull resolve…but the ony peacefull resovle is if the feds get push back into there very defined box ….and the power is given back to the states….

    1. Uhm, which 501 C 3 corporation was that? Oath Keepers is not a 501 C 3 corporation. I’m hoping that you have double-checked your other statements for veracity as well. Thank you for sharing your views with Oath Keepers. If it’s okay with you, I’ll disagree with you. Btw, what, actually, are you doing? Are you out there at Burns? Are you sending supplies or money to the occupiers of the refuge? Do say how you’re helping. I mean, what, exactly, are you doing, other than expressing your thoughts and feelings about this matter? Thank you for your reply.


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