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Burns Oregon Update With Ammon Bundy

Ammon Bundy Oregon Jan 2016 Yahoo Pic

Ammon Bundy gave press some outstanding observations in an excellent press meeting on Monday, January 11 2016. This is an important film to see. Just 12 minutes.

January 11 2016: Updating situation in Burns, Oregon. 12 Minute video on YouTube:

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”″]



Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net


  1. I believe Ammon when he says that the Committee of Safety did NOT ask him to leave. Wow! That’s great. I sure would like to know what exactly happened to change their minds.

  2. Dear Mr. Rhodes, you could not have found yourself a tougher job. Thank you for all that you do, and let me extend that thanks to all of the oath keepers.

    I have great respect for Mr. Bundy, and while his actions at the refuge may be controversial, his goal is commendable. Most of the media outlets and persons whom are criticizing, have resorted to name calling and rhetoric, and are not giving many facts as to the history of the ordeal. That speaks for itself. Perhaps with the advent of technology and communication we live in, public view will continue to be to his benefit.

    I completely sympathize with the term keyboard warrior. The word emotions can be broken apart to spell out “sit on it”. Choosing the right battles is neither cowardly, or to be underestimated in value. Public view is a game changer, and in today’s world can not be given to the wrong party by making stupid decisions. Many comments I’ve read don’t reflect a grasp on this. Vanilla Isis is humorous, and while in this situation completely inappropriate, a solid blow. Keep humor in mind folks. I’m sure Hillary’s campaign has bencoztly. Remember, Ammon (leader of ya’ll queda) got a much smaller govt. loan than the real al’queda, and he’s actually a freedom fighter. Also, the wildlife refuge isn’t a free speech zone, its 60 grand a day.

    I personally wonder, can this situation end well without oath keepers, and others help? Let’s say Ammon steps down. If he and others join the Hammonds in prison, then this great effort and considerable momentum will be a staggering loss, and if it becomes a combat zone, there will be fatherless children. I think this may be a time when the term keyboard warrior could be a compliment. Let no one forget that a million emails is easy, and quite warning to our elected officials. I would hope that as long as Ammon remains peaceful, that the decision is made to keep him and his fellow patriots out of prison, at bare minimum.

    It’s always harder to get the old oil filter off than to put a new one on. Godspeed patriots.

    1. here ya go… a new method of fast response to federal harrassment going on against the residents of Burns, Oregon…

      actually, a VERY good idea….

      get roving crews out there with video equipment, and post a number residents can call for immediate response to harrassment!!! Get these federal bastards all on record, and then start publishing it en mass…

      get this out there, a new and completely legal way, to defend the constitution, protect the citizens of Burns, Oregon from continued federal harrassment, and begin making the crimes committed against the people in Burns a nationally understood dilema…

      Make the call !

  3. The issues are a just cause and this presents as yet another clear illustration of why the situation should be supported…morally, openly, vocally and by any other means that individuals choose.

    This is not and was not an armed revolt, nor a call for one.

    It is a necessary stand by principled free men who are DEFENDING Liberty and DEFENDING the Constitution and who are putting their lives on the line to illustrate clear anti-Liberty/anti-Constitution Federal Govt excesses, whilst comparing and contrasting those clear and specific excesses with the textual limitations of the Constitution…those limitations which were and are specificaly and clearly designed and enumerated to strictly limit the Federal Govt, not to empower it.

    The issues are crystal-clear and setting aside turf-issues and other personal/personnel issues, the cause and the stance is also dirt-simple.

    This should be a cause that all free men can rally around, if not physically then supportively in other manners.

    Yeah, yeah…I know that there are suspect and unsavory characters involved and that those characters have and continue to be used as scant cover as to why support should be withheld.

    Yeah, yeah…I know that many find the initial methods and operational approach objectionable and that since the sturdy and steadfast citizens of the County did not rise up enmass, embrace the cause and declare solidarity, that this also has been an oft used reason as to why support should not be provided.

    So…these men and the issues they are raising have been largely abandoned and left to whatever their fate may be.

    News flash….this particular contest has been engaged…the players are who they are…yet the issues are just and proper….so then, the choice remains.

    Do people abandon the just cause that is already engaged and retrench to the tall weeds to prepare and await an ideal ‘silver-platter’ scenario before shoving aside computers and their fiery rhetoric…or…do people make the best of what started as an imperfect and questionable adventure undertaken in what was seen as ‘suspect’ circumstances and assess that the circumstances are what they are yet the issues and the cause is valid and just, subsequently becoming vocal and supportive and remaking this turd into an exaple of the advancement of LIberty and the proper shoving back of Federal Leviathan?

    Such tough decisions….

    And so continues the fall of the Republic and the loss of Liberty itself.

    1. You don’t stand for liberty and justice through armed occupation of someone else’s property. Any philosophy, religion, or belief system that leads you and others to believe to the contrary is unadulterated bull shit.

  4. There is a long, 6 part article that was done by Dr. Michael Coffman, in 2014, that everyone needs to read and make copies of and get it circulated to everyone. The title is: “The Bundy Standoff-A Century of Abuse”..His research is impeccable, as he takes us back in to the history of America and states joining the union, etc…lots of legal information in it. It is at (where Dr. Edwin Vieira has his articles)Here is the direct website: Dr. Coffman is the one who did the map on the Wildlands project (of Agenda 21), where the US. is divided into wildlands and the human beings are removed….just google, map of wildlands project by Dr. Michael Coffman… For those who do not really know about Agenda 21, Tom Deweese writes at newswithviews;and no one knows it any better.It will affect us all, and is adverse to our liberty. And, I want you to read what the late, great Derry Brownfield wrote. Title of the article, “Our land…collateral for the national debt”. direct website: Would someone get a copy of these articles to Ammon…and I wish Stewart would highlight again, the videos of Ammon being tazered by the BLM…3 times, I believe…and the other video of the cowboys and other Bundy supporters, riding to free the cattle..and facing the armed BLM that is telling them that they need to leave, or they will shoot them. All of America needs to see that….and so many have not. thanks for all oathkeepers does, and others.

  5. It’s about time people speaking out and real Americans coming together wish I can stand w you’s but have family to take care of will be watching and on my high alert never liked or trusted the people who take money out of our checks now they are taking our right to live a free and prosperous life

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