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BREAKING: Ammon Bundy Taken Into FBI Custody

UPDATE:  Reports of a convoy headed from the Burns Municipal Airport out to the Malheur Refuge, video screenshots below.

Expect a cordon to be put into place.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.44.37 AM Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.42.00 AM










This evening, the FBI made a felony stop on a vehicle carrying Ammon Bundy and several other individuals. After gun fire from the FBI, four individuals were reportedly taken into custody, including Ammon Bundy. Two individuals are reported to have been taken to the Burns hospital, which is currently on lock down.

FBI sources stated that those at the Refuge are currently free to leave unimpeded, implying that there might be action if they do not leave immediately.


1811L: Blaine Cooper has reportedly assumed leadership at the Refuge and has been told to leave immediately. During a phone call with Pete Santilli, Pete can be overheard saying, “Blaine, please don’t do this.” Blaine is reportedly wanting to make a stand. Women and children are still at the Refuge.

1821L: According to local government officials, Ryan Payne suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to the Burns hospital.

1827L: Awaiting a forthcoming statement from law enforcement regarding the shoot out and arrests.

1844L: KATU News is now reporting that eight occupiers have been taken into custody.

1850L: Pete Santilli and Joe Oshaugnessy have also been arrested.

1857L: Law Enforcement reporting the arrest of the following individuals:
Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Brian Cavalier, Shawna Cox, Ryan Payne — and JJoe O’Shaghnessy in a separate arrest.

1900L: FBI reporting that one of the occupiers is now deceased.

1924L: LaVoy Finicum dead.



Samuel Culper is a former military intelligence NCO and contract Intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now runs Forward Observer, an intelligence services company.


  1. Tyranny rules! This was the one and only chance Amrica had at putting fedgov back in its box! Now what! The fbi chose tyranny, rather then investigating wrong doing! Don’t know the particulars, but fuck them all!

      1. It is not “They” — it’s me, Elias Alias, your friendly editor. Keep it clean, do not threaten violence, do not attack other post-makers, keep the profanity down to tolerable levels, avoid blatant psy-op maneuvers, and your comments will make it to our page. If you can’t contain yourself within mature and intelligent parameters when composing your comments, your comments will not make it by me. Any questions?
        Thank you for reading here.

        Elias Alias, editor

      2. violence isn’t the answer, there’s been too much of that already, but Government cannot just kill people, everyone needs to realize there are better ways to solve or fix this, someone please find a solution that works. Please.

      3. Ok Elias, I just responded to a fellow Patriot, and it didn’t get posted…what’s up with that Bro?!!

      4. to date this year we’ve lost 4 cops supposedly in the linen of duty.. Last year 129 a little over two per week. Numbers seem to be low considering how many of them there are, they dont agree but it’s part of the job….Oh Well. these fed thugs rarely work and when they do they screw up like they always do..the fed was cornered so they just murder so they can extend their manhood.

        If the Constitution is the law of the land then why is it that these FBI Friggin Bunch of Idiots constantly violate the Constitution? Art 1 Section 8 clause 17? Bunch of spineless cowards, www, records downed cops. Absolutely nothing to respect FEDS ARE COWARDS……. Ya hear that Lon Horiuchi?

        They are the only ones now that can mediate this disaster because the law in charge now is corrupt and on a mission to cover up their frauds !!!

        The Clintons: is the Oregon standoff really about uranium? by Jon Rappoport

        woman in car recounts the Murder of Lavoy Finicum ,

        Sincerely in Powell Butte Oregon Tony Newbill

      6. Yes, Alias, threatening and violent posts are not tolerated.
        Questions. Was a search warrant issued? Was an arrest warrant issued, and or what is a felony stop? I wonder who shot first?

      7. We need some answers, how do we know what happened? How do we know what to do? I am an oathkeeper and I have no directive, please keep us informed.

      8. So what’s the latest news? Has it been determined who fired first, true that fatality was on his knees when shot point blank in the face, have the arrested been allowed legal counsel?

      9. Elias, agreed we should keep it cleaned up but you are censoring comments. This is not good.

        LaVoy Finicum is dead. In my opinion his death should not have happened as long as LaVoy did not point his weapon or shoot first. If he did, all bets are off. If he did not, the local cops, state police and the feds should be held responsible for that. Suffice it to say, the feds and the state police are backed by the full force of the state and the federal Government which means the whole situation was a no win for the patriots. I’m fairly sure that the state police and the feds were “chomping at the bit” and willing to use any excuse to shoot and/or kill someone….which they did—provoked or not (rules of engagement well defined for the feds, I’m sure). Avoiding violence is always a good thing if possible but in this case the occupiers were literally out manned and with little protection. If they were dumb enough to venture out they should have had an escort of at least equal to the authorities if not larger (at least 100 armed escorts if not more). I believed this would have saved LaVoy’s life and would have made a “real” statement. Probably would have gotten a lot more press for the cause. Where were the “Oath Keepers”??? The OK did a great job at the Ferguson, MO protection mission and with the other BLM demonstration in Nevada.

      10. We salute you sir!
        Stay calm people we must defend our rights by peaceful means. Violence is not the answer, it leads to death and destruction; that will not help our righteous cause which is the preserve our liberty under the US Constition

      11. say a prayer for our government thug cowards! Federal conspiracy charges? REALLY?? What did they conspire to do make the fed cranks to live by the law of the land? They fear a d loathe the thought. therefore we pray for these spineless cowards….. Psalms 109 it’s a take down prayer for the thugs and their family and associates. If you’re going to talk the talk, then By GOD walk the walk……….or suicide is a viable and hopeful option

      12. Dave, you are partially correct, this morning I listened to FOX from 8:00AM to 8:45AM and all they were talking about is the debate and Trump backing out of the debate. I flipped over to ONE AMERICA NEWS out of Washington D.C. and they did report on it, all they said was a shooting at the stand off in Burns, Oregon, 1 dead 1 injured, arrests were made and it mentioned that they were on the way to a meeting, did not specify a TOWN HALL MEETING set up by the people of Burns, Oregon, not sure if they knew that or not, One America News IF YOU CAN GET IT is great at reporting REAL NEWS, NO POLITICS, NO EYE CANDY AND DON’T ANSWER TO ANY CORPORATE CEO, IT IS FAMILY OWNED. COMCAST and Time Warner Will Not Carry the Channel because they report facts and not BS. I have Century Link Prizim so that is how I am able to watch it.

      1. I just whent through every news channel on directtv, and the only thing I saw was a runner along the bottom on foxnews! All channels had regular programming! The only guy reporting there was arrested on the spot! The new “news reporters are fair game law!”

      2. From explanation of what is going on here with Article 1, Section 8, clause 17 and more

        Today, the Constitution is largely ignored by the federal government. They no longer exist within the box laid out for them by the Constitution. And they have decimated the Bill of Rights (1st-10th Amendments) on every level. Furthermore, the states, and the people have little to no understanding of the Constitution, and don’t even care. So, if America has so little regard for the founding documents it is based on, how can we continue to say they are what this country is based on? We can not!

        The Constitution, and Constitutional law, is DOA in America! And, we can no longer claim that we are a Constitutional Republic!

        America “rest in peace”! Tyranny is now the law of the land!

      3. They are trying ti hide what they have done. They have made a HUGE mistake and are trying to find a way out of it. This is the response the American people get when they try to stand up for their rights?

      4. [One word deleted by Elias Alias, editor] these satanic government whores. It’s time to fight back. If not now when? We the people have every reason to take back our country. The longer we wait, the more we loose. It’s time to nut up or shut up. Together we are strong. Alone we are [One word deleted by editor] dead. It’s time. Pick your side.

      5. “They” have made no mistake. We made the mistake with our complacency! It is well planned by Tudbury (Tim Conway’s character, on steroids) Obama and his minions under the direction of the UN and the super-wealthy elites who have taken over the country by infiltration of the government. They don’t have to cover it up anymore as they are above the law (the Constitution), just ignore it, and they have superior arms and a “New Puppet Military Order (like the Nazi’s Storm Troopers)” to back them up. All the well trained USA loyal patriotic generals have been summarily dismissed by their smear campaigns.

        We now, and for quite a while, live in fear of the government. The government should be in fear of “We the People.” We fear being arrested for violation of one petty law or another and put in the “For Profit FEMA Institution of Incarceration” system. Most of Tudbury O’s aides and advisors are hard core Muslims who absolutely loathe the USA and her “Constitutionally permitted freedoms.”

        The bought-and-paid-for Congress writes laws in excess of ten thousand per year, and that’s on top of Tudbury O’s Executive Orders that spew out faster than a Federal Reserve money printing press, and we have so many laws on the books they have actually lost count. With all these laws, and a bunch of Communist/Marxist/Socialist Constitutional lawyers, there is absolutely no way you can get through a day without violating some law. If “they” want to get you, there is a law in the system they can dredge up to use to prevent anything you may want to do.

        If, for some queer reason, they can’t readily find a law, they just shoot to kill, and you disappear, accidentally and ignored of course. They are very good at creating accidental death scenarios and they have unlimited funds to accomplish the project.

        Therefore, in my humble opinion (I still believe in the First Amendment), there is no longer personal freedom in the USA and to survive one should not think nor voice your thoughts unless they agree with the government’s warped philosophy. We are told what to eat, what to think, and what to do; either comply or die. Our children are being brainwashed into compliance by the government education common core project.

        “The Brave New World,” combined with “Soylent Green” is all but here. Within about the next two or three generations their new history will likely not even mention how this all came about after “Fahrenheit 451” and “Nineteen Eighty Four” takes care of all the older books and the elders who could dispute their “new history” are dead.

        We are now in King Tudbury O’s fascist police state, expecting Martial Law followed by Sharia Law.

        I really “Hope” I’m wrong about this “Change!”

        However, just in case I’m not, keep your butt down, your weapons oiled, and your powder dry! Nothing is more worthless than damp powder, or an unloaded or rusty gun, when you really need one! Good luck. May God Bless the USA.

    1. I think the Hammonds’ re-sentencing was done intentionally to lure these people into a confrontation. So predictable – these oath keepers come out looking bad and the FBI comes out looking good, and who gets killed? Predictable. Patsies, again. Violence is the government’s game – they have planners, psychologists, logistics, marketing, money, ruthless, and the media. Investigate Sept. 2001 – that is their weakness – numbers, we need #’s

      1. Guy’s please, that is not what happened, Ammon Bundy as you well know was looking for a reason to take a stand like they did in 2014. The hammons was the one he picked, nobody set it up to make the oath keepers or anyone look bad, nobody asked them to take over our Refuge, he did so on his own accord. Can we please stop the anti-government conspiracy theory’s, this BS notion that Lavoy was killed in cold blood, you know thats BS, the man himself on cam said he would die before going to jail, and what better way to try and stir up stuff then to die when being arrested.

        Now i get it, you’re upset with the government, hey i don’t agree with some things they do either, but here in Oregon people work together to get stuff done, it’s slow sure, it’s not perfect, but Ammon and his group divided a once united community to privatize public land, nobody wanted him there. Notice how the hammons kinda took 3rd priority after he took over the refuge? Now yes i am a liberal, and proud of it, and even i am saying that we need men like you to watch out for us, but as a militia, by the constitution, you answer to the commander-n-chief. please we need to stop the divide we are Americans, my blood runs just as red as yours.

        BE THE MEN WE NEED YOU TO BE! and don’t give into this crap, it is Ammun who is baiting you, the government, everyone into civil war, and you guy’s don’t want that, because those who would take up arms against the US Government just do not have the numbers, and i do not want to see anymore good Americans on either side die over something that CAN BE FIXED! remember your oath is to the people, not just the people who agree with you. this country was founded on the ability to have civil debate.

        I ask that you guy’s stop the conspiracy theory’s, this one is on Ammun bundy and his group, not the government, because unlike waco or ruby ridge where the fed invaded privet owned land by force, the Bundy’s invaded our land with guns taking it over and demanding what he had no authority to demand, even you guy’s know this which is why you stayed out of it.


        thank you

      2. Thank you for being a voice of reason in a sea of hogwash. These people took over a wildlife refuge with their guns hoping for a confrontation. They got what they wanted.

      3. The federal over reach is real. There are many resources the government wants on the Hammond’s land. Look it up. Uranium deposits, precious metals, etc. They want the Hammond’s land. What Bundy did had one sure outcome because this tyranny doesn’t allow dissent. Sure it’s not like the federal government just came in and shot the Hammond’s and took their land, they are doing it slowly, creeping in so as not to disturb the hornets nest. It’s still tyranny. Who will stand up now? If you love your Liberty you best put your shoes on and start making yourself count, not by mindless violence, learn the constitution, understand common law and due process. Understand that if we stand together we can kill this tentacled monster of federal tyranny.

      4. “L-E-V-I-A-T-H-A-N” = Constitution usurping MURDERERS!

        For many of the low information sheepeople in this country, what the Lame Stream Parrot media spews out as laughably illegitimate reporting,…… is what those brain-dead ObamaBot zombie lefties with all of their “Free-Stuff” and their Obama phones, are lead to believe is reality.

        What Leviathan’s complicit media PARROTS report, or more importantly, “what they don’t report on”, is the sheepeople’s manufactured version of their reality.

        Rise UP!! Fight back!

        Use your labor and your treasure to support TED CRUZ with everything that you have in your heart and soul, and fight back against what is WICKEDNESS AND EVIL, the progressive constitution usurping Agenda 21 driven BLM leftists and Barrack Hussein Obama..
        “L-E-V-I-A-T-H-A-N”is pure evil.

        “Silence in the face of tyrannical M-U-R-D-E-R by Leviathan, is your consent to that tyrannical M-U-R-D-E-R by Leviathan”

      5. Does the federal government have the constitutional right to own land like this or not… where is the law on it, why didnt the governor and in particular the county sheriff intervene…the militia answers to the cic??? how about the cic answering to the laws of our land… all i can say people is trust in the Lord for vain is the help of man…NOW that this happened… the issues of federal govt owning land must be resolved … God help us all.

      6. The Constitution as interpreted by who? How many offshoots of Christianity are there, all drawing from the same Bible? And all of them sure that -they- got it right, and everyone else is wrong.

      7. agreed… the Lord let me know clearly obama was not the one to be in the white house… of course obama is just one of the crowd of treasonous, traitorious scuzballs in positions of authority. Beyond shocking how many unAmerican Americans are in our govt…one day they will stand before God and will realize they alone chose eternity without Him. I pray for this bastards…

      8. Obama is only The Commander-and-Chief during times of “declared” war. There has been no declared war since World War II. Everything the current administration has done is invalid due to the POTUS’s lack of a bona fide United States of America birth certificate. The only ones that have been presented are proven to be dummied up in our Courts.

        In addition, proper filings were submitted to the Federal Government back in December but the Government failed to follow proper procedures by failing to respond to the papers filed in Federal Court. When a people’s “Redress of Grievances” is ignored there leaves little recourse by the citizens but to forcefully reign-in the rogue agents of a rogue oppressive government.

        What with “agents provocateur” being entrenched at the Refuge, it’s a wonder that everything went as peacefully as it did. If you have any rebuttal, please visit “Breaking New” and look at all the info before you open your pie-hole again!

      9. “Obama is only The Commander-and-Chief during times of “declared” war.”


        Article II, section 2. “The President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States”

        This says nothing about declared war. It doesn’t even require any state of war (declared or not). It says “when called into the actual service of the United States”.

        It is obvious to me that the standing Navy (Article I, section 8), at least, is constantly in actual service of the United States, and has always been so. Maybe a historian or judge would disagree.

      10. Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the United States Constitution, sometimes referred to as the War Powers Clause, vests in the Congress the power to declare war, in the following wording:
        [The Congress shall have Power…] To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;

      11. “BE THE MEN WE WANT YOU TO BE”. You mean SHEEP right? So protect you Liberals, and OBEY while being good little Commies. Typical Liberal.If we acted like this we would still be under England. Not that they don’t have some control through maritime Law, but the 2nd would be gone for sure. I will BE THE MAN God wants , if you want us to protect your Family then help, or silence your BS.

      12. Sad part PEACE, your the same people who support Hillary Clinton and it’s plain to the world that she let 4 people die in Bengazi . She had 1300+ classified emails, to include top secret/SAP, putting more lives at risk. That is the same government your proud to bow down to. Speaking of commander in chief, if you follow the constitution then you only obey lawful orders. The current president rules by using his pen to go around congress, should he not also follow the constitution .
        Oregon would be good state if it wasn’t for Portland .

      13. Thanks for that much needed injection of sanity. I read some claim that the guy was shot with his hands in the air, but that sounds like total BS since he said he would not be taken alive. He wanted to be a martyr, and hd got his wish. From the beginning, this standoff was nonsense, and these men are looking more like domestic terrorists than “patriots.” There are much better ways to stand up to the government than through trespassing, theft, and vandalism. I pray that this ends with no more blood shed, and I pray for those children still inside.

      14. Please stop with the domestic terrorists label.That is a made up phrase to control a movement against the elites and politicians.Only terrorists in the USA are foreign and Gov.Local,State and Federal.
        God Bless LaVoy Finicum and his family!

      15. I think the term “domestic terrorists” fits here. Let’s say these guys were all American-born Muslims who took over that refuge and made the same demands. You know they would be called “terrorists.” I wish everyone would have handled this better before someone got killed, but from what I’ve read Mr Finicum was itchin’ for a fight and he got one. I feel bad for his family because they will suffer for his lack of good judgment.

      16. What you are not getting Peace is this. When you speak of government occupied land as “our land” -this is where you are deceived. It is only “your land” if you OWN it. You do not own this land. You cannot build a house on it, you cannot graze cattle on it (without permission of the government pope), you cannot grow crops on it. NO ONE CAN -ony Govt Bureaucrats can. GOT IT?

      17. I read a few days ago about Hammond. The report I read said the government started fires to cause problems for the hammomnd. I don’t know who wrote the story here. But the fbi has killed an unarmed man, and has proved they are on the wrong side of america. Their propaganda doesn’t work anymore, to many know what is going on here. We cannot allow this gov to trap us or take weapons from us. As far as I can see the FBI in obamas pocket are obeying like the good little puppets they are I don’t trust them for an inch. This is my opinion , more will come as I research more!

      18. My oath is to the preservation, protection, and defense of the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. THAT is my commander-in-chief.

      19. The men we need to be fought over tea tax, get a grip they executed his ass and you think this is ok. The Fed’s crossed the line here not Ammon and the other protesters. As far as dividing the town yup they woke up and are seeing through opened eyes the overreach of the BLM and the scare tactics along with the Fed’s. Your a joke.

      20. “If ye love your wealth better than Liberty,
        The tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom,
        Go home from us in peace.
        We ask not your counsels or your arms.
        Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
        May your chains set lightly upon you,
        And may posterity forget that you were our Countrymen

        Sam Adams.

      21. Who’s side are you on? The FBI, BLM, and especially Obama, have violated the Constitution, our rights and the foundation of American History! You want this kind of black boot “Gestapo” tactics to continue and increase? When/where do “WE THE PEOPLE…” make our stand and finally say, “Enough!”? It’s time to pull your head out of the sand and see the truth for what it is-Americans are at war with this POTUS and his administration, whether you want to admit it or not!
        MOLON LABE

      22. “… i am saying that we need men like you to watch out for us, but as a militia, by the constitution, you answer to the commander-n-chief.”

        Via the US Constitution the Militia is NOT under the command of those that serve within the general (federal) government except when it is called into service (by the way, the same for the state governments). Plus the Militia is NOT under whoever is LAWFULLY serving as US President except when those that serve within the congress declares war (no president was delegated that authority).

        Remember that that the US President is only the Commander in Chief when a lawful war has been declared and the Militia (or US military) is actually required (“… when called into the actual Service of the United States”) and for the reasons stated in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 (“To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;”). No one else has those lawfully assigned duties, because when it is assigned to the Militia, it is FORBIDDEN to all others no matter what position they occupy within the general government. By the supreme LAW of our nation, this was a crime committed by those serving within the general government, it actually qualifies as a *”terrorist” act according to our laws.

      23. Peace – were you present at the road block? You make a lot of assumptions with little fact. NOTE: The country was founded after a bloody and brutal war against tyrannical government agents! Yes, the ideal is to have civil discourse within the parameters of our constitution, but our government is not allowing that to occur. Try being a patriot instead of just siding with your liberal government cronies. If the government had nothing to hide then why the arrest of the journalist and all the secrecy?

    2. I am with you I for one am sick and tired of this. we the people own this land not those who would fire on and kill Americans. Can anyone tell us who was killed or fired upon when they rotted and pillaged in Ferguson, no they can not. Even when lives were threatened and concrete was thrown at police they did nothing to respond. I am ready willing and able to stand against this tyrannical act. We only need to band together as brothers to make that stand. It is sad that so many are afraid to make that stand what is it worth if we are not free.

      1. You are confused in that matter. The ones who were told to stand down and give the looters room was in Baltimore. In Ferguson they stood. I was there with Oathkeepers and saw this first hand.

      2. Stand and fight only to get prosecuted for racism? If you ain’t bigger than Bubba maybe it’s wise to save your carcass for another day. Another example of tyranny for the “student.

    3. As much as I was afraid this time would come. It is now time that we all as Oath Keepers [Three words deleted by Elias Alias, editor] and prepare for the fight of our lives and the lives of our families and friends. This situation in OR was nothing more than an Ambush by the Fed…

      1. It doesn’t matter which branch of gov it was, this should not have happened. Being state troopers does not excuse them.

      2. yes prepare, but never look for a fight. Ammon was looking for a fight and got one.

        we have enough issues to deal with. Poking the beast with a red hot poker in the eye is not a good idea. besides the media will defend the State and claim ALL militias are like Ammon and label us terrorists.

        so yes prepare for the worst but Work for a safe Legal solution to get back our country. past 8 years will not be reversed by force, only by working through the LAW. if SHTF, yes of course be ready, but dont look for that fight.

      3. Ammon was not looking for a physical fight. He is not a violent man. He was looking to fight back legally against the Federal Government. He was working with many attorneys, politicians, ranchers, etc that had been meeting with him at the refuge to legally fight back against the corrupt system who have destroyed many, many ranching, mining and logging families. .The only reason he was at the refuge was to raise awareness to Americans about the deep gov’t corruption he and others had been suffering from and because that is the place that the Fed gov’t had actively been working from to harass, intimidate and terrorize the ranchers in the area. Great, great patriots they are and were in the case of Lavoy.

    4. There are more of you than them, tho they will send all the little street urchins they have trained, once standing — Dont back down. I can tell you the traitors wont. Enough with stand offs….BE MEN!

    5. What in the world is wrong with them. LEAVE HIM ALONE! I don’t have enough words to describe my outrage at this. GESTAPO tactics!!!

    6. Exactly what “wrong doing” need to be investigated? These pinheads were staging an armed occupation of federal lands. There is no other way to say it.

      1. Armed occupation? The worst armed occupation in history is the federal government and their PUPPET MASTERS behind the smoke and mirrors.
        Karma is real and bad karma can be extremely brutal. These tyrants will suffer severely.
        My favorite 20 words: “I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”……Thomas Jefferson

      2. There are videos that show BLM burning the ranchers cattle, destroying watering systems, and structures. How does one deal with this when the government that is there to protect you does these things?

    7. {Quote}”This was the one and only chance Amrica had at putting fedgov back in its box! Now what!” –Dave

      I’m not sure why you ascribe such permanence to the current outcome this event. Original intentions aside, it was a terrible plan from the start. Once the Hammonds turned themselves in, this was never going to become a rallying point for mainstream “Red-Staters”, conservatives, people of the gun, etc. to draw their line in the sand over.

      1. We need to be strong and keep our faith. Remember, Ammon and his group uncovered massive amounts of documents giving evidence to government corruption running deep. Fortunately, they stored copies of these documents throughout the world in safe places. There is definitely more to come in a long long legal battle. Once they let the cat out of the bag, though, they were arrested hours later. No doubt their find has ruffled many feathers.

    8. What do you mean “this was the one and only chance”? there will and are other chances, sometimes you have to stuff it back in the box since it won’t go by itself.

    9. Completely agree Dave. It is up to the rest of the patriot movement to make the right calls here if this is going to move us forward to a republic or backwards to increasing tyranny. If the patriot groups stand down, then gov. wins and gains strength. If they patriots take it up a notch on the gov. then f_ck it, its a good a time as any to kick off the next american revolution. GOD Bless the family of Lavoy Finicum, a true american patriot.

    10. IMO the governor and the sheriff need to be removed and replaced with honorable people. the murder of Mr. Finicum is all on them. They did NOTHING to find out the law and enforce it… how does the fed govt own state land… tell me miss gov and mr spineless sheriff… no balls at all…

  2. And by fuck them all, I mean all of them! Everyone on both sides! All the poeple who say the hell with a constitution! Either in words or actions!

    1. Tyranny has a confortable home in America! Any one think there will ever be a day when the BLM, and other unconstitutional entities will be held to the same standard and shot to death and arrested! Hell no! Tyranny has a welcome home here in the “land of the free”! The BLM will continue to destroy, the Hammonds will stay in jail! The patriots will stay silent! Fedgov will continue to trample the constitution, cause they now know they face a paper tiger! And now we can say there was no waco, cause it only involved people being shot in their cars!

      1. And by the same standard, I’m saying they are the ones to kill! We are the ones who get killed, and there is never justice for those killed! They are never held to account. I do not mean to say they should be dealt the same as they deal! So, please don’t come and shoot me down too!

    1. By “legal stop” the poster meant law enforcement had probable cause to make a stop. There were outstanding arrest warrants for one or more of the occupants.

    1. You don;t know that to be the case unless you were watching it take place ? The staters have been making many stops, likely far more than were necessary. But we do not know how this played out quite yet. At least wait for all the facts before spouting such stuff ?

    2. Again the facts are not even in yet, and you say they were shot without a warning. You don’t know that. Verify what you say. We do know that Ryan Payne is a nut job who has wanted a confrontation since the Bundy ranch. I was there and verify that. He has a death wish. So at least wait until you get all the facts before getting people riled with shit like you just said.

  3. Well the rest of the group is still at the Refuge-looks like the government will move in and cause another WACO now that nobody is willing to stop them.

    1. The Feds are offering, at least according to the article above, a chance for them to just walk away from this without being charged.

      1. I just watched a MSM local reporter say that anyone leaving the refuge was being stopped, ID’d, and photographed. Does anyone not realize that each of these people will be arrested after things settle down and they are alone?

      2. Maybe, or maybe not. Doesn’t set a good precedent for any future situations negotiation wise if the people being negotiated with know that they are going to be arrested ‘later’ regardless of what they are being told.

    1. That is a easy question to answer. They killed him so that he didn’t get a day in court where he could present his evidence. They don’t want them to go to trial. they want all of them dead so no one else will rise up against them

      1. LaVoy Finicum was murdered “for the education of the others.”

        Watch his video, here, six days ago….. Yes, he did, indeed “cross the Rubicon…”

        May he rest in peace.

        ….Lady in Red

      2. I tend to agree with both you, and Dave..I am personally at my wits end with all this crap..something needs to be done, and done soon, and done RIGHT! ANY suggestions Brother?!!

    1. Did you see what alot of the messages were on twitter, no wonder this country is in the shape it is, just proves that indoctrination schooling works on most, they started school ignorant and they are still ignorant, some people actually said yippee about that man who probably died, what is wrong with people! I don’t think this country can be saved, to much ignorance in it~ My heart is broken~

      1. I read a few days ago about Hammond. The report I read said the government started fires to cause problems for the hammomnd. I don’t know who wrote the story here. But the fbi has killed an unarmed man, and has proved they are on the wrong side of america. Their propaganda doesn’t work anymore, to many know what is going on here. We cannot allow this gov to trap us or take weapons from us. As far as I can see the FBI in obamas pocket are obeying like the good little puppets they are I don’t trust them for an inch. This is my opinion , more will come as I research more!

      2. Yes. A google search shows the most vile and hateful talk They are disgusting! They say to hell with the constitution, and law, go to the refuge and kill them all! Who are these people! The flower children of the 60s grew up to be sodomitic fascists! The owners of all things morally corrupt! They are now the lawless, that they once protested! Love, and peace, has become hate and destroy! Look at them! The most vile and hateful people in this country are sodomites and peace, love, not war, liberals! And, now they are all about war as well! Look at the reporting from liberal rags like raw story, opb, oregonian, the SPLC, and out-of-the-closet lesbian / bi-sexual governors, they all want death and destruction! They have called on washington to do it now. And washington was more than happy to comply!

      3. Just to be clear. That’s the flower children from the 60s, like clintons, and miss oregon gov, they are the ones who became sodomistic fascists! They say “come on fed guys, we’ve waited patiently a few weeks, now go full on!” Gov Brown, your hopes, and dreams, where fulfilled!

  4. Sad. Would be curious to see who fired first though I’m sure the cameras were “malfunctioning” or several days will go buy so the footage can be edited . will anyone be supplying a way to send condolences to the family if the murdered patriot?
    God Bless us all, I fear his blessings will be needed as we go forward.

    1. You will never know the truth because there was no shoot out only the police fired weapons and therefor you will never know the truth.

  5. The revolution begins….. an occupier has died at the hands of the Feds and the rest are going to make a stand. Don’t let the rest die. This day will be remembered in history as the day the United States government awoken the sleeping giant. We are descendants of revolutionaries, it’s in our blood as a people.

    1. I agree, Iraq and Afghanistan vets we need you! Does anyone not recall when the Obama administration called recent returning veterans terrorist’s. They have demonized the American Dream and those that are sworn to protect it. Wake up people!

      1. I am an Iraq vet. I don’t think you understand what you are trying to get into. I don’t think you grasp the capabilities of the federal government. While I admire your heart, I suggest you use your head. If you want to take in the bear, you don’t get mad and poke it. You take time to figure out how to trap it. I want no part in it. I do t glorify violence, and I don’t want to see my country torn apart like Iraq is.

  6. Am so glad Ammon is okay.
    Anybody want to guess who fired first, or who drew down first?
    I’ve got a hunch.
    Ammon can get it on the record when he is allowed to talk.

    Elias Alias, editor

    1. The Feds had damned well better have some video on this that has not been doctored and proves what they say. If they say one thing, and have no video to back it up then we will all know that they are lying.

      1. Absolutely, Doc. Many more times than not various government representatives have proved themselves liars and deceivers in almost all venues. Proof must be required for all claims and representations from this point forward or the people must assume it’s false.

    2. Yeah Elias I will make a guess who fired first, My guess is Ryan Payne. He is a militant discontent who has been looking for a fight since the Bundys. I worked with him there and he is a nut job.

      1. Awaiting the release of the footage (and expecting footage, as the Feds KNOW that no matter how this arrest went down, people would be screaming about it) for details. But, IN GENERAL, if you try to draw a weapon when you are (A) outnumbered, and (B) they already have their weapons drawn and pointed at you rarely ends well for the drawer.

        And A and B occur when you have publicly stated that you would resist arrest, and are openly armed.

      2. my guess jaybird is a typical porker who has never seen a cop commit a crime in his life. The government fired the first and only shots. (All 120+) in this attempted massacre. They murdered a man and attempted to murder several others. Better wait and see the vehicle, hear the eyewitness testimony and get the autopsy, then guess again.

    3. Elias, I beg you my friend, please contact me. I have vital info to share. This is a giant shit sandwich and those on the refuge are incorrect. I really need to share this with you. If you have an email we can exchange phone numbers and speak. We may be able to avoid bloodshed which had already happened with Finicum! And others. So please contact me at
      Respectfully in truth and liberty,
      Phillip Freeman/Defender

  7. So much for a possible and peaceful “redress of grievances” and the U.S. Constitution, and for the future of America and the Republic. This 2016 with all the radical political hacks and traitors all over the place, and the increasing numbers of radicalized refugees coming into America on a daily basis equals a very dangerous situation for all the patriots residing in America. I predict that Martial Law will be imposed before the elections, all persons that got those CCW permits will be the first to be visited by the local traitors, all gun shops will be closed to the public,

    1. Yes ccp are in it’s own right a target. The registration is another one. Mfgs number every item. But We the people are not so to speak ssn. So eliminate a freedom patriot, for the right of the people and the country, then move on to the next, one by one. Talk about oppression and most don’t see it comming.

  8. Update:
    Pete Santilli has been arrested “On the same charge as the others”.
    FBI Shot LaVoy Finicum 3 times while his hands were in the air and he was unarmed – Deceased.

      1. Michele Fiore @VoteFiore
        My heart & prays go out to LaVoy Finicum’s family he was just murdered with his hands up in Burns OR.Ryan Bundy has been shot in the arm
        9:35 PM – 26 Jan 2016

        Assembly Women Fiore says Ammon Bundy called his wife from the back seat of a patrol car and said that Lavoy Finicum was “cooperating and had his hands up when shot three times by law enforcement, then shot again while on the ground.

    1. Of course. He was the most photogenic sympathetic well spoken one. Once I learned that his primary thing was rehabilitating troubled youth – I don’t care about the money – what an idyllic situation for the kids. In a farm ranch environment the consequences of bad choices are easily seen and felt by all. Lavoy Finicum was the man with a presence that could reach out to the world. He parsed his words carefully Not because he was hiding something but because he knows the power of words. When I saw him I thought “I ‘d like to know that guy.”


    2. I don’t know who veritas is, but he is there and saying LaVoy Finicum was on his knees with his hands in the air , then shot three times in the head!

  9. What did they think was going to happen? they pointed guns at agents two years back, threatened to use lethal force while occupying a building and threatening local birders who use those grounds…did they honestly think this would turn out pretty?

    1. Actually you goofball it was the BLM that was aiming their weapons at cowboys with holstered pistols over in Nevada.

    2. “Game Changer”
      “Leviathan”,…. today, is now irrevocably, “GUILTY” of cold blooded MURDER!

      Governor Kate Brown, the wrenched dirty BLM and the FBI are “GUILTY of MURDER”.

      Occupiers in Baltimore are told by a far Left-Wing Commie bitch Mayor,.. that its perfectly OK, to freaking “RIOT” “LOOT” “PILLAGE” “SMASH” and “BURN SQUAD CARS”, police stations, businesses, and every damned person and thing in their devilish looting and scalding paths.

      And the Left-Wing Commie Bastards don’t do anything to stop it or hold the “LOOTERS and “destroyers” ACCOUNTABLE!!!!!!

      Yet these patriot constitutionalists out in a rural area, harming no one, and knew their legal constitutional rights to obtain a redress of well researched and defined, and “legally proper”, grievances, and had done everything possible to “peacefully obtain a legitimate redress of legitimate grievances!!!!”

      First the “dirty-handed” BLM puppet Judge Grasty, and the “dirty criminal” land stealing BLM pinko’s openly and insultingly MOCKED the ranchers fairly presented “Petition For Redress of Grievances” that contained more than enough signatures of law abiding citizens to get the job done.

      But the “dirty Judge Grasty” and the “non-elected” swine former BLM agent Rent-A-Sheriff, and the far left-wing pervert Governor and all of the Oath of Office defecating narcissist Federal employees involved, instead of easily granting a simple redress of grievances, “decided, of their own free will, to just [One word deleted by Elias Alias, editor] MURDER these ranchers instead of fairly investigating dirty Judge Grasty, an enabler of ongoing BLM crimes!!

      The Left-Wing Commie bitch governor got what she wanted and had been asking for, A NON CONSTITUTIONAL RESOLUTION at the point of an “OVERREACHING LEVIATHAN’S GUN”.

      This day, today,.. TUESDAY, January Twenty-Sixth, the year of our Lord 2016,.. MUST BE A FOUNDATION for what must be “remembered in history” as the day that the politically motivated tyrannical and overreaching United States government awoken a sleeping giant “with-in all of us”, and overtly “communicated to us, today, how they want us to deal with them in future dealings”.
      “Leviathan” has made a clear statement to us; If you are not a left wing America hating lefty, willing to shit on the Constitution and the Bill of rights, “then [One word deleted by Elias Alias, editor] shoot first”. [One word deleted by Elias Alias, editor] their rules that are not for them, but are for those that they govern” as commie Nancy Pelosi so famously said.

      Listen to them closely, in their own words. “LEVIATHAN” does intend to dominate you, and to “KILL you” if they see fit.
      “The end, justifies our means” as Speaker Nancy Pelosi so famously said.

      “LEVIATHAN” could have easily chosen to peacefully resolve this Harney County Affair.
      Child’s play.

      Just simply appoint a non BLM compromised, fair minded Judge to address the patriot ranchers petition for redress of grievances, then it would have been game, “peacefully”, over. That is all that was ever necessary. Just some respect for the citizens, and to follow the law.

      Buy Ammo, wide ranging equipment and supplies. All that is humanly possible to fiance and store.

      People! We are the BLOOD descendants of infamous revolutionaries guided by the will of God.

      It is written into our US Constitution’s DNA and inside of all of us as American people, our legal right to use force when absolutely necessary to punch these progressive lefty constitution usurping pricks in the nose or hang them for treason as their level of transgressions and usurpation’s dictate!!

      Make NO-MISTAKE; Like 100% of all gun confiscating EVIL tyrants through out human history:
      Today, TUESDAY, January Twenty-Sixth, the year of our Lord 2016,……………………..
      “LEVIATHAN has chosen M-U-R-D-E-R,…..over constitutional law…..


      1. In 1992 President GEORGE H.W. Bush; signed the agreement that set in motion AGENDA 21 you need read the (351 pages). IS BLM owned by the UN??

    3. No, they did not point guns at agents. You have it backwards. The agents pointed guns at them. This is the problem with getting the truth out. So many sources out there giving disinformation.

  10. My guess was that they would scoop Bundy up on one of his outings. Glad they did it far from the two kids at the refuge. Their warning seem to imply there will be no surround and wait phase. Get out now or here we come, and clearly we will shoot people who do not disarm quickly. Hope the Oath Keepers have common sense to stay away and not get shot.

    1. What a bunch of Bravo Sierra. If this is not the time then when Ed??? The table has been set sit your fat as down and eat or go back to your lap of luxorie. Hoped and prayed it wouldn’t come to this but here it is. Time to fish or cut bait. If in fact it was LaVoy finicum whos dead shame on every Oath Keeper for not grabbing their battle rattle and taking the fight to them. This is aay past the Hammonds being arrested he was a good GOD fearing man. And since when do the feds give us orders. Just an old Grunt standing by

      1. Well hey-thousands rallied to demand that Cattle Be released-Ken maybe you can lead those who will rally outside the detention center to demand the “patriots” be released. you lead

    2. Nope this is the time for the Oath Keepers to move lock and load men and gals the shot has been heard around the world time to get er done.

  11. As I have been saying on my FB website, we are doing a lot of complaining when we should be in front of the White House demanding restoration of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and by force remove anyone siding with the fraud and phony Hussein obuma. Our military should have already done this, but they have failed to up hold their oath to protect the American people against all enemies Foreign or Domestic. Hussein obuma is the Domestic enemy of America and must be imprisoned for crimes against the people of America and charged with Treason.

  12. So much for a possible and peaceful “redress of grievances” and the U.S. Constitution, and for the future of America and the Republic. This 2016 with all the radical political hacks and traitors all over the place, and the increasing numbers of radicalized refugees coming into America on a daily basis, equals a very dangerous situation for all the patriots residing in America. I predict that Martial Law will be imposed before the elections, all persons that got those CCW permits will be the first to be visited by the local traitors, all gun shops will be closed to the public, influential people like Trump, conservative radio show hosts, will be hunted down and imprisoned for crimes against the new establishment or dictatorship, all of their assets and properties will be forcefully seized, and sharia law will spread like wild fire across this nation. I’m ready, I may not have the best knowledge and equipment, but I will learn from others on the battlefields, as millions of others are for this horror to unfold. I, and millions of others will patiently wait for the traitors to make their treasonous and very stupid move against innocent Americans, as the evil aggressors that they really are. What the outcome will be? All I know is that it won’t be pretty. Enjoy the peace in your “foxholes”, the storm is on the horizon.

    1. :So much for a possible and peaceful “redress of grievances” and the U.S. Constitution, and for the future of America and the Republic.”

      Well what did you expect, Mikey? That Mr. Bundy would get a red carpet invitation to the White House, handed a red pen, and allowed to go through every federal statute and underline all the parts he thinks should go, and then be sent home to his wife and kids with a hearty slap on the back? Yes, that’s a likely outcome to an armed standoff…

      “I predict that Martial Law will be imposed before the elections, all persons that got those CCW permits will be the first to be visited by the local traitors, all gun shops will be closed to the public, influential people like Trump, conservative radio show hosts, will be hunted down and imprisoned for crimes against the new establishment or dictatorship, all of their assets and properties will be forcefully seized, and sharia law will spread like wild fire across this nation.”

      I have $3,000 (federal) that says not even one of those things will happen. If only my last paycheck had been larger, I’d lay even more. I’m completely serious; name your stakes, I’m up for anything.

      “I’m ready, I may not have the best knowledge and equipment, but I will learn from others on the battlefields, as millions of others are for this horror to unfold. I, and millions of others will patiently wait for the traitors to make their treasonous and very stupid move against innocent Americans, as the evil aggressors that they really are.”

      Maybe keep the safety on while you wait. Better safe than sorry, ya know?

      1. [One sentence deleted by Elias Alias, editor] I hope that we never meet in a bunker, it wouldn’t go well with us. Your attitude reeks of liberal ignorance. So, my comment is only a logical opinion based on my own research. Can I be wrong? Of course. But, I don’t think so. Do I want to place a bet with you? In this situation, it would be moronic and idiotic. So, do you think for a moment that this evil and treasonous administration will just quietly and peacefully, with happy smiles, pass the “baton” to the next President of the United States of America? I don’t think so. With all of the treasonous executive orders and many other treasonous acts that have been done these past several years and even under the Bush presidency, that the evil traitors will just walk away? Are you kidding? The most excellent treasonous move was to allow all the radicalized refugees to be dropped all over the place on a daily basis, tens of thousands of these [Two words deleted by Elias Alias] with no accountability for the safety of innocent Americans. After their numbers reach a saturation point, bingo, the [Two words deleted by Elias Alias] will have the advantage to do their works of horrors across this nation, and nothing can be done about it. Oh, but Martial Law will be imposed to help deal with the mess that those [One word deleted by Elias Alias] have been happily doing, and will continue to do. And, that, pal, is when the fun begins. And, keep your safeties in the OFF position. You may not have time to switch that safety, or your hands will become too sweaty to be useful for small details like that.

      2. Elias Alias, so what is the respectable term that I should use towards people that would slit both of our throats, if given the opportunity, and will and are planning to murder many innocent men, woman, and children this year on Ametican soil? What is that respectable term that I should use, so that I’m politically correct with Oath Keepers? Please advise, sir, without the deletions.

      3. Mikey,
        In my own personal view, your characterization of those people is correct. However, your particular descriptive, while being totally correct, would only give the “enemy” more ammo to shoot at us here. Please understand that we are involved in a massive MindWar battle, and the enemies of liberty capitalize on any indiscretion they read on this website, whether or not the personal posting the comment is a member in Oath Keepers. I regreted deleting those words from your comment, but I did not want those words to pop up at the SPLC’s website, or be scrutinized in the dark offices of the underbelly of the FBI and similar places. I must walk a fine line here. I’ll say it again, I agree with your assessment, but I refuse to allow passion to provide our enemies with ammo to fire back at us. I hope you’ll forgive me for running a tight ship.
        To answer your primary question, you could call them “Sombitches”, Bastards, or a few other choice names and I would let that pass. Just try to avoid any terms that the ADL would misconstrue as being “racist”. Thanks Brother. Stay safe, and speak wisely.

        Elias Alias, editor

      4. Elias Alias, thank you for your detailed response. I appreciate that, sir. As a paid yearly member of Oath Keepers, I will continue to support your excellent operation, even though the future of sane free speech is questionable. I may not agree with a few things with OKs, but they were correct in the assessment of the OR situation. And, I respect and agree with that decision that the OKs back off and get the heck out of that very messy and very unfortunate situation there.


    Update: Talk Network Executive Producer Dean Ryan just spoke to Deb Jordan.. Pete Santilli co-host. She said Lavoy Finicum was shot cold blooded and un-armed.
    Pete Santilli was arrested after pleaing with the FBI to allow him to set up a convoy to save the women and children in the refuge.
    Deb told Dean Ryan that Feds are arresting everybody and fears they will shoot all inside refuge including women & children

  14. This is [One word deleted by Elias Alias, editor] up. I was on the air as it broke and I am so sick inside. More blood on their heads and for no good reason! There were a million other ways they could’ve dealt with this.


      One cowboy stood today, and showed me life’s freedom in his eyes:
      the glint of a living world shone forth from his belief.

      No matter what the world says now-so glaringly in error:
      time will show LaVoy stood true.

      A peaceful man full of honour
      Quiet dignity fortified with strength of belief

      A principle that was embued in this world
      when it was created,
      lived in LaVoy
      and we saw it in his eyes.

      Welcome Home, LaVoy, Well Done Native Son
      You stood tall, straight and true
      The Honour of the Ages lived in you
      And the light of God shone forth from your gaze

      Today you are in an unfenced pasture,
      Home on the Range
      with the Master Shepherd,
      and the angels sing.

  15. The first mistake on the Patriots part was the group trying to be peace makers. That showed weakness to the FBI and they all talked nice to the peace makers and then pounced. Talking peace just gave them time to come up with a strategy. Why were the Bundy’s riding around like they didn’t have a target on their back. Of course when the facts come out we’ll know more, but this is just MHO.

      1. Glen Palmer is a member of oath keepers & has waged his own war with the feds in grant county I hope that is not the case !

      2. Palmer didn’t set them up. They made a tactical error in exposing such vulnerability in their trip north. It was well publicized that they’d be on their way to John Day. Their mistake was not having a large escort of PPN members or in going at all. They let the entire effort down by making such a huge tactical miscalculation.

      3. Please. As if ANY of their departures from the refuge weren’t being watched, and they seemed to leave it at least every couple days.

        LE just decided to drop the net on them on this outing.

      4. Everyone had better be very careful about making baseless accusations against people. Don’t start rumors or post amateur sleuthing as factual information.

  16. I will not believe one word from the Feds. Stewart Rhodes will sort this out. This is a time for cool/smart heads, not hot heads.

  17. Ammon called his wife from the back of the police car to let her know he was ok. He told her his body guard got out with hands up and was shot 3 times in the chest. The old rancher was thrown to the ground and shot in the back. Typical fbi MO just like other events of their past.

    1. So which was it?. There are people saying he was show in the head with his hands in the air. There are people saying he was shot in the back. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume he at least pointed a firearm at a Fed to get shot. They aren’t going to go full retard after handling this as gently as they did up until this point. I think a lot of commenters thus far are doing a lot of editorializing trying to ramp up the response from people.

  18. There ya go man, keep as cool as ya can, face piles of trials with smiles, cause it riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave , and keep on thinking free. Moody Blues.
    Freedom is not without cost.
    All others at the compound have been given a free pass to leave.
    Do so NOW!
    Live to fight another day.
    With better planning, logistics, and tactics, we can win.
    The time is not now, but is coming.
    Situate yourselves for the real upcoming battle.
    Do not waste yourselves on this.
    As further info comes out, several of us will post it.
    Think of how to best be ready.

  19. No mention of what they were stopped for? A felony stop? Arrested a reporter? This is what America is headed for? We are not free, ee are doomed.

  20. Trying to figure out what the arrest was for as they were not at the refuge at the time nor arrested on that property from what I have read being reported on other sites.Of course they were all armed however I bet they were not first to shoot.

  21. [One word deleted by Elias Alias, editor] <– really? Where's the Freedom of Speech???? Hmmm????

  22. About time these numbnuts were brought to justice. Hope most of them spend the rest of their lives in jail.

    1. If ever in your life you take a stand against tyranny , I will pray for you, for your safety and for your family, just as I pray for these brave Americans who fight against tyranny now.

      1. And I’ll pray for you and all those he live in this conspiracy, pseudo GIJoe, tyranny BS world. News flash oath keepers, III%ers when the people say they don’t want you in there town you better listen or else the FBI and Police will look like hero’s and you the local ISIS. Hope this fiasco is an eye opener for you so called “freedom fighters”. Don’t steal land from the real American people like Bundy and goon squad did.

      2. Seem to remember a militia founder (Stewart Rhodes) threatening “a bloody, brutal civil war” and ruining millions of American lives and livelihoods if Bundy didn’t get his way or setting up a defense perimeter for Bundy’s illegal occupation. Far as I can tell both militias don’t give a damn about the American peoples rights or lives unless they hold control over the people and start forcing their own warped constitution and laws on us. Both groups are no better than David Koresh and Timothy McVeigh and should just stay away from decent Americans.

      3. Denounced the action, supported those taking the action.

        Bit of a mixed bag, as far as messaging goes.

  23. All Americans know, we no longer have a system of law and justice, we no longer have a gov. This is a nation of tyranny and all that that encompasses. I will pray for the brave Americans that are standing up for America, those that have been taken prisoner and the one that has been murdered and their families. I am deeply grieved and know what will take place in the not too distant future. The question is what do we Americans do, what action do we take? We have Americans that are held prisoner , we have dead Americans who peacefully took a stand , we have Americans whose livelihoods and property have been robbed from them, we have Americans who have suffered , who are suffering and who will suffer as long as tyranny reigns.

  24. Bad move, lousy strategy, now the Feds get to gloat. Anything like this requires hundreds if not thousands of coherent participants, supply, communication, etc. AND most importantly near total local support. Stupid pointless death, pain and damage to the perception of anyone striving to overcome tyranny in America if not the world. Stubborn idiocy, one dead so far and the ire of the Nation is the result.

    1. DK, I unfortunately agree with you on this particular situation. If you were there, would you even trust the sheriff that verbally requested that “meeting” that day with them? It was all just a “negotiators” classic playbook that was played out against those patriotic Americans who just wanted to see some justice done there.

    1. I don’t know any of them nor have I been paying attention over the years but I do have a big nose with a very good sense of smell. There’s more than one rat in the building. Be still and know.

  25. No more wacos? They did not have to shoot these people. Too many law enforcement on here want to lick boots, this shit has to stop. The intellihub reports Hillary Clinton involved in Uranium land grab of Hammond Ranch. Oathkeepers its time to put up or shut up.

  26. Brave Mr. Finicum who left his ranch to be interviewed, search out the truth and seek justice for other ranchers now murdered for his stand and convictions…his foster children taken a few days ago. Rest in peace dear patriot and condolences to his wife and foster children.

  27. I was there today in my GOV before the party started. I got the finger a couple of times. We need some sort of bat signal to identify each other at times like these.

    “It does not take a majority to prevail…but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”
    — Samuel Adams

  28. Most of you probably know Ammon was on his way to the neighboring county sheriff to present his evidence of criminal activities in Harney county, specifically to show how the Hammonds were wrongfully accused and set up to be arrested. Judge Grasty couldn’t let them make the meeting. He is desperate now.

  29. Steady boys. Wait for news from story and Ammon’s team to get out. I figured at some point in time they would take Ammon when he left the reserve.
    Cops don’t do time for murder. qualified immunity for the state. The video will not be available you can bet drone footage exists. Somehow the entire party was not gunned down. That’s the story I want to know.
    Resist any desire to leave your AO for that desolate location. Stay put-stay cool but if they Waco it it’s game on.

  30. The governor got her boys stirred up and this is the result. Many city, county, state and federal LE act with reckless disregard for and indifference to their fellowman. When contemplating using force; the first consideration is need. This wasn’t necessary.

  31. So the FBI will raid a group of protesters who are trying to stand up for the rights of others, but indicting Hillary is just a bridge too far. Any shred of faith the people had left in the government just evaporated. Tyranny rules.

  32. Tyranny: cruel and oppressive government. We do not live under a tyranny. We live under the rule of law. We have equal rights and due process and representatives in government. Read the declaration of independence: the revolution was about establishing the rule of law, not the rule of lawlessness.
    Jefferson = rule of law
    Bundy = rule of lawlessness

    1. Uhm, I must respectfully disagree with you.

      Jefferson = rule of law
      Bundy = rule of law
      BLM = rule of lawlessness

      Many Americans do not know about the enabling acts by which Territories are brought into Statehood. If you look into that you will see that BLM has no LAWFUL right or authority to be managing public lands within the States after a reasonable time in which the States can assign the public landx in accordance with State law. Want to learn the truth about lawlessness? Go here —

      And btw, I live in Montana where it is common knowledge that the Federal agencies allegedly “managing” public lands have a dismal record of mismanagement. The States have every right to manage public lands within their boundaries except for “postal roads”, post offices, and Federal offices or other properties defined in Article 1 Section 8 which are purchased from the States by the Federal government. That is how the “Law” is supposed to operate, if we consider that the Constitution is the highest law of the land. Always remember — statutes and codes must be pursuant to the Constitution. The BLM, F&W, USFS are Federal entities entitled only to manage Territories which have not yet become States. In an orderly fashion, newly admitted States are to gradually over reasonable time assume management over all public lands within their boundaries.

      Elias Alias, editor

      1. You mean compliant with the constitution in the same manner that Thomas Jefferson twisted the ability to sign a treaty to purchase land from a foreign country (Louisiana Purchase). Everyone from politicians to citizens twist the constitution to benefit their current position.

      2. No. Student of Jefferson is right. You’ve somehow convinced your followers that taking a sentence or two from the constitution proves your rediculous points about so-called tyranny. The right for the federal government to own and manage land has long been settled law, not only from the Supreme Court but also from conservative groups like the Heritage Foundation. And yes, they all knew about the origins of statehood. Trying to subvert the system that we built the best we could “for the people” by way of armed threat is indeed tyranny. If you men and woman want to fight real tyranny, may I politely suggest N. Korea, or maybe Zimbabwe.

      3. Yeah bullcrap.. tyranny is busting a citizen for a forged government document but letting illegal aliens do it 24/7. Tyranny is prosecuting the faux purchaser of baby body parts but not prosecuting the seller. Tyranny happens daily in this nation. You are the kind of person who tells someone dying of cancer that it’s all in their head and to just buck up because if you don’t see a severed limb you don’t believe anything could be wrong. Yes, check back with me any time and I will show you the tyranny of the day.

      4. You too easily confuse “tyranny” with policies you merely disagree with. Of course if you hate Muslims, blacks, liberals, intellectuals, gays, or basically anyone not armed and white and evangelical, I could see why you see yourself surrounded by tyranny. Unfortunately more guns won’t help you.

      5. When you use Alinsky tactics of setting up a straw man argument to tar and feather everyone you lose. As you state (Of course if you hate Muslims, blacks, liberals, intellectuals, gays, or basically anyone not armed and white and evangelical, I could see why you see yourself surrounded by tyranny. Unfortunately more guns won’t help you.) You have basically called anyone against your views racist. That is Alinsky to the core.
        As for being outnumbered you need to understand demographics. The liberty movement is far more diverse than the elitist will allow to be exposed. I have friends of every race and religious background who follow the liberty teachings. You are in the minority with an elite political class pushing your agenda. We in the unwashed masses truly understand how you despise us. We are not outnumbered by a huge margin.

    2. “student”: You do not know the Constitution much. In the USA, for there to be tyranny, all we need is to have any true civil right abrogated by any govt entity. This includes private property and the right to own it and control it and preserve it. Americans do not need to be dragged from their homes and shot in the street for there to be tyranny in the USA. The Federal govt, as it exists today, is a system of tyrannical self-serving ‘agencies’. Obama is the chief tyrant. Just ask Kate Steinle. Oh … we can’t do that. She was murdered by Obama’s pen and phone.

  33. all news sites with updates on Ammon arrest and Lavoy Finicum death are sputtering and experiencing issues. looks like an effort to shut down alt media as all major lamestream has denied any coverage. This is learning on fly to keep comms up. Post all news via Ham operators and publish channel/signal. alt comms needed now.

    1. Because it couldn’t just be too many people at the same time trying to view the same few pages with information?

  34. For the record- Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore has made NO statement regarding the incarceration of The Bundys today. Anyone attributing comments to her regarding the situation at the time Bundy’s arrest are advised to provide a link for independent verification.

  35. Looks like an ambush to me.. Why would the leave the refuge area to go attend a negotiations meeting 70 miles away in john day?

    1. Why go into town for meals? Or to attend town meetings? They chose to leave the ‘relative’ safety of their chosen redoubt on a regular basis.

  36. I can not believe that Lavoy was the one who died. Through this ordeal he always seemed to be the one with the squarest head.

    I’m sorry.

    (Not an oath keeper, just a simple minded sympathizer with a keyboard )

  37. Looks like the Feds knew when to take them with the fewest number of occupiers! Where was their security

    1. Staying back at the refuge, occupying? For all the bravado shown here, there is/was only approximately 20-25 boots on the ground ‘combatants’ at the refuge. A carload of 5 to go to somewhere is thus a 20-25% reduction in forces.

  38. my heart goes out to the family…without a combined stand by all, not just a few of the very brave, thry will keep picking us off one by one.

  39. The Bundy crew had no business in Oregon. The Hammonds asked them not to come. The local people asked them to leave at a town meeting. The sheriff offered them safe passage out. They cut the fence between a local rancher and government property without the landowner’s permission. The rancher had his crew put it back up the next day. They tried to get a group of local ranchers to tear up their grazing permits with no takers.

    If they had gone home and minded their own business none of this would have happened. We have been praying for a peaceful ending.

    1. Oregon rancher. You will stand up when you wake up the govermemt will be coming for you and your family and friends don’t fall into there trap there all crooks and thieves please wake up I will pray for you and your family the revelution is near your proably a white American that owns guns so your a home grown terrorists that’s what Obama and herry ried and all those other wack job liberal God hating people said stand up for America or you will be speaking shariea law

    2. to Oregon Rancher – going home and “minding their own business” is EXACTLY what despots want you to do. Instead of sticking your head in the sand (or up your butt), look around you as to what is happening and take a stand. A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything. In my small town, they use the sheeple mentality against this law abiding, religious community to prosecute and ridicule people like me that stand against indoctrinating our young with a federal curriculum and their systematic elimination of our private land rights. Most “mind their own business” and “don’t want to create waves” even though they agree with me. Borrow a pair of balls if you do not own any.

  40. If the police killed him in cold blood, why would they leave any witnesses? I am sure we will not hear the truth from anyone involved. Bundy and crew would love nothing more than stir the pot just like the government would love to end this.

    1. “If the police killed him in cold blood, why would they leave any witnesses?”

      Because they don’t care if there are any witnesses to their crimes. They have gotten away with this too many times to worry about trivial things like that. The press will regurgitate anything the Feds feed to them. ANY Federal Judge will be inclined to give them a pass, if not complete exoneration, The people are too sheepish to do anything about it.

  41. ……If the police killed him in cold blood, why would they leave any witnesses? I am sure we will not hear the truth from anyone involved. Bundy and crew would love nothing more than stir the pot just like the government would love to end this……

    1. My opinion . . . I’m not partial to Mormons. Not because of what I have been taught but because we have a huge language gap, a huge culture gap and because when I connect with people I physically feel it in my solar plexus but with Mormons I have known there’s just a huge emptiness there. We don’t connect. Lavoy Finicum was the only one of the entire group who could transcends that gap and help people to understand. If all the haters had bothered to watch his videos many would get it. None of the others have that ability. They are not sympathetic figures. They will be made an example of. They are saved for that purpose.

      1. What flavor of faith they professed to never really made it onto my radar, but I will agree with you that Lavoy was easily the most personable of the group. He really felt like the kindly grandpa that didn’t want trouble, but he had principles, and you weren’t going to make him surrender them without a fight.

        The Bundy’s and the rest? They just left me feeling like they were desperate to regain the spotlight again after the 2014 standoff, and when their protest parade didn’t supply it they pulled the trigger on this poorly planned, half-baked occupation. Patriot movement Kardashians.

  42. I remember the movie “Billy Jack”. The fact that the article was prefaced with the statement… “made a legal felony stop”, just re-enforces my choice to not re-up my membership. Either the Oathkeepers are true to their word… or they are just another organization that takes dues then “runs” when times get really tough.

      1. That’s funny because none of the folks I know are controlled opposition. Seems like exactly the thing a Fed Psyops jockey would say to attempt to create dissent.

      1. Bullshit. There were no quote marks, and he went back and deleted the word “legal” after I and others called out what a horseshit write-up it was.

        Bottom line: this synopsis of the incident simply parrots the official FBI statement. It’s disgraceful, actually giving the ambush a veil of legality.

        I’m sick of most of the people in Oath Keepers giving this sanctimonious aura around every stunt the government does with military jargon and faux legalese. Just come out and call this event for what it is instead of writing it up like a brief for federal officials.

        But people like Irish accuse me of being a part of a psyop…what a joke. Here’s the hard truth guys: most of you spent so many years on Uncle Sam’s tit doing whatever you were told in whatever unconstitutional war/police action you found yourselves that you can’t even hear how ridiculous you sound to the rest of us.

        For all your lofty rhetoric, you still worship the culture of the military, and it comes out in your writing and the inane “logic” you employ, which essentially boils down to a thirsting for hierarchy and search for someone ‘higher up’ to tell you what to do, and deference to authority, no matter if it is rooted in justice or not.

        So with that, Irish, here’s my Oath Keeper style reply: ” it is my prerogative to assert that I am not a jockey for a psyop. Unless c’n’c Rhodes says I am, in which case I will stand down. Hooaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!”

        And here is my reply to you, made as a free man, who wasn’t stupid or depraved enough to serve the fascists and then revel in my “service” to the “country”, all the while circle jerking to anything and everything with a uniform, badge or campaign ribbon: “[One word deleted by Elias Alias, editor] OFF.”

  43. I had hoped Donald Trump would be speaking about this as it would have kept the boys safe. So where was Trump on this?? His first real big job as our leader? Did he not know about this or not care enough about these brave men trying to make a difference? It may have been the wrong move at the wrong time, but hell, is there ever a good time for this when it’s already gone too far?

    Every alternative online reporter should have kept this story in the daily news, but it has all been strangely shtumm. Why was Alex Jones and his intrepid reporters so quiet about an important stand for freedom instead of the usual he does in just ‘spreading the info.’ No wonder this is the result, the constructive back up was not there.

    This tragedy has got to be the start of everyone standing up for each other for the sake of a once great country and its people.

  44. I would think Pete Santilli was arrested so he couldn’t get his news footage out. That media is being destroyed after they pick it apart for Intel and potential evidence to use against them. Ambushed in the middle of nowhere. I want to know, they say they made a legal stop, but also that Santilli was arrested for conspiracy to impede the FBI operations. By filming im sure.

    1. I’m going to assume they handled this carefully because of how many people are paying attention. So far I have seen zero credible info that he was shot, unarmed and without provocation. As far as taking Santili in, I personally think this was done for appearances. We shall see…

  45. why aren’t my comments showing up? too provocative I guess? I would call them ‘truthful’. simple facts.

      1. Yup. I’m seventy years old and have been up for 26 hours dealing with this and trying to find my life. Lots going on in today’s world, y’kno? 😉

        Elias Alias, editor

  46. Why did Lavoy go out on his knees begging for mercy? Why did they allow themselves to surrender and be arrested?

    I’m disillusioned.

      1. Sir, did my not comment post? I was asking to see if you had heard any news from Mr Rhodes or if he had any statements on the current events.

  47. I am so sick of all that is posted here, a lot of it is down right unamerican. We so called Oath Keepers sit on our collective butts while real patriots put their lives on the line for America and it’s Constitution, (which by the way, in case you haven’t noticed, hasn’t been in force for 150 years) and they are killed and imprisoned for standing up against a criminal out of control government. We should all be ashamed of ourselves for just talking BS, and that is all it is! What will it take to wake us and America up to the fact that the USA as it was established NO LONGER EXIST! Is it going to take thousands of innocent Americans to be slaughtered and imprisoned at the hands of the likes of Dirty Harry Reid, and the Clintons who have been getting rich off of the citizens of this country? We sat on our God Damned asses and watched the Feds slaughter 86 men, women, and children on national TV. A mother with her baby was killed by gun fire while she was breast feeding it, and later we watched them all be burned alive. We did nothing then and we will do nothing now, because unlike our forefathers who fought for what they believed in, we are nothing but [One word deleted by Elias Alias, editor] and will do nothing, because we no longer have anything to believe in or believe is worth dieing for. Sad, very sad.

  48. If only our law enforcement would devote this much time, energy and OUR TAX DOLLARS toward illegal immigration! But no, they would rather arrest, kill U.S legal taxpayers! It’s no wonder law enforcement in and around our country are under full assault.

  49. Hey Elias Alias has Mr Rhodes had anything to say about what is going on? I would love to hear from him about this Please Stewart, What is the play here, I would at least condemn the feds move here, this was uncalled for.

  50. Really? The man who vowed to die before being arrested, who promised to meet violence with violence? When push came to shove he just handed his weapon to the feds and got down on his knees?

    Some patriot.

    1. Aside from being disrespectful for the dead, are you trying to say the government troops drew down on him first? That is the basis for your scenario. Try again?

      Elias Alias, editor

  51. Oath Keepers…Really? Show me one Oath Keeper…or maybe you could post the Oath you took. Must not be the same as the one I took.

  52. This article is ridiculous!!! It wasn’t a shoot out… Do some research…. The man killed
    ( Lavoy) was unarmed hands up and kneeling when the FBI ( BAHAHAHHA….those aren’t FBI agents, more like Delta sf) shot him and killed him. The feds are the ONLY ones that fired

    1. TRANSLATION: You guys should be off fighting with Feds. Meanwhile I’m going to sit here on my keyboard and armchair quarterback and criticize YOUR lack of action.
      Every time I see a post from someone criticizing Oath Keepers because they aren’t responding with guns akimbo blazing, I know it is a post not worth reading. If you are not there already, you have ZERO credibility when you criticize the inaction of others.

    2. Do some research where? I’m so sick of BS patriot mythology and rumors that gets started, and recirculated, and changed down the grapevine.. Where are you getting this info? From someone else who wasn’t there? One post says he was shot in the back, the other says on his knees with his hands over his head. Did he strike you as the type to go through all of that to kneel and put his hands up? I’m going to guess that whoever got shot had firearms pointed. I would be surprised if it was otherwise.

  53. Pete Santilli is an informant and agent provocateur. He is working with the FBI to set up. This situation is very similar to what happened with Hal Turner.

    See this article by Susanne Posel, which references a fax taken from Pete Santilli’s computer where he contacts Daphne Hearn.

    Also see this video that breaks down Pete Santilli’s life and recent involvement with the FBI to infiltrate and set up patriot groups.

    1. Will watch that video shorty, but I’m convinced based on Pete’s latest video. He’s working with the FBI for sure – he’s working with them to clear out the remaining occupiers.

  54. Why does this article say there was a “shoot out” when reports (witnesses, daughter) are the man was unarmed, on the ground with his hands up? “Shoot out” makes it sound like these guys opened fire on the cops/feds.

  55. This whole situation has been a complete disaster from the beginning on both sides. First of all the federal government has no authority or jurisdiction over public land, the us constitution gives the authority of public lands to the idividual states. It’s the states that are failing to stand up against the fed ad blm. Secondly the Hammons case was definitely a double jeopardy case and they should have never been sent back to prision, that in itself is a miscarriage of justice. But that fight was a fight only the Hammons could have and should have debated. We as oath keeper’s must know and understand when the right time is to pick our battles and the Hammon situation just wasn’t the right time or place. Now if evidence or video comes out of this shootout and arrest and it’s clearly visible that the FBI acted in a criminal and negligent manner that caused injury and death. Then it is time to stand up in rank and file against the feds. As bad as it may be that even with the loss of a great patriot, we must as a whole accept the loss of this battle so that we may win the war in the end. It is time for change, but we as a civilized society must first try the diplomatic means of creating change before resorting to taking over places and standing armed and ready for conflict. We have not exhausted all of our tools just yet. Remember the Hammons did not want this confrontation on their behalf, Bundy decided on his own to finally make his stand and unfortunately made one to many mistakes. This just wasn’t our battle to fight, but I do feel this incident will be the catalyst to more and bigger confrontations with the feds, as they are over reaching more and more. And as patriots and oath keepers it’s our responsibility to insure the rights of our forefathers are not walked on by any goverment. I personally feel Bundy was trying to take advantage of an already bad situation, I agree with the ranchers that we need to stop the encroachment of the federal goverment on public lands, but we must find a more civilized way of doing that. Only when every Avenue is exhausted should we resort to using force. I do fear that time may be coming sooner then later. Rest in peace Lavoy.

  56. Up until today, I have been sending the following comment around. “As a citizen with a Criminal Justice and Constitutional back ground, I see one of two moves that the F.B.I. has in reference to the Malheur Refuge in Oregon. #1. They can stand down and realize that the Federal Government does not, could not and can not own the Refuge regardless of how much they may have spent there. Article I Section 8 Clause 17, ” the congress shall have Power to exercise exclusive Legislation in all Case whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the state in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-yards and other needed Buildings”. #2. they can conduct a proper investigation into the politics of the area involving the Judge, State Attorney and the Sheriff. It is my understanding that this has been requested of the people of the area via the III% organization. Anything other than the above would be following unauthorized orders and would be the sole responsibility of each and every individual F.B.I. Agent and Deputy Sheriff. These paid servants of the people should be made aware, as often as possible, that those in higher authority over them have little or no concern of their well being and will use them to their better benefit even at the cost of their,(agents, deputies), lives. I was once a Deputy Sheriff in Florida and was confronted with a similar situation. I had a choice, continue obeying unauthorized orders or resign. To me, being in a position over the public and in their trust is an honorable one and one to be proud of and I knew in my heart that I could do anything I set my mind to for employment and I did. So I ask all those officers of the public trust, has your heart and mind been in your control or in someone else?

    Today your constitution died.
    You all stood back and watched it like some sick reality show.
    They never shot at anyone , they just stood up in front of the nation for their principles and the Constitution.
    America is no longer the land of the “Brave and the Free”.
    It is the land of cowards and prisoners.
    You lost something very precious today and your children and their grandchildren will pay the price.
    You just needed to stand up and make your voices heard.
    Read the comment sections on may blogs and see the caliber of the people you have become.
    “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” – Thomas Paine
    He’s rolling over in his grave.

  58. Pfft whatever! seems like what I knew all along: you stand to fight your alone.
    What happened to the Buffer? PPN,? III%ers? I feel hoodwinked.’

    1. The ‘buffer’ and PPN are one in the same, and their role was never to escort the Bundy’s all over Oregon. They executed their mission faithfully, which was to provide that selfsame buffer to avoid any unintentional interactions between the occupiers and LEOs.

      Their role now, now that LE has locked down the area around the refuge in what is thus far a ‘get out, or we will starve you out’ stance, is more tenuous. As of my just checking the PPN site, though, they are still acting in their buffer role while hoping to facilitate a peaceful resolution with the remaining occupiers.

    1. The Oath Keepers are not the problem. The FBI traitors and enemies of the people have violated their oaths and should be taken down.

    2. heck ya I’ll need a ride though but ya. don’t let his death be just another statistic while looking for another high ground incident. To me this would be it.

  59. Did any of us expect a different outcome? We need to pick our battles and coordinate our efforts with all our fellow constitutional organizations. We cannot continue to make these isolated stands. The outcome will always be the same. Acting on the government in separate stands offs is not going to get us any ware. Reacting violently at this time only supports what they want and gives them the moral high ground to drop the hammer. Yes we are constitutionally right in asking for a redress of our concerns but we need to do it collectively, in a way that lets them know they have arrived at the tipping point and the American people will not tolerate their treasonous acts any longer.
    We need cool heads; and I suggest we need to coordinate a peaceful march on Washington. We need the millions of Americans who have had enough of the bull coming out of the capital to join in solidarity and peacefully assemble and demand redress of our concerns and we need to do it peacefully right in their face. Until we work together in masses, clearly let them know we have had enough of the unconstitutional BS by standing right in their face in their own back yard they will continue to do what they do.
    Together we stand and divided we will fall. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. got their attention by doing so and so can we. Until we exhaust every possible peaceful means we will not be seen as patriots in the eyes of our fellow countrymen and this moral high ground we must obtained!
    We owe it to our loved ones and our country to do everything we can peacefully first. The alternative will tear this country apart.

    1. What the hell do you think many patriotic people and groups, conservative radio shows, etc. have been doing, especially these past several years? The evil, treasonous establishment will not listen, will never listen, and will target anybody that crosses that line of Liberty openly, even peacefully. This country is done for, taken over, game over, pal. It’s basically “checkmate”. We will all know what Martial Law is all about – soon. Molon Labe

  60. My local radio news in Illinois just reported that 1 of the men was shot while his hands was raised. Don’t know if that is true or not but I know it is certainly believable based on how its been in this country the last 5 years. I have not seen this reported anywhere else, Has anyone else?

  61. After watching Pete Santilli’s latest video ( I will firmly beleieve he is FBI. At around the 20 minute mark he talks about telling the FBI to “slow their row – I’ll get ’em out. It’s time for them to leave.” as if he’s a part of their operation.

    Time to leave? That’s a complete contradiction to everything he’s been saying – he’s wanted them to stay and occupy the building.

    Pete is a rat.

    1. Give it a break. Pete knows a lot of people up there, including the women and children who were up there, and he was trying to get the women and children out. They refused to let him try and the Sheriff arrested him when he went to ask. He’s being brought up on the same charges as the rest of them. He knows the feds monitor his live streams so was speaking directly to them.

      Whatever you believe about Pete’s alliances, he’s been the best disseminator of information since this began.

      1. Yeah, great video footage for the FBI to analyze. They didn’t need to be there, Pete was providing them the video footage.

        Pete is a rat, plain and simple.

  62. PPN call for a Stand By for militia moving to the area I find offensive. So much for that “Security Shield” PPN and Oath Keepers. You weren’t seen nor even mentioned when all went down, where were you???
    I had hoped the “Patriot Movement” might be able to make a dent in America’s downfall … very disappointed but not surprising. This played out as expected to include Brown tweeting her victory tweets in celebration.

    1. The PPN is there, in my understanding, to provide a buffer between those occupying the refuge and the LE cordon (not that its much of a cordon, as until last evening the occupiers were coming and going as they wished) to keep any avoidable confrontations to a minimum.

      NOT to provide mobile security for their photo ops when they leave the refuge. At that point, they might as well go in and join the occupiers, because they’ve dedicated their arms to one of the sides.

  63. You did your job and helped wake people up to what the government is doing. You risked a great deal to do it. I admire what you have done. And while I do believe what they have done was to try and *take the head off the snake* so to speak, a continued stand would almost certainly be deadly.

    Whatever you decide to do, I am with you.

  64. is it just me or is there a large number of imposters here: .BooBoo, WeAreFinished, Oregon Rancher … Permafried…. funny shtuff Stand, Dave, RealDamnPatriot, Potatohead … lots of them. Pretty dang evil you guys. I know I know, you just do what your paymasters tell you. Kinda like the guys in the Nuremburg trials, yo…

    1. anti-tyran,

      It is not just you. We always get lots of “new” posters with each major event, always trying to “control the narrative”. It is up to each of us to recognize when this is happening, and to filter the posts in our minds with the understanding that this is being attempted.

      Shorty Dawkins

  65. Hey, most of us knew this peaceful standoff against tyranny wasn’t going to end like we hoped it would. There is no more justice here in America and the sold out court system and politicians.Those local traitors there were given those orders from their top traitor, plain and simple. And, this standoff isn’t over yet, but it will be. And, I don’t place bets on innocent American people that actually love our country. And, I keep my safeties in the OFF position, pal. Like I mentioned before, enjoy the peace in your “foxholes”.

  66. This was a heinous “ASSASSINATION” by Leviathan swine.

    The left’s complicit Parrot Media reports 3 shots fired.

    A woman inside of the bullet riddled car says over 120 shots were fired, and that absolutely all of those shots were fired by the FBI!

    And she stated directly that Lavoy was shot up to six times while lying on the ground with his hands raised high above his head and his side arm holstered.

    Lavoy was “ASSASSINATED” by these Leviathan swine!!!

    This was a State of Oregon matter, and no Federal Leviathan Devils should have even legally been present.
    The Posse Comitatis Act of 1878 was supposed to protect individual citizens from Federal tyrannical use of military style force.

    As American citizens we have allowed these pervert narcissist usurpers like Kate Brown, and America hater Barrack Hussein Obama and other progressive US Constitution usurpers “TO-PAY-NO-PRICE” for usurping their legal limits on their power.

    “WHY”, in God’s name do we allow them “TO-PAY-NO-PRICE” for usurping their legal limits on their power??

    WE HAVE FAILED over time, to enforce our foundational written LAWS that are supposed to definitively limit the power of our Federal EMPLOYEES!!!!!!!!

    It is way past due time to conference and UNITE, and raise an entire Army to stop the complicit Parrot Media Jackals from Lying about this despicable and heinous “ASSASSINATION” by usurping Leviathan swine to the public.

    People,…. We have the necessary numbers of humans to get this done, we collectively possess all of the funding necessary if we all so chose to dig deep, but we collectively have FAILED TO UNITE.
    Why have we failed to UNITE? Why have we failed to bring ALL like minded constitutional conservatives collectively under one big tent where our power can become focused, more meaningful, and maximized???

    If we had “NOT FAILED TO UNITE” prior to this “ASSASSINATION” by Leviathan swine debacle, we would have had one hell-uva lot more power to enforce our foundational written LAWS that definitively limit the power of our grossly misbehaving Federal EMPLOYEES!

    Cold blooded Murder and “ASSASSINATION” has been committed here by Leviathan.

    The Hammond’s can go to PRISON over a grass fire! TWICE!!!!!!!

    Are we not going to unite all like minded patriots from everywhere and fund an effort to make those responsible for this heinous ASSASSINATION face arrests, a jury, and PRISON sentences??

    “Silence in the face of bald-faced tyranny, (YOUR silence), is your consent for more of Leviathan’s tyranny”

    1. To answer your question, computer patriots talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. No offense, but remember the doj that said ” white people are cowards ” what do you suppose he ment? I think he ment no balls, sorry. Only God can save us now, if he wants too.

  67. Govt. for the people, by the people. The milita is the whole PEOPLE! Militias DO NOT obey the commander-in-chief! They are NOT active-reserve duty personnel.
    This president has divided this country. His administration has been the most divisive in history, especially along racial lines and religious lines.

  68. A peaceful (aldlbiet armed, which can still be peaceful) protest that was to bring attention to government over-reach, and it ends in one of the protesters getting shot by a fed…
    Given the attempt of quiet on the subject in main media, probly means feds shot first.
    If bundy’s guys shot first, that would be plastered all over as police killers, and racist supremacist (more than they already have), etc…

    I hope this moves patriots into action, to plan protests in the face of those oppressing you. I applaud the protesters, and any that follows, regardless of my feeling about it, they are taking positive action. Protest be the action to prevent violence against your fellow countrymen.

    Even as a blatant disregard for rights, I don’t think any in the Patriot community will take action. This will just be another unfortunate outcome. I should, abd hope to be proven wrong.

  69. This org is a joke. It will never be time to take a stand. My membership is up for renewal and I will not send one cent.

      1. Umm…I believe that he just did, on a small scale and directly related to the subject matter that he raised.

  70. I have yet to get a single reply to any of the emails I have sent requesting information from the national and state OathKeeper contacts. That’s why I’m not more ‘united’.

    1. I couldn’t miss that she says suspected federal agent provocateur Ryan Payne managed to get himself out of the car BEFORE the feds opened fire on LaVoy and the rest of the occupiers. Way to get himself out of the line of fire and keep his own hide safe while the rest were shot at! Then a fake federal arrest for Ryan. Wonder how soon it will be before those charges are mysteriously dropped and he shows back up again to brag about his close call, those evil feds, and what a loyal patriot he is. Despicable!

      1. Your speculation requires a great leap to believe in and apparently you didn’t listen closely to Victoria’s testimony. First of all, she says Ryan Payne put his head and hands out the passenger window and was shot at. At which point either HE or Lavoy said “whoa, they mean business, they are going to shoot us”. Next, Ryan decided to exit the vehicle with his hands up to surrender. Next, Lavoy decided to drive off with the ladies and Ryan Bundy still in the back seat. That was the sequence. For you to extrapolate from that your conspiracy theory against Ryan Payne is unfounded and slanderous at best.

    2. Feds say 3 shots fired. 3 shots my ass. Listen to Victoria Sharp who was there!

      Show us the vehicles!

  71. The United States of America has been taken over by a lawless international criminal organization, and the sooner folks decide to op out of the system and refuse to pay federal income tax, the sooner they will find that they have essentially flushed these criminals out into the open. What is the definition of a conspiracy theorist? simple, ” A derogatory term used to derogate and marginalize the ideas and analysis of a critical thinker”

  72. You are right, Overtaxed. What in God’s name is everyone waiting for? We are serfs in our own country. The government owns our land -we don’t. The government bungles all of our resources and has put America in jeopardy of the whole world. Our morals have been perverted by trend-setting morons while our religious leaders sit idly by (there needs to be a revolution in Christianity also). Our children are being taught by educated idiots who are teaching them to be godless socialists. Our economy is strangled by govt regulations. WHAT MORE DO WE WANT? Be assured of this. The tyranny will continue and it will braize us until we defeat it.This includes defeating all those who give tyranny power so they may be comfortable in cowardice.

  73. This just means the FBI was waiting for them. They are keeping the truth from us. Otherwise, why put the hospital on lock down. They do not want reporters to inform the people what the FBI actually did.

  74. While America was co-opted by Lincoln’s “Hamiltonian” brand of tyranny back in 1862, she was born of REBELLION to tyranny, and that is the ONLY way she will be reclaimed and restored! Playing a corrupted game according to the Rules of the Corrupt is a “No-Win” situation, and while some brave men fell in Oregon, at the hands of tyranny, they fell as heroes of the Republic; their apparent unpopularity among pacifist Sheeple notwithstanding.


    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” — Samuel Adams

    Let Freedom Ring!

  75. As to the court angle… Since they were charged with interfering with federal officers, they can demand that the alleged duties the feds were pursuing are constitutionally authorized. If there is no constitutional federal claim to the land, then there was no reason or duty involved. Whatever else happens, this needs to get to court as charged. It appears to be a ripe standing case for resolving the entire question.

  76. We had an opportunity to get involved and help see that this event would have a peaceful resolution. unfortunately most opted to stay behind our keyboards.

  77. None of my responses or comments are posting. buffer zone? don’t bother replying to anything it won’t show up.

  78. Oath keepers can use this sickening sad time to help the american people play the gov games turn the tables on them by seating up at a privet place in organ and help the ranchers in organ and the county’s around organ teach them about the Constitution and the right way to fight the gov and the right way to stand up to the gov and if the gov comes in and try to shout you down you will have all of the american people on your side oath keepers use this to turn the tables around on the gov and give the rights back to the people

  79. Webster Definition
    Liberal 1 generous 2 tolerant ;broad-minded 3 favoring reform or progress

    I post this comment because I feel labels just cause division. I’m proud to be a liberal and was also part of the hippy movement although I had short hair. The true hippy stood against government tyranny that they saw coming long ago. Especially the Viet Nam war which was started based on a lie about naval ships being attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin. That being said , Kent State comes to mind. As I am 63 years old, I know not of how many here are familiar with what happened there. Therefore I leave you with the lyrics from Crosby, Stills and Nash from their song “Ohio”

    Wanna get down to it
    Soldiers out gunning us down
    Should have been down long ago
    What if you knew her and found her dead on the ground
    How can you run when you know

    Tyranny really started around 1913 in my humble opinion with the federal reserve act and the IRS.
    Since then the ultra rich banking cabal has controlled all governments world wide as well as ours.
    As one banker famously stated ” I care not who rules a country as long as I control it’s economy.”

    It is my belief that the only way change will come is if all Americans stand up and voice their concerns.
    This has to be done by actively participating in peaceful protests organized throughout the country.
    Things that concern me that I have researched are ALEC American legislative exchange council
    IRS illegally taxing our labor : sources for more info are Aaron Russo and Tom Cryer
    Local Police Departments becoming militarized and more aggressive against its citizens
    Patriot Act needs to be done away with
    Possibility of 911 being a false flag operation


    1. Michael, thank you for your comment. You reflect my sentiments exactly. I remember well the CSN&Y song, and have to this day the album here in my cabin. The progressive movement started just prior to the 1913 debacle under Wilson and has now reached a level of growth which dooms our treasured American culture. You know, and I know, and a few other Americans know, but it appears that the majority of the American people are “satisfied slaves” and live in a prefabricated illusion which they think is “reality”. God help America.
      Thank you for being here!
      Elias Alias, editor, honorably-discharged US Marine and Viet Nam Veteran who understands that in the 1960s the hippies were right to oppose the war of our day and we who served in the war were only helping facilitate an international war crime of indescribable proportions.

      1. Mr. Alias
        Thank you for posting my dissonant views. Though we might not see eye to eye, I’d still buy you a beer, or coffee.

    2. You would be very welcomed to the liberty movement. Everything you espoused is what we are fighting to change. The only problem I have with your argument is nothing will be gained with peaceful protest alone. If you are unwilling to support a force equal to that of the oppressors you will fail. They will simply turn you into a traitor using the media. The tea party movement was one to the most diverse political uprisings in our generation. The press kept telling the world it was made up of old white people who hated government. Anyone who went to the rallies were pleased to see the diversity of the group.
      Be wary of a political system that denigrates it citizens. A system like that will be willing to kill those opposing it in the end. The world is full of political systems that used violence to thwart the masses. You will either roll over to their demands or they will destroy you. Reality can be a difficult thing to face when you believe the government is a source of good. Government is force and history is replete with examples.

  80. OVERTAXED said:
    “A woman inside of the bullet riddled car says over 120 shots were fired, and that absolutely all of those shots were fired by the FBI!”

    “And she stated directly that Lavoy was shot up to six times while lying on the ground with his hands raised high above his head and his side arm holstered.”

    Please, if this is true, the world needs to know. Cite your source.

    1. Over 120, and all by the FBI? And yet other than Finicum, only one other person was wounded, and they with non life threatening injuries.

      So, our options are the FBI can’t land shots in the passenger compartment of a stopped vehicle, making them the worst shots in the history of ever, OR they just really had a mad on for the engine block, OR this vehicle was incredibly well armored.

      Or, just maybe, there weren’t over 120 shots fired, all by the FBI.

  81. This country was founded under God. It is slowly being taken over and changed to eliminate God from everything, and it is being done through our government. Those of us who study the word and ask for guidance from the Lord, know what will happen in the end times, we will lose to evil, up until the return of Christ our Lord. But there is a misconception of what we are to do in the meantime, and Jesus said himself: Luke 22:36 And He said to them, “But now, he who has a money bag, let him take it, and likewise a knapsack;and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.” I joined Law Enforcement to help make a difference, but when your leader is part of the evil plan, the tools that were to be used for good, are now used against good.

    There are only a few who will stand up for what is right, and they will become martyrs. I for one am ready to make a stand. What will you say and do when you are questioned about where you stood in the face of evil!

  82. THE BOTTOM LINE: The “WORST” case scenario here is that LaVoy rushed “police” UNARMED!

    Is ANYONE going to tell me that these “well trained” troops, who far outnumbered the vehicles occupants, could not have subdued LaVoy, a middle aged man, perhaps 160lbs soaking wet, using their “hand-to-hand” combat skills???

    Anyway you choose to politically slice this, whether you feel their “stand” was morally right or wrong, the fact remains that another person has been MURDERED by those who claim to be our protectors!

    SHAME on the government, and SHAME on us ALL, including myself, for standing by idly for years as we have watched this tyranny flourish!

    For those waiting for the “truth” to come out, don’t hold your breath!

    It’s going to get worse, more are going to be murdered, the government will control the narrative etc… Let’s not kid ourselves, nothing will be done, there will be no “patriotic” reprisals, no “call to arms”! There will soon be some contrived diversion, the economy, Iran, false-flag terror attack, whatever, to distract from this event.

    We are a nation divided, weak and truth be told, sheepishly cowardly! The powers that be are well aware of this, and while we all sit here “armchair quarterbacking” they are laughing! And rightly so…

    Condolences to LaVoy’s family, and to those about to die in the siege to soon come. But my deepest condolence goes out to a once great nation, and her founding father’s who are, and have been rolling in their graves since 1913.

  83. What happened to that beautiful nation the same nation that inspired our liberation here in Ireland. I grew up loving all that is American now I see a strange place where people are no longer free just a corporation.. ?

    1. John, that nation, a God-fearing Republic, simply no longer exists. It lost its soul and conscience. There is hope in God and in this earthly world. We must move on, pick the ‘hill we are willing to die on’, and pray. We must choose wisely, which is why I am an Oath Keeper. Liberty may rise from the ashes of this once-great nation.

      1. Thank you Diane. Beautifully said. It is why I am an Oathkeeper as well. God bless Lavoy’s family and GOD BLESS AMERICA, OUR ONCE GREAT NATION.

  84. Ammon Bundy made a call from the vehicle the Feds had him detained in after his arrest late yesterday. In a live interview early this morning 1/27/16 with his sister-in-law the details are laid out by Brianna Bundy. You can listen to the interview for yourself. Log on to and click on the FREE SPEECH button and draw your own conclusions.

    I would offer this note of caution, I firmly believe each and every Flag Waving group in our country to be infiltrated with a minimum of one, if not more, government agents of one persuasion or another.

    Remember if every man, woman & child in America followed the law we wouldn’t need any form of law enforcement, lawyers or judges, and the majority of the government agencies would have never been put in place. Obviously closing the gate after the cows get out doesn’t do much good, so there is a lot of hard riding to do to get control of the herd but don’t go off half cocked till you know all the facts! Once you do, then you gotta do what your heart and soul dictate.

    I sincerely hope heads will remain level until believable footage brings light to this loss of live of an American Citizen. There has to be a host of Dash Cam footage and an extreme push needs to be made to view each and every one of those. In addition to that I would think the evidence of the “ambush” on the highway needs to be carefully preserved in any way that can be done before it’s scrubbed, crushed or burned. Just a thought.

    1. I am hoping that, given the level of scrutiny authorities knew these arrests would generate, they had better than just dashcams set up.. though I cede that requires that the vehicle they are stopping stops in ‘just’ the right spot.

      I would guess at least a week, minimum, while they organize their evidence, and probably closer to two before any demands for footage are answered.

    1. Culling tyrants is a hard job, but someone has to do it. Too bad the tyrants won this battle, but the War is only just beginning.

      “…Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak [or fight] for me.” – Martin Niemöller

  85. As of one hour ago the truth has come out. LaVoy Finicum was murdered. Shot in the face, and after down shot several more times by Feds./State Police…

    1. Does your truth consist of more than eyewitness accounts from those with axes to grind on either side? Dashcam footage, bodycam footage, sworn testimonies, etc?

  86. My barber told me this morning. His son is in law enforcement. The SWAT team from Klamath Falls, Or. was sent to Burns either yesterday or today….Code 3. I asked him what Code 3 was. He said lights and sirens blasting….get there as fast as you can. This is not looking good!!

  87. And Jon Ritzheimer, one of the central figures in seizing the refuge, who just happened to be two states away ‘visiting his family’ when the feds dropped the hammer on the Bundy’s, has surrendered himself to federal authorities.

    Ignore his youtube video’s of way back.. three weeks ago, when defending the Constitution was more important than his family. Now that the shows effectively over in Oregon, what matters is his children, so can you please donate to his defense fund so he can be with them?

  88. I’m wondering why OKers has not issued a statement. Or some kind of update.

    (Not an oath keeper, just a simple minded sympathizer with a keyboard )

  89. I’m wondering what you guys are going to do if you find out that he was, in fact, shot with his hands up. Or even shot, not threatening the police with a gun but running towards them like they say. Last I checked, you can’t shoot someone for running towards you. Are you going to keep your “oath” then?

  90. Lets get some more info please. We need thousands of constitutional militia members to head on up to support our men fighting for our liberties and freedoms.

  91. I have spent several hours trying to find an actual video of the arrest from the police vehicle and body cameras that they are all required to use now, and cannot find even one. But, there was this from FOX News,, that may well be the reason why none of these videos are available: They murdered a man who had his hands in the air.

  92. Two interesting facts:
    1.) No dashboard camera video.
    2.) Press has been warned/urged by FBI to leave the area.

    Draw your own conclusion about what is about to happen, and who is covering up what.

  93. Interesting that most LEO squad vehicles have a forward looking camera and one facing the rear seat occupant. This incident took place at night. A reporter was arrested. A man shot dead and others wounded. It was seem reasonable and logical that the FBI would want this not to appear like Ruby Ridge or other bad LEO shooting events and not come off as an extension of a WACO style assault. It looks like freedom to travel at will is no longer guaranteed by the constitution. It looks like the the trigger happy government shooter, as we saw at Ruby Ridge and who also participated in WACO assassinations has a twin, or he himself shot a man with his hands in the air. The out of control government operatives wanted no independent witnesses, and no video to expose the FBI for what any clear thinking man knows to be truth.

    So there you have it. The all powerful government FBI. Just plain sad where we are headed.

  94. As suggested I listened to Brianna Bundy’s recap of Ammon’s phone call after the traffic stop as posted at under Free Speech direct link—1-27-16.m4a where she was told of the MURDER.
    Of interest is the LEO statement ‘not sure who fired the first shot’ – you know that if one of Ammon’s group opened fire it would be broadcast everywhere.
    Where is the camera video that the reporter was so distraught about?
    Why was Santilli arrested? Bringing too much public attention – not to be scared off?
    50 miles of highway shut down for multiple hours for investigation – or to gather and hide evidence?
    Wonder how many dash cams will be reported as malfunctioning.

  95. Oath Keeper here. It’s been almost 24 hours. Has Stewart talked to us. If not, we need to hear from him.


    One cowboy stood today, and showed me life’s freedom in his eyes:
    the glint of a living world shone forth from his belief.

    No matter what the world says now-so glaringly in error:
    time will show LaVoy stood true.

    A peaceful man full of honour
    Quiet dignity fortified with strength of belief

    A principle that was embued in this world
    when it was created,
    lived in LaVoy
    and we saw it in his eyes.

    Welcome Home, LaVoy, Well Done Native Son
    You stood tall, straight and true
    The Honour of the Ages lived in you
    And the light of God shone forth from your gaze

    Today you are in an unfenced pasture,
    Home on the Range
    with the Master Shepherd,
    and the angels sing.

  97. If indeed the persons in the car fired first…. would it not mean that all of the persons in that car be deceased? As we know from past FBI encounters that at that point it is take no prisoners?
    Just saying…I truly hope and pray that when the facts come out they do not show this to be true.

  98. Just go back to the beginning of this; The Harney county sheriff could have refused to allow the “feds” to invade his county. But because he is without ethical moral conviction, without any understanding ro refusal to uphold his constitutional requirement to enforce the supreme law of the land, we now have another Ruby Ridge/WACO. Opinions aside, people have the right to assemble, and to protest their government and to travel freely without provocation without fear of being harassed or in this case ambushed. No one was guilty of anything that justified all out hail of bullets.

    Mark my words, this story will fade into the abyss of just another bunch of crazies who deserved what they got. I see little anger and outrage by the general public over how the government treats patriots. Their day will too come and they still won’t understand.

  99. The governments position: “Let me be clear: It is the actions and choices of the armed occupiers of the refuge that have lead us to where we are today,” Bretzing said. “They had ample opportunity to leave the refuge peacefully and as the FBI and our partners have clearly demonstrated, actions are not without consequences.”

    Do as we charge or die a violent death. Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Obama,…

  100. I will be praying with all my heart and soul tonight. I don’t know what the solution is in this. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. God please give us an clear answer and the heart to follow that answer. Amen

  101. News shown this afternoon… Pay attention to the Hardy county Sheriff’s statements and demeanor; seems like someone that may be ashamed of the FBI’s ‘assasination’?
    The Oregon state National Guard should be called up and the FBI should be investigated along with possible collusion by the Oregon State Police.
    There’s still no ‘real’ national news about this and they’re calling it a “shootout”. yeah, right!

  102. The 18 year old girl who provided the audio interview claims the Feds shot Finicum’s truck over a hundred times. Where is this truck? Seems to me that the condition of the truck would provide a great deal of physical evidence of what really occurred at the arrest location. Much more so than edited police camera footage.
    The self proclaimed ‘bodyguard’ of Ammon Bundy, Mark McConnell is free and posting videos of his account of what transpired. How is it he is free and not arrested with the rest? McConnell states in his video that he did not see the actual shooting occur and that he is not going to speculate – but he’s 100% sure that Finicum was ‘charging the police’. How does that work?
    The BLM has a long history of bullying ranchers over land rights, not just since 2014 Bundy incident. The ongoing fight over the 600 million acres of Fed ‘owned’ land in the 13 westernmost states goes back decades.
    This whole thing stinks of pure corruption to me, beginning with the Hammonds being charged and prosecuted under a law that was made post-911 specifically to combat terrorism.

    1. BINGO! Yes ARPatriot, show us the vehicles! Don’t be surprised if they are suddenly ‘missing’. Remember the metal door at Waco with bullet holes bending inward from incoming fire was suddenly nowhere to be found?

      1. Diane D,
        Thank you for alluding to the missing door — the metal door which showed all the bullet-hole flanges on the inside, proving that all the gunfire through that door came from the Damned By God ATF outside the building. The FBI buried all the evidence, and the door which could expose government lies remains missing. Like you, I am waiting to see good photographic or video of the vehicles involved in the ambush/murder in Oregon.

        Elias Alias, editor

  103. Hmm… I won’t be surprised if this comment doesn’t. Make it up to the comment section… But, my last. Comment didn’t make it there either. My last comment wasn’t racist, sexiest, anti religion, no bad language, no threats, I touched on both sides of the argument, and I expressed. My support for what the oath keepers are doing. I expressed my unbiased opinion about what is happening with the situation at the refuge. So, I can’t for the life of me figure out why it wouldn’t be posted to the comments section. I didn’t single anyone out, I didn’t call names, I didn’t make any off the cuff remarks toward any government entity, and I think I even offered thanks at the end.

    I Honestly hope that it’s a simple mistake or a delay on the moderators part because of a overload of Comments. Either that or this articles comments are simply to old? Even tho I posted it yesterday when it was new. We will see…. If this even makes it on the section.

    Thanks to the oath keepers for everything they are doing. And thanks to the moderator for keeping this website clean, and on task.

  104. Hindsight is always 20/20 and there’s lot to be learned from this situation. First….many patriots wanted to get in their cars and involve themselves at the Reserve, but cooler heads prevailed, but not to discredit the heroism of the entire Bundy group, especially Lavoy Finicum, a true patriot hero….the way it was conducted from the onset was very questionable and dangerous. As a former Homeland Security Counter-Terrorism Instructor under the Highway Watch program, I would suggest next time, use a page out of the CIA playbook. I saw the developing situation much the same way as Oath Keepers did and as always, there are those ready to jump before thinking. And yes, provocateurs do that !

    When the U.S. wants to take-over a country, they send in the CIA…not to occupy a government building with a target on their backs, but they infiltrate the area with propaganda techniques designed to win the hearts and minds of the population INTO coming-out in force against their government.

    Ammon and group could have easily motivated hundreds and hundreds of patriots from across the country to invade Burns Oregon in a peaceful manner over a period of time in-order to cause the residents to understand the problem, by educating them, and at the same time, push for the release of both Hammonds.

    It takes time….but the fast track used was only going to end up in death and has now given the feds the high ground…EXCEPT, and IF…Levoy did not “brandish a weapon” as stated on MSNBC and was otherwise murdered.

    God may have provided an “OUT” by allowing the FBI snipers, etc to make such a grave mistake at the ambush..and it was nothing less than an AMBUSH.

    There will be a next time and I urge YOU to listen next time to Stewart Rhodes and the Oath Keepers for how to maneuver a situation with success. The Reserve occupation was doomed from the beginning, because the people across this country are very ignorant of what is going-on. YES….lots of attention, but the people are still ignorant, thanks to mainstream media.

    In America, with such a wide and diversified culture, not to mention half the country being socialist/liberals, nothing can be accomplished with a handful of patriots, but requires thousands at any particular time…..and thousands will not show-up overnight, but over a course of time.

    1. DB said,

      “When the U.S. wants to take-over a country, they send in the CIA…not to occupy a government building with a target on their backs, but they infiltrate the area with propaganda techniques designed to win the hearts and minds of the population…”


      Elias Alias, editor

    2. There is some wisdom that must be maintained throughout the process. The war against our freedom, liberty and justice is not going to be won or lost as a result of one battle. We are oath keepers, patriots of our unalienable rights in pursuit of our stated common belief.

      Keep in mind the enormity of our task. Be first armed with our constitution, read it to the enemy, hand it out by the millions, nail it on every post, tree and door. What happened in Oregon is a prime example of how the feds, state, and local government revealed the hatred they spew on us veterans. The sheeple will continue to elect and support more and more of the same vile Stalinists in greater numbers. Fight the propaganda with our own pen and voice.

  105. For the record and to all those whining about censorship and abridgement of your First Amendment rights: Please quit demonstrating your ignorance – you make true patriots look bad. Before you spout off on such topics, at least read the document you reference. To whom does it apply? The Federal government established by the Constitution of the United States and, through application of the 14th Amendment, to all states included in that Federal union. It does not apply to any private organization. If you want to share your unabashed thoughts, you are free to purchase your own web site and post away. You may be an OathKeeper as I am, but this is not our website. Our voluntary donations may help cover the cost, but the responsibility for the site and its contents belong to the organization leadership, not you.

    If the editor decides to delete your post, you probably have it coming. Following up with a post criticizing his actions and blaming it on censorship or a violation of your rights (directly or sarcastically) only proves you didn’t deserve the privilege in the first place.

    Do you ever wonder why average citizens think a militia is some sort of crazy wacked up group, an anachronism from days long past, rather than what we ought to know it to be – citizens prepared to defend liberty from all enemies, foreign and domestic, per the words of the oath I swore? I suspect Elias has a whole stack of postings that prove their beliefs are not unreasonable.

    Be careful what you wish for…you might get it.

    1. The 14th Amendment is precisely what justifies ALL tyranny in America because it places free born Americans into the same category as freed slaves.

      That may work for the sheep who seek “protection of the law,” but is absolute OPPRESSION to those of us who are prepared to protect ourselves – even FROM the “law” which is nothing more than the will of corrupt “law makers”.

      Government only “presumes” their authority over ALL the People, but they don’t actually possess it. Their “authority” only covers those “franchisees” who CONSENT TO BE GOVERNED by their parent corporation.

      Everything Lincoln did was treasonous and everyone who embraces what Lincoln did is a traitor. Just saying, Jefferson gave us the freedom we all are fighting for, but Hamilton was Jefferson’s enemy – statist scum who wanted tyranny and oppression to reign.

      Jefferson’s America lasted 75 years and, thanks to the mindless Fanboys of the traitorous “martyr” Lincoln, this neo-Hamiltonian police state has lingered for 150 years!

      It’s time to press the RESET button on America! RECLAIM the Republic and RESTORE the Constitution!

      Live FREE or [One word deleted by Elias Alias, editor] anyone who tries to stop you!

  106. All reports that I have heard say that eyewitnesses to this event SAW Robert Lavoy Finicum UNARMED, with his hands in the air, only to be shot dead by the FBI. Where is their justification for this? Should we now look for these witnesses to begin disappearing or having “accidents”?

    We CLEARLY have an out-of-control federal government acting ILLEGALLY in this dispute. The concerns of the protesters IS valid, as the federal government has NO Constitutional authority to OWN land, with the exception of 10 square miles surrounding Washington D.C. and military forts and ports WITH THE PERMISSION of the States……and yet they CLAIM possession of all these lands?

    Another VERY valid point is this: WHY did the federal government ALLOW and even PROVOKE the destruction of Ferguson and other cities BY PROTESTERS, and take absolutely NO action against them, even to the point that they ORDERED Law Enforcement to STAND DOWN……and then take THIS action against Americans that were acting WITHIN their Constitutional rights to protest ILLEGAL action BY the federal government?

    This is reprehensible! There is NO justification for this, and the FBI clearly committed murder in the death of Mr. Finicum. My fervent hope is that this will be another “shot heard around the world”.

  107. Okay girls, before you run off getting yourselves killed trying to save a bunch of undercover feds, the so-called militia that are still following up in the standoff, were caught on live feed being asked to fill out talent releases. Are these crisis actors?

    Better put together some Intel.

    I’m not a member of your organization, but I am a Vietnam vet. I spent my time in a boat on the Mekong River, in the Delta. Not much cover out in the middle of the river. But I lived to come home. Many times I wondered why I made it home and so many others didn’t. Eventually I figured it out, Vietnam ain’t over yet.

    I’ve had many nightmares, but a couple of months ago I had a dream that was entirely different. In my dream I stood before a dam it was made of wood, rather than concrete. A lot of people were standing under the dam. Then a military truck with huge, white letters on the door, UN. The truck drove past me and block my view of the dam. When the truck had passed, I could see the dam was beginning to break. Someone shouted, “it’s coming down.” The waters started to burst through the dam and the ground underneath my feet began to waver like I wasn’t standing on the ocean. It was so real that I actually threw myself out of bed.

    Reading all of your comments, I can see the dam beginning to burst. The oath keepers dam is built with inferior material, if you don’t reinforce it with concrete strategies, your movement is doomed to fail. Pull it together girls or stay home.

    1. Welcome Home, Bro!
      You’re right — the Viet Nam war ain’t over yet. Who would have believed back in the ’60s when we were sent to fight communism “over there” that we’d today be fighting communism “here”? And worse — there is this additional sick feeling that the communism we’re fighting here today is coming from our own damned government!

      Elias Alias, editor (and USMC ‘Nam Vet, I-Corps, 66 & 67)

    2. The talent release is a document that anyone can download from the internet. It is used by journalists and documentarians. They ask people they are video recording to sign them. By doing so they agree to allow distribution of the video and the journalist is indemnified. In addition, family/kin cannot forbid the use of their family member’s image in such videos in the future if the person in the video is deceased. If these were crisis actors, they would have signed a NON DISCLOSURE form, and long before that day arrived. There is no evidence of conspiracy from this angle, whatsoever. But I suspect in time we will find out who the rats on that ship really were.

      1. Thank you for the explanation of the talent release form, it’s greatly appreciated. I should have looked it up myself. You boys have a good day.

  108. I had to retype this to post it as it was posted to Google+ in Jpg format so I apologize for any typo’s.

    LaVoy Finicum’s Stand For Freedom

    This was written by Allison Nash who is the mother of a child who was placed in our home.
    The child is now 18 so it can legally be shared. The world needs to hear the truth.

    Today is my son’s 18th birthday. It is supposed to be a day of joyful celebration. Instead my son has entered adulthood with grief at the death of LaVoy Finicum.

    Michael like many kids, has endured some rough patches in his life, especially as he entered the teen years. It was decided that a break was needed for the both of us, and he went up to far northern Arizona and lived for a period of time with LaVoy and Jeanette Finicum. Although we are at opposite ends of the political spectrum, I have nothing but respect for these fine people. They helped Michael on the road of his journey, giving him structure, respect and guidance. Michael thrived on the ranch, doing chores, attending church and school, and helping out on cattle drives, loving every minute spent in the saddle.

    I knew LaVoy to be a kind, respectful, reverent and gentle man. I will never believe that he instigated a violent encounter. Instead, I can see him trying to bring down the tension, possibly positioning himself between the federal officers and others more hot tempered than he. This is a tragic loss for his family, my son Michael, and other Arizona youth who were helped along the path to adulthood by LaVoy and Jeanette.

  109. Just curious.

    What is the benchmark people are using to declare that as the video footage hasn’t been released, less than 48 hours after the event, its OBVIOUSLY a coverup? Which ‘shooting to release of footage’ events are being used as a comparison?

    1. Here is an interesting video on delayed release of videos. Rarely are the videos voluntarily released if the videos are not good for the law enforcement agency involved. This article does a decent job explaining the difficulty surrounding the release of videos. If the videos disappear or are not released there is usually something bad for the law enforcement agency involved. The near future will tell how honest the law enforcement agencies involved are.
      Cincinnati: Media organizations sued Hamilton County, Ohio, prosecutor Joseph Deters after he refused to release body-camera video from the fatal shooting of a black motorist in a traffic stop by a white University of Cincinnati officer in July. He released the video 10 days after the shooting when he announced he was indicting Officer Ray Tensing, who has pleaded not guilty to murder and voluntary manslaughter.

    1. A fine tribute. Jordan Page never fails to deliver and to get to the heart of things through his inspiring music.

      Thanks for posting.

  110. In this age of computer animations and special effects as well as the the immense budgets and talents paid for by Big Brother, any video not released immediately must be suspect anyways. How long would it take for the powers that be to fake a video for “proof”.
    Take this “ISIS” video for example.
    The government belongs to the people. They need to be required to show us what happened as soon as possible.

  111. In memory of LaVoy Finicum,I’ll be wearing a white shirt with a black tie, a black jacket and that hat (only black) and a name tag “LaVoy Finicum” EVERYDAY! It costs nothing and say much.

    1. That’s a great idea,
      Friday is the funeral,
      I think I’ll stand out on the road with a sign
      In Memorium
      Lavoy Finicum

  112. What makes a great warrior is a soldier who understands that he’s already dead.

    LaVoy knew the call for blood had been ordered. This man attempted to draw fire away from his friends in the vehicle. Oregon has given America a martyr. Let the rest of us say goodbye to him in love, suck it up, and continue on. That is all we can do, it is all he would want.

  113. Oh well! You can NOT say that you were NOT told…

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    “The mark of a stupid man is not that he does not know, it is that he does not WANT to know.” — Michael H. Keehn

    You pledge allegiance to your own oppression – WAKE TF UP already!

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