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An Interview With Brandon Curtiss, Founder Of Idaho III%

Brandon Curtiss

Pete Santilli interviewed Brandon Curtiss concerning the deployment of the Pacific Patriot Network at the Malheur Refuge. Brandon is a good, professional speaker and spent 11 years as a LEO. Thanks for all you are doing, Brandon!

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Brandon Curtiss and Joseph Rice and their close associates – who have been calling on the Sheriff, the Malheur occupiers, and the FBI – have displayed tremendous leadership and admirably level heads. Kudos to them for their love of our nation, their love of their fellow humans, and their love of the freedom that must be preserved at all costs. I’m cheering as I watch the videos of them in action.

    I must say, though, that I don’t trust Pete Santilli any further than I could pick the dude up and throw him. He is a hot-head with dead eyes and way too many close associations with the known provocateurs inside the Malheur occupiers. Watch your back, Brandon. This man is not your friend.

  2. I’m not interested in anything Pete Santilli says or does.

    He’s nothing more that an agitator, and drama queen. He makes Alex Jones look sober and reasonable. He doesn’t report, he stirs up shit as if he’ some sort of hero journalist, and calls that news. Fact, rumor and hearsay are all the same thing to him.

    And he owes Stewart Rhodes an apology. No Oathkeeper should have anything to do with him. If our story needs to be told, we should have our own doing it.

    1. SR,

      Last week when the coumpound was going to ”supposed ” to be raid by the feds at 2am in the morning Pete Santilli was the Only one out in the midle of nowhere streaming (i was awake that night) So i do not know if this is for real but IMV alot of serious positive shitt are happening over there from what i understand. Maybe Pete doesn’t have your aproval but he sure does have the aproval of great american like Brandon Curtiss, Hammon, and evrey one out there risking their life and making a diference. What ever their difference is between Pete and Stewart both are defending the same principal.



      I do want to believe it’s real

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