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The Insane New Push For Gun Control: Sue The Manufacturers

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This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple

There’s nothing inherently wrong with being uncomfortable around firearms, and not wanting to own them. There also isn’t anything wrong with trusting the police to protect you as opposed to protecting yourself with a gun, if that’s your personal choice. But the moment the anti-gun crowd tries to argue that everyone else should be disarmed as well, it becomes impossible to ignore how warped their thoughts really are.

It’s almost as if they don’t understand the basics of cause and effect. They have no grasp on the realities of human behavior, both good and bad. When someone is killed, they’re confused about who the real perpetrator is. They fear the power of inanimate objects, rather than the intent of the people who use them. Everything about how they see the world is just utterly baffling.

If you’re not sure about what I’m talking about, take a look at this new bill that Democratic lawmakers have just introduced.

Democrats are trying to pass a bill that would hold gun makers liable for crimes committed with the weapons that they produced or sold. Passing the legislation will be an uphill battle in a Republican-controlled Congress.

The law would reverse protections by the gun industry granted by the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act of 2005, which shields it from litigation over gun crimes.

“If you’re a carmaker and your airbags kill someone, you’re potentially liable,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-California) told The Hill in an interview. “If you’re a pharmaceutical company and sell faulty drugs, you can be held liable. If you’re a liquor store and sell alcohol to minors, you can be held liable.”

“Why should it be any different for gun manufacturers?” Schiff, one of the lawmakers behind the bill, asked.

Really? How do all those thoughts coalesce in the same brain without causing an aneurysm? It’s madness.Car manufacturers can be sued when their vehicles malfunction and cause accidents, not when their customers deliberately run people over or drive drunk. Pharmaceutical companies should be sued if a defective product poisons somebody, but not when their customers deliberately overdose on their meds to get high. And how does the liquor store example have any bearing here? Gun manufacturers have no way of knowing which customers are going to use their guns to commit crimes, whereas liquor stores can check ID’s to make sure their customers aren’t minors. Gun store owners have to run background checks, but that hasn’t stopped any of the recent mass shootings.

Gun companies should be held to the same standard as every other company. If they make a weapon that spontaneously blows up in someone’s hands under normal conditions, they should owe that person money. They don’t owe the victims of crime a single dime, and hopefully they never will. Could you imagine what kind of legal precedent that would set?

Look at all the objects in your house and try to imagine how each one could be used to deliberately hurt someone. Pretty much all of them right? If this bill became law, then every company that produces and delivers goods in this country would go out of business due to frivolous law suits.

What this bill is really about however, is not public safety or holding the gun companies accountable for wrongdoing. This is all about finding another avenue for gun control. The gun grabbers have failed to restrict firearm ownership time and time again. No matter what they do, the majority of the public remains unconvinced and the government fails to pass any meaningful legislation. And in their desperation to halt the sale of millions of firearms, they’ve concocted an idea that is completely bonkers.

Fortunately it’s doubtful that this bill will pass, but that doesn’t mean it won’t become a law in the future. For instance, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have proposed removing the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, and letting the victims of killers sue firearm manufacturers. Think about that. These are the most popular candidates for the Democratic Primary. These are candidates that are suggesting something that is completely insane, and it’s very possible that one of them could be our next president. And if it’s possible for them to be elected to the highest office, it’s also possible that one day, enough like-minded lawmakers could be elected to Congress as well.

In other words, our country is just a stone’s throw away from being run by brain-damaged people. You may think that the people running our government are crazy, stupid, evil, and corrupt now, but believe it or not, we could do worse.


Brandon Smith



  1. Ever talk to a gun industry Exec? They are so far up the Government’s butt you cant believe, hand in glove. Ditch the martyrdom, it is only for the stooges.

  2. It’s caused to force the manufactures to stop the sales to civilians for risk of lawsuit. When people realize there responsible for there own actions, if congress wants to play that game then maybe we should hold them accountable for there actions too. I bet if that where the case they would really consider forcing BS laws down our throats.

  3. Frivilous bs meant to make you look the other other way. We KNOW they fully intend to disarm us …therefore, why do you think that the “Constitutional Police Chiefs & Sheriffs” (all over America) have made a VERY PUBLIC “CALL TO ARMS”? …you should think there’s “something coming” …a storm (of a sort, if you will). Don’t ignore the blatant warnings. ARM YOURSELVES or you’ll likely end up as a statistic of this time period (150 years from now …if we are still keeping records by then).
    Doesn’t matter how much ridiculous shit they attempt to toss out there anyway. If it’s unconstitutional, then it simply doesn’t hold water “as a law” at all. We The People cannot expect NOTHING LESS from ANY “Main Media” source except lies and deception and ‘encouragement in the wrong directions upon all current issues’. I predict matters will go downhill (measureably) on a daily basis from ‘here-on-out’… Cheers

  4. This country is already being run by several ‘mad’ scientists (of a sort). Politics IS a science I suppose… Worse yet, it is being run by those that seek to destroy the entirety of ‘her’, in order to bring in A NEW WORLD ORDER! (And, make us think we actually WANT IT)! yeahhhhh ….my arse! When hell freezes over…

  5. Old guys, like me, recall that in the first Clinton administration — the second is on the way thanks to a disfunctional Republican party — the Clinton administration sued Smith and Wesson, and got a settlement concession that S&W would devote itself to smart guns or something equally inane. IMHO, that’s what the end game is here — sue gun makers and extract a settlement like the giverment did with tobacco. Except this concession would be to agree to atop making automatic rifles or pistols with magazine capacityies greater than six. If gun makers “voluntarily” stop making semi auto rifles or high capacity pistols, there’s arguably no 2nd Amendment violation. Those lawsuits and “voluntarily: settlements cannot move forward unless and until gun makers and sellers can be held liable for deaths/injuries caused by their products.

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