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VA AG Reneging on Concealed Carry Reciprocity Highlights Evil of ‘Permitted’ Rights

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Would-be rulers who’ve forgotten their place are bucking for a reminder if they keep pushing. (1846 lithograph by Nathaniel Currier: “The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor”)

“Attorney General Mark R. Herring and the Virginia State Police have completed an audit and update of the 30 states whose concealed handgun permits have been considered valid within the Commonwealth,” an official media release announced. “After months of research and evaluation, including extensive outreach to the states whose permits Virginia currently recognizes, Virginia is revoking concealed handgun permit recognition with 25 states effective February 1, 2016 because their laws are not sufficient to prevent someone who is disqualified under Virginia law from receiving a concealed handgun permit.”

It hasn’t been a problem before for Superintendent of the State Police Colonel W. Steven Flaherty, who “in consultation with 6 different Virginia AG’s felt no need to curtail these rights” for the past 12 years he’s been in office.” So what’s changed, or at least convinced Flaherty that oath of office he took when he went into law enforcement was ceremonial, and not really intended to force him to take a principled stand when rights conflict with a naked power grab?

Well, Virginia has. Former DNC head and Hillary 2008 campaign chair Terry “McAwful” is now governor, and the guy is an avowed gun hater – at least when they’re not in the hands of his VSP Praetorians. Enraged by armed citizens, who for years had visited their legislators on Lobby Day without incident, McAwful spread his executive ordure and shut down open carry in government buildings by diktat, among other EO-50 infringements.

And AG “Red” Herring is no prize himself. He’s gotten lousy grades from NRA and even lousier ones from the Virginia Citizens Defense League and the American Conservative Union. So naturally the subversive AFL-CIO, the immigration sellout Chamber of Commerce, NOW, the LGBT Democrats and the Virginia Police Benevolent Association say he’s their guy.

“Mark Herring (D) is in favor of majority-supported gun control measures, including universal background checks, a ban on assault-style weapons, and reforming Virginia’s mental health system,” the George Soros-funded group “Feminist Majority”  posted, like that’s a good thing. Based on his move to kill concealed carry reciprocity, he’s also in favor of in-your-face gestures of contempt for gun owners, just like his boss McAwful.

Virginia Citizens Defense League is preparing to fight back, noting “Virginia CHP holders will be endangered when traveling out of state [and] will undoubtedly cost Virginia CHP holders the ability to carry in many states where we have been carrying for years!”

“[VCDL says the] announcement was made to pay back former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his campaign donations in Virginia legislative races this fall,” The Virginian-Pilot reports, citing “Everytown For Gun Safety spent $2.2 million for two Democrats in state Senate races.”

“I’ve never heard of a single case of an out-of-state permit holder causing problems in Virginia,” VCDL President Philip Van Cleave stated.  So naturally, Herring claims his rights-grab is “a common-sense step that can help make Virginians and our law enforcement officers safer.”

But there’s the rub, because as it’s being treated – and as gun owners have allowed, bearing arms is viewed by government as a privilege. So ambitious poltroons who only stab us in the back part of the time are given “A” grades and passed off as “staunch supporters of the Second Amendment” (and look at how that phrase is overused to include just about everyone up to and including John Kerry). And gun owners consider it a great victory to pay for a registration license, to volunteer for a background check, to make sure they don’t bring their property with them where master says they may not (places predators consider their preferred hunting grounds).

And if Michael Bloomberg, or Terry McAwful, or Mark Herring say you can’t cross this invisible border line with your gun, because if you do, and if one of their enforcers catches you, the full power of the state will be used to force you into submission, humiliation, and whatever else they want to do to you, assuming they don’t just kill you. All because when those who are willing participants in tyranny raised their hands and took their oaths, they either had no idea what they were getting into, or they knew perfectly well, and had no intention of being faithful.

All because politically active gun owners accepted the infringement of permits in the first place.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.


  1. Nice article.
    I think the caption below the cartoon says it all though.
    How far will they be allowed to push before the people spank the living snot out of them. These people are traitors and oath breakers. They need to get what they deserve under the rule of constitutional law and they need to get it NOW…!!!!
    Break out the tar and feathers boys…Its time to party.

      1. Gawd, he must have listed every gun in the world in that bill. From A to Z I wore my finger out scrolling down the lists. These people are dangerous with their infringements. My ancestor, Christopher Hauxhurst from R.I. At one time, must be rollng in his grave.

      2. All I have to say about their HR is, to quote Burt Reynolds in Smokey and The Bandit – “Do the letters FO mean anything to you?”…………I will not comply no matter what they try to do – I’ve had enough and as a veteran I WILL HONOR MY OATH AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION!

      3. 1RealAmerican…..I concur and will not comply as well…..I too, am a veteran and have suffered through enough of this liberal / socialist pissing and moaning that starts from the moment they awake daily….my Oath remains valid as well….This bill, HR 4269 has only just been introduced and I hope the Congress and Senate will flush it as it should be….time will tell what the next move will be…..and for the sake of peace it must be as our Constitution is written……there are no acceptable alternatives. Stay alert, stay informed and stay well connected.

      4. Do any of you know that there are two(2) constitutions? The oat that is talked about here is The Constitution (of) the United States. This is the Federal constitution and only applies to federal US Citizens. The Constitution (FOR).the united states applies to the free American citizen. If you are confused at this, I suggest hat you do some research to find out who you really are and where you really live. Before you start to accuse me of not knowing what I am talking about, please do your homework. Check it out

  2. ” All because politically active gun owners accepted the infringement of permits in the first place.”

    When …oh when…will We the People figure out that it is up to US…to enforce OUR Constitution…..?

  3. “Herring claims his rights-grab is “a common-sense step that can help make Virginians and our law enforcement officers safer.””

    So he is a liar as well as being a Traitor to the American people, the US Constitution, the USA and his Oath.

    Can not wait until we actually start charging the Traitors serving within the governments of OUR constitutional republic. My next question is if found guilty will they all “dance” at the end of a rope “until dead…The body to remain in state till dusk as an example to anyone who takes his oath of office lightly”?

    1. That is exactly right …other than that they “hang for all to see until dusk, so that they can see what happens to traitors and ‘the like’.
      And righto again my good friend. He IS a liar and traitor to We The People, and We The People are “damn sure” aware that WE are the only ones who can (and will) take a stand against the entire lot of them no matter WHAT might be “in the works” against us …or I suppose I should have IS in the work – against us (after all, they need body parts from us to make healthier Muslims …and it’s AOK to just take them …even right out of a living body! (Their laws state so)! Barbaric sobs! America wants to fight them and yet our gov gives planned parenthood “oodles” of bucks to do (essentially) the very same thing…or do I have that wrong? I hope there is a special place in hell for people like that.
      Keep yur pants on though. Prez is coming back waaaay before he’s wanted to and fully intends to “get down to biz” immediately, and once again it will be another attempted, unconstitutional crock of bullshit. (My guess is that at anytime after one of his f***king EO’s that We The People will just, as a group, say “fuck this and fuck them” and then, in every square inch of the USA We The People will NOT comply with a damn thing that “those who think they are in charge” will suddenly find out ….NOT ANY MORE! YOU ARE ALL FIRED (unless you’d rather be shot and killed ….either way will work for us especially since you don’t mind firing upon our asses on a daily basis). After all ….how many “troops” would it require to go from door to door successfully, without millions of LEOs dying? Will our troops do it? Hell no, but UN Troops would without hesitation (but there are not enough UN ‘boots’ to go around The USA).
      Seems more logical to assume “something” is going to occur that (it seems) nobody has figured out yet ….and right now we LACK ‘INTEL’ on exactly what the hell is going on …there’s a lot of supposition, and much of it is based on solid info …so at least we know what’s heading this way isn’t going to be a ‘walk in the park’ …but then again “bringing down America’s rifle and pistol shooters is NOT going to be an easy task in the least (We The People actually have more training in surviving “things” than those seeking to destroy us.
      As a nation we can bring the entire gov to a halt in just a few days …and I really doubt they’d find “tons of LEOs” willing to stand against the entire nation …thereby breaking their Oaths and earning a six-foot deep hole, or just burnt in a large pile of other shit too if they’d prefer a Stalinist country (as Hillary would prefer). I am PAST the point of ‘tolerance’ and do not intend to abide with ANY FUCKING UNCONSTITUTIONAL BS from the likes of anyone from here on out. I worked 21yrs (‘hard years’) for this country (Naval SF) and I am NOT going to sit and watch a bunch of morons totally destroy ‘her’, ruin her, and essentially “kill” everything that says America on it. If just half of America is only 1/2 as pissed as I am we’ll have no problem bringing this shit to a screeching (and somewhat bloody at times), ‘dead stop’. Constitutionally, but of course! Hope y’all are having a Merry Christmas today!

      1. “other than that they “hang for all to see until dusk, so that they can see what happens to traitors and ‘the like’.”

        Equarial, that comes from what used to be Title 18 U.S. Code section 2381 (“When in the presence of two witnesses to the same overt act or in an open court of law if you fail to timely move to protect and defend the constitution of the United States and honor your oath of office you are subject to the charge of capital felony treason, and upon conviction you will be taken by the posse to the nearest busy intersection and at high noon hung by the neck until dead…The body to remain in state till dusk as an example to anyone who takes his oath of office lightly.)

        Which was rewritten to now be this: Title 18 U.S. Code section 2381: Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

        The reason that the penalty was so high is that it basically was/is Treason against the American people, the US Constitution, and the USA. The punishment was meant to reflect on how serious that crime actually is and make people understand that it is just that important to our nation that those that serve within our government obey the US Constitution and not only take the Oath, but KEEP it.

        Think about it, if those who serve within our government and almost daily break their Oath had ever seen that carried out, do you think that they would put their own life on the line to commit Treason so easily as they do today?

  4. “The Constitution is the origin and measure of legislative authority.It says to legislators, thus far ye shall go and no farther.Not a particle of it should be removed .” Justice William Patterson (1840-1910) It is a little bit old, but not null and void. The second Amendment is not an arbitrary amendment period. you don’t need a cwcp.I don’t use one and to do so is saying we consent to your make believe laws. Pooh!

  5. Missouri is doing monthly background checks on all CCW holders in that state. ANY slight problem…CCW is suspended.

    I do NOT advocate CCW permits, because of what just happened in Virginia and the simple fact, a CCW is a quasi registration, subject to being the lowest fruit hanging on the tree when THAT time comes. It is also un-constitutional….

  6. Our rights will keep being infringed until we quit bickering and all stand together. If you’re a gun owner and not a member of either Gun Owners of America or the NRA you need to join one or the other today. There’s power in numbers and that will get more done than threatening or insulting Facebook comments.

    1. GOA yes, NRA no. This would not be happening without NRA incompetence, waste, fraud, theft, and subversion. Virginia is the NRA’s own headquarters home state. NRA encouraged poison pill “gun free” zones to be put into Virginia’s shall issue carry law in the first place. After Columbine, LaPierre testified in congress in favor of “gun free” school zones. Meanwhile, NRA repeatedly sabotaged valiant, nearly successful efforts by VCDL to repeal the “restaurant carry ban”, etc. NRA’s subversion of VCDL’s efforts made the Virginia Tech massacre possible.

      NRA already has ~5 million members and a nearly $400 million annual budget. Another million members and another $100 million a year would only be pocketed in massive salaries and sweetheart contracts (e.g., $1 million a year for LaPierre), funneled to vampire vendors and thousands of phony “A” & “B” rated anti-gun politicians — Democrats like Jon Tester & Harry Reid, and “Republicans” like Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio (who relentlessly advance Bloomberg’s gun control long game through suicidal immigration policy). None of these vermin could be elected in pro-gun states like Montana & Nevada without their fraudulent “A” & “B” grades, endorsements, money, orange alert cards, and misled volunteers and donors from the NRA.

      On the other hand, a million more members and $100 million for GOA would make a huge difference. LaPierre’s disclosed salary alone is half of GOA’s entire annual budget.

      1. In my opinion, we’d be throwing rocks for self-defense if it wasn’t for the NRA. One indication of NRA’s accomplishments is how much the anti-gunners hate them. New York Daily News just showed Wayne LaPierre as a terrorist. Over the years anti-gunners have called us NRA members even worse names. These hideous attacks are backhanded complements. That’s what the link is all about. While I support GOA activities, they are not even in the same class. Where would we be now if it wasn’t for the NRA.

      2. You’re falling for the Kabuki. Just because the MSM attacks LaPew doesn’t mean he’s not selling us out when he can get away unnoticed or covered by true believers.

        If it weren’t for the NRA most of the VA tech victims would still be alive it it happened at all, many schools would be armed, veterans disarmament and Obamacare would never have passed. NRA could’ve easily killed Obamacare but instead they helped Reid pass it by one vote. Think about that next time someone whines about how we’re stuck with socialized medicine forevermore and thank your pal Pepe LaPierre.

        Your “not in the same league” comment is wrong, at best self-fulfilling prophesy. Gun grabbers like Harry Reid (who LaPew consistently gave phony “B” grades and described as a “pro-gun champion”) accuse NRA of competing with GOA. They say “the NRA used to support universal background checks, but now they can’t or they will lose members to GOA.” They say the only thing stopping congress from banning private sales is GOA, and they’re right. Since you claim backhand compliments, think about that one.

        But you go ahead and throw your money away. It’s yours, what’s left of it after Obamacare

      3. P.S. If being in the same “league” means being run by corrupt, disloyal beltway vermin, then thank God GOA is not in the same “league”. Otherwise we’d already have universal registration and a bunch of other gun controls GOA has managed to derail and keep NRA from pushing.

      4. Obamacare? News to me. Healthcare isn’t normally in NRA’s scope. Also, never saw NRA do anything but fight anti-gunners so-called, ” Universal Background Checks” which creates a backdoor firearms registry. NRA responsible for veterans being disarmed, schools not being armed, VA tech victims? I follow NRA closely and this is also news to me.

      5. A million man armed open carry march on Washington might get their attention. Schedule 2 marches. The first one with the ammo in your pouch and pockets. Subsequent state marches would be in order. Bring some blanks along to give the grabbers a “salute”. Nooses, tar buckets, feathers, and rails to ride on would be appropriate props, along with torches and pitchforks.

      6. The NRA sold out to dingy harry reid in 2010. Reid gave the NRA $63 million I think it was and 400 acres of “government land” in return for the NRA not supporting his very conservative republican opponent in his senate election. I wrote and complained when I read about it in the NRA monthly magazine. they e-mailed me back to just shut up, that it was a good deal for the organization. I immediately resigned my membership and will not join that nest of vipers again because, like politicians, they do what puts money in their pockets and to hell with citizens and the Constitution.

      7. Well stated. My sentiments exactly. If we wait and let them push us around inch by inch I’m afraid it will not be much longer until we are too weak and out numbered to fight back. If Trump is for real and I believe he is, he will need all good people behind him to force the evil out of our government. They will not go peacefully I assure you.

        P.S. the NRA has played patty cake with Washington for far to long. Go GOA!

  7. Thank the nra for ccw permits… when you get your permission slip to carry you have traded your right to bear arms for a lousy privilege… many of you with permits think your practicing your right to bear arms… you couldn’t be more wrong.

  8. Thousands of gun carrying citizens should show up at each of these Anti American subversive’s homes and cause civil disobedience by burning their state’s CCW permits in their front yard. Than we can pull out the only permit needed to keep and bear arms…the U.S. Constitution. We have been conditioned by government for far too long to believe that to carry a firearm for self defense or defense of others, a permit is somehow required. The right to speak and protest and ask for redress is not subjected to permission by government and the right to keep and bear arms does not fall into a sub-class in the Bill of Rights. We must remove the requirement of permission that has, for far too long now, infringed upon our god given, birth granted uncompromising right to carry throughout the country. If we stand strong, unite and demand from government what is rightfully ours, we will prevail in this endeavor. Strength in numbers, collective millions ready to act, is the only way to win this fight. We must be willing to do everything necessary to secure our Constitutional rights and anything less is acquiescence to the gun control agenda!

    1. I am in agreement, and I also believe that at some future (quite soon now) point we WILL do precisely what you have just described. I know I am…

    2. Then let’s just start this parade by sending in all of our old and discarded “permits” with a short letter stating We The People insist that all the gun bs be removed immediately, or we will respond (immediately) with “full-blown” civil war and a “reset” of American Government. Bet that gets BIG attention and zillions of empty threats! lol… But why not?

      1. A million man armed open carry march on Washington might get their attention. Schedule 2 marches. The first one with the ammo in your pouch and pockets. Subsequent state marches would be in order. Bring some blanks along to give the grabbers a “salute”. Nooses, tar buckets, feathers, and rails to ride on would be appropriate props, along with torches and pitchforks.

    3. I would join that march……………..only I dont think you could get 500,000 to march anywhere much less a million

  9. Ha, Ha, Ha… stupidity has no bounds. This AG is a reactionary Marxist. Here is why. He is using the law to summarily reject states that have less requirement for a concealed carry. He nixed Alaska because they have no permit requirement for the state. However, Alaska does have a permit system. It requires 12 hours of class room and a shooting proficiency.

    Utah which only requires 6 hours of class room and a shooting proficiency for its permit has been granted the AG’s approval. Alaska’s law requires more training than Utah.

    So his call on nixing Alaska is purely political and is not pursuant to law. He is open to a law suit in his personal status not his official because he is enforcing his will and not the law. Someone needs to sue his ass into ruin. Make an example of this crony fro the rest to see

    The real funny part is that I hold both permits… What a complete DUFUS!

    1. This VA bs is REALLY BS! Simply put, for the better part, a great deal of “permits” go to retired or “two-four or six-year” military veterans who can outshoot most anyone in VA to include their LEOs (I’ve seen them perform at their ranges and they are not only a danger to each other, but can’t hit shit). It is “safe to say” that most all combat vets have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy more experience and training than ANY CIVILIAN CLASSES COULD EVER TEACH ….and yet Virginia has the gall to say that after 20yrs of combat military service, (and about 12 more years of “daily carry” past that bringing us to the present-moment), am not allowed to carry a firearm in “their” state? THEIR state? (ahem) I am tempted to locate that “invisible” state line and stand upon it screaming “MOST of me is in NC” …or just ‘toe’ a chalk-line and keep a trooper tied up all day just sitting there watching me (and they WOULD waste the bucks for such stupid shit would they not)? lol….
      Veterans, it appears, are quite likely the first ones who will come out of their shells, when the time is nigh and right, and commence/initiate coordinated “schemes”…… (now THAT should get my ass on the RED LIST).
      For one, this (really) has NOTHING to do with ‘reciprocity’ on state-to-state levels ….that alone go against the constitution on a ‘wide angle’. What’s happening is now that everyone, thanks to NRA and gun-owners of “that time” We The People were “led blindly” into the “first infringement” (which of course is charging for or just MAKING you get a permit). Never should have been done nor tolerated (whenever it happened) …HOWEVER (everyone) ….all of “us” only need do one thing. Carry anyway …anywhere you want and anytime you want. If only EVERYONE would (for once) TAKE A STAND TOGETHER NUMBERING IN THE MILLIONS COUNTRYWIDE ….I guarantee you that not one shot will be fired and that SHOULD bring an end to the relentless attacks on The 2nd Amendment unless they would prefer an all out civil uprising on their hands …with THEM as the only targets! Hooo Hooo! Uninfringed is how it states it shall be so, dammit, uninfringed is how I am going to “obey the law.” Free I shall remain to and past death. Can’t be arrested for obeying laws that predate “unconstitutional laws” ….(there are thousands of court cases that could be listed where just such a thing was challenged. The 2nd Amendment won every time (because there ARE NO EXCEPTIONS LISTED (U N I N F R I N G E D …why do you suppose so very many just can’t read and understand a word within THE LAW? (Like Bloomberg ….he’s wasted millions trying to get rid of everything that goes ‘bang’ …and has gotten nowhere). The same could be said for all the nations who “gave in” to their governments (under much pressure) and now they are either ALL DEAD now ….or are going to be living shorter lives than they WOULD have if they’d kept their weapons. NEVER “surrender” your weapon to anyone (or if you are in such a situation that you have no choice, give them the weapon then TAKE IT RIGHT BACK and ‘waste’ whomever is troubling you. Disarming anyone of their weapon is surprisingly easy. My wife is ‘itty bitty’ at 105lbs and can take a 200lb man’s pistol right out of their hand. Easy maneuver to learn and everyone should know how to do it. ….here I am writing a novel again. Happy post-Xmas everyone and Cheers – may you all be blessed exceedingly and accordingly as we approach 2016 with trepidation like never before.

      CLIMBER (Climber): I just noticed your post. Isn’t it more probable to assume the gov already fully knows everything and doesn’t intend to ‘back off’ because they INTEND to “do away with The Constitution” and then write their own that, of course, gives them ‘carte blanche’ for everything and automatically we are all criminals in need of death, FEMA Camp, Happy Camp plus a new religion and many new ideologies! ((Reading between your lines it is quite obvious we are one the same page …and at some point down the road will be many peoples worst nightmare (everyone that chooses to ‘engage’ one of us). lol….been there done that right? 😉

  10. The 2A says nothing about permit or license. All that a permit or a license does is to make an act legal that would otherwise be illegal. Why not require a permit to think, pray or speak or a license to legalize protection under the 4A or 5A? How about that 9A that says I have Rights that go beyond those enumerated in the Constitution? Government at every level needs to understand that and needs to back off and get back into the box it was designed to occupy.

    If my gun offends, be offended. Those in opposition to the 2A have every right to be offended. The armed American that is thinking correctly along Constitutional lines is the tyrant’s worst nightmare.

    Sweet dreams to the statists and Bloomberg minions out there.

  11. Free men do not need governmental permission for self defense to protect their right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  12. Ref to Va CCW out of state suspensions. Please pass this along. Please contact the Va chamber of commerce and let them know that the Va AGs decision makes you feel less safe and that you will not be spending your money in Va from now on.

  13. It is good to see that Americans are beginning to take responsibility for the out of control fascist gov now in place. We as Americans have allowed many tyrannical laws to be passed and blamed it only on the corrupt politicians – well we are the ones who keep letting the criminals act as dictators , this tells us we can change it, they do not have us by the throat.

  14. We need a comprehensive list of the gun grabbing traitors drawn up. Then get their mugshots and print up “wanted” posters, listing their documented crimes. It seems that the day of reckoning is approaching, and we dont want any of these scoundrels to sneak out simply because we don’t know what they look like.

  15. Only got one thing to say…they will have to pry my weapons from my cold dead hands before I give up my 2nd amendment rights. Period( actually two things): Molon Labe

  16. When the French Revolution got underway a lot of people Lost their Heads. The bloodbath was quite extensive, so I have been told. When the troubles break out here in the USA remember those individuals who attacked the Rights of We the People and see that justice is done. The ones who died during the American Revolution cry out from their pitiful graves. So be it.

  17. How many of you fellow OathKeepers will show up if we organize a mass showing of civil disobedience…can we organize and hold a series of OathKeepers Constitutional Observance Rallies, showing up en masse in open carry defiance in a series of the most egregious violator states, cities, counties, or Districts….I.e. New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, New York City, Maryland, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Virginia, Chicago, etc. we could overwhelm any one state’s, city’s, county’s, or District’s ability to arrest those demonstrating their uninfringed Constitutional rights. We can forwarn our LEO, Veteran, fire service, and EMT associates, colleagues, brothers and sisters in these places to avoid any nasty surprises. What say you all?

    1. I think well orchestrated open carry marches would help educate the public. We can start where concealed carry is illegal but open carry is legal. Anti-gunners would watch nationally and ask the question, “why are they not being arrested?”. The answer would come forth that it is not illegal. Thus, they are now educated.

  18. Exercise your Rights freely. When they take you to court, plead not guilty, demand a trial by jury, then get Veterans to pack the courtroom, and make the jury accountable to defend that right. Don’t ever usea lawyer. Have a vet to assist you in counsel. Need to educate our juries and the courts, and let them know wwe have had enough.

  19. “All because politically active gun owners accepted the infringement of permits in the first place.”

    Pogo was right! Who’s Pogo?

    “We have met the enemy, and it is us.”

  20. For some time now I’ve been trying to convince the so-called pro-2nd community in my state that their tact for success is nothing more than the path to the inevitable loss of all rights.
    It is apparent that once the lie takes hold, the majority will refuse to admit that they’ve been duped. Ego is a very difficult sin to overcome.
    I’ve petitioned my state for a position in the Militia as our statutes enumerate. I’ve asked for others to join in, and thus move toward revitalization. I have not received any support, but instead I’ve been ridiculed and in some cases pure animosity.
    Regardless of what is right in front of their eyes gun owners seem to be blind to all that is taking place. Its still the old vote for republicans, or we need to have this bill (permission) passed.
    I’m puzzled by the state of mind of the so-called supporters of the 2nd.

  21. Well folks at this point the State and Federal ruling elite are in no way going to uphold their oath. Going along with any of the unconstitutional laws put in place by either one of them will only strengthen their position and allow them to keep picking away at our rights. At this point it is time for NON COMPLIANCE with any laws they have put in place that violate the Constitution.

    Again I will state we need a march on Washington of all the organizations that support constitutional rights. We the people standing aside and letting this bullshit go down are just kicking the can down the road. Are we going to continue to do what the politicians do, ignoring the issue, kicking the can down the road or face it head on? We need to assemble all the constitutional organizations set a date and take a stand in Washington. If Martin Luther King Jr. can do it so can we. Just remember the law is on our side. Now is the time to make a peaceful move. Let’s let them know we have had enough!
    I suggest we have our leadership contact all like minded organizations and meet in order to coordinate this event. We need to let the elected Washington Ruling Elite know we will not stand for anymore infringements of our constitutional rights. Let the Senate know that any further assaults on our constitutional rights will lead to a citizen’s arrest on the charge of Treason. We are within our rights to do so and law enforcement is obligated to enforce our action. Members of the Senate are not exempt from arrest and their bringing forth laws not within the limited confines of the Constitution and are acts of treason and they will be held accountable.

    1. “I’ve got 12 months left to squeeze every ounce of change I can while I’m still in office. And that’s what I intend to do.” A quote from the prez…I am organizing an event on the night of the state of the union address by Obama —- “1776–chapter two”–we will do a 21 gun salute in honour of those who have been killed in defence of this country, for those murdered by Obama’s muslims at home, and the death of our constitution; then we will play ” Proud to be an American.” Who among you will stand, as our early patriots did, on the road of the Old North Bridge in Concord in defiance of a tyrannical government… is not much but I’m sick of the rhetoric from our pussy conservative reps in D.C……..IT IS TIME ..

  22. And this my friends is what happens when you ask for permission, you should not be asking for permission for a God given right, your politicians knew exactly what they were doing when they pushed this legislation (CCW).

  23. Since my SC CWP is no longer any good in Virginia, I shall OPEN CARRY EVERYWHERE that is allowed.
    However, you Virginians leave your guns at home if you plan to visit Myrtle Beach or anyplace next year. Automatic reciprocity is cancelled. You carry permit is now VOID.
    No Open Carry here (yet).

  24. I agree that the line has been and is being crossed daily by the enemies within and something definitive has to be done immediately to put down the treason that is being perpetrated on the American people.

    With that said, I am seeing a few posts here that are very warranted and in total compliance to what our constitution decrees as a last resort to we the people, are bordering on breaking the by laws and directives of what this organization is all about.

    I am trying to say that the rhetoric of open violence and veiled fighting words directed toward others like have been publicly written here is not doing any of us any good. They make our organization look extremely unlawful in its membership and places all of us on the edge at this time in our nations history.

    Might I suggest that the silent man or organization is far more dangerous and formidable than the boisterous one. Keep your comments smart and thoughtful along with your actions because both carry with them consequences.

    We are all members of the un-Regulated Militia that when the time comes will all be members of the Regulated Militia and that will be when we the people will become the constitutions vehicle for reform and retribution.

    So please in the future think about the vitriol of your words in this public forum and use your common sense when voicing your intent in order to protect yourself and all others who feel the same way but know the importance of restraint at this time.

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