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Three Active Shooters at San Bernardino, CA Developmental Disability Center… REPORT: At Least 12 Dead… Report: Suspects Left Scene

San bernadino

Once again, the gun-grabbers are screaming confiscate, but fail to mention how many lives might be saved if there were armed people on the premises. Also, saying it is near a Planned Parenthood location is totally misleading and provocative, as the scene is over a mile away. It is, however near a golf course. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

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by Joel B. Pollak

San Bernadino law enforcement authorities report a mass shooting involving at least 20 victims just before 11 a.m. Pacific time. Local news reports suggest that there are between one and three suspects, wearing masks and possibly body armor as well.

San Bernadino 2

Some media reports have indicated that the shooting is near a local Planned Parenthood clinic. However, the clinic is over a mile away from the site of the shooting, according to Google Maps.

12:40 p.m. Though the active shooter situation is still ongoing, Democrats are not losing the opportunity to weigh in on gun control, the National Rifle Association, and other pet causes.

The police scanner is reporting a search for a Black GMC Yukon and a shooter with a black mask.

12:30 p.m.: The Inland Regional Center has not reported on the shooting on Facebook or Twitter. Its Facebook page features scenes from a Christmas party.

The local police scanner reports a search for three suspects of unknown race. 12:03 p.m.: Fox News reports that local law enforcement authorities have dismissed any connection with the Planned Parenthood. All three suspects are believe to be armed with rifles and are all at large. Police are using a robot to detonate what they suspect may be an explosive device that was apparently left at the center. The local police scanner is referring to an improvised explosive device (IED). Authorities are also looking for an SUV that left the scene. The Daily Mail reports that MedEvac helicopters have appeared on the scene to evacuate victims to hospitals.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I need to be able to react in an orderly manner, in an organized way with specific goals and objectives should something along the lines or greater of what happened in San Bernardino.

    What is my chain of command? Who do I report to? Where do I assemble? Joining the aZ Oath keepers should have been just one big step in a series of training and instructions, and yet right now I feel as if I am still just a concerned and prepared individual patriot guarding my own domain. Please spell out what we do, and how we know what to do and when to do it.

  2. I listened to the LIVE communications as the search began and something didn’t sit well with me….

    From a so-called “tip,” officers set-up outside Syed Farook’s house and as he and two others took-off in the GMC Yukon, a pursuit ended with hundreds of shots being fired at the vehicle, killing two, but the third suspect ran away. Do you see a problem here yet?? Was the third suspect a UC?

    If you have ever watched “COPS” or “Alaska State Troopers” and whenever a chase of a suspect happened, the camera guy is always behind the cop(s) doing the chase and they always get their guy.

    In San Bernardino, well before dark….they got their suspect, but later made a statement that “he was not connected to the two killers.”

    I watched for a couple hours (on LIVE TV) after they caught the third suspect, while (also) listening to communications….a perimeter was established and SWAT Teams were instructed to continue searching homes and yards, etc…THROUGH THE NIGHT.

    WHY??? Because every type of media was watching and EVERYONE living within the perimeter, had automatically lost their 4th amendment rights. A perfect opportunity to show Americans and the world, that Americans will demand protection while giving-up more civil rights.

    Just as Boston residents lost their rights during the Boston Massacre that (ironically) had a terrorist bombing drill exercise underway as the actual bombs detonated.

    Same thing in San Bernardino….therefore, “it’s time for Mr. and Mrs. America to turn in their weapons.”

    “CNN reported authorities found 2,000 9 mm rounds and 2,500 .223 rifle rounds at the couple’s home, 12 or so pipe bombs and hundreds of devices and products that “could be used to construct IEDs or pipe bombs,” Burguan said. “We still don’t have a motive … [but] they were equipped … and they could have done another attack.”

    Note: Their weapons were acquired by some type of sale by police.

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