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Police Chief: ‘Revolution’ Coming if Obama Tries to Disarm American People


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by AWR Hawkins

Hughes Springs Police Chief Randy Kennedy is warning President Obama that any attempt to disarm the American people will result in “revolution.”

Hughes Springs is roughly 120 miles east of Dallas, Texas.

In an announcement reported by the Associated Press, Kennedy said the Second Amendment is in place to guard Americans’ right to defend themselves from “terrorists and radical ideology.” Moreover, he said the Second Amendment is “also there to protect us against a government that has overreached its power,” and any attempts to disarm the citizenry will “cause a revolution in this country.”

Kennedy is calling for residents in his town to carry guns to fight terrorism. He says citizens must “be ready when the wolf comes to the door, because it’s on its way.”

In calling for residents to arm themselves, Chief Kennedy joined Sheriff David Cole (Steuben County, NY,) Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Maricopa County, AZ), Sheriff Michael A. Helmig (Boone County, KY), Sheriff Paul J. Van Blarcum (Ulster County, NY), and Sheriff Wayne Ivey (Brevard County, FL), all of whom are calling concealed carry permit holders in their counties to carry guns every day in order to fight terrorism.


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  1. I do not know where the Statistics Obama gets are coming from, most of the Police I have talked to, and punched targets with say they will refuse to confiscate. For one it would put a target on uniforms unless they were perceived to be friendlies. Second it hurt Police to have to go to another crime scene in a Gun free zone to clean up the blood, take reports and start an investigation, wouldn’t it be nice to call the Police to let them know I was threatened but decided not to be a victim? War is a nasty thing and I for one do not want a Revolution, but as the Liberty Tree withers. . .. France has such strict gin control laws and a few Terrorists were able to kill over 120 People, PC and Gun Free Zones Kill, PC caused the CO shooting to proceed without question, the Police Department knew of this guy but could not or would not act because they might upset the poor Victim, so they wait and then he kills a bunch of people, then they act after the fact. I am going to guess that may at the Theater did not pull their own CCW either for fear of drawing fire to themselves or did not have a clear visual on the target, and last but not least fear of Prosecution for having a Gun in a Gun Free Zone.

  2. I certainly hope that OK’s will post all Sheriffs and Police Chiefs that will be standing for America. If this is it than this is it and as Dave said, a uniform will become a target. WE NEED TO KNOW WHO THE GOOD GUYS ARE !!!!!!!!

  3. Attempting to disarm the people will result in a bloodbath beyond belief…. and just who is going to do it? The same law enforcement folks that are encouraging the public to arm themselves? Or a military that already has little respect for their “pussy” commander in chief? Maybe all the untrained folks in the federal agencies that obama has been arming over the years? Obama needs to go back to smoking dope and trying to play golf while fantasizing he’s a great basketball player. His legacy will be that of having the second American revolution. The people that make up this country have just about had enough.

  4. The Pinellas County, Florida sheriff will do everything in his power to disarm the people who voted him in. [One sentence deleted by Elias Alias, editor]

  5. It will be bloodshed beyond belief. The police alone couldn’t disarm the american population even if they wanted to. On the other hand, the gov’t have an equalizer in plans for this. Drones, petra men androids, atlases, alpha dogs, etc. This isn’t including biological and chemical warfare. Technology that’s at least two decades beyond what the public is allowed to know. Militias, guns, and muscle will be in vain against this. It’s going have to be a superior spiritual host to take the lead into this coming war and destruction. Major cities will become more desolate than the wilderness of diblath.

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