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Life with ISIS is here. It is time to become the heroes we need.


Now is the time to change how we live and think.

We, awake, aware, free-thinking individuals, have known for quite some time that it hasn’t been a question of “if” an ISIS attack will happen in the US, but rather, “when” will this attack happen? The answer to that question came sooner than any of us would have imagined. It was with bitter disgust that I listened to the scene unfold on the radio as we took our monthly resupply run down the mountain, back to civilization and the wholesale grocers. It mortified me that it had been just days since the last active shooter situation had occurred in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It struck me, we are now living in a new reality. From this week forward, things will, most likely, get far worse before they start getting any better. I believe that we need to rethink how we, as modern American patriots, go about living our day to day lives. We must look to history and current events from around the world, to see how this new reality is going to be shaped for us, and what, the terrorists and the powers that be, would like to see America transformed into.

Those of you that follow my work know that I am very much a champion of freedom of religion. I try my best to be tolerant of other people’s beliefs, as long as they do not interfere with my own freedoms. Unfortunately, the more I look into the ideologies of radical Islam, specifically those that are espoused by ISIS, the more I see that they have declared war on you, me, and anyone else on the planet that does not believe exactly as they do. I find myself facing an inner briar patch of turmoil by trying to reconcile our cherished constitutional rights with a radicalized sect that would use those very rights to further a world view that would have us convert or be tortured to death. This is not some wild notion that I am blowing out of proportion. One merely has to look to the areas of the world that these radicals already control to see what they will do with anyone and everyone that does not believe as they do. I conveyed these inner struggles to my friend and fellow Oath Keeper, Stewart Rhodes, last night. His answer was clear, concise, and correct, we must look to the constitution, we must as always remain steadfast in our sacred duty to protect it. Period. Again the founding fathers in their monumental wisdom gave us a way to weather the storms of bankers, gun grabbers, and even foreign enemies coming to our shores as sleeper terror cells.  It is by exercising and protecting all these very rights themselves that we will fend off these wolves, for example we are free to pursue any god (or not) in our own way but we cannot deprive others their rights to life and liberty in that pursuit. The second amendment is very clear “A well regulated Militia* being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall NOT be infringed.” *The Militia being defined as our forefathers as such;


“The militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves, … all men capable of bearing arms;…”

— “Letters from the Federal Farmer to the Republic”, 1788 (either Richard Henry Lee or Melancton Smith).


“Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom? Congress shall have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American … The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the People.”

— Tench Coxe, 1788.

So then it is each of ours’ sacred duty to be the first responders, the protectors. As the Constitutional Society put it so well;

“When we are alone, we are all militia units of one. When together with others in a situation requiring a defensive response, we have the duty to act together in concert to meet the challenge. Those two component duties, of individuals to defend the community, and to act together in concert with others present, when combined with a third component duty to prepare to do one’s duty and not just wait until the danger is clear and present, comprises the militia duty.

The gun grabbers wasted no time what so ever to yet again declare that it is the fault of law abiding citizens that these shootings keep happening. In fact, on Dec 5th, the New York Times ran its first front page editorial piece for the first time since 1920, and what a piece of work it is. The title and subtitle spell it out pretty clearly:

“End the Gun Epidemic in America, It is a moral outrage and national disgrace that civilians can legally purchase weapons designed to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency.”

The editorial board goes on to try and shame us into going along with outright banning and turning in any weapons that they would deem to be “… weapons of war, barely modified, and deliberately marketed as tools of macho vigilantism and even insurrection.” These weapons are meant to be equal to what a citizenry would need in order to stop an overreaching force of tyranny. When our founding fathers were lining up across Lexington green to face off with the red coats, do you think Captain Parker was thinking that they should only arm themselves with a lower class of firearm because they were mere citizen soldiers and they should leave the more effective weapons to the king’s military and police??? I think not. I was rather impressed with the response “Fighting Words” published on by my friend and fellow patriot, James Wesley, Rawles’. Please clck here to read it.

We need to start looking at our approach to modern life differently. Instead of allowing them to put on more chains in the name of security, and allow the powers that be to keep us “safe” from every possible danger out there, we must come to grips with the truth that the only people that can truly give us a fighting chance at security are ourselves! We must begin the active process of changing our mind set and how we live our lives. If you are able to carry a firearm, then begin to do so, everyday. If you are not comfortable with firearms then it is your civic responsibility to seek out good, competent firearms training, and learn to become comfortable with them. Teach your family how to do the same. If you do not have your conceal carry permit and wish to be less conspicuous than open carrying, get signed up for that training and apply today! If you already carry a handgun with you day to day, maybe it is time to put together a ready bag for your vehicle. You will be prepared to defend yourself and stop these criminals, terrorists, and foreign enemies that have already declared war upon us and attacked our very way of life. Today is the day we need to show these villains that they truly have just awoken a sleeping giant! We need to start living in a way that would make our founding fathers proud of us.


Jason Van Tatenhove


Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



    1. Putin told us not to give up our 2nd Amendment last week on utube he said he knows what obamas up to if he does what he thinks he going to do he would have our backs. Check it out.

  1. Yes, America must wake up. Sheriff’s across the country are advising every law abideing legal aged and able person to arm themselves. Wake up before it is too late, if it isn’t already.

  2. @Raven and all..
    I have many time fallen into the depressed trap of ‘Maybe its already to late’ only to wake up and realize that as long as we still have the tools needed to control and end this; ‘It Ain’t Over Yet’ We must now search ourselves and soul to determine if we are strong enough to do what needs to be done, if not step aside and forward your tolls to those that are willing.

    It is not to late, it is just the beginning, the beginning of the Resurrection of the Second Great Country know as America.

    It’s no longer next year, next month or tomorrow, it has approach the Hour!

  3. After reading this and the comments on the Ranch burnings, well at first I felt scared, but then a sense of release and freedom came over my soul. Looks like maybe we could/would take action. I have never officially joined OK’S but over the last few years I have gleaned off of this sight and more what a stinking mess our country is in. I admit I was afraid to die, but now I feel that I may be soon be fighting beside patriots. Die? Yes I very well may lose my physical 62 yr. old body, but my soul and spirit belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. I guess I just didn’t want to be killed in my bed by a bunch of jack booted thugs. I’d rather meet them of the field of battle or better yet have them wake up and realize they are on the wrong side and when they are no longer needed they too will be illuminated Isn’t this the way of Satan and Agenda 21?

  4. Im a member in Northern ca. Will attend my first meeting in Livermore on Dec14th at Mountain mikes 1st street . Time to get organized, we have our familys grandkids to protect. These agenda 21 Elite Lucifer Loving Bastards are awaking a sleeping Giant as man above article just said .God Bless America!

  5. ISIS is specifically mentioned in the article but there are other groupings of Muslims who pose a grave threat to others… even those within the overall “Islam” label but who are in a differing sect. Along with the peril posed by a religion are the cultural norms of those bearing their “banner of Mohamed.”

    Delve into Islam and become aware that it is much more than what the Western peoples tend to view what a religion consists of. Islam is a religion along with a way of life and a culture and creates a society incompatible with Western ways and, perhaps most frightening, Islam creates a system of governance that many, maybe all, Westerners would consider to be slavery.

    Our Western ways of thinking tend to cloud over what Islam is and not realize that an entire way of life is entering new territory… a homeland of Western ways that MUST be allowed a homeland just as Islam is allowed to have its homelands in countries across the world.

    All opinions in this essay are mine and DO NOT represent Oath Keepers or anybody associated with the fine organization of patriots who O am convinced the Founders look down upon with approval.

  6. Well said. On enslavement, One can either be an American who owns/possesses a firearm or be one who bows to compliance to the various laws in terms of endearment of “legal gun ownership”. Entities and Enemies seem to be America’s #1 import since the day our Republic was founded as information sharing is our #1 export to confound us .”Independence” is the foundation of all our Rights. As, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness can never be manufactured as, it only can be grown, nurtured and defended from the heart..

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