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Juror Rights Educators Triumph AGAIN in Denver

Editor’s Note: I would like to share good news with Oath Keepers and friends. The Fully Informed Jury Association is a delightful weapon in the hands of the People in the fight for freedom from tyranny. FIJA has issued a very important press release at their national website.  Everyone will want to check the FIJA website and share the article with friends.

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Great news from the Fully Informed Jury Association –


Juror Rights Educators Triumph AGAIN in Denver


Denver, CO—This morning Judge Kenneth Plotz dismissed all felony jury-tampering charges that had been pending against juror rights educators Mark Iannicelli and Eric Brandt for handing out Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) brochures at the Lindsey-Flanigan courthouse in Denver, Colorado. Each was charged with seven counts of felony jury tampering as outlined in the Complaint and Information document, despite there never being any evidence that they were trying to influence the outcome of any particular case.

Iannicelli and Brandt were represented in court by attorneys David Lane and Lonn Heymann, who argued for dismissal of the charges. After approximately 90 minutes of argument and a short recess of about 20 minutes, the judge returned with his ruling. In dismissing the charges, he noted that such charges for handing out FIJA brochures amounted to an unconstitutional application of the jury tampering law and swept in speech that is protected under the First Amendment.


Please read article at the Fully Informed Jury Association < website>


Elias Alias

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  1. Sorry Elias for taking so long to comment here. It seems we rush to bad news, yet hold good news to our chest when not only we, but others need to see that light.

    Judge Kenneth Plotz deserves kudos for his constitutional action! We should research other cases and see if this is a judge we want to replace those Domestic Enemies and Traitors currently serving within the Superior Courts, or elsewhere..

    This was/is important, but to me, the courts do not lawfully decide what information people may hand out. It is our natural right to inform others. But for many, it will mean the difference in their own actions so it is a VERY important decision by a judge that seems to know and back the US Constitution, and do his duty as assigned. If so, then this is a great man when doing so surrounded by so much corruption. If so, this judge’s name should become a household word that shows others that not all are corrupt.

    1. Merry Christmas, Cal;
      and thank you for all the great comments you’ve posted here at Oath Keepers.
      Yes, it’s encouraging to see a judge do the right thing. What would be even better, in my opinion, would be a resolve in the hearts of every American to look within themselves for the ultimate sense of what is “right” or “wrong”, and stop relying on government offices (and officials) to declare what is right or wrong.
      Example: As it goes with the First Amendment, so too it goes with the Second Amendment, which clearly outlaws all “gun control laws”, and so it is with many other facets of today’s societal norms — I was much older in life before I finally figured out that there is no lawful basis for requiring any law-abiding American citizen to buy a danged “permit” (such as “CCW”) to carry one’s armaments in any way one wishes. We The People are Constitutionally required to be the final arbiter on what the Second Amendment says and means — not some danged court or panel of judges. “Shall Not Be Infringed” means just that, and I, for one, am willing to stand on that as my “permit”. The judge in the above article is to be commended, for sure, but We The People should not depend on any judge to interpret the Constitution.

      Elias Alias, editor

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