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Happy New Year! Obama Targeting Your Gun Rights After Christmas


This article was written by Robert Gehl and originally published at The Federalist Papers Project

Enjoy the holidays, because when the New Year comes, Barack’s going to throw down some unconstitutional “executive orders” on gun control.

After he gets back from his long Christmas holiday in Hawaii, President Obama is planning to use his “executive powers” to tighten gun laws, RollCall is reporting.

Since the San Bernardino terrorist attack (which has nothing to do with access to guns), liberals have been apoplectic about more and more gun control.

From limiting purchases, to banning people on the sketchy “no-fly” list, to background checks, the dictates will come down soon after Obama returns.

Obama doesn’t care that the American people are decidedly against him on this one.

A recent CNN/ORC poll suggests the American public is siding with GOP arguments. The survey found a majority (52 percent) of those polled oppose tighter gun laws. And a Washington Post/ABC News poll found 53 percent are against the assault weapons ban the White House has endorsed.

So far, the White House is keeping its plans — and the details of its legal review — under wraps. But sources say the administration is zeroing in on the definition of just who is in the gun sales realm.

“What we expect is that they are going to better define what it means to be ‘in the business’ of selling firearms,” said a source with knowledge of the administration’s thinking. Congressional aides say they are hearing similar rumblings.

Congressional Republicans and the White House are at a standoff over access to guns. That’s because GOP members hear “stricter gun laws” and process it as attack on their Second Amendment rights, while the administration describes tighter laws as “common sense steps” after a spate of mass shootings during Obama’s tenure.

The White House has bluntly accused many Republican lawmakers with being too afraid of the powerful National Rifle Association to advocate for even modest changes. But, in the wake of San Bernardino shootings and revelations that the shooters were inspired by the Islamic State, it is clear Obama intends to do what he can with or without congressional backing.

“There are common-sense things that can be done that would make our country safer, that would make it harder for criminals and the mentally ill to get their hands on a firearm,” Earnest said. “And we can do that without undermining the basic constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans.”

Obama used a prime-time Oval Office address earlier this month to, in part, turn up the pressure on Congress to act.

“To begin with, Congress should act to make sure no one on a no-fly list is able to buy a gun,” he said. “What could possibly be the argument for allowing a terrorist suspect to buy a semi-automatic weapon? This is a matter of national security.”

But Republican members instantly rejected that call.

Speaker Paul D. Ryan, R-Wis., has countered the administration’s gun arguments by saying anyone, including American citizens, “can arbitrarily be placed on the no fly list,” adding officials must “respect due process.”

Obama on Wednesday hosted former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the Oval Office, with gun control the topic of conversation. As the chief executive of the “Big Apple,” Bloomberg is a big gun-grabber.

The White House said Obama and Bloomberg “discussed ways to keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have access to them and what more could be done at the state and local level to help address gun violence in America.”


Brandon Smith



  1. Are traitors on the no fly list…?? seems to me that they are the biggest threat to national security. I will not comply with the unconstitutional orders of a traitor or anyone who backs him for they too are traitors whether they realize it or not. No excuses for violating ones oath…NONE…!!!!
    Standing fast and standing proud for the rule of constitutional law is the right thing to do. Its the only valid course of action for anyone claiming to be an American.

    P.S. Merry Christmas to Elias, Opey and Black Alias and All Oathkeepers everywhere.

    1. These traitors will have their 5 minutes in court then will be hung by the neck until dead. Those are our laws as established by The Founding Fathers. Today, it is still the basis for Common Law (of a sort perhaps). We The People now have a government which has become far too large and “grossly over-reaching” …and just plain tyrannical. Because that it is obvious to We The People that nobody in DC is going to do anything to “get in the way of Obama” …then they too, by doing nothing, are just as treasonous.
      Simply put, the whole thing needs to be brought down, and this can be done in a controlled manner (of sorts) …but it won’t.
      The choice is: 1) Throw away your life and give it to Allah, and Sharia Law, etc or;
      2) Die
      3) Win
      Sure looks like an uprising from hell is fixin to hit the entire globe HARD …and the wolves are at our doors and behind the ‘largest desks in The USA’.
      Are you ready? (I’m going for 3).

  2. Some lame-duck “gun hating lefty” like Obama who politically lives and dies via the polls is going to do something bad in regards to gun control via Executive Orders and against the Constitution after Christmas? Even that war mongering neocon isn’t that stupid. I say he doesn’t because he doesn’t want to light that proverbial fuse, at least quite yet. You want to see what happens to America with their vision of “gun control” look no further than that basket case of a city (no not Detroit but I know what you’re thinking) that his buddy Rahm Emanuel is getting kicked out of running – Chicago. Somehow I just don’t think he’d get away with that, especially right after THIS Christmas…

  3. What’s to stop another executive order declaring anyone, potentially everyone, a threat, thus no more firearm purchases period? Sorry, I trust none of our elected leaders.

    1. Relax, just relax. If you think the ability to purchase firearms will suddenly stop then you need to take a deep breath and think rationally.

  4. Like….It’s so safe to be visiting a gun-free town like Paris, France. Safety, schmafety, the naked truth is that the politicians are keeping their gun-toting guards, whilst the peasants eat dirt.

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