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Don’t Expect Media Apology after Attempt to Blame Importer for ‘Paris Terror Gun’ Fails

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It turns out the Century Arms M-92 wasn’t used in the Paris terror attack after all. That won’t stop the media from spewing its bile whenever it can. Since when has being right ever been important to them when writing about guns? (Screenshot: Century Arms/YouTube)

“Florida-based gun dealer known for supporting NRA is linked to weapon used in Paris terror attacks,” The New York Daily News gleefully accused, taking full advantage of what they perceived to be another “Gotcha!” against guns. Importer and manufacturer Century Arms has been the target a hit piece by the same hateful and subversive propaganda rag that smeared a conservative San Bernardino murder victim as the moral equivalent of his Islamist executioners.

New revelations show the weapon in question was not used in the Paris attack. We’ll get to that in a moment, but first we’ve got some Daily Spews to debunk.

We’re told Century Arms is an “online gun dealer,” conjuring up the intended conclusion among low-information tabloid readers that a keyboard and a credit card are all they’ll need to get a gun delivered to their door.  Naturally the “reporters”don’t mention that the importer’s website instructs consumers to “visit your local dealer to obtain pricing and ordering information.” As a matter of fact, reading their drivel produces the distinct impression they don’t know the difference between Century and a retailer, but won’t let that stop them from acting like what they write is authoritative.

The cud-chewers they write for won’t know the difference.

The “damning” charge that Century supports NRA, portrayed as a terrorist organization headed by “Jihadi Wayne,” could be leveled against practically any gun manufacturer, importer, distributor or retailer, not to mention the millions of members and the millions more of gun owners who believe they have a right to keep and bear arms. If you’re one of those, The New York Daily News, among other subversive domestic enemies, says you’re a terrorist.  That means you’re among those they want to see put on the government’s secret “terror watchlist,” forever prohibited from buying new guns and keeping the ones you have.

But they’re not done smearing Century. They also have to make sure everyone knows the company “was linked to the 1980s-era Iran-Contra scandal,” and that “the Center for Public Integrity reported that Century Arms’ Romanian-manufactured WASR-10 ‘has become a favorite of the Mexican drug cartels and in recent years hundreds of them have been traced to crimes in Mexico.’”

What they don’t tell readers about is the federal government being the driver in Iran-Contra. What they don‘t mention is Operation Fast and Furious, again with the government calling the shots.

Back in early Feb. 2011, when Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars and I were desperately trying to get the rest of the media to investigate government “gunwalking” to Mexico, one of my main whistleblower confidential advisers got me an exclusive (at the time) copy of a letter from Sen. Chuck Grassley to then-Attorney General Eric Holder, along with supporting documents, including National Tracing Center Suspect Gun Summaries, Suspect Person Information Reports and a Significant Information Report on weapons recovered at the scene of the firefight where Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed. Century Arms-imported firearms were used. But the company was in no way responsible for the evil plot by the feds to ensure their and other American-sold guns would be found at bloody Mexican crime scenes. That was on the government.

So what do Century Arms  guns being illegally transported to Mexico and then being carried back across the U.S. border have to do with the Century Arms gun recovered from the Nov. 13 Paris attack? Nothing, because that never happened. That story was based on a reporting screw-up, an Associated Press update admitted Friday.

“In fact, the gun in question was not involved in the attacks and has been in Mexican government custody since March of this year, according to U.S. authorities,” AP now admits. “[T]he gun was received by Century and eventually sent to a federal firearms licensee in the United States and purchased by an individual in February 2014.

Whether this means a blind eye is still being intentionally turned by the “authorities” as “crime guns” are being smuggled to Mexico is unknown. It could be this is just one of the entirely foreseeable (and preventable) consequences of an open border and an administration intent on leaving it that way to facilitate the cultural terraforming of the U.S. Or, emboldened by how pain-free Fast and Furious turned out to be for them, who knows if an undocumented policy of not looking too closely at guns heading south is being followed?  That’s the problem when lawless government does what it wants with no real oversight or consequences, and with all the cover they need enthusiastically provided by lickspittle media cheerleaders.

And there’s yet another possibility.  Maybe the gun really was found in Paris, and the government doesn’t want threads pulled to find out how it got there.

That’s the problem when relying on known liars for information, especially when they’re also utterly ruthless in advancing an agenda they’ll never spell out in detail for us — at least until such time as they believe no one can stop them.

About the only certainty: Don’t look for any of the rabid Fourth Estate Fifth Columnists to apologize to Century Arms for dragging them into this and for all the insinuations, and certainly don’t look for them to institute better editorial controls to ensure more responsible and less biased reporting in the future.  The only people they’re interested in controlling are the ones who would rather live free.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. One should never expect honesty from eithe politicians or the media. There was a time when such things were expected, but now it’s all about ratings and votes. What gets those is sensational claims and headlines that intertain the “unwashed masses”. Such was evident in the death of the Roman Republic, and we seem doomed to repeat their demise every step of the way.

  2. As always clear accurate reporting by Oathkeepers. Just wants to make you resist all the more when you read the BS most media rags put out there. I will tell you one thing is for sure, our resistance will not be futile. God bless American and stand your ground brothers.

  3. The “mainstream” media has been the left’s propaganda ministry for the last forty or fifty years. Nothing new here, it’s a crying shame that the “low information” voting public masses dutifully swallow the kool-aid and ask no questions. Pass the soma…

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