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Are You Ready To Join The Resistance?


by Shorty Dawkins

These are not normal times. The US Constitution is under attack. The US economy is under attack. We the people are under attack. If you suffer from “normalcy bias”, you probably can’t fathom this is so. You might think there is “something wrong”, but you haven’t a clue what that “something” is, and hope our leaders will straighten everything out. You can’t fathom that it is our “leaders” who are the “something that is wrong”. Maybe you think it is the Democrats who are the problem, and can’t see that the Republicans and Democrats are both destroying America, because you want to “believe” there is someone out there, some powerful force, some White Knight, that will save us from destruction.

Guess what? The only White Knight is you. Yes, you, John and Jane Doe. You are the hope for America, because most of our “leaders” are the problem.

When I speak of “leaders”, I am not referring only to the politicians, though they are a large part of the problem. I am also referring to business leaders, academic leaders and media leaders. It is these “leaders” who, through lies, deception, manipulation and indoctrination, are leading us, lockstep, into the New World Order. Both political parties, liberals and conservatives, their moneyed masters, and their slavish followers, have joined together, while pretending to be in opposition to each other, are now openly proclaiming their goal of Utopia, the New World Order, is in sight. It may be a Utopia for the “leadership”, those high up, but for most it will be hell on Earth. The NWO is, as James Jaeger has pointed out in two videos, a combination of Economic Fascism and Cultural Marxism, or, what I will call Corporate Feudalism.

What is Corporate Feudalism? In the feudalism that existed in the Middle Ages, up until the Reformation, there were the monarchs, and under them the Lords and Ladies, who controlled the land, a small merchant class, the clergy (who were the educators of the day), with the vast majority of the population being serfs, who were tied to the land, eking out a subsistence living (hopefully), and whose men were required to fight the wars of their Kings/Queens and Lords (usually resource wars). The serfs had no rights. They were, in effect, slaves, paying tribute to their Masters (taxes). The Kings, Queens, Lords and Ladies lived in comfort and splendor, in great palaces and manor houses, built by the labor of the serfs. The serfs lived in hovels. Serfs could not have armaments (disarmed), save when they served in their Lord’s wars. Serfs were not educated, unless it served some purpose of their Lord for some to be educated. The clergy of the day told their flocks to obey their Masters in all things (indoctrination).

Let’s compare the Old Feudalism with how the new Corporate Feudalism is shaping up.

Clergy still indoctrinating the flock to obey the government in all matters (Give unto Caesar what is Caesars). Very few of the clergy are demanding the government act in accordance with the Constitution.

We don’t have a King, just a President who, as time passes, acts more like one each day.

Our new Lords are of the Corporate variety. They live in splendor, as their predecessors did, and feel, as Lords once did, that they are special, and in most cases are above the law. (Think too big to fail – Too big to jail). They receive large handouts from the “King” (the Federal Government) in the form of bailouts, special tax breaks and generous government contracts. They return the favors by giving generously to the politicians. (Whom they now own) They are sometimes referred to as the Barons of Industry, and act like it.

The masses (serfs) still fight their Masters’ wars, which are still resource wars, but also geared to advancing the ultimate goal of the New World Order.

The masses still pay tribute to their Masters (Think taxes, which, if all taxes at all levels are considered, reach up to 50% in many cases). No longer are we land serfs, but we are most definitely wage serfs.

Education for the masses is still for the purpose of the Lords. The masses are educated only enough to serve the corporate structure. True education is given only in the Elite Schools, to those willing to be subservient to the NWO. Slowly, but surely, public education has been destroyed. It is now just a source of minimal training and indoctrination.

We used to be a nation with a large middle class. It is shrinking, and at last check, less than 50% of us are middle class. The dream of a house with a picket fence is dying, as more and more people lose their homes, or are priced out of the market. More and more people are living in substandard housing (hovels), or are living in tent cities or in their cars. Cities of the future are being designed where the average family lives in tiny, crowded spaces called apartments.
The politicians, corporations, academia and the media are clamoring for us to be disarmed, save for the police and those who serve in the military.

This has not happened by accident, or through well-intentioned blundering. It has happened by design, as a method of creating the New World Order (Corporate Feudalism). It has been accomplished through incrementalism, and with the help of the Hegelian Dialectic (Problem, reaction, solution), whereby they create a problem, wait for the reaction (someone needs to do something) and respond with their predetermined solution, (always involving greater, and greater, control over the masses, and one step closer to the NWO).

The foundation of our economy is being destroyed. So-called Free Trade Accords are not about free trade. It doesn’t take hundreds of pages to agree to freely trade between countries. NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP, the list goes on, are Trade Agreements that insure that manufacturing jobs in the US are outsourced to foreign lands. It has happened. No longer is the US a manufacturing powerhouse. Our economy is basically a service economy now. We import far more than we export, and have done so for years. This is only possible because the dollar is the World Reserve Currency, but that status will soon end, as the IMF is pushing to have their basket of currencies which form their Special Drawing Rights (SDR) instrument replace the dollar as the World Reserve Currency, diminishing the value and usefulness of the dollar. The other cornerstone of the dollar is the Petrodollar, where OPEC countries sell their oil in dollars. Saudi Arabia has already begun to hint they may accept other currencies beside the dollar. If they do this, other OPEC countries will follow suit. Already, China and Russia have agreements where Russian rubles and Chinese yuan are in use for the Chinese to buy Russian oil and natural gas.

When (not if) the US dollar loses its World Reserve status, the dollar will sharply decline in value, and the days of us importing far more than we export will be over. The dollar will no longer be widely held by foreign countries and central banks. Imports will cost more, and the US standard of living will decline.

The US Constitution has been under attack for over a hundred years. The creation of the Federal Reserve System, in 1913, is one such attack on it. Learn the history of the Federal Reserve. The US Treasury, not the Federal Reserve, is Constitutionally authorized to create money, (backed by gold and silver), and to maintain its value.

The creation of the Federal Reserve System was one of the early attacks on the Constitution. Since then, incrementally, there have been many attacks. Today, there are multiple ongoing attacks, against the First Amendment, the Second and also the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. There are also attacks on the very sovereignty of the US from the various Trade Agreements and the UN, with its Agenda 21 and other international agreements that destroy national sovereignty. Secret courts and secret laws, along with secret no-fly lists, are all Un-Constitutional. Executive Orders that claim the right to assassinate US citizens, or incarcerate them without trial, and without legal representation, for as long as the government chooses, at its own discretion, are anathema to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Globalism is the rallying cry, the mantra, of those who ache for the NWO. They hide their NWO actions under the umbrella of globalism, environmentalism (which for them is not environmentalism, but the false global-warming, climate-change charade), and the vaguest of all, Social Justice (who doesn’t want justice?). The NWO minions create hundreds of new organizations to promote their latest causes, and the rich, like George Soros, Bill Gates, and many others, who benefit by manipulating their organizations to support and further the NWO. It is all a sham of immense proportions, and the media and academia join in the manipulation. They are a part of the scam. They are the minions of the NWO, and they play their part to perfection.

The major media is controlled by six major globalist backing corporations, whose journalists, editors and anchors do as they are told, which is to support globalism and the NWO. Programming is geared to manipulating the collective consciousness, otherwise known as brainwashing.

Public education is a complete joke, with “No Child Left Behind” and now “Common Core” leading the race to the bottom, which is the lowest common denominator. Dumbing the students down, while indoctrinating them is the goal. That anyone still sends their children to public schools is a sad indication of the dumbing down of the general population.

Divide and conquer. Black against white, Christian against Muslim, Republican against Democrat, young against old, it is an age-old strategy. Create an enemy, whether internally or externally, beat the drums of fear, and while the masses are hating and warring against each other, gain more profit or control. Distract the focus of the masses from the real enemies, (those who seek power and control), by fanning the flames of hatred and division. The Romans knew this and perfected it, thereby ruling a vast empire. Hitler knew it, and so do those wanting to rule us under their New World Order.

Occupy Wall Street protesters opposed the bankers on Wall Street, but didn’t see the real enemy was/is the Federal Reserve, creating money, as debt, out of thin air, benefiting the bankers, true, but creating a nation of debt slaves.

Bush, Obama, and their Masters of the NWO, have been destroying the Middle East, creating millions of refugees, and adding thousands to the ranks of the jihadists in the process. Libya is destroyed, Iraq was destroyed, Afghanistan, likewise, and now it is Syria’s turn. ISIS was aided in its creation by the US and NATO. They pretend they are fighting ISIS, while covertly assisting it. Why? To create chaos. Order out of chaos is their mantra. The NWO minions do not care about the suffering they cause, be it the women and children they kill, or the numbers of refugees they create. Chaos. Chaos. Chaos. Now we have refugees, many of them angry, flooding into Europe and the US. Why has Saudi Arabia not accepted any? Because the plan is to flood the masses of angry Muslims into Europe and the US. The plan is to destabilize everything. Muslim against Christian in a new epic Holy War, is their plan. Meanwhile the arms manufacturers and the bankers make their profits from the suffering, even as the politicians grab for more control. When they leave the borders unsecured, and invite angry refugees into Europe and the US, do you think the governments care about their own people? No, not at all. Chaos. Order out of chaos. From the chaos will come the order, the New World Order. At least, that is their plan.

Are you ready to join the resistance? Are you ready to fight the New World Order? Do you want your children to be slaves? Are you ready to overcome your fears to protect the future of your children? It is through fear that we are controlled. Fear is a powerful emotion, but, as soldiers know, fear can be put aside.

In Part Two of this essay, I will speak of many ways you can join the resistance and begin fighting the NWO. You, as an individual can do much, if you are willing.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Outstanding explanation of how things are and what has been taking place Shorty. I look forward to the second part of this essay.
    I know that there will be very good suggestions that people can do to resist the onslaught of evil that we face but might I make a suggestion that one of them be to make others aware of the traitors within, their names and where they operate from so that when the situation gets even more dire then those that have the will to confront it head on will have the perpetrators already in their minds and these modern day barons will not escape unscathed while the rest of us descend into misery and deprivation.

      1. Outstanding article Sir.
        I’m anxiously awaiting part two.

        Strong Horse
        Liberty Tree Member # LT2096

  2. Not looking forward to fighting on our homeland but I’ll be damned if I let this country that I love and fought for turn to crap for my children!

  3. Oath Keeper’s task of de-indoctrinating the enforcement arms of the elites is of critical importance. Those lording over us will have no choice but to submit to We, the People if those they rely upon to force their evil will upon the masses do not obey those orders. Even better would be law enforcement and military joining the cause to re-create the USA, diverting the country away from the horrors that await if the unholy alliance between big government and big business continues.

    These are trying times. Where is the cohort of capable folks of the caliber of the original Founders to lead the efforts needed to avert disaster?

  4. Below is a copy of the e-mail I sent to the Reno Police Department, I have done everything I could to wake the coward Zombies of collapsing America up, my conscious is clear, my humanity is intact, and my soul is at peace, unlike the COWARDS who sit back and watch their children’s HEALTH and FUTURE destroyed by GENOCIDAL CORPORATIST FASCIST NEW WORLD ORDER MONSTERS, and all for materialistic consumption of useless garbage, addicting poisonous toxic GMO filled FAKE FOOD, mindless entertainment, and “bread and circuses” violent sports. The souls of the cowardly Police Forces and US Military fascist boot lickers will walk the earth for eternity in disgusting vile shame, along with all other cowards throughout our history, who sold their souls and children to psychopathic evil criminal monsters.

    Hello Jason, Congrats on being Police Chief and I hope you and your family are doing well. Quick question Jason…Now that we know our criminal fascist US Government is allowing terrorists into our country that they created, arm, and funded, and now that other Sheriff’s and Police Chiefs across the country are calling for citizens to arm themselves for protection, and defense against our criminal tyrannical government- I was wondering if you were going to do the same??? If not, I would like to know how to apply for the Chief of Police Position. My first order of business will be for everyone to retake the Oath to protect the Constitution and our Second Amendment rights, any sworn officer who refuses will be terminated and charged with TREASON. We can talk about the other steps I will take to stop this New World Order fascist takeover of our collapsing country in my interview

    From a freedom, liberty, and peace lover,
    Ronald Ahrens

      1. Thank you sir for being a freedom and liberty loving patriot. After retiring from the Reno PD on April 10, 2011 after 32 years in Law Enforcement-I believed I would spend my retirement traveling and hiking the world. I never imagined I would be fighting a New World Order Globalist Fascist psychopathic genocidal monster takeover of my country, and to see these cowards in the Police Forces and US Military, who insanely call themselves brave men and women, just pretending NOTHING is going on as they watch their children;s HEALTH and FUTURE being destroyed and turned over to New World Order psychopathic monsters, it is absolutely sickening, disgusting, and horrifying. The souls of these cowards in the Police Forces and US military will walk the earth for eternity, with all the other cowards who sold their children to psychopathic criminal genocidal monsters for mindless entertainment, materialistic consumption of useless garbage, and “bread and circuses” violent sports the cowards scream at like deranged animals.

      2. Ronald Ahrens,

        I’m sorry your planned retirement is lost, but we are all lost if we don’t prepare. The psychopathic NWO crazies are planning our future, and it won’t be pretty. Time to get organized and prepared in your community.

        Shorty Dawkins

      3. Please do not think I am complaining about our dangerous Orwellian Fascist Police State nightmare of collapsing America. I have been a student and lover of history all my life, and to be alive at this epic time in history watching psychopathic criminal genocidal New World Order Globalist Corporatist Fascist monsters taking over a country of dumbed down chemically altered fascist boot licking COWARD Zombies, although it is a horrifying evil, which freedom and liberty lovers in collapsing fascist America have NEVER faced, it is also fascinating from a historical perspective.

        Been preparing for a long time Shorty, and our family prepares daily. When the wolf comes to the door, our family is and has been prepared for the fascist boot licking criminal filth. We moved to an ORGANIC farm after I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and we found out how millions of others are suffering gastrointestinal diseases, cancers, allergies, and early death like NEVER before. We found out how the psychopathic Corporatist Fascists are murdering and committing SOFTKILL GENOCIDE on the coward fascist boot licking Zombies of collapsing America, who should of NEVER had children they are going to poison with toxic GMO filled processed FAKE FOOD garbage, fluoridated water, and all the toxic vaccines they can pump into those doomed children of evil vile collapsing America. Our organic farm now supplies nutritious healthy NON-GMO organic produce and fruit to BRAVE REAL HUMANS in our community, who are awake and aware of the horror and genocide committed by the most evil, most vile, most criminal, most fascist, most genocidal disgusting government in the history of the world. .

  5. You’re spot on Shorty. Very good article.
    I think we need to bring back tar and feathers. Now that would get the attention of these traitors and provide some awesome entertainment for the masses. Nothin like sippin a samy while tarin and featherin obamy.

  6. I am Vietnam Combat Veteran , served with 23rd Inf DIv . Was surprised that we have not been recognized on your Homepage , units served . Just skin’s Thanks

  7. I want america to be today and greater than our forfathers did many years ago!! We are a freedom country. To live,love,respect,each other!! God bless america. United we stand,divided we fall. Amen hallelujah!!

  8. Quoting the loon James Jaeger stopped me reading. You couldn’t find a sane person to quote. Next time do a little more research.

    1. Molon labe,

      You say James Jeaeger is a loon, yet give us nothing to back up your claim. Mr. Jaeger has produced many very fine documentaries, in which people like Stewart Rhodes, Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and other Liberty fighters appear. What have you done? Anything besides being narrow-minded and critical? I could care less what you have to say, sir.

      Shorty Dawkins

  9. Shorty , good article , what i don’t understand is what do the lords have on our elected morons , what they are doing is treason seems like we should be able to impeach the pres. and the other cronies I was proud that i served but not proud of our country any longer . navvet66

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