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LE Analyst Reacts To Media Destruction Terrorist Crime Scene



Oath Keepers will update this breaking story as more commentary surges. We salute the Washington Free Beacon for attracting more than 900,000 views of this remarkable twist on protocols for handling crime scenes. You’ll see the media pawing all over the apartment of two terrorists accused of the San Bernardino, California massacre. See the video in the story source: Daily Wire dot com

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Watch Law Enforcement Analyst React to Media Destroying Terrorist Crime Scene

“I am so shocked I cannot believe it. This is detective 101 for crying out loud. And now we have dozens of people in there totally destroying a crime scene which is still vital in this investigation. We don’t know how many other people they were connected with in this thing. So there might be tons of fingerprints in there …. and if the police are watching this they need to be on their way down there. I’m shaken over it. That’s how irresponsible it is that they let this happen.”






Elias Alias

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