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Holiday Sale On Thermal Evasion Clothing From Snakebite Tactical!


Hello Oath Keepers, Snakebite Tactical, the lone company on the web offering proven wearable evasion clothing against thermal imaging (FLIR) to liberty minded civilians, is launching a Christmas sale.  This sale is being offered to Alt-Market and Oath Keeper readers only.

The ThermTac Ghost Cloak is a cloak and pants system that hides around 90% of your body heat from civilian and military grade thermal imaging, rendering such technology effectively useless.  Thermal vision in the hands of corrupt institutions is often considered one of the greatest threats to a free society’s ability to defend themselves from tyranny.  Until now, the civilian market has been limited to few options beyond “thermal tarps”, which are little more than glorified space blankets.  If touched by the human body in any way, they will light up like a lightbulb in FLIR.

Thermal tarps are useful only when a person hiding from FLIR plans to sit in a defensive posture and does not plan to move.  Once he moves or touches the tarp, he is vulnerable to thermal imaging.  The following is a (graphic) example of thermal imaging in action against targets without thermal evasion clothing:

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”″]

Thermal evasion clothing removes an attacker’s ability to see your heat signature, and allows you to also move towards an enemy without presenting an easily seen target.  Instead of being stuck in a defensive posture, you are now completely mobile with the ThermTac Cloak from Snakebite Tactical. See how the ThermTac Cloak is built and how it works in the video below:

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Snakebite Tactical is giving Alt-Market and Oath Keepers readers 10% off your total order until December 25th, as well as free shipping.  Suits are now available in Forest Marpat camo (as seen in video), Desert and Multicam.  All our products are extremely high quality, are durable for hard use and are made by experienced professionals in the state of Montana.

You can see all price information on our products as well as frequently asked questions at the Snakebite Tactical website:

For more information or to make a purchase, contact us at:

Use this code to get sale prices: Thermalholiday10

Make sure you are prepared for the worst while working towards the best, and have a great holiday with family and friends.



Brandon Smith


Brandon Smith