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San Bernardino Terror Attack Lays Bare The Fraud Of Government

Bernadino LE

This article was written by Bob Livingston and originally published at Personal Liberty Digest

ASSOCIATE EDITOR’S NOTE:  The only point where I would disagree with Bob is that the evidence shows the globalists are seeking to destroy the Petrodollar, not save it, hence the dramatic fall in oil prices facilitating the threat of a Saudi depeg.  Otherwise, a very well done article.  – Brandon Smith

Every so often an event occurs that lays bare the fraud of government better than anything that can be written or said. We saw such an event last week.

In my writing of late, I’ve focused on the Machiavellian strategies employed by the government and its main players to steal from you your wealth and liberties and to turn this once-Constitutional republic into a Third World collectivist nanny-state hellhole, all under the sweet-sounding sake of safety and name of democracy. You can read some of them here, here, here and here.

The massacre of 14 people (plus 21 wounded) in San Bernardino, California, by American Muslim Syed Rizwan Farook and his Pakistani wife, Tashfeen Malik, peeled back the veneer of massive government fraud and deception. The so-called war on terror, the surveillance state, the security state and oppressive gun laws are nothing more than feckless distractions designed to give the illusion of safety while your liberties are stolen from you one by one.

The American government and its shadow, deep state operatives, along with allied governments and their intelligence agencies, used Muslim sectarianism to create al-Qaida and ISIS, supplying them with weapons and training in proxy wars and for the purpose of overthrowing sovereign governments. This is part of the globalists plans to blow up the Middle East, preserve the petro-dollar and ensure the dominance of our “allies” in the region: Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel. This is part of the long-range neocon plan as outlined in the Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

It began in the 1950s with the CIA operation, funded by Kermit Roosevelt with CIA money, to overthrow the elected government in Iran via a “spontaneous” popular revolt, continued with the first Gulf War attack on Iraq, and evolved into the now 14-year-old war in Afghanistan, and the subsequent destruction of Iraq, Libya and now Syria.

After 9/11, orchestrated (if you believe the government’s conspiracy theory) by CIA operative Osama bin Laden, the government embarked on a “war on terror” to “keep us safe.” The idea, George Bush the lesser assured us, was to kill “them” over there so we wouldn’t have to kill “them” over here.

So for 14 years straight, and nigh on 25 years if you take it back to Bush I’s unconstitutional first Gulf War, which never really ended, we have been killing “them” over there. But that didn’t keep “them” from setting off a bomb in the World Trade Center in 1993. It didn’t keep “them” from flying airliners into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001. And it didn’t keep “them” from creating a bomb factory and acquiring weapons and hording ammo for a big attack in San Bernardino last week.

Nor did the surveillance state, which monitors everyone’s communications and bank and credit card transactions to such an extent that the NSA felt the need to create a $1.5 billion 1 million square-foot data center in Utah to store everything it’s ever collected on everyone.

Farook was an American citizen who, despite trips to countries with histories of radicalizing young men and frequent communications with what the security state describes as people on the FBI’s radar because of their connections to terrorism, remained under their radar while he and his wife acquired paramilitary training and, along with a group of a half dozen or so other “Middle Eastern” men built bombs in the middle of a residential neighborhood. The Department of Homeland Security’s “See something, say something” program failed because saying something, as DHS requests in pamphlets and public service announcements, often gets one tagged as racist or Islamophobic or xenophobic. (See the response to Ahmed Mohamed, the clock boy.)

Malik was a vetted foreigner — vetted by the security state — and allowed into the country despite her ties to Muslim countries known to support terrorism. As NBC explains it: “Malik entered the U.S. on a K-1 visa, which is required of a fiancé [in this case, a fiancée] engaged to a U.S. citizen. These visas are granted after the applicant undergoes a rigorous security screening process aimed as (sic) preventing so-called ‘Green Card’ marriages.”

In addition to collecting all our communications and financial transaction data, the security state watches us with drones and security cameras on every corner, as well as with vehicles containing backscatter cameras that see through our walls and into our vehicles. It gropes and/or forces us into radiation spraying scanners before we can travel, questions us at random checkpoints, and paws through our bags and forces us to empty our pockets before entering public venues.

California has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. Yet Farook and Malik used legally acquired weapons with appropriate background checks. No word has yet been uttered from the MSM or the FBI whether the bomb-making material they possessed was legally acquired, however.

So as we now see, none of this “keeps us safe”: not the so-called war on terror, the surveillance state, the security state or the oppressive (for law-abiding citizens) gun laws. For who feels “safer” from the threat of terrorism in America today than he did 25 years ago? Certainly not the American public, despite assurances from the mainstream media and the government men and women who claim that’s the purpose of the war on terror, the surveillance state, the security state and oppressive gun laws.

So what do we hear from the MSM and the government men and women? After hours of hoping the shooters were conservative white men and, failing that, trying to hide the ties to radical Islam and attempting to deflect from the terrorism angle, we hear from the establishment and the government men that what we need is more war on terror, more surveillance state, more security state and more oppressive gun laws.

Oh, and we also heard — before the MSM was even comfortable with releasing Farook’s name — from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), who dutifully explained once again how Islam is a religion of peace. CAIR, it must be noted, has a history of funding terrorism and is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, a terror organization bent on destroying the west. The MSM, somehow, let that little tidbit slip past as CAIR “condemned” the terror attack and Farook’s relative explained how no one saw it coming.


Brandon Smith



  1. I live in the area in San Bernardino. I along with my wife were in the area doing some shopping. Because the business were on lock down we decided to take off and go home . When waiting for the stop light to turn green dozens of marked and unmarked LE vehicles went right next to us chasing these frigging terrorist cowards….I will tell you this for am American citizen to have to sit down with his wife and say if you get a call that I’m in jail because I was caught carrying a conceal legal sidearm while in public to protect my kiddos and my wife and yes myself then know this ill stand before a judge and give an account. But here lyes the problem .. No American that can legally own a gun should have to become a felon and spend countless years in prison carrying a firearm in public because they want to defend themselves. It’s funny how from state to state ONLY THE 2ND AMENDMENT changes. No other Amendment changes. Is that not odd!!!!! Listen folks it a one thing when it happens far away from your backyard , but when it is in your backyard. And your children come to you and say Daddy please carry a gun to protect me and please come home safe to us. Or Daddy how come we can’t move to Arizona where they can carrying concealed or openly everywhere… Do you know how heart breaking that is to know that I could go to prison , lose everything my family has and never see my kids grow up because I was caught carrying concealed .. JUST TO PROTECT MY FAMILY AND MYSELF FROM TERRORIST IN MY BACKYARD… it’s the American people that their blood will be shed on the streets of American. Because we have leaders that have NO. BACKBONE and refuse to follow the Constitution and. Bill of Rights of our Republic. For those who say well just pack up and move. We are trying it’s not that easy giving up 30 dollars and hour four 10 . I don’t mind down sizing and I don’t mind giving up certain creature comforts. But why ….WHY is that the 2nd Amendment is the only Amendment that changes from state to state . I have training . So I know how to use a firearm effectively . Bit if I have to risk becoming a felon to do so what the hell is going on??????? please keep all of the folks in San Bernardino in your thoughts and prayers . While some act like nothing happened..( the blind) others are very concerned more attacks are coming because of some of the things being reported . For example. ICE has at least 500 Syrian refugees being held less than 35 minutes from the attack area . Holding them until they release them into our backyard that was just attacked….how’s that make us feel.?????? See something say something to who people . Carry a gun and when the evil come depose of them to their maker. Or like our leaders would tell us we are winning and isis is contained really explain why then are there know terrorist training camps in the us and on the border. And are guns are being threatened … Stay safe out there my brothers and sisters and for those of you who may read this. And have to make the tough life changing decision to carry when your not allowed to. Trust me when I say my family gets how hard the decision is but do you want to be a victim or a survivor….. We all have to make that decision .. I hope and pray each of you are safe but like I said when it’s your home and your backyards it makes reality more real… Let me end with this hopefully they will still post my comment .. [Two words deleted by Elias Alias, editor] Islam and all their little coward thugs…

  2. Evidence thus far shows a very incompetent FBI that allowed MSNBC to ravage through the husband/wife terrorist team’s apartment, which of course, no evidence of an investigation occurred, such as finger print (black) dust and other important items removed, let alone…nobody bothered to see if bomb devices were behind the walls…all walls intact. No pictures from law enforcement of pipe bombs, no videos of the suspects entering or leaving the scene of the attack, no law enforcement videos of the chase, etc.

    Retired law enforcement types have stated emphatically on various talks shows that the investigation was flawed. Note: Same as with Sandy Hook shootings….and of course, the third suspect (again) is the big question…what happened to him?

    We have witnessed an attempt by the mainstream media to manipulate (our) minds with nonsense that reveals the original intent of blaming three white men (non-Muslim) for domestic terrorism which “requires immediate action for gun control.” The original narrative of three white men would have fit their scheme….but not Islamic radical terrorism, even though, the Syed and his wife were likely patsies to a black ops event with a political agenda, often used to divert attention away from the actual killers, IF AND WHEN compartmentalized cops figured it out !

    You’ve always heard of a “Plan A” and a Plan B,” well…I think we saw both come together in San Bernardino, just in-case the three tall white men (accidently) were caught. Even if they were caught…the same old B.S. arises each time, “This is a national security issue, therefore, you report what we tell you to report.” That happened at the Boston Massacre and at Sandy Hook.

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