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In-Store Sales Collapse 10% Over Black Friday Weekend

black friday

There are dozens of excuses and rationalizations for why this has happened, including the nonsensical lie that it has been caused by stores “spreading sales out over the entire Christmas season”.  I’m sorry, but retail outlets plugged Black Friday just as hard this year, from my observations, as any other year.  And, Americans for some insane reason still treat Black Friday as a kind of “tradition”.  People were out in force on Black Friday weekend, but they are BUYING LESS.  Once this Christmas shopping season is over, it will likely be rated as one of the worst in years.  Online sales are also well below predictions for this year and have not nearly filled the hole that has been left by brick and mortar stores.  I predicted this development in my article ‘Economic Crisis Goes Mainstream – What Happens Next?’, based on the fact that global shipping rates and numbers have plunged, signalling crumbling demand.  Where demand falls, so falls the economy…

Brandon Smith, Associate Editor

Sales at brick-and-mortar stores between Nov. 26 and Nov. 29 totaled an estimated $20.43 billion, 10.4% lower than 2014, according to ShopperTrak, a consumer research and analytics company. “There are several contributing factors, including fewer available store hours on Thanksgiving Day and a later Hanukkah that is anticipated to push sales into December,” said ShopperTrak founder Bill Martin in a statement. Sales on Thanksgiving day were an estimated $1.76 billion, a 12.5% decrease from last year. Sales on Black Friday were about $10.21 billion, about 12% down from last year. With seven key shopping days left in the year, ShopperTrak said it maintains its 2.4% brick-and-mortar sales growth forecast for the holiday season.




Brandon Smith