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2nd Amendment in Action: Armed Driver Stops Attempted Mass Shooting


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by AWR Hawkins

In light of the Democrat-sponsored gun control following the San Bernardino attack, it is crucial to remember the important role armed citizens play in keeping themselves and others safe.

Perhaps no example illustrates this better than that of the Uber driver who pulled his handgun and stopped an attempted mass shooting in Chicago on April 17.

The driver had a concealed carry permit, so he was carrying his gun legally. And the fact that he had the gun with him prevented injury to innocents at the very least, and perhaps saved numerous lives on top of that.

Breitbart News reported that the driver was sitting in his car on Milwaukee Avenue, watching people shuffle back and forth in front of the car just before midnight. As he watched, a gunman raised a weapon and began to fire, so the driver then sprang into action.

According to the Chicago Tribune, 22-year-old Everardo Custodio allegedly “began firing into the crowd,” and the Uber driver fired back. He fired a total of “six shots at Custodio,” striking him three times and wounding him in “the shin, thigh, and lower back.” The attempted mass shooting was over and the the only injuries were to Custodio.

Numerous similar examples exist—examples largely overlooked by a Democratic Party fixated on making it harder for citizens to get the guns they need for self-defense.

For instance, just one month before the armed Uber driver saved the day in Chicago, a concealed permit holder saved adults and children when a gunman opened fire in a Philadelphia barber shop. Bretibart News reported that the concealed permit holder was walking past the barber shop on March 22 when he heard the sounds of gunfire inside. Instead of running away, the concealed permit holder ran inside and shot the would-be mass shooter in the chest, fatally wounding him.

According to NBC Philadelphia, police said the 40-year-old suspect who opened fire in the barer shop was randomly shooting at “customers and barbers” before the concealed permit holder intervened.

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  1. Criminals in Chicago aren’t allowed to have firearms I guess maybe nobody told him or he would have left it at home…… sad when the only stories that make the national news are the ones that are being used to try to take our rights and even sadder when they are fake stories like Sandy Hook and Orlando shooting. If anyone doesn’t know of or agree with that statement just search for Sandy Hook rehearsal and see for yourself and decide for yourself also plenty of good evidence against the Orlando shooting ever happening. Don’t believe me don’t believe anyone do your own research I’m just pointing out a couple of obvious facts

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