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Revolt: 22 Sitting GOP Governors Rebel Against President Obama Over Syrian Refugees


When the States are convinced the Federal Government is over-reaching its authority, it is their Right, and indeed their Duty, to step on and Nullify the Federal action. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, wrote the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798. The resolutions argued that the federal government had no authority to exercise power not specifically delegated to it in the Constitution.

The Kentucky Resolutions, authored by Jefferson, went further than Madison’s Virginia Resolution and asserted that states had the power to nullify unconstitutional federal laws. The Kentucky Resolution declared in part, “[T]he several states who formed that instrument [the Constitution], being sovereign and independent, have the unquestionable right to judge of its infraction; and that a nullification, by those [states], of all unauthorized acts….is the rightful remedy.”

Nullification is the means held by the States, to insure the Federal Government stays within the bounds of its Constitutional authority. The Constitution does not grant the Federal Government unlimited power. It is the States, in Compact, that created the Federal Government, and as the creators of it, they have both the Right and the Duty to stand up and demand the Federal Government not exceed its authority.

Shorty Dawkins – Associate Editor

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by Michelle Fields

Governors across the country are publicly rejecting President Obama’s plan to relocate Syrian refugees.

The growing number of governors rejecting Syrian refugees comes after reports that one of the suspects in Friday’s Paris terrorist attacks, which killed more than 120 people, had entered Paris by masquerading as a Syrian refugee.

The number of Republican governors who have called for the rejection of the relocation of Syrian refugees in their states continues to climb. Currently, the GOP Governors of Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, New Jersey, Kansas and Wisconsin have all rejected Obama’s resettlement plan. That means 22 sitting GOP governors have rejected Obama’s plans–and only nine sitting GOP governors haven’t come out against the plan.

In addition, Kentucky’s governor-elect Matt Bevin is publicly opposed to the plan as well, which means when he is sworn in as the next governor of Kentucky there will be at least 23 states with GOP governors opposed to Obama’s Syrian refugee resettlement plan. That’s also all in addition to New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan–a Democrat–coming out against President Obama’s plans.

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin released a statement saying: “I am calling upon the President to immediately suspend the program pending a full review of its security and acceptance procedures. The State of Wisconsin will not accept new Syrian refugees.”

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal went so far as to sign an executive order allowing Louisiana officials and law enforcement agencies to prevent Syrian refugees from resettling in the state.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I wish all Governors and most of all Gov. Abbott of Texas had done the same as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal by Exec. Order, hey we all can play the same game right? A Pen and a Phone, Wow! what we have come to in the faltering land.

  2. Just saw this on FB – looks like the POTUS has a House-ful: When you read this you will understand why Obama refuses to say the words “radical Islam.” Did you know that We Now Have a Muslim Government? … John Brennan, current head of the CIA converted to Islam while stationed in Saudi Arabia. Obama’s top advisor, Valerie Jarrett,~~is a Muslim who was born in Iran where her parents still live. Hillary Clinton’s top advisor, Huma Abedin,~~is a Muslim, whose mother and brother are involved in the now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for Homeland Security, Arif Aikhan,~~is a Muslim. Homeland Security Advisor, Mohammed Elibiary,~~ is a Muslim. Obama advisor and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, Salam al-Marayati,~~ is a Muslim. Obama’s Sharia Czar, Imam Mohamed Magid, of the Islamic Society of North America~~ is a Muslim. Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighbor-hood Partnerships, Eboo Patel,~~is a Muslim. And last but not least, our closet Muslim himself,~~ Barack Hussein Obama. It’s questionable if Obama ever officially took the oath of office when he was sworn in. He didn’t repeat the oath properly to defend our nation and our Constitution. Later the Democrats claimed he was given the oath again….in private? CIA director John Brennan took his oath on a copy of the Constitution,~~not a Bible. Congressman, Keith Ellison took his oath on a copy ~~of the Qur’an. Congresswoman Michele Bachman was vilified and almost tarred and feathered by Democrats when she voiced her concern about Muslims taking over our government. Considering all these appointments, it would explain why Obama and his minions are systematically destroying our nation, supporting radical Muslim groups worldwide, opening our southern border, and turning a blind eye to the genocide being perpetrated on Christians all over Africa and the Middle East. The more damage Obama does, the more arrogant he’s become! Our nation and our government has been infiltrated by people who want to destroy us. It WILL only get worse. Plus John Kerry’s son in law is an Iranian muslim. Had enough?

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