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Silver Oath Keeper Challenge Coins

Reduced Pricing On Silver Oath Keepers Challenge Coins


Oath Keepers Challenge Coin


Oath Keepers Silver ‘Challenge Coins’ In Time For Christmas Delivery



Oath Keepers is happy to announce that orders for our .999 Fine Silver ‘challenge coins’, each weighing one Troy ounce, are ready to ship immediately in time for Christmas delivery. Jim, our gear and merchandise store operator in Las Vegas, is offering these ‘challenge coins’ at a slight discount. While pricey when compared to one-ounce bullion prices on silver rounds, these ‘challenge coins’ represent a fairly limited edition specifically die-struck for Oath Keepers. The dollars Oath Keepers makes on the sale of these ‘challenge coins’ goes to our general fund and is used in our outreach mission to the police and military. The ‘challenge coins’ make great Christmas gifts and support this organization at the same time. Oh, and by the way – they’re beautiful and have that great precious metal feel when held in one’s hand.


Here are links to the offers:

One Coin  – Coin_p_12.html

Two Coins  –

Five Coins  –

Ten Coins  –


I love my challenge coin. You’ll be glad to own one too.

PS: Don’t forget to browse our gear and merchandise store for other gift ideas such as James Jaeger’s new documentary film on Martial Law, Midnight Ride.  Thank You!


Elias Alias, editor




Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. I’ll pay a very generous 35+% premium over spot: $19 per ounce for 5 of them. You want what for one coin? $60!!!!. F#@% No!

  2. What a damned ripoff the going price for silver is just under $15.00 for a troy ounce. I think that I may have to end my membership and support of the oath-keepers they have become greedy and dishonest to be selling these coins so high.

    1. “going price for silver”? You haven’t been buying silver lately. The so-called “going price” provided by COMEX is quite lower than the price everyone is paying for the metal rather than the paper promise.

      1. I agree Spanky.

        Plus there is the cost of minting the coins into the OK design, and some profit to keep those members who actually do things for the nations with some assistance in defraying the costs.

  3. I have bought 2 of these coins and I am very HAPPY with them, I feel that this Organization has done alot of good since it has started, they need to have some way to bring in revenue, as far as being “Ripped Off” Alan, I think maybe you ought to be a “Quitter” then. This Organization is one of the best groups for all VETS, I stand with the “Oath Keepers”, and remember my “Oath that I swore when I joined the Army back in ’67. Further more, You have to take into consideration what these coins cost to have made. Take a look at the $5.00 gold coin that is out on the market, they want $275.00 or more for it, NOW that’s a “RIP OFF”. And this is all that I have to say on this subject.

  4. Storm and Alan, do you really think these coins are being sold for investment purposes ??? They are an investment in Oath Keepers and the additional cost over silver price and production is a donation.

  5. To Storm, Alan and a gentleman by the name of Bill (who wrote a similar note to me through our store contact) I would like to post the response I sent Bill about the price of our coins:

    Gosh Bill, I’m glad you appreciate what Oath Keepers does around the country, we are doing our best to try and spread the message of the importance of police and military obeying their oath. We do countless things in various states supporting our membership and the citizens of our great nation… and we don’t charge a fee for any of it (like the support we gave in Ferguson MO during the riots or standing up to the BLM at Bundy ranch). One of the ways we are able to fund such operations is the sale of our Challenge coins (which happen to be our most popular holiday sale item). Every now and then (maybe 2 or 3 times a year) I receive a complaint like yours about our coins and I always try my best to explain that by no means do we expect our supporters to buy these coins as an investment in anything other than helping fund our organization. We never intended to make these coins available so supporters could buy them, and then resell for a profit. These are designed to be a fund raising tool for Oath Keepers; many of our supporters understand this and gladly purchase these coins.

    I regret that you have lost respect for this organization. If you want to blame someone you can blame me and me alone. I am the store manager and I have not consulted with anyone else in the organization about the pricing of our store products; (by the way, all of our store products must be made in the USA and we include free shipping with all orders. This tends to lead to higher prices for our products but we will NOT offer merchandise made in a foreign country). My name is Jim Ayala, my membership number is 000003, I am a member of the Board of Directors and I have been a part of this organization since day one… you can read my bio by following this link:

    I hope you understand that it is not my intention to “rip-off” anyone, I am simply trying to do the best I can for this great organization.


    Jim Ayala

  6. What you are doing is fine
    Buying the coins is an investment in the future of America
    No to make money
    Navy 24/7

  7. A person can go to the futures website to find out what silver is selling for, that is true. And if 60 dollars is the price, it does seem pricey. But we have to remember Oath keepers need financing to do what they do. We all benefit in some way.

  8. I am disappointed that many people thought these coins were silver bullion for investment….instead of helping Oathkeepers financially….I hope they reconsider and contribute to the cause instead of looking for a “deal”….

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