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NRA News Ginny Simone Reporting | Australia: A Nation of Defenseless Victims

gun confiscation

The following is an NRA produced film about the gun confiscations in Australia, and what has been the result. As you can expect, armed robberies increased by 69%, and other crimes committed with guns are up sharply, as are home invasions. Australians are truly defenseless victims.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. If you ask me the Australians should’ve resisted their governments gun confiscation decrees. They should’ve taken a lesson from the Battle of Lexington and Concord and organized into militias so they’d have a better chance at fighting back should the government try to take them anyway.

    And Hillary’s a fool if she thinks an Australian-style gun confiscation scheme is going to work here given the sheer number of gun owners, many of whom are willing to resist the gun grabbers if the mass civil disobediance against New York state’s SAFE Act is any indication.

    1. Australians should have resisted the gun confiscation the same as you are resisting the incarcerations of everybody connected with the Malheur Refuge center.

  2. Say Greg, but isn’t it a fact that Australia has no (shape, manner, nor form) of a Constitution? I agree they should have staunchly fought “to the death” to retain their rights (and everything else they own …after the guns it will be your children, or whatever “suits them” monetarily the greatest …and don’t forget that there is NO WAY that you would make a nice, little slave-boy iffin you had a GUN! JC! HORRORS!

    Hillary. Hillary is NO fool, but she is a woman, and women do not think at all like men when it comes to these things. She’s totally hell-bent on disarming us so that we can all be shot like deer in a boxed canyon. Hell folks …cops are already shooting people “without reason” (and these folks are most often NOT armed in the least …and the ones who are NEVER ONCE drew their weapons – yet are dead today, “death by cop” …and that cop “walked” away from it without as much as a handslap. Do you think the cops they send to jail actually stay there? Of course not …they just xfer to another precinct in some other state, never to be seen again (or, to be as exact as possible, about 87% of cops who kill end up taking that route (“They” take care of themselves …which means not-a-one-of-them are remotely keeping their “Oaths of Office” in any conceivable way.

    Only the combat vets (and a few civilians) can tell you (from 1st hand experience), just how ‘out-of-control’ Mass Civil Disobedience can get! If and when the day comes that “they” become foolish enough to “go for our guns” ….that day will mark the First Day of the end of The American Government, as it now illegally stands, and the 1st day of renewed freedom and independence, mixed with a great deal of needless death and destruction. (The only other outcome will be YOUR DEATH AND DESTRUCTION ….and ending up dead would probably be the preferred outcome considering what could (potentially) follow IF we lost ….thus, we must never quit fighting. Vietnam is a good example. The USA was unable to beat a 3rd world country. Who (exactly) is going to take down the strongest nation on the planet? It’s own government(?) meaning nobody will do anything at any time to stem the flow of this incoming ‘super tide’? Nothing?
    I seriously doubt that Australians are going to allow any more of their arms to be taken away AND I can hardly believe that the “God given right” (or instinctive right) to protect yourself is completely illegal in Australia. (That means that all government entities shall NOT make use of any weapons in the name of self-defense too doesn’t it)? If so, are they complying? Hell no. They already want the rest of the weapons …and then Aussieland will be incorporated by The UN into The EU (like it or not).
    Where [two words deleted by Editor] do these people come from who actually believe “that they are better” and deserve to control the entire world to include genocide or outright murder. Talk about psycho’s ….dang!

    1. Hi Bud,

      The Australian ‘constitution’ is an Act of the British parliament.

      The queen has a representative and people think he has no power but in 1975 he dismissed a democratically elected government.

      We are just a colony.

  3. It is shameful that we cannot have guns.

    The manner in which this happened is one of Australia’s more egregious moments.

    The Prime Minister was John Howard whose family was connected with fascists.

    In Port Arthur, Tasmania, people in a restaurant were shot in the forehead.

    That requires skill to do it non-stop and with precision.

    There were witnesses to that.

    And a person with a low IQ and no gun skills to speak of is locked up for that massacre even though the staff in the restaurant testified it was not he who killed people.

    The matter was swept under the carpet very quickly, we all know about the presstitudes.

    It is not just guns, a decent knife will get you into trouble.

    Last year I was detained by the cops because I saw no good reason to move when they told me to and I was on the receiving end of a full body scan.

    Do we have to fight with brooms?

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