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MIDNIGHT RIDE the Movie Now Online For Free Viewing

Free to All! Midnight Ride is online indefinitely for all to see!

Martial Law Paris

On Friday, November 06 2015, Oath Keepers participated in the premiere of James Jaeger’s new documentary film, MIDNIGHT RIDE, by hosting a five-hour window of time for anyone who wished to view the movie for free. Several thousand people took advantage of the offer and viewed the movie at no charge and without having to purchase a copy. I worked closely with James during the year it took to make the film and can say with surety that James created the movie from his passion for the Constitutionally-protected Liberty and Freedom of every American. While we do need more donations and support to market the movie, and while we do need DVD sales, James is now inspired to open up the movie once again, for an extended period of time, for free viewing online. So if you missed the 5-hour time slot on the 6th of November, here is your chance to see the movie at your leisure.

James told me by phone that the message in the movie needs to be spread far and wide, and it must be made available to the public. Therefore, in the interest of spreading the word about “Martial Law” and the Constitution’s view on Martial Law, James has for a limited time placed the movie online once again for free viewing. I agree with James that getting the word out about Martial Law is even more important than selling DVDs of the movie. We hope that when people view this film they will be inspired to buy the movie for themselves and for friends. Sales of the DVD will benefit both Oath Keepers and Matrix Entertainment in our efforts to promote Constitutional information.

The so-called “War on Terror” is a massive lie put in place as soon as Bill Clinton was in office, beginning with the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and building up across the 1990s to 9/11/2001, when the warhawks on Wall Street and the military-industrial-media complex finally got their leverage to create the so-called Department of Homeland Security.  The alleged war on terror is in reality a war on each of our freedom and liberty as Americans. The goal of the “terrorism” is to tighten government control over our lives. Midnight Ride, the documentary film which examines the four types of Martial Law in the bright light of the Constitution, is indeed an extremely important movie.  What the French government has done in response to the attacks in Paris is exactly what the ruling elite in America will do to our society if they can successfully execute a similar attack here on U.S. soil — or — if there is a banking failure of serious magnitude, an EMP, or whatever other calamity may chance to afflict our way of life. All Americans need to know what the Constitution says about “emergency powers” (which are not granted in the Constitution), so that we all may reject the coming police state’s tyrannical control over our lives.

Happily, the link for that film is below, for free viewing. Additionally, those of you who want to buy a permanent copy (or copies for gifts) may go to the Oath Keepers Gear Store and help Oath Keepers by purchasing your films here;

I hope all reading here will enjoy the fruits of James’ labor and share this movie with everyone possible. Help us get the word out about martial law and the Militia system which is the Constitutional solution to any perceived (and governmentally-proclaimed) “need” for Martial Law.

In closing, I’d like to thank each and every one of you who helped sponsor the costs of making this ground-breaking documentary film. Thank you also for sharing the news about the film with everyone you can.



Elias Alias, editor


Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. Hello, after careful research I have come to the conclusion the Oath Keepers is an integral part in todays society. Thank you for keeping us informed and giving us guidance.

    Well, my comment is reference the Greensboro NC police department. They have asked that we turn in our firearms on a voluntary basis. They in return will give us a gift card. I was wondering if you had any info on this program. Has this occurred in other parts of the US with any success. Again, thank you.

    1. I recall one event where a local government (Seattle WA, Jan 27, 2013) ran out of gift cards and began handing out IOU’s, after which a makeshift gun show erupted with buyers making offers to buy with hard cash to the people in line , in lieu of accepting the IOUs. Another incident, Feb 21, 2013, Santa Fe NM promising an anonymous buyback event, also ran out of gift cards, handed out IOU’s, and then publicly released the gun owners names.

  2. Miguel and Every American ! You Have a Constitutionally Protected Right To Own Firearms ! Anyone who tries to “buy” or Ban American Citizens of these Rights Is a Socialist wolf trying to Destroy Our Republic ! Stand with all Patriots and Defend Freedom that Is why Our Country Is Safe ! ! ! We are the militia ! ! !

    1. I keep hearing ” we all have a constitutional right to bear firearms”. But how is that true when my father who had gotten 3 dui’s 83 93 and 2008 and can not own a firearm because he went to prison for 8 mo. and is now a felon. He has no prior criminal history other than the 3 dui’s but this will make him unable to bear arms for the rest of his life. We can’t even hunt together anymore even on our own land.
      My fathers also is a nurse and goes to church so he’s not some waste away type .

      Thank you

      1. Dan, If your father is no longer an irresponsible alcoholic and has mended his ways, then there should be no reason why he couldn’t regain his right to bear arms and exercise his right to self defense, if need be. Even with a CWP, a DUI will get your permit suspended for at least 5 years, till you can re-apply. You understand the gravity of alcohol and firearms. Thing is, you know your Dad, and he seems to have changed by what you say… Since his DUI’s didn’t hurt anyone else (I will assume), then why not. If this were our neighborhood, and we took a vote on it, I would say most, if not all, would give YOUR Dad a second chance. That’s my professional, investigative thoughts.

  3. By now it should be apparent who is at the center of all of the major problems in the world, but I keep hearing and seeing indications that True Constitutional Patriots and God fearing people and organizations seem to either ignore or purposely go around the subject. I believe as long as this is done, we will continually live in a world where peace will never be, and eventual total destruction will be brought upon us, even the perpetrators. If this world is to be saved, everyone must face up to who has been behind the agenda to enslave the population of the world, and is willing to work toward that end, even if it means they themselves are eventually destroyed. They have had their agenda and have been working toward their goal since about 1770, they understood that in-order to control the people, they had to gain control of their government, and to do that, they first had to gain control of the money. They have been doing that, and loaning money to governments ever since, and they have used war, which they created to increase their loans to government, and insure payback with interest. Everyone who cares enough to do their research, and to dismiss the lies of governments and the Mainstream media understands this, and that is not my complaint, what my complaint and disappointment is, that the fact that the real truth concerning who the real perpetrators are is left up to those of us who call ourselves Truth Warriors, although we are dismissed as Conspiracy Theorists, a name created by the CIA, to dismiss us. Why is it that those that have the stage do not tell America who is at the center of all of these catastrophic problems? Why is it that no one with the ability to have their voice heard does not come right out and tell who it is that has historically has attempted to take over control of almost everything, everywhere they have ever been? Why is it that they have always attempted to divide all but themselves? Why is it that they have been kicked out of every country in the world because of the criminal activities at one time or another, except in the US, and at one time, the people in this country had little respect for them? Why is it that almost no one knows about the changes that the Schofield Bible made in the thinking and common sense of Christians? Why is it that American cannot understand how dangerous it is that Israel almost totally controls the US, France, and Great Brittan?

  4. Watching the video now. Thank you. Sent notices to other sites mentioning the existence of and link to the video. My suggestion; to maximize public viewing and aware of the very short attention span of the majority perhaps a series of brief snippets that convey part of the messages/warnings conveyed within the entire video.

    These can be sent to many places across the Web to assist in warning We, the People of what I, and others, believe is growing tyranny within the USA that requires a firm response by the masses of us being tyrannized.

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