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Gun Tax (Extortion) Bill Gets Attention, No Traction, but Still Reveals Totalitarian Mindset

Opposite Day “progressive” Nydia Velasquez proposes using armed enforcement to bully gun owners into either paying extortion money or giving up their right to keep and bear arms altogether. (Nydia Velasquez Facebook photo)

“A new bill would tax gun owners at a rate of $100 per firearm with proceeds going towards anti-violence and mental health programs,” is reporting. “Rep. Nydia Velazquez, D-NY., said the measure would reduce the number of guns in circulation and providing needed funding for programs aimed at reducing violence. The legislation will be introduced in the U.S. House this week.”

Taxing rights. What a “progressive” idea, right up (down) there with poll taxes. Aside from being offensive to all, that would make guns prohibitively expensive for people of lesser means to afford, effectively discriminating against vulnerable citizens who live in the most dangerous neighborhoods. Funny, who the biggest opponents of true egalitarian power-sharing are…

And if $100 is good, $200 would be better, right? Once the precedent is established, the sky’s the limit.

The presumption is that New York City and other urban areas have strict edicts, but unless we impose the same diktats on everyone everywhere in Everytown, why, people will still be able to get guns! But those “easy access” areas of lesser infringements present an inconvenient truth the antis would just as soon not see brought up: They always seem to be relatively more peaceable.

Velasquez’s bill would also slap a $10,000 fine on anyone who fails to report a stolen gun within 48 hours. What it can’t do is impose such punishment on the violent criminals whose thuggish ways feed the “demand” for “gun control”: A principle established by the ruling in U.S. v. Haynes is that you can’t require a prohibited person to admit to having been in possession of a gun, because to do so would violate Fifth Amendment self-incrimination protections. So the bad guys get a free pass.

The first question might be why Alabama “Authorized Journalists” are making a big deal over the actions of a New York Congressthing. The next might be why a professional journalist is apparently ignorant of the fact that a bill she’s now telling readers to expect this week was actually already introduced a week-and-a-half ago. And last, we might ask why so much energy is being focused on a bill that, per the GovTrack legislative prognosis, stands only a 1% chance of even making it out of committee and a 0% chance of being enacted.

One might also ask what bullet button workarounds to California gun owner harassment edicts have to do with the story being “reported,” but they apparently needed a picture and the one they used at least had a gun in it.  It’s not like subject matter familiarity is a requirement for the media as long as there’s an agenda-advancing narrative to publicize.

That’s understood by political parasites nonetheless looking for press exposure. When you’re dealing with a constituency dumb enough to elect totalitarian wannabes like Nydia, you have to constantly remind them of your name, which explains all the Brooklyn and Queens DAs eager to share in the limelight, not to mention the 12 cosponsors in Congress. (As an aside, I see Keith Ellison and several other members of the Democrat Socialists of America-affiliated “Progressive Caucus” are backing the bill. Like a fictional predatory infiltrator said, the better to kill you with…)

In a way, proposing incremental Intolerable Acts like this does us a favor. It shows us there’s no stone the gun-grabbers intend to leave unturned as they grind relentlessly toward their true goal, total control.  And not just of guns.

That’s why anyone ostensibly on “our side” who offers “compromise” is being foolish – at best. The enemy will never consider surrendered bits and pieces enough, and even when they have it all, that’ll mean they’re just getting started.

My standard response to the power-mad and their useful idiot enablers: No. Your move.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. the clock ticks, these tyrants throw lots of mud on the wall. Some of it sticks with the passing of time as a trickle affect. The tyrants take little chunks, The sheeple look the other way, the semi-concerned give it a pass. Clear thinkers see the threat. Then more mud on the wall is thrown… the cycle eventually brings us to the present. What should have happened, is the tyrants should have been immediately put to a rope from a high limb to curb even the suggestion of destroying our God given freedoms. But, history shows humanity is a product of wolves leading sheep. I have zero doubt that history will repeat. Unless….


    1. ….but it’s not mud they’re throwing up against the wall. and i know that the wall won’t hold when the shit hits the fan and the tyrants will either flee or fight. i think they will flee, but who knows?? they obviously don’t have the fortitude to openly state their agenda for all to see.

  2. Interesting thought. These collectivists keep calling for suppression…maybe just for their own safety, they should be suppressed. Now how to do that without costing anything?

    1. Sure. . . I’d be GLAD to comply with the suppression the Collectivists keep calling for. But I can’t afford the high cost + the BATFEces stamp tax.

  3. “The first question might be why Alabama “Authorized Journalists” are making a big deal over the actions of a New York Congressthing.”

    First time through, I read this as “Congressnothing.” Actually, I like that better.

  4. This is from the same group of people who go ballistic over having to show a government ID to vote? Or who endorse sanctuary cities for actual criminal illegal aliens?

  5. I was going to read the article to try to make sense of ‘Gun Tax Bill’. Then in the first sentence I got to ‘D-NY’, and realized it wasn’t going to make any.

    Too bad Rep. Velasquez doesn’t stop bullying law abiding gun owners. But I know that’s asking the impossible.

  6. What we have here is another piece of bad legislation, perhaps more focused on generating political contributions for the sponsor from guys like Bloomberg than it is about actually accomplishing anything else.

    1. Doug, I thought you were gonna quote the movie Cool Hand Luke. “What we have here is failure to communicate.” Yes, these Regressive Liberals do not want conversation. They want all to listen and do as they say, not as they do.

  7. A tax against the growing working-poor class where $100 can be a substantial sum. To those who can hire departing politicians and bureaucrats at luxurious wages (how the elites control many while in office/position) … mere chump change. Who is more apt to revolt against a corrupted, tyrannical system that elevates the few to lofty heights while commoners sink evermore into an economic quagmire? Obviously the trampled upon folks with no other recourse than to counter tyranny with possibly the only power they possess.

    Is this proposed law merely a method to ensure the serfs remain subservient to their masters lording over them? I wonder what the Founders would say about this method to curtail access to weaponry that the wealthier classes can shrug off easily?

    As always, all that I write is my opinion and in no way representative of Oath Keepers beliefs or policies or of anyone associated with OK. If the USA is in a state of full-scale class warfare as I believe it is is the proposed law possible verification of my belief? Are the overlords and their politician and bureaucrat lackeys fearful of an angry populace tired of being spit upon with no other recourse than to act out in a manner as recommended by the Founders whose writings told We, the People how to deal with tyranny?

    Sad days, folks, when I fear my own government more than all foreign threats combined.

  8. we are being pushed into a corner with each of these trash bills, we know they will never be realized but it says something of the political mindset and does nothing more them penalize the ligitimate safe gunowners because the thugs will never comply to such trash that is in bill!

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