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Did France’s Strict Gun Control Contribute To The Paris Bloodbath?


The New American has an article by Bob Adelmann, titled “Did France’s Strict Gun Control Contribute to the Paris Bloodbath?” The answer? Duh, yes!

Gun-free zones don’t protect anyone but the criminal; pure and simple. Criminals get guns illegally, if they can’t get them legally. What is it about that simple fact that gun control freaks can’t get through their heads?

At the Bataclan Theater, the terrorists were able to calmly shoot the patrons, reloading several times. Why? Because no one in the Theater was armed, so all were defenseless.  Even the Paris Police are unarmed, and therefore had to call in a SWAT team before anyone could even consider taking out the terrorists.  It was much the same at the other sites where the terrorists simply stood calmly and shot, reloaded, and were never challenged by an armed citizen. For the terrorists, it was a “turkey shoot’. For the victims, it was a bloodbath.

It didn’t have to be this way. The “authorities” want you unarmed and defenseless; dependent on them to protect you, but where were they? Did they protect the victims? Of course not. Even if they had responded faster, it still takes a while for them to get to the scene. Precious moments pass as the death toll mounts. If just a couple of security guards at the Bataclan Theater, or a couple of patrons had concealed weapons, the death toll, and the toll of the wounded, might have been far less.

But modern populations have been brainwashed into thinking guns are bad. It isn’t the gun that is bad. It is the person holding the gun who could be bad, or, he/she could be there to protect themselves, and the people around them. If criminals suspect there might be armed resistance, do you honestly think they would attempt this type of brazen attack?

It’s time for people everywhere to take back the responsibility to protect themselves and their families. Get a gun. Train to use it. Have it with you at all times when you are in public. It is you, as adults, that are responsible for your own protection, and to protect your children, and those who cannot defend themselves. Do you want to be one of those cowering patrons of the Bataclan Theater, lying on the floor, as the terrorists calmly shot dozens of people, with your only hope being a prayer? Not me.


Shorty Dawkins


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  1. Dang, it does my heart GOOD to read posts like the one above. If we do NOT start taking back what is and has been ours (from the beginning), it will be increasingly harder to pull off with each day we wait. But …I do believe I realize what ‘everyone’ is waiting for BEFORE “that’s it” and The SHTF. (which I would venture a guess is less than months away ….why? Because IF “they” can’t get their people into The USA it will sorta screw up Bambams intended outcome(s). Which is getting to be a carnival on Capital Hill. lol….

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