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CIA Director: Paris Attacks Result of Too Little Gov’t Surveillance


Well, golly gee, who would have expected this? (sarcasm) As you might have expected, the Powers-That-Be, are absolving themselves of responsibility, because they don’t have enough surveillance power. CIA Director Brennan is now leading the charge for more surveillance of citizens. Never let a crisis go to waste, right John? Don’t suggest the people should arm themselves. Rather, suggest the people should submit to more control. It’s getting so predictable. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

This article comes from the New American.

by C. Mitchell Shaw

After the deadly attacks in Paris last week in which nearly 500 people were either killed or injured by ISIS terrorists, CIA director John Brennan (shown being sworn in) wasted no time in using the horrific attack as a pretense for criticizing what little reform has already taken place in the area of government surveillance. Claiming that the lack of intelligence about ISIS activities and plans was due to too little surveillance, the director followed the status quo of never letting a good crisis go to waste.

As the New York Times reported:

On Monday, in unusually raw language, John Brennan, the C.I.A. director, denounced what he called “hand-wringing” over intrusive government spying and said leaks about intelligence programs had made it harder to identify the “murderous sociopaths” of the Islamic State.

Mr. Brennan appeared to be speaking mainly of the disclosures since 2013 of the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance of phone and Internet communications by Edward J. Snowden, which prompted sharp criticism, lawsuits and new restrictions on electronic spying in the United States and in Europe.

So, instead of facing up to the fact that the United States is at least partially responsible for creating the environment in which ISIS was spawned and blaming French gun laws (read: disarmament) for creating a “target rich environment” for the terrorists, Brennan instead chose to blame it all on the favorite whipping-boy of statists, Ed Snowden. At least he is carrying on the CIA tradition. As The New American reported previously, Brennan’s predecessor, James Woolsey, said in 2013 that Snowden should be “hanged by his neck until he is dead.” Given the choice between accepting responsibility and blaming Snowden, blaming Snowden wins hands down.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. “John Brennan, the C.I.A. director, denounced what he called “hand-wringing” over intrusive government spying and said leaks about intelligence programs had made it harder to identify the “murderous sociopaths” of the Islamic State.”

    He is a LIAR and a TRAITOR as he knows exactly what they are doing, the CIA created and trained them, arm them still today. (Feel free to bold and underline “LIAR and a TRAITOR” so that they can read it easier)

    Our shame is that WE allow this to go on.

    1. Our shame is that we have not stepped up to the plate and empowered [our powers] as The Militia. Since I’m a 21yr veteran I’ll volunteer to take “temporary and initial” command of my area and reach out to as many as I can contact (via a local newspaper ‘advert’ @ $450.00 a page per week I can reach out and touch about 300,000 folks, and word will spread …no doubt). It is ‘high time’ for us to get organized (any combat veterans are already fully qualified to TEACH those WHO ARE NOT …so that we might have the best possible Militia). Check out your local sheriff to see if he’s constitutional or not. He or your local armory JUST MIGHT have a few ‘spare arms’ (the real deals too), they would be willing to hand over (the law requires that they do ….so I’m going to push it in every aspect I can think of). It is the duty of ALL combat veterans/veterans of any vocation-in-service to teach the ‘civil militia’ all that is “known of and enacted” during periods of combat (and train them in all areas, ie; ambush, mines, drones, FLIR and the original NV, how to make ‘ghost’ panchos and simply every ‘basic’ and ‘advanced’ topic you can think of …if you can’t remember shit (like me), I have dozens of documents and literature (written for “fast absorption by students, most of it is OJT btw …which has become a necessity. Teaching all the basics of long rifles and pistols is a must as well as “all about ammo.” Let’s find out just how many of us have fully equipped reloading stations and, at the same time everything else is being coordinated, we will need to establish the locations of every “reloader” that we can manage …just in case we need their expertise or just a few extra ‘toys’. Reloaders, start learning all that you can pick up regarding “smithing” your personal weapons and (perhaps) how to smith for the weapons in your immediate neighborhood. Have THOSE owners purchase as much powder/bullets/primers for their arms as they are able to afford (and have everyone else scavenge everywhere to locate lead batteries, lead tire weights …or even lead bars or BB’s (for those who can make lead bullets with moulds of course).
      I will be posting more regarding what I’ve said immediately after I “get the majority of everything in gear” (cuz once we start there will be no stopping ….possibly for weeks, months …but not years (we are better than that)! lol….

      Stay safe and alert. (I’ll be back…)

  2. You forgot COWARD. These TRAITORS are terrified of the truth being discovered and them being held accountable for their actions. There’s no accountability in our govt. anymore. Oh, Snowden is a PATRIOT by the way.

  3. Patriots in our government? Why did they let my friends and fighting buddies all die solely to perpetuate their agendas, and ‘self-coffers’ that they love to fill with money (your money). And now they want to kill you as well. (A patriot but of course)! Hillary is the most patriotic piece of shit on the planet as she wants the most deaths enacted than of any other ‘patriot’.

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