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Chino Valley Mayor Asks Oath Keepers To Be Ready To Help

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by Ken Sain

On May 11, 1976 a truck carrying 7,500 gallons of anhydrous ammonia from a chemical plant overturn on a Houston freeway. Seven people died and 78 others were hospitalized as the cloud of gas dispersed over the city.

Chino Valley Mayor Chris Marley said he hasn’t forgotten that accident, even 39 years later, because he knew someone who was personally affected.

He said it was the first thing that popped into his mind at the last League of Cities and Towns meeting he attended, which included a presentation on community disaster preparedness.

“We’ve already had some cars overturn on the roundabouts, so it’s not too difficult to imagine something similar could happen here,” Marley said. “I don’t want to get into fear mongering, and trying to scare people, because too much of that already goes on, but it is a good idea to prepare for the worst.”

That is one of the reasons Marley said he reached out to Chino Valley resident Jim Arroyo and the Oath Keepers organization. Arroyo gave a presentation of his group at the Oct. 27 town council meeting.

Marley said his vision for the town relationship with Oath Keepers is very informal. The group, comprised of former first responders and military members, would be available in a worst case scenario to assist the Chino Valley Police Department.

For example, handing out blankets during a freak snow storm, or with traffic control. The mayor said he does not have the authority to enter into a formal agreement with the Oath Keepers, so this is an informal arrangement. He added they would be there to support first responders.

Each member of the volunteer group is vetted in advance and has had training in emergency procedures. Also, as former first responders and military members, they understand chain of command and taking orders, Marley said.


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  1. I am very proud of our Chino Valley, AZ group. Jim and his crew are doing tremendous good work for his town, county and state by implementing the CPT program in Arizona as envisioned by Stewart and his team. I am also very impressed with the Mayor, Police Chief and Town Council of Chino Valley Arizona for having the courage and wisdom to reach out to their local Oath Keepers to take advantage of that resource to better protect their citizens in times of emergency. Here is a YouTube video of the Mayor talking about emergency preparedness and Oath Keepers.

  2. Positive publicity is a wonderful thing. Deeds worthy of recognition are too-seldom mentioned in elite-class corporate-owned media that typically furthers the upper-classes’ agenda while spreading defamation against the common folks who do not willingly submit to the socioeconomic overlords. Just MY opinion, of course.

    Always take care in what you say when the media is present since your words can be abbreviated or placed within a context that makes your patriotic group appear to be a threat to that which the reporting media despises… even if your group merely opposed the invasion of USA territory by foreign nationals committing felonies. The Southern Poverty Law Center often labels those groups with their much-loved “hate group” label.

    Good actions speak loudly if the media even notices. Take care that your words are not used to sully the good works of whatever patriotic group you are associated with.

    1. Darn… need to proof-read. Too much hurry allows gaffs to shout out for all to see!!!

      “…makes your patriotic group appear to be a threat to that which the reporting media despises”

      I meant to mumble that your group would be a threat to the media’s sacred cows. For example, I have noticed over the years that errors of omission are common with news reporting. A local murder was an illegal alien stabbing a high school kid to death. No mention of illegality by local media until a news outlet on the other side of the state mentioned the fact by including in their report that an ICE hold was in place due to the killer being “undocumented.” The media can omit information with their reports to assist in making a patriotic organization appear to be undesirable or even a threat to good order and the “American Way.”

      I will strive to ensure my written mumblings convey the message intended. Now, behave yourselves, kids, and wear yer’ dern’ seat belts. All the cool kids are doing it!!!

  3. I would (really, really really) love to behold the moment that We The People (FINALLY) become “self-aware” that –>We The People<— ARE THE MILITIA!!!!!! Neither State NOR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT can tell "We The People" A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G (presuming everything is "legal"; and you are not a 'criminal', etc), regarding the safety of our OWN HOMES AND PLACES WE LIVE!! Police are often life-savers, but this is 2015 and "life-savers" are in short-supply. "WE THE PEOPLE" are NOT in short supply. (However, like Gov. LePage (Maine) just stated, there is a WHOLE LOT of "instilling fear into the hearts of We The People" in hopes of (virtually) overthrowing us. (I doubt anyone reading this believes for one second that if we follow "Australia's "lead" and just hand over our guns …that we'd be alive much longer "after the fact."
    SO! As everyone can read (wasn't MY words), The Mayor cannot enter into any kind of agreement with OKs 'for all the reasons that I am sure 99% of you are aware of ….from a constitutional and legal 'stance'/viewpoint. However, We The People need NO agreement with anyone regarding defense of ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbors, our towns …in fact, everything that America stands for is under-attack by A GREAT MANY WHO ARE WELL INSIDE OUR BORDERS, (some in extremely high positions too, some are even leaders! …illegal ones, but still (technically) 'leaders.' Their only agenda is to see our heads lopped off, or others simply want the entire world to fall under ONE GOVERNMENT. (Great! Let's let THEM move to Mars and "have at it".
    My only bottom line to this 'rant' is that We The People (and each and every last family within), have lost at least ONE OR MORE family members, during combat or British-borne "fire-fights" …and we were The Militia then and we remain The Militia now. I've noticed a great deal of negative statements in seemingly EVERYTHING IN PRINT that point to "the fall of America." …the decline of America ….In reality, when I first joined up (volunteered during the Vietnam draft era), even back THEN I remember being told that America had 30 years at the most and would be gone ….hmmm, but we are still here. Why? We Americans don't sit on our hands and we do not believe much of anything we read anymore. It's mostly all bs anyway …just someone trying to sham others into making easy money. (That isn't the American way either, but our present "seated" leaders seem to be quite proficient at it don't they)? Making millions or billions while America "grows not."
    In closing, imho I fear that "far too many" Americans will be "sheepled" (funny word …sheep-led or shee-pulls)? lol… "sheepled" into thinking that there is no sense in fighting cause the gov is bigger and will win anyway. BS!!!! It has never been that way, and never will be. The Militia is going to be THE DECIDING FACTOR IN EVERY STATE (sooner than anyone may think …I think). Since The Militia is NOT Federal or State …it is "civil" …thus WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS AND SHOOT ARMS AND KEEP OUR OATHS.
    Worldwide "things" are starting to 'come together' (anti-American), as The UN steadily unrolls what has been planned since (about) immediately after WW-1. It IS NOT going to stop, and the pressure is going to be steadily increased. I 'vote' we push back just as hard as they "pressure" us to 'step back' …and (constitutionally), if justified, destroy the enemies of America ….(your Oath covers your a@@ for that much). Cheers all…. I'll be working hell out of my RCBS and .308 dies for my DPMS Panther.

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