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Restless Boomers: America Revisits Socialism

– Editor’s Note: Originally published at their website, the following article was written by “Restless Boomers” and submitted to Oath Keepers for publication. The authors are proud members of Oath Keepers. In exploring their website I discovered a pleasing collection of wise perspectives on many topics, ranging from health to retirement to creating income to technology, politics,  economics, and more. Enjoy their article here, but do yourself a favor and explore their website, where you will find unpretentious and objective perspectives written with clarity and sharp focus.


Elias Alias, editor



Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, an ‘Independent’ Senator from Vermont, generally votes along Democratic Party lines, but readily admits he’s a Socialist at heart.

Sanders’ popularity, catapulted by a plain spoken, no nonsense style, has translated into an increasing ability to draw large, enthusiastic crowds.


The Sanders phenomenon has piqued America’s interest in ‘Socialism’ which is presently the Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s most popular online search term.

Merriam-Webster’s defines Socialism as:

1. any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
2. a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
3. a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state
4. a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

Socialism involves the taking of money, assets and property from one individual or group and giving or redistributing it, through the political process, to others, using the force and power of government.

Americans have increasingly become disillusioned with Capitalism which, it is claimed, has allowed the top 1% to gather the lion’s share of our national wealth, leaving the 99% indebted, dangerously adrift, and desperately fending for them selves in an increasingly uncertain world. Some, like the very poor, get tossed a few bones, but the bottom line is: Americans are stressed following decades of shrinking real wages.

Just how fair is this criticism of Capitalism, especially since most Americans have never actually experienced it?

Capitalism strives to provide equality of opportunity, but offers no guarantees regarding outcomes. It puts forth that individuals, with different wants, desires, ambitions, motivations, skills, abilities, agendas and needs, should, just like in a race, start from the same position (equality of opportunity), but have no expectation of crossing the finish line together.

Capitalism, like life, can be unpredictable and even a bit messy, but if allowed to proceed unfettered, tends to self-regulate and correct disparities over time. Capitalism dispenses honesty, a commodity in short supply and often in even lesser demand.

America’s present economic system is not Capitalism, but a merger between giant corporations and government, sometimes referred to as Crony Capitalism. One time Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, named this coming together of corporation and state ‘Fascism’ but Americans prefer to call it the Public/Private Partnership (PPP).

Many are beginning to recognize that this Partnership has run our nation off the rails and into the ditch, corrupting everything it touches. Economics, banking, finance, politics, business, industry, education, science, research, the judiciary, legal profession and electoral processes have been severely compromised.

America faces existential crises. The Republic is at risk.

While not all Americans are familiar with the details, an increasing number realize the present situation is not sustainable, and one way or another, change is coming. What has yet to be decided is: will this transition be thoughtful, smooth, deliberate and orderly, or will things be allowed to play out until the inevitable collapse leads to immense economic hardship, social upheaval, political unrest, chaos or even violent revolution?

Corporate Masters of the Universe and Ruling Elites well understand the mess they’ve caused and are extremely concerned that this latent energy could turn kinetic.

Police, increasingly dressed in combat gear, driving gnarly militarized war wagons is not accidental; nor is Media ‘race baiting’, designed to turn neighbour against neighbour, coincidental.

Deranged psychopaths are shooting up the place on an almost daily basis, despite the fact that Americans are piss tested, groped, stopped, strip searched, fingerprinted, poked, surveilled and monitored by government agencies that record every email, keystroke, phone call and conversation using sophisticated algorithms (algos) that can predict our next thought and action with 80% accuracy.

Are we to believe that a government that can do all this, plus lock onto and drone Doctors Without Borders half way around the world, isn’t able to prevent mass shootings here at home? As one former member of the intelligence community recently stated: “In today’s world there are no accidents or coincidences”.

As if the plate isn’t full enough, a Technology Revolution, more powerful and disruptive than the Industrial Revolution, is underway and will not be denied. This wave of innovation offers unprecedented opportunity to lift up mankind, but also poses tremendous challenge.

How are we going to address massive unemployment, as bots, driven by algos and AI (artificial intelligence), displace large swaths of the work force? No sector of society will be left untouched.

Industrial processes, manufacturing, medicine, media, journalism and the legal profession are already being impacted along with fast food workers, wait staff and bar tenders. Have you tried the beer vending machines now appearing at sports stadiums? What about those commercial scale coffee machines producing espresso, fraps and a whole lot more, better and faster than any barista? How about cars, trains, trucks and planes that require no drivers, operators or pilots? Continuous, unsettling change is about to become the new normal.

Joseph Sobran defined politics as “the conspiracy of the unproductive but organized against the productive but unorganized“. In case you haven’t noticed, the unproductive have been extremely busy creating untold rules, regulations, laws and financial weapons of mass destruction that are being sanctioned by all too willing politicians and judges. Wall Street banksters, fraudsters, corporate masters and political lap dogs have engineered a massive train wreck. Signs of instability are everywhere and people are becoming frightened. Chickens are coming home to roost.

Every decision we make has consequences.

The 2016 presidential election season is upon us. While several candidates have already folded their tents, it’s much too early to be picking the winner. It’s going to be a long and dusty road and Americans could very well be in a different frame of mind come Election Day. One thing is for sure, before it’s over, all but one candidate will have stumbled and faltered.

America has fallen hard and it’s going to take more than another charismatic snake oil salesman to set things right. The wizard knows exactly which siren songs we desire to hear, and candidates magically appear before us singing those very words and phrases, that is, until they’re installed in office, when it’s back to business as usual. Americans are being played like a fiddle, and despite being knocked over the head several times already, we seem to like the tune as much as ever.

Self-governance, never meant to be a spectator sport, is being severely tested, as apathy, generated by endless entertainment from TV, Hollywood, sports, video gaming, social media, gambling, electronic gadgets, the Kardashians, selfies and propaganda masquerading as news, have captured our hearts, minds and attention.

‘Pray for Our Nation’ signs are sprouting on lawns like weeds after a hard rain. Americans know their nation is in trouble.

Restoring confidence, sanity, fiscal responsibility, prosperity, freedom, peace and liberty isn’t going to be easy.

It’s time to set the toys aside and get to work.

God help us.


Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. Editor’s note: As much as I deplore socialism, I noticed something about Bernie Sanders which I think should not be overlooked by his detractors. In the interest of fairness, I’d like to remind readers here that when Ron Paul finally was able to initiate a preliminary audit of the Federal Reserve, and subsequently revealed the sixteen trillion fiat dollars the Fed had secretly printed and given to the “too big to fail” banks around the world, the only U.S. Senator with the courage to post the report on his Senate website was Bernie Sanders. For whatever reason, neither the Democrats nor Republicans showed any interest in preserving for the record the astonishing, criminal activities of the Fed. I could of course never vote for a Socialist, but I also am happy to acknowledge that the one openly-declared Socialist in the U.S. Senate had the guts to publish the sins of the Federal Reserve.

    Elias Alias, editor

    1. All that printed money was, even though they called it “quantative easing”, interest that was never put into the system to allow us to pay back principal and interest. Just that simple! My simple uneducated opinion. Of course I think I am in good company with the likes of Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, and JFK. There is much to learn, discuss and balance.

      Next is, money is “created” by the trust in a government or other entity. With gold, people trust in the gold. Without the trust of the US government, “We the People”, US currency could not exist. This is the major flaw in your thinking when it comes to capitalism and money. First and foremost, the money belongs to the people. People create demand, not money. Money is created by the demand of the people who live in that country and trust in that money is created by how the government balances the money supply with the demand. It there is no demand, there is no money. Simple as that. That applies to gold, silver, food, clothing, etc. etc. etc. Banks should have no part in the regulation of, creation of, or dispersale of money unless it is actual currency they have a massed by providing a service that is trustworthy and deserving of respest. We do not have a system like that today………

  2. Thank you Mr Alias for pointing this out. Like you…I would never vote for a socialist. Honestly, I will not cast a vote for any of the current runners in our total sham of an election process. I just do not see anything but criminals telling lies to get votes. That’s just me being me.
    I would like to point out to the readers here that even though an admitted socialist gave us this info, It is still INFO.
    Lets all come together and find a way to use this INFO to get these criminals prosecuted and punished for their obvious crimes. Time is running out and America cannot afford to let these atrocities to continue.
    I and my CAT thank you and salute you SIR.

    Flinter and Luna. Luna is the cat……She’s an Oathkeeper too…!!!!

    1. flinter,
      I agree with you, that the whole system is now packed with criminals telling lies to get votes. As we learned with Ron Paul’s campaign in ’08, no one who might actually do something to help the American people get their damned government back under their control will ever be allowed to get anywhere near the White House. I will not be voting for anyone in the national election, but will vote for locals in my community. And I of course would never vote for a socialist.

      Thank you for getting the point about the INFO. The info stands on its own merit and we should never discount it just because it came from a source we don’t like. That is how I am — if it is the truth, I don’t care who brought it to me — I can judge the politics of the man who brings it to my attention, but if it is truth I will take it, no matter the source.

      Best regards to Luna from Opie Alias and little Black Alias.

      Opie Alias Black Alias


  3. Why, when I look at that picture of Bernie, above, do I keep seeing some impulsive child with ADHD just itching to irritate the crap out of someone?

  4. socialism has never worked anywhere and this nation no longer uses capitalism. it is more fascism and cronyism. politicians stel from We the People to enrich themselves and their cronies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if we would get back to God, capitalism, and honest politicians who obey the Constitution everything would change for the better. I fear the only way that will happen is through a 2nd Revolutionary War because the dictators are not going to return the liberty and money they have stolen without us forcing them to. that is why they are so intent on disarming us.

    1. Bob, I agree with every point you made. Power, and money, has corrupted every seat in government. God, and honesty, are all but gone from our world. I fear that this country will go bankrupt, because of all the welfare of various kinds. People just don’t want to earn a living anymore. Respect is another issue I see missing in our life. My Father taught me to respect others, and their property. We see none of that today. People no longer take pride in what they do. People in government today are not going to vote in changes to correct our path. So, your comment on a second revolutionary war coming could ring true. I have felt it coming because that will be the only way we can have a clean slate in D.C.. I pray that God will again lead us to the strong, and free, country we have had in the past.

  5. The City of London controls our government via the attorneys and via the Fed. So much of what we have been led to believe is “true” has never in fact been anything more than illusion. Stephan Ames figured out a lot of this and I encourage you to read his thought provoking essay “The American Hallucination- An Indictment of the American Mind” (Not saying I agree with everything he says, but it is none the less quite thought provoking, especially when I knew him personally and know that he experienced a guns drawn Federal raid and detention for over a year even though he was never put on trial.) I question whether our Federal “election” is even real at all. With computerized voting machines and the controlled media it would be so easy for the Bilderberg Group and other vested interests interests to rig ANY election! Impression I have is they preselect the outcome long before the so called “election” even takes place, then insert the one they want, and we’re supposed to THINK an actual ELECTION “took place” so as to pacify us so we won’t march on Washington and start building scaffolds. Meanwhile, via rampant ongoing globalization our country continues to be hijacked from right underneath us REGARDLESS of which tyrant the elite stick up there as their figurehead, so we’re all being played like a pinball machine…. Pardon me while I go worship the porcelain god. Seriously folks, not even the Statue of Liberty out there in NY Harbor has ever been real. Take a close look at its origins. It is actually the Whore of Babylon, the goddess Ishtar- a dubious “gift” by French Freemasons…… a TROJAN HORSE, actually:
    And the ages old battle between forces of good and forces of evil moves on.
    Sanders? Don’t be surprised if he’s the NEXT tyrant installed after the Obamination since we don’t actually have elections and he’d be a logical pick for our would be rulers as they seek to always ramp up their level of oppression.

  6. Thank you, Elias Alias for the eye opening post describing the ills that plague America. Will it ever change? I can’t see that happening. The evil people who are pulling the strings are going to continue doing what they do best and that is causing chaos throughout the world. Having one nation rise up against another so that they can profit some more on death and destruction.

  7. Great article. But those of you who do not vote will be part of the problem and downfall of our Republic. We do have some great constitutionalist running with the voting record to prove so. Ted Cruz, is an exceptional constitutionalst and outsider Ben Carson has a great respect for the bill of rights. If you stand on the sidelines and just watch you are just as culpable as the bleeding heart teenage voting for Bernie for the first time. Our goal is to move the ball always forward to our goal. It took the Dems 50 years to destroy the youth and infiltrate our schools. We now have to thing in the same terms. We’re not gonna throw a Hail Mary and get it all back in one play.

  8. A card laid is a card played…..the hand writing is on the wall and has been there for some time now. The Iran nuclear deal, the TPP, Common Core, Socialism out of control, the Popes visit to the UN and now the Attorney General (Lynch) getting the SCN (Strong Cities Network) started. This is by far the most serious deal and is selling our Sovereignty and Constitution down the river. The SCN is a UN One World Police Force situation and allows UN boots to be here in our cities all across America to train and blend into our security and policing system. UN personnel would not have any problem firing on Americans if the situation called for it.The UN program will over ride American law and is Sharia compliant and they can dictate policy without Congressional consultation. Do some research about the SCN program that has gone basically unnoticed and it will get your attention. Anyone can visualize what could soon happen. God Bless America !!

  9. Bernie believes that 95% of the people should have 50% of the wealth… Like we had in the golden age of America (1946-1963), when the GI BILL sent tens of millions of Americans to college, and the middle class was an achievable goal. When we had manufacturing jobs and built the American Highway System… We went to the damn moon, people!

    This was before Vietnam, the death of JFK and the domination of the Military Industrial Complex… destroyed us. Wealth in America is like a neighborhood pizza party, where one guy takes the whole pie and leaves a greasy stain for the other 99 guests to lick.

    Here he is telling a “gun-control advocate” why he supports the right to keep and bear arms.

    For those who claim we can’t pay for Democratic Socialism: Maybe we can find some savings in our military budget? (Hey, isn’t the US Military the largest, most successful socialist organization in the world? Free; food, healthcare, housing, pension, etc… we can do this) read this chart >>>

    Please read this honest biography of a decent, common man and tell me he doesn’t sound like most of us.

    -Veteran for Sanders/Warren 2016

  10. Bernie Sanders is perhaps the only honest candidate in the Presidential election. I would just like to point out how frightened of him the corporate media, etc., is of him, as they repeatedly fail to report on his huge crowds for speaches and mis-reported his debate results. His idea is essentially to return power to the people themselves, not unlike that line “We the People” we’ve all heard so much about. He’s the only one who has consistently for decades worked to have the law apply equally to all persons, worked to limit the influence of the ultra wealthy on politics, spoken out about the banksters and all the rest. One need only actually look at his record. I think this group, like so many others, has gotten stuck on the word “socialist” rather than actually discover for oneself what this Senator has actually put his neck out for over and over again. I have great respect for this man, and his work, and I would hope that at least some of you realize that his aims are not so far off from your own as you have been lead to believe.

    1. Democratic Socialism… Schools ? Garbage Collection? Sidewalks? Fire & EMT’s? 40 Hour Work Week? Pensions? Social Security? Medicare? FDA? EPA? CDC? Unemployment? HUD? Public Busses & Subways? Safe: Water, Alcohol, Drugs? NASA? Public Universities? Civil Rights? Minimum Wage? OSHA?

      In 1890 none of these things existed. If your house was on fire, it burned. You walked in the mud. You never learned to read. Garbage & swarming rats everywhere. You worked, or you starved. If you got sick, you died. If you drank poisoned liquor or snake oil, you died. When you got old, you died. You believed that the earth was the center of the universe, because there was no science or education. Your family was broken up: men sent to debtors prison & the women & children to the “poor house”. Life was the definition of hell.

      When a country is run by Bankers it’s Capitalism also known as NATIONAL SOCIALISM… and we’ve seen where that leads. When it’s “Human Capital” they call it slavery. We didn’t fight the Civil War to free the slaves, it was a fight between “cradle-to-grave slavery” and “wage slavery”.

      A pictures worth a thousand words: Here are pictures of Bernie’s and Hillary’s rally’s… there is no denying the movement. Her crowd shots are staged to show support.

      Hillary had one in NYC. With 20 million people within driving distance, she had only 5,000. Her rally in Ft Lauderdale had 700. At Dartmouth College in New Hampshire… 850.

      Bernie is overflowing stadiums: Portland, ME 9,000; LA 27,000; Portland, OR 20,000; Boston 30,000; Tucson, AZ 13,000; Seattle, WA 15,000; Reno, NV 4,500; Greensboro,NC 5,000; 2 in South Carolina totaling 10,000; Liberty University,VA 9,000; Madison,WI 10,000; Phoenix,AZ 11,000; Council Bluffs,IA 2,000; Burlington,VT 5,000; Boulder, CO 9,000; University of Houston,TX 5,200; Dallas,TX 8,000; Dubuque,WV 2,800… and we still have a year to go…

      Please support an anti-establishment candidate next year… Both Sanders and Trump will change the balance of power in Washington.

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